Suddenly no one is complaining

Because, after all the rubbish and nonsense about Arsenal being bust, having to sell even poor old Senderos to balance the books, the Board selling despite Wenger saying no, everyone leaving… and on and on and on and on and on and

suddenly its all great.   We have Jack Wilshere.  We have so many strikers we don’t know what to do with them all.  Vela turns out to be as amazing as we all thought.   Van Persie didn’t get injured in the Euros, the guy from Cardiff looks nifty, and we still haven’t really seen much from those other kids we all tipped…

And what of Wenger?

He says, “I don’t need any more strikers,” which is bleeding obvious to anyone who doesn’t work for the Daily Mail or News of the Dickheads.

He says, “There is only one 16 year old that I have taken on our tour, and that tells you everything.”

Yes – it tells us that we have got a second Cesc Fabrigas genius who can play at 16, and score at 16 and by the time he is 18 will be worth £20 million.

I personally, speaking for me, myself, just me you understand, no one else, couldn’t give a bugger about the opinions of everyone who says Wenger has lost it, we are bust, it is all falling apart.

I think we are going to win the EPL with this team.

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  1. Great blog as always….. Agree with you 99% but still feel we need to buy a decent DM…. Experience being the key??/?

  2. We dont need a DM…Diaby, Denilson, Song….even Eboue can fill that position. I also think that is not one of the positions that requires expert experience either. Sure Gilberto was the most experienced DM we have had but it just made it easier for him to influence the game by his good reading of what was going. Flamini on the other hand seriously lacked Experience but he made up for it with high tempo and tenacity. Thats why I think Diaby or Denilson could fill the role.

    Where we need more experience is Centre half, I really do like Gallas and he has loads of experience, but i dont think he utilises it well. Instead of blasting his players he needs to be talking to them, marshalling them.

  3. I believe we need an experienced player at centre back in the mould of Big Tony. Confidence under pressure comes from the back and transmits on to the attack. Without it you you like Newcastle.

  4. This is exactly how last season or pre-season started. It is at the end that things fell apart, mostly due to injuries, but also due to inexperience. Will it change this year? Can’t say, we have all the talent, but we are even more inexperienced than last time.

  5. Too long without football and some fans seem to forget just how good this team is. I’ve even heard some alleged gooners claim that the spuds have a better squad than us after all their recent purchases! That is how much they have allowed themselves to be influenced by the ‘not at all biased’ media.

  6. title talk too early for this squad, need more players, dm and a guy who can get it done when it really counts. otherwise agreed, vela and wilshere look to be this years revelations.

  7. not betting against bischoff. if injury was the only thing that kept out of bremen team, that’s why we got him cheap. it’s a gamble on health not quality as i’ve heard bischoff is extremely quick, smooth on the ball with great engine.

  8. Bischoff is a mystery.

    I wonder if its the injury that got him into arsenal. we do have a knack for harboring injured players.

  9. Fuckin’ right Untold! That’s the proper gooner attitude! I also think we can absolutely have the EPL this season. I reckon we could go far in the Champs League too but I’m not so confident of a final in that one. I think Wenger should prioritize the EPL this season to stamp our authority on the other 2 trumped up arrogant basturds up at our level, and Liverpool too. If we can grab an FA cup, and maybe a Carling too that’d be grand!

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