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June 2021

The Untold Arsenal hypothetical transfer quiz

By Walter Broeckx

With all the transfer rumours circulating just at the moment, we have a choice.  We can get angry about them or we can ignore them. Or we can use them. Use them to think a few things over. Use them to do a little kind of quiz. A quiz with no wrong answers in fact. So we all will be winners. Not sure what the prize can be, to be honest, but I am sure you can think one up.

Now what I will do is to give you a story about a possible transfer. And then you have to answer in terms of what you would do. But not just as a fan. No, you can do what we all do at times and that is crawl under the skin of Wenger and say what you would do if you were Wenger.

“Tell us what you would do if you were the Arsenal manager,” is the name of the game.   And in being the manager you only have to take in consideration what is best for the club. You should be able to forget some personal thoughts and emotions. You should think of the club interest first and you also should keep in mind if the arrival of any of these players could bring disruption to the current squad that has been growing closer to each other in the second half of the season. Maybe the most difficult thing to do.

But as most of us know better than Wenger we should have some interesting answers I think.

So here we go. First possible scenario.

1. Just imagine that RVP goes to his computer. He opens his website and starts typing: “Hey guys, I thought you like to know how things are going. Well to be honest after winning the league it felt great. But you know, now Ferguson is gone and I am staring in the prospect of playing under Moyes of all persons for the next four seasons I just wanted to let you know that I cannot agree with the direction MU is going. So I think I rather go back to Arsenal. Because winning the league in the MU colours is nice but at the end the sour taste in my mouth refused to go away. See you later.”

And then he would come back to Arsenal as Moyes wants him out after having put a knife in his back even before having spoken to each other. Just imagine this scenario (which is, I know, rather unlikely to happen in real life). But just for the sake of it just try to imagine it.

How would you react if on the first day of the Emirates cup you see RVP walking out the tunnel in an Arsenal shirt.

So that is the first scenario. Now tell me how would you react first as a fan and then as if you were Wenger and you had to make a decision.

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Next scenario.

2. A young man with supposedly Barcelona DNA has his blood tested by the club and they find that he in fact has no Barcelona DNA. And they want to get rid of him. With the new superstar Neymar they need to free up money and as Cesc Fabregas is no more a part-time player they put him on the transfer list.

They try to sell him to MU. But as is well known (or perhaps we should say, it is told in the media) that Arsenal has the first right to buy him back if they want.  And as Arsenal also gets 50% of the transfer fee it could mean that they could buy Fabregas for half the money any other team wants to pay. So if MU wants to pay £30m for him, theoretically speaking Arsenal could buy him first and give £30m to Barcelona and then get 15M back from Barcelona and he would only cost £15m.

So how would you react first as a fan to seeing Fabregas back? Would you welcome him back? Or would you have no place in your heart for him any more. And then you can once again try to be Wenger.

Now how would you react if you were Wenger and you would get the chance to have Fabregas back for half the money his is worth? What would you do? Take him or let him go away?

That is it for now. Depending on the reactions and answers we might try to consider some other possible transfer scenarios in the future – but for the moment let’s just try those two.

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57 comments to The Untold Arsenal hypothetical transfer quiz


    First scenario:Will not invest on RVP bcoz what he has done to us
    Second scenario:Persuade Fabregas to stay in Barca and fight for his spot rather than going to manu and our midfield is already filled

  • fabregas yes

    vanpussy nooooooooo

  • Haseeb

    I would not consider RVP and rather sign a new world class talent if i had to pay the same high transfer fee and wages. It’s just the Attitude and the ability to ditch a team worries me.

    If Cesc costs that low, i would sign him since we need a creative midfielder to support Santi. He’s atleast better than Grenier. Now it all depends on what Cesc himself wants and what Barca want

  • odilians

    well what an inerestn questn, firstly i don’t think WENGER will b stupid enough 2 accept van persie back after such betrayerof trust coming from vampire. But as of fabregas i think we will grab him with both hands and welcome back 2 emirate ;y, bcos he is our prodigal son and he is still relevant considering his age and talent.

  • Lanz

    Editor, please be sure its me- despite the different IP address. Its only one of three new ones from recently purchased devices.

    Walter, these cases are most unlikely. Please cite more of the fans dreams or “press imaginations” and see how we do.

  • Philbet

    What about signing that ‘world class’ defender who loves the club (and fans) so much he is prepared to play for just 36p a week, will not take his wages if not picked and will allow us to release him from the contract at 48hrs notice as soon as three fans have posted on a website that he is in fact ‘shit’.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Walter , this would be my take on it .

    RVP – 1) As a fan , me and my mates would have strangled him with our black scarves before he could have entered the stadium .The only way he could have been wearing an Arsenal shirt if it were placed in his coffin !
    Would you welcome your spouse or girlfriend back after they had slept with the enemy ( or friend for that matter !)?
    2)AW would only have taken him back over his dead body – so it would have to been some other manager in charge !

    2) As a fan ,I wouldn’t mind Barkalone selling him to the highest bidder (albeit to a league far,far away)in Russia or at worst to Monaco ( they have all the dosh!).
    As AW , I’d thank Barka for our share of the cash ,and buy the players who are dying to play for Arsenal and for him .The balance he’d keep for a rainy day when the FFP sets in .

  • Florian

    The spirit the team showed this season makes it difficult to pinpoint a clear area for improvement. We seemed to lack a pouncer that makes a difference in the tight games, but that’s probably more down to the recent memories of RVMoney bagging goals for us. Which btw I can barely stand to see at the TV, most often I switch channels when he’s there (I still can’t believe the media hype his goal against Aston Villa without mentioning it was offside). So no Dutch Traitor back at the Emirates if you ask me.

    On another hand, I remember Fab’s defensive record was not really ideal. So, for all his creativity, his aesthetic style had this downside, and I can’t really see him improved in this respect. Also, he was most effective when playing alongside the aforementioned Dutchman; in the other matches, he wasn’t making that much of a difference. Still, if he were still available, I’d take him to enforce the attacking midfield, as TR7 has probably only 1-2 years left in him.

    An interesting analysis of the Wigan game shows that we were missing a midfield runner that could have put pressure on their defense with runs from deep. Now, I know this is only one match, but it’s a good example of how having 2 playmakers (Caz and TR7) can be slightly detrimental to the attacking effectiveness. It’s no wonder we’re linked with Jovetic, which is exactly the kind of player that can drift back and forth and fill the void left by these 2 playmakers crowding the midfield.

  • Rupert Cook

    As I have no idea what sort of relationship RVP and Wenger had it’s difficult to crawl into Wenger’s skin, as you put it. In fact as our manager has made some bizarre purchases in recent seasons I wouldn’t like to imagine what his thought processes are.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if all the ire that fans felt for RVP is non existent between him and Wenger. Football is a business as we’re so often told and Wenger made a decent profit from RVP’s sale.

    I’d take RVP back as he’s far superior to any strikers we have. Of course if we actually spend some of the money we’ve got we could buy someone his equal like Cavani.

    Again Fabregas is better than any player we’ve got so he’d improve the squad.

    As for disrupting the squad, well it’s not often the case when better players join, if anything it boosts squad morale.

    The one time I recall this being a major problem was when QPR signed a star player, was it Trevor Francis?, and some claimed it cost them the league title.

  • puppyguts

    1) van persie and the confused “child” inside him can do one, im sure the fans and wenger would both see it this way, the fact that he is playing under moyes now is hilarious.

    2) the cesc situation is an interesting one…. ive heard that he has a whooping buy-out clause around 160m, can someone confirm this? if barca want to sell arsenal is the only realistic option. i would have him back in a heart beat and i would be very surprised if arsene wouldn’t want the same

  • Herbert Chapman

    Walter asked what we would do if we were AW not what we do as a fan. I would question RVP’s commitment and worry about how his presence would upset the dressing room. He was a winner at Mutd so has nothing to prove in that regard, he would want higher wages than he had here before. He is, a proven goalscorer but is injury prone, and aging. I say thanks but no thanks.

    As for Cesc, he still has the potential that can be fulfilled at AFC. He has done ok at Barca but hasn’t broken into the elite group that always starts. I would want to question his motives and his hunger. If I was convinced that he wanted to return (and the fee was reasonable) I’d ask the squad what they thought (perhaps via a third party, casual like) and then decide.

    But while the first scenario is out the question (Moyes would have to be mad to sell his best striker in his first season), the second is (according to noises coming out of Spain) highly unlikely. And if I were Cesc I would stay put and see what the season ahead brought, he’s young enough to bide his time. I might except to see him back at Arsenal when he nears the end of his career.

    meanwhile next scenario… the 1971 double squad have been cryogenically frozen and are now available for selection: who do select for the coming season in the prem?

  • Murukesh Mohanan

    I’d take both of them, but with no love. I’d be ruthless – high wage demands? GTFO. Want guaranteed starting spot? GTFO. Loss of form? No starts until you prove you’re back to form Captaincy? Ha! Short (3 year max) contracts to both, preferably 2 for Percy.

  • menace

    There is something I’m sure Untold can do with regard to RVP. Examine how many fouls he got away with and how many ‘off side’ goals he ‘scored’ as a Man U player.

    I’m sure he would not have got away with any of them when playing for Arsenal.

    I would sign both players with big protective clauses and wages as previous.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    @ Herbert Chapman – I’d love to see 2 Charlie Georges both playing on either wings as he was good with both legs and a great header of the ball .
    Peter Storey ,to kick the shit out of Stoke and their elk.

  • Rupert Cook

    @Herbert Chapman, good to see you back from the dead. I know you wouldn’t have countenanced 8 years without trophies.

    From the 1971 squad I’d have McLintock because he was used to losing so he’d fit right in but also because those losses in finals drove him on. He’d also be a great captain and we haven’t had a decent one in years.

    Charlie George because he was a gooner through and through. That moment when he scored the winning goal against Liverpool reminds us how glorious it is to win a trophy, any trophy, and how much magic there was in the FA Cup back then.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Cesc, yes , anytime, he was not the best on leaving but no public statement like RVP. Constant quotes on how much he loves the club, and always watches them. Remember how derided Ivan was when he announced we had first option to buy back Cesc….looks a little different now if reports are correct…for once.. Looks like if Barca do not want him, he is ours for a very reasonable price for such a player. Whether Wenger will take him is of course another matter, we now have the likes of Cazorla, and hopefully….Jack for next season, as well as players for our new double pivot formation should Wenger choose to persist with this. Would still take Cesc though, him making himself available gives Wenger a major dilemma. Do not believe the Cesc to Utd stories, convinced they are more interested in Thiago, which implies to me Cesc could be staying at Barca…for now…and anyway, Neymar could take time to settle.
    Scenario 3 – we take back a barking mad German keeper not to play, but to help our current keepers iron out some remarkable consistant faults over recent years, and help with general coaching duties.

  • americangooner

    I would take cesc back. that’s all. no explanation needed.

  • Asif

    @ Walter – if I had an option I would just change one of your above lines: Just imagine this scenario (which is, I know, rather unlikely to happen in real life)

    to: Just imagine this scenario (which is, I know, rather unlikely to happen but with a scum like RvP you never know).

    @Rupert – SHUT the F up! Please take your vendetta against Wenger somewhere else…maybe to Chelsea whom you support and there is evidence for it…if he has made some bizarre purchases, so have other managers…name me one manager who has not made a stupid purchase in his career…so if you compare like for like, Wenger would have the best turnover in terms of purchases – he gets it right more than most. Also he believes in developing talent converting raw into finished…so don’t go there…you twat! We live in times where anything other than instant success is deemed a failure…

    Money can’t be and shouldn’t be spent just for the heck of it…you sicko.

  • Asif

    Sorry forgot the mainpoint:

    1. If vanpussy (mzeey – thanks for getting the spelling right, hope you don’t mind me using it) wore our shirt again…maybe I’ll stop watching football altogether…the disillusionment would be hard to overcome – the traitor can never be forgiven…
    2. Cesc is a different case – he left with his dignity intact and he did not employ any underhand tactic (like telling the club what direction to take) so we’ll welcome him with Arms wide open!!!

  • Persian gunner

    I consider taking Cesc back but just because he is cheaper!
    I am still stricken by his childish act of living us and destroying the biggest project of football ever,
    I mean building up that squad and the stadium at once!

    I have celebrated every humiliating defeat of Barcelona in CL in recent years, with that sinister smile on my face, looking at his miserable face saying: what’s up man!?
    Where is your CL cup!?

  • Persian gunner

    And I also believe that all of those players who left Arsenal in recent years, had sever attitude problems!
    None of them was a winner player who would killed himself to change the result
    Look at Ramsy, or Kos, Jenkinson, Ox, And I am not talking about Jack ( as he is a leader ) or even Theo!
    They are hard workers, and loyal. And they don’t suffer from delusional thoughts that they are bigger than the club!

  • Persian gunner

    Actually there is no great difference between Csc and RVP
    But subconsciously we ( even me, myself) want to believe there is!

  • Rufusstan

    Robin? As Wenger: He turns 30 in a couple of months, and while that alone is no huge deal, add it to how much we’d have to pay for him, the possible disruption and bad blood his return might cause and its not worth it. Especially with the nagging worry that the last 2 years were not the end of his injury issues, and just a lucky period.

    While I have been whining all season that our squad + RVP ‘coulda beena contender’, you just don’t go back; almost never. -The cheating Ex example above sums it up for me.

    Cesc? Wenger has already publicly said he should settle down and give Barca another year, which is the main reason I think we wont sign him this year. Below the surface, I have to wonder if this means: ‘spend another frustrating year on the bench so your profile drops and its easier for us to buy you next year’

    Me? This is the almost never. I cannot blame him for the way he left, and fully expect to see him in the Red and White again at some point. We could hit him easily into our system.

    Mandy– on Scenario 3, he has either just started or finished (damm undated articles) his Pro badge in wales, so Jens is around. He has worked with them before, the keepers like him, so hopefully.

  • Mandy Dodd

    You raise a valid point Persion Gooner, sometimes these players can become prima donnas and affect team spirit. We certainly appear to have had our fair share of attitude problems, a couple recent strikers spring immediatly to mind. Not sure if this applies to Cecs or RVP or not… but there were certainly alarm bells ringing with Nasri in the second half of his final season with us. Wenger will need to think long and hard about attitude when drawing up transfer targets, this lot, the players you mention have an excellent team spirit which should not be broken. I would also include Giroud, in the end, Theo, Gibbs, Scez and our now announced official player of the season, Santi Cazorla in this. Some say Wenger has lost his abilities in the transfer market, and yes, you could point to a recent signing or two, but still worth remembering, our last two major transfers, two Spain internationals arrived for a combined price of a Stewart Downing, or a Jordan Henderson, and not much more that a David Bentley once cost. What a player Cazorla has turned out to be

  • Mandy Dodd

    Really hopeful on Jens Rufusstan, our current number one seems to me to coaching, not someone in to replace him.

  • Rufusstan

    @ Persian Gunner. The only reason I cut Cesc the slack that I do is because I think his situation is pretty unique.

    Barcelona was his family from the age of 10 until 16 and Arsenal his family for 8 years afterwards. While there was an element of Cesc leaving to seek success, in a bizarre kind of way he was choosing between parents.

    The transfer was tough, both because he didn’t choose Arsenal, and that he would only go ‘home’. That said, to use the same crappy analogy, if he chose one parent and it didn’t work out, wouldn’t the other parent take him back?

    OK maybe that pushes things a bit, but you get the idea.

  • bob

    Totally agree on the tale of two parents. His father literally called for his return home to Barfa and slated AW for holding him. And, AW was in fact his father (figure) away from “home”. This, imo, was the psychodynamic at work. Other factors were the Darren Dien effect (his well-worn AFC-Barca highway intact); and, imo, the potential cumulative impact of refshite and unpunished injury/attack (Cesc there on the pitch to witness the leg breaking of Eduardo, etc.) under the “protective umbrella” of the PGMOL. Taking him back should come down to a ruthless assessment on whether his desire to be back is genuine; and whether his technical skillset will mesh with Santi’s and raise the clinicality of the side – contribute to the improvement of the goals:shots ratio.

  • bob

    “The spirit the team showed this season makes it difficult to pinpoint a clear area for improvement. We seemed to lack a pouncer that makes a difference in the tight games, but that’s probably more down to the recent memories of RVMoney bagging goals for us.”
    Goals:shots ratio spells needed clinicality. If we’re talking about a genuine top of the table challenge, this has to be upgraded. The margins of victory/defeat in the EPL mandate that we ensure this, whatever it takes.

  • Rufusstan

    Bob, I actually was going to post a more direct analogy that was closer to what you posted, but stepped back from it (except I had Barca as his mother; go Figure).

    I actually don’t think that reaquiring Cesc is a high priority right now, unless it is as a preventative measure — if he is going to move, we must step in to prevent him going to Manchester. As I think is the general consensus striker(s) are the main priority first.

    Mandy– Jens has said a few times that his goal is to manage, and probably in England, so Arsenal goalkeeping coach would only be a short-term goal for him, but would be a great first step on the ladder.

  • Stuart

    RVP, definitely not.
    As with Cesc, I would take some convincing as I didn’t like his antics when we played Barcelona in that he really was already playing for them.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Sorry, a bit off topic for the thread, but regarding my proposed scenario 3, just been sent this link

    Not too sure about a lot of this article, but scroll down, and Jens, as well as David Seaman get mentions as possible future candidates for GK coaching

  • bjtgooner

    I agree with Stuart on this, I could not accept van Pursie back under any circumstances.

    With Cesc, I would need to be convinced that he would give us 100% – I don’t think he gave of his best during his last season here.

  • bob

    I agree that he didn’t give his best for us in the last season and suspect that he (backheeled) gifted Barfa a goal in the CL match. I think he was immature in this and torn between two fathers. And I can well understand that this would be enough to disqualify him and we’d all feel good getting back at him for this. That said, I don’t feel 100 percent purity is compatible with our competitive position IF challenging for the top spot is your/our priority this coming season. If AW wants him back, I believe that most fans will embrace the return of the prodigal, so to speak. I would as well. (Cesc, please recall, was also regularly being kicked shitless with the connivance of the PGMOL overseers on the pitch.) This is not about purity, this EPL game that AFC is part of. We are not pure. And if we were to be more pure, then let’s start with disaffiliating ourselves from the Vietnamese land-grab outfit that has been savvy enough to link up with us on the eve of the planned grand Summer Tour there. Would you agree? In any case, I’m still smarting/hurting from Cesc’s departure; but, on that emotional level, I cannot abide by the prospect of he and RVP playing for ManUre against us. That would be karmic injustice and a non-stop media Arsenal-bash for the ages. I’d like to see us upgrade in the clinicality department and be an offensive juggernaut, not just adequate. If he is available and convincingly taps back into that emotional affection for AFC/AW, I’d want him back. Great teams also have great rotational capability and great reserves, whoever is there on the bench on any given match day. If we are, ever again to compete convincingly on more than one front (which we did not last season), let’s be prepared to do just that. Cesc’s return would help make that possible. Saying no to it must not cut off our nose to spite our face. Saving face would not compensate for self-wounding.

  • bjtgooner


    I understand where you are coming from re Cesc – and with the proviso that I was sure he would give us 100% effort, then I could mentally accept return. The one remaining niggle that I would have about this concerns team spirit – at present this appears to be at a high, better than when Cesc was last with us.

    I agree that we need to strengthen for the next campaign & assuming we do we should be in contention. From the outside it would appear the a DM and a clinical striker would be our main requirements, however I’m sure AW will see it from a different angle – but that’s why he is manager and I am only a fan.

  • Persian gunner

    Mandy … Rufusstan
    You are right, you know when it comes to Cesc, things get really emotional for me!
    And a lot complicated as well,
    I just can’t forget the night he scored that equalizer to Barcelona and continued to play on his injured leg to the end, but as I told you, I am really hurt by the way Barcelona’s staff forced his way out of Arsenal

  • Busch

    They are both very good players and would make us better.

    While I was sad/upset/disappointed at their leaving, that is the past. I’m a grown-up. I’m over it.

    So while it is a 0% possibility,and under the scenario where we get them cheap and don’t bankrupt us, I’d have em both back.

  • walter

    I think a consensus is that if Cesc would come back we have to make sure that the team spirit is not disturbed. Of course….this is something that could happen with each new player. Would an Ibrahimovich coming to Arsenal have an effect on team moral for the good or for the bad? Would his character help the team or not?
    So I think that is a gamble with each player, even with Cesc.

  • Rupert Cook

    Of course it’s a gamble with every player. Nobody knows the effect a player has when he joins the squad. For all we know Chamakh might have been a drug dealer and got half the team hooked, it might explain some performances. But if you go through life inspecting every outcome before making a decision you’ll never do anything.

    Both Cesc and RVP are world class players, something we are short of at the moment and something we hope the club rectifies this summer. Without some world class additions the following season will be a repeat of the previous two.

    @Asif I don’t usually respond to people who call me stupid names and make idiotic assumptions but I’ll give you a bit of advice: try counselling to control your temper.

  • Ong Bing

    I will happy if Cesc back to us, but it will not happen, at least this summer.

    Barca bought him for Xavi replacement, and I think Cesc know about it.

  • Adam

    Fabregas can sleep on my sofa whilst he looks for a new place near London Colney.

    RVP, His wife can also sleep on my sofa whilst he looks for a new house near Chelsea’s training ground.

    Good luck Cesc.

  • Adam

    I don’t think Cesc would be a gamble, RVP is a no no. Ibra no bloody way.

    We don’t need big ego’s, we need a stable environment for our squad to grow an identity.

  • Rupert Cook

    Ibra won’t come to Arsenal, he only goes to the very top teams. I don’t think Wenger would want him anyway. I can’t see Wenger going for Cesc either. How many times has Wenger brought back old players? With the exception of Henry who was a brief but very welcome addition to an ailing forward line the answer is never.

    How do we know that there aren’t plenty of big egos already at the club? Think that’s the least of our worries.

  • Rupert Cook

    Oh and Lehman, I forgot he brought him back but that was desperate circumstances.

  • Strus

    1st scenario: too much money for ageing player, no way!
    2nd scenario: bringing back the player, around whom the team was built!
    Wildest dream. Amazing improvement, worth much money.
    Imagine how many goals would Walcott score (and make assits too) from Cesc passes?

  • Adam

    There are certain players who I have been following, that I would or would’ve liked to have seen at Arsenal.

    Isco was one a couple of years back and was hoping we would get him but cannot see it now, and I don’t think we need him. Not that we need anyone.

    Mario Fernandes was another but he skipped Europe and went straight to Russia.

    Roberto of Barcelona looks another prospect, but again we don’t need him.

    Stambouli looks good and would suit Arsenals model but is not ready for a step up, but a possibility in the near future.

    Matteo Darmian, Schneiderlin, Lamine Koné, Adrien Rabiot I could go on but I will leave it at that with the last four as any of them would be good for Arsenal in my mind.

  • bjtgooner

    I note “the rupert”, the sarcastic sewer rat with AAA inbreeding, has again slimed his way out from the sewer.

    And rupert – throughout almost all of last season you have maligned our team, manager and club by the content of many of your posts to this site – so who the hell are you to try to be high and mighty with Asif?

    Rupert – you really are a twit!

  • Rupert Cook

    @bjt gooner, right mate, I’ve had it with you. You obviously want my attention as you’re forever aiming stupid childish comments at me. If you’re in love with me that’s your problem but it isn’t mutual. In fact I find you quite tiresome so from now on ignore me as I will ignore you. I say this to save you wasting time typing out puerile insults.

  • bjtgooner

    @ rupert (depressive AAA sewer rat, still sliming out of the sewer).

    Perhaps you should take the advice you suggested to Asif – keep your temper.

    In reality, you invite criticism when you post anti Arsenal comments on this site – usually in an underhand way. Your problem is that you like to make snide remarks about the team, manager and club, but rather like a bully you can’t stand retaliation.

    If you continue to attack our club – be prepared for the comeback!!

  • Stuart

    The thing with Cesc is (in my opinion)
    a) we don’t need him now.
    b) our whole set up has evolved from being setup around him to something completely different
    c) he had a chance to win the Champions League and gifted the opposition with that stupid back heel whih I cannot be convinced was an accident
    d) we didn’t get very many medals with him here last time

    And this is before you get to the demotivating effect it will have on the other players that would have to go down the pecking order in order for him to no longer be keeping the bench warm.

  • Norm

    I would always have Cesc back – still one of my favourites. His last season was average, but in no way does it overshadow his many lung-busting performances over several years. As far as we’re aware, he has never slagged the club and much to the annoyance of Xavi & Pique, constantly talked about AFC. I do hope the tattle from manure media is rubbish; Cesc at the old toilet? No way. The dutch devil may not find life so glorious there, with the arrival of Bugeyes. No thank you to his return.

  • Rupert Cook

    @bjt gooner, no I make valid points, all you do is insult. You’re the bully, so please ferk off. You don’t want a debate about anything, you just like to slavishly follow the party line.

    There are no anti Arsenal comments from me you thick idiot. I happen to be passionate about Arsenal and know how to differentiate between Arsene and Arsenal.

    That’s the last time I respond to you.

  • bjtgooner

    @rupert (depressive AAA sewer rat, unable to take his own advice).

    I do not try to engage with you in a debate as most of your comments are (often throw away) insults to the team, manager or club. There being no point in debating in such circumstances, I prefer to tweak your tail – and will continue to do so while you continue to insult the club – or equally some of the other contributors.

    So little bully; if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen!

  • bjtgooner

    @rupert (depressive AAA sewer rat, unable to take his own advice).

    I note you “know how to differentiate between Arsene and Arsenal”.

    Most interesting, at last you have declared your true position – not the complete story, but enough – for now.

  • maden

    Rupert Cooker

    Due to your constant attack on all things Arsenal, on this very pro-Arsenal blog, you should be thrown out. It is clear to all the readers and contributors here that you have a negative agenda towards this team that we all love. Everybody here knows you are chel$ki.

  • Dec

    Van Persie and Cesc?????
    Only an emotion driven fool could possibly say no.
    RVP made a business decision and it’s proved right for him. The same business logic would say he would provide 30+ goals a season. No brainer! Get over your stupid egos and live with it.
    Back in the real world, would love to see Cesc come home. Throw in James McCarthy and Seamus Coleman and Victor Wanyama and the Summer would complete ( did I say real world? Sorry! )

  • Stuart

    Isn’t Benayoun available on a free? Surely it would be worth offering him a season contract and seeing what he says.

  • bob

    The pitch-forking is not worthy of UA.
    If you want to outargue someone, then do so.
    Rupert Cook is whatever he is and many of his points are well worth considering, weighing, refuting. Have you attempted trying to refute any of them? Taken the time for that? Some I have; others I agree with; but he’s usually interesting and engaging and not half as venemous as what’s chronically turned on him. Like your posting today. It’s about free speech anywhere; which is endangered by your call to have him erased. Agree or disagree, his points don’t lower the level of analysis in these parts. Otherwise, if I get your direction on this (and I might be wrong) you’d have a website that comes down to oh yes, Tony, oh yes, Walter, etc. etc. Do you really want or need a monologue like that? Perhaps you do, but if so, your threshold for boredom would be record-setting and you’d only need yourself for company. C’mon, mate, do battle with his arguments. The man’s analyses are definitely worth thinking about, if only because doing so will bring about better arguments from you. Unless that is too discomforting to deal with?