Who should be 4th & how funny is Bentley

I’m mentioning Bentley again because Goonernews didn’t run my wonderful and exciting piece on his transfer and just how much money exactly Arsenal are making out of him drifting along to Tottenham High Street. Go back to the last article if you missed it and want to see some earth shatteringly funny stuff. Well, maybe not, but its quite good. Ish.

Anyhow, the EPL has operated for several years as a three club estate – the three teams that win the EPL and are regularly up at the top – Arsenal, Manchester Bankrupt and CSKA Fulham.

The question is, who should be the 4th team – a team that never wins the EPL but who clambers into Europe and hangs around with the big boys?

Liverpool Weetabix (so called because their owners base their working practices on those of Weetabix whom they also own) do it regularly, but I thought, I’m getting a bit fed up with them hanging on like this. Maybe its time for someone else to have a go in fourth space.

There’s the Tiny Totts that Bentley is going to, but I don’t think we want them at the top table as they’d only make it messy, with all that slobbering.

But it might be nice to keep it in London – Fulham would be ok, I think, if Mr Al Fayed could stop attacking the Duke of Ed for a while and focus on the main issue.

Although they are from tup norf I quite like Manchester City because their supporters by and large seem reasonable sorts of people with a deep sense of humour, and they hate their bankrupt neighbours.

While I don’t want the mob that are two stops from Barking to get anything, I must admit that their foray into the Little Euro Game when they played a team from Sicily and wore WHU v the Mafia t-shirts, and then were surprised that they got beaten up, was something to behold, so on that basis, I quite like WHU in Europe.

Kevin at Newcastle would of course just love it, but the problem there is that they’d all take it seriously and think they got there on merit or something, rather than because the Curse of Arsenal did a reverse swing and gave them the place in order to have a laugh.

And that just about leaves Wigan. I think I’ll go for them to become the fourth club in the EPL. Mostly harmless, never any problem getting an away ticket, interesting pies and the focus of a book by George Orwell (which says something). They sort of remind me of Woolwich Arsenal somehow.

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