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July 2021

Robin wins, plus a chance to create your own award & vote for the best and worst.

By Tony Attwood

A billion congrats to Robin on winning the PFA Player of the Year Award – and it made me think we ought to award our own awards too – so here they are.

The award Robin has got is one of several handed out around this time of year.  There’s the Football writers Association Footballer of the Year, PFA Fans Player of the Year and the PFA Player of the Year too.

So there are plenty of awards around – and I’ll put more on the Untold Award that I would invite you to nominate players for in a moment.  But first, to put Robin’s award in context…

Arsenal have some history in this award what with that Terry Henry being the first player to win it two seasons running.

Before that we had Liam Brady (1979) Dennis Bergkamp (1998) and then Thierry 2003 and 2004.  Those are the players he is up there with.

Anyway, with the fullest congrats to Robin van Persie, how about an award for…

1: The worst player of the year who has played against Arsenal.   (Oh, and AAA, none of your silly jokes about nominating an Arsenal player because when he plays it is as if he is playing against us.  We’ve heard them all before, and originality is not your strong point)

2: The player who has not been regularly playing with the Arsenal first team this season but who is in the club, who you think is most likely to make a big impact next season.  (I’ll exclude Jack W from this, as he’s obviously a special case).   You can nominate up to three.

3:  We could also have a nomination for the player you would most like to see join Arsenal next year.

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4:  And finally – if you would like to nominate an award please do so.  Anything that is original, amusing or otherwise worthy of mention we’ll then come back and do our own award for in a subsequent post.

I will also ask Walter and co to nominate their

  • Worst ref of the year
  • Best ref of the year.

(Sorry ref reviewers, I should have warned you, but only just thought of it.  But given all your stats, I hope it won’t be too onerous a task.)

So to summarise please nominate

1.  Worst player of the year who has played against Arsenal.

2.  The Arsenal player not currently regularly in the first team but who is in the club, who you think is most likely to make a big impact next season. Up to three votes.

3.  Player not currently at Arsenal who you would most like to see us sign.

4.  The award you would most like to see Untold run.

Untold Arsenal


85 comments to Robin wins, plus a chance to create your own award & vote for the best and worst.

  • Damien Luu

    My votes go for:

    1. John Terry 😀 😀 😀
    2. Ryo, Park, Coquelin
    3. Lionel Messi, who else?
    4. The best dancer of the year on the field, although it will be a little bit too easy to vote 😀

    And, a word about the Team of the Season this season: Man Urine have only one diver in there, so what the hell they are doing at the top of the league? And our dearest neighbours tiny totts have three (including one diver) in there, so what the heck they are doing behind us, who only have RVP? 😀 😀 😀

  • Gerry Lennon

    I’ll pass on the first category – Too many candidates who have performed below their expected level.

    Category 2 – COQUELIN has to be my number one – if he does not get squeezed out by new signings(which will apply to all the youngsters coming through?) … or the return of DIABY, who is my next nomination.
    However, my third nomination is a tight call.
    Assuming that AOC is eliminated? But even so, there is MYAICHI, EISFELD, AFOBE, GNABRY, OZYAKUP, and, work permit granted, J CAMPBELL. Any one of these could have a ‘breakthrough’ season if things work out well for them, but if pressed, I have a sneaky feeling that it will be THOMAS EISFELD.

    Category 3 – Well I have my shortlist from January, but I do not do public announcements … it encourages the gossip mongers!

    Category 4- Mmmn, I may come back on that, or second somebody else’s choice.

  • wellingooner

    Worst player against Arsenal: Rafael Potential fìrst-teamer: Afobe Most wanted transfer: Messi of course, realistically M’Vila. New award: Best Arsenal goal

  • WalterBroeckx

    1. King
    2. Diaby (please let him come good injury wise), Campbell, Ryo
    3. Gotze (one can dream) and maybe more realistic Hazard and Vertonghen. Oh, a bit biased I think…
    4. a)The best Arsenal blog (behind Untold) and the worst Arsenal blog
    4.b) The worst dive of the season : I give a nomination for Young

    About the refs: the jury of ref reviewers will be sitting in conference later today to give their nominees.

  • zdzis

    1. Gotta be Torres.
    2. I’d say Coquelin, Miyaichi and maybe Angha if he gets the time.
    3. I’m leaving business to grown-ups. Surprise me! Frankly I wouldn’t mind another completely unknown player of great skill and desire, like Koscielny. If the new man’s season is as good as Koscielny’s, I’m fine with him.
    4. The worst media coverage of an EPL game (MOTD ommitted scenes, press tweaking reality to fit story, “Wenger had nothing to do with the resurgence against Villa in FA Cup” or anything like that). (Although the dive award seems interesting, too.)

  • legolas still trust Wenger

    thank you for this :
    1- worse player who played against us : King from Sp*rs
    2-Ryo- Coquelin-Eisfeld (Diaby if he becomes injury free)
    3- i would LOVE to see : – Podolski and Hazard
    4- for the Referees : Riley the head of referee 😛 cz they all suckkkk

  • dan

    1. J. Terry
    2. Diaby & COQUELIN
    3. Podolski
    4. (Worst Dive) A.Caroll, Young is a good diver!!!

  • Lanz

    I though there would be a mention of commentators as well. I watched the ManUre-Everton match on Sky yesterday. The commentators were so obviously biased! Is it possible the media watch crew also add this to their foci?

    1. I thought Mario Balotelli would be the undoubted No 1 here!!
    2. Ryo, Coquellin, Joel Campbell
    3. Hazard but I realize its only a dream.
    4. Most Fatherly Manager

  • legolas still trust Wenger

    @ Lanz
    4. Most Fatherly Manager (my Respect for that award ;))

  • Dan T

    1. Gareth Bale (I forget how he did in the 1st game but in the recent fixture he was pathetic and of course diving all over the place).
    2. Le Coq, Diaby(hopefully), Ryo + Gnarby(carling cup).
    3.Vertonghen maybe? – Cover for lots of positions.
    4.I like Walters suggestion, worst dive: I nominate Andy Carroll against former club Newacastle, through on goal and still decides to dive when nobody within a yard of him.

  • Lanz

    Thanks Logolas. Gareth Bale should be on the Olympics swimming team. Can I second Dan T for that Andy Caroll dive nomination?

  • 1-John Terry
    2- Coquelin/Ryo/Campbell
    3- Titi Henry at least he brought life back to a Team which was lying bedridden.
    4- Most celebrated goal by the referee Mike shit Dean
    This is for me ever since we kicked the spunks they have never risen from the dead and the most celebrated coach who i have never ever hard anyone (Tony collect me if im wrong on this one)WE HEAR Wenger Madrid wants him /Cappello Chelsea needs him/Redknapp i can go on but i have never hard Fergus in need WHY????????

  • legolas still trust Wenger

    indeed this season Thierry Henry brought life back to Arsenal how i adore this legend 😀 Come on Arsenal next year we will challenge for the title and i am sure of that .

  • dan

    Worst Program:- Sky news/anything with Gary (rat) Neville&Jamie Redknap/Super Sunday (zooming in on Sir Fungus face after each goal).

    Most Biased:- MOTD (did anyone notice the match commentary last night), must of been recorded well after the days events, the commentator knew what would happen at least 30 seconds before hand.

  • Cent

    1.John terry

  • Jacobite Gunner

    Off topic alert…

    “To miss Arteta and Rosicky at the moment for us is too much on the creative side of our game. Even Arteta is enough [of a loss] for us already.” (source:

    Would this suggest that wenger has identified an area to strengthen over the summer?

  • Johnny Deigh

    1. Barton

    2. Ryo Miyaichi

    3. Sessegnon

  • Chowdhury

    1. Scott Parker
    2. Coquelin, Campbell, Ryo
    3. Anyone the Boss thinks would make this team better is just fine with me. Preference would be someone in the middle whose moments of magic could ‘undo’ the “parked bus” defense. We do need someone like that for teams who come to Emirates and put 10 men inside their own half. We seem to struggle against team like that.
    4. Worst Ref => Probert

  • Mahdain

    1.King without a doubt
    2.Coquelin,Ryo and Campbell
    4.Best story of the season ala the great turnaround 😛

  • Dutchie

    1: John Terry, without a doubt.

    2: Ryo

    3: Gotze or Hazard

    4: Best goal of the year (my nominees)

    – Van Persie against Liverpool; Technically even more difficult than the one against Everton, and also the timing. Finally we beat Liverpool against the run of play, like they grabbed all their points against us in de last couple of years.

    – Arteta against City. I guess City will try to buy him next year.

    – Thierry Henry against Leeds; brought tears in my eyes

    – Thierry Henry against Sunderland; The Kings final gift.

    – Arteta screamer, free kick against Aston Villa

    5: The assist of the year (my nominees):

    – Song on Van Persie against Everton

    – Song on Van Persie against Liverpool

    – Van Persie on The Ox against Blackburn

    – Any suggestions?

    6: Super-sayin of the year:

    – Sagna against the tiny todds… the look on his face while running back with the ball under his arm after he scored. Scared the shit out of me :p

  • Chowdhury

    Can we have a guess as to who is going to officiate the upcoming Manchester Derby?

    I’m putting my money on Dowd or Foy. Both are quite “capable” to “handle” a game of such stature. I guess whoever Sir F Word has more confidence would be “random”ly selected by PGMOL. But both have proven their colour in the past.

    Probert as 4th perhaps. He is the one in the ‘making’. Too early to handle a game such as this. He makes it look too ‘obvious’. Needs a bit more polishing to smooth out the rough edges. But he will come good. He has the ‘talent’. Who better to polish up a new comer than the “Dark Lord” himself. 🙂

  • Zain

    1: Joey Barton
    2: Miyachi,Miquel,Coquelin
    3: falcao
    4: the most controversial match of the season( I bet man utd to be at the centre of it)

  • Chowdhury

    Perhaps, we could analyze all our past reviews and the past data and try to come up with an educated guess as to who would be “random”ly selected by PGMOL to officiate the match.
    It could be worth a lot of money. Big enough to buy whoever Arsenal wants to buy in the summer. 🙂

  • Mahdain

    i also think the refs should have a separate article and the nominations should be ref
    2.worst ref refereed game- i’ll leave it to the ref reviewers
    4.worst refereed game- Chris Foy(stoke vs spuds) or Lee Probert(Fulham vs Arsenal) celebration from the ref- Dancing Dean
    6.most blind ref- i nominate Halsey
    7.Best foul inventor- Probert without a doubt
    8.Most Webbalties(i.e Penalties that are not)- ofcourse the namesake
    9.Great turnaround by a ref i.e was shit but now decent-though i still dont trust him one bit but Phil Dowd deserves it

  • Vikram Singh Negi

    1. John Terry
    2. Diaby, Ox, Ryo
    3. Kaka…..and i am serious about this….currently AW is looking for a central midfielder with great dribbling skills so that he can be played out wide on the left….to balance Theo…..kaka would be a great addition….to play as a CAM or as an inverted winger if you will.
    4. Turning point of the season….Sagna’s header for me

  • Mahdain

    @chowdhury i dont think its that hard to guess who it will be…im 90% sure its going to be Webb afterall he is a “top” ref and can “handle” the pressure of the match..or maybe Mike Riley will decide to handle the task himself

  • Mahdain

    also who wants to play guessing game on who will PGMOL randomly “appoint” to ref our match at stoke? Im going with Mark Halsey as he and stoke are a match made in heaven and would ensure we drop points

  • dan

    The worst media source:-
    The Guardian
    The Scum

    Biggest prick on TV:-
    Alan Hansen
    Mark Lawrenson

  • Mahdain

    @Dan you can add Tony Gale to that cos he is beyond awful

  • Mandy Dodd

    1/ Balotelli
    2/ Le Coq, Ryo, Joel Campbell
    3/ Benzema
    4/ award for the person who has done most to derail the Spuds recently – Capello? Sagna? Walcott? Redknapp?

  • Magneto

    1. Andy Carroll.
    2. Abou Diaby.
    3. Moussa Dembele.

  • Mahdain

    offtopic but the AAA brewing AST will be having a meeting to day..will be interesting to hear what they come with this do you take that group seriously when Tim Payton is their leader and le groan is a member?

  • dan


    Biggest twat to appear in the sky sports news room:-
    Tony Gale

  • Red-Man

    4. Most pathetic quote/headline

  • marcus

    1. Worst player of the year who has played against Arsenal.

    2. The Arsenal player not currently regularly in the first team but who is in the club, who you think is most likely to make a big impact next season. Up to three votes.
    Diaby, Wellington Silva.

    3. Player not currently at Arsenal who you would most like to see us sign.
    Ronaldo….but failing that, some unknown in the Koz mold

    4. The award you would most like to see Untold run.

    A week in the stocks for the most gratuitously abusive fan(s)
    Biggest editorial climbdown by any Journalist/Newspaper/Blog

  • Patrick

    4.How about most improved player?? I think Koscielny is my winner along with rosciky.
    even best comeback from injury. lots of nominees for that one. vermaelen or sagna for that one

  • Topovacha

    1. Cant decide between Barton and Balotelli, but surely both.
    2. Carlos Vela, Joel Campbell, Ryo (assuming Diaby is fit)
    3. Iker Muniain
    4. I have two. First one is “Worst and best haircut”. My vote for worst haircut is Barton (at least goes with his personality) and best haircut – one and only Song.
    As second award, the best and worst dog’s name, but as we only know only one dog’s name, award must go to Mr. Redknapp. Nice trophy for his cabinet 🙂

  • Bammers05

    1. Alan Hutton
    2. Francis Coquelin
    3. Mario Gotze
    4. ‘Worst commentator of the Year’ and ‘Biggest Forehead of the Year’ 😐

  • Cent

    1.John terry
    2.Le coq,Eisfeld ,Joel Campbell
    3,Oezil, goetze but realistically we will get Holtby M’villa or Eriksen and Vertoghen.
    4. Largest humble pie eaters of the season ; The spuds, ollie holt of the mirror, our own very fickle fans the “A.A.A.s”.

  • Patrick Tate

    1. Alan Hutton
    2. Ryo, Coquelin or Campbell
    3.Gotze or Iker Munian
    4. Biggest traitor of the season: NASRI

  • Chowdhury

    @Mahdain ==> Webb is not available. He is away for training. If he were available, there would not be any need for any guessing or something like that. He would be “random”ed without any doubt. 🙂

  • Messi's dad

    1. Worst player of the year who has played against Arsenal.

    Tough one… between Nasri or Joey Barton. Excluding personal dislikes, it has to be Mario Balotelli for his contribution and effort to the respective Man City and Arsenal causes.

    2. The Arsenal player not currently regularly in the first team but who is in the club, who you think is most likely to make a big impact next season. Up to three votes.

    Diaby, Ryo, Coquelin.

    3. Player not currently at Arsenal who you would most like to see us sign.

    David Villa (leg broken = cheaper?) / Zlatan Ibrahimovic (old = cheaper?)

    4. The award you would most like to see Untold run.

    The “omniscient” referee award. Or, maybe a one-off special commemorative trophy for the “Best Spurs Team Ever to lose to Arsenal”

  • ak47

    1- balotelli hands down, or should i say studs up?

    2- diaby.

    3- gotze.

    4- the most improved player. this year for me it would be kos. my now favourite defender.

  • Sammy The Snake

    congrats to RVP!

    1. Bale.
    2. Ryo.
    3. Fabregas!
    4. Most spectacular drop from grace (Tots)

  • goonergerry

    1. Barry
    2. Diaby
    3. Hazard
    4. Most competent referee (involving Arsenal).

    ps how the hell did Scotty Parker or Colocini get in the team of the year? For my money Koscielny has been the best defender in the EPL so far this season.

  • Mahdain

    @chowdhury yeah dogface just explained it to me,.Webb,Clattenburg and Atkinson are not available so either Dean or Dowd with Probert/Foy as 4th official

  • Mahdain

    @chowdhury looks like Fergie is THAT powerful as it is indeed Webb who will ref the derby

  • Thank you everyone who is nominating Coquelin – I didn’t realise just how strong a case he is making, and I am delighted, because I too have him on my list. Go back several thousand blogs on this site and you’ll find him being mentioned as a kiddie with talent.

    Amazing – I might actually have got one very early call right.

  • 1) Mario Balotelli
    2) Ryo, Coquelin
    3) Eden Hazard
    4) Most ridiculous dive of the season. There’s some good contenders there.

  • Mahdain

    actually scratch is going to be Marriner

  • Chowdhury

    @Mahdain –> yes, Marriner seems to be the “chosen” [read “randomly picked”] one.

    12-1-1 ==> Marriner sure has ‘earned’ a call for a big game. 🙂

  • Chowdhury

    Marriner came as a surprise to me. Oh well, you have to blow the cover sometime. And this is “big” enough time to pull the cover. Wonder how many more they haven’t yet unveiled.

  • Mahdain

    @chowdhury yeah Marriner must have impressed many in his performance vs us..

  • SouthernGunner

    Well done to the captain. Led by example throughout the season and produced too many moments of magic to mention.

    As for the questionaire:

    1. Worst player of the year who has played against Arsenal.

    Nasri (not just picking on him, his performances against us were bad)

    2. The Arsenal player not currently regularly in the first team but who is in the club, who you think is most likely to make a big impact next season. Up to three votes.

    In this order: Diaby, Mertesacker, Ox, Gibbs, Coqeulan, Frimpong Jenkinson, Ryo.

    3. Player not currently at Arsenal who you would most like to see us sign.


    4. The award you would most like to see Untold run.

    Most Pessimistic award.

  • Sharpehunter

    1) Worst player who has played against us – obvious but it has to be that smirking little tosspot – Joey Barton

    2) The Arsenal Player not currently in the 1st team – Ryo Myachi all the way. Although many of our loanees have done some great work. I just really do think Ryo will be prolific.

    Joel Campbell – has had a great time for a young man on loan again. If we can secure him a work permit I think we may see him very soon.

    3) Player I would most like to see us sign – tough one. So much pie in the sky gossip and rumours. I’d like Podolski, Vertongan and M’Villa all done before the middle of August.

    4) The award I would most like to see Untold run – “Which Player has reached out and connected with the fans more than any other this season and which particular moment stands out”


    RvP when he picked up Theo at Wigan and carried him across to the fans to applaud for his assist.

    Chesney when he ran and picked up the ball boy and gave him a huge hug.

    RvP at the beginning of the season when he single handedly stood his ground against almost the entire Bolton team.

    Song when he deliberately stamped on Bartons leg. Silly, rash, unneccessary and probably cost us. But bless him, personally I would have stamped on Barton’s head.

  • Jack

    1. Mariooo. Deserved about 3 reds card.

    2. Ryo Miyaichi, I dont think he’ll be a starter next season, but will play in carling cup and may get the odd games. Also Coquelin can have an impact next season.

    3. Belhanda

    4. Best player of the season(Bar RVP)? Koscielny would be my pick

  • Clerkenwell Gooner

    1. Worst player who has played against Arsenal.
    Na$ri. Saw him in the CC game at the Emirates, when we lost by a mere 1-0 fielding our second string against a team of multimillion-petrodollar signings. Hard to like the fellow now.

    2. The Arsenal player not regularly in the first team, who you think is most likely to make a big impact next season. Up to three votes.
    Diaby, Ryo, Miquel (OK, maybe not yet for Miquel, season after perhaps, but could also depend on injuries, since after what we’ve seen this year with our back line, who knows?)
    3. Player not currently at Arsenal who you would most like to see us sign.
    Kaka from RM would be fun – Brazilian, supremely stylish, seasoned title winner, but has injury niggles. Would they let him go, even? Plus we have a lot of promising young midfielders coming through, pace Coquelin, such as Henderson, who need to get a shout at some point. Kaka could just clutter the place up.

    4. The award you would most like to see Untold run.
    Like the idea suggested above of most improved player. But as a blog, why not best blog post of the year? Promote the medium!

  • rusty

    1. Joey Barton — catalyst for the early-season turmoil that gave us such a large gap to make up on the leaders — imagine if we’d started on sound footing.

    2. Ryo, Miquel, Jenkinson

    3. Javi Martinez – a ball-playing CB / deep-lying midfielder who we could use like a Busquets to open up our attacking shape, and who gives us versatility in our CB depth (the opposite, in some ways, of Mertesacker)

    4. I don’t care what the category is, whatever award would allow us to widely circulate a .gif of Dean’s goal celebrations…

  • George

    1. Paul Robinson (letting in 7 to Arsenal at the Emirates)

    2. Ryo Miyaichi, Joel Campbell and Ignasi Miquel (possibly even Oguzhan Ozyaghup and Nico Yennaris)

    3. Vertonghan, Podolski and M’Vila. (possibly Hazard?)

    4. Most slip-ups outside the penalty area eventually leading to the opposition scoring award 🙂

  • bob

    I’d like you to add a media category (UM) for the worst jorno/presenter/commentator when it comes to Arsenal/AFC: for example:
    Disinformer of the Year
    — or perhaps word it otherwise, in which case any of these:
    (Stenographer of the Year
    (Lens Crafter of the Year
    (Best Media Servant to Rednose XX
    (Perfumer of the Year
    (Diverter of the Year
    In any case, there should be an interesting list of nominees

  • George

    Sorry, I would say that worst performance was the SHOCKING performance from no.45 of Manchester City, Mario Balotelli. Deserved more than one red card and 9 games suspension!!

  • Messi's dad

    Hi Tony,

    for the 4th award, how about:

    “Best Arsenal Away supporters”

    Not sure how to meaningfully or objectively rate this tho (Arsenal matches with the highest No. of away fans, and taking into account “average decibels” or “total different chants”?).

    Just thought to give a shout out to some of the fantastic away support I had been able to hear for myself from T.V.!

    Hmm… maybe also an “Best Arsenal Home crowd” award?

  • Stuart

    How about

    Number 4) Best away pub

  • Tasos

    1) Samir Nasri

    2) Ryo Miyaichi, Thomas Eisfeld and Joel Campbell (permit permitting)

    3) Lucas Poldolski

    4) Arsene Wenger’s top five signings.

  • Scotty

    What about award for best/wierdest haircut?

  • Asif

    Ha ha ha…this is making all of us think!!!

    1. Worst Player of the Year – Nasri (who would be soon wandering in PL oblivion after City have ‘bought’ another midfielder with their (Petro) Dollar) for sheerly being the flop he has been all season, he has been found out! Infact I have created a chant for him:

    Nasri Nasri – Yes Papa,
    Show me your trophies – No Papa,
    Open your cabinet – So much money
    Ha ha ha!!!

    2. Players I would like to see…the priority list is:
    1. Abou Diaby 2. Ryo Miyaichi 3. Joel Campbell (it’s just so hard to nominate just 3)

    3. Players we would like to sign (the first one is a need…I suppose)
    1. Podolski 2. Vertoghnen 3. M’Villa

    4. Award of the year – The Best Conspiracy Theory of the Year and my nomination for this is:
    Rednose XX (Whoever named it…take a bow)

  • Gord

    Off topic: A short time ago, people were looking up “The Great Turnaround” in languages all over Earth. Well the Hindu is running an article:

    Toon Army’s terrific march and Gunners’ remarkable turnaround

    The article is mostly about Newcastle, the Arsenal bit is at the end. There is no mention of UntoldArsenal in the article.

    I’m horrible at picking things, so I am not going to try. I think Ryo and Joel Campbell are good youngster to see come up, there are probably lots of others. Lansbury is currently on the subs bench for his game today with West Ham.

  • Gord

    In terms of up and coming players, AW had a neat statement about this:

    > “It is important that our Ladies give some hope to the masculine football team that they can get some great players if he is a boy!” he told the Official Matchday Programme.

    Is Wenger going to be at Arsenal for another 18 years? But this has to be about the youngest player ever scouted.

  • Domhuaille MacMathghamhna

    I dedicate this post to our pitiful North London neighbours who suffer from premature celebration and Gap-mindedness, otherwise known as shit-for brains syndrome:

    1. Worst player of the year who has played against Arsenal. Definitely Leadfoot King from the Spuds…Walcott twisted him inside out during the 2nd half,like a pretzel.

    2. The Arsenal player not currently regularly in the first team but who is in the club, who you think is most likely to make a big impact next season: I see Miyachi, Frimpong and Campbell as being a formidable trio to add to our already impressive squad. It is so hard to choose among the great talents that are up and coming.

    3. Player not currently at Arsenal who you would most like to see us sign: Definitely Podolski. I saw him firsthand play at Koln and he was devastating for them…he is in his prime and a very strong central striker but also capable of playing behind RVP if needed.He is also a very strong defensive-minded player.

    4. The award you would most like to see Untold run. The roasted pessimistic chicken on a ball Award given to the AAA or Wenger-Out neanderthal who claims to be a loyal Gooner but most typifies a Spuds wannabe at the end of the season.

    Hope this helps!

  • Matt Clarke

    1. Worst player of the year who has played against Arsenal.
    I’ve not seen all the games, but Torres is impressively poor.

    2. The Arsenal player not currently regularly in the first team but who is in the club, who you think is most likely to make a big impact next season. Up to three votes.
    Diaby, Afobe & Santos.

    3. Player not currently at Arsenal who you would most like to see us sign.
    I do not follow transfer news much, but this guy impresses: Jan Verthongen

    4. The award you would most like to see Untold run:

    The Untold Story of the Year

    (us showing our appreciation for all you do).
    (that sounds cheesy reading it back, but, as I meant it sincerely I will leave it).

  • Laundryender

    Ok Tony some fun

    1. John Terry at the Bridge, the sight of him headbutting the floor as RVP scored was priceless. (and i dont like the cunt)

    2. Le Coq, always looks classy to me. This kid is a player! and he is called Le Coq, (well by me anyway)

    3. Vertoghnen, in fact i wish we had him this week end at Stoke, he is a big lump, left footed and “well ard”

    4.The “Untold Integrity Award” for the Ref who gives most correct penalty calls, right or wrong in matches involving Man Utd.

  • Shantanu Khandelwal

    1. Worst player to play against us was John Terry at the bridge (even Cashley, Walcott knocked the living daylights out of him), set up our season that match. King had a bad game too in the 5-2 but I’ll go with Terry

    2. Three players to make a big impact next season Diaby (biggest), Chamakh and Ryo. (Frimpong, Eisfeld and Ozzy might get loaned out so may have an impact elsewhere) (even bigger impact by Santos and Chamberlain but they’ve played quite regularly i guess)

    3. Ideally I’d love Wayne Rooney, but realistically from the players that the media has linked, I’d say Kaka. Wenger can revive him.

    And for worst referee of the year, i just want to say, this guy Damir Skomina I don’t know what he wrote in his report coz coz I just don’t understand this UEFA suspension. Its absolutely ridiculous. Every manager can talk to the ref. I’v never seen such a ban.

  • Shantanu Khandelwal

    Read a few comments, people are mentioning Mertersacker, but i think he’s already had such a big impact this season. I think he’s been our best defender, and i think if some1 compiles some stats we’ll see that. Got injured and straight away next match we concede 4. I don’t think he’d have allowed that.
    And yes Nasri’s been poor against us but its harsh on him really… Its tough for him here and he still comes to watch our matches at times… I think he finds it tough to play against us.
    Afobe, yes it’l be interesting to see his progress.., but i don’t think. If podolski rumours are true, i can’t see him playing. And I’m confident Arshavin will come back. And should

  • Brickfields Gunners

    1) LEAD-ly King
    2)Le Coq ,Joel Campbell & Frimpong
    3)Poldoski , Vertoghen,& Essien as cover for Song.
    4)Creepiest poster on UA- my normination is for the one with the monocled avatar !

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Ooops !Did not know that there were other “monocled ones” out there – so its not you Bammers 5 ,nor you Scotty .
    Also excluded are those ” one-eyed ” posters !

  • zdzis

    Coming back, I see quite a few of you mention Terry or Barton. It all depends on what you mean by “worst” – the one who hurt us the most? the one who had the most spectacular downfall against Arsenal? I went with Torres because he played both times and scored 0, even though Chelsea did score 3 goals against us. Terry wasn’t that bad, and he was outdone by that failed Malouda pass. Barton is a scourge, but he also played quite smartly in his games. If I were to name the player who hurt us the most, I’d go with Zamora – we played against him thrice, 0 wins, 1 draw, 2 losses!
    @Scotty: the hairdo award should probably go to Meireles. Someone really got Medieval on his ass!

  • Stuart

    1. Worst Player = Armand Traore
    2. Ryo Miyachi – if given a bloody chance!
    3. Eden Hazard
    4. The Most Distance Covered during the season (who has ran the most)

  • Gooner Cape Town

    1. Balotelli-prat should be permanently banned
    2. Ryo definitely
    3. Hazard. must have Vertonghen and Belhanda or M Vila
    4. Player most loyal to fans drinking hole.

  • Arun

    1)Aguero (I had hoped for a better performance from him but he was too busy hiding behind kos)
    2)Ryo Miyachi
    3)Messi, who else???
    4) The biggest idiot among all the ‘elite pundits’ on sky.

  • Charles Ekah

    1. Entire spurs team 4 throwing 13pts away
    2. Ryo, frimpong& coq.
    3. Podolski/ Gotze
    4. Players we want to leave most. Squilaci my winner

  • Ben

    1) I say El Shaarawy (Ac Milan) for the second game.
    2) Ryo, Lansbury and either Yennaris or Miquel
    3) I say Messi what with Spain going into Admin and all!:)
    4) Most laughable transfer news award

  • By all means add more thoughts, but I am slowly using the suggestions here to report on the Untold Awards.

    First up will be the player most likely to break into the first team. Others will follow

  • novicegooner

    1. The entire spurds team. they got 2 goals from diving and a deflection
    2. Looking at areas need strengthening, I’d say Tomas Eisfeld
    3. Toni Kroos. He’s not very mobile and physical, but his intelligence and positioning is top class and he is in his golden years as a footballer
    4. Player with Best Attitude and Performance ON and OFF the pitch. The leading contenders would be Captain Vantastic and Szczesny. Both know how to respect other players and fans, and their performances don’t need questioning

  • We have put up the first results – that is for Q2.

    Am working on Q1 results now – be up shortly.