I absolutely bet you have never seen insanity in football like this.

The web site behind this blog: www.emiratesstadium.info is best known for housing “The Stupidity Files” – a collection of articles celebrating the total insanity and idiocy of those who play, manage, control and write about football.

There’s hundreds of articles and stories on the site – but in all the years of collecting them none of us who run the site has ever seen anything like the events in the semi-final at the Africa Cup of Nations 2008.

Andrew Bikey of Cameroon was sent off in the 90th minute for attacking the medical staff as they were about to help his fellow player Rigobert Song from the pitch.   Yes, I know you don’t believe it, but he really did launch a significant attack on the medical team.

The stretcher was driven on to the pitch – like they do – and Bikey rushed across and pushed one of the medical staff to the ground.  Then he waved his arms around a bit and wandered off into the middle distance.

Eventually the ref got there and sent him off, at which point Bikey flung his arms around a lot more, took his shirt off, and eventually walked off the pitch.

It really makes you proud to have Arsenal players taking part in this very important tournament rather than playing for the people who actually pay their salaries.  Personally I think all players who play for their country should hand their salary back to the club when they take time off.  If injured in an international they should continue to hand back their salary until they are well again.

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    1. You are a disgrace for publishing this article. Off course in the civilised world of European football there has been no incidents of absolute stupidity similar to this one. This article written by an individual coming from a country which is known worldwide for exporting its rich football culture to every international tournament ( ha ha ha ha). Your hypocrisy nauseates me. Yes the timing is poor and as an Arsenal fan and African i have a respective foot in each camp but you must show more respect to a tournament which is older and steeped in more tradition than your ever so civilised, flawless and pearl coloured EU Championship. Hand back their salary???? Is this your old colonial DNA coming to the surface??? You make me ill.

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