25% of the way through: what have we learned about Arsenal?

We are 25% of the way through the transfer window, and we have learned things…

1.  Agents run the game, with the willing support of their Slaves (as we must call them) and a few clubs that have their own agenda (such as BarBarBlackcelona)

2.  Arsenal are the only team in the top 4 of last year’s EPL that have money – all the rest are living on borrowed time (see the story recently published here on Manchester B not being able to pay for the busses they hired in Moscow.

3.  Newspapers make up transfer stories because they have no idea what’s going on.  Of course it is possible that Wenger is about to change his habit of a lifetime and sign someone we know all about, but I doubt it.  OK if you knew who Eduardo was, who Vieira was, who Reme Garde was, when he signed them, fine.  But I didn’t – and nor did most, and that is Wenger’s style.  He brings through players you never thought of.

4.  The Curse of Arsenal is really doing it for Birmingham City (see other recent stories on this site).

5.  Some fans are getting very depressed and they reckon that we are going to have four injured forwards and bugger all anywhere else.  That was exactly how they felt last year, when they bought into the story that Arsenal would finish mid-table.

6.  Carlos Vela is an amazing player.  Just look at the stats about him on Young Guns.  Incredible.    (Incidentally Young Guns is a very good site indeed).

7.  Players are still being picked for the Olympics, so someone might still go there and get done over.

8.  There is no point 8.

9.  If Wenger lets Ade go to Milan or Barca then he will do so because he knows something we don’t know.  Such as Ade has a dodgy knee, and there is an incredible player somewhere (or maybe its Vela) ready to take his place.

10.  When pushed Untold Arsenal can write 3 articles a day, but that doesn’t mean Goonernews will list them all.