3 new players, 11 “almost new” players, and a vote for Untold Arsenal

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And thus on to the three signings mentioned in the last post.

First on my list I have Samuel Galindo of Bolivia. The story being copied from web site to web site is that he was going to sign for Everton, but didn’t and instead has signed for us.  Obviously the young man has brains.

He’s 17, he is an attacking mid-fielder, and he does not hold an EU passport.  So if he is with us, Arsenal will have to buy him (sorry apply for) a “special talent” work permit.  The only time I’ve come across one of these before was  when I worked in Algeria for a year.    My “special talent” (ho ha)  was my reputed ability to speak English.

According to rumours, made up stories and downright lies, Galindo will cost 50 million pennies (ie half a million pounds) with extra payments due if he keeps his shirt clean and smiles for the camera.

Second is Wellington, also known as Wellington Silva also known as Wellington da Silva.  He is, according to the over-excited press, a “wonderkid” which means he may well be related to Galindo, who is also a “wonderkid”.  What with them both being South American I am sure they must be related.  I mean how many wonderkids can there be?

There’s another funny thing they have in common.  In both cases the Lord Wenger “swooped” for the “wonderkid”.  Isn’t that interesting.  Two swoops in the space of a couple of weeks.  Quite a swooper our Lord W.

Obviously they will need separating once they get to the Ems, otherwise no one will know which swooped for wonderkid is which.

Not only is Wellington a “wonderkid” he is also a “teen sensation”.  He comes from Fluminese and in his trial period with us he scored four goals in a youth game against Norwich.  He played in the Under-17 World Cup and Under-17 South American Championship.

“Welling-ton oh oh

Welling-ton oh oh

He comes from Fluminese

And his mother’s name is Maisie”

Well maybe not.  Here’s a great comment from one of our national newspapers: “His signing will disappoint Gunners fans who had expected to see a more experienced player arrive at the club in the January transfer window.”

Anyway, we can hide our disappointment since he can’t come and play for us until he is 18 in January 2011.

Third up is our Sol. But you know all about him.  One of very few men to have realized that Notts County was a con, and to have got out straight away.

So if that’s it on the signing front, who is going to burst through from the reserves (as they say in newspaper wonderland).

And my point in linking the kids coming through with the new signings is that Arsenal has once again re-written the rulebook.  While the old dinosaurs of newspaperland bang on and on about signing BIG NAME players for billions of pounds we have the production line approach.

So we bring the kids in at 16 or 17 (or some even at 11) and then ease them in gently.  In effect we often don’t really see our transfers arrive, because they gently emerge from the reserves, onto the bench and then into the first team.

So here’s my transfers ready to burst through onto the unsuspecting multi-verse…

  1. Jay Emmanuel Thomas. It is extraordinary to think that the guy doesn’t even have a number yet.  But then what number do you give someone who can play everywhere and do everything?  He got three against West Iceland Reservoirs this week.
  2. Craig Eastmond. Already been picked up by Lord W and looking accomplished.  Right back and central midfield, won the youth cup last year.
  3. Kyle Bartley. Centre back who also won the youth cup last year.  Building a high reputation.
  4. Frances Coquelin. I’ve been tipping him to break through for a year and a half now, and he is still sitting in the reserves.  Proves what I know.  I thought he was defensive midfield but then he suddenly seemed to be a forward.  Or a right back.  Most confusing.
  5. Gilles Sunu. Double winning forward.
  6. Nacer Barazite. Lots of games on loan.  Is he going to make it or not?  Now is the time to find out.
  7. Herschel Sanchez Watt – forward or winger.  Perhaps it’s a bit too early but people are talking him up.

Or what about those already semi-established such as

  1. Fran Merida who may (or may not) be leaving – could it be that all that stuff in the papers was, err, well, maybe, not quite true?
  2. Carlos Vela who looked so much better in the frozen wasteland of the game against Everton when he came on
  3. Theo Walcott who has been out so long he’s even dropped off the injury reports
  4. Nic Bendtner who had proven himself to be central to our new system, until he got all injured.

So, what do we have there?  Three new signings, plus eleven players who have yet to break through, or who have broken through but could go further.  Not bad for a January transfer.

Don’t forget to vote.  People died for your right to vote you know.  Well, maybe not in terms of voting for blog of the year, but you know, voting’s good.  Unless you are an anarchist.


You can now read an extract from MAKING THE ARSENAL on www.woolwicharsenal.co.uk – and if that doesn’t make you laugh then Wellington da Silva’s mother’s first name isn’t Maisie.

(c) Tony “vote for me” Attwood 2010

31 Replies to “3 new players, 11 “almost new” players, and a vote for Untold Arsenal”

  1. Barazite has been injured since October, he’s due back soon though.

    It’s a shame as he may have actually had a few matches this season. The most he can hope for is to return to full fitness to hopefully grab a few appearances before the season closes. I rate him so I do hope he gets a chance with the Gunners.

    Great article as always.

  2. Tony – check out Le Grove today. It looks as if they have been coming on here and reading your articles. A bit behind the times are they not?

  3. Nice one Sir Tony (I’ve been looking forward to trying your new title on you for about a week; it fits. Now, I’m looking forward to the coronation at the Ems – on U Tube).

    Anyhow, what you’ve done is probably exactly how Sir Wenger looks at his options and transfer activities. When people are screaming at him to buy this and sell that. He looks at his stable everyday and sees how his thoroughbreds are coming along. An information he has but which none of the fans, blogs or plundits have – no matter how much they love or hate him.

    The issue for him then is: does he hold out – based on his realistic expectations or does he allow himself to be stampeded by the herd? Thank God for his nerve! It allows him to do surprising things – based on his more complete insider information and more rounded professional view of what the club really needs in the immediate and long term and where the boys are in their respective professional development.

    All the same, I shall be happy he is vindicated or rewarded with a trophy STARTING with this season.


  4. The two wonderkids make me salivatingly “wonder-spell-bound”. And to think that we still have the likes of Annieke et al, yet to develop into the reserves is titilatingly wonderful.

    Paul C, of course they do come on here for a read. Some of them have even posted comments (albeit negative, some not so negative but not really positive) at times.

  5. We also have forgotten man Johan Djourou, who is a great prospect once fully fit and with a run of games ‘under his belt’

  6. Just going back to an earlier theme, Chester City have been served with a winding up order by Rev and Customs. They are getting busy.

    Meanwhile over at the other site, I do read their work occasionally, and I would say that it is always well written and cogent – even though I often profoundly disagree with their analysis, and their bit about having an opinion not giving one.

    But that’s what makes football rather jolly – we can have widely different points of view. However it does seem as if views are colliding at the moment.

    And that gives me a problem, because since this is Untold Arsenal, I have to find things that are not being talked about or points of view that are not being said, and if our viewpoint and theirs gradually comes together, I’ll have to go somewhere else, or change the name of the site.

    How about…

    Only occasionally told Arsenal


    Not very often told Arsenal


    Arsenal like you might have read somewhere else but maybe not.

    But I won’t change it until after the grand election, not with all your trillions of votes pouring in.

  7. Good article Tony,

    We also have Nordtveit getting good experience in the Bundesliga. Pedro Botelho is getting good experience with Celta Vigo. He’s a 6′ 1″ left back and he’s younger than Gibbs and Traore. Chucks Aneke is a STUD in the making. I’m so giddy i can barely contain myself.

  8. Good remarks Dorely. We tend to overlook them as they are a bit out of sight this season.

  9. I particularly like the case of Wellington. Have read another rave piece on him not long back. With Wenger, you never know. Although he rarely picks them from Latin America, certainly not as much as other places per say.

    As per Sol, on-field success or otherwise, he fits the bill for me. His priceless experience coupled with few subs roles here & there, is all we need. Plus he didn’t cost us a penny, did he?


  10. I love this site!

    You just got loads of nominations from yours truly, Tony. The world of Arsenal (and indeed football in general) must know about Untold Arsenal. Sir Tony is well earned. Wished they had worst team blog vote. You know who would have got my nomination/vote.

    The “other side” are jonny-come-lately on the financial issues. Their belated rantings should not be given credence till they acknowledge that they’ve been wrong to castigate Lord Wenger for shunning the sort of attitude that led to this problem. Until they issue a formal apology, I disregard their position.

    Thanks Tony for giving us a place of refuge from the “doom and gloom-ers”. You are the best.

  11. hi tony , i’m new here…read some of your articles..they’re brilliant..that arsenal2-evrton2 one was out of this world..great job!!

    i also blog on ACLF , goonertalk , arsenalfcblog

  12. I had to spread the love amongst several Arsenal blogs, but you got my vote for Best Team Writer, Tony. 🙂

  13. I just went to legrove and read today’s post….

    It’s weird because it said that Arsenal had been smart and is in a terrific situation financially while challeging for the title…albeit signing someone if course.

    Now, I just want to grab someone from there and screamed ‘that’s because, thanksfully, Wenger sees things way in the future and doesn’t read your blog’…..but of course we should buy a 25-30 mil player when we got a Russian playmaker for much much less…

    Now people start praising Wenger, it’s so way overdue and a bit weird I gotta say..

  14. Good article tony… you have just summed up the Boss’ prudence.. JET! JET! I haven’t seen him play (When you watch games on the internet there’s not much u can do) but I’ve read a lot bout him.. He plays CF, Winger, midfield and am sure i read somewhere that he has played as a fullback too.. Initially, I just couldnt get a clear picture but when i read more i was astonished that someone like him is still waiting in the reserves.. hope we can see him get a coupla first teamers this season..

  15. Great stuff Sir Tony

    Personally I think Wenger has got the biggest balls (sorry to be sexist!) of any of the current Premiership managers.


    BARAZITE- is out injured for the rest of the season- BUT THIS DUDE, WOULD BE ARSENAL’S BEST PRODUCT, IF ARSENE FOLLOWS THROUGH- first he is not a right midfielder, as he is used most time, BUT A STRIKER. very LETHAL in goal, and very similar to KAKA, the way he plays,i see him to be the player to break the record for arsenal if he stays fit.

    JET- in the absence of SONG, i’ll like to see JET, play the holding midfield role – WHY? he’s taller than song, has a better eye for goals, very effective in the air. just needs playing time to get ready.

    THEO WALCOTT- i wouldn’t call theo semi established- TOP QUALITY.

  17. suprised Tony that you let your excellent self down with saying Jay Emmanuel-Thomas does not have a number yet, seeing as he has been sub for the first team in EPL, CC, FAC and CL he has to have a squad number or he will set a new trend of no number just the name.

  18. Hi Tony, been preparing for exams here in breezy Aberdeen, so I haven’t had much time to comment. Thanks for the info the other day, it shut the fellow up good.

    On Le Grove, I saw them praising Arsenal’s financial situation on the one hand, and was about to ask them if they ran into Ananias or something, when their regular contributors began chipping in with their usual “he pays the kids too much” and “what has financial prudence won us” nonsense, and the author of the article didn’t even bother to defend his position, rather he joined in. It’s pathetic.

    I really hope one of Liverpool or Man IOU goes to the wall soon. From an aesthetic and sporting point of view, it would be sad to lose any of our best enemies, but it would prove to the world that Arsene has always had the best interests of Arsenal in mind. That instead of pissing away our future existence on some personal glory for himself, he chose to take the hard road and endure the insults and the jeers.

    Arsenal FC is bigger than Arsene Wenger, of that there can be no doubt, but the sky was bigger than Atlas, and it still needed him to hold it up.

  19. one interesting idea floated on todays article at leg@$*e was that rather than going to the wall, utd and pool would just assume a mid table position and that the ‘top four’ would likely include the spuds and the ‘arabs’. even with their financial problems, i tend to agree that neither will slip out of the league, just down it.

    i think it will be a long time before we see a premier league club go bust. the likliest is portsmouth, but as long as the pl hold off till the end of the season it wont be their problem any more.

    the three signings are excellent. most clubs get new players at most twice a year, we have them coming through arsenes pez dispenser at all times of the year. this is why the transfer windows are so important to everyone else. its almost always now or never for them.

  20. Now that our Sir Tony has lead the financial story over the past 2 years now suddenly other bloggers are following in his footsteps.
    We must give credit to the one and only Sir Tony, who has let us see the ligth long before others even realised it was dark.
    Let me take my non existing hat of four you Tony.
    The day MIOU and the pool really go with their back against the wall you could open yourself a bottle of champaign and drink it with your partner. Just remember you don’t drink… just open a bottle of diet coke 😉

  21. Hi this is the first time i am writing in, just wanted to let you know your blog has become my favorite, i use to read le grove and that left foot rubbish blog but they are so negative it became like reading the papers, keep it positive mate because you don’t get no where in life being negative. this blog and youngguns are the best. keep up the good work. Peace out.

  22. to me personally as a Arsenal fun the answer to our problem is to buy a Gervinho he is so talented and even better than drogba,

  23. Tony,

    You have my vote for everything! I just want more! I want more categories! I want more everything! This site has the true spirit of Arsenal. It speaks the truth, it compels, it breaks things down, it is funny, it is ironic, it is clever, it is supportive, and its bloggers are the best! My only request for the new year is let’s talk more about tactical approaches of us (Arsenal) vs. them opposition. I want to know about every minutia. For example, what is our game plan or strategy before every game. Break down the strengths and weaknesses of each opponent. Why does Wenger buy a player like Sagna immediately and was an instant gem? How does Ferguson, Mourinho, Benetiz approach each game and how do we combat their thinking? Let this site know what we are up against before we play the opponent!

  24. Gud job Tony! One tin i beliv is that fubol is about passion n aethetism. All this wenger has provided us wit unbeatable financial base. As for me, not concern bout trophy. Just want to watch Arsenal playing beautifully. Wenger deserve an award on fabregas and song. I love Jet

  25. CS1 – if you are speaking about A Cultured Left Foot, I wouldn’t call that rubbish or negative. I personally find it one of the bright spots in the Arsenal world. Besides which they gave a terrific review for MAKING THE ARSENAL. There’s a link to it on http://www.woolwicharsenal.co.uk

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