Wenger plays a master stroke

Manchester Bankrupt go to South Africa. Now they are looking at India to spread their evil message. Where the Bankrupts go, so go CSKA. Spread the word, sell the t-shirt, get an audience.

The whole approach was probably started by Real Mad, at least that’s the first big attempt to grab an audience by artificial means – Real Mad making a big play in the north African territories.

So as the big boys (sometimes followed by little Liverpool Weetabix) trot the globe Arsenal go to… Barnet and a second division team in Hungary. Why?

First big reason is because Wenger says so, and that says something remarkable. We all think that Sir Alex F-word is top dog, but only up to a point. He has to do the world tour, no matter how much it exhausts his troops because of the desperate need for money (not least to pay the Moscow bus company – see earlier report).

Second reason, Arsenal need to bring the kids through. That Jack Cornwall (Wiltshire? Somerset, something like that) isn’t going to get 75% of a game if we go and play the top team in China or somewhere – they will demand to see the big names and big players. And what about Francis Coquelin. Aged 17 from SASP Stade Lavallois Mayeene MFC of whom you have never heard (and nor had I) he looked amazingly sharp in the game this week. How would he fit in and get experience if we were playing for money?

Third, the strategy of money grabbing in foreign parts is not a guaranteed success. Shirt sales in many third world countries (not to mention Italy) is a counterfeit business, and TV sales are often related to the whole league not an individual club. Worse there is no guarantee that the whole thing will bloom. Football in China looked set for the big time, but then it collapsed among allegations of match fixing, and interest is not shooing up to the skies as was predicted.

So doing it the Arsenal way is not quite as goofy as it seems. The players are better prepared for the season, the youngsters like Coquelin come out of nowhere and show us just how good they are, and the strategy might not be all it is cracked up to be.

Plus there’s the politics. Who can forget the pictures of Rooney in Saudi Arabia waving a big sword, blissfully unaware that this is the country where they cut your hands off for adultery.

As ever, Wenger is playing a master stroke. Long may it continue.

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  1. just a suggestion A.C.rimnious milan. this blog to me is just as important as footbll is fixed. you give glasses to the blind.dont worry i dont lick ass i just speak from the heart. the agenda against arsenal is huge. on sky sports they always do an ‘on this day’ theme and what they shown was just three transfers on that date with a timeline. the three transfers were freddie lungbergs transfer to west ham, ray parlours transfer to middles borough and finally anelkas transfer to psg from real. this could be seen as nothing but look deeper its to undermine arsenal the fans and wenger. these were massive players for arsenal. im sure there were other transfers on that date throughout the years but they chose to show arsenals ex players. this is not the first time. i wrote on other blogs that sky would show footage of players scoring against arsenal that were being linked to with transfers to other clubs. also when adebaytheway was linked to a.c milan sky interviewed george weah and quoted him saying it would be good if he joined a.c. i feel this would undermine arsene and like getting a son to go against his father .Arsene took weah into his home and when weah won the world player of the year award he called arsene up to the stage bowed and handed his award to aresne. we have seen over the last couple of weeks and days them trying to do the same with thierry and getting him to talk about helb.undermine , undermine, undermine. arsenal have to be greater than that .this is why untold story and young guns stand out because they show the sunshine of the future not the darkness of today. keep shining all gooners . the media is like a mirror and if u look in the mirror and dont think u see greatness u wont understand yourself as being great thats why there is so much doubt without self reason. the reason is we are being reflected as weak so you will get fans saying were to weak we need strenthening without even looking at what strenghts they actually hold. look at the facts of last season. 9 first team players out at one point. african nations., eduardo., dodgy ref decisions ,negative media, things that man u and chelsea got away ,big result in milan ,we were only beaten 3 times in the league and undefeated at home, spending less in the transfer market than man u and chelsea on transfers plus arsenal had the youngest side and after all that arsenal still finished just four points behind man u. lets not be blind but support the cause.!!!!!!!

  2. Completely agree meditation and it’s sad to see supposedly intelligent Arsenal fans falling for it one by one. They learned nothing from last season and are lapping up the ‘Arsenal in crisis’ stories. Look at how the media have spun Gilberto’s comments as negative and critical, but as someone who watched the whole of the original interview on ATVO it was nothing like that.

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