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July 2021

Ryo ready as an Arsenal man prepares to beat Tottenham (again)

By Tony Attwood
Poor Tiny Totts.  Leading 2-0 and it all went wrong, and wrong and wrong.  Now they face the might Bolton.  Scare-ey say the Tiny fans with extra bravado.  But they haven’t seen Ryo.
Ryo – who the Daily Telegraph described as a player whose pace makes Gareth Bale resemble a lorry climbing up a hill.”  (I rather like that).

Ryo Miyaichi who can run 100 meters in 10.6 seconds.  A sort of Theo but with an extra gear.

Ryo who has shed the Japanese tendency to be self-effacing and modest but who is positive, clear and forward looking in a very Western way.

He made his reputation at Feyenoord last year, where he was called ‘Ryodinho’ and there is no secret in the fact that he turned their season around.  They were in decline – Ryo arrived – they were on the up, and oh how they wanted to keep him.

This season Ryo played 8 reserve games and scored once and also turned up in a couple of league cup appearances.  Then he went on loan and it all opened up.

He scored a wonder goal in the Cup against Millwall.  Then seven  goalscoring chances and an assist all created by Ryo.   The assist being to create the goal that beat QPR last weekend. (He publicly refused the man of the match award with its obligatory champagne as he is under age when it comes to drinking in Japan.)

In fact his only problem is that he is so fast the rest of the Notlob side haven’t got a clue where he is most of the time.

Back in Japan Ryo is the second biggest player after Keisuke Honda.  Every match he plays is big, big news – front page, back page, every page.  If Arsenal want to conquer the rich Japanese market and earn a fortune in TV rights and shirt sales, Ryo is doing is on his own.
All those people talking about how Man U conquer the universe in their marketing deals very carefully never talk about Japan, quite simply because Arsenal has Japan.  The Japanese  will pay trillions of Yen just to have Mr Wenger (who speaks Japanese and is himself a superstar in the country for his achievements there with Grampus Eight) say a few words about Ryo.
So why Notlob?  [That’s a Python joke – don’t worry about it – it is Bolton backwards].  Because Jack played for them 14 teams and suddenly he took off.
Thus a game Notlob v The Tinies is worth watching.
And, since we are not playing today let me finish by telling you my best Wenger in Japan joke.  (OK I will come clean – my only Wenger in Japan joke).
When the first season started in Japan Mr Wenger was still not fluent in the language, and the style of play he tried to introduce seemed to be utterly alien to the players, and Grampus 8 did poorly.  Defeat followed defeat.
Eventually and inevitably the owner of Grampus 8 called Mr Wenger in and our boss feared the worse.   He was told the results were poor.  “Yes the results are very poor,” said Mr Wenger.  He was asked if he needed anything else, but said no, he was sure the results would turn around.
“We need to do something about it, because it is not right,” said the owner.  “We need to change the personnel.”
“OK,” said Mr Wenger sadly.  “Do you want me to resign?”
“No!” said the boss, shocked.  “I was thinking we should sack your translator.”
Now that is the kind of club owner that we could do with more of in the UK.

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41 comments to Ryo ready as an Arsenal man prepares to beat Tottenham (again)

  • insideright

    Ryo (and the quicker than expected emergence of Chamberlain) could well be the reason why Arsenal do not go for any other players this summer – with the exception, maybe, of Podolski to share the centre forward duties with RVP.

  • adi

    Agree with insideright. Also, the podolski deal appears to be on the rocks, he’s bigging up lazio. There definitely should be a striker addition though, and i hope that deal is completed asap.
    As for ryo, very exciting player indeed. Only thing i can’t understand: How is he second most famous behind honda? I thought that would be kagawa

  • bjtgooner

    Good article Tony. I saw the Bolton v QPR match and Ryo looked good throughout the match, he looks an exceptional prospect. With all the young talent coming through the future looks good for the Arsenal – provided we can keep the core of our present team together – they also are a very talented bunch and at present are really playing their guts out for the club.

    I don’t think too many of the Tiny Totts would get into our present team – not that I would want them even if they were good enough!!!

    Credit must be given to Wenger, his scouting and coaching staff for the fantastic conveyor belt of emerging talent.

  • insideright

    Re this ‘new’ fighting spirit (and this has been said before) – I can’t help thinking that its emergence has coincided with the departure of Arshavin whose demenour on and, maybe, off the pitch was not helping team spirit.
    As Wenger has said, the feeling starts on the pitch and feeds into the crowd – and then back again. As part of that crowd it’s close to impossible not to be uplifted by the efforts of such as Chamberlain – indeed everyone at the moment. The little Russian, after his first few months seemed to become complacent and. I’m afraid, that did not send out the right signals either to his team mates or to the supporters.
    A pity, because in many respects he is a wonderful footballer.

  • Sammy The Snake

    Japan loves to hype a fad, and Ryo will be a huge hit.

  • Damien Luu

    Nabby said: “…the info on refs has now moved completely to the FA’s website. The PGMO site was taken down as it had relatively little traffic and there was little resource within the organisation to keep it up-to-date.”

    Guys, we have an insider here, or was him the admin of that closed website? 😉

  • Damien Luu

    Not again! My comment was for the previous article about the PGMOL. Jeez!

  • Damien Luu

    @Adi: “Only thing i can’t understand: How is he second most behind honda? I thought that would be kagawa”

    I think he is famous because he was special. From high school football he went straight to the top. So the second BEST player of Japan he may not be (yet), but the second famous one, may be.

  • Damien Luu – I am sure you were right – I was stretching my knowledge of football in Japan to the limit to write something here, and borrowing from sources without fully checking.

    But I am sure that the marketing that Arsenal can get out of Ryo as and when he starts playing in the first team is massive. I’ve been out of phase with other commentators on Arsenal’s marketing for some time, in that I think there is a huge breakthrough about to happen – and Ryo is one part of it.

    Perhaps though this is for a separate article (unless any readers are expert in the subject of Japanese football and its impact in the country.)

    The point today is Ryo v Tottenham – and that wonderful quote from the Telegraph…

    a player whose pace makes Gareth Bale resemble a lorry climbing up a hill.

    Love it.

  • Prasanna Veeraraghavan

    Incidentally the Gareth Bale and Ryo comparison is something very positive about an Arsenal player which I have been reading in an English media report since may be sometime.

  • Stevie E

    I love this blog, I check in maybe 10 times a day. I even occasionaly comment now and again. This is the first time I’ve read an article by you which has disappointed, only because I read pretty much the same thing earlier today. It’s not like you to plagiarize, sorry mate but this feels like posting for posting sake.
    That said Ryo does look a tremendous prospect, yet again AW has proved you don’t need to spend effing money to get great players.

  • ak47

    10.6, skill, composure, one of boltons best players, 18!? with two years in the prem and arsenal conditioning could he be faster. would he lose ball control? have we found an asian ronaldo. maybe.
    if we have, talk about marketing timing. pretty please adidas sponsor us with the trefoil logo and cannon instead of badge. we could even go with an away kit that resembles the japan one as a special one off to show appreciation of relations between both. im excited anyway.

  • Goona Gal

    Ryo certainly has shown signs that he can cut at the top but I think it was right that he went out on loan in the premiership and I can see why Le boss did it. I watched the Bolton Vs QPR game and I agree that he was rightly the MoTM, but he didn’t put in a flawless performance and there is much room for an inprovement. Mark Hughes decision to put Traore on Ryo was a good management decision because Traore made life difficult for Ryo as he is also very fast.

    Ryo tried too many times to use his speed to simply accelarate away from Traore and he couldn’t. It was ‘kick and rush’ on speed from Ryo with his head down determined to catch up with the ball first. Which he did just about do, but Traore was smart enough to keep forcing him into the corner and away from launching the ball at the goal. There are a few weaknesses in Traore’s game which Ryo will in time, be able to exploit. For example instead of simply trying to out sprint Traore to the ball every time, he could dummy him and change direction, Traore’s tendancy to be indecisive would allow Ryo to shake him. The plus side about Ryo being forced into the corner during the game was that Ryo can deliver a great ball into the box, from both sides. The downside was/is that the other Bolton players couldn’t make the most of it.

    You can see the confidence the other players have in Ryo, as they were always looking to pass the ball to him and he didn’t loose the ball cheaply and looked like he was able to do something with it. Mark Hughes made a massive mistake in take Traore off and putting the bulked up and much slower Taiwo on. If the idea was to muscle Ryo off the ball, he could’nt catch him to do it! That game changing decison allowed Ryo to break free of the shakles and Bolton looked like much more threatening. Yes QPR had a good goal mistakenly disallowed off and can be angry about it, but the QPR manager and players also made mistakes which contributed to the loss also.

    Ryo is the real deal and not some marketing gimmick that’s for sure and he is a quick learner so this time next under the guidance of Arsenal management, he could develop into an amazing winger. It’s exciting to watch his progress, but at the moment he isn’t better than Gervinho, Theo or Alex OC. However like I said, I might be saying something different next year though.

  • dan

    Ryo will come back stronger.

  • On the issue of plagiarism the word means the copying of a piece of work – copying as in word for word. I don’t believe I have done this here, and certainly if I have it was inadvertent.

    Articles about Ryo playing against Tottenham have appeared in many places of late – and indeed I quoted one and noted the source in the article. The issue about the Ryo’s speed has been quoted all over the place since Arsenal released it – but the story about Wenger and the translator was I am sure, told by Mr Wenger himself.

    I really do not think this is a plaigiarised article – but I would certainly admit to reading articles about Ryo in the Telegraph and various other places in the last few days. (And, come to that, does anywhere other than Untold call tottenham the Tiny Totts?

  • Arvind

    Not seeing the game but apparently Fabrice Muamba has had a heart attack or something on the pitch. Fingers crossed he is okay.

  • Adam

    Bad news at the Bolton game. Hope Muamba is ok.

  • Goona Gal

    Aagh! I feel sick. What has happened to Fabrice Muamba? After Eduardo and Ramsey – I am worried.

  • Adam

    He collapsed on the field both sets of medical staff attended to him. I cannot find out anything else.

  • Goona Gal

    He’s a former Arsenal player as well.

  • Adam

    Game called off. they used a defib on him, and rushed him to hospital. I do hope he is ok.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Terrible…that is the only word that comes to my mind

  • Mahdain

    really really bad.come on fabrice you can make it

  • Arvind

    Yes Goona Gal he is. Antonio Puerta had this too, although I’m not sure it was the exact same thing. Fingers crossed he comes back strong.

  • Adam,,1004~2663657,00.html
    for those who want to keep up to date with Fabrice Muamba

  • Goona Gal

    @ Arvind, he’s still one of our’s (in my mind) which make’s this situation so much more distressing.

    @ Adam, thanks there isn’t much news around updating us on whether the player is even concious.

  • Mahdain

    there are unconfirmed reports saying the medics were able to get him breathing again in the ambulance..hoping it is true

  • Mahdain

    sky news now reporting he is stable in a hospital..great news

  • Adam

    Hospital statement reads that Fabrice is in a stable condition. Thankyou God.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Latest news Muamba is in stable condition. Let’s hope the news is correct

  • Adam

    It does bring life into perspective, situations such as Muamba’s. So next time you are at an event and you see medical staff (some of them volunteers)be thankfull. I have witnessed St john’s ambulance medics being abused at football matches. Hope this changes peoples attitudes toward them.

  • Gord


    I know you and the reviewers don’t need any more work, and I don’t know if any of you were to review the game. But, could someone (yourself) come up with a single line entry for the last 30 seconds of the game before it was abandoned? I think it might be useful to have an example of how one might handle something like this.


  • Mahdain

    @gord as much as i dont like webb fair play to him he handled the situation really well…to stay calm considering the circumstances is really a big ask..he made a good decision for calling off the game as it would be so wrong for it to continue as players werent in any state of mind to continue playing

  • Mahdain

    though we could do with a ref insight….like gord i`d like to ask walter do they teach how to act and do(i.e abandon or continue the game, or wait for sometime etc) when these kinds of events happen or do you act according to your instincts and what you think is right?

  • WalterBroeckx

    In the rules/instruction it is stipulated that there is a maximum of 30 minutes that a game can be stopped for an unforeseen event. I think the Muamba heart attack is such an incident. So according to the rules the game could have continued as he was off the field after some 10 minutes if I have seen it correct.

    But it is to the discretion of the ref to decide if the game can be continued. If a player like the Eduardo leg break is off the field within 30 minutes the ref can ask both captains if they think they can continue the game in a normal way. But the final decision is in the hands of the refs.

    In this case I think the ref had no option but to stop the game. What human being can continue to play a game of football minutes after someone almost died on the field? At the moment the ref had to make a decision nobody knew if he would survive or not. To abandon the game was the only human correct decision that could be made. I’ve never had such an incident on my field and hope never to have this on my field but I surely would stop the game.
    Football is a game, a human live is more than a game.

    I think from the reactions I have seen from both sets of players that all of them were not in the mood to continue the game after what happened. And by the look on the face of Webb you could see that he also wanted to stop the game. I cannot read his mind but you could see that he wanted to go inside and didn’t want to continue. I knew by the way he was talking to the people and players and managers that he said he would stop the game. And by the way they reacted you could see that they all agreed with this.

    The only human reaction.

  • Gord

    @Mahdain, Walter

    I am not calling into question whether the referee did the correct thing or not. Hopefully no referee will be faced with something like this again, but it is likely incidents like this will continue to happen. I am thinking of such a line item as a teaching instrument, not a review item per se.

  • Johnny Deigh

    40:17 Bolton were called offside and Tottenham took a quick free kick of which they almost lost possession.

    40:30 Tottenham regrouped and took the ball up their left flank.

    40:35 Muamba seems aware and is walking in the center of the pitch as Bale chases a played down the side line.

    40:42 Webb whistles and indicates that the ball had gone out of bounds for a Bolton throw in. Before the whistle Bale had continued and shot wide of the net. Bolton’s goal keeper thinks that Bolton have been awarded a goal kick and waits while Muamba receives treatment.

    I’m not sure when exactly Muamba collapsed but it was probably within seconds either side of Webb’s whistle.

    As play had been stopped, Webb didn’t really have to do anything but make sure that play continues stopped while Muamba receives attention.

    If Muamba had collapsed like that when the ball was still in play, then the ref should stop play immediately so the player could receive treatment, but in this case play had already stopped.

    Like Walter said, it is the ref’s discretion as to whether to call off the match or not, and it obviously was the right thing to do.

  • Gord

    @Johnny Deigh

    Thank you for more information.

    What I have for a single line item for the records is:

    Time Half Type From On C/NC Comment points weight
    41 1 OTHER Fabrice Muamba C Below 1 3

    Bolton manager Owen Coyle yells from the sideline that Fabrice
    Muamba has collapsed on the field. William Gallas, Louis
    Saha and Howard Webb then move to the stricken Muamba. One
    of the players goes to turn Muamba over, and is stopped by
    the other player. First aid, including CPR, artifical
    resuscitation and the use of a defibrillator is administered
    for 6 minutes before the athlete is removed from the field
    on a stretcher to be taken to hospital. The referee in
    consultation with both managers (Owen Coyle/Bolton and
    Harry Rednapp/Tottenham) then decides to abandon the game.

    Is that a reasonable line item?

  • Gord

    Did I present something wrong? Yes, I am glad Johnny Deigh provided more information. And in the lack of feedback, I tried to come up with a single line-item that properly reflected that highly unusual situation in a football game. And still, no feedback.

    Having Autism, my life is best described as “no feedback”. People may be trying to give me feedback, I am not seeing it. In a blog, I need words.

    My Mom had a heart attack in 1975, and after all the hospital could do, they gave her 3 years to live. She is still alive today. A few years ago, she had another serious heart problem. The university hospital tried a stent, and when she came out of recovery, I was the only one there to talk to her. Her short term memory was gone, nothing! I could ask her questions about the past, and she would answer them correctly. If I asked her anything about “now”, her mental state even a few seconds later lost all knowledge that I had even asked her the same question a few tens of seconds ago.

    My Mom eventually recovered from this stent, and they did a quadruple bypass. But as my Mom’s heart was damaged from birth (one of the 3 main arteries was bad), her heart is nothing like any cardiac doctor ever sees. Today, she goes to the gym with me most days, and she is able to walk up gradients of 18% for a short period of time.

    I really don’t hold much hope that Fabrice Muamba is ever going to play football again. I suspect he will recover. He seems to be someone who has studied a lot, and having spent time at Arsenal is a bonus. If he cannot play football again, does he now know enough to become a coach?

    Fabrice, I wish you the best.