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  1. Mike

    A standard of refereeing of which we at the Emirates can only dream!!

  2. Adam

    13 Member’s obligations 1(e). Tought some of you out there might find this interesting.

  3. Anne


    “13: Members’ obligations:

    1. Members have the following obligations:

    e. to create a referees’ committee that is directly subordinate to the member.”

    Hm… As to whether the PGMOL qualifies under this subsection, it would seem to depend entirely on the definition of “directly subordinate.” I don’t know how FIFA would go about doing that.

    What do you make of this subsection?

  4. Adam

    @Anne, I put that out there to arouse curiosity, I do not have the answers, Sorry. It should mean we can now bombard the FA with questions they should be able to answer. If not, why not?

  5. Anne


    Thanks for the link. It is interesting. And raising questions is always a good thing.

  6. Mahdain

    Mark Clattenburg – one of the best the PGMOL has and yeah like everyone else he has his flaws but still think he makes genuine mistakes and not Dean-esque mistakes i.e bent.. its no wonder the PGMOL kept him away from the big matches in the second half of the season he is just not too bent for those

  7. Mahdain

    i really think somebody wanted Clattenburg punish for refereeing that united humiliation by city match fairly and thats why he only got one big match(Chelsea vs city) after that even though so many times he was the logical choice for those matches..another thing i found interesting is that Clattenburg didnt ref a single United match after that. is he serving his Atkinson like ban?

  8. Mahdain
  9. WalterBroeckx

    That is a very interesting point you bring up!
    I must admit I didn’t think about that at all…. But I was wondering for a few months now why he wasn’t given any top games. He is a Fifa ref after all so he should be given the big games.
    Combine this with the fact that he did two Arsenal games at the start of the season and we won both rather comfortable….

    Well those two should be enough to keep him away from Arsenal I guess..

  10. bjtgooner


    Good link. If I read the link correctly, Clattenberg only got 24 EPL games. If there are 16 – 18 EPL refs would we not expect them to cover 42 – 47 games each? Do we know how many games in total Dean & Webb covered?

  11. WalterBroeckx

    if you type in their names at the left top corner you can see it yourself.

    I can tell you Dean got 30 and Webb 29 games

  12. Mahdain

    @Walter yep.. From what i have seen of him and reading the reviews of the matches he has ref’d i think its fair to say Clattenburg is a top ref and one that should be getting more big matches but then why didnt he? tbh the above is the only explanation i can come up with
    I know the reviews havent finished yet but can i ask who is currently leading with having an average best score in all matches you have reviewed? Wont be suprised if its him

  13. Mahdain

    @Bjtgooner as Walter just answered yes you can see all the total matches each ref had and also their overall performance for each club by clicking score by club at the left..

  14. Mahdain

    here is a direct link to the refs

  15. Mahdain
  16. Mahdain

    as i was looking through that site i found something that really baffled me.. Mike Dean is the record holder for most matches ref’d in PL..just how a poor ref like him got so many games is anyones guess

  17. bjtgooner

    @Mahdain & Walter

    Thanks for the info.

  18. meditation

    The thing with mark clattenberg i always wondered was how is he reffing again in the premier league.Is his good record and change of ways because of this.http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2009/feb/18/referee-mark-clattenburg-suspended-business-affairs
    He used to have the dean aura. Arrogance personified.

  19. meditation
  20. Anne

    How about this?

    “Mark Clattenburg has emerged as the key figure in Uefa’s investigations of Dinamo Zagreb’s extraordinary 7-1 home defeat by Lyon in the Champions League on Wednesday night.”


    This was a shady match. And it didn’t get the publicity that it should have because both Manchester teams were eliminated on the same day that it was played.

  21. Mahdain

    @Anne what happened to the inquiry?

  22. Anne


    I just did a quick search and I can’t find anything about an inquiry. Looks like they announced at the same time that they weren’t going to take one? It looks like they were saying, unless Mark Clattenburg says something was wrong, it’s all good with us.


    This is actually kind of funny:

    A statement from UEFA read: “UEFA is aware of, and has taken note, of the press coverage surrounding yesterday’s games and the various allegations made by the media.

    “UEFA also considers the integrity of its own competitions, including the UEFA Champions League, as an absolute priority and pays extra attention to all games.

    “We have also implemented a Betting Fraud Detections System (BFDS) as a tool against match-fixing – a system which monitors 29,000 games a season including all UEFA matches, and utilises data from more than 400 betting companies.

    “For the time being this system has not shown any irregular betting patterns around yesterday’s games or their outcome that would justify any inquiry on that front.”

    UEFA’s statement continued: “UEFA also pays a lot of attention to the sporting behaviour on the pitch and we are currently waiting to receive the reports of the referee, referee observer and match delegate to see if, in their opinion, something suspicious might have happened.

    “If there is anything in these reports that could raise a doubt, UEFA may then charge a disciplinary inspector to investigate the matter. But there is nothing at this stage that would justify doing so.”

  23. Anne


    I was wanting to write up those Arsene Wenger comments in an article for ages, and just never had time. Sigh. If only I was multiple people instead of one. Still, very good link. Recommend others to read it.

  24. Mahdain

    @Anne such a shame you didnt get to write about that as it would have been a great read

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