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  1. Brickfields Gunners

    Keep up the good work ,Walter and you guys .It’s one hell of a task you’ve taken upon yourselves .Thank you .

  2. nicky

    Can’t wait for the reviews during the coming season. They should show whether the absence of bully boy Ferguson has at least partially restored a semblance of honesty in officialdom.

  3. Coutinho

    A project like this really need to happen and gain some exposure. Throughout the season poor decision and poor standards have plagued the league. Thanks for all yhe work you and you team have done.

  4. Rufusstan

    As usual great work Walter, but we need to keep pushing it into public view so more and more people start asking the right questions.

  5. rantetta

    Please keep up your great work, Walter & co.

  6. DogFace

    *sigh* – I’m now just an “& co”…


    Things are going on behind the scenes – we are making our lists and checking them twice.

    Walter has also gone the extra mile in the data cleansing exercise in which I identified data that had issues.

    You better appreciate his (and the other refs) dedication to this, there are a staggering number of hours put into this research – around 28,000+ reviewed referee calls in all!

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