Billy the Dog McGraw denies intimate relationship with Tiger Woods. Exclusive!

In a tearful and emotional statement, Billy The Dog McGraw, landlord of the Toppled Bollard, just off Gillespie Road, today denied that he had had any close or passionate relationship with golf master Tiger Woods.

“It is stupid to suggest I could do such a thing,” said Billy over a pint of vodka.  “Do I look like a Barbie Doll?”

Commentators however were not convinced.  “He’ll have to do better than that,” said Mines A’Pint of the Daily Mail.  “Just saying ‘it isn’t me’ never convinced a blind Venezuelan in a playground full of dancing fish.  We had that Andrew Arshavin in the office yesterday denying that he was the lead dancer in the Saigon opera before signing for Arsenal.   As if we’d fall for a simple denial.  I want substance, I want facts, I want a story and some glue to sniff.

“In the world of the modern post-modernist mass modern media you need proof if you want to convince the contemporary digital journalist.  I’ll have another if you please.  You take the Fabregas.  He keeps saying he is not going to Barca, but its in the papers every day, so it must be true.  Make it a double.  Make sense?”

“But is it likely that a 6 foot 4, 20 stone Irishman like Billy the Dog would be the lover of the world’s most famous hitter of white balls?” I demanded.

“The digitally aged modern messiah of news doesn’t deal in the likely,” said Makeit Adouble of the Express, barging in somewhat unnecessarily, I felt.  “We are men of science, seeking out the truth, the reality, the down-to-earth, bare-knuckle enchantedness of Irish pixie life and the Glaswegian bloodhound.  A possibility becomes a probability when looked at through the Large Hadron Collider, and that Billy McGraw has Hadron all over his face unless I am very much mistaken.”

I looked for help at the man from the Mail, but he was doing a Swedish jig with a one armed bandit who had just strolled in and was demanding the day’s takings from the lady behind the bar.

“It is a bit like telling me that Sagna didn’t used to work in a sausage factory run by a long lost relative of Dr Crippen, if you get my drift.   The story will out, the truth will be told, deviance is a disaster, PR is…”

“Short for public relations?” I asked.

He chose to ignore me.  “Look at Tiger Woods.  Everyone knew he was having affairs.”

“Then why didn’t you print the stories?” I demanded.

“Couldn’t could we?  Sponsor deals, private agreements, good for the game, special for sport, honour of the sportsman, devil in the detail, dog is a man’s best friend, don’t count your counters before the chickens come home from Chechnya, ” replied the journalist.

“You mean your paper would lose advertising revenue if you upset the applecart and challenged Woods’ image?” I asked.

“That’s an outrageous allegation,” he replied.  “Just make it a pint of that Chardonnay if its cold.”

It was clear that I would get nowhere with this bunch so I went back to consoling Billy, and we sat, two sad old men, in Finsbury Park, and considered the game against the pool of liver.

“In goal,” said Billy, “we’ll have a goalkeeper,” and I felt we couldn’t go wrong on that.

“Then a back four, which will include Traore, what with him being recovered and all,” and again I was in agreement.

“Middle three picks themselves,” he continued.  “Denilson, Song, Cesc.  Backup from Ramsey.”

“Which leaves us with?”

“Everyone else is injured – that’s the rule of the Bent English Premier League.   Arsenal scoring too many goals, nobble the strikers.  Stricken stricker stubs self severely says Slingsbury.”

“Who is Slingsbury?” I asked.   Billy shrugged.

“Nasri’s not injured,” I ventured, wishing as always to get the truth for  Untold Arsenal.

“They’re all injured except Nasri,” growled Billy.

“Theo’s not injured.”

“And Theo,” said Billy.  “But Arshavin has a knock, Eduardo has not fully recovered, Bendtner’s got a headache, Van Persie has a broken fingernail, and my old man’s a dustman.”

I took us back to the straight and narrow.   “But there is also Gilbert, Mérida, Randall, Silvestre, Walcott, Senderos, Wilshere, Vela, Watt.   And Diaby could be back.”

“They’re not all forwards,” said Billy, and we strolled into the Whippet and Baskerville to order a pint apiece and settled down to watch the football results.

“They don’t build pubs like this any more,” said Billy.  “Where’s the Deceived Duchess?”

“That was in Plumstead,” I said, “and they pulled it down in 1919.  Read the book.”

I took out an envelope and wrote on the back

  • Aluminum
  • Sagna, Gallas, Vermaelen, Traore (Silvestre in reserve)
  • Denilson, Fabregas, Song (Ramsey, Mérida and Diaby in reserve)
  • Arshavin, Eduardo, Nasri (Theo and Vela in reserve, Eduardo’s fitness not being certain)

“I’ll tell you something,” said Billy.  “That Wenger – he knows a thing or three.  He predicted the clubs near the top would drop pints and they did.”

“I think he said they would drop points,” I said.  “But you are right.  Manchester were Untidy, the Totts were very Tiny, and the KGB were obviously too busy interrogating people to know what was going on.”

“Aston Villa are thrid in the league,” said Billy.

“Thrid?” I asked.

“Do pay attention,” said Billy, “this is the Year of the Twerping Eror.”

We made for the door and headed back to the Toppled Bollard.

“2-1 to the Arsenal,” said Billy.

“Hat-trick for Theo,” I agreed.  “For the final goal the ball hits the ref and then bounces on a hillock that appears in the goalmouth caused by a group of bankers trying to tunnel their way out of the ground with the day’s gate receipts.  The ball then pings backwards from whence it came, hits the Liverpool player who is not feeling well after a pint of whelks at half time, shoots up onto the cross bar and then bounces back, hits the ref on the back of the neck and rolls over the line.   The linesman with the puce and maroon flag is made man of the match.”

“Who will be BBC Sports Personality of the Year?” Billy demanded.

“Patrick Moore,” I said.

“Sounds reasonable,” said Billy.  “We’d better place a bet.”

“No one will let us in,” I told him, but he had that wicked look in his eye and we headed back down the street.   As Billy barged into the Bollard he shouted, “Anyone give me 50 to one on Tottenham and Manchester United losing?”

There were shouts from Fleet Street’s finest, and the deal was struck.  None of them realised the results had already come in.

“Have you heard there’s a witches coven set up on the Tottenham centre circle?” Billy asked the man from the Star.

“Did it two weeks ago,” the man from the Star replied.  “That and the talking dog who plays centre forward for Scunthorpe.

“Tough life,” said Billy, as I bade my farewells.  “Now would anyone like a copy of next week’s results?”

Postscript: If you found any of this even fractionally amusing you might enjoy MAKING THE ARSENAL.    A new review of the book is on the Online Gooner site.   It’s at

You can buy the book via where there are more reviews or direct from the publishers (with a request for the author to sign if you like) at

I went Christmas shopping today – I think it has affected my frontal lobes.  Came home and had the strangest dream that Man IOU and the Totts lost and the KGB drew.  Must have been that coffee I had in Starbucks.  Anyway, who wants a blog that is just like everyone else’s?

(c) Tony Attwood 2009

15 Replies to “Billy the Dog McGraw denies intimate relationship with Tiger Woods. Exclusive!”

  1. Great Tony, and as amusing as your book Making The Arsenal. 🙂 Really enjoyed it like the book. I say!

  2. Why is it that almost everything Wenger says is pure gold?

    As for Tiger Woods, I kind of feel bad for him. Just adds more proof to your previous post about journalists, Tony. The media is so fickle.

  3. May the good humour continue through today! At the moment, am still laughing at the results and this article.

  4. Query for Walter. Totally off topic so apologies, but seeing that AW is suing the Dutch FA for compensation, do you know what the outcome was of the Charleroi court case against Fifa for the their player getting injured on international duty? Has it been resolved yet. Thanks.

  5. The news of Robin’s injury has been awful, but this news that Arsenal are going to sue is wonderful. It should not only help our club over this issue, but also, at long last, start the move to get the power back to the clubs who pay the wages.

    If you look at the mega profit that UEFA makes from the Champs League and the money FIFA make from the World Cup, it is quite clear they have the profit to pay compensation, and stop behaving like joy riders (to quote Lord Wenger’s piece on international managers a couple of years back).

  6. i think a lot of prem managers will be keeping a close eye on the lawsuit arsene is bringing against fifa etc. most of them will probably stay quiet on the subject until it becomes clear wether he has a chance or not. but should it turn out that the case is going well, expect them all to jump on the bandwagon.

    yesterdays footie was great viewing, seeing both the spuds and the turds concede early on and then struggle to get back in the game without any success was wonderful.

    having bolton draw with sh*tty was a nice touch too.

    did anyone see the united match on espn? is it just me, or were the two match commentators totally manu biased. it was like watching an england game.

    to my mind commentators are supposed to remain neutral in all matches with the exception of international sport where each countrys’ tv companies are obviously going to favour the home side. its also half acceptable in cl matches when an english club are playing a foriegn crowd. (except when arsenal play a scottish team, and then they are ‘british’ and we are ‘johnny foreigner’.

    i thought that the turds kicked lumps out of villas players, and though we expect the ref to get it wrong, normally the commentators dont play ‘1984’ and agree with all the wrong decisions.

    as for tiger, i cant condemn or condone his activities because i dont really care what he does off the pitch. as long as he puts the ball in the net when hes supposed to that all i’m interested in. personally i think that a game of golf is just the ruination of a good walk. he pays his own wages, he doesnt get paid if he doesnt play well, he has all his sponsorship deals so tightly bound up in legal documents, and he has more than enough money to be able to retire if he wanted to. whos to say that in a couple of years after doing the chatshow rounds, he wont be greeted as the prodigal son of golf and resume his career.

    2-1 today sounds good. cmon the boys.

  7. A repost but i really liked it so much that i want all to read…

    Any one who wants more proof can have it by comparing Rooney’s clear dive by Eduardo’s alleged dive by reading the match report today. Well this is all that was written by BBC for Rooney’s dive.

    “Rooney, who moments before was booked for a clear dive in the area, went close to an equaliser when his excellent first touch gave him a shooting chance and he cracked his shot against the bar from six yards.”
    Looks like a praise instead of some bad reaction. Now compare it with Eduardo’s where Arsenal was already winning 2-0 and you know how they said it. We already have miles to write about it.

  8. The poor pundits of MOTD were suddenly struck by selective blindness and amnesia. No mention of the Rooney dive at all. And I remember very well last season when one of those bloody diving foreigners dived agains Arsenal and they showed it a few times to expose the cheat. But then again that was just one of those diving foreigners….. As we all know hones English players don’t dive

  9. GF60, if I remember right Fifa paid 3,2 million euro to Charleroi to settle the case. Well that is the last thing I read about in the presss.


    What a goal !!!! We had do dig deep today, but we did it and we didn’t freeze in the knowledge that we had to fight hard to get a result.

    We had the most difficult game of the top 3 and we are the winners of the weekend.
    Well this calls for a little celebration with a cola light. 😉

  11. Woohoo!! A cool and determined performance under pressure. A really important game. More please. Stu

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