Wilshire again???

Every summer I anticipate that one of our “signings” will in fact be a youngster who has come through from the age of 2 months and suddenly is ready.   Not necessarily ready for the first team, but certainly ready for the Doddly Woddly Cup matches that the Tiny Totts hold so dear.

Maybe it is Jack Wilshire.   He’s not only gone on the tour bus, but he’s actually played.  He’s not only playing he’s looking rather clever.

To have found a player who at sixteen can do another Fabregas and move up at so young an age would be remarkable – especially given that he was actually signed aged nine.

Certainly it was better watching Jack rather than watching Hoyte and Hoyte, which seemed a very strange affair.   I remember seeing Hoyte the Younger in a reserve game a  couple of seasons back, and thinking then, “blimey this Wenger bloke can see stuff I can’t”.   Trouble is I still can’t – but as always I am of course wrong.

What would life be otherwise?  Just an endless stream of I told you so’s about Wilshire.

Overall though, it is looking much better for Bendtner and Walcott, who, with the stupid mucking about by Adebayor, could be getting a lot of games.

2 Replies to “Wilshire again???”

  1. Hell that guy is called Wilshere, don’t know why so many call him Wilshire.

  2. You are of course 100% right and I’m confusing an Arsenal footballer with a county in southern England.

    I’d also say that Young Guns is just about the only web site other than our own one that I always read – and I would refer everyone to it – both for their information, and of course for their ability to spell.


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