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  1. Tsaga rana

    Most English referees are bias

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  3. soglorious

    @rana with Mike Dean and Howard Webb leading the front. I fear for our match against Wigan now that Chelsea is losing with a man out

  4. AL

    Pussy-footing, that’s the term that perfectly describes the media here. They’re are awful people, in collusion with bent refs, managers, police, you name it. Horrible horrible people. No wonder we have had our own sportsmen leave these shores to go and settle in adopted foreign ccountries, just to get away from this horrible lot.

  5. nicky

    A sobering post merely emphasising how the professional game has descended from a pure sport into big business.
    And when I survey the media and its latest corrupt practices and perpetuating made-up stories, I’m afraid there isn’t much good to say about that branch of our society, either.
    The PR profession (if you can call the the work of con artists a profession) are the third arm in this triumvirate of dishonesty where “anything goes in order to achieve success”.

  6. Doanythingformoney

    Spoken in truth Tony.

    And a good game to play before watching a match is ‘Where’s the game management?’ The Villa game was a perfect example. The first question was ‘who do the Banking Elite, gofers and friends want to win?’ That must be Chelsea to keep them in the CL as they don’t care about Villa. The follow on would then be to look for evidence of bias towards Chelsea in the game. But that isn’t all. If there is game management going on- there must be a script. And if so, does the programme controller and the commentary team have this script also? Is there any evidence of prior knowledge as to who is wanted to win? And finally, who has been selected to give punditry? Are they balanced, even-handed, fair, or just a couple of safe pairs of hands to smooth over the inevitable contention according to the script?

    So what happened? Chelsea won after a myriad of strange decisions. Chelsea’s not given goal was replayed a dozen times. The red card tackle of JT was smoothed over nicely in commentary and Lambert was livid. Lampard,s cousin and Old Stoneface did nothing to highlight the gross unfairness of the result. And of course there was zero indication by anyone that game management is going on. There never is.

    What did you think about the ManU v Chelsea game? ManU have won the title! Did you think- ‘I wish Fergie had played that team against us a few days earlier? Did commentators and pundits major on this point? Not really! Sometimes expecting things allows you to see them ten times more clearly.

    And all the time, the lack of integrity by those who do anything for money simply sickens.

  7. Mark

    It is amazing to me that the press is not taking more seriously the investigation into match fixing and corruption in FIFA, or the strange financing of clubs. My guess is that they are lazy. And reporting on this would take some work and it might get some people upset who could block the journalist’s career. Journalists are in a profession with a lot of competition so doing things in ways that please the boss is very important. If SAF bans you or your network from the clubhouse the boss is upset with the journalist. So Untold keep up the good work you are doing to raise the real issues!

  8. Rupert Cook

    I don’t think the majority of the media care. There is possibly a certain amount of “that couldn’t happen here” attitude I suspect in many sections of the media which is somewhat reinforced by that column you mention in the Observer, the only paper I buy every week, and I do enjoy that column but I do think they sometimes focus on slightly odd goings on in the English league yet I’ve never seen them consider the bias of refs. Maybe there’s too much conjecture without solid proof on that subject. Allegations of the nature some aim at refs on this site would have to be strictly scrutinized and investigated before going to print.

    That isn’t to say there isn’t dubious practices going on.

    @Al the reason many of our sportspeople leave these shores is mainly about tax and nothing else and I think you’ll find our media is quite tame compared to some foreign ones.

  9. Stevie E

    “Allegations of the nature some aim at refs on this site would have to be strictly scrutinized and investigated before going to print.”

    It’s a shame the press don’t adhere to these high standards before printing rumour and speculation about a new manager being accused of child abuse. Or even a man on the street being accused of murder.

    The truth is the press will launch a witch hunt on the flimsiest of evidence in all other genres of the news, it seems odd to me that this glaringly obvious issue is swept under the carpet.

  10. Rupert Cook

    Don’t think it’s swept under the carpet, I think the media don’t care. Child abuse and murder stories sell papers, they catch the imagination of the general public whilst ref misbehaviour does not. The public gets the media it deserves.

  11. Stevie E

    Hang on, are you seriously suggesting that if it could be proven that refs are match fixing in the pl it wouldn’t be a sensational story? In a day and age where anything even remotely linked to the pl is headline news, why would corruption not be of interest? I think every football fan in the country would be very interested to learn that the pl is noting more than a glorified WWE…

  12. Mike T

    Football is all about opinons the trouble it seems to me is too many on here take their opinion being 100% fact
    For instance @Doanythingformoney talks about Chelsea against Villa and how the cards were stacked by the ref in Chelseas favour. Odd really as had that been the case Chelsea wouldnt Chelsea have been awarded the goal for the ball being over the line, not had a player sent off and wouldnt the villa player have been sent off rather than being booked for the elbow ? Also they say Terry should have been sent off yet opinion is split as to if he should have been sent off
    The real strange thing for me is that so many of you really think that Arsenal are badly treated and I know you will point to stats which you believe proves your viewpoint after all what do they say about lies, dammed ,ies and statistics

  13. Rupert Cook

    @Mike T, agree.
    @Stevie E It would be sensational but as it is merely opinion without solid proof it’s not going to be front page news.

  14. AL

    Nice to see ‘arry come out in support of rafa that sir red nose bullied officials and got preferential treatment as a result. The only problem with that, is its come 5 years late. But at least its a start, let’s hope more follow suit.

  15. Arun

    Sorry for going off topic Tony, but really needed to post this.
    Check out this series of articles on another blog.
    All the credit goes to Mahdain for finding out this brilliant link.

  16. Mahdain

    @Arun no problem. Have read that blog for a while now and he really writes amazing articles.

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