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August 2021

What Coquelin’s departure tells us about forthcoming transfers

By Tony Attwood

While Untold has been basking in the glory of picking out the Higuaín transfer from all the other rumours as the one that was going to happen some weeks ago (and as you can imagine we’ll be making something of this in the next few days), the limits to my inside information on Arsenal were cruelly revealed when, within a day of so of my tipping Franci Coquelin to make more appearances in the first team, he joins SC Freiburg on a season-long loan.

Of course that might be a prelude to greater things – the year of playing and rave reviews preceding the final breakthrough for Coquelin.   Who knows? Obviously not me.

But (as I shall be dealing with tomorrow) just as the transfer of Van Persie ultimately told us exactly what was going to happen in terms of the final arrival of Higuaín, so the loan of Coquelin could be giving us some other clues.

To recap: Francis has made 43 appearances for Arsenal and won the FA Youth cup in 2009.  He did a year’s loan with Lorient in 2010/11 so this does look a bit like a step back.  But he got a new contract in January 2012.   Confusing signals?  Or one year out to harden him up ready for a return to the big time?

Elsewhere Hector Bellerin has signed a new long-term contract and he’s a right back – one of the Barcelona captures.  He started out in midfield and then moved to right back – Coquelin can play at the back or in midfield.

Bellerin’s big plus was NextGen, so maybe he’ll be in line to play in the League Cup, if we put out a youth team again.  But I can’t seem him ready to be joining the first team in League matches (although as I say, my stock on this front following Coquelin’s departure is not high).

But let’s look at who we have got, now Coquelin has gone…


Bacary Sagna, Per Mertesacker, Thomas Vermaelen, Laurent Koscielny, Nacho Monreal, Carl Jenkinson, Kieran Gibbs

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Two full backs on each side, three central defenders.


Arteta and Ramsey at the back and Wilshere who can play either position (as indeed can Ramsey).

Rosicky, Santi Cazolra, and again Jack in the attacking midfield.

Then we have the uncertains: Diaby, Frimpong and Ryo, uncertain both for injury and developmental issues.  The club is clearly not relying on any of these players, but they remain on the books.

Which looks as if we might well be signing a midfielder, unless we have someone who is truly ready to step up from the Academy.

As defenders we have Hector Bellerin (already mentioned) plus Ignasi Miquel, and Nicholas Yennaris – who can also play central midfield.

The other midfielders are Thomas Eisfeld (attacking midfield) Serge Gnabry (winger), Chuks Aneke (playmaker).

That means we have five first team midfielders, (Arteta, Ramsey, Wilshere, Rosicky, Santi Cazorla) four reserve midfielders, and three “uncertain” midfielders.

We also have Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain who might move deeper into midfield, given that the attacking options we have in Podolksi, Giroud, Walcott, Higuaín (see tomorrow), Cazorla (on occasion playing in the three behind the front one).  I am taking it that Gervinho is going to leave, but that of course is not certain.

What I believe we are going to see is a 4 2 3 1 approach in which we have

Wilshere Ramsey

Walcott Cazorla Podolski


The back ups, required as and when needed and shifting positions depending on burn out and injury are

Arteta, Oxlade Chamberlain?

Wilshere, Rosicky, Oxlade Chamberlain


Now all that is done with the assumption that none of the youth players are going to make a major step forwards this season, not necessarily breaking into the first team as starters, but as players coming on from the bench and playing in the FA Cup and League Cup.

I do believe there will be some more transfers coming in, but to me this is already starting to look like an interesting squad.

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62 comments to What Coquelin’s departure tells us about forthcoming transfers

  • kendy9ice

    It shows the signing of Higuain because its favorite numbers ae 20 and 21

  • Mick

    I do not agree that Ramsey, good though his form was toward the end of last season, will displace Arteta. Having said that a lot will obviously depend on what happens (largely behind closed doors on the training ground to which we will not be privy) during pre season. Age could be catching up on Arteta and Ramsey may, being a year more mature, take another step forward. It will certainly be fascinating to see what happens especially if we do make a further purchase in the defensive midfield (Fellaini?) as popular opinion seems to suggest. A ‘stellar’ signing in DMF such as Fellaini would mean limited playing time for one or more of our successful existing players from last season in this position. I am not so sure we need reinforcing in DFM given last years overall defensive record. Too many new signings will mean another season of readjustment and bedding in. I think I would like to see a continuation of last season’s team with the addition of Higuain: the benefit of having a settled and familiar group of players cannot be overestimated. We shall see but I trust Arsene to do what is best.

  • skins

    Don’t need a DFM, you have to be joking, right. We need Fellaini more that any other signing. I also think that Arsene will sell Gervinho and purchase a speedy winger.

  • skins

    We need Fellaini for a lot of reasons, not only his skill and aggression but his aerial ability, both in defending set pieces and scoring goals.

  • Ian Hawthorne

    wNo way is Ramsey getting in the team before Arteta. Not in a million years. I think Oxlade Chamberlain will force himself into the starting eleven but we have so many alternatives especially if wesign Fellaini who can play anywhere in midfield.
    As to Higuain , You are already putting him in the team. Arsene Wenger is a very stubborn man and though Higuain WANTS to come , Wenger may pull out of the deal if Madrid keep playing games

  • nicky

    In regard to your forecast about Coquelin and his almost immediate transfer on loan to SC Freiberg, I’m beginning to wonder whether there is an AA (anti Attwood) section at the Emirates, contradicting whatever you predict.
    What about forecasting that Higuain won’t sign before the January Window?

  • Jordangooner

    A great analysis and post as usual. I hope higuain arrives soon. We need Fellaini he is a difficult player for us teams to mark, he is strong, a hard tackler, good in the air. He will offer a plan B also for certain games. Wenger will buy a winger, Gervinho finishing and crossing not consistent enough. I am also expecting Wenger to spring a surprize with one more key player and perhaps one or two more players being loaned out.
    We should have a good balance next season with improved morale.

  • Mick

    In the later part of last season how many goals did we concede from open play? One or two in our last 11 games I think you will find. That was because we had a settled midfield and the way Arteta and Ramsey played. Just because Alan Hansen and the rest of the media ‘experts’ keep on about our crap defence, no backbone, need a DMF etc etc doesn’t mean you have to believe it. Look at the facts, 2nd best defence over the whole of last season and Arteta came top of the stats in the Premier League in defensive midfielder, higher than Fellaini. Yes I agree Fellaini would have certain benefits because of his height but can you imagine how many cards he would pick up playing for Arsenal with our record with the refs because of his careless habit of elbowing opposing players in the face. If Arsene decides he wants him I will welcome him but I am not clamouring for him like a lot of supporters.

  • mhafiz

    is it wrong of me to suggest that Gnabry can be our Ribery ? And Higuain in the set up. I think it’s tooooooo early, unless you being you, knowing more than you wrote for us 😀

  • Shard

    I’m not too keen on Fellaini, even though he’s a good player. But I think we need a DM (for lack of a better description). I also think we are looking to buy a DM of sorts, but that Fellaini isn’t our primary target. Essentially, I think we’re looking for someone who can do what Arteta did last season. Perhaps not quite as brilliantly as that, but can play that role well enough, and have a little more of a physical (or purely defensive) edge to his game.

    Fellaini is ok at that and would be a good signing. Apparently we bid for Bender, who would do that sort of thing better. Gonalons or Capoue as well. Personally, I favour Capoue simply because he can also fill in at CB if required.

    Having another midfielder will give us a bit more flexibility and help us deal with injuries better, while ensuring we don’t run our little magician Cazorla into the ground again. Arteta’s legs probably won’t hold up as much either. So I think we need a Defensive-ish midfielder.

    I also think we need more creativity. Whether just having a more physical screen can liberate our existing players to move forward and provide that, or we buy someone for the AM slot, or a winger, allowing Cazorla or Ox to move inside, or even promote some youngsters, I do not know.

  • bc

    It seems to me that wenger is going to replace the so called deadwood with academy players and to be fair I don’t see to much wrong with that. If you look at the players that have left so far only coquelin and mannone played any part in last season so their replacements could well be martinez and yennaris. Squillaci djourou arshavin denilson can all be replaced by boateng miquel eisfeld and aneke those 4 players didn’t make a single start in the premier league last season anyway. If park chamakh bendtner and santos all find their way out of the club again gnabry sanogo afobe and bellerin could replace them. I think there will be signings though as the departure of those 10 and the promotion of the 10 under 21s mentioned will mean us only having 17 non-homegrown & homegrown players. That’s 8 spaces so I reckon wenger will fill half of them.

  • FunGunner

    Thanks for this, Tony. The word from reliable journalists seems to be that we are looking for – in order of priority – a CF, and AMF, a HMF and CB *if* Sagna leaves. So you are probably right. And it does look as if we are trying to get Julius Caesar. (His parents must have had a sense of humour, eh?)

    @ Mick
    Very well said – fact-based opinion, like gold dust among footie fans. 🙂 Interesting that most credible-sounding candidates for DM are tall players, who could double as CBs and FBs, which you imagine would suit Arsene to a T.

    @ Shard, agree.

  • FunGunner

    @ bc
    We have some top talent in the youth and we can ease them in gently. I am a huge fan of Bellerin who could play as a right-sided attacker in the way that Eboue was used. Yennaris, Gnabry and Miquel also look ready to me. I think we will know who AW has plans for by whom he takes on the Asia tour (although Bellerin can’t go anyway because he needs a holiday).

  • Mandy Dodd

    Must admit I would like to see more of Coquelin, maybe we will yet. Just hope we do not get any last minute hitches on Hig, you know – an agent coming out of the woodwork demanding a share, an unknown third party owner or Real upping the price by a couple mil – such things have caused Wenger to walk in the past. He is one signing I really hope we get, one that would seem to confirm a new era is upon us. If Hig does sign, I wonder if this means we will play with multiple tactics to suit certain games and teams, against weaker opposition, we will hopefully have a clinical goal machine, against tougher situations, we have the work rate of Giroud….in some games, maybe both of them. We were very solid at the end of last season, I hope we do not lose that, suicidal defending the likes of which we have seen at times means dropped points. But I can see Wenger wanting to play a more typical expansive game when the situation demands. Fellaini would be a risk at that price, but as good as Rambo and Arteta are, they will need backup. Is Fellaini the man, I have a feeling he will not be but we shall see. I think Wenger will be loath to bring in a high profile player to break up that partnership, unless MF were to be used in another role? Can we have a Song drilled by Steve Bould back?

  • Transfers transfers.. I like this analysis Attwood.. Just imagine tv5, Bfg, Kos all injured before a SPURS MATCH at the EMIRATES what will happen? We need new faces please.

  • Gaurav

    I am sorry but I do not see Arsene breaking up that midfield partnership of Arteta and Ramsey. I believe football is changing and that you do not need a Gattuso type enforcer in the middle of the park. Look at ManU (Carrick), Barca (Biscuits), Juve (Pirlo). Arteta is that player for Arsenal and I do not see him getting kicked out. Ramsey is the energy in the middle of the park and has built a good understanding with Arteta in the last few games. I hope they are in that middle two and Wilshire ahead of them.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Arteta is one of the players Wenger depends on the most. In the last game of the season, he came off injured. He did not go down the tunnel for treatment, nor did he join the subs in the back row of the bench. He went straight to sit beside Wenger and Bould, he was gesticulating and in Wengers ear for the rest of the game. He is a great player for us and tactically very very smart- maybe the most streetwise player we have. whoever we sign, it will not be someone to depose our Vice Captain and often Captain from the team just yet.

  • Vokeh

    let us just be realistic guyz…..why should we pay lots of millions on one player like fellaini yet there is a midfield beast in the name of wanyama waiting???believe me,he is as good as fellaini.if u doubt,ask iniesta and obi mikel who have recently come up against him….4 hig…lots of luv perfect

  • I agree with much of the commentary above about Arteta, but am, I suppose, influenced by his age. The media invented “you can’t play past being 30” was never an Arsenal policy, but Mr Wenger does measure everything in microseconds, and we have got rid of midfield players before because they took an extra second to release the ball.

    I didn’t mean to say that Arteta will be frozen out – because clearly we will need all the players we have as there will be injuries, delays in return from insane overseas matches in Antarctica etc but I think over the season we will see a replacement for him emerge, simply for age reasons.

    But as with Coquelin, I could be totally wrong.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Justjoy, even with that lot injured,and add on a couple more, I would not be worrying one little bit about the Spuds at home

  • Dec

    Can somebody please tell me how the notion of signing Fellaini ever took hold? I simply cannot for the life of me see how might ever fit the template Arsene has followed ever since he arrived. Fellaini is a big, awkward, gangly lump. Lacking in any of the finer technical skills AW has always espoused as essential for every player, even defensive players. He gives away free kicks for fun, spends a portion of every season suspended and is far more suited to the likes of Stoke than Arsenal.
    The only Everton player worth pursuing is Seamus Coleman as a right back / right midfield option.
    Hopefully Gonzalo first then the next hurdle.
    Allez les Gunners.

  • Stuart

    I have to admit, I’m not convinced by this Fellaini bloke. Everytime I’ve seen him play he seemed a bit thuggish and more suited to a team boasting Shawcross as a player.

  • tinalex

    When I read news about Francis’ loan move the impress I got Wenger will promote someone from the youth setup to fill in the gap. While Yanaris played right back in the senior team when called upon, his rightful position is midfield. He captained the next gen series in that position. Chuks Aneke appeared to play box to box when he played in last year’s pre-season. I see Wenger bringing in these two players to bolster the midfield.

    While I admit Fellani is a player of some qualities, I do not believe that Wenger thinks he can be an arsenal player, especially considering the asking price. Last season wenger indicated that the era of holding midfielders was over that is why Arteta has playing the dip midfield position ever since he joined Arsenal. Even when Song was in the team. I do not think Fellaini can fill in the shoes of Arteta, because they have different attributes.

    If you watch photos of the pre-season training you will see the following numbers: 42, 49, 48, 46, 45 and 36. I could not read the number of the other youngster. When I checked the number on Arsenal website, they were linked to the following players: 46= Gnaby although it is listed on Arsenal website as belonging to Eisfield, this make me conclude that 45 belongs to Eisfield. While 36 is listed as belonging to Martinez, the player wearing it is actual Miquel, whose official number is 37. Nico is the one wearing 49. I could not attach any name to 42 and 48 but I am confident that one of them is Chuks.

  • Felix

    Contrary to popular belief, the midfield is the area of greatest change for Arsenal other than the striker. Number wise we are short. Arteta,Ramsey, Jack and Rosicky. I believe Diaby and Frimster do not count for injury and developmental reasons respectively. Wenger likes to play with a ball playing winger,Pires,Benayoun and now Carzola. I also believe that Jack is taking over the central attacking midfield position. Therefore we have 4 midfielders with Carzola and Ox to cover but in more attacking positions.
    Secondly, creativity. Last season, we struggled to create much. We had to cover by being efficient in attack and ultra conservative in defense. This limited us and is definitely not the Wenger way.Our creativity is limited to Jack and Carzola. That has to change. Rosicky and Gervinho did not provide sufficient creative cover. They also have doubts with their futures. Gervinho might be leaving and Rosicky is on his last year. We therefore need an attacking midfielder who can ease the creative burden and offer more variety.
    Thirdly, the midfield balance is wrong. Arteta and Ramsey do not work. Granted, they provided a solid base for the end of the season but at the expense of the attacking play. Arteta is over thirty and if he is to continue playing, like is wish he does, we need the other two midfielders to do more leg work like Ramsey did. However, Ramsey, lacks in creativity and goals. He made up for it with effort but Arsenal needs to dominate the play and create chances not hung on for dear life. Diaby brought in that balance. We therefore need someone of similar qualities who can run the ball and add creativity not just cover the defense. If Ramsey is to play, he has to improve significantly. I’m not sure who will come in but Ramsey for now is an excellent squad player. Nothing more.
    So, in summary, given the numbers, need for creativity and midfield balance for Arsenal to play Wenger-ball, the midfield will change. Jack will be the first change in the attacking midfield. The second will be from outside.
    Nothing will change in defence as we introduce Belerin and given that Sagna stays. Unless a great opportunity is open, nothing changes.

  • Adam

    tinalex, Maybe Olsson & Akpom? I wouldn’t concern yourself with the squad numbers until September. Akpom was 67 last season, but is in a lot of pics on, Olsson also.

  • tinalex

    Thanks for the information. The point I was trying to make is that there are a number of players from the youth setup that are training with the senior squad. This could mean that Wenger intends to promote a number of players from within notably, Eisfield, Gnabry, Chuks, Nico, Martinez, and Miquel

  • Mandy Dodd

    Sorry off topic but it does not seem so long ago that critics such as Adrian Durham were disparagingly comparing Arsenal and Andy Murray. Lets hope we very soon prove them right.
    This really is a great era for British sport, a great Olympics, a tour de France champion and current leader. a US Open golf champion,and many others. Now we just need to teach our kids how to play the game of association football without the compulsion to lump it to the big guy up front….the kids who are not fortunate enough to be coached at AFC that is
    the Scot in me speaks…Huge congratulations to Andy Murray

  • Mick

    @Mandy Dodd
    I was in really great mood following Murray’s fantastic win but now I have just read your comment and the mere sight of that obnoxious pratt Durham’s name has put me in a bad mood!

  • Mandy Dodd

    Sorry Mick, I will not mention his name again, he is on a par with another unmentionable who left us to join West Ham in the 1980s, is a failed coach, was recently sacked from Arsenal TV and now spends his entire small life slagging off everything Arsenal – and by coincidence is rarely off the afore unmentioneds radio station. But back to Murray – fabulous, I never believed he could beat such a player in straight sets. Hopefully the good news will just keep on rolling this week with news of a major signing for us.

    And another great thing about Murray:

  • Dec

    Congrats to the Scots on their wonderful win at Wimbledon 🙂

  • Adam

    Mandy Dodd, With regards to the link you provided,

    “gunned down his latest victim”, is something that should never be said in any context when discussing Andy Murray.

    This is not a pop at you, its a pop at the article, they obviously haven’t researched his background.

  • Adam

    Just wondering (and this comment is meant tongue in cheek). If Scotland votes for its independence in 2014 do we British have to relinquish any ownership of a Wimbledon champion?

  • Pat

    Hurray for Andy Murray!

    Down with all doubters!

  • WalterBroeckx

    I think the season long loan of coquelin tells us that we will see an extra player to play in that position. A bit of a big name player perhaps

  • nicolas

    I agree with Walter, also believe that whoever is coming in, will go straight in to the starting eleven.

    here are some other things that I think:

    – Arteta will play the majority of the games.
    – A new central defender will come in + Miquel will be the 5th defender.
    – If Sagna doesn’t agree on a new contract he will be replaced this summer.
    – I’m a bit unsure of Pipa, is he a better choice than Giroud?
    – Gervinho will go, this would mean using Santi/Poldi/Ox on the left more. And maybe, just maybe we could also see a new face deploiting our left wing this season.
    – Diaby will be on the bench when fit, and rosicky only when others aren’t
    – Fabianski will leave + a new back up goalie (+30 years) will join the team

    Also waiting to see what happens, and what ever it is we will be challenging this year!

  • Mick

    Sorry, who is Pipa?

  • elkieno

    Good article, hope you right bout Higuain. My spell check has remembered his name for frigs sake.
    Anyway 2 seasons ago Arteta got I injured just before the last runin to steal 3rd spot and we stuttered abc stammered and just rolled over the line.
    Last season it wasn’t so bad I think, but we still make it shaky and nerve wracking. We should buy a Fellini or someone like to cover for that cos it can really trouble us at end if season.

  • nicolas

    @ Mick
    Pipa or El Pipita = Gonzalo Higuain

  • elkieno

    The mysterious Hig man has not been signed yet Tony why are you so sure yet?
    If its taking this long surely RM have had some last minute thoughts?
    I fear the worst now, hope its nit due to a us being tightasses.

  • ARSENAL 13

    Do we need a DM?

    Well, I dont think so. We have not played any one in DM role. Not even SONG. We have played players in holding role (Song/Arteta and this year Arteta/Ramsey). And you dont need a bulldozer to play a holding role.

    Ramsey…Is he worthy of starting games for ARSENAL?

    Yes he is. People say he lacks goals. Well, at this point. BUT you have to look back when he started playing for ARSENAL. He had goals in him. And he is good at reading the game….like Arteta. He lacks the outright pace, but he makes up with better positional awareness and determined and clean tackling. But he still has a lot to learn and needs time to develop. Lets give him that.

  • Mandy Dodd

    very true on Murray Adam, that was actually beyond unfortunate

  • Rupert Cook

    Bizarrely, according to the radio, we’ve made a 30 million bid for Suarez. Turned down by Pool. Odd, wouldn’t have thought Wenger would want him despite his scoring prowess.

    Swansea appear to be close to signing Bony from Vitesse. Been pleased if Wenger had got him, he sounds very promising.

  • Rupert Cook

    Bizarrely, according to the radio, we’ve made a 30 million bid for Suarez. Turned down by Pool. Odd, wouldn’t have thought Wenger would want him despite his scoring prowess.

    Swansea appear to be close to signing Bony from Vitesse. Been pleased if Wenger had got him, he sounds very promising.

  • AL

    I doubt very much we ever made a bid for Suarez. It just doesn’t make sense; to start with I certainly don’t think that’s the kind of money we would offer to pay for anyone, the player will be banned for the first 6 games, and he has stated his desire to move away from the English media. And that’s not even including the player’s character/personality, which many may not want to be associated with their club.

    This bid, if I may call it that, was the subject of an article on here last week talking about why these rumours happen. And I think its just that; a rumour being pedalled by someone with their own motive.

  • AL

    Just out of curiosity, Rupert, which radio is that:)

  • Rupert Cook

    Radio Five Live.

    I think it might have been a bid to get Madrid moving on Higuain. We surely don’t want Suarez and I doubt Pool would let him go for less than 40 million. Madrid are possibly playing hardball holding out for an extra million or so so we frightened them by going for Suarez.

  • AL

    Ah, would make sense then.

  • Liam

    Hahaha well what were you guys expecting from cheapskate wenger?? Once he signed sanogo, i knew he wasnt gonna get any other striker. He’s too obsessed with giroud’s cock to realise how useless he is. Spurs have signedPalinho and are about to sign villa, chelsea haved signed ginkel and shurrle, mancity have signed 2 world class players and man u will make their moves in a matter of time. But arsenal?? We’re just being the mediocre club we’ve been known to be for these last 8 years. As for the guys who are getting carried away with our form during the tail end of the season, get real!! We’ll be lucky to make the top 4 next season. Avb for one is not as dumb as redknapp was

  • Stuart

    Exactly how European elite is mediocre I can’t quite fathom.

  • Bootoomee


    Stop crying.

  • Mick

    Liam’s disgusting, filthy comment about the manager of our great club surely should not be tolerated. Delete his comment and ban him.

  • Shard

    Actually Mick, I think it’s a perfect illustration of the intellectual level (or lack thereof) of those who always seek to pull down Arsene and Arsenal.

  • WalterBroeckx

    I think Liam is a bit obsessed with cocks himself. Of course that is his good right but if it goes that far that you need to mention it on each occasion it might be better look for some treatment.

    In another way, it show like someone said the level of the WOB or the AAA have. A total lack of class and maybe to show their lack of class it is better to allow such comments every now and then so that all can see what persons they are.

  • WalterBroeckx

    But anyway after showing his class he will not bother us again

  • bjtgooner

    Walter, I am pleased to note that Liam will not contribute to UA again. I do not approve of either his attack on AW or his disgusting comment.

    For Arsenal fans it has been a quiet summer so far, we just have to be patient and not allow ourselves to be distracted by the depressives nor the rumour mongers.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Just read in the telegraph online that Perez has stated there have been no bids on the tale for higuain. If he is telling the truth, very strange. Maybe they have hiked up the price by a few million. I do find it odd there are not more teams in for such a player. Is the arsenal higuain thing one of these vapour trail deceptions described on untold recently. All this, and us putting in bids for Suarez that are bound to fail…..what can it mean, if anything??

  • Mandy Dodd

    I would not be too hard on Liam, after all, he has had years of a dodgy lasagne…that turned out to be norovirus, the choking, the manager desperate to be England manager, then the tackles of Gibbs and the goals from kos to ruin his dreams. Enough to get to many a soul. Does not explain the cock obsession though.

  • Shard


    Don’t believe anything Perez says. He’s as untrustworthy as they come. And he’s of course an interested party. Even if he’s telling the literal truth about no bid being made, that doesn’t mean we aren’t negotiating with them. What would be the point of making a bid when it’s likely to be rejected (or be excessive) If anything, it’s a negotiating tactic to put pressure on Arsenal through our fans.

    Higuain is apparently training on his own at Madrid. Remember Van Persie? (as if you’d forget)How he was reported to be training separately, and just before he moved, there were reports that he’s been encouraged by the purchase of Cazorla and wants to stay? All part of the negotiation process. This time, we just happen to be the buying club, that’s all.

  • Stuart

    WRT Perez claiming no bid has been made. This is I believe a stipulation that Arsenal make when negotiating transfers so RM could be respecting the line for once. Maybe they want the player out and he said he will only leave if it is to Arsenal.

  • Goona Gal

    Ummm, pretty sure I advised ages ago in May that Coquelin was off. Along with loads of other players before .com made it official.

    Moving on to reasons to be cheerful…

    This Asia tour, could be renamed the ‘coming of age’ tour as Gibbs, Ramsey, Theo, Jack, Jenks & Alex OC are now fully fledged senior key first teamers, time for them to show why AW has put faith in them. Then you have Aneke, Eisfeld, Ryo, Gnabry & Miquel out to prove that this season they are good enough to first team squad members, possibly given new numbers. Finally you have players like Akpom, Martinez, Zelalem & Olsson where the manager wants to see how they cope with the weight of performing in front of big crowds and need to impress AW, who will be using this opportunity to see what they can really do.

    Zelalem’s been raved about to the rafters, but I am still surprised that he made the cut over Yennaris (whom I hope isn’t taking his exclusion too badly). Olsson, though technically gifted is still such a physical lightweight, I would be shocked if he got anywhere near the first team in a competitive match. Martinez needs to prove he past his Reading league cup game shocker, enough said about that one. And finally Akpom, has a huge opportunity, massive in fact as he is only one of a few strikers aside from Podolski & Giroud included on the tour. Chamakh has been left behind and if he can bag an assist or goal even, he would of done his first team chances no harm at all.

    Only a few more days…COYG!

  • Goona Gal

    Sorry for the missing words, should of proof read it. You get my drift any way.