The most mouthwatering headturning transfer story of the century

The point about some (not all, but some) of the pronoucements made within Untold Arsenal is that 132% of the stuff that we all read in the papers, hear on the TV, and see in the blogs, about Arsenal and transfers, is untrue.

And not just untrue, so utterly, totally, completely, widly untrue, that no one in their right mind would even start to believe it.

We’ve made that point 23149 times in the last 48 blogs, and it is getting a bit hard to make the point again and again in the same way.  “Well why don’t you give up and leave us all alone?” you might ask, and of course we could, but then no one would notice.

So instead we try and make little jokes out of it – like the last post (which I think Gooner News didn’t mention) about Barca’s apology to Arsenal.

But then sometimes a story comes along that is so amazing incredibly stupid and inane it goes beyond the stupid and inane stories that are out there anyway.   Here it is.


Crouch to Arsenal.

So the thinking is he is a big guy.

That is about it, nothing else.   The fact that Arsenal don’t buy older players from bigger clubs doesn’t come into it.  Crouch to Arsenal.

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Sorry about that last sentence, I was trying to wipe the tears from my eyes.  Crouch to Arsenal.  Some days you just can’t help laughing.   It’s funnier than the story about Guvnor Ince.

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