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July 2021

Another Arsenal put down: why do journalists hate us so much?

By Tony Attwood

The journalists don’t exactly say that we are a lower form of life, but there is constantly something within the way in which they describe fans that suggests that we are, as a group, of low intelligence, limited attention span, and lacking in any ability to understand, discuss, debate, consider…

We are […]

Football’s big problem: cash flow, transfers, collapse of sponsors, piracy, everything…

by Tony Attwood

I just got a post on my phone titled Big Topic Discussion: “What an ideal transfer windows for Arsenal will look like?” It’s not too hard to translate it into grammatical English however, so we can get the rough idea of what they wanted to talk about.

This statement came from AFC […]

The media should be “held accountable for the way they harass and vilify people”.

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Our videos explore some of these issues in depth – do take a look


by Tony Attwood

A petition signed by over three-quarters of a million people which calls for curbs on the British media has been handed into the government. And while the motivation behind the petition […]

The problems at Arsenal: Trying to resolve the cause and effect

Untold Videos

Our videos explore some of these issues in depth – do take a look


By Tony Attwood

In the modern blogging world, exploring the issue of cause and effect is sometimes known as moaning – and “moaning” of course is a pejorative word. No one likes a moaner.

So what […]

Deluded Arsenal fans shamelessly exploited by misleading publisher

By Tony Attwood

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There seems to be no end of ways in which websites, newspapers and broadcasters can mislead – but seizing hold of comments by two or three supporters which are simply untrue, and then republishing them as if […]

Arguing with Zombies: how football fans allow the media to control the debate

by Tony Attwood

“Arguing with Zombies” is a book by Paul Krugman in which he points out that many aspects of contemporary debates within the worlds of politics and economics are just based on fallacies.

I thought of this because two events in my world coincided. I heard […]

Why football journalists should learn from their political colleagues and start asking questions

by Tony Attwood

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It is rare for journalists to be banned by football clubs.

It has happened in a few cases in the old days when local newspapers held sway in provincial towns, and could often have sports sections that […]

The games football fans play in an attempt to put their point across

The latest video: A radical new direction for Arsenal


The Athletic, the troll, the errors, the comments: the story so far

by Tony Attwood

I’ve been critical of The Athletic for the way it has presented itself as being “The New Home of Football Writing”. “New home” seems to imply a centrality and superiority, […]

Why you won’t read or hear the real Arsenal news in the media today

Untold Updates videos

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The transfer fiasco: an Untold exclusive

Transfers for the big spenders are not working, so why does the media want more of them? Arsenal could win the league, if only the club would listen to its critics Why […]

How “The Athletic” touches on issues without realising what they are

by Tony Attwood

It is interesting to see The Athletic in a current article taking an interest in AFTV, and recognising (perhaps a little late in the day) that not everyone who claims to be an Arsenal supporter actually likes AFTV. But I do find it a little frustrating that articles like this are presented […]

Transfers for the big spenders are not working, so why does the media want more of them?

Untold Updates and solving the mobile problem:

We’re back with our videos: do take a peek at Untold GoonerNews

Football corruption and scandals. Why is it all so under reported? Part 1 Football corruption and scandals. A few stories that did get reported. Part 2 Football corruption and scandals. How we tipped off […]

AFTV get out of our club. Where did it all go so right?

By Tony Attwood

So how did it all go so right? Arsenal Fans TV and its camp follower Piers Morgan have been making fun of Arsenal, its players and its loyal Arsenal supporters for years.

Outrageously proclaiming on its web site that “AFTV is the No.1 Fan Channel on YouTube” it was set up […]

Does booing Arsenal really improve Arsenal’s performances? An investigation.

By Tony Attwood

“How useful is it to boo your own team?” is an article that appeared in the Guardian newspaper a few weeks after I started writing more specifically than in the past about the subject.

Of course that doesn’t mean that they have picked up the idea from Untold […]

Why the media’s unified view of Arsenal is so utterly dangerous

by Tony Attwood

Prelude: If this article looks to be in a strange format, my apologies. We are trying to get rid of a bug in the system to ensure that Untold looks ok on all devices, and for the moment there appear to be problems throughout the site.

I live in a country in […]

The 14 men tipped to be Arsenal’s next manager (although hopefully not all at once).

By Adam Up


Untold Gooner News video: A lesson in how to silence the critics


The Daily Mirror has done an update of the list of men said to be “in the running” for the job of Arsenal coach, and what do you know. Although the list is remarkably similar to the […]

What the donkeys are saying in the aftermath of a magnificent second half

by Tony Attwood

Latest news:

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Untold Gooner News


An Arsenal win is of course the last thing the journalists and bloggers wanted since their whole narrative is that Arsenal are appalling, every […]

And so now we know what their victory looks like

By Tony Attwood

And so now we know. Just as our ancestors allowed the Hill-Wood family and their allies to force out Henry Norris – the man with the vision of a club owned by its members, and with the best manager in the land – so our generation has allowed that combination of journalists […]

The Thomson Sport #GetMeToBrazil World Cup Draw Live Blog

The 2014 FIFA World Cup draw takes place this Friday in Brazil but you can follow all the action with our Thomson Sport #GetMeToBrazil Live Blog, bringing you all the news, updates and samba dancing you can handle in one afternoon.

The live draw will start at 4pm (UK Time) but you can join us […]

Purple Army triumphant in the Trophy!

Untold Non-League: Daventry Town FC 3-2 Ramsgate FC

Attendance 215 (including Untold’s intrepid reporter!)

Communication Park, home of DTFC

Once again no ‘proper’ football only pointless internationals (and them not at weekends) meant that I decided to look around to see what was on offer at my local football grounds. I hit […]

Capital One Cup Live Blog: Arsenal v Chelsea

Round 4 of the Capital One Cup kicks off tonight with Arsenal hosting Chelsea at The Emirates in the pick of the evening’s matches.

Having beaten West Brom in Round 3 through penalties, Arsene Wenger will be aiming to put one over on old foe Jose Mourinho, who he is facing for the first […]

Guernsey v Dover Athletic (played at Lancing)

Guernsey 2 Dover Athletic 3

Why do we go to watch games of other clubs? Why travel 250 miles in a day to watch a game where the crowd is just a few hundred?

Why, when two of us are Arsenal season ticket holders, and the third comes along to Arsenal when work and other […]

Manna for conspiracy theorists



“Making the Arsenal” – the book of Arsenal’s decline and rebirth Untold Arsenal on Twitter @UntoldArsenal




By Don McMahon

I recently and most regrettably came upon an article in the FootballTalk website entitled; ¨ Arsène Wenger Is Disrespectful To The Fans ¨ basing […]

The players are rubbish, the web site is down. Misplaced Misery.

Misplaced Misery

by Don McMahon

Just how profound and deeply ingrained is the pessimism, negativism and miserable affiliation to the dark side of the Arsenal( and total disregard for the facts) some gunners seem to thrive on? After recent excellent displays and cohesive team efforts, the net was brimming over with praise for RVP and […]

Err, is it possible? Could the Swiss Ramble have got it wrong?

By Tony Attwood

In case you don’t know the blog, The Swiss Ramble is a King among blogs. Blogger of the year, praised by the media, written by a British guy who has lived overseas for many years, everyone loves it and admires the erudition and research to be found therein.

So, first rule of […]

Which blogs are the top blogs, and why so many are Arsenal

Untold Arsenal on Twitter @UntoldArsenal

by Tony Attwood

Wikio publish regular reports on the top football blogs, based on readership, comments, validity of comments (ie are they “Hey I’m first” or are they something slightly more serious?), Tweets, regularity of postings, and the like.

Untold Arsenal is currently joggling around in 12th […]