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July 2021

Arsenal have the money, but who is to be purchased?

For the last few transfer windows, the AAA have stated that we need half a dozen players to turn the club around, and have criticised the club when, inevitably their expectations have not been met.

As a result the media have played the game with the AAA, taking them to be representative of the club’s support, and then making out that there is a crisis at Arsenal.

But each transfer window this blog, and a few others, have made the point that the financial world at Arsenal is about to changel.  And change it now has.

This summer we will have a new kit arrangement, and the new deal probably with Puma will all by itself add over £20m a year to Arsenal’s income for the next five years.

That is before we think about the £150 million shirt sponsorship deal with Emirates that has just come along.  It is almost as if Untold was telling it how it would be, and the AAA were making a fuss.  Well, I never.

Arsenal will also become the first ever Premier League team to play a match in Vietnam on July 17 as part of their pre-season tour of Asia.  Asia, China and the US are the three targeted markets, and that mantra is being repeated over and over.

Which raises the question, who should we buy?

An interesting place to start is right back.   Sagna clearly suffered badly from the two leg breaks, but he might stay on for a year or two, and with luck Jenkinson will continue to grow into the role.   We also have Coquelin showing strength and ability, and he will be further advanced next season.

But should we need someone in the meanwhile to help with the growth of the squad there is a lot of talk of Lukasz Piszczek from Borussia Dortmund.  He is a Polish international, 27 years old and on a contract with another 3 years to run, so he will be expensive but not prohibitively so.

Then there is the issue of another forward.   Is Theo ready to play centre forward?  If so who plays off him.  Arsenal’s priority this summer is still a new striker, with a club record bid expected for Fiorentina’s Stevan Jovetic.  He is Montenegrin and he plays for Fiorentina and has that most Wengerian of essentials: pace.

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Then there is the question of the goalkeeper.   I thought both Wojciech Szczesny and Lukasz Fabianski had done well of late but reports suggest we are on the look out for another.  The Stoke keeper has been mentioned.  Personally I don’t see it, but what do I know?

Midfield looks to me to be settled, and I am not sure we need anyone else, although talk to any Spanish journalist and you will be told that Cesc is on his way back, most certainly.  Rosicky and Arteta are both over the magic age of 30, so presumably there will be some changes.

Theo at centre forward and Cesc just behind him?

Happy Birthday Dennis Bergkamp

59 comments to Arsenal have the money, but who is to be purchased?

  • ARSENAL 13

    I wonder if we go on to win the league (I hope and am confident that we can) next season what the talk will be about……….I pity Wenger. He will never get credit (he gets it here though) for any amount of good work hez done/will do.

  • Adam McGee-Abe

    My dream list that’s Very achievable is as follows! Sign all early in the window to optimise preseason and settle the team quickly. S. Jovetic (more or less a done deal), L. Remy (settled in London, playing well and would be good value), K. Strootman (#1 choice, I see him as our solution to the DM role. He’s mix of Gareth Barry’s DM positioning, strength and tackling, Gerrard’s vision, drive & passing range + RVP’s skill. Already a proven Dutch international) & Hiroki Sakai (massive potential as a RB/CB, Japanese: will work hard, he’s physically a beast and just watch the video of him vs Santos in world club cup final vs Neymar. Raw talent for Wenger to shape and nurture.

  • 49Unbeaten

    We’ll be losing Djourou and Squid so another CB is a must. We’ve been lucky with injuries in this department so haven’t really noticed how thin we are at the back. This season we’ve leaked the same amount of goals as ManU(re)so obviously we need to score more. Giroud will be great next season and once Podolski has had his much needed surgery he’ll be able to play there with more effect next season but we still need that finnisher who can put away some of those chances we create. Jovetic is an excellent player but he’s more of a free roaming hole type player so he’d be a great addition. We need to look at who’s going and then make a judgement call on wh should come in. So who should leave? Arshavin, Djourou, Squid, Denilson, Bendtner, Chamakh, Santos, Diaby,Gervinho(?). By all accounts thats 2 defenders, 2 strikers, a winger and a midfielder. So a defender and a striker are a must. I actually think we need an out and out left winger too instred of making German “striker” Podolski do a job there.

  • 49Unbeaten

    Add the fact that Rosicky ain’t getting any younger AND injury prone I think that is where Jovetic comes in to pay, NOT as a striker…..

    Jenks – Mert – Kozzer – Monreal
    Arteta – Wilshere
    Walcott – (New striker) – Cazorla

  • Matt

    I guess the more important question is “Who will be sold?”

  • adekoya gbenga seun

    Spend this money

  • bob

    Do you ever dream out loud? Once again you offer up a figleaf for standing pat, or playing it conservatively, when we have the money to improve. Are you only in a comparative accountancy league? This article’s very question is a statement of your affirming the fourth place comfort zone. Blame that on your handy AAA, but your low aspirational performances give any AAA fuel for their toxic flames. Especially now that there is actual money and the prospect of money, you emerge as the Grinch who stole christmas; a pre-emptive strike on the mounting excitement in a thirsty fan base. Why do this? Why now? Indeed, you choose this moment to riddle an article with this mantra:

    …so he will be expensive but not prohibitively so.
    …Personally I don’t see it, but what do I know?
    …Midfield looks to me to be settled, and I am not sure we need anyone else,

    On this issue: Is it your passion or job experience or calling to lower fans’ expectations? Now that there’s money to think and act and dream at a world class level of acquisition? Is that your working definition of tribalism?

  • bob

    p.s. the above is written to whoever (Unsigned) wrote this wet blanket of a posting.

  • bob

    p.s. is this posting’s lowered expectations the meaning of “supporting the board,” as you’ve proudly proclaimed?

  • BG

    winning the league next season?? the delusional people believing that are in a worst state than spusd fans!!!
    top players don’t even want to come to our club anymore!!
    Expect another few trophyless year with or without Wenger as the one coming after him will be stuck with countless useless players!!

  • Jerry

    BG, you’re a little too pessimistic there. The team is getting settled from the back forward. The defensive line was very good overall (with competition on the flanks) and the midfield is top class with multiple quality options (Arteta, Cazorla, Wilshere, Ramsey, Rosicky, the Ox if needed). The need is upfront with truly only Walcott, Podolski, and Giroud. This summer is about adding a striker and depth to all departments provided no major losses. I think Arsenal has a very good chance of being successful next year with a couple strategic purchases by the boss. He’s been spot on in the last couple purchases so no need lose faith in it now.

  • John

    Let’s hope that the suggestions about signing Rooney are just idle speculation (or deliberate mischief). He is not suitable to be one of our players, for several reasons, — not least because he is way past his best as a football player.

  • Arsenal1Again

    Nice to see Bob in full swing today. Untold is my favourite source of Arsenal and I do like the staff, the quality of the writing and many other things, but the blind excuse making for some appalling board/management decisions does smack too much of bias nowadays. I have said before the reason is probably the sale of Tony’s books by Arsenal and his other ties to the club. Arsenal basically gag Untold from reporting what they could with this monetary incentive and other perks. The credibility of the site has dropped because I am not the only one who has seen it. I am not AAA at all, I do feel though some Arsenal things should be discussed with fellow Arsenal Supporters and not dressed up as something else or dismissed completely. Untold is a great reference place, second only to the club itself; but as a forum it is of little use. A clique of Wengerites have evolved which is ok because I appreciate the continued importance of Wenger; but he’s far from perfect and does lie with his careful omittance of facts and deft use of “plausible deniability”. He is also guilty of inaction and has been complicit in some of the crimes by the board. To gag him when his Autobiography full of similar lies is published, he will be given a seat on the board.

    Sure it is great to see an immense foundation put in place for the future; but when this is complete and all comes to fruition I am hoping Wenger et al are not the custodians. I want Kroenke to remain the owner, we got lucky there, but things need to improve before I’m a happy camper again.

  • strikers: Jovetic and Lemy
    Midfield: Benteke to be playing behind a striker he will be alternating with Carzola and to give Carzola rest in some games.

    DM: Strootman
    Defence: Ashley williams

  • happyMW

    Wenger should start build the confidence by signing early. As we all know a striker or two is a must therefore the names of Jovetic, and Lewandowski being linked to us is convicing indeed. I want Coquelin to be more used, he is talented. I dont think goalkeepers should be an issue. scezy and fabianski can do the job, they both look good to me. Ashley Williams fits well to our system.

  • Charlie

    Not Theo as CF. A CF is a priority because Giroud is ok but look at our rivals and you see the top two teams with three excellent strikers. Arsenal really only have one decent striker. Podolski hasn’t been able to do it and Theo is better cutting in from the right where he has more space. The problem is that all the top teams want a striker this summer. I want to see Arsenal compete with City and Chelsea for players like Cavani and Falcao. It would be incredible if Arsenal were able to grab a player that either of those teams wanted after watching them pass us by for so long.

  • sperez

    With Wenger in charge I can see Loic Remy, someone the French manager really appreciated. French, Cheap and average. Remy ticks all the right boxes for him. An unambitious signing that won’t make Arsenal title contenders.
    Wenger knows most fans are fed up with his stupid ways but I doubt he will change. He is a loser through and through and wants to keep the expectations very low. The imaginary 4th place trophy awaits…

  • sperez


  • sperez

    Falcao to Monaco…

  • Sign Rooney if we can, get a Cesc back and we are good to go

  • bob

    Two posters above have said:
    “I want to see Arsenal compete with City and Chelsea for players like Cavani and Falcao. It would be incredible if Arsenal were able to grab a player that either of those teams wanted after watching them pass us by for so long.”
    “An unambitious signing that won’t make Arsenal title contenders.”

    I say we can afford to abandon the rationalizing of low expectations. When we finally have real money, Untold crows about it. When we don’t splash it for top tier talent, Untold applauds, and damns these calls as AAA deviltry. Why is Untold so gun-shy in this way, instead of seizing the moment and advocating that we use the money and go for it?

  • sperez

    A club like Monaco can afford Falcao and we have to put up with Wenger and his sycophants crying poverty. One thing is sure, if Wenger is allowed to continue his horrendous experiments we’ll slip further and further…
    I can see the likes of Tottenham strenghening their squad whether they get UCL or not. Arsenal has barely made UCL last season and Wenger sold our two best players and didn’t replace them with players of the same quality. I can see the same thing happening next season, Wenger will once again try his luck instead of acting proactively.

  • Charlie

    Absolutely Bob. Talk is cheap. The board say they have money. We will believe that Arsenal are coming out of the restrictions of paying for the stadium and that they have the ambition that they claim to have when we see Arsenal actually fighting with other teams that are in the Champions League. Us fans have paid the season ticket prices, we have shared the pain of paying for the long-term future of the club so it is time for us as fans to be rewarded with significant signings.

  • sperez

    I hope Falcao doesn’t go to France…Arsenal should buy him.

  • sperez

    John, do not worry. ManU will never sell us a good player…this reminds me of RVP…really ironic.

  • nicky

    All this talk about likely massive spending on established stars simply doesn’t ring true to me.
    Historically speaking, Arsenal have never spent huge sums on new signings. At least not since 1938 when a record £14,000 was paid for Bryn Jones from Wolves!
    There appears to be an inbuilt reluctance to spend recklessly
    which successive Boards and Managers have faithfully followed since time immemorial.
    Prudent spending in the extreme appears to be the perpetual watchword and somehow I feel it will be difficult to break this type of mould.

  • Right back: I have faith in Jenkinson, I like Coquelin, and don’t forget Ramsey has filled in there 3 times this season as Wenger played “musical chairs” with his substitutions. I really don’t think we need a new one… this summer.

    Forward: I can’t see Theo as a centre-forward. As for Jovetic… Juventus essentially get whoever they want, van Persie being a notable (and execrable) exception, because, aside from PSG and the Manchester clubs, they can outspend anybody, and the Italian FA usually look the other way on them (except when Calciopoli happened). And I’m seeing Juventini on Twitter saying they don’t want Juve to sign Jovetic, that he’s not very good and he’s injury-prone. Do we really need a Balkaney, less-adulterey, less-red-cardey (to put it in Arseblogspeak) version of RVP?

    Goalkeeper: None of the suggested options sounds good to me.

    Fabregas: If you’ve met the girl of your dreams, you don’t invite to the wedding the crazy chick who stabbed you and left you for her previous boyfriend. Fabregas can rot in Barcelona, because he can’t be trusted.

  • Charlie

    I think the problem is that we have heard talk about money being available to spend before but a player leaves for big money and the players coming in are worth roughly what came in. It breeds mistrust which is unhealthy. It worries me that they are claiming to be ready to spend big because it leaves the door open again for further mistrust of the people running the club. Lying is a form of disrespect and the result is a deteriorating relationship between fans and management. I love the club but I am really growing sick of being lied to by those that run the club.

  • WalterBroeckx

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Dzeko would be one of our targets. But then again what do I know 😉

  • Stuart

    Lewandowski is going to Bayern.

  • John

    Quality striker Lewandowski would be ideal or Higuain someone who can lead the line and convert the chances I dont think we take enough of the chances we create.

    Bring in Remy if he is available for 7M we need loads of options and competition he can play on left also.

    I like the idea of Julie Ceaser coming in he would be cheap and help develop Sczcnesy into the world class goalkeeper he can be. Sczcnesy only trouble is a got ahead of himself.

    RB only if Sagna goes I still believe in Sagna he his been a terrific servabt to this club okay he is not the player he was but considering he was imo the best RB in england he is still good enough.

    Unlce Mike love the Cesc comment and your right plus we dont need him Wilshere and Cazorla/Rosicky can play there.

  • Shard

    I don’t know what some people are getting worked up about with this article. I saw it as a piece meant to prompt some discussion on transfers. What positions to strengthen at? Who to buy? Always a fun prospect for fans I would have thought..

  • They should just go ahead and make some decent signings and let some squad members leave, I don’t need to mention names because we all know them.
    They are spending too much time scouting, arguing and speculating.

  • GoingGoingGooner

    I have said before the reason is probably the sale of Tony’s books by Arsenal and his other ties to the club. Arsenal basically gag Untold from reporting what they could with this monetary incentive and other perks. The credibility of the site has dropped because I am not the only one who has seen it.

    I call BS on Arsenal1Again.

  • GoingGoingGooner

    Oops forgot to put quotation marks around Arsenal1Again’s little rant.

  • Yassin

    stop being stupid, if u dont like this site, go somewhere else just as that, all this cause he wrote who he thought we need, what do you want him to do?
    Walter, Tony, may you rewrite this and buy us new eleven players, start even lying and create some rumors, then they will love u.
    lost credibility, and u can see it, arsenal pay Untold, why? because they write what is real and you dont like it, funny?

  • Yassin

    Man I thought you are a rational person whom we all enjoy debating with, what happened? why the anger?

  • weedonald

    If we take it position by position and try and analyze each set of players in line for that position (academy and youth as well), keeping in mind their age and international experience we have:

    Keeper: Szcesny,Fabianski,Mannone – both Poles are internationals, Woijech is 22, Fabianski is 27 amd Mannone is 25 (all nearing their best years…mayeb someone like Cesar to help train them and back them up?

    Defenders: Jenkinson (21),Sagna (30) full French international,Mertesacker (29)full German International, Vermaelen (28) Belgium international, Koscielny (28) French international, Monreal (27) and Gibbs (24)….a strong back 4 but maybe if Sagna leaves, we could use another left back and CB

    Midfielders: Diaby (27),Rosicky (32)captain of Czech Rep.,Arteta (31), Wilshere (21) English international, Ramsey (23)Welsh international,Cazorla(27),Spanish international,Coquelin (22)….a strong midfield but could use another DM perhaps?

    Strikers: Podolski (27) full German international,Giroud (27) French international, Walcott (23)English international,
    Oxlade-Chamberlain (20) English international,Gervinho (26)French international….here is where we need reinfocements for sure.

    Our potential academy candidates for first team are, imho:

    Keepers: none ready at the moment
    Defenders: Miguel and Bellerin
    Midfield: Gnarby and Eisfeld
    Strikers: Akpom

    Out on loan candidates: Frimpong (midfield),Campbell(striker), Miyachi (striker)

    There is definite room for improvement in certain areas but we have to remember the 25 player rule and certain other restraints Wenger is under. Who will come in? I believe we will not have any idea until the official website announces a signing….my best guess is a striker and a DM/CB and they will be classy but affordable: Jovetic, Cesar, Remy, Williams?

  • ARSENAL 13


    Gervinho is from Africa. But you are right. Forward line could do with an addition.

    Also feel that, Gnabry, Eisfeld and Akpom are, at least, a couple of years away. But I would like to see Afobe and Frimpong in the first team next season (if they have progressed as expected ie).

  • Steve

    I wrote this a few weeks ago


    Szczesny, Wojciech age 22 out of contract 2014
    Fabianski, Lukasz age 27 out of contract 2013
    Mannone, Vito age 25 out of contract 2014
    Martinez, Damian age 20 out of contract?
    Shea, James age 21 out of contract?
    Deyan Iliev age 17 out of contract?
    Vickers, Josh age 17 out of contract?
    Cook, Reice-Charles 19 out of contract?

    Looking at the ages of our goal keepers it would suggest Arsenal need an older and more experienced keeper to help bring Szczesny, Martinez and Shea through. Fabianski although playing well at the moment should be allowed to Leave the club on a free transfer although good if Arsenal can bring into that older experienced keeper he will be left on the sidelines. Mannone a keeper entering his final year should be sold a good back up keeper but I think needs more games to improve which he will not get at Arsenal.

    Two keepers out and one in with Martinez and Shea as back up third and fourth choice goal keepers.

    On the subject of goalkeepers, I have serious doubts about the level of training they receive; to me they all make the same mistakes this can only be done to Gerry Peyton Arsenal’s goal keeping coach. Perhaps a new coach or new coaching techniques are needed.


    Gerry Peyton


    I will split these up into positions; players will appear in more than one group of positions.

    Right Backs-

    Sagna, Bacary age 30 out of contract 2014
    Jenkinson, Carl age 21 out of contract 2018
    Coquelin, Francis age 21 out of contract 2015

    The big question is do Arsenal keep Sagna for the last season of his contract? A great defender but I am beginning to be worried about his abilities to help the attack. Watching a few games this season his final ball is terrible to say the least and his abilities to get back are slowing. This is down to the two broken legs and may recover better next season but do Arsenal allow him to leave on a free or take money for him at the end of this season. Wenger does seem to like to give players the chance of a last biggish pay day. Jenkinson looks a good right back he can get up and down the wing and his crossing is so much better than Sagna’s. His only problems at the moment are, positioning and is rash in the tackle but these will come with experience. Can Arsenal go into a full season with Jenkinson as our main right back, I would like a player with the experience of Monreal to come in and replace Sagna so they can swap with Jenkinson.



    Left Backs-

    Monreal, Nacho age 27 out of contract 2017
    Gibbs, Kieran age 23 out of contract 2018
    Vermaelen, Thomas age 27 out of contract 2015
    Miquel, Ignasi age 21 out of contract?
    Santos, Andre age 30 out of contract 2015

    As per usual with Arsenal they are strong in this position,. Gibbs is the better defender while from his few appearances so far this season Monreal looks a great attacking full back. Cover for these two are short though Vermaelen when playing at left back is tooeasily drawn into the middle leaving huge gaps, Miquel is more of a center back and should not be asked to cover this position.Santos on the other hand is nothing like a left back, What Wenger or his scouts saw in him I do not know. He seems to be strugglingin the Brazilian league where he is on loan if Arsenal can get shot of him it would be a good thing



    Center Backs-

    Mertesacker, Per age 28 out of contract 2015
    Vermaelen, Thomas age 27 out of contract 2015
    Koscielny, Laurent age 27 out of contract 2017
    Squillaci, Sebastian age 32 out of contract 2013
    Djourou, Johan age 26 out of contract 2015
    Miquel, Ignasi age 21 out of contract?
    Jenkinson, Carl age 21 out of contract 2018

    I will do the easy bit first goodbye Squillaci a stand in centre back that like Mikael Sylvestre just did not work. For being a so calledun Wenger like signing Mertesacker seems to be the first centre back name on the defencive team sheet this season. He might be slow of pace but his positioning and organisation skills seem to be what Arsenal need. Thomas Vermaelen is a problem is the pressure of the captaincy taking its toll or is the left ankle injury he suffered last season more of a problem than expected? His positioning is suspect and for an experienced defender is rash in his challenges in and around the penalty box.

    Koscielny at this moment in time the perfect partner for Mertesacker, he makes up for the lack of pace and unlike Vermaelen less rash in his challenges (apart from the odd shirt pull, which may or may not be a penalty depending on which day it is by the media & pundits!!). I have to feel sorry for Djourou a centre back who in no way is a right back asked to play right back and does a poor job there, at a club like Arsenal he is and will always be a third of the fourth choice central defender. When he comes in at centre back he always gives his best but his confidence seemed to take a huge knock after Wenger played him at right back. Unfortunately for him I doubt if he will ever get another chance at Arsenal.

    On the few occasions we have seen Miquel play at centre back he has looked good a player I would quite happy to see on the bench instead of Squillaci or Djourou.




    Vermaelen if Barcelona come in with a good offer would you take it?

    Midfield-attacking, central or defensive

    Rosicky, Tomas age 32 out of contract 2014
    Cazorla, Santi age 28 out of contract 2016
    Diaby, Abou age 26 out of contract 2015
    Arteta, Mikel age 31 out of contract 2015
    Ramsey, Aaron age 22 out of contract 2018
    Wilshere, Jack age 21 out of contract 2018
    Coquelin, Francis age 21 out of contract 2015
    Frimpong, Emmanuel age 21 out of contract 2013
    Denilson age 25 out of contract 2015
    Miyaichi, Ryo age 20 out of contract 2015

    I will start with who should be sold first as it is the easiest one to do, none of them. No only joking, Rosicky might be injury prone butthe end of last season and the end of this season have shown how valuable he is to Arsenal. Diaby the most injury prone players since Rosicky, if Arsenal can get him fit (I know it’s a big ask) then I think he will be a good player for Arsenal. Perhaps Arsenal should look at sending him out on loan (back to France) next season to get him fit and then make a decision on him at the end of the 2014 season. Ramsey, Wilshere and Coquelin I think could be the midfield partnership for years to come, Ramsey is getting back to the player Arsenal hoped he would be before the leg break. Wilshere needs an injury free season and then could be the next Arsenal captain for years and in Coquelin we have the holding midfield player the club needs.

    Cazorla (he can’t take a corner) has had an outstanding first season at Arsenal just hope he does not suffer the second season drop off syndrome and Mr reliable, Arteta just keeps the team ticking over. The only downside of many of our midfielders is their seeming unwillingness to shoot when in good positions; Wilshere & Arteta are most guilty of this.

    That leaves Fimpong a good player but too hot headed for the Premier league and Arsenal, is it worth giving him a new contract? And Denilson a Wenger punt on a player who has not improved with age, while others around him grew and matured he has unfortunately stayed at the same level. Ryo Miyaici I would like to see brought back off loan and to play with the U21’s and given a run in the cups but perhaps his ankle injuries are holding him back as a player?




    Arshavin, Andrey age 31 out of contract 2013
    Podolski, Lukas age 27 out of contract 2016
    Giroud, Olivier age 26 out of contract 2017
    Walcott, Theo age 24 out of contract 2016
    Oxlade-Chamberlain, Alex age 19 out of contract 2018
    Gervinho age 25 out of contract 2015
    Park, Ju-Young age 27 out of contract 2015
    Bendtner, Nicklas age 25 out of contract 2014
    Chamakh, Marouane age 29 out of contract 2014

    Arshavin, Park, Bendtner and Chamakh thanks for everything but goodbye, adios, adieu, Cheerio, ciao and Godspeed to you all. I could go into detail about why they have failed to make it at Arsenal but this will be another 500 words long if I did and I’m sure you don’t want that. That leaves us with the ‘I want to be a striker but not play as a striker’ Walcott who on too many occasions flatters. He needs to be played in the old inside right position but getting him there seems to be a problem for him and Wenger. Gervinho aplayer who would be great,. If only his left foot knew what his right foot was doing. These two players I would give one more season to Theo needs to start producing performances regularly and Gervinho needs to I think calm down when he has the ball. He is like a rabbit in the headlights dashing from side to side not knowing in which direction to go.

    Giroud a great first season but needs a partner, he looks so much better when either Podolski or Walcott plays closer to him. Lukas Podolski I hope all the talk of him going is just media rubbish, get him fully fit over the summer with the operation he needs and play him closer to Giroud and they could become a great striking partnership.



    There you go twelve players I think should be on their way this summer with one maybe and one coach. Seven of those players are out on loan and two do not play at all so they will not be missed except for the wages going out.

    That leaves Arsenal needing a goalkeeper, a goalkeeping coach, a right back, a centre back and a striker this summer.

    When and if Arsenal sign any players will come down to where they finish in the league, third and it’s earlyish buying and selling for Wenger, fourth and it’s wait until we qualify for the CL proper (if they do?). Fifth will Wenger have to go back to the drawing board to look at different players?

  • americangooner

    Since everyone is starting to ride on the transfer bandwagon, i am gonna follow too.
    Firstly i don’t think GK is a problem at all. most of the clean sheets are due to excellent defensive displays from mert and kos and we are 3rd in goals conceded, which according to statiscians, contain mostly defensive errors, which cannot be alluded to bad GK.
    In the event that sagna leaves, jenkinson cannot be fully trusted to take on the reins of LB. This is due jenkinson isn’t fully developed to handle pressure situation. If he was able AW would have replaced sagna with jenkinson after the former’s terrible mistake at OT. So an experienced LB is a must if sagna is to leave.
    Onto MF, I would like to see someone brought to supplement Arteta as we cannot continue to expect the same level of consistency throughout the season from him, and i believe it is burdening him too much.
    the forward/main striker is the position that i would like arsenal to improve the most. Giroud is the only proper striker we have. podolski fluorishes more from the left and walcott from the right. I am suggesting that we buy Benteke as he has shown he can perform brilliantly in any formation – 4231, 433 or 442. That he scored 18 and assisted in 4 (involvemnt in 22 goals in his first season) and he is just 22 -the same age Henry was bought from Juve to Arsenal, is enough of a motivation to buy world class.
    we have always been 2 or 3 players from winning the title/ seriously contending for the title. stadium costs, oil money and players leaving have unsettled arsenal. now that we are financially a bit better and no one important player is showing signs of rebellion, this 2013-14 could be a true turning point but only if we add/invest on what we already have.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Agree steve we really have to look at the gk coaching iand maybe a few other issues I the support set up I think wenger can be too loyal at times. Our team have done well lately I would bring in an older keeper an experienced utility defender cesc and a striker but not over convinced by remy we can do better. Our injury situation has improved but I would poach the spud medics! Could vermaelen play mf?

  • Mandy Dodd

    Steve also hope wenger does not wait if we are fourth we have the money and most players need time to integrate over the summer we don’t need another summer of cesc! Unless of course we are getting him back

  • ARSENAL 13

    hahah….What if the Puma thing is a vapor???….All hopes and feel good factor, gone in seconds.

    Anyway that deal will only start pumping money from 2014-15 season. I hope we dont give in to this pressure of “Spend will U” thing. And continue with our sustainable policy and youth development.

  • Steve


    If the Puma deal is true I would imagine Arsenal could release funds early on the back of the deal knowing it will be covered in 14/15

  • Arun

    Have to disagree with you on Sagna. I know he has made mistakes but we need his experience. Jenkinson is young and still has to learn a lot of things. We need our first choice starting XI from the beginning to make a good start to the league.

  • Arun

    I hope you know that totts use blood spinning to recover from the injuries which is debatable about its legality and possible future effects on the body.
    And I do hope that we don’t wait till the playoffs to buy players as it might be too late till then. Further more, I think that our record in the playoffs stand at 10 wins out of 10. So, it’s worth a risk to do our business early.

  • bob

    And if we do our business early, then those new additions are playoffs-eligible, right?

  • Steve


    Not even if we get a younger experienced RB to replace him like we have with Monreal at LB?

  • Stuart

    IMO, Sagna will be going and Jenko will be stepping up here. It seems there came a point in the season when Sagna really changed his attitude and seemed already out of the door. I can’t see us buying someone to replace him.

  • Arun

    Yeah, they definitely are eligible.
    Just for his experience and a continuity where the core of the team remains unchanged.

  • Arun

    Chelsea are a goal down and a man down. Let’s hope villa does us a favor tonight.

  • Mandy Dodd

    yes have heardabout the blood spinning Arun, think they recently used that on Bale. He does seemed to have come back rather quickly from what at least appeared a bad injury, although he looked short of fitness against Chelsea this week.Same with Lennon.
    as for the playoffs, if we are in them, as you say, we usually do ok, though I would hope to avoid teams from Spain Italy or especially Germany

  • Doublegooner

    Arsenal 13
    Anyway that deal will only start pumping money from 2014-15 season. I hope we dont give in to this pressure of “Spend will U” thing. And continue with our sustainable policy and youth development.


    It’s so exciting seeing the club hoard all those millions isn’t it ?? 🙂

  • goonergerry

    As season ticket renewal is about to start, the club do nothing to dampen wild media speculation- about star players being bought by the club. It happens every year-and every year the club buys cheap if it buys at all and revenue from departures always exceeds purchases at the end of the transfer window.

    A close analysis of the costs of Arsenal transfers under Arsene Wenger reveals that Wiltord at 13m is the most expensive transfer fee Arsenal have ever paid for a player.

    It is premature to speculate on buying players when champions League qualification and income is far from secure-especially at Arsenal- the most financially cautious football regime in the EPL. It is far more likely that surpluses will be used to reduce stadium interest payments or pay Shareholder dividends.

    Given our recent history of selling stars.If Arsenal do buy players the biggest question Arsenal fans should be asking is who are the club going to sell?

  • Rupert Cook

    @Goonergerry,the cynic in me is sated by the point of your post.

    If we are to really challenge we need to be expansive with our money, not cautiously tiptoe around decent players then scarper the minute Chelsea or City hove into view.

    Remy is not the sort of striker we want. He looks far too ordinary. If we’re going to be that conservative why not buy Michu who looks superior?

    I like what I’ve heard about this Bony guy. I know we’ll never purchase the likes of Falcao so maybe someone who scores freely in the Dutch league is the answer.

    Another midfielder would be useful. We can’t rely on Diaby and Rosicky is injury prone too. Arteta is ageing and we need more creativity than Cazorla who is expected to do far too much.

    Sagna looks spent too so probably need a world class replacement. A trio of world class players would be a positive start to the season and no selling of the few remaining talents we have like Koscielny who is on Bayern’s want list according to the media.

    This would most likely ensure we won’t be scrapping around for fourth place next year although we’ll still struggle to contend with City and Chelsea who I suspect will strengthen significantly. Might win the FA Cup though, maybe Martinez can give Wenger some tips on how to beat City. We really have to improve against the big teams, our record against them is shocking.

  • Shard


    ” It is far more likely that surpluses will be used to reduce stadium interest payments or pay Shareholder dividends.”

    The stadium interest payments are locked in at a fixed rate of around 19m pounds. To pay the loan off sooner has costs attached to it which make it more expensive than it is now. So that won’t happen. As to dividends, it is always possible, but so far none have been taken and it would be a major change in policy if they were started now. My guess is, even if they were to take dividends, they won’t do it now. They’ll wait till the fanbase has been calmed with some trophies.

    As you say, Wiltord (or maybe Reyes or Arshavin) was the most expensive signing under Wenger. But remember the time aspect for Wiltord. Accounting for inflation in football terms, that fee is probably well beyond the 30m mark today. And we let him go for free! In my view, Wenger isn’t reluctant to spend on someone he feels can improve the squad to the extent that the money justifies (and this is also linked with the amount of money he has at his disposal). It would be too much of a coincidence if the stadium move is not linked to the lack of big transfers.

    And as regards your last line as to who we are going to sell, I’m thinking that with the possible exception of Song, we’ve not sold anyone who didn’t agitate for a move away. At this point, Sagna, and perhaps Vermaelen are the only ones who might fit that bill.

  • Shard

    Actually, I just realised, there will be no dividends paid. Paying dividends means giving money to Usmanov. That won’t happen, because there is no need for it. If Kroenke wants to take money out, all he needs to do is pay himself whatever salary he wants. (At the moment this is 25k per annum)

  • gee


    May 12, 2013 at 2:27 am

    “As season ticket renewal is about to start, the club do nothing to dampen wild media speculation- about star players being bought by the club. It happens every year-and every year the club buys cheap if it buys at all and revenue from departures always exceeds purchases at the end of the transfer window”

    i dont see why the club would react to every bit of speculation rumored to be happening by the tabloids.

    And the club have never broke transfer records for at least the last 30/40yrs. The board have always been cheap in that respect.