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July 2021

Match Review: Howard Webb – Liverpool Vs Arsenal (0 – 2) [02/09/2012]

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Today’s referee is Howard Webb

MATCH REVIEW DETAILS – Howard Webb (2012-09-02)
Period 1
Min Type Foul from On C/NC Comment Weight
2 OFFSIDE Giroud C Assumed Correct 1
5 OTHER Mertersacker Suarez C 1
5 YELLOW Mertersacker C Ref was entitled to caution as it was potentially a good situation, 2
8 OFFSIDE Johnson C Assumed Correct 1
16 OTHER Borini Gibbs C 1
23 OTHER Enrique Corzola C 1
24 OTHER Giroud Reina C 1
26 OTHER Arteta Sterling C 1
26 YELLOW Arteta C Easy decision for Ref 2
30 GOAL Podolski C 3
35 OTHER Suarez Arteta C 1
38 OTHER Arteta Liv? C 1
39 PENALTY Mertersacker Sterling C Big shout from the crowd but the ref gets this bang on as Mertersacker makes a good tackle 3
43 OFFSIDE Sterling C Assumed Correct 1
44 OTHER Sahin Arteta C Assumed Correct 1
45 OTHER Vermaelen Sahin NC Ref gives a foul for high feet but TV pulls his foot away at least 18 inches from the ball and Sahin ducks into header, will ref be consistent 1
47 OTHER Borini Podolski C 1
Period 2
Min Type Foul from On C/NC Comment Weight
46 OTHER Skrtel Diaby C 1
46 YELLOW Skrtel C Easy card for a challenge sliding in from behind 2
47 OTHER Enrique Ox C 2
51 PENALTY Mertersacker Suarez NC I felt this was a pen and that Suarez tendancy to go too easily cost him here 3
54 PENALTY Vermaelen C Got to give it to the Kop they do make a big noise if they think it is a pen, but not here, both players missed the ball and Suarez fell on TV pushing him onto the ball 3
59 OTHER Vermaelen Suarez C A big shout from the Kop again as Suarez falls theatrically, but he had lost the ball, even if it was whilst nutmegging TV 1
62 OTHER Downing Arteta NC Ref gives a foul to Arsenal that should have been a throw to Liverpool, players leant into each othe but Artetas momentum took him down 1
64 OTHER Sterling Ox NC Sterling wins ball, but he kicks back of Ox`s heel first 1
67 GOAL Carzola C Love the chubby Spaniard already 3
68 OTHER Gibbs Liv? C 1
74 OTHER Shelvey NC This is what annoys players, Shelvey wins ball with high feet, but nothing given, consistency please ref 1
75 OTHER Gerrard Vermaelen NC Poor challenge, tries to hurt player, ball is going out of play 1
75 YELLOW Gerrard NC was the worst challenge of the game and worth at least a yellow 2
78 OTHER Reina Podolski NC The goalie drops the ball but he is not impeded in any way 1
79 OFFSIDE Sterling C Assumed correct 1
83 OTHER Skrtel Diaby C 1
84 OTHER Shelvey Carzola NC Pushes him off ball in corner 1
91 OTHER Shelvey Ramsey C 1
91 YELLOW Shelvey C Easy one 2
92 OTHER Agger Mannone NC Agger runs a long way to jump into gk and gets no where near ball, poor reffing and again inconsistent 1
92 OTHER Suarez Diaby C 1

A typical Webb game one could say. As has been noticed before a great first half and a bad second half.

The main talking point in the first half was a great call by the ref. Sterling goes down in the penalty area but the tackle from Mertesacker was on the ball. Good spot that one.

However in the second half Liverpool should have had a penalty we judged. Mertesacker was holding Suarez back a bit.  Suarez however maybe made too much of it by throwing himself forward. If you get pulled back you don’t fall like that. Maybe that was what made the ref decide to give nothing. However Mertesacker got away with the pulling and Arsenal was lucky.

Minutes later another penalty appeal when Vermaelen fell and the ball touched his hand. This was never an intentional handball.

The worst tackle of the game was not given.  Gerard working out his frustration on Vermaelen by trying to kick him off the field when the ball was going out anyway. No foul given and no card. That was another poor decision from the ref.

Let us have a look at his competence numbers in this game

COMPETENCY SUMMARY – Howard Webb (2012-09-02)
Period 1 Called Total Correct %
GOAL 1 1 100.00
OFFSIDE 3 3 100.00
OTHER 9 10 90.00
PENALTY 1 1 100.00
YELLOW 2 2 100.00
TOTAL 16 17 94.12
WEIGHTED 22 23 95.65
Period 2 Called Total Correct %
GOAL 1 1 100.00
OFFSIDE 1 1 100.00
OTHER 7 14 50.00
PENALTY 1 2 50.00
YELLOW 2 3 66.67
TOTAL 12 21 57.14
WEIGHTED 18 30 60.00
Totals Called Total Correct %
GOAL 2 2 100.00
OFFSIDE 4 4 100.00
OTHER 16 24 66.67
PENALTY 2 3 66.67
YELLOW 4 5 80.00
TOTAL 28 38 73.68
WEIGHTED 40 53 75.47

In our year review I mentioned this strange fact about Webb having a great first half and then a poor second one. Once again he did it in this game.

Thanks to his great first half he still managed to get a score of more than 70%.

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Let us see if it evens out in this game and have a look at the bias numbers

BIAS SUMMARY – Howard Webb (2012-09-02)
Period 1 Liverpool % Arsenal % Total
Correct For 7 43.75 9 56.25 16
Correct For Weighted 9 40.91 13 59.09 22
Incorrect Against 0 0.00 1 100.00 1
Incorrect Against Weighted 0 0.00 1 100.00 1
Fouls Commited 5 55.56 4 44.44 9
Fouls Penalised 5 100.00 4 100.00 9
Period 2 Liverpool % Arsenal % Total
Correct For 1 8.33 11 91.67 12
Correct For Weighted 1 5.26 18 94.74 19
Incorrect Against 2 22.22 7 77.78 9
Incorrect Against Weighted 4 33.33 8 66.67 12
Fouls Commited 10 83.33 2 16.67 12
Fouls Penalised 5 50.00 1 50.00 6
Totals Liverpool % Arsenal % Total
Correct For 8 28.57 20 71.43 28
Correct For Weighted 10 24.39 31 75.61 41
Incorrect Against 2 20.00 8 80.00 10
Incorrect Against Weighted 4 30.77 9 69.23 13
Fouls Commited 15 71.43 6 28.57 21
Fouls Penalised 10 66.67 5 83.33 15

Most wrong calls were against Arsenal. Liverpool supporters might argue that they should have gotten a penalty and that they were hard done by.

At the end of the day maybe neither set of supporters were totally happy with the ref.

Please leave a comment!

9 comments to Match Review: Howard Webb – Liverpool Vs Arsenal (0 – 2) [02/09/2012]

  • Micko

    Very good review.
    Agree with your views on the penalty decisions as well.

  • taiwo oyewunmi

    Webb is fond of unfair officiating especially against Liverpool. He has been identified as Man United supporter. The officiating in the match Liverpool-Arsenal at Anfield is obviously unfair and unjustifiable.If a foul is committed, whether dive is added by the player, the referee should be less concerned in that case. Penalty should be awarded possibly warning or yellow card could be shown to the dived player but should not be denied of his penalty. Many England referees (in EPL, FA, Carling) are biased in officiating against Liverpool, against suarez in particular. Referees in England should be warned.

  • Thanks to you guys the refs are coming back to their normal senses.

  • fedda

    Walter. With the penalty Liverpool should have had, wouldn’t Mertesacker get a booking for that and also sent off? Could have made a big difference.

  • Necco

    Great review. Fair call on the penalty decision – totally agree it was down to Suarez’s bad rep. Keep up the good work!

  • menace

    Good review. The Suarez pen was correctly decided by the ref. Suarez looks for pens and makes more of incidents than they merit. The Gerrard tackle on TV on the side line was a red card as it was deliberate attempt to kick an opponent. Perhaps it would have cooled his temper for the internationals.

    Arsenal have to win in spite of bias and as long as they pass the ball towards goal and take their chances, should win the EPL.

  • Woolwich Peripatetic

    The England captain effect perhaps? How long before both Hodgson and Rodgers get tired of him?
    You start wonder if he has a future with either team.

  • cesc

    Great review
    Webb is the most incompetent referee walking.
    He spoiled the world cup final with his incompetence.Webb likes to think the game is all about him.

    The manure fan should nver be allowed near another football pitch.

  • GoingGoingGooner

    Good Review…balanced