Arsenal v Wigan in Chicago

The BBC is reporting that at a meeting in London all 20 EPL clubs including Arsenal agreed to explore a proposal to extend the season to 39 games.

The new games would be played at around the world, with cities bidding for the right to stage them.   The additional 3 fixtures would be fixed by a draw but that the top-five teams could be seeded to avoid playing each other.   

So for the extra games Arsenal could play Tottenham in Thailand, while Manchester United might play Derby County in New York.   The imbalance could be overwhelming with one club travelling for 4 hours across just two time zones while another passes eight hours and eight time zones.

While clubs like Chelsea and Manchester United are well known for their “go anywhere if you pay” attitude, Arsenal has always shunned his approach, and it is extraordinary that the club should change its position now.  Manchester United were widely criticised for going to Saudi Arabia – a country where a brutal government routinely chops off limbs for minor offences – and prancing around with knives. 

Worse the games would not be friendlies, and would add to an insanely large legaue table.  At a time when many of us are trying to get the number of internationals reduced our arguments are undermined by this crazed attitude by the clubs.

However it might not be all bad news.   With Arsenal already looking to put a team into the 2nd division in Spain, and discussions continuing about a European League this might be the final straw that pushes the bigger clubs into getting together to discuss a sensible use of their resources.

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  1. What is this about Arsenal trying to put a team into the 2nd div. in Spain? Just curious as this is the first I’m hearing of this… any news would help… thanks…

  2. I`m dead against playing a game abroad even if it`s just one weekend a season.What with 38 league games,Champions League,FA Cup and Carling Cup plus international matches for which most of our players get called up it would be detrimental to the bigger clubs because they play more games than the so-called smaller clubs.Also you must bear in mind injuries and long distance travel.
    I suggest the teams who are in the Champions League and the UEFA Cup are left out and this would leave the smaller teams a chance for some extra cash.
    Like Nav I have never heard of a plan for Arsenal to have a team in the 2nd Division in Spain perhaps you could explain.

  3. where does it say arsenal v wigan in chicago? i dont see anything..what would the dates be..any idea?

  4. There’s a lot of pressure to find a league for the reserve players who only get four or five games a season. There’s an article coming up tomorrow which reviews the whole situation.

  5. The idea of Arsenal Wigan in Chicago is just an example – the overseas programme of games won’t be announced for a year or two, but this is an example of the sort of game that could come up.

  6. I have to say as an American supporter I think the idea of Arsenal v. Wigan in Chicago (for example) is fantastic. The fact is I would fly anywhere in the US to see the Gunners in a premiership match. Fulham v. Derby Co.? Nah.

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