Bentley gets on top of himself – not a nice sight

Bentley – “player” whom Tottenham have had to pay Arsenal for – is busy creating a role for himself.  “I’m the one they are going to boo” he dribbles from his crib.

It is a bit like Paul Ince – desperately anxious to create a role for himself, so he makes up his own nickname, gets a personal number plate to match, and then tells everyone he doesn’t like the name.   So Bentley tells everyone Arsenal fans will boo him, and will then to a serious of interviews in the Mail and News of the Dickheads in which he says how childish Arsenal supporters are for booing him.

Personally I would love it if when he “plays” next at Arsenal everyone should have little tweety bird whistles and they should all be blown each time he touches the ball.  But certainly not boo.

Booing suggests that one cares about the creature – whereas in fact Bentley is a figure of fun – a man  who demanded he should be in the first team from the moment he got in the squad, a man who thought it better to go to Blackburn than fight his way up through the Arsenal scheme of things, a man who thinks The Tiny Totts are a football club.

Bird whistle noises are much more appropriate.