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August 2021

Who is Jack Wilshire?

There is a film doing the rounds of Jack Wilshere scoring a goal from just a few yards in front of the halfway line.  The ball travels off target, and stays off target, and then at the last second bends inwards, hits the inside of the post and goes in.

You can think maybe of Liam Brady – that more or less does it.  Bergkamp scored goals like that – but he size and shape of Wilshire – and of course his position in midfield is more Brady.

There’s another bit of that film too.  A shot of Wenger in the dugout smiling and smiling and trying so hard to stop himself smiling.

Wilshire has been at Arsenal for seven years  – he’s now 16 and last season broke into the reserves.   He likes to play in the middle – but the fact that he played for the reserves on the left is neither here nor there.

As everyone who has watched him knows, this guy is stunning.  Quite, utterly, amazing.

But whether he can break through into the first team…  I wonder.  I suspect he needs a season being in the reserves, just to get the experience of that – although an appearance in the Diddly Widdly Cup might be on the cards.

And thanks for all the suggestions about Milan.  I did like WC Milan, so maybe that’s what I’ll go with for now.  Much appreciated.

2 comments to Who is Jack Wilshire?

  • Ian Trevett

    I won’t relax until he’s 17 and signed a pro contract. He looks fabulous and he will definitely be on the bench for some Premiership games.
    You know what wenger means when he says that new signings block the progress of the kids. He is so young, but I can’t help hoping he gets in the first team

  • joe

    jacks just amazing ! ive known him since he could even walk he’s got such a good head on his shoulders and is completely focused on his career. Hopefully Mr. Abramovich will see him and get his chequebook out hahah.