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August 2021

Robin Van Persie, gone in 60 seconds*

By Critic

So it happened again. The guy who single footedly led arsenal to third place(with valuable contributions from his teammates), the guy who became the new face of Arsenal FC, it’s new found spirit and wore the cursed armband of captain has all but said he intends to leave arsenal FC as soon as possible.

Most of the gooners saw it coming. I didn’t. I desperately wanted to believe that this time it will be different. After long period of dark nights, dawn was finally upon us. I bet most of the gooners even saw faint light in the form of established signings like Mertesacker, Podolski, Giroo and arteta. It turns out that faint light wasn’t the sun but a candle held by a zombie which scared the hell out of gooners upon closer inspection**.

One can make a movie out of the events which happened before the saddening declaration by RVP. Ivan, Arsene and RVP held talks earlier in the summer. Then Arsene came out in open stating how he believed RVP should repay the faith shown by the club in him by ending his career at arsenal. RVP camp sensed that they might not be able to move before playing another year at arsenal. Chances that RVP will get injured in the next season are kind of 50-50. Same can be said about chances that he can keep such level of performance in the next season. If he gets injured his stock might go down dramatically. It’s obvious that they want to cash in while they can. Get that one last bumper contract before retiring or playing your trade in lesser leagues. Strictly from an employee point of view, I kind of agree with him and I think most of you would also. I mean who would refuse to double their pay check. Each one of us has families. So does RVP.

The manner in which he leaves is debatable. One half of mine is happy that he came forth straight and declared his true intentions. No dilly-dallying, no flirting with different clubs and then deciding whether he should leave or stay and where he should go if not staying. He might already know it but what I mean is thank god it didn’t drag all summer. As it was the case with cesc nasri and adebayor. The other half is really pissed. By clearly stating he doesn’t agree with club’s philosophy he has pretty much said he wants to leave NOW. That really handicaps arsenal’s position to bargain. Other clubs will know that this is an unsettled player and might use cheap bids to unsettle him further. Only a club war for RVP might, might recover his true value for arsenal. But ask yourself this which club really needs RVP at the moment and can pay his true value of around £25m? Real Madrid? They already have Higuain, Benzema and Ronaldo. Barceloan might do with an extra striker but are utterly broke. In fact spain banks are in grave debt. Who’s gonna lend crazy money to Barca and Real for a player that they really don’t need. Don’t forget he won’t be signing for peanuts. Mancity have Auguero, Balotelli, Tavez, Dzeko and Adebayor. Juventus might be a good option but who would want to play in Italy in his prime, at present (No disrespect). Same is the case for france and PSG. I would be really surprised if RVP leaves for them. Only remaining club that can pay handsomely as they are in dire need of proven goal scorer (I am being completely emotionless while I type it but I think RVP statement has already killed most of the emotions that gooners had) is Chelsea FC. That would solve his problem of relocating his family. He could stay with his family in London. I can imagine fans reaction to it, strengthening your local rivals and all that. But in return Arsenal will be rewarded handsomely and can use that money to strengthen ourselves (or balance the book which is also necessary). At this point I admit I would love to swap RVP for torres, but chances of that happening are very slim. Anyway, that thought is for another day. Concluding this paragraph could RVP had done something to satisfy my both sides? He could have stayed and become a modern day legend at arsenal.(by modern day I mean for current generation)


Where does all this leaves arsenal? Thinking logically, chances of him having another season like this with arsenal are higher but still I am not gonna bet my house on it. He might get injured in the pre season and could be out for the rest of the season. Depreciating his own value in the process. That’s the main reason he is looking to get out while his stocks are still at the premium. That’s why people thinking – it would be wise to keep him for another year, are way wide of the mark. He won’t stay. Implication of him leaving from squad point of view or tactical point of view won’t be dire, as I believe arsenal have moved on early and have replaced him adequately. At least on paper. BUT he was the heart and soul of arsenal FC last season. He was the only known world class player through which arsenal could have sold themselves to new fans/won over hearts of many existing ones. He brought never die attitude and a rejuvenated fighting spirit to the team. To be quite honest I think he was the last remaining member of Arsene’s fabregase project. Other established players looking at arsenal right now might think, hang on a second this club isn’t serious about winning anything/there are just too many transitions here. I should leave as soon as possible. And sadly this cycle might go on.


But putting on my red tinted glasses with arsenal badge blocking my vision, this could work in arsenal favor. You have to look no further than 2007-08 batch. Henry left, hues and cries all around, we are doomed and BAM! We were title contenders for good part of the campaign and finished just 4 points below champions (because….you know it already). Ramsey could be this term’s fabregase. I would have said wilshere but he had an absolute nightmare of injury. He might share responsibility from January onwards (If we survive mayans prediction). Giroo could play adebayor’s role and podolski will be german emperor marshalling the troops and striking fear in opposition half. He even has that troll smile which he could flash towards RVP after winning the title or two. My point being due to lack of a focal point everyone will be raising their game. If arsene can convince (which he will, always does) his established (song,arteta,mert,verm,kozz,sagna,,,,) players in the project, in his vision of winning the title when majority thinks arsenal is just a selling club, fighting against majority view, fighting for each other, fighting against all the prediction (even mayans’) then I think Arsenal can achieve anything. Sure the morale will be down at the moment, but if we fans during pre season (looking towards Africa, china, malaysia and hong-kong)  can show that we really believe in arsenal (come up with positive banners and chants) then it can lift the team up to higher echelons. Never underestimate the power of belief. It’s infectious and it’s the only thing that we can do right now.

We shouldn’t act like RVP and BELIEVE.

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*It took me 1 minute to realize the full situation regarding what just happened hence the title.

**May be it is the zombie of some superhero and is trying to help us in his afterlife.


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83 comments to Robin Van Persie, gone in 60 seconds*

  • Legolas

    Fuck RVP in Arsene we trust he made RVP and he will make another stars our future is bright i am glad he will leave now better than last minute we can now strengthen the team and build up but still we can’t cope with Fucking Bastards like Chel$ki & man $hitty but i still believe ( Money will never buy Class) COYG

  • angel

    wow..ur really in a dream…


    I was as surprised as you Tony ,I thought if someone would show loyalty it would have been Robin especially after all of his injury problems and Wengers belief in him.I was also upset with his imflamatry statement on his website,obviously the blame must go on his advisors as well as himself.Which brings me to that awful parasite Darren Dein who has been bleeding the club dry since his money grabbing Dad got unceremoniously dumped from the Arsenal.I don’t know if this is connected but it seems more than a coincidence.At the same time because of this news other websites start to call for a return for David Dein.It seems that everytime Darren cockroach Dein takes a player away from the club his dads stock rises and calls start for Usmanov to become
    more involved.Coincidence or not ?

  • Manny Deftereos

    If you want loyalty….get a dog! We shouldn’t forget that last year was the ONLY year out of 8 yrs where rvp was on the pitch more often than off it. The pressure will be on rvp to sustain that form….and chances are he won’t. So…as much as I am disappointed that he is leaving,the reality is that rvp’s star will diminish rather than shine after he leaves the mighty gunners! COYG

  • Matt Gunn

    Go now!

  • ito

    The pattern will be continue year after year unless the club change their policies…ermmmm.

  • Aussie Jack

    Once he dithered about signing a new contract he was gone for my money. He was captain and the morale of the team is mainly his first responsibilty, he let them down and he let the club down. Much will depend on Arsenal`s attitude to him leaving, they can sulk and feel sorry for themselves or they can throw off the shakles and get into the market place with renewed confidence and determination. Which is it to be?

  • Asif

    Well…it does anger us Mr Persie when you say that you do not agree with the way the club should move forward…i guess you understand that you are a player and when you had arrived here it was not because you had agreed with the vision of the club but for your love of it! If it is your dream to win trophies…you could have done it here too…you know it more than anyone else that you have the team which was capable of doing it and it needed you more than anyone else! However, make use of your last opportunity to make money…isn’t it the untold/unsaid inbetween the lines message.

    But I think for once…rather than taking the sane route of encashing on the player, the club should hold on to him till the end of his contract. I think too many players have taken too many selfish decisions…this was the only season in which he played throughout and now he wants to win trophies! How much has he toiled…wouldn’t we have won those one’s in which we finished close second? No matter what…I think it throws in another challenge at Wenger and I think no one more than him would like to turn this tide! Winning trophies has now become a joke…I don’t think I would rejoice when we win our next as I think we have lost too much just for this…all the best RvP but you will not missed/like the others you to have proven to be a human…fallible and mean!

  • Lanz

    I was just wondering, the timing of his statement and some of the wordings, do they not suggest that he does not want to meet AW? I thought he had a good relationship with AW??? Wenger seems to be very very loyal to his players and I am afraid this may change very soon.

  • nicky

    To be honest, I hoped that this situation would emerge but declined from saying so for fear of an outpouring of abuse.
    In my opinion, we have seen the best of Van Persie. In 8 years we have had only good one season from him and as the team gets stronger with new blood, I’m afraid he would get left behind.
    No-one can deny his heroics last term, but these must be looked at in the context of recovering from two major departures, plus the late signings as replacements.
    I have to say that, regardless of Van Persie’s intentions, in my view it would have been best for Arsenal if little attempt had been made to retain Van Persie for a final
    contract. His decision has cleared the issue and we should now take swift advantage of the easy way forward.

    contract. His descision

  • Gerry Lennon

    Like yourself, I am more than a little surpried at his decision. It is done, so what now? Fan’s reaction will largely depend on where he moves to, as I cannot see him not being sold. PSG is a possibility. It is a commute from London/nice place to relocate to? Man City would be the worst option for us, as it continues a trend. Apart from the swap deal with Torres, Chelsea equally bad. Tottingam would be laughable if he were going for trophies .. LOL.. EXCEPT! ‘Arry is no longer in charge?? Man Utd is as surprise contender, unless red-nose is putting Rooney on the market? I would love a swap deal and just little bit of cash with their young Euro star …but it won’t happen.
    The club, I feel will take the first offer of £25m, no matter who makes the offer. It’s business. Unless RVP has a destination in mind?
    For the rest of us, we have to move on quickly. Unlike last season, we do have some back up in place. However, the first decision to be made is who will be our Captain?
    I will nominate Arteta. Not been here long, but his experience and ability shows him to be someone they would respect in the dressing room?
    A wild outsider would be SZCZ. No seriously. He is a strong personality, and a real gooner. His confidence could do with a shot in the arm with all the talk of alternative keepers coming in. Not only that, he is likely to play all the senior matches, unless he has a complete meltdown. This responsibilty could be the making of him? It is a thought anyway?
    Who might come in to replace our former(as he surely will be?)Number 10? Well I don’t do those, publically at least, but it opens up more possibilities with the type of player you want to see with Giroud and Podolksi?
    Shame, as RVP could have played the role and still been our main man … Deep sigh!

  • elkieno

    Don’t care as long as he leaves England!
    Next up to take his place who know’s, I just wonder if our two new strikers can hit the ground running sorry sprinting? Do we need to buy a good forward with experience from EPL to get us off the mark at a good pace? or will we have to hope on Theo and co?
    That is my concern now, not that leaving Dutchman.

  • Shard


    Robin’s statement was designed to prevent the club holding on to him for another season. We could, but he would become a target of ire from the fans. That’s harming the club. However, I think we should sell only at the right price. If city don’t match our valuation, let him be in the reserves, or play well enough to befit the shirt. He’ll have to play well enough if he wants a new contract with mega money anywhere. Robin now needs to move, more than we need to sell. So hold City to ransom, and if the deal breaks down, tough look Robin.

    I agree with Aussie Jack. This is not the time for feeling sorry for ourselves. I don’t think the club is actually. They’ll have known and been prepared for Robin not signing before now. Robin’s self serving statement was meant to increase teh pressure on us to sell. But it’s also put the pressure on him to need a new club. Hold out for the right price. And in the meantime, plan for life without him. Strengthen the team in areas that need strengthening. Of course, that depends on how much money we have available. SO I guess our job is still the same. Sell the ‘deadwood’. Robin just added his name to that list.

  • nakew

    Legolas @ July 5, 2012 at 7:50 am

    “he made RVP and he will make another stars our future is bright”
    IMHO, It seems Arsene can make stars, I agree. Then he sells them that take the club back to square one. He should be able to keep them to win trophies, new fans, and more money as a result becoming BIG CLUB IN THE WORLD (On and off the pitch).

  • GunneRay

    RVP should go if he wants to win and earn big money. Arsenal don’t pay big and don’t win big!

  • WalterBroeckx

    Sell him to the highest bidder. I hope it will be Anzhi Makhachkala. Or Shangai Shenhua where he can play together with Drogba.

  • Len

    The club is always bigger than any single player. Arsenal will get over this. Though i daresay i was gutted by RVP’s very self serving statement. So he now thinks Arsenal have no ambition after standing by him through all his fruitless injury plagued seasons, instead of offloading him? And he deigns to ascend that lofty pedestal of management, and criticise the Arsenal style of managing the club? Then off with him!

  • WalterBroeckx

    Maybe he was getting afraid of that mean looking striker Podolski. Podolski is younger, less injured (till now of course…) and he can also score a few goals and certainly when gets the service he will get at Arsenal.

    Maybe he was affraid of that good looking Giroud (this is what all the ladies tell me – I’m not the expert – even though I seem to dream of men phoning me at night…) Giroud is better looking than Van Persie so he would not be as popular anymore.

    Maybe he thought his playing days at Arsenal were over now with the arrival of those two.

    You know players always want the club to buy better players but NEVER FOR THEIR POSITION!!!

    I think he just got scared…. Robin…

  • nakew

    Why people put emphasis on RVP’s injury as if he was injured while robbing a bank or something.

  • P

    We all knew it was coming (deep down), and how?, because that’s the way of the world. We would probably of all done the same is someone offered enough to make current salary tex free. Good luck to him.
    Having said that, I would prefer if he went abroad. Barca, Real. PSG. Not City. His dad said he wouldn’t play for another English club, so let’s hope they keep their word. I think he’ll end up at Barcelona with Cesc.
    With regards to the business model, we need to do our own thing, though it would be nice to ave someone who dips into their locket every now and then, it is notJ essential. We should be able to invest kore into the club even with the current model. I’m not sure where all the cash is going, as the stadium repYments are fixed.
    We need a defensive midfielder and a versatile defender, and another keeper, if we could get a proper winger that would cover all bases and give us the variation we need to mount a proper title challenge. If Van P goes we’ll also need another striker.
    I think we can do something this year.
    Gunner 4 Life

  • stan

    I don’t really know what to say. I am a kinda happy and sad. Be it as it may, if only that Arsene Wenger and the board can only reinvest the money in signing class players, then let RVP go. I am even tired of all these years without trophy. Makes me sick. Too many excuses. Wenger am loosing it. Is Arsenal FC just for the sake of business? Can’t U trey for once and please the fans that pay huge sums to watch the game? Let someone convey this message to Wenger.

  • nicky

    @Gerry Lennon,
    Amazed by your omission for Captain, of our Vice Captain, T.Vermaelen Esq.
    With the arrival of Podolski and Giroud, young virile strikers, I would have had my doubts as to whether Van Persie would have fitted in. No prob now, thank goodness.

  • @Aussie Jack
    “Which is it to be?”
    The latter, for sure.

    “…the club should hold on to him till the end of his contract.”
    I can’t agree. And he (possibly) goes on a FREE? A dangerous, and unnecessary, game to play. Also, to hold on to a player at the club/in the team who everybody knows doesn’t want to be here would have a detrimental effect all round. And to who’s benefit? Nobody’s. And it’s just dragging out the inevitable. You’re obviously disappointed aand unhappy like so many others; I sympathise, but not empathise, with you buddy. In my opinion it’s a good time for him to move on, and Arsenal can benefit from the money (if reinvested wisely of course).
    We’ve been buying and selling players since 1886, and will continue to do so. The (football) world keeps on turning…

  • dan

    People dont get emotional, RvP was going to leave sooner or later. Wenger knew this and as always plays the down card looking at the purchases states the the club were willing to sell RvP whilst his stock is high, yes he did us proud and yes he was the face of Arsenal last season but he is 29 now and most of his prime has been plagued by injury.

    Arsenal will do well from this.

  • Sav from Australia

    LMAO @ Walter(8.57am)

  • WalterBroeckx

    come to think of it Sav from Australia…yeah it was brilliant 😉

  • critic

    Do the unthinkable. Loan him.

  • WalterBroeckx

    to… Bolton???
    Well the chance is he could win something by going there LOL

  • Damn, and Damn again.
    Whilst composing my blog:
    @nicky 8.45am… you said it all for me!
    @Shard 8.46am you said it all for me too!!
    I wish I hadn’t bothered.

    Your phone number is…?

  • WalterBroeckx

    Big Al,
    00 &锑(§è!çà)- 😉

  • DSP

    If the club continues to make the same mistakes, history will always repeat itself. Yes its good seeing new attacking signings coming in but is that the department which really needs the investment??? What good is attackers when the midfield lacks the vison, the defense concedes almost 50 goals per season and a bench full of unwanted players by the manager??? If the clubs CEO doesn’t understand this, then what choice do you have as a player?! The only thing you can say is “sorry boss but whilst Ivan’s calling the shots arsenal won’t win trophies – im off”

  • Stuart

    The fact that RVP, Cesc, Nasri, Clichy etc never won a trophy is only really down to them. How else do they expect to win a trophy if they don’t win it themselves?

  • God bless you RVP and all the best wherever you go,yet another season when are best player and captain leaves, but this time he dared to give a reason an opinion just like the media and so called fans on this site and now he”s the Villain. So move to Shitty pick up your Trophies and appropriate wage and realize your ambition. Life goes on and those of us that have renewed at great cost will once again take our seats and roar our team on and never boo, surport the manager and take whatever comes our way, because we are Fans, but that does”nt have to mean we agree with everything that goes on. Please don”t be offended as this is only an opinion.

  • Asif

    @Shard, @Big Al – thanks for putting things in perspective! My statement was my first reaction to this news and now when I have regained my senses I think it will be wise to sell him but I agree with Shard’s view that yes sell we will but at our terms.

    However, if the price is not right then we should not, even if it results in an awkward relationship between the player and the club or the player and the fans. I can very well see that he will be booed by Arsenal supporters if he steps out on the pitch in an Arsenal jersey but as a professional we would expect him to perform to the best of his abilities…

    However folks, the bigger question is how do we stem this rot? How can we prevent a Theo from doing a RvP come end of season next year? We need to find a good fix for this.

    @Walter – is there anything that you can think of that we can do at Untold! We can maybe send an email to the club or the manager once we have formulated our suggestions…just a thought.

  • colario

    What ever the rights and wrongs of RVP leaving at least he and or Arsenal have brought an end to the saga of will he/ won’t he. Full marks there.

    Unfortunately the endlessly speculative nothing blogs will continue to flow with endless claims and facts based on, on rumours.

    Can’t wait for the transfer season to close.

    Another difference between this time last year and now is that this year Arsene doesn’t have to wait to know which cup Arsenal will be playing for. As its the champions league he has unlimited choice of players. (With the exception of players wanting russian or Arab Euros of course.)

    Those who critised last year’s Arsene’s last minute buying revealed how ignorant they are about all things football.

  • Mahdain

    i agree with Shard on what van persie’s intentions were with that statement.. the club must have told him they wont be selling him even if he didnt renew and hence he decided to through all his pram to force a move same way that other backstabbing brat Fabregas did by going on a strike.. He has really put us in an unhealthy position on negotiation front as now clubs will know he wants to leave and hence throw in low bids.. an unclassy exit strategy by Robin and you know what the worst thing is? we cant even force him to see out his contract cause he can use the Webster rulling and buy out his contract and leave today if he wants and tbh after that statement yesterday i wouldnt put it past him

  • DarthWenger

    Anyone else feel we should bench him or make him play in the reserves?
    I know it does not make much economic sense (especially if we are offered 20m+) but it will make an example any future contract rebels and may help in stop this rot season after season.

  • bob

    “From an employee standpoint”, you say? You know, to compare RvP to almost any worker outside of hedge funds is an insult to working people. That’s pure mantra; not an analysis. There is a massive difference in a world where footballer salaries at the level of 10K per week/per season are already light years beyond most people on earth’s (let alone Blighty’s) wildest dreams – even in a lifetime. And you say to readers as if all workers are the same: ‘oh c’mon now, who wouldn’t want to double their salary?’ Whatever else you might have argued, you lost me and my breakfast right there.

  • Redcore

    The only option now is to get used to this phenomenon of our best players (especially those whose agent is called Dein)being cherry picked by teams with cash.

    It is not easy for a man to resist the lure of mountains of cash and I do not expect footballers to be immune to it. RVP will probably leave and maybe even win trophies like $amir and Cesc but I don’t think he will ever be the lifeblood of a team like he was here at Arsenal. Sad thing is that people really don’t attach that much value to being the lifeblood of a team as at the end of the day it is only a job..

  • bob

    Would you turn down AFC’s worst salary?

  • bob

    On the barbarous Darren “The Lesser” Dein:
    He’s also Alex Song’s agent, to my understanding. Is he also Jack Wilshere’s agent? (I ask because I inferred that from one of your comments, here or in the previous article.)

  • Mahdain

    oh look who decided to strike while the iron is hot.. The supposed saviour of Arsenal seriously do people really think this man loves our club?

  • bob

    Doing business with Darren the Lesser is a massive exercise in inviting betrayal. Repeatedly doing what harms us in the expectation of a different outcome is clinical insanity. Or, willful masochism. Or it’s being done by design. Now, if it’s not the latter, then it’s high time that AFC ceases all further business with this man who has declared economic warfare on us. His predatory uber-agent bent gives a very bad name to opportunism. As for RvP, you will be dumped by this man at your next round of glass ankles. You’ve made your bed with an arch betrayer who will do to you what you have done to Arsene Wenger/AFC/many fans who mistakenly believed your how I really care act. Oh, and thanks for granting permission in your so-called letter to fans to have their own opinions on your decision. I do: for how you were stood by on a rape charge; and repeatedly taken back to health for your all your glass ankles – all on full salary, mind you – you have violated trust. That, you will learn, is priceless. Your man, Dein the Lesser, will likewise violate yours. It’s inevitable. You’ve made your own bed and will surely reap that bitter harvest.

  • bob

    With RvP go his allure as our “talisman”: This means: the brand gets devalued; this means other players of skill and stature who want to come here to play under him will not be attracted; this means the loss of a successful captaincy and the hit to team chemistry that it inflicts; do I need to go on? Are you so convinced that it’s such a straight forward good thing that RvP leave? It’s more than a technical football on the pitch matter, imo. Oh, and how do you see his 37 goals being made up from the current group?

  • Mandy Dodd

    Can only agree with a lot of points in this article.
    The more I think about this situation, the more I realise how much he has let his club down, we all know about loyalty in football, but just think of the ways in which the club has stood by him.
    In a reasoned debate – one could be entitled to question the clubs ambition to win trophies, tactics, youth policy and all that, but that statement was a clear stab at the board, and despite RVPS praise, the manager as well. We have just revamped the coaching set up, and signed 2 international forwards before July, he cannot use the lack of ambition tactic. I believe the club have got a few things wrong in recent years, maybe with the best intentions, but they seem to be putting things right.
    But essentially,RVP has allowed himself to be the pawn in a Dein revenge mission. Again, you could argue the club werenot the smartest in the way they treated Dein, especially with Kronke taking over in time, but is it not time for his son to let it go? Or is he acting for someone else…as well as himself.
    If it were up to me, I would thank RVP for his services, announcea new Captain in the next day or two and ship RVP out asap. Whether he is right or wrong about the clubs ambition, he has shown a distinct lack of class unbecoming in an Arsenal captain. If Theo stays,and I hopehe does, we should back him, if he does not want to, get him out in the most unceremonious way imaginable.
    Time to rebuild the club well away from greedy agents…agents with agendas. Time to move away from the youth policy as a wholesale club blue print – it was an admirable attempt, and we still have Jack and Ox,but it has not worked,no point in developing youngsters who just move on as they reach their peak.Let someone else develop our players, so we bring them in as they peak – wecan afford to now.

  • WalterBroeckx

    if I would be praying man I would be praying to all the gods in heaven and to all the possible things one can pray to that this would not be the case. (Dein being Jack his agent I mean….)

    But if he would be then….

  • Mandy Dodd

    And now we start to find out what is really going on….as we did not know already. Prepare for a long, bitter and maybe costly battle, as the AAAs champion rides valiantly to save the club

  • critic

    What you r saying is basically even if you double the infinity it would still remain infinity. But infinity for you is different than infinity for say millionaires. Same is the case of RVP. At the end of the day he has to plan for the future as he won’t be playing all his life.

    Can you put all your earnings and savings into arsenal? Jeopardizing future of your children and hopes of your family? If you can then you have a fair point but still it’s not possible for most of the people. RVP is no different.

  • critic

    Another point that comes out of the comment section is that Darren dein is pure evil. He is bleeding the club dry. Look i am all for identifying bad omens and villains working to harm arsenal but eventually it’s players who hire agents based on their reputation and not the other way round.

    It’s clear who agitates for a move or a fatter salary package by hiring such agents. I don’t like to make scapegoats out of people.

    It’s quite self explanatory that Arsenal just can’t compete with fake money. I have come to respect that and from the bottom of my heart don’t want them to follow sugar daddy approach. Self-sustaining while remaining competitive is the identity and class that separates arsenal from the rest.

  • Stevie E

    Are you seriously suggesting that by agreeing a 3 year deal with Arsenal worth (est.) £25,280,000 (over TWENTY FIVE MILLION POUNDS), RVP would be jeopardising the future of his children and hopes of his family??? Behave yourself.

  • critic

    What’s wrong with earning 40 million then?

  • bob

    By any objective measure, Darren the Lesser has been making a meal of AFC. You can spin it any way you want, but RvP is NOT in the same category of having life chances as most of the UK, Europe and the rest of humanity. Your attempt to turn that into we all have the same problem, so there’s no basis to ask that RvP not hesitate at a 250K per week offer is based on your position in the social world and what you’re willing to gloss over or not. On this matter we part company.

  • Adam

    Can someone show me a link or evidence that Dein is RVPs agent? Just need to see it with my own eyes.

  • critic

    Look man i am only thinking from RVP’s point of view. He believes arsenal can’t win anything. He won’t be payed at the level of what some top players are earning elsewhere. What’s the point in staying at arsenal and not giving your full?

    In my view everyone’s doing what they feel right. RVP hiring Dein, declaring his disinterest in arsenal, making his stand clear everything was done according to what they deemed right. Arsenal don’t pay 250k coz they think that’s the right way forward. If RVP or others don’t agree with it so be it. Goodbye and thanks for the memories. But you won’t be called a legend here. Legends sacrifice their interests for people around them and they are few and far between.

    Everybody has different point of views and what we can do is respect them and try to understand them. If you can’t then don’t expect others to respect/understand your views.

  • bob

    As we can well appreciate, people can understand someone’s viewpoint all to well, and for that very reason not respect them. Your turning RvP’s earning power into an Everyman’s situation is naughty. I understand his pov all too well, and think I understand your defense of it (wherever else you differ from him). And where I might understand and respect other points you have made, I understand and do not respect this one. Given how AFC have treated (literally and figuratively) RvP over 8 seasons, his alliance with Dein the Lesser and their other sub-agents (note Adam, there’s a set of advisors) has cashed in his talismanic status at AFC for the talisman of filthy lucre. In making that choice, he has rubbished his legacy. I fully agree with Arseblog’s excellent article today: he has forfeited his standing as a Gooner. That too is purchased with his 250k/per week pay daze.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Bob agree.
    RVP is only a (former) Gunner, never a Gooner. Not any more.

  • Adam

    @Bob are you talking about the SEM group or sports entertainment group or key sports management Ltd what exactly are you saying that dein is owner of all these agencies?

  • Stevie E

    Morally it’s a fucking disgrace that anyone can earn £40million for kicking a ball about, or even £25million for that matter. sadly though, that’s the shite state of the world in which we live. However, it’s not that I object to in this case, it’s your insinuation that the difference in earning £25million & £40million will be jeopardising the future of his children and hopes of his family. It’s a ridiculous statement mate.

  • dede102

    I dont think i will miss RVP as i miss Cesc, so let him go…

  • nicky

    Apart from his (never to be repeated) heroics of last term,
    Van Persie was never rated as a true striker, being far too left-sided. Think of the number of misses he made, trying to get the ball on to his left foot.
    As soon as the excited signing of Podolski and Giroud was announced, I immediately wondered how Van Persie would gel with these two strikers and began to feel that his days were already numbered at Arsenal.
    We now have the opportunity to spend a bit, strengthen the side still further and prepare for a much better season than for many years.

  • El Gringo

    Who the heck is Farhad Moshiri, where does he come from, and what does he have to do with Arsenal?

  • El Gringo

    Any chance that Dein the Lesser is in cahoots with Usamoveand Moshiri in a deliberate effort to destabilize Arsenal for a takeover? Any chance that the PGMOL are in cahoots with the rest for the same purpose? And how about the EPL by allowing Man City to publicly identify the players they want to poach, and the media by then running their transfer gossip?

    Call me crazy, but I think RVP is a silly little pawn being manipulated by forces of which he has no conception who use his greed and vainglory to their own ends. The coincidence of his statement one day and Usimov’s the next makes me wonder if all the various snake-heads that the Untellers have identified (refshite, mediashite, transfershite, tapupshite) are all connected to the same Red and White Hydra for the sole purpose of devouring the Arsenal.

  • Mandy Dodd

    I do not think we will miss rvp like cesc either, almost as if we only really got to know him last season, he was some player though.
    Now, the aaa are up in arms, the board are being branded asset strippers, wenger weak and over trusting, and poor old Ivan is being slated for taking a summer break with his family, if in fact than is what he is actually doing.
    I am uneasy about kronke , not because he is a bad guy or untrustworthy, I am just unsure how american business models can really translate to our game, the jury is still out as far as I am concerned.But having said that, not worth letting usmanovs letter send fans overboard. The club are spending money, 25m so far this summer. Older experienced players have been bought in to supplement youngsters, arteta anyone? Wenger is not just going out and bringing in young, unproven prospects, if reports of his waryness over mvila are true. The coaching set up has been revamped, bould will soon have the defence drilled to unrecognisable perfection. I read rvps words, and they just sound like bs to me, he seems to be living in the past when some of his critique would have been more valid. But he has damaged the club, hit his managers reputation, and made life very difficult for wenger and Ivan who will really be up against it when things are not going as they might.
    I can understand the frustration of fans and players, things have not gone as hoped, even promised after the stadium move. the club do seem too cautious at times, wengers loyalty may at times have been misplaced to the cost of the team. And nobody can say project youth was an unqualified success, especially as most of the best of the fledglings have now flown the nest. But things seem to have been , in my view at least changing for the better. That’s why I feel so let down by vp. I hope nobody loses sight of the point of this, this is about a player who has been tapped by at least one Manc club moving for money as well as the perception of a greater chance of trophies. This is about a player who made a statement to ensure our club did not hold him to the duration of a contract signed by his own hand.This is not about some people’s hero making a statement in protest over a badly run club in crisis, because we are not perfect, but we are certainly not in crisis, we will get over this as we have before. Vp said he will always be a Gooner. Really! hope Mancini or Saf are aware of that when he signs, if he really means it

  • bjtgooner


    I fully agree – that RVP’s statement has damaged the club and was designed to do so.

    It is strange that the sour Russian and his sidekick have jumped on the bandwagon to try and undermine Wenger & the board further. Do they not realise the club has invested well so far this window and those investments on top of a very good squad brings us very close to a championship outfit. Does the Russian’s takeover ambition cloud his thinking?

  • critic

    @stevie E

    Mate that will open a whole new debate – money is the root of all evil vs lack of money is the root of all evil. I don’t think we both have that much time to indulge on something so trivial. No not the debate, i am talking about RVP here.

    I agree with @bob. He’s not arsenal player anymore*(if indeed he has decided to leave). He won’t be an arsenal player if he comes to emirates in future wearing an opposition jersey. Why should we concern ourselves with someone who isn’t worth it? Why should we abuse and in doing so pay attention to such players? He’s gone. That’s it. Done. Over.

    I am not gonna leave arsenal even if they play conference football. Why the fcuk such a small entity, considering the 125 years of history of our club, leaving will make me stop believing in arsenal. This is the main point for which i wrote this article.

    I want every one of you to ignore him. He has his own point of view we have ours. I just wanted to show both of them. Instead of focusing on one player we should focus our energy on supporting arsenal even more vociferously.

    *wanted to make that point and many others in the article but it was already 1200 words long and gooners were having emotional outbursts. Doubted any one would have read a 1600+ words article in an emotionally charged state. If you go through the article again you will realize every paragraph can be turned into a 1000+ word article. In fact we can write a book on this whole saga. Already 4 articles has been published by untold community and many more will come.

  • critic

    and please you can’t convince me Darren Dein is evil or something. Every player knows his reputation and hires him for exactly that purpose.

    If any one talks logic in this regard i am eager to listen.

  • Travis

    Agree with critic about ignoring him. I will save my energy to support the rest of the team. They need us more than ever.

  • Sun10

    I loved RVP like every other fan during his tenure at Arsenal and still love him. I admire the way he has conducted himself throughout. Even in his decision to leave Arsenal, his concern for the club and fans is evident when he came out and clearly stated his position. It gives the club ample time to think and act.
    Ofcourse it pains me to see him leave the club. But I wont blame him. I won’t cry out calling him disloyal. Calling him disloyal itself is disloyalty from fans towards a player who was the only source of light during the times of doom and gloom that is last season(even if its just one season). Even in the limited time he was on the pitch in previous seasons, he has always performed.
    He was a true Talisman and Captain for us. He is as much Gunner as Fabregas is or (dare i say) Henry is (Except that Henry had a able team by his side to win trophies). They all left when we needed them the most. BUT this club will survive. We will always be there amongst the top teams thanks to our greatest Manager of all time Monsieur Wenger.

    The serious question this has posted is not on the technical or tactical ability of this club on the pitch (nor its about how much RVP wanted to get paid), but off it.
    It is now a question of, whether we would ever be able to hold on to our top players?
    Even if we create another RVP and Henry in Podolski and Giroud, will they stay? What example are we setting to our young upcoming players?
    What will happen to the image of the club among new fans, new markets? Who is the new face of the club?

    More importantly, When the club’s ambition and the club captain’s ambition doesn’t match, what does it indicate?
    Is the club not serious enough to compete for trophies?

    When this RVP new contract situation was getting dragged, I felt this would show the true ambitions of this club. And it has now come to light for all to see.

    Inferences that can be drawn from this situation (though we already know it, it just underlines it):
    1)We have strict budget to operate, we will not jeopardize the financial stability for anyone. It will be the situation (hopefully only) until the club pays off its stadium debts.
    2)We have long term targets to be successful and any short term success would be a bonus/miracle.
    3)We have minimum targets to aim for and the board and admins will be happy as long as they are achieved. (Or Expect no drastic action from the board as long as Arsenal continue to finish top-four)
    4)Pin all your hopes in just one man – The Manager. Any one else may leave, (Captain, players, Directors, Assistant Manager 😉 )
    5)Expect the ticket prices to go up this year and every year until….

  • Mandy Dodd

    Certainly does make you wonder bjt. Do not think Darren dein is the font of all evil critic, just a fathers son on a revenge mission with way too much influence in the affairs of our club……at best….or alternatively, he is working to someone else’s agenda.

  • Edda

    Forget Cashley, Ade, Clichy, Nasri, and Fabregas! THIS is the worst ever way a player can leave a club, how does HE dare criticise the Arsenal Way of running a football club ??? This is the ONLY way u can run a club if u dont have a rich owner using his own money and playing FM in the real world. (This will ruin football!!!). I am not at all worried to see RVP leave, but I AM really worried that he is ruining the reputation of the club i love before he leave. I would rather GIVE him away for free instead of seeing him in red and white again! A swap deal for Torres, YES PLEASE !!!

  • moses

    This transfer saga will soon pass,RVP will move on,new season will start, other perhaps better player will step up to take over the talismanic role he has once played. Fans, manager,press and AAA fans will sing the praise of this ‘new’ hero to high heaven. Whether arsenal finished with trophy or trophy-less again,the roving predator owl eye of MANshiteh and the likes stared hungrily down from above, waiting patiently to pluck yet another beautiful fruit we have nurtured with pain. The story become repetitive again.Fans will be left in despair and seeking for answers to our incessant travails without a satisfactory one,only to be told again not to despair.I cry for my beloved arsenal.

  • Pad Gooner

    Why should we always think on the financial side and take a decision. Why not retain this guy for a year and win the league with a most formidable attack or at least give your best shot. Should we lose 20Mn transfer Money for that I would do if it could give me a best possible line-up.

  • Pad Gooner

    I believe there is no harm in retaining services of in-form RVP. Is that completely necessary to sell and cash in when a player wants to move. Even if ManC or for that matter any PL team give 20Mn, Why should you strengthen your rival by selling your best player.

  • bob

    You have just made these 2 statements regarding van persie:

    Statement 1: “They all left when we needed them the most.
    Statement 2: “Calling him disloyal itself is disloyalty from fans towards a player who was the only source of light during the times of doom and gloom that is last season(even if its just one season).

    Please explain how they fit together.

  • Woolwich Peripatetic

    Controversial is it may seem, the Invincibles weren’t that special, the standard of refereeing with Philip Don in charge was much more important to our success on the pitch. I find it highly interesting that we managed to win very little with Keith Hackett in charge and absolutely bugger all with Mike Riley in charge.

    If you think I’m joking, Mr Don was in charge of PGMOB for our recent period of success, he was replaced shortly before the end of the 2004 season by Mr Hackett, which coincided with the appointment of a certain Mr Riley to referee a high profile match at Old Trafford, the kind of appointment that would ordinarily have gone to Graham Poll…

  • Stroller

    Your suggestion that we retain RVP might just have been possible if he had handled the situation differently. But by his open criticism and the fall-out it has generated, his continued presence would be poisonous. What he said about the club is also implied criticism of his teammates (I don’t think you’re good enough to help me win trophies) could hardly be good for team harmony. Saying he would see out his final year is merely saying he has to honour his contract, nothing more.

  • Ian Jenkinson

    I wonder how many of the people (in general, not just commenting on this article) who are moaning about RVP leaving were the one’s that complained about his “glass ankles” a few seasons ago? There are people out there going crazy because he is leaving despite them wanting him sold 2/3 season’s ago. Can’t have it both ways i’m afraid.

    I didn’t want RVP to go, but he is going. My only disappointment is that he decided to dirty his bib by having a go at the clubs policy. It was uncalled for and was a tactic he used to deflect any blame from him as to why he wanted to leave. He could have been a club legend to some degree if he had gone quietly but, sadly he has soured my fondness for him.

    Onwards and upwards chaps……….

  • Wooby

    @El Gringo, I think you maybe onto something.


  • Wooby

    …sorry, hit the wrong key…

    I wonder if the past two or three seasons have been abt David Dein’s revenge on the Board. You start with having his son influence players to leave…I still do not fully understand why Cesc felt compelled to go from captain here to a supporting role at Farca. And now RVP. And in short order, the letter from Usmanov (to whom David Dein had sold his shares).

    The letter from R&W smacks of school ground bullying. Since you (Stan and Ivan) will not share your toy with us because we do not share the same way of playing it, I am going to call you names. It is so sad that supporters are been used as pawns in a power struggle.

    This is the last opportunity for Usmanov to make a play for Stan/Ivan to let him in as RVP is the last of the “big names” David Dein had a hand in recruiting. The sequence of RVP releasing his letter followed by Usamanov’s letter is too “coincidental” for there not to be coordination behind the scenes.

    Thank goodness there is Wenger in between that nonsense and the players so we can actually look forward to be played.

  • Wooby

    Sorry the last sentence should read … Look forward to the football to be played.

  • Pad Gooner

    @Stroller. But by selling RVP, we are in fact paving way for his wishes. It would really become easy for anyone to move to his target club just by writing in his website. A more convincing reply would be to challenge for PL this season and then relieve RVP when his contract ends. By this you will stick to your plan and if it succeeds, you prove RVP he is wrong.

  • C4

    If I was supported through 7 years of hard times by my employers, and then produced 1 good year for them and was offered double my wages, I’d probably stay with those who were loyal to me for 7 years. I think this story about not agreeing in the way forward basically relates to spending big on players. That’s the main thing we do differently from other clubs. So if RVP is leaving because we won’t spend big, let him go. That’s basically an insult to his team mates, the same set of guys who fed him 37 goals last season to make him the hot commodity he is now. That’s just betrayal. He was well on his way to becoming a legend, but he’s undone all of that in a few short paragraphs. I look at guys like Stevie G at Liverpool, and it’s clear that he’s got his legendary status because he’s been loyal to that club through thick and thin. He could have also ran off to Real Mad or some such club, but he stuck it out, and today he’s a legend for it. had he gone to Real Mad, he’d probably have been released by now be plying his trade in the MLS, alongside Beckham. Wouldn’t be surprised to see RVP in the MLS in 4 or 5 years.