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  1. colario

    Sounds like a good move. Thanks for this.

  2. Gooner Sam

    Nice to see that it is someone who has connections with Arsenal, that should help to bed him in. Also it sounds like he has a good eye for quality young players!

  3. Phil

    Great reporting Tony, I haven’t seen anything on this anywhere but here. He sounds like a solid Wenger type, it’ll be interesting to get some new blood into the setup and see how he gets on.

  4. Arthur Smith

    He is a good man but the report in the independent said he had been interviewed. Wednesday Chairman said he is under contract and no apprach made from Arsenal. The above article does not say he has signed for definite, think you will find speculation at this stage.

  5. Goona

    Interesting reading all about Terry but what has he ever won in the top divisions?.

    Yes he appears to be a very nice chap, but to be in charge of our reserve side we need a proven winner a person who’s played at the top, seen it all, done it all, who can pass on that winning experience to eager young players.

    I know there’ll be lots of Gooners who’ll disagree with me

    Anyway good luck to Terry I hope he proves me wrong.
    Arsenal forever!!!

  6. Andy Kelly

    Here’s his previous record in charge of Arsenal’s reserves:

    1982-83 6th (11th the previous season)
    1983-84 1st
    1985-86 2nd (scoring 124 goals in 41 games)
    1986-87 3rd

    I used to watch the reserves back then. He was blessed with some fine young players but he got them playing fantastic football against seasoned pros. He even turned Chris Whyte into a centre forward who scored 6 goals in 1 game!

  7. nicky

    Only slightly off-topic but I hope our Board have given or will give Pat Rice a good pension and golden handshake on his retirement. A good and faithful servant.

  8. Goona Gal

    Due to the appearance of ‘goona’ , I would like clarify that we are too different folk.

    I was hoping that people would be able to discern the difference in quality of comment, but I thought I’d better state the obvious anyway.

  9. Goona Gal

    …Elsewhere I can feel my £100 sweepstake slipping through my fingers! 0-2 Italy, who would of thunk it!

  10. Goona Gal

    ..Back on topic! If it’s true that Terry helped with the Rambo transfer and with the development of messrs Adams then he gets a big thumbs up from me!

    I think the top reserves role will be of increasing importance with the advent of the Elite Player Performance Plan (well if it ever develops legs) and us signing up for Nextgen, which looks like an interesting ‘CL type yoof’ competition.

  11. Goona Gal

    @ Andy Kelly good comment.

    Also, I don’t think the player that has done it all and won everything at the highest level actually makes for a better manager. Historically this not been the case anyway.

  12. WalterBroeckx

    Goona, then I think we should get Pep in to do the reserves next season….. 😉

  13. Goona Gal

    @ Walter – were you talking to me or the rip off?

  14. Goona Gal

    Oh right, I see…..It was aimed at the other one…

  15. Goona

    Goona Gal: yes I agree that those managers who have won all in sundry don’t always make the best managers. However this kind of winning manager in a reserve team teaching youngsters the tricks of the trade, how nice it is to win, the feeling etc will give them the incentive to try and do just that very thing…

    Terry seems quite a nice bloke but so are McLaren, Dowie and Jones and many other english managers. Yes Gal it’s better to have a winner in charge of a reserve team….I hope Terry proves me wrong! Good luck Terry! Gooners forever!

  16. Goona Gal

    …off topic, Stuart Pearce yet again adding to his CV. I don’t know anyone that is taking the team GB football team too seriously. In my opinion for the great ambassadorial role Beckham has played for the UK, British football, World cup bid and not to mention winning the games, he should of been an automatic inclusion and shown a bit more respect.

    I wonder if Micah Richards has been told that he won’t feature much at Citeh season? I am suprised he agreed to be involved.

  17. walter

    I was afraid it might happen Gal… :-/

  18. Goona Gal

    @ goona(teef), haha – what a load of strange gibberish.

    @ Walter, I suppose imitation is considered a form of flattery…

  19. The BearMan

    What is more important is a training n developing method to bring out the best in potential first candidates. Players that can fill in should their be a list of injuries in the first team. Young players that will make those on the fringes of the first team very nervous. A system and method that will make reserves players more rounded and better equip for the challenge of first team football.

    Having connections to Arsenal in the past must not be top of the list in terms of his competences or achievements! Time to bring to an end the old school tie method!

    Is he the best in the long list of coaches applying for this post and not how well he is connected!

  20. The BearMan

    We need a quality coach not a wheeler dealer! What has happened to the long list of wonder kids Arsenal purchased in recent years?

  21. Walter

    Okay, no arry then 😉

  22. Goona

    THE BEAR MAN: Best one on this blog, a true Gooner you talk a lot of sense……..

  23. Tony

    Bear Man – which wonder kids

    Oxlade Chamberlain
    Theo Walcott
    That young Argentine keeper that everyone says is a sensation but whose name I can’t remember
    Bob Dylan
    Chuck Berry
    Bo Diddley

    sorry seem to have lost the plot a bit here

  24. Micko

    Well done Tony, you managed to mention my two favourite teams in one article, Arsenal and my local side Wealdstone.

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