Van Persie won’t renew – what to do now?

By Phil Gregory

Having just read that our talismanic striker and captain isn’t renewing his contract, a summer that has been positive to date now looks like like a mixed bag.

There’s a few different scenarios where we might end up with this now. The most unlikely is an about-turn from Robin and him renewing this summer, so I don’t think that really needs much discussion.

Another is Robin doesn’t renew, but is retained for the upcoming season. Clearly, if we don’t get offers that match our valuation we will hold on to Robin as best we can, but it’s plausible that clubs may refuse to budge, and the situation ends in a stalemate. The chance of this occuring depends on Robin’s continued commitment to the club. If he is happy to remain for another year and give his all then this wouldn’t be a bad situation, as it would allow us to bed Giroud in for a season ready to take responsibility the following year. Realistically though, despite Robin’s undoubted respect for the club, this result seems fairly unlikely. If Robin is moving on for a perceived better chance of winning trophies in the later stages of his career, it would surprise me if he would be happy to stick around and spend another year of supposedly futilely competing at Arsenal, given his age.

For me, the most likely situation is that we’ll get an offer of Nasri-esque proportions that will make it a virtual no-brainer to sell this summer, instead of allowing him to leave on a free next. if that happens, funds will have to be invested in an additional centre forward, as relying on Giroud who is new to the side and Chamakh who has not impressed for some time now would almost certainly result in another transitional season where our main goal is seeking automatic Champions League qualification.

No doubt Arsene and the board have transfer targets in mind for this eventuality, so it will just have to be a case of waiting and seeking who we can secure to give us better options than simply relying on Giroud and Chamakh.

One man who is probably feeling mightily foolish right now will be Niklas Bendtner. I’d be fairly happy with a first choice striker of Giroud, Bendtner as second choice (added benefit of knowing the squad, system and league from the off unlike a new signing) and a third choice of Chamakh. As it is, Bendtner has talked too much rubbish in the press and his attitude to the club during his time on loan at Sunderland was enough to make me want him out regardless of if he could probably fill in nicely as a second choice.

A big name or big money signing to replace Robin is of no interest to me, by the way. Transfer fee has no relation to quality, neither does reputation. Let’s judge whoever Wenger brings in to replace Robin on their merits, rather than some preconceived notion based on some plonker in the paper’s view and what we’ve seen on youtube.



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  1. It was quite clear that RVP would not sign, hence the intial signing of Podolski & Giroud. So he has had 1 good year and he’s off.

  2. This news has really surprised me, but we must move on.

    Cecs last season was bad imo. Better to not repeat that – sell sell sell!

  3. @Phil

    I thought that RVP’s reported statement undermined Wenger, so it is hard to see how RVP intends to stay. It unfortunately looks as if Dein the Lesser is close to another payday. Further, the question has to be asked – is Dein on a mission to continually weaken Arsenal and just who is intended to benefit from his actions?

  4. “A big name or big money signing to replace Robin is of no interest to me, by the way. Transfer fee has no relation to quality”…. Could be the stupidest thing ever written. Are you Wenger’s mouthpiece?

  5. If you’re satisfied with Bendtner and Chamakh staying at the club then you are sympomatic of the attitude that has disappointed RVP.They are not good enough and we clearly need two or three more good players and we need to get rid of at least 10 relative mediocrities,

  6. Really disappointed with his statement. It is fine you can’t reach an agreement. It is fine you don’t commit to the club. The club will find see and find a proper offer. But now he made such a statement. He is just trying to push the club to accept lower offer in order for his bigger contract.. You can say the club is not ambition enough. but how can you make such a statement to hurt the club which you say you will love forever. Even Nasri has not made such kind of statement last yr. Really shame on you.

  7. …or the braver thing to do could be, as you say Phil, to keep him on for that ‘last’ season…

    ,,,and then win things!

  8. thats unfortunate but its good he made his intentions clear early so lets sell him and find an adequate replacement

  9. @stonroy. have you looked at newcastle purchases lately and you can actually disagree. BIG name and money dont mean quality (how much did we get Van persie for in the first place????). Too many ppl follow football but dont actually pay attention to what goes on in football smh

  10. We have Podolski, Giroud, Bendtner, Vela, Park, Afobe, Chamakh – surely between them we have enough, and the potential of redemption for a few of them….

  11. He’s had one decent, injury-free season and now wants to dictate the future of Arsenal? What a joke.

    Bye Bye Robin, I hope the door doesn’t injure you on your way out, although given your record it probably will.

    I hope Giroud and Podolski don’t share his injury problems and can hit the ground running in August, we’re going to need them more than ever now.

  12. We are not going to get much in the way of transfer fee for RVP, might be worthwhile to keep him for the season. Suspect Wenger knew this was coming and moved early on to have Poldi and Giroud on board at the beginning of July. Don’t see a need to rush out to sign another striker/forward to replace RVP.

    Very disappointed. Even with all the injuries, bad form etc, RVP has been my fav.

  13. Stonroy – how can we need a big name, expensive striker to replace Robin? He was, by definition, a small name, inexpensive striker when we bought him. Splashing a ton of cash by no means guarantees quality – see Andy Carroll. We need a class striker to replace him; my point is simply that class doesn’t mean expensive or big name.

    Thundertinygooner – we’re talking about second and third choices. Third choice Chamakh would hardly play anyway, and at least with Bendtner at second choice we know he can fit and score goals in the PL. We wouldn’t know that if we sold him and replaced him with a foreign import they would do the same. Chamakh is an excellent example – sometimes it simply does not happen for one reason or another

  14. I actually think it is good that he leaves. He will not perform like that next year. No way.

    When players start to talk about clubs bringing them titles rather than the opposite then they have got it all wrong and need to leave.

  15. We know investment is needed in the squad, we know that current direction of the club is not the right one. We knew signing top quality players was the only way RVP was going to stay. The two we made was a good start but the momentum has slowed down and may have stopped now. I hope it doesn’t but it could be another long hard difficult season.

  16. I have not been able to read the exact statement but I think it has been reprinted here:,-won%27t-sign-contract?cc=5901

    @Ron, I share your disappointment at RVP although I am actually ok with the statement (if the link above has reprinted it accurately). I would have been more hurt with him saying the club is “not ambition enough”. Perhaps it’s just semantics but the club does have ambition – it just wants to win in a financially sensible way. At the end of the day, such a statement is just PR anyway. What he really wants to say is either 1) I have had enough of life at Arsenal or 2) I want more money than Arsenal has ever paid anyone or … both.

  17. ,Même si tu ne dois pas prolonger Rob, tu achèves ton contrat pour quitter ARSENAL la tête haute. Surtout avec trophées, comme la saison sera la nôtre

  18. This was always going to happen. Wenger bought Giroud as his replacement.

    Podolski is Chamakh’s replacement

    Miyachi will be Arshavins replacement

    This season we should have denilson as captain as lately it seems that we eventually sell them.

    I feel no resentment for RVP. I would do the same in his position. ARSENAL ARE ONLY INTRESTED IN MAKING $$$$.
    We have two billionaire owners and they dont want to splash their cash on signings. Money gets you trophies in the premier league these days.

  19. @ Wooby, it’s on his personal website under news.

    Thanks Robin, now goodbye and good luck.

    I’ll happily drive him to another club myself.

  20. A pretty undignified way for a Club captain to behave. If you want to leave, keep quiet.

    He talks of respect, but seems to have none.

  21. It infuriates me when these players who have jumped ship say they are leaving so they can win trophies. You were all here together and all of you collectively failed to deliver a trophy for the club. No we have not won anything for a while and it is largely down to all of you. If RVP goes to Man City and wins a cup it will be a shallow achievement, it will be of no worth whatsoever. I could sign for them and win something. RVP your lack of loyalty disappoints me, I thought you were better than this.

  22. Imo, Chamakh was psyched out by the stellar RvP’s return to the lineup, and his position; he then is played out of position/subbing from the bench. Chamakh clearly lost confidence (a dream turned to dust) and never was played in the position that he briefly flourished in, which RvP took back. So now we’ve effectively lost both to RvP’s choice. As for that, well, yes at 29, I see his agents’/advisor’s unsheathed dagger: Darren Dein – aka Dein the Lesser – has now taken our last two captains — both of them willing of course, and yes, it hurts a lot.

    Hopefully there is a karmic outcome for this (these) rapacious vulture(s). In Greek mythology, Dein the Lesser would be transported posthaste to Mt. Olympus where vultures would feed on his entrails for eternity. This “modern” football makes mince meat of fandumb and, in RvP’s case, he giveth one good season out of 8 years (to the oh-so “fantastic fans”). Well, kerching to you too: How much did his repair and return to health cost AFC for one year’s spectacular return?

    This is in existential terms. Until there’s any details on the nature of their purported disagreement over the team’s future direction, this is how it looks to me. When measured against this, despite what he says in the ill-timed, albeit well-crafted pronouncement (well done Dein), RvP is leaving AFC for the extra 100K per week. Ok, is this bitter yes. But it’s honest. First bitter, then better.

  23. With all respect to RVP, Without arsenal, he would never score 37 goals. Some other striker(s) will come and fill his void. Arsenal is always more than the Robins and Cescs.

    I also see the possibility of Walcott not extending his contract, telling the same $hit.

    Irrespective of all these negatives, I definitely believe Arsenal will move on. We are on the right track so far when it comes to transfers. Just waiting for this season to start. Going by statement, I wont be surprised if Van Persie is asked to stay rather than transferred.

  24. @phill. Sorry but the game has changed so so much since we first got the RVP. We aren’t the only fish in the pond when it comes to scouting countries around the world.Those bargains do exist but we are far too big a club to be sitting here taking chances like that. In short you get what you pay for.

  25. Arseanal keep RVP for another year, sign another creative midfielder & make a proper challenge for the title, rather than limping into the top 4 on the last day. That would show ambition, rather than selling him.

  26. Part of me wants him stay the last year part of me want him to be sold (so club gets money from him). At least there would be chance to get decent amount from him (not like that earlier captain who made it clear that he only goes to 1 club and we forced to accept whatever they wanted).
    Also I’m happy that he won’t sign contract he don’t want to keep.

    So are there more players with that cnut as agent? if there is Wenger should not make them captain anymore. Oh and there will be new player that press have write can’t wait to find out who it is? Song? Wilshere? Szczesny????

  27. Please, can anyone remember what RVP said last year about Nasri leaving? He said something and I just wish to be reminded. Please, please somebody did it up.

  28. When Stapleton and Brady left the world did not come to an end and they were far more influential than RVP. The club is important players are just hired hands

  29. If wenger and the managements buy good and quality player that will help RVP to win trophies, then he will stay. If the cannot then we should allow him to go for a serious club that really need trophy.
    It is never his fault to leave. If you follow matches and football well, you will notice that we have a lot of chaffs in the squad. Send them away and bring experienced players.
    People like Diaby,Djourou, Benthner, chamakh, denilson.alminiul,squilacy, ashervin jerkinson and many more, have to be sold and bring good players.
    Look at M’villa , we are loosing him again as we loose Eden Hazard. How can we compete with Man u man city and chelsea with this squad. We can only end up third as usual. The won the premier league trophy with 18 point margin. Now they are still in the market looking for good players to buy. That is being serious with club.
    Take it or leave but its true.

  30. Good riddance! 1 decent season out of 8? Seriously he owes everything to the Gunners (sick note! Mark II). The quicker he goes the better!!!!!!

  31. 7 years injured, 1 great year.

    It’s about time some of these players starting showing the loyalty we have showed them.

    Remember when Van Persie first came to Arsenal and was always in trouble? Everyone said he wouldnt make it, but we stuck by him.

    Remember the rape case when he spent most of one pre season locked up? We stood by him.

    Show some proper loyalty ffs. He is not bigger than our club.

  32. Thanks RobL, I had trouble getting to his site earlier and relied on the Soccernet article. Just successfully got to it now – needless to say I will not be bookmarking it. 😛

  33. Why he did this? If he had any respect for the club he would have remain silent, get offer, move on, good luck. But no, he back stubbed all Arsenal fans, Wenger and the club that supported him all the time. I donno who advice him, or if all this is his agent plan, but he really blow it up with everyone in Arsenal. This made me feel like shit.

  34. Van Persie has been honest enough with his decision early on in the Transfer Window.
    We must respect that and NOT try to change his mind.
    Already there is talk about where he should end up and we must remember that both Arsenal and Van Persie must agree on this.
    In my opinion, this turn of events is a great opportunity for Arsenal to move forward with much more strength and variety in the squad.
    I feel strongly that we have seen the best of Van Persie and at 29 it would be advantageous to Club and player if he moved on for the final contract of his career.
    For the first time for many years, the signing of class players has begun early and is almost certainly not ended.
    The future looks bright indeed.

  35. he are my views on the matter.. Robin van Persie is being totally unprofessional and no matter how many times he will use the ambition excuse i wont believe it..he is being a tit, a massive massive tit.. he spent most of his 8 years spell getting paid for being injured on the sidelines and yet the club stood by him and now when he has the chance to reward our loyalty what does he do? he stabs us in the back after one good season by coming out with this statement which puts Arsenal in no negotiation position and hence drive down the price same way as the judas Cesc when he decided to go on a strike so that he can force a move.
    How anyone can blame the club and management for this is beyond me. Robin is the one who thought was bigger than the club after one good year that he thought he could tell what Arsenal can or cannot sign..that is Arsene Wenger`s job he is the MANAGER.. and he is the one that i really feel for here..
    Wenger doesnt deserve to go through this shit year after year again. He spend years nurturing these players and stick to them during their hard phases and what do they do? stab him in the back at the first chance they get

  36. @Bob, I am not so certain Chamakh’s demise had much to do with RVP’s return. He was running out of gas by the end of Nov that first season and had to be given time off to recover. In addition, call me old-school but the pic of him with Taarabt this past season after our loss to QPR spoke volumes about his concern for the club (very little).

    Let’s move on. Poldi and Giroud are here. If Theo wants to leave, we already have the Ox. We support the crest on the front of the jersey, not the name of mercenaries (and their associate parasites e.g. Dein the lesser) on the back.

  37. let him go, he waited so long to be fit without no injury so he can move to another club.. stupid idiot

  38. I fail to see how he can play any part in next season after his statement. In coming out with the words that he believes he has to move to win trophies he is implying that the rest of his colleages aren’t up to it, whilst he is.

    What sort of an atmosphere is that going to create around the place?

    If he had said he wanted new challenges or the like then maybe he could have got away with it. What are the new boys Podolski and Giroud supposed to think? Just signed up and here’s the captain virtually calling them losers as they come through the door.

  39. here is something to chew on RvP joined in May 2004. Before his 38 starts last season, he’d made 111 in 7 yrs. where was he then?

  40. If wenger is offered up as a sacrificial lamb by the board(should attendances decline), the board will only replace with another ‘yes man’.

    Keep away from the Emirates until the board resigns in full.

    Billionaires on the board, working families expected to clear the club’s debts, not sustainable.

  41. Leaving with such bad grace! Players owe a lot to Wenger and what do they give him back. Last seasons gone to your head Robin you’ll end up as another well paid player but you wont have the respect you had from us before you threw it in our face.

  42. Its good that he gave this statement a month before the season starts. If he had decided to leave a week before the 1st game, it would have been catastrophic. Anyways its pointless arguing whether he should have signed or not. I guess he already made up his mind during the last 2-3 months of the season. Arsene Wenger needs to sell him quickly as possible so that negativity doesn’t affect the side. With the money buy a good replacement and start afresh again. We need a team not a 1 man army. GOONER EVEN AFTER DEATH!!!!!

  43. Painful as it is,I actually fully agree with what RVP has said. Arsenal will find it very difficult to win trophies with the current strategy and at the same time cannot compete in the transfer market. That is the sad reality. I will illustrate the point with a few observations:
    1. It was evident that the team needed a creative mid fielder last season. The best on the market were probably Gotze; Hazard; Kagagwa, Reus. Most of these would demand around 30 million pounds.Sadly we can’t afford that and cannot compete once the big foreign funded clubs show interest.
    2. Sagna is injured and will miss the beginning of the season. He, together with Santos and Gibbs were injured at the critical part of the season last season. Well,no full backs were brought in in January and it cost us some points. There is no indication that full backs will be brought in this season. We have to put our trust in Gibbs and Jenkinson who are still learning their trade. That is a strategy that the manager and the board have signed up for. It does not give me confidence. In fact it makes me jittery. There is no guarantee that Sagna will recover and be fit before November.
    3. Wiltshire, as has been reported already, will miss the first six to ten weeks of the new season. There is absolutely no indication that there is a plan in place to plug that gap. We coped without him last season. Yes, we coped; just coped and we did not flourish. We have continued to place our faith in the recovery of Wiltshire and Diaby. I have great faith in both but they are human. We cannot blame them for the injury. I am reminded of Owen Hargreaves. I rated him highly but injuries hampered his career and eventually he had to leave Man United. The same could happen to our beloved mid field dynamos.
    4. Vermalean is being linked with Barca and if Barca really want him,I am sorry to say it, he will go.
    5. In summary I have come to the conclusion that financial fair play is arsenal’s only hope. Usmanov can come with his billions, but he will also bring instability.
    6. I respect Van Persie’s openness but I think he should have allowed the gentleman’s agreement not to speak to the press to remain in place. Coming out openly as he has done just reduces his market value.
    7. In Wenger we have a good coach. However,the times have changed and he and the board must change accordingly. Without doubt without Van Persie Arsenal would have struggled last season.Without significant investment in the team,it will be difficult to compete against the Manchester clubs and Chelsea. It will also be difficult to compete in the champions league. Man for man we are weaker than the teams that finished ahead of us last season and the teams that went beyond us in the champions league.
    8. We will continue to play the most beautiful football under Wenger. My personal view is that we have overachieved in the past few seasons and credit must go to Wenger. Financially we have overachieved and football-wise we have also over achieved. Put simply we have never had a strong enough to compete for honours.
    Good bye Van Persie. Best wishes.
    As for the rest of us,my message is we must throw away the garment of denialism covering our faces. Our beloved Arsenalis no longer big enough a club to compete with the big guys salary-wise as well as in terms of winning trophies. Maybe we should lower our expectations and pray that Wenger gets the wisdom and the resources to build another winning team.

  44. What Van Persie has done is disgusting. All he had to do was make a statement on the official site saying he doesn’t intend to renew his contract. That’s it. But what he’s done is look to blame the club about ‘ambition’, as if they don’t want to win trophies and only Robin does (I bet Dein wrote that out for him by the way) He’s also looked to a) drive down his price by out and out saying he doesn’t believe in the club, and b)ensured that it makes it hard for the club to keep him.

    Also, money not being discussed means he wasn’t really interested in signing anyway. He knows the money City have offered, and he knows Arsenal can’t match it. His ‘respect’ for the club extended as far as keeping quiet till Poldi and Giroud were in. But I see the timing of this statement as a direct affront to Wenger. I see it as a response to Wenger saying he’d stuck by him and hope he ends his career. (which was probably designed to appeal to him, but failing that, to raise his value) and Robin (or his representatives) reacted to that. They don;t want his value to rise because that’ll mean lower wages for them.

    The media will have a field day with this, but so what. Sell Van Persie, and failing that, keep him in the reserves. I don’t think Wenger will do that though. Both as an economist, and as a connoisseur of football, he will see it as a waste. So, I think we sell, but ONLY at the right price. And you know what, I’d sell at for about 15million to Juventus, even if City offered us 25m. Regardless of whether Robin wants to go or not. If not, reserves it is.

  45. why are you guys sad…let him go he is ungrateful… one good season out of eight!!!!and he thinks he is king of the world…he will flop wherever he goes

  46. I’m a shamed about how our captain has acted today. The situation is unbearable; if arsenal sells him, arsenal looks poor after held ransom by a player and by keeping him we probably would have a poisonous guy on our team. How could he represent a team that he doesn’t believe in?! I hope that we would put him to reserves and bench him there for the remaining season. That would be the best option in my mind. As for a replacement, I hope for Luuk de Jong.

  47. Please, please, no regrets, moaning or complaints. If the truth be known, his decision to leave will turn out to be a blessing in disguise for all loyal Gooners.
    In my view his heroics last season were a one off after 8 injury-cursed years of support by the Club and we have clearly seen the best of him.
    Looking forward, our signings have almost certainly not ended and next term will see us stronger than for many a season. I look to Vermaelen as a true Captain to lead us in a successful campaign.

  48. In the same spirit of his client’s statement and departure, the closing door should signal a lifetime ban to Dein the Lesser from the Emirates. Whoooooops: !! HOWEVER, he’s also the agent for Alex Song. Vigilance, people!!

    If ManShitty successfully refused to cave in to Tevez’s demands for a trade last season, should we not consider doing the same? It would give us something of value on the pitch from RvP; for he’d HAVE to play well enough to show his next-contract-suitors that he’s still got game. For real: wouldn’t keeping him against his will then have an upside?

  49. This is something that all of us has to look it carefully.
    1-)it is silly to demonize Van Persie as it was not a God for all Arsenal fans.He was an idol last season and much is written about him than the whole squad.A player of his caliber when is stating that his ambitious differ vastly to what the club intends,this is not an easy.I can interpret it easily as the crop that we have are use less.For the Wright or wrong reason the number of fans that have this opinion it should not be under estimated and can create a revolt as is touching the sentiments of many.Denilson has said that for the record.However every one laughed at him as he didn`t show anything absolutely nothing and rather than to laugh or at best we take it as joke .To me when a player like Van persie when says that thing about ambition it has different weight.
    Sure one could say is just making to get a big pay.But i dont think it will end there.
    Disgruntled fans will have basis to demand more from the club.
    Wenger and the club i believe the outcome of this knew it long time ago and i can only praise them for moving quickly and acoording to our budget made some addition early.Will it be enough to silence the doubters ?Are there anyway any strikers that can hit the ground on the go availabe better than we already have ?
    I don`t think so .
    Heard like everyone different player linked with arsenal but in fairness specially in the past EURO games i got a bit of chance to see them and the names like of
    Mvilla how is better than Song or for that matter even Frimpong ?And for what money ?
    To me there are to many silly people out there.

  50. I kept checking for blogs/Articles from sports writers about Arsenal three weeks after the season ended with hope that I could read where Arsenal was praised for finishing higher than the did the previous season. So surreal to imagine Arsenal without Cesc, Nasir or Wilshere finishing a point and a position better. Damn, all those experts on TV. All those doom blogs and articles I read.

    Unfortunate for these doom sayers, we signed two strikers early and guess what? I am waiting for them to write Poldoski and Giroud off.

    On the other hand I don’t feel bad RVP is leaving. I wish him all the best. After all he was part of the squad that played 7 years for Arsenal without winning a trophy. If he had scored 30 goals every season for the last 7 years, I am sure we would have won something.

    So who is next? Makes me respect Bale for his loyalty towards Spurs…….

  51. Here we go again.

    Why is the question? Every season we lose a big player, it cant be the money every time!!!

  52. @ RobL,
    Vermaelen has been Vice Captain since Van Persie was appointed Captain.

  53. @ Nicky, I know but Bac stepped up at the lowest point and singlehandedly turned it around – that’s the mark of a true leader.

  54. Lets be honest. This is an absolute disaster for Arsenal.

    I respect all the commenters who have said this could turn out to be a blessing or pointed out that RVP’s had 8 injury prone years. I understand where you are coming from. I hope and pray that you are right.

    But when a team loses a world class striker it is not a good thing. When that same player is the team captain and he sites “direction of the team” as the reason, well that’s just demoralizing to the rest of the lockerroom and the whole organization. When it’s the second captain and second world class player to leave in 2 years, then there is just no way anyone can claim this is not an absolute disaster.

    At least with Fabragas we could convince ourselves he was home sick.

    I don’t know how I’m going to break this to my 6 year old. He wears his van Persie kit nearly every day. I’m just gutted over this. Completely gutted.

  55. Here is something else to chew on. in his first 4 seasons at the club rvp made 84 starts and scored 43 goals. bendtner in his first 4 seasons scored 45 goals in 79 starts. he is only a year older now than when rvp joined the club.

    rvp can go fuck himself as far as i am concerned. one good season dont make u a legend just ask nasri.

  56. Make no mistake, that statement means he does not want to hang around, sad though it is. I am gutted at this, but I guess not surprised – this happens every year. Maybe one year, we will keep one of them. But we will have to start winning things to do so.
    But do not sell to city for anything less than a stupid amount – if someone is trying to destroy / bully you, do not help them out, make no mistake that is what they are doing – as we will make them look stupid over FFp when they grovel to Platini and Co.
    Several things really strike me on this statement, not least of which the complete disrespect of Ivan G. Seems like he is blaming the board, not wenger. No wonder the AAA/ Spud Sleepers and media love us, we are the gift that keeps on giving. Is this just a cheap Dein family revenge inspired shot at a football club administrator – or a genuine call from a man who loves the club to change direction? I do not know – but I suspect many have made their mind up. Ivan G will forever have to face questions on this statement…rightly or wrongly….
    My own personal take ….and I have changed my mind I admit…his head had been turned, he wants out, but our new signings have outflanked his lack of ambition tactic – so has hit out, after wenger implied he would be kept at all costs.
    Again, apologies for a change of heart and mind – but my view – sell sell sell, but not to city (ok easier said than done)…unless we know something they do not….but build the team, show ambition, put everything into winning something. That statement is not one of an Arsenal captain, give TV/ Sagna a call tomorrow on this front. I will always respect RVP for last season, but he did not need to do this, although I do not doubt he loves the club. If theo is playing similar games, sell, we cannot afford a repeat of last summer – and so far, the signs are good.
    The fact is, we cannot keep elite players without trophies, like it or not
    Cannot imagine how gutting this must be for Wenger, the revisionists and I told you so brigade will be out in force. But we have faced worse and come through it. RVP will be now seen as a hero to some, a sort of peoples anti arsenal/kronke/gazides… capitalist if you will….so be it.

  57. to my mind we made a decent player a legend after the one good season. i think the players we have brought in as well as the ones we have will step up. chances were made by the bucket load last year as every year. The only player to put them away was van persie this year. we have players to step up easily. I for one am not to worried. If we offer the the arm band to anyone it should come with a team performance bonus and a long extension to contract so as to have a skipper who wants it and stays for years

  58. we cannot keep elite players without trophies,

    Sorry, but I disagree. Elit players are suppose to bring the clubs trophies, not the other way round. And why do ‘elite’ players gravitate towards the richer clubs in the first place? Their talk of trophies is a lie. They play for money. Sure, other factors contribute, but they are in it for the money.

    I like the system of trades in US sports, where you never buy the player, only the existing contract. And one that can only be renewed after it has run out. But then, there, even making a statement about an opposition player’s contract situation leads to a hefty fine for the manager, or team owner. Never going to happen in football. The entire industry thrives on this sort of nonsense.

  59. i agree with Shard.. who are the ones representing Arsenal on the pitch? oh yes the players so instead of them moaning about our ambition why dont they take a hard look at themselves first?

  60. @RobL,
    If TV5 is overlooked, Barca’s move for him may appear to be more attractive.
    In any event, he is a bit more of a dominant character than Sagna(who would make an ideal Vice Captain, incidentally).

  61. and another thing van persie lied about the bit of Gazids being on a vacation.. Mark Gonella tweeted that Gazids is Not on holiday

  62. @ Nicky, good arguement – I’ll go with you on that one.

    Incidently a front line of Podolski, Giroud and Bendtner down the middle would give most defences a hard time….

  63. Thinking about I dont think this will be problem. Thank You RvP you did us proud.

  64. @dan excuse me for a moment while i puke. thank you? for what? the way he stabbed us in the back after we stood by him through all those injuries? or for the way the club made him the player he is so that he could eff off and get a bigger paycheck? if Van persie is indeed then the only thing i could say to him is good riddance and dont let the door hit you on your way out

  65. Van Persie disrespected everyone he thought he was trying to show respect to by posting these comments.
    Good riddance.

  66. I think the never to be a gooner-captain didn’t think of the warning sign he got at the euro 2012.

    It is just at Arsenal and because of Wenger that he was able to shine like he did last season.

    I hope he will be as useless and as harmless as he was at the euro 2012 for the Netherlands in whatever team he will be playing for next season.

  67. It is now of paramount importance that the club checks never to sign anyone who is represented by Darren Dein. Not ever again should we trust any player who joins the Dein stable.

    Arsenal should as a matter of urgency begin to look for a replacement for Song. Darren will seek to distabilise him next.

  68. @ Walter, couldn’t have put it better myself. Hope he ends up at Barca playing on the wing…

  69. Oh well one thing is for sure now: we will have a new captain next season. Wat jij, Thomas? (Now you Thomas?).

    Maybe Vermaelen was anticipating this when he said he wanted to stay at Arsenal for the rest of his career? I think making him captain will make him determined to stay for the rest of his career. And after all he was the captain of Ajax when he played there. And the captain of the Belgium national team before he got his season long injury.

    Mmmm, I’ve got a personal signed T-shirt from our new captain lying in my bedroom. Signed when we had a meeting last summer.

  70. Agree LRV,
    Arsenal should refuse to talk with a player when his manager is Darren Dein. They should write a stipulation in every player his contract that when they chose to be represented by that person they will see their wages cut in two. Nah

  71. Absolutely gutted. And unlike Cesc and Nasri, this is a much bigger blow.. As DocBrody rightly said, it does not reflect well on our club when our captain and World class striker says that the reason for leaving is ‘direction of the club’. Also it is apparent from Robin’s site that Arsenal and Robin knew before Euros that he will not commit. So why was all that media ban and comments about him likely staying at Arsenal by our chairman.
    Anyways, we should now sell him to the highest bidder (be it Barca but please not to Shitty) and then re-invest that money as Giroud is not the ideal replacement as he’ll need bedding time and we cannot waste our season again. And re-invest RVP’s transfer amount in players like Falcao or Cavani (it has to be like for like), not some unproven teenage sensation in lower leagues. Arsenal need to show guts and make a massive statement of intent to the fans and other clubs that we are highly ambitious and start winning trophies(4th place won’t do), & for that we need a marquee signing to show our intent. Also we still need to replace Cesc and need RB cover for Sagna as Jenks is too inexperienced. And as RVp showed, sell players like Diaby before they dump us, no point now in showing patience with underperformers and injury-prone players. Rant Over. Up Arsenal.

  72. Darren Dein – Wish we can blackmail our players, to not take dain as agent(give them loyality bonus). Ban him from our Club and contact with anyone in team :@.
    Plus Ivan Gazidis the guy sold everyone after he got that hot soft chair. He is like Vending machine, drop a coin, get player.

  73. Mandy: Aren’t we getting it spectacularly wrong by thinking that the so called “Elite” players cannot be kept without trophies? Why were they brought in? What were they paid to do on the field of play? If they fail to deliver a trophy for one team, what assurance do we have that they will deliver wherever they go? So, elite or no elite, they are not worth keeping if they cannot inspire other players on the field of play. So bye the “elite” player who cannot emulate Denis B.

    Looking at you Theo: If you want to go, go now. Don’t wait. I sure will like to see how good you are within another team.

  74. once again Gazids gets blame when not even deserved. God knows why he is such an easy target i guess we have AST to thank for that

  75. I don’t beleive the ambition stuff he’s spitting out. Would he sign for Dortmund or Montpellier? He’s going to sign for whoever offers the highest wages.

  76. I’ve been an RVP fan, but good riddance. Maybe I’m just upset since I thought he was different, hell I bought 2 of his jerseys (one was the old yellow). He’s been here 8 years, and in the last 6 years, he’s only started more than 20 PL games twice (last year and 08/09).

    I hope remains professional and plays his best for us this year unless we get a ridiculous offer for me.

    But Arsenal have showed him loyalty and if he doesn’t want to do the same then don’t let the door hit you on the way out/ stay on the bench until we get a decent offer. Arsenal is not going to keep players that’s don’t want to be here anymore.

    Our striker line is more than adequate with Podolski, Girourd, Walcott, and Gervinho starting. Ox can come up just fine on the wings as well.

    Our team is coming around nicely with/without RVP. Silverware will be here sooner rather than later in the right way.

  77. Is it a coincidence that Darren lures each of the players to his camp and they leave Arsenal within a year or two? Can we not see that he is systematically working his way through the whole team? Clichy, Nasri, Cesc, Van Persie and one or two before them?

    By the way, to all those who are saying that these players left to go win something. Didn’t they all play together at Arsenal? If they were so high and mighty, why couldn’t they win something together? So please Don’t let anyone bullshit me that ‘they left to go win something’. They all left for money.

    And to those who keep shouting “spend some f..cking money”; Unless we make it a condition of their contracts to stay well away from Darren Dein, we will not enjoy any one of them.

    Does anyone seriously think that Van Persie will delibrately lie? Gazidis is NOT on holiday. So why lie?

  78. Those who wrote that statement for Van Persie grossly underestimate a lot of the Arsenal fans. We are not all as thick as they think. Van Persie did not write that statement. Of that I am sure.

    And to those who wish to blame the club, go right ahead. After all that’s what your darling Dein family wants.

  79. If we can get 25 Mil for him then I’d say take it providing we can get a quality replacement in. On the other hand, if we don’t get any big offers, he would be of more value to us in team as his shop window for future employers. Who knows, we may even go unbeaten in all compettitions (that’d be nice) and he might ask for a new contract.

  80. I will not yet credit RVP as a liar over Gazidis. I suspect that Gazidis probably is (or has been) away somewhere but as the Gonella tweet implies this doesn’t mean he can’t be contacted or return at the drop of a hat if required.

    This just another bit of nastiness in the statement because it leads people to think of Gazidis blissfully lying on a beach soemwhere while Rome burns.

  81. As was done in the traditional way to those who poach on people’s dreams, Dein the Lesser should be symbolically tarred and feathered (note: this means symbolically; just so everyone is clear) at the Highbury clock end. His uber-agentry is that of a monstrous predator; and there should be no excuses made for his willful destabilizing our team. We Are His Meal.

    Dein’s behavior embodies: Greed is Good and It’s not personal, just business. He is conscience-free; pure appetite; heartless. He relishes the deal, no matter the consequence to others. Just as Arsene is the champion of FFP, this man is the Avatar of Anti-FFP. We fans should neither excuse nor bow to this wrecking ball; to this strategic and rampant bankrupting of our deep and genuine emotional investment; to this possible ROUND TWO (in Arsene’s recent words) attempt to do what they couldn’t last season – pre-emptively destroy us as a competitor.

    Imo, last summer’s AA media behavior will again take wing and slime forth from the sewers. It should called out as it emerges and placed under total scrutiny. It will take our Vigilance to check and rollback this potential blame-game.

    Remember Arsene so recently saying that there are forces devoted to “destroying” Arsenal’s prospect? What was he then saying to us? As I read it, I felt this was heartbreak speaking; and a signal that ours was soon to come. If I were a betting man, I’d wager that the Next to stab us in the back will be either Theo (who is also out of contract and no doubt lurking to see what RvP did) or/and Dein The Lesser’s remaining client – Alex Song. I know this is alarmist, but there’s a malevolent logic to it.

    What couldn’t be done to us last summer/fall may well be afoot, yet again. We need clarity adn unity now, more than ever. Dein/van Persie’s perfidy will be blamed on Arsene, across the pit bull media; and we mustn’t swallow their toxic brew this time. I stand so delighted to be made wrong about this fear; but time will shortly tell.

  82. The RVP statement was written with the purpose of undermining Wenger and Gazidis. While Dein the Lesser may have been the author, RVP was very foolish to make that statement, he has let himself become a willing accomplice to part of a campaign designed to remove Wenger and Gazidis for reasons so far undeclared.

    I am gutted about this and angry that the overpaid agent who cost us such grief last summer has struck again. I note RVP did not complain about lack of ambition in his statement – how could he when a superb squad was being put together – the reason for leaving would appear to be his ego blown sky high after one good season and a silver tongued agent promising an el dorado.

  83. Let’s not make this bigger than it is. AFC has been here before and we have all survived this.

    Robin has every right to negotiate for his interests, And so does Arsenal. We should offer him to Watford or something!!!

  84. There are already early signs of the media coming out with their continuing commentary about lack of trophies, lack of ambition, lack of quality signings being behind the RVP decision. The club and Wenger will take all of the blame for losing our one superstar and how we will struggle next season. Like Fabregas and Nasri, Van Persie will largely be absolved from any blame because after 8 years it is surely right for him to look elsewhere for success. Arsenal will be marked out as a club that cannot compete and get far rougher treatment than say Liverpool who have fallen much further than us.

    Few if any will take a balanced view because an Arsenal ‘crisis’ is always the best story in town. It’s tough to take, but have to take it we will.

  85. Extracts from the Guardian assessent:

    “Robin van Persie ran out of patience – Arsenal fans know how he feels” (i.e fans understand him of course and blame the club)

    “Robin van Persie cannot be deemed a mercenary after all those seasons in north London.” (no mention of the injured seasons his time in court, he’s been soooo loyal)

    “Van Persie would, in particular, have been tortured as much as tantalised when neither he nor Dennis Bergkamp were released from the bench in the 2006 Champions League final, where Arsenal were defeated 2-1 after taking the lead. (A Wenger tactical blunder when we only had ten men and he’s been harbouring a grudge all those years)

  86. Stroller,
    right. That coverage would make Kevin McCarra the Guardian football department’s first out of the gate on this story. Surely David Hytner and Messrs. Williams and Wilson are soon to be heard from. The four horsemen of that nasty department’s Anti-Arsenal Apocalayptics.

  87. ^ that would be Apolcalyptics (as with AFC cast as a fast-sinking ship with the french plot-loser at the helm)

  88. I love the way RVP is being painted as martyr with patience of a saint through those 8 years. AFC really should have got their act together and stop injuring him in order to limit his appearances.

  89. @Sammy

    Sorry to disagree on this – I normally agree with your comments. But this is already big and will be a mega story for the AAA part of the media. Also, the way RVP’s statement was worded was intended to be damaging.

    Further, from reports, RVP had not negotiated his interests but rather had only discussed the future direction of the club – strange.

    But I do agree on one point – AFC will get past this and AW will rebuild the team – despite people like Dein the Lesser.

  90. To Robin van Persie:
    Do you really want this mendacious letter, released under your name, to favor and inform we fans, to be your final Arsenal legacy? It will: unless you take a long look in the mirror and have a real think.

  91. Let’s all take a deep breath, calm down and look at this entire trend logically and with as little emotion as possible:

    1)RVP clearly is entering the latter stages of his career,therefore he wants two things, in order of importance to him; the chance to win silverware AND the chance to put aside a gigantic nest-egg for his and his family’s future.There is no issue about loyalty or respect here…it is simply good personal and professional business.
    2)Wenger is astute enough to know that a disenchanted, press-ganged captain (or not)in his dressingroom this coming season could disrupt the harmony that existed and still exists among his players.He is smart enough to have careful thoughts about this.
    3)RVP’s transfer value is relatively high at the moment but if he has a less than stellar 2012-13 season(can he put together another season like his last one?)his value would diminish significantly. Wenger knows he’ll lose RVP on a free either in January or next summer so AFC and Wenger will try and cash in now. It is simple economics; let the auction begin and sell to the highest bidder or take the chance that he’ll go on a free or maybe he will change his mind and resign.
    4)Whether his agent was Dein or Joe Blow,they are ALL narcissistic, self-interested businessmen/women looking to get the most cash out of their clients in the short or long term. AFC are looking to play a cat and mouse game with Dein and RVP. Their statements about making him play our his contract are all window-dressing. What they really want is to have as many big spenders take the bait and start a bidding war.
    5)I believe that RVP will definitely never wear the Arsenal jersey again and that the Club will auction him off to the highest bidder and MAYBE use the money to increase key players’ salaries, while bringing in a few more Podolski-Giroud like reinforcements. I actually look forward to this possibility more than RVP staying and pouting all season.

    There is another issue here. Many bloggers are whining about us being a selling club and losing our top players to the moneybags clubs, that we have no ambition other than a CL and top 4 spot, as if we had a choice in the matter. Cesc,RVP,Nasri,Clichy,Cole, Adebayor et al. were adults, capable of deciding if they wanted to remain at AFC or seek greener pastures elsewhere. This happens in business ALL the time. Rivals recruit the best people from their competitors and if the incumbent firm refuses to pay what the employee is asking, we all agree that they should seek the best deal for themselves…so that is now the modus operandi for Football clubs. Those that can afford to keep their top players,do so, those that cannot end up selling, sometimes against their wishes, BUT, they are well prepared for this eventuality unlike the sad whiners populating Arsenal websites moaning about loyalty and whatever. Get over it…get on with cheering on our club…we got 3rd last year despite losing 3 big players and we’ll do even better this season, I predict.

  92. Let me hope that Wenger still plans to slot someone where he has left a hole. I was of the view that we look at trying a new system. 3.6.1. six mid-fielders to totally subdue teams. RVP was going to play an attacking role behind the striker in my squad. Now that he want to leave…Maybe Podolski can slot into that role and we get someone to play in the left wing who is consistent. Antoine Griezmann would be my man. sell Walcott too.

    Griezmann, Podolski, Wilshere, Gervinho
    Kosienly Vermaleen, Sagna

    This will be total domination in the middle of the park. it give Chamakh and Park. it can give our young players room to grow…

  93. Perhaps IG will literally put RVP in the new Armoury shop window.

    At least they can use all the spare letter V’s for our £10m Ivorian. Think he’ll be with us for some while !

  94. Ah Robin, so very disappointed in your decision.. after so many years of Arsenal standing by you through your many injury plagued seasons and you wish to leave after repaying us with but one full season.

    If you’d stayed for the rest of your career and helped Arsenal win a title or a few cups over the next few seasons you could have become an Arsenal legend like Bergkamp, instead you are both throwing that respect and admiration away and weakening the club just as it was building up strong enough squad to legitimately challenge for the title.

    Yes you can get more money at other clubs and yes you might be more likely to win the league next season if you move to a club like Madrid (in a 2 horse race), but you will never get what you could have had here and you may well come to regret this decision in later life.

    I won’t wish you ill as you have always been somewhat of a (frustratingly mostly injured) favorite player of mine, but I do believe that Arsenal should have you see out the last season of your contract and who knows, if you help us win something this season then maybe you would change your mind.

  95. Dom,
    The fact is that very many people are sick and tired of the tired business is everything logic that so rules the roost. Try to get used to that.

  96. Stuart,
    Cheers, I appreciate it, and will consider writing there. I feel like I don’t even want to give him that much consideration and energy. If you’d be willing to share what you wrote there, I’d be an appreciative reader.

  97. MK,
    Tell us more about Griezmann and his pluses. Something resembling light at the other side of this tunnel would be most welcome.

  98. Good luck to the young man. I would try my luck at a swap deal with Real Mad Jose for Benzema or Higuain. Pit RVP against Cesc this coming season. Will probably end up at Man city. Will be hard for his kids learning to speak another langauge if they do move to Manchester.

  99. NOT the kind of news I want to read when turning on my computer in the morning. I feel gutted. I was convinced he would renew his contract, but alas.

    Incidentally, Van Persie is the only Arsenal player my wife can recognise and she’s a big supporter of him. How do I convince her to watch matches with me now?

  100. Its always sad when someone you hold In high esteem recants and becomes malicious but such is life and if RVP belives the grass is greener somewhere else then best to let him go. However for those who remain the situation gets agitated by so called supporters therefore it becomes despicable when current employees of our club go live on radio to undermine their employer call Arsen Wenger a failed manager who has not coached the proper menthods for years can’t organise the defence has no idea how modern football should be played was lucky when he arrived at club to inherit the team to win trophies lets see who is this phofit of all knowledge “Steward Robson” I feel his comments on talk sport last night are in complete contradiction of how Arsenal Football Club conducts its business. we should email & telephone the club to make them aware of his hypocritical behaviour he is entitled to opinion but not one that subverts his empolyer.

  101. wow, thought rob had more class. another year of transition, yay.
    gutted, wary and excited.

  102. gooner murphy,
    indeed, stupid rob’s son has once again aimed to undermine AFC and Arsene Wenger — this time at our most delicate moment. He’s a shark who won’t resist blood in the water; and this blood is AFC’s. It’s beyond high time that the Club grow a bigger pair and ruthlessly clean house: FFS, out with Robson! He has – YET AGAIN – wittingly tried to damage his employer’s viability and I won’t see my membership money go to sustain his presence on Arsenal Player. I hope like-minded fans express this to the club and rid this stone from our shoe.

  103. @ bob
    Excellent idea my membership Is up for renewal next month I will email Arsenal informing them why I won’t be paying,

  104. sorry all that should be prophet not phofit just the time of the morning

  105. gooner murphy,
    great, that makes two of us. hopefully other gooners will do the same. it’s high time that we showed some self-respect and stopped paying for being undermined by people like rob’s son who serve multiple masters in the most opportunistic ways – as witness today’s betrayal.

  106. • Its always sad when someone you hold In high esteem recants and becomes malicious but such is life and if RVP believes the grass is greener somewhere else then best to let him go. However for those who remain the situation gets agitated by so called supporters therefore it becomes despicable when current employees of our club go live on radio to undermine their employer call Arsen Wenger a failed manager who has not coached the proper methods for years can’t organize the defense has no idea how modern football should be played was lucky when he arrived at club to inherit the team to win trophies lets see who is this prophet of all knowledge “Steward Robson” I feel his comments on talk sport last night are in complete contradiction of how Arsenal Football Club conducts its business. We should email & telephone the club to make them aware of his hypocritical behavior he is entitled to opinion but not one that subverts his employer.

  107. What’s his motive for not signing a new contract.

    People have different beliefs about this guy but in my book, he’s definitely got an agenda and it’s not to please all the fans who stay loyal to him.

    As for me, I’m sitting on the fence with this one and seeing how it pans out. From what I’ve seen of our captain, he could be stalling to force the board to buy players. I hope I’m right.

    I think if Arsenal played a flat out and our 4-4-2 in the last few seasons we would have won things. A simple formation change would instantly negate the importance of Van Persie in the team.

    Even Chamakh, Bendtner would be banging in at least 15 each, so would Gervinho. With the addition of Giroud and Podolski too, a 4-4-2 would have us going Van Persie who?

  108. For those of you that are upset about Robson’s comments (i.e. attacking our player development system and calling us a selling club on Talksport), do something about it. I looked if there was a petition out there already and there was on

    It has 359 signatures already. If anyone else has any other ones with more signatures or other means to get our point across, let me know!

  109. If supported Arsenal since 1989 ( I know that Famous year ) and I have watched some good teams and some great teams play for Arsenal. I’m not going to slate Robin, Cesc, Nasri etc. As far as I’m concerned if they don’t want to play for our team then sell them. Let them go, stick them in the reserves. The Manager should do exactly what he feels is right for the Club. It’s the Club and the Team that I’ve always supported and will continue to do so no matter who Manages, Plays, or even owns.
    We are The Arsenal for a reason and hopefully always will be.
    In Arsene I trust.
    Gooner for life!

  110. Something has to be done.This can’t be repeating itself every year.It’s clear that we the fans are the ones that hurt the most.The club has to make a stand so bench him for a year,it’s time to play hardball and stop being the nice guys.

  111. Its a blow; there is no doubt about that. There isn’t any point in us being bitter. This was always a possibility. While disappointed, I’m not as gutted as you’d think.

    As Shard said way way up he did not need to go public with this. He’s said enough while professing to say nothing. Although the ‘rot in reserves’ doesn’t work, unless you’re in Man City and you’re Carlos Tevez.

    I’m not sure what RVP’s ‘true’ reasons were. What did he want? That the club sign more top top class players at high wages? Just like everyone else who left before him? That’s not a statement, I’m just thinking aloud. That may well be true though (I hope) knowing RVP’s frankness so far.

    I don’t bear any grudges really; I just wish he hadn’t come out and ‘appeased’ the fans. It his life, he has a right to go where he wants and earn how much he wants, as long as someone is willing to pay him. Fine. No problem. Go. Do it properly though.

    The club didn’t say anything during the Euros; when he was busy. Why does he feel the need to suddenly ‘appease’ the fans? Doesn’t the club do that? Would his position have been jeopardized had he NOT made that statement? Would he NOT have gone? No. I’d like to think AFC would still let him go if he wants.

    I want to see if AFC let him put a Goodbye statement on the site when he goes. If they don’t that means there is something wrong. If they just wish him luck like Cesc and most others, it means its ok; normal transfer. If there’s nothing like Nasri, you can assume something bad has happened.

    Sucks. But the club will move on.

  112. Too bad but I really cannot get at all upset about his departure. I am disappointed that he released the statement he did but I have confidence that he shall be replaced adequately. Our club will endure and I am not at all certain that RvP will have another season like the last whilst remaining injury free. As for Mr. van Persie moving on…well…bye then…have a nice life…

  113. I feel sorry for Arsene Wenger. He’s been betrayed numerous times by his own boys. Nurturing rough talents, defending them against everything through thick and thin, making them world class players, then see them stab him in the back? How could you, bastards? How could you do that to him? After everything he did for you? What did you do for him? Nothing.

    Now if there is one thing I want more than anything in this world, I want him to be sold, then we conquer the PL and Champions League next season without him. F*** off.

  114. Huge crushing blow for me… just when I was hoping we could finally break out of the perceived “selling club” vicious cycle.

    He’s just destroyed his legacy, really upsetting cos he was a real club hero last season.

    Really important immediate steps:

    – Sell RvP to highest bidder (I don’t even mind to Shitty – they’ll outbid anyone, and RvP is not even guaranteed to start. How’s Tevez, Adebayor and RvP for team dynamics?) Most likely, he’ll go to Juve or AC Milan out of “respect” to AFC. Barca don’t need a striker, Real have enuff top quality strikers.

    – Take a hard line over Theo Walcott. Sign, or leave. We have too many wingers right now, at least a couple have better natural talent and potential than Theo.

    – Make Denilson our captain with immediate effect. (Look what happened to Thiery, Cesc, RvP!)

  115. Oh sh*t! (24 times) This is the end of the world! Nooooooooo! We are doomed!

    Just kidding. So it looks like RVP is NOT that clever, at least not clever as I am. OK, we respect his decision, we move on, we build another attacking style (maybe), we win things without him. This is NOT the end of the world. No, it IS a new exciting begining.

    But honestly, I will be very, very sorry for RVP at the end of next season if he leaves now and we win something. “Sorry RVP, you were so close.” (Head shaking)

  116. Dumb Robin…..or is he being too clever.

    Robin/Dein-the lesser trying to arm twist Arsenal to sell RVP at the lowest price and pocket the difference……
    Lack of ambition…….m sick of this excuse. Only plastic fans/AAAs will be moved by such excuses.

    ARSENAL being ARSENAL will always be competitive……RVP stays or not.

  117. I cannot believe that any regular reader of Untold was not expecting this. RvP would have broken the EPL scoring record by 15 goals if the clear penalties we earned had been awarded. After the last minute incident against Norwich, I was sure that RvP would not be prepared to take it anymore.

    Arsenal will never win the EPL or the Champions League while AW is manager. I hope that will be for a long time.

    Not sure about Walcott, he has a great deal of improving to do and may decide that staying at Arsenal is in his best interests. Song will go next season.

  118. Next year we will be singing “He scores when he wants, he scores when he wants, Oliver Giroud (or Lukas Podolski) can score when he want”. And if there is enough luck we are going to win something, if there is no, heck there is always next season.
    Players come and go, only Arsenal is eternal.

    In Bosnia we have saying “Never close door behind you with your ass”, Robin just did it and made a lot of noise. But thats all, just a lot of noise, nothing else.
    We survived losing players who gave more than one good season, and where they are now? Most of them blanket holders and bench warmers while we are still Arsenal. And what a crap about “old glory”. Look at faces of our opponents on CL draws and you will see that just mentioning name Arsenal scares them, no matter when and no mater who plays for us.
    With RvP and without him Arsenal will always be football superpower. Only complete football ignorant will think different.

  119. Most of us hoped that it would not come to this but then shit happens all the time !
    He may not have shown class by his statements but let us bid adieu , wish him well and move on .
    Do hope we get a good deal from his sale and then reinvest in the team.
    Up the Gunners !

  120. For those of you that go on about Robson on Talksport, or ATV. You really want to undermine his right to express his opinion. The Guy expresses an opinion in an articulate and insightful ; I think it shows a strength that we allow him to do so.

    And PS

    Having been around the place since 1968, let me tell you, and any other Keyboard Warriors willing to listen.

    WE HAVE ALWAYS BEEN A SELLING CLUB!!!!! And despite the stadium, for as long as football is contaminated with petro dollars and Mafia money, WE ALWAYS WILL BE. So make your mind up, are you in or out!! Stop whining, no room in sport for whiners, deal with what you have to, that is the challenge of sport.
    Anyone fortunate enough to be in RVPs position, that says he would turn down the opportunity to treble his money is probably lying, regardless of their career.

    PPS how many of you were saying last year sell him, he has glass ankles

  121. sorry about the poor sentance above, just out of bed!! but you get my drift.

  122. To all the people saying.. well.. you know,.. we all have a right to try and maximise our earnings, and wouldn’t you do it too? Firstly, let’s make it clear, that Robin, according to the rules, is not allowed to discuss or negotiate his wages with any other club. So if there were rules in your industry preventing you from doing that, you would likely face sanction for even contemplating increasing your salary in breach of contract.

    Secondly, there is something beyond money, especially when you are earning a certain amount. 100k a week is more than enough for someone to live off, regardless of their short career. It is obscene that footballers earn so much when there is hunger in the world. Even if you forget that, I’d like to think that an employer who gave the employee a chance to shine when everyone else said he wasn’t worth the bother, who supported the person when he spent time in jail on rape charges, and who was willing to keep faith in him when all his injuries prevented him from doing his job for the company, would get some loyalty in return. and what is disappointing about Robin is not even his decision. Not his lack of loyalty. But his complete lack of respect.

    I said before that if Robin goes, we’ll miss the man (his leadership) more than the player. Well, on this evidence, he’s not much of a man anyway. So, come on Arsenal. Upwards and onwards. Leave the cowards be, and let’s go and win something despite ALL the various obstacles purposely put in our way.

  123. laundryender

    INSIGHTFUL?? Stewart Robson? Ok, I’ll grant you his section on Arsenal Player is good where he talks tactics. (Post facto I might add – different to being a manager) But what insight does it show to say Theo is just an athlete wearing football boots? Where is the deep knowledge of the game when he says Arsenal are always moaning at the referees to try and get other booked? Or always diving about? When he implies that Wenger doesn’t understand tactics. Someone who’s won more trophies AND managed more shit than the bald guy sitting behind the microphone. I’m sorry. Robson has one segment on Arsenal which I’m sure we can find others to do. The rest of the time, Robson spends slagging off Arsenal. Opinion? Well, if that is his opinion, he can shove it, and Arsenal should tell him so.

  124. It funny when i read people say those players betrayed Wenger when in reality, Wenger was stupid.
    My advice, Arsene grow a pair if a player is not performing, kick him out the door(Diaby, Ramsey, Djourou). They don’t play for free so there should be no sentiments.

  125. @Shard

    Its called an opinion, we all have one, it is why we are here, and I agree with some of the statements above, it does not stop me loving the club.

    And there is nothing wrong with being called an
    “athlete wearing football boots”. many great players before have been referred to in similar terms, especially wingers.

    In Spain it was said that Guardiola had no understanding of tactics. having seen the way Barca attacked 10 men Chelsea when effectively in the CL final, leaving the way for Chelsea to score 2 breakaway goals, they may have a point. It does not make him a poor manager, just suggests that his team play to a rigid system that 9/10 is effective.

    Interpretation is also important, and having the maturity not to take offence.

  126. @asd

    bet last year you were saying sell RVP now!!!

    sell Ramsey, Djourou, Diaby FFS how old are you????????

  127. Laundryender

    I take offense when someone who gains legitimacy by being employed by Arsenal, calls us a bunch of cheats and moaners when this is patently untrue. The smidgeons of truth or half truths in his other statements are exactly what the media operate on to create a certain impression. The point about his opinion on Theo was that it shows no insight on Robson’s part. We all have an opinion. Robson’s is unnecessarily demeaning towards Arsenal. Sometimes descending to outright lies. We legitimise those lies by keeping him in our employ. That’s all.

  128. The Full statement:

    “This is an update for the fans about my current situation. I have kept quiet all this time out of respect and loyalty for the club and as agreed with Mr. Gazidis and Mr. Wenger, but since there is so much speculation in the media, I think it is fair for you guys to know what’s really going on at the moment.

    “As announced earlier this year I had a meeting with the Boss and Mr. Gazidis after the season. This was a meeting about the club’s future strategy and their policy. Financial terms or a contract have not been discussed, since that is not my priority at all.

    “I personally have had a great season but my goal has been to win trophies with the team and to bring the club back to its glory days.

    “Out of my huge respect for Mr. Wenger, the players and the fans I don’t want to go into any details, but unfortunately in this meeting it has again become clear to me that we in many aspects disagree on the way Arsenal FC should move forward.

    “I’ve thought long and hard about it, but I have decided not to extend my contract. You guys, the fans, have of course the right to disagree with my view and decision and I will always respect your opinions.

    “I love the club and the fans, no matter what happens. I have grown up and became a man during my time with Arsenal FC. Everybody at the club and the fans have always supported me over the years and I have always given my all (and more) on and off the pitch.

    “I am very proud of being part of this fantastic club for the last 8 years. As soon as Mr. Gazidis is back from his 2-week holiday in America further meetings will follow and I will update you if and when there are more developments.”

    Dearest Robin,

    Thanks for the update. You have proven that you are no different from the others. Could you also update us on the following:

    1. If your goal was to bring the club to its glory days, then how much did you try? Was 1 full season sufficient for you to think that you would never succeed in doing so here at Arsenal? As a captain of the club was it also not a part of your responsibility to lead the men and try harder atleast a couple of times more?

    2. Referring to the meeting in which it became clear that the future strategy of the club is not aligned to your own, please help us understand:

    Why did you have to wait till the end of the only season in which you featured without any injury? Could you have not asked this at times when you would not feature for months on end (you had ample of time then)?

    – Can you please specify what future strategy actually is not aligned to yours…that they should pay you in excess of 200K per week, is that where AFC failed to strategise better?

    – Would it be correct to assume that you now consider yourself so important that you would want to dictate terms in metters like player transfers, playing style etc. Why not trust the manager who has trusted you all this while?

    – If to show your respect for everyone from the coach to the fans, you would not want to get into the details (and they are exactly the same people you have disrespected by going public) then why did you go public? All of this could have remained behind closed doors. Does the speculation in the media bother you so much? If so remaining shut would have helped a lot more!
    Is this entire statement thing done with an eye to start a bidding war? Maybe, it is true that there were no bids coming for you and your statement is just a device to attain this ulterior motive?

    One final question – given how talented you are, is it true that you are also trying to change your nationality since it is evident that your Dutch team (with you in it) is never going to win anything?

    Let me tell you that there many like you who have left but us fans do not stop supporting the club for not winning trophies as we trust people like you to win them for us.

    We thought you were different but then you belong to the same ilk of footballers who cannot see beyond their own petty desires.

    One last thing, the club website has a statement is response to yours – just read that! That’s Arsenal, that’s class! No pointing fingers, no blame game, no insinuations!

    Et tu Robin

    One Arsenal Fan

  129. Don’t worry Amr, Darren Dein is already working on Theo and Jack leaving I guess.
    I don’t think Dein will ever stop pushing out players out the door…..

  130. Basic maths – the cost of keeping RVP at the club for the next 4 years = about £50m made up of £25m wages and £25m lost opportunity cost by not selling him. Could he be worth that in his declining years as a striker? Very unlikely.
    Total cost of hiring Podolski and Giroud during the same period = £50m made up of salaries and transfer fees.
    Chances of them repaying that investment = very much higher because (a) there are two of them therefore bets are hedged somewhat and (b)they are, on average, three years younger than RVP and have much better injury records.
    Conclusion = sell him. It’s so much a no brainer that it was planned from the start of the summer.
    The only elements that went slightly awry with the plan are that RVP did not shine at the Euros and thereby enhance his value and he had to come out with that twaddle to justify ‘his decision’.

  131. I read RVP’s statement as “the club has a strategy for returning to success and the time frame means I’m not part of it” – this is about a guy who’s career is winding down and the writing is on the wall for him.

    The shame of the matter is that four years ago Robin was already one of the best strikers in the world, all that has changed is his health.

  132. Safe journey Bwana Van-P,but all in all we will be there. We had Anelka i think you guys who are old as me remember,Wiltord,jeffers,Nwako Kanu(de wizard of highbury) adebayor,Denis de menace(He retired honorably) ,baptista,king titi,to mention a few but we are still there sooooo;dont worry be happy cause we are still the Arsenal and we will be.

  133. this is the only blog i could bring myself up 2 read on rvp after hearing d news ystrdy.gutted vil not b even close enough…i cant put in words vot i’ve been feelin from d moment i heard it…

    1 thing is for sure…i (nd m sure many others 2) wont b interested in seeing him for jst another season,nd i’m well aware of the pros nd cons of it.not being able to enjoy a goal he scored,even if he scored a screamer against spuds,wont make me change dis.
    d main reason being dat i cant think of him flopping nd THE emirates booing way…

    i dont feel he can bring on a +ve atmosphere anymore…

    i may be all wrong and i wish nothing else.

    i wish dat he leave epl atleast…and pray vit all my nerves dat he do a rooney…..

  134. I think sky sports pointed it out at the beginning of the season or the daily mail that because we made RVP captain he will end up leaving like our previous captains have done.
    But Arsenal has coped without RVP when he was out injured and will continue to cope when he is off chasing things.
    Next season he should not be captain since he is not committed as that is a bad role model and i doubt will get the respects off the other players he deserve. VM should be made captain as long as he doesnt end up leaving as well.
    I look forward to seeing him leave as I want to see the young gunners step up and see what they can prove given the chance.

  135. i think robin actually want to renew his contract..but u all know what is our board and wenger policy…they won’t give persie more than 2 yrs contract..u all know what i mean..they just don’t give player over 30+ long term contract..that is why viera,henry,pires, leave us…

  136. IF we really want to challenge for EPL title next year we cant sell RVP to MC. Even if they pay twice the money from Juventus. Dont see how we can give Rvp to MC and then replace him to match their firepower. If MC is only team he want to go, we should keep him for one year, i think RVP is good enough to know if he blow up his form he wont get much money next year. Its not all in that 10 mil extra profit we make. The only problem i see is how he will affect the team moral, that i dont know, but been friend with most of them it will help.

  137. Phil Gregory,
    “…despite Robin’s undoubted respect for the club…”
    Sorry but do you really believe that?

    The least he could have done if he respects the Club or the manager or the fans as he claims to was to have kept quiet while Arsenal were working, even if towards his exit.

    This public statement and challenging of the Club’s vision benefits only one man- himself as it drastically weakens Arsenal’s negotiating position.

    As somebody asked on Twitter,” What more do you want van Persie to do to be considered disrespectful- walk up to Wenger and kick him in his nuts?”

    Also, it is quite curious that you think differently about Bendtner. Bendtner and van Persie have both done the very same thing except for the fact that one of them did not score 37 goals last season. It is the fact that van Persie is the top-scorer that makes you still nurse a soft-spot for him while Bendtner’s lesser talent makes him dispensable in your eyes.
    Such double standards are very sad, though becoming characteristic of modern day football.

  138. Laundryender
    July 5, 2012 at 8:43 am

    bet last year you were saying sell RVP now!!!

    sell Ramsey, Djourou, Diaby FFS how old are you????????

    I’m old enough to know that if loyalty mattered in football RVP would never have left his dutch team neither would Podolski have left koln.
    Diaby have been at the club for 7 years but have given us only 3 seasons of football. I’m willing to bet the moment Diaby has a stand out season he will leave.
    Wenger refused to sign better players because he wanted to give Walcott and Song an opportunity and this two players will not sign new contracts if they get better offers else where.
    My point is the players are employees of the club and should be treated as such not as Wenger’s children.
    The 25 man squad list should be filled with players who are READY to make an impart this season. If you cannot, you should be out on loan or sold outrightly.
    I dont care whether the player is 17 or 33 as far as you are paid 1st team salary, you should deliver 1st team football.

  139. PS
    Is there anyone here who woundn’t jump at an opportunity to double his wages?
    Let me know

  140. Sure, it would be nice to double my wages but in my case it would mean longer hours and more days at work, less time with my children and wife and the extra stress and responsibility that the pay rise would bring. One of my siblings has gone the route of extra money, etc and has the money to show for it…and a divorce and kids needing therapy.

    Robin’s decision to leave us is a personal one. Since I do not know him personally I am somewhat detached emotionally to his decision. I am attached to Arsenal, however, and having seen numerous players move on over the years, tend to have confidence that he will be replaced. For all that we have had superstars in the past to pull us up, we have also had a corporate body of talent and experience (the squad)that have lifted the stars to their heights, too. So, RvP leaves…meh. Let’s all just do what we do best…support Arsenal and the boys that are still wearing the red and white.

  141. ASD,
    Podolski has left Koln because his wages would cripple the club and his transfer fee will keep them in business whilst they try to get back to the top-flight.
    Arteta I think mentioned something similar about Everton, that he wasn’t necessarily going to leave but when he heard about the dire financial situation he felt he could help more by getting his wages off the books and his transfer fee in the bank. Don’t forget he took a paycut to come here.

    I’m not saying I entirely disagree with you, merely that situations aren’t quite as clear cut as you make out.

  142. @asd. and what if a player gets injured. Like JW. or struggles to find form after an injury whilst in your employment. Like Aaron Johan and Abou . Remember the noise over Rosicky . seems to have abated somewhat yes.

  143. The real news on Arsenal being shafted is elsewhere on this site. Open your frigging eyes

  144. @Laundryender
    Diaby has only played 3 seasons out of the 7 he has been with us if you check the number of games he has played so i say sell.
    JW we can keep but once his injury case starts looking like that of Diaby we should sell.

    I understand all you said. Things are not always in black or white.

  145. @asd : I myself for once rejected an offer that may gave me double what I was earning simply because I was not only comfortable with my old working environment and colleagues but also in debt of my boss. He taught me everything since I was an intern in his company. He simply trained me to the level that I can easily find a spot in any other companies in the same industry. Once he told me I already had the talent to reach the top of the line and he just show me the way, but I know it’s all because of my time working under his wings. You know what? I felt inner peace with my decision.

    About your point of “the players are employees of the club and should be treated as such not as Wenger’s children”, I feel you have misjudged Wenger’s professionalism. He treated his players as his children considered the mental side only. On the pitch? Never. I can list many players that once considered his favorite now end up somewhere else after creating problem/failing to meet the requirement. Gallas, French, captain, our no.10. Dressing room problem? Out. Almunia, our no.1 keeper. Fail to meet requirement? Out. Silvestre, Senderos, Traore, Mark Randall, the same reason. Out. The only reason Wenger still keep Diaby, Ramsey and other so-called deadwood is because he still see something special in each one of them. He is keeping an eye on how they improve on the pitch. Believe me, he has better eyes than us so be patient while he’s doing his job.

  146. What ever happens we should not sell him. I challenge him to do a Drogba, win the CL & FA cup for us, then there will be no hard feelings. Besides he now has to play for his next contract. Which could really work in our favour. I believe with the management of Bould alongside Wenger, they will not loose the dressing room.

    I set out my stall ages ago about RVP. He can spin it & the press can spin it how ever they like, fact remains thus far Arsenal FC have been very loyal to him. Darren Dein is a factor and the club should begin to consider Song’s contract now and bring in his replacement now if necessary.

  147. I reckon Rosicky should be made captain, or at least have his name thrown into the hat. Very interesting times ahead.

    @ Phil, great article by the way.

  148. Wow, I think this post is very hot, already 169 comments.

    How much record for 1 post, Tony?

    This is not the end of the world, this is bad, but we will keep forward.

    You can not count football like math, sometimes 11-1 = 12

    We only lose 1 player, last season we lose 4 players from our starting XI, 3 leaved, 1 long injured.

    Robin leaves, Jack come back. No problem. Go. We still strong.

    Come on guys, cheers, at least we know this now, not in the last minute before season starts.

  149. If City offering a lot of money for Robin, sell him to City!

    City already have a lot of good strikers, but they only can play 11 players every game. So if they play Robin, they must bench Kun or Baloteli or Silva.

    But if we sell him to Chel$ki, this is big problem.

  150. @travis
    Good for you fella but what do the following people have in common:- Flamini, Nasri, Cesc, Hleb and RVP?
    Hell even Denilson said he wanted to leave to win trophies….

  151. As for mourning the loss for RVP, I did that already in 2007,2008 & 2009. Arsenal signing players early puts us in a strong position and as we have no need sell him, I would only advocate his sale, preferably abroad for 30m, 50m if he stays in EPL.

    I genuinely believe Arsenal will have the best year’s of RVP if he stays. The player during the Euro’s for Holland, highlighted the fact that he needs the right set up to get the best out of his ability. I am not having him talk about tactics when he has really benefited from our play.

    I can’t wait for the season to start now as first and formost I support AFC.

  152. No matter what happens now, the website “statement” will make RvP very infamous; it reminds me of Lebron James and his “decision” fiasco.
    I believe there is only one way to deal with this: put RvP on the bench of the reserve team for the final year of his contract.
    That will guarantee he will be injury-free to play with the Netherlands.

  153. @Ray – agree with you mate!

    The press this time is a little bit more sympathetic towards the club than the player…they are already terming RvP ungrateful!

  154. @Asif

    Yes – but are the press trying to reduce his asking price to hit Arsenal further? It is not like the press to show any sympathy to us.

  155. Khairil,

    But they do mention us on occasion 😉

    I do agree they should stop putting those links to the serious media and should focus more on the blogworld of Arsenal itself.

    Maybe a daily link to Untold 😉 LOL

  156. Quote from RVP when he was 25

    Robin van Persie added: “I’m so happy to have signed a new long term contract. I’ve been at the Club for five years now and there really is a great feeling here at Arsenal. We have a top class manager, a squad full of superb young players, a world class stadium and brilliant supporters. Arsenal Football Club has a very bright future and I want to be part of it. “My heart is with Arsenal and I just can’t picture myself in a different shirt. I just can’t see it now because I love this Club so much. If you look at the last five years, look at the steps I have made every season, if you look at the support the Boss and the whole Club gave me, the fans gave me, my team mates gave me – this is the right decision.”

    Look how money and agents make people change

  157. Arsenal should review all the players that did not renew with 2 years left on contract and request the Police inspect their communication records with their respective agents for suspected fraud. Discussing transfers whilst under contract without permission is fraud. The agents involved should be listed as corrupt and untrustworthy.

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