Untold Ref Review: Everton 1 – 0 Tottenham Hotspur

This article is part of a series stretching over several seasons in which a team of referees analyse the work of refs in Premier League matches.

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Today’s referee is Mark Halsey –

MATCH REVIEW DETAILS – Mark Halsey (2012-03-10)
Period 1
Min Type Foul from On C/NC Comment Weight
6 OTHER Osman Modric C Trip 1
9 OTHER Heitinga Adebayor NC Kick on the ankle not given 1
10 OTHER Sandro Osman? NC Late trip, advantage given that goes away because the Everton player is offside, should come back to the foul 1
10 OFFSIDE Everton NC should have given the first foul 1
11 OTHER Defoe Heitinga C assumed correct 1
15 OTHER Cahill Ekoto C assumed correct 1
18 PENALTY Heitinga Defoe NC Heitinga clearly went in from behind on Defoe just after he took his shot and the ball in play. Should have been a penalty for Tottenham 3
19 OTHER Ekoto Drenthe C assumed correct 1
20 OTHER Sandro Cahill C push in the back 1
22 GOAL Everton C correct goal 3
27 OTHER Jelavic Sandro C Trip 1
28 OTHER Cahill Parker C Pull 1
31 OTHER Fellaini Defoe NC Pull not given 1
32 OTHER Jelavic C Handball advantage given 1
32 OTHER Osman Defoe C Little trip off the ball, advantage given 1
32 OTHER Sandro Coleman C came in the back 1
36 OTHER Drenthe C handball 1
40 OTHER Cahill Parker C Trip 1
41 OTHER Heitinga Defoe C push in the back 1
42 OTHER Ekoto Drenthe C push, advantage given as a counter is on 1
44 OTHER Walker Baines NC push not given 1
Period 2
Min Type Foul from On C/NC Comment Weight
49 OTHER Adebayor Heitinga C Push 1
54 OTHER Modric Drenthe NC Frontal tackle not given, Drenthe has to jump up to avoid the impact 1
55 YELLOW Modric NC should be a booking, dangerous tackle 2
58 OFFSIDE Everton C assumed correct 1
59 OTHER Defoe Heitinga NC Defoe holds Heitinga off with his arm and wins a corner 1
60 OTHER Ekoto Drenthe C trip 1
60 YELLOW Ekoto C stopped a promising attack 2
61 OTHER Defoe Heitinga C pulled him down with the ball not near 1
61 YELLOW Defoe C you sometimes wonder what gets in to some players mind, correct 2
63 OTHER Coleman Sandro C trip 1
66 OFFSIDE Tottenham C assumed correct 1
67 OTHER Cahill King C bumping in to King who was in the air 1
71 OFFSIDE Everton C assumed correct 1
73 OTHER Felaini VDVaart NC push not given 1
74 OFFSIDE Everton C advantage given 1
74 OTHER Neville Parker C trip 1
76 OFFSIDE Defoe C correct 1
76 GOAL Tottenham C goal is correctly disallowed for offside from Defoe 3
77 OTHER Rodwell Defoe C trip 1
80 OTHER Heitinga Defoe C trip 1
80 YELLOW Heitinga C stopped a promising attack 2
83 OTHER Felaini VDVaart NC came in late, not given 1
83 OTHER Saha Baines C trip 1
84 OTHER Kaboul Cahill C trip 1
85 OTHER Straqualursi Walker NC came in late, not given 1
85 YELLOW Straqualursi NC stupid and useless challenge on the achilles, should be cautioned 2
85 YELLOW Walker NC Little reaction from Walker should have been cautioned, but more a foul from the ref this one 2
88 OTHER Kaboul Heitinga C assumed correct 1
89 OTHER King Stracqualursi C holding 1
90 OTHER Coleman Bale C could have been a bit of a dive, but no conclusive evidence it was not one 1
92 PENALTY Baines C Appeal for handball but the ball came of his own leg and then against the arm that was close to his body 3
94 YELLOW Howard C time wasting, more of this please 2
95 OTHER Straqualursi Walker C holding 2

You sometimes have a feeling:  was this good or not that good at the end of a game. And then you go and check the numbers and you just keep on sitting with a double feeling. Too many missed fouls by the ref. That is a first conclusion.  And most of all the mistakes were made on the big decisions.

Tottenham should have had a penalty when Defoe was tackled  from behind after taking a shot on goal. What is the difference between a late tackle from a striker or from a defender? When it would have been the other way around the ref would have given the foul for a late tackle and a yellow card against the striker. Now it was the defender who came in late from behind and the ref gave a goal kick. There is nowhere in the rule book a paragraph that is saying that the rules are different in the penalty area.

COMPETENCY SUMMARY – Mark Halsey (2012-03-10)
Period 1 Called Total Correct %
GOAL 1 1 100.00
OFFSIDE 0 1 0.00
OTHER 14 18 77.78
PENALTY 0 1 0.00
TOTAL 15 21 71.43
WEIGHTED 17 25 68.00
Period 2 Called Total Correct %
GOAL 1 1 100.00
OFFSIDE 5 5 100.00
OTHER 14 19 73.68
PENALTY 1 1 100.00
YELLOW 4 7 57.14
TOTAL 25 33 75.76
WEIGHTED 33 44 75.00
Totals Called Total Correct %
GOAL 2 2 100.00
OFFSIDE 5 6 83.33
OTHER 28 37 75.68
PENALTY 1 2 50.00
YELLOW 4 7 57.14
TOTAL 40 54 74.07
WEIGHTED 50 69 72.46

When we look at the fouls in general the score was acceptable. Not great but well just enough.  But as said the major decisions were not good enough.

BIAS SUMMARY – Mark Halsey (2012-03-10)
Period 1 Everton % Tottenham Hotspur % Total
Correct For 6 40.00 9 60.00 15
Correct For Weighted 8 47.06 9 52.94 17
Incorrect Against 3 50.00 3 50.00 6
Incorrect Against Weighted 3 37.50 5 62.50 8
Fouls Commited 13 65.00 7 35.00 20
Fouls Penalised 9 69.23 5 71.43 14
Period 2 Everton % Tottenham Hotspur % Total
Correct For 13 52.00 12 48.00 25
Correct For Weighted 19 55.88 15 44.12 34
Incorrect Against 4 50.00 4 50.00 8
Incorrect Against Weighted 6 54.55 5 45.45 11
Fouls Commited 13 54.17 11 45.83 24
Fouls Penalised 10 76.92 9 81.82 19
Totals Everton % Tottenham Hotspur % Total
Correct For 19 47.50 21 52.50 40
Correct For Weighted 27 52.94 24 47.06 51
Incorrect Against 7 50.00 7 50.00 14
Incorrect Against Weighted 9 47.37 10 52.63 19
Fouls Commited 26 59.09 18 40.91 44
Fouls Penalised 19 73.08 14 77.78 33


What was good was the fact that he made 14 wrong decisions and that those decisions were even split over both sides.  And even when it came to bringing in some weight the decisions were balanced over both teams. So this is good. In a way it doesn’t matter if the ref was good or bad, as long as he was the same for both teams you can say: oh, he will have had a bad day. But too many bad days in a season is not good for the league in general.

But I must confess that even I as an Arsenal supporter while watching this game was wondering: are there some forces who want to bring some kind of gap between the two top teams at that time in the league and Tottenham who was in third at the time?

4 Replies to “Untold Ref Review: Everton 1 – 0 Tottenham Hotspur”

  1. Superb analysis and as a Spurs fan i have had the same feeling as your bottom para suggests.May i make one observation about the penalty near the end where Baines has a ball hitting his hand.Right or wrong it was in complete contrast to Adebayo dissallowed goal aginst Man u the previous week .The same decision should have been made in both cases.again reinforcing your last paragraph

  2. Barry,
    Since 2007-2008 we have seen this coming back a few times so even when it happens to others and yes even to Tottenham we notice it and we talk about it.

  3. I concur – unless fans from all teams can stand together and demand something better then nothing will change. The football fan-base is fragmented by tribal boundaries and further atomised by the smoke and mirrors of the media – we need to grow up and see past it.

    Once the game is sorted and clean we can then get back to hating each other every weekend and, after the match, at least know for sure that the best team won on the day!

  4. Dogface,
    Yes, now there’s the perfect incentive to unite around fair play: and (you promise?), we can then go back to hating each other. So it’s all good. Win/win. Oh happy day! 🙂

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