Man City 2 Arsenal Reserves 9

That’s shots on target.   The other stats were quite good too and the match was easily won.  Wenger said lots of lovely things about Ade, Ade did a relaxed head nodding act after the last goal, everyone sang the new song at the proper speed (that is a three second pause after each line, not a 2 second pause – that’s from the font of all knowledge at Red Action) and there was talk that Sven lost his temper.

What didn’t get so much coverage was the fact that we had 5 regular first teamers not playing.   2 are playing in foreign parts, the goalie twisted his thumb opening the Horlicks, Robin can’t play because he might be injured again, and Tomas is recovering and hopes to see us all soon.

 Now according to the International Agreement on the Denomination of the Word “Reserve” (the IADWR) which was ratified four years ago at a meeting of FIFA in the Toppled Bollard, just off the North Circular Road, when five or more of the first team are out then its not the first team any more.   So there we have it, we were watching the reserves.

Good on you lads.

Except – come next season we will have the current 3 centre forwards, plus Robin, plus Vela, plus Theo.   That’s six.  How are we going to give games to all of them?

We really do need to have a team in the Championship.  As in Spain there can be an agreement that they can’t go up if they win the league – but we really need to be playing there.  It will put the Championship gates up dramatically, and will give a more fulsome and proper employment to some jolly good chaps.  It is an action I highly commend to the powers.

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