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September 2021
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September 2021

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Premier League Betting and Odds

Fulham 0 Arsenal 1; the league table.

Fulham v Arsenal

Here’s what matters:

Home Away
Pos. Team P W D L GF GA W D L GF GA GD Pts
1 Madmen Untidy 33 14 0 2 40 17 12 3 2 35 18 40 81
2 Madchester Other 32 12 3 1 36 11 8 5 3 22 16 31 68
3 Arsenal 34 10 4 3 42 21 8 5 4 23 14 30 63
4 Money Money Money 32 10 4 2 35 13 8 3 5 29 20 31 61
5 The Tiny Totts 32 8 5 3 24 17 9 2 5 31 23 15 58
6 Everton Shoulder Charge 34 10 6 1 30 17 4 8 5 21 21 13 56

We won 0-1 as you will know, Everton lost 1-0 so they are pretty much out of the run in seven points behind us with no games in hand.

The Tinies have to win both their games in hand to go above us, Chelsea have to win just one of their two to achieve the same effect.  Two draws would also do it for them, as they have a goal difference of 1 better than us.

So just to make it plain about the Totts,…

  • Two defeats and they stat five points behind us
  • One defeat and a draw they are two points behind us
  • Two draws they are three points behind us
  • One win and one defeat they are two points behind us
  • One win and one draw, they are one point behind us
  • Two wins they are one point ahead of us

Now as far as I know the next game for the Totts is with Manchester City.

The team was


Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal,

Arteta, Ramsey,

Watch Arsenal Live Streams With

Rosicky, Cazorla,

Walcott, Giroud

 Reports are everywhere, so no need for me to write one.  But interestingly Fulham v Arsenal is the Sky main match at around 8pm.

But here is a summary of Wenger’s comments:

We were positive in the first half but the game deteriorated in the second half and we were sloppy.  I don’t know why.   Fulham played very well today. It became harder in the second half, and we played with the hand break on, and we didn’t want to take any risks.  Both red cards were right, I don’t complain about it.  Giroud will miss three of the four games left. 


36 comments to Fulham 0 Arsenal 1; the league table.

  • Super Singh

    Ok! Three points for us and we didn’t play so well. Guess the sun put us off? Lol.

  • babasola tokoya

    arsenalcan not afford to lose the next game against manchester united and i am happy with the red card given the wasteful girourd as it will afford wenger to play a frontal three of walcott podoski qand chaimberlain as the three of them have pace and powerfu shots that will rattle man united diffenceand the midfield trio will be carzola arteta and ramsey or wilshere or rosiscky with a back four of sagna mertesecker koschienny and monreal who must not give valencia or nani any swpace to exploit and i know koschieny will do a good job on van persie and with these formation arsenal will win or get a draw against man united at worst

  • Mandy Dodd

    We looked very leggy today the Everton game took its toll as their anti football was designed to. We looked unsure what to do after their sending off go for it or show caution? Still they showed commendable spirit on an off day the pressure now falls on others. Well done per for continuing the socialist goal sharing model.

  • Random-Fan

    It’s sort of stupid to say, but I’m really happy Giroud got sent off and even more happy he will miss 3 matches.

    I’m not one of those fans who hate Giroud or any other player who really tries their best, but Giroud can’t really stop the ball (most of the time) and is very, very slow.

    Anyway, I’m happy with the result, although banging a few more goals against Fulham was possible. It’s a good 3 points for the Club.

    As for the table, I don’t think we have any chance to get 2nd place after the draw with Everton, but 3rd place should be ours if we win the remaining 4 fixtures because I’m sure both Tottenham and Chelsea are going to drop points against the likes of Liverpool and Man City.

  • Anaekwe patrick

    Arsenal are on course.

  • C4

    How did the ref do in this game?
    I ask this because as soon as we overtook the spuds, the officials seem to be trying to assist them by pulling us back, in a major way. Our previous 2 games have seen some of the worst officiating I’ve seen in years, which is basically in the Cesc days, when we last threatened to reach the top 1 or 2. I missed today’s game, but followed it online. And as soon as Arteta got what was described as a soft yellow, I told my mate that we’ll have a player sent off as well. Although I did say I believe Arteta is smart enough to see it coming and ensure he stays on (that’s why I call him Smarteta 😉 ). Sure enough, the c*nt with the whistle DID try and even things out. I saw Olly’s challenge on some highlights – I’d argue that wasn’t even a yellow if I had to go by the the type of officiating we’ve seen in the last 2 games before Fulham.
    It looks like we’re f*cking up the script again. spuds are supposed to finish above this season, with their super simian collecting a mountain of praise in the process. But we’re f*cking with the script again, and the refs are now trying to set things “right”. Here’s hoping for another top 4 finish and a nice, french finger up at the HOR and spuds from our very own AW.

  • Yassin

    @ C4

    I dont think today the ref tried to stop us, but I believe he got a lot of pressure from the fans due to the red card he gave to sidwel,
    so as the Game wore on, he was making a lot of mistakes until the Giroud`s foul…..

    Similarly I would like to praise again the woman assistant referee for one of the best displays ever….

    @ mandy

    Yes today we had Cazorla not fit well, Pressure too much on Giroud, some of the teams wanted to go for it, some were cautioned and that is what failed us, plus walcott still dont know how to push as a second striker just like Gervinho do, if we could only mix them together in the same person.

    Anyway I am starting to like it when we win Ugly, something we missed for a long time.

  • Asif

    Well whatever people and it was not the prettiest Arsenal vitory by any stretch…but this season I’ve seen a grit in this team which was not seen in earlier teams!

    Well played boys!!! We deserved the 3 points come what may and Fulham is always tricky…this was our first win in 5 games against them…

  • Gbemy

    We will keep on trying until Wenger realize Gervino is the only dribbling player we got who can hold on to the ball beat players one on one, and this guy now create chance for others to scores, I don’t no the criteria he use to select his own player…Gervino has played 5matches of resent with 4 assist and 2 goes or so, y would Wenger keep him on the bench for God sake, Walcot is no were to be Found today , Carzo is rubbish ramsey can’t connect with his attackers and still when this man want to change he Pull off Rosi the only player that keep the game alive. Any way I no you all will be happy he drop Gervino but I promise you guys we going to regret it cos all this forward we got none of them can hold on play not to talk of beating players one on one.

  • As always we are the worst London team, in so many lunatics minds but we always prevail i just wonder why the sewer rats never ever give us a breather.
    Manure next lets prepare red nose with a lot of khati/mira to keep him busy chewing his drugs.
    Lets go gunners

  • Yassin

    @ Gbemy
    ” Carzo is rubbish ramsey can’t connect with his attackers and still when this man want to change he Pull off Rosi the only player that keep the game alive. ”

    Man sorry, but you are rubbish at football analysis, Rosicant play the whole 90min, and he had to take one of cazorla or Rosi,
    Cazorla can dribble well, we were shit today but that doesnt mean we are that always, we have lost a lot of games we should have won so stop moaning… The team Physically were tired, Arteta was playing with injury and so was Wilshere, Ramsey and Kosienly were the two best players of the match…Gervinho wasn`t playing against Everton because he is not good physically, and today Wenger wanted to keep the push walcot did and to show that everyone can hold his place with good playing, he couldn`t put him when we are 1-0 defending…..

    BTW this site supports all the players that put on a shirt with Arsenal on it, and so are its visitors, Just Read in Red UP!!!

  • Adam

    I think Man Utd can win the tittle against Villa, if City lose their next game against Tottenham. Noticed City are always playing one day ahead of United.

  • AL

    I’m pretty sure there have been games where we had tons of possession with something like 23 shots at goal and no goals, and I have heard people say stats are useless, its the goals that count.Well today we got the bit that counts and still people moan. A win is a win, and what will matter at the end of the season is the number in the last column in the table above, labelled Pts.

  • C4

    Thanks for that. Will watch the game in a few hours.
    That lady lino is quite good, the guys can learn plenty from her. I get the impression she has not been corrupted by the HOR thus far.

  • AL

    I find it a little curious AW is so far refusing to blame referees or other sides even in the face of some obvious & questionable decisions from the officials. Wily old fox? Without the mischevious bit obviously….

    That woman assistant ref is Sian Massey, the best official in the league without a doubt. She is brilliant getting all her offside calls correct as far as I know, the most famous one being the one that led to those prats andy gray and keys losing their jobs. This season the same ref we had today awarded Stoke a penalty when they met chelsea, but she raised her flag for an offside in the build up, and the penalty decsion was correctly overturned. Today she correctly ensured a goal that wasn’t a goal was never awarded, meaning we preserved our lead. She’s good, and puts to shame all these men in black. She’s a qualified ref as well and one wonders why (with the supposed shortage of officials in the prem, only 16 available) why she doesn’t take full charge of the matches. If only we had more officials like her in the game.

  • C4

    I think AW is deliberately winding them up. He knows they’ve been trying to cause an Arsenal “slip up”, as the rags like to call it. But we’re built of sterner stuff these days. I believe our league position will be much better next season, because our team is beginning to gel. The defense is becoming meaner by the game, and I don’t expect any major departures this off season. If AW keeps his ruthless streak (see Andre Santos) and gets in some reinforcements, I think we can challenge for the title again.
    Speaking of Santos – it’s basically curtains for him isn’t it? Now that we have Nacho, he’s 3rd choice at best. Poor guy…

  • Rufusstan

    @C4 — agree about Arsene and the refs.

    He’s fully aware that getting into it is a no win situation, and with the form he has with both the FA and UEFA mean he’ll get hammered if he says anything at all.

    I thought the interview after Everton was great, managed to make it clear where he thought the blame was without saying anything that the FA could use against him.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Think the ref was not that bad on first sight on my internet stream to be honest.
    A few interesting calls.

    Sidwell red card: going in like that catching Arteta just above the ankle is a red card. If Arteta has his studs planted in the ground he would be Eduardo 2 now.
    Giroud red card looked worse than it was but a ref can only seen it once and from one angle. His standing leg slipped and so he ended up with his other foot over the ball. I can understand the ref.

    Another interesting call: Sian Masey raises her flag for an offside but the ref overturns her leading to a free kick for Fulham. Ref was right in overturning the call as the ball was played from an Arsenal player but this might have been not possible to see by the assistant who then raises the flag to inform the ref for the offside who then signalled to put her flag down and let play continue.

    The yellow card for Arteta was wrong. It was a dive from Emanuelson.

    The call from Sian Masey to disallow an offside goal from Fulham was also correct.

    Oh Sian, if I would have no wife: would you marry me? 😉 LOL.

  • AL

    Agree, he must be doing that deliberately. Some of the decisions he’s ‘agreed’ with are laughable.

    And yes, we should be better next season as in recent seasons the first half of the season has been about getting the replacements to gel in(after departures from key players every summer)which could explain why over the last 3 or 4 years our form in the first half of the season is almost the opposite of the second. I dont have the stats in front of me but our run since January must be better than all in the premiership I think? Maybe utd only might have a better run?

  • soglorious


  • C4

    That’s exactly how I”m looking at it. We’ve been rebuilding a lot at the start of recent seasons, so I hope we can keep this group together, while blooding in youngsters to replace the aging senior members. If properly trained / developed, I think Coquelin = Smarteta’s backup and eventual replacement. Also:
    Eisfeld = Rosicky
    Aneke = Diaby
    Gnabry = Gervinho / Podolski
    Olsson = Jack’s backup
    Yennaris = Ramsey’s backup
    Frimpong = Song’s late replacement.
    Apkom = fresh option up front, though he might go through a rite of passage on the wings…
    Can’t think of 1 of our kids with a similar style to Cazorla though.

  • C4

    And I left out Miquel, Toral, Bellerin…
    We actually have quite a number of decent kids we can ease into the senior team. Judging by what I saw of the kids in pre-season, I’d say some are ready to start pushing for a spot in COC. That’s traditionally been their competition, and I say screw the trophy drought, let’s give it back to the kids. At least in the initial stages. If they can take us to the quarter finals, the seniors can take over again and collect the cup when it gets rough. But I’d love to see a predominantly kid’s squad in the COC, giving Bradford hell.

  • bjtgooner

    Another “must win” game out of the way and another valuable three points. Not our best performance, but we still played some good football & the team stuck at it right to the end.

    @Walter – re your take on the Giroud red – is it worth an appeal?

  • Rupert Cook

    Sian Massey is a great official. More women should be officiating.

    Fulham having a man sent off seemed to inspire a little lack of urgency in the team but we got three points which is all that matters.

    Both red cards seemed fair but Giroud did look like he slipped when you see the incident on tv and as Walter said it wouldn’t be easy for the ref to see.

  • WalterBroeckx

    intent is no issue on the field so the ref can hand out the red card.
    The punishment will be 3 games normally.

    In an appeal you could argue and show that it was more an accident (losing his footing) And then it can lead to a smaller punishment. But known the FA and Arsenal they will probably ban him for 3 years if we appeal. 😉

  • Rupert Cook

    @C4 Frimpong is not good enough. Far too reckless and not that skillful. He’ll be shipped out. Eisfield looks promising.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    A good and hard fought win for us to keep us on track for a CL place – well done guys !
    @ Rupert Cook – Would have to agree with you (and the guys) that Sian Massey is a very good official .As for your comment that more women should be officiating (just tongue in cheek – I think ), don’t you get ‘officiated ‘ enough at home ?
    Take my wife , please !
    @ Walter – If Ms.Massey is into 56 year old portly ( some kind souls may even term it ‘chubby’),gentlemen who have a full head of hair (but alas not too many of their teeth !), then I’m willing to fight you for her!
    Just name the time and place!
    Cheers !

  • Tasos

    Sian Massey, worth her weight in gold. Has she given but one incorrect decision yet?

    Tough game, big win. Respect to Fulham for putting up a good fight with 10 men.

    Agree with Mandy, Arsenal looked jaded and it would appear the Everton battle had taken its toll on both teams yesterday.

    Rest and recover, recharge the batteries ready for the big game next weekend.

  • Stroller

    Like us, Everton also had a sluggish display losing at Sunderland. MOTD referred to the hard match against us midweek as a partial explanation. But of course when reviewing our performance no mention of it.

    In any event we got the 3 points and they got none, ending their CL chances.

  • Adam

    I can imagine my missus officiating, first ten minutes, 7 sendings off, match abandoned, she’s off shopping early.

  • dan

    take the win, the joy any true gooner wintnessing the dissapointment personified on the faces of the motd pundits is most welcome.

  • Mandy Dodd

    C4, I really hope we get to see some of that lot in the first team. But, they face an uphill battle. There is more pressure on Wenger now, the owner wants to improve marketing meaning there is more pressure in success in the near future. Not sure developing too many kids is a luxury that will be afforded to Wenger, but we shall see. Having said that, I expect one or two young arrivals from Barca this summer. I also expect a striker, a bums on seats type name. The usual suspects will leave. I also worry about the Arsenal future for a couple of our defenders, players I have very high regard for. But if they do go, we have players in place or will buy. We have been sailing very close to the wind in the last couple of seasons, this summer, that will stop. Much depends on whether Wenger wants a new deal, or will leave resources for his successor. Many expect us to buy also the likes of Capoue, but not sure what that will do to Rambo or Arteta, let alone Coq. Wenger has some very, very tough choices to make.
    On another note, amazed the despair of some of our so called fans at winning yesterday. Opinion on various club policies is divided, fair enough, I have a critic or two in my household, but I cannot understand those so far gone, they want us to lose or not be in Europe to satisfy their twisted agendas. They want us to spend big…but want us out of the CL??? I found myself thinking we have some of the worst fans on the planet, however, with some, you scroll a bit further, and they start bigging up the Spuds. Some….but by no means all.
    Lets have a good day for Arsenal today

  • Ray from Norfolk

    CL is a must.
    CL is a must.
    St. Totteringham will not be on day 38, but earlier IMVHO.

  • AL

    Also noticed the Everton loss being attributed to their exertions at the Emirates a few days earlier. But no mention of the same affecting Arsenal.

  • The little tots coming from behind to lead 3- 1 and give manure the trophy with against Aston villa. We have gota fight on, the struggle continues.