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July 2021

Let Suárez be the biggest vapour transfer of all time

by Tony Attwood

Arsenal’s best teams in the last 15 years have come from the signing of players who are well known in footballing circles but who bring limited baggage with high hopes of exceeding previous prowess.  I think of Henry, Vieira and Pires for example.

When we have bought players with a dubious attitude we have tended to give matters time to settle down (for example RVP).

That doesn’t mean we only buy saints.  Dennis Bergkamp could get frustrated and I recall him lashing out with his elbow (against West Ham I think) and getting a three match ban for that.  In fact I think he got sent off three or four times all told.  Some of Vieira’s troubles with the refs were unjustified, but sometimes also he did go too far.  I think I once added up his sending off’s and they totalled about eight with Arsenal including twice getting sent off two games running .

At the time of course I denied Patrick ever did anything wrong – I’m an Arsenal supporter as that is part of support.  But in retrospect… well yes some of those tackles were mistimed.

But everything about Luis Suárez and the £40,000,001 supposed bid seems like a step too far.  This guy doesn’t just have a problem with being fouled, his problems are in a league of their own, and seem to encompass all manner of evils.   With this transfer I am not sure how Arsenal would hold up its head and make the continuing claim for class.

Of course it all could be a conspiracy theory with Liverpool to allow Liverpool to sell the guy to Real Mad for much more, and get Real Mad finally to release Higuain.  That would be good.  Or it might be just a wind-up; a way to annoy Liverpool.

This view is heightened by the story that Ian Ayre told Ivan Gazidis that Liverpool would not even look at £40m for the player when Arsenal bid £30m.  Now if that is true (and if is the dominant word in this whole affair) the bid of £40,000,001 seems like a wave of two fingers in the general direction of the north west.

The whole crazy thing is that Suárez is a liability.  He is suspended, and next time he does one of his everyday events at the office (like try to eat a passing arm) he won’t get nine matches out he’ll get 18.  Or half a season.  Or a season.

Suárez’ own case makes no sense either.  He blames the media for his problems, and don’t we all.  But I can’t see how the Daily Mail, wretched caricature of a wretched industry that it is, is actually to blame for his sins.  If you earn more in a week than most of us manage to earn in quite a few years, you can expect to be under media attention in England.

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And here’s another thing Mr S.   The English media make it up.  Didn’t anyone tell you?  But with you, it seems they hardly have to bother.  You are in fact the player that the press pray for.  Watch the game, report the outrage, down the pub.  Perfect.

Of course we could now have a lawyers’ bun fight to find out what this odd clause in the Suárezian contract actually says and means.  Does it mean that Liverpool have to tell S. that there’s been a bid.  If so, not much of a clause, since I think he knows.  Liverpool say that the clause means just that however, and that they can turn down the offer.  I sure hope so.

As for the fact that Edinson Cavani went to PSG for over £55m, so what?   PSG, Monaco, Man City, Chelsea and Real Mad are in a world of their own, in which suing Uefa over FFP is going to be just a minor irritation that will happen later this season.

For Arsenal, matters are not set out with endless money.  Spend the money on this S chap and he comes back, immediately does something unimaginably awful on the pitch and gets banned for 4 months, and then what?   All that money is gone, the player can’t play, there’s no insurance like there is with injuries, and no one will want to buy him for anything like £40,000,001.

So for me the hope is that this is a ploy, a little game, a bit of mucking about, and that Gonzalo Higuaín is still on his way.

And I really hope that come September 1 I am able to go back to those earlier articles on vapour transfers and say, “There you are, told you what that was all about.”

But what if he is signed?  What then?

I still support Arsenal of course.  I still have my season ticket.  But oh I will not feel right.  In fact nothing will feel right.  Maybe I could watch Corby Town.

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192 comments to Let Suárez be the biggest vapour transfer of all time

  • byron

    I think the reason Wenger wants suarez may be because he is as close to a bergkamp as there is in the game at the moment and with the ox and santi/rosicky he could move to the more traditional 4-4-1-1 that has been successful in the past. Suarez gives us flexibility whereas Higuian is a very similar player to Giroud.

    That said 40mil for a guy like Suarez scares us all.

  • redscouse

    if £40m (+ £1 ???) scares you, you`ll shit your kecks when you see what it will actually cost to get him lad

  • Rupert Cook

    I’d find it quite unreal if we spend that much money on one player although Wenger said a few years ago that if he saw the right player he’d spend that much, and that was when, according to some, we had no money. Now we seem to be cash rich and it appears to have gone to our heads.

    Suarez is a great player but he’s also a massive liability. As much as I think we need another striker I think there are other positions that need strengthening and with 40 million gone on one player I can’t see the necessary quality being bought to bolster the rest of the team.

    Anyway I doubt Pool will sell him for less than 50 million and if we pay that then someone at Arsenal needs their head checked.

  • goonerian

    Get suarez with all his baggage, I don’t care, he scored many goal last season playing with those mugs except SG, imagine what he will do with jack, santi and co, you should be very happy if he chooses us, RVP had issues, I think that’s the problem no attitude, in our team imagine playing against chelsea and they see suarez on the pitch, they’ll know its war, they’ll stop calling us kids….

  • Millz

    Suarez is a troubled genius. Football has had many of them; Best, Maradona, Gazza, & Cantona to name but a few. Personally I’d love to see him in an Arsenal shirt and believe the guidance of AW would help him overcome his demons, just like he did with RVP. All of the above players had issues but were that good on the pitch the fans were tolerant of these troubles. Hopefully the arsenal faithful will be the same.

  • Oh Theo Theo!

    It’s great. Our club have relocated where they misplaced their testicles.

    Fantastic. Sign Suarez + 1 more 20m+ player (Bernard is the report) and we’re rocking.

    Pffft Mr Attwood; clubs’s made a mockery of yesterday’s post. Course we need to sign players. Seems like everybody, including the club sees this apart from the delusionals on Untold.

  • blacksheep63

    i too hope its an elaborate ruse Tony. I trust M. Wenger so presume he knows what he is doing. We want to make a statement and this would certainly be a statement of intent but personally, I’d prefer it we signed almost anybody else.

    As for @redscouse, yes I’m sure he’d cost us nearer £50m but an unsettled player these days tends to get his move. I don’t like that either

    For more on this you might read the Arseblogger’s thoughts, very well considered this morning I think

  • as a pool fan this 40m + 1 pound bid is just going to cause 1 big mess and lawyers being involved to try and sort it out like the Gabriel Heinz situation when he wanted a move from man-u to Liverpool and fergie came out on top as expected, I fear the same thing could happen again which could have been avoided if wenger had acted in the right manor by offering the sum what Liverpool may accept which we all know is around the 50-55m but now he has done this Liverpool will be even more determent to hold on to him

  • Lanre

    I for one am really scared of this whole saga. Granted, Suarez is a brilliant footballer who can single handedly win us trophies. Adding our brilliant squad and we could be unstoppable. On the other hand, this guy is a moving time-bomb. He could as well spell our doom with his acts.
    I am very much in support of Wenger’s plans. Ofcourse he isn’t blind to Suarez’s antecedents, and I know HE KNOWS. Wenger has a history of managing players who have on-the-field issues and I believe he will manage Suarez well.
    Arsenal fans are quite funny, they wanted a big name signing, an established epl player, a prolific goalscorer, all of which u will find in suarez.
    BUT 40m on a player? I don’t know.
    Though I have my own theory:
    Madrid wants Suarez, Arsenal wants Higuain. Madrid could have told arsenal to help them smoke suarez out by to know his value so they could buy him (since liverpool don’t want to sell). If arsenal can suceed in moving liverpool to sell, Madrid comes in and grab him. Higuain then strolls to emirates.

  • bjtgooner

    It seems a bit strange that Liverpool are being very vocal about our offer, looks like they are trying to attract someone’s attention.

  • Shard

    I hope exactly the same. But more and more, I’m beginning to think that we are genuinely going for Suarez. I can’t understand it. What happened in the negotiations for Higuain? If it was just a question of price, surely we should pay 30m for Higuain rather than 40+m for Suarez. I can’t figure this out at all. And what sort of a clause is ‘must be informed’. That makes even less sense.

    If we get SUarez over Higuain, I can only conclude that Wenger prefers Suarez and/or he feels that 30m for Higuain would leave us with less money to get our other targets who could fit in a system with him. I don’t know.

    What I do know is that buying Suarez could seriously undermine our claim to ‘class’ as Tony puts it. But maybe that’s a dated thing, and nothing a title or two won’t cure. But I don’t like it. Still, after all that Arsenal and Wenger have been through (and been put through) I won’t condemn them. I won’t commend them either.

    Still hopeful that this is some sort of ploy, but that possibility seems to be fading fast.

  • Dec

    I’ve been an Arsenal fan since 1970. Never a season ticket holder, I don’t live in the UK but nonetheless Arsenal have been a part of my life since I was 9 years old and waited for the Arsenal scout to knock on my door just like he done at the Brady’s and the O’Leary’s on the Stapleton’s houses ( he never did……yet) . When nobody else I knew supported Arsenal , they were my team. I cried when Sniffer Clarke broke my heart at Wembley in 72 and again after the 73 semi final when Sunderland from the second division beat us. Then the doldrums when nothing happened except getting thumped at school for not being part of the Liverpool / ManU herd. 78,79 and 80 were an oasis then more nothingness, no trophies and ugly football. Real heroes were scarce, Charlie, Chippy and ….that was our lot. Then heroes arrived, in droves, Dennis and the Invincibles and Le Boss and we played beautiful football and won. We still play football in a special way, a way to be proud of and despite what some would say we do compete, every year. We haven’t won stuff recently but we’re there at the sharp end and it’s exciting.
    In all those times I’ve never ever contemplated abandoning Arsenal as my team ( and football ‘cos there could never be a different team for me)….until now.
    Suarez?????? A reckless, foolish, racist cheat!!!! Unlike any player we’ve ever had to my knowledge. He’s not even THAT good. A step to far for me. I won’t ever feature on Arsenal’s radar, I’ve never existed to them, but life here would be different. I wonder how many more would feel betrayed by such a signing.
    Hope you’re right Tony, I really hope you’re right.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    It all sounds fishyto me but I do hope that we get Higuain over Suarez.But at our price .
    Patience is a virtue , but can heaven wait ?

    Mike and Yvonne were 85 years old and had been married for sixty years. Though they were far from rich, they managed to get by because they carefully watched their pennies.
    Though not young, they were both in very good health, largely due to Yvonne’s insistence on healthy foods and exercise for the last decade.
    One day, their good health didn’t help when they went on a vacation and their plane crashed, sending them off to Heaven.
    They reached the pearly gates, and St. Peter escorted them inside. He took them to a beautiful mansion, furnished in gold and fine silks, with a fully stocked kitchen and a waterfall in the master bath. A maid could be seen hanging their favorite clothes in the closet. They gasped in astonishment when he said, ‘Welcome to Heaven. This will be your home now.’
    Mike asked Peter how much all this was going to cost. ‘Why, nothing,’ Peter replied, ‘remember, this is your reward in Heaven.’
    Mike looked out the window and right there he saw a championship golf course, finer and more beautiful than any ever built on Earth.
    ‘What are the greens fees?’ grumbled Mike.
    ‘This is heaven,’ St. Peter replied. ‘You can play for free, every day.’
    Next they went to the clubhouse and saw the lavish buffet lunch.
    ‘Don’t even ask,’ said St. Peter to Mike. This is Heaven, it is all free for you to enjoy.’

    Mike looked around and nervously asked Yvonne ‘Well, where are the low fat and low cholesterol foods and the decaffeinated tea?’
    ‘That’s the best part,’ St. Peter replied. ‘You can eat and drink as much as you like and you will never get fat or sick. This is Heaven!’

    ‘No gym to work out at?’ said Mike
    ‘Not unless you want to,’ was the answer.
    ‘No testing my sugar or blood pressure or…’
    ‘Never again’
    Mike glared at Yvonne and said, ‘You and your F—n Bran Flakes. We could have been here ten years ago!’

  • Nelson Wong

    As much as I dislike Rooney, I’d rather have him than Suarez.

    If there is no way to land Higuain or Rooney, I’d rather sit out the season with the current strikers. Of course I do not mean not spending.

    That extra bit can be spent on goal keeper as I always think there is need for reinforcement. Ok, they have set the fund for one but not attracting anyone. A few more millions should close the deal.

    The back can be strengtern, now that Sagna can also cover CB, Arsenal needs someone for RB. I am not worried by RB since captin can cover that… Only problem is Koz is also down but then the first games aren’t that tough.

    Get a winger, who does not need to “drift inward” to be effective. A more trditional type.

    The middle looks good but someone might think that a CB is needed or a powerful midfield like, say Fellaini, can do some help.

    As for the front, I would bet on the three to continue improving. If each of them pump out 2 more goals and the midfield score a few more, the problem is solved. The bench is a bit weak so may be buy a one or two young talent instead.

    40 millions for Suarez!!! Why not bring in 2 or 3 more players to cover spots we still need to strengten. I am sure 40 M would have used up most of the transfer fund.

  • WalterBroeckx

    I have seen Suarez play in Holland and he was phenomenal at Ajax. His goal scoring record was really out of this world. In his last full season he played 48 matches in total and scored 49 goals and had 16 assists. That is being involved in 65 goals. Has anyone ever done better apart from maybe Messi or Ronaldo (have they?)

    I think that if he would play in a footballing team like Arsenal he could reach that height again. Ajax was very much a football playing team (still is now of course)

    He is used to the PL so that is also something that is in his favour.

    So from a pure football point of view I would be happy with him in our team.

    Of course he has some issues. But as I am not a person who usually judge people I never really sentenced him and banned him 😉 I didn’t like his behaviour and didn’t like the things he did or said but who am I to judge other people. I leave the judging to others.

    But the problem is there that any wrong doings could result in him being banned for reaaaaaaallllllyyy looooooooooong. If Wenger can contain him and keep him in control we might have no problem in the future.

    But can you control Suarez? If we do spend the money, then I hope we will not look back at it with regret later on.

    I think most of us would prefer Higuaín and certainly after I have learned how to type the í

  • nicky

    Those of us who support Arsenal with a near “my Club, right or wrong” attitude, will be somewhat troubled by today’s post from you.
    The fact that Suarez, if he joins us, will firstly serve his 5 or 6 match suspensions. And then for ever more will be looked on as a loose cannon, likely to drag our great Club down at the most inopportune time.
    There can be little doubt that wherever Suarez plays he will be in receipt of special treatment, verbal or physical, by the opposition, because of his past misdemeanours. He will have to be careful of retaliation.
    Wenger has straightened out wayward players before (Van Persie for one) and I would hope that he could repeat the exercise.
    Nevertheless, your erudite view has rocked our boat a bit, this sunny morning.

  • Tyrone

    I am sincerely hoping this one that is paper talk and doesn’t happen. Can you imagine us spending the bulk of the transfer money on this biter? Coyg

  • Rejoice

    Arsenal fans are just difficult to please. In the last few years the complain was that the club does not spend money to buy “big”, “world class” players, Wenger is stingy and all sort of abusive words were fired at the club.
    Now Arsenal has the money to splash and the argument turns to the morality of signing Suarez. All of a sudden, most Arsenal fans are singing the moral tune. Suarez is despicable, a racist, a biter,fill in the blank.
    The first challenge I have for any fan who is moralizing against Suarez is to honestly ask himself if he/she is better than Suarez morally. Yes, the first person to cast a moral stone on Suarez MUST be someone has no moral sin. If you are not perfect, then, then, you have no moral locus standi to accuse Suarez of anything.
    Come to think of it. Europeans are more racist in mindset than other people. Yet, how hypocritical for them to turn on Suarez.
    Do I like Suarez’s behaviors? Absolutely NO. But don’t we all have our bad sides that have cost other problems?
    Is it proper reasoning to refuse to buy Suarez because of his bad sides even when it is obvious that he is the type of player that we need?
    We need to stop acting like Arsenal FC is a club of saints.

  • Mohamed

    It is unfortunate that such a prodigious footballing talent like Suarez carries the baggage he carries. However, many people would fall below the line if subjected to similar pressure. He has bitten a fellow player twice in his carrier of several years and racially abused someone once. For God’s sake, people do mature and outgrow such behaviors. I do not think the man himself want to continue with such behaviors and keep tarnishing his carrier.
    I think that with the Wenger effect,Suarez could rise up to the goal scoring prowess of Messi and Ronaldo. Let’s not forget that RVP was sold by Fayernood for his bad boy antics for less than 4 million pounds. He has become more responsible than before now. I expect the same to happen to Suarez.
    For me, he s my preference of a top striker now for Arsenal.

  • joe

    With every day that passes it looks increasing likely that Wenger will lead us into the new season with a Giroud Chamack and Bentner strike force.Whats worse,injuries to Monreal Kos and Vermaelen will leave us stretched at the back as well.But it’s ok his master plan involves Sagna as a CB.Anything to swerve paying a few bob for some players.He feels the purchase of players is akin to “financial doping” which seems to be his favourite phrase. You couldn’t make it up.

  • Rupert Cook

    @Shard, agree, I would rather we paid 30 million for Hig rather than risk Suarez, although I’m not sure Hig is worth that. Suarez is a fantastic player, as good a striker as Wright or RVP but would we ever get a full season out of him?

    As for class, well we’ve abandoned that in the past with the likes of Storey and Merson. Hardly angels, either of them.

  • LG

    @Rejoice: What a load of shite!! That is quite possibly the worst justification for signing Suarez I’ve seen yet… you’re basically saying no one can judge anyone unless they’re a saint first. Most grown adults know the difference between right and wrong and make judgements on others based on that knowledge. The real question here is: we know what Suarez is like, we know he’s not a nice guy and we know he’s going to cost a wad of cash to get… for the 40m bid at the moment, he’ll cost close to 80m over the course of his contract (assuming 150k/week) That is far too much for someone will his history!!

    Also, he’s not actually that good. Very selfish, not efficient (which is something we fans lament the current squad for sometimes/often) and have you seen the youtube vids that show how popular he is with the LFC squad… not very if you haven’t seen them. Kinda goes against AW’s policy of finding players that fit with the current squad.

    I did like Dec’s response further up… sums up my feels nicely


  • Shard


    I’m not sure any player is worth the amounts that are talked about these days. When 30m for Suarez is dubbed ‘derisory’ i just shows that it’s an insane world. I’d much rather have Higuain than Suarez. It’s not just about moralising or making judgments. It is also a risk calculation. Besides, why is having a moral outlook bad? I am undecided on what it would mean to me to have Suarez at my club. I’d much rather I didn’t have to find out.

    The fact that we’ve had some dubious characters in the past is neither here nor there. It is no reason to go down an ‘immoral’ path pretending it doesn’t matter. It should. Although as I said, years of being done against, makes everyone susceptible to a lax in morals. Besides, if this ‘slippery slope’ stops at just buying Suarez, Arsenal’s character will survive. On the other hand, if it means we embark on being Chelsea-like, then our class/USP takes a hit.

    Also, about Suarez being as good a striker as Wright or RVP. He’s talented and skillful, but his output is not at the same level as RVP’s. He is hard working, but he also loses the ball a lot. His finishing is nowhere near as good. What he does offer us over Higuain, is more tactical flexibility. But I’m not sure we should pay 10-15m (at least) more for him than for Higuain. In fact, I’m pretty sure we shouldn’t. Or are we looking to pull a ManCity and weaken our domestic rivals? Even so, SUarez is an almighty risk, and not worth literally obliterating our transfer record for.

  • LG

    @Mohamed: What do you base your statement “I do not think the man himself want to continue with such behaviors and keep tarnishing his carrier.” on??? There as been no remorse for any of his actions… even the handshake thing was a farce!! And to compare his actions to a 19yr old RvP doesn’t work… Suarez is 26 now… can hardly put his actions down to being immature (well, you can but that has noting to do with age)


  • LG

    @joe: so much wrong with your post!! I think you did just make it up “…with a Giroud Chamack and Bentner strike force” Chamakh and Bendtner haven’t featured in the squad for at least a year. Off the top of my head, I’d say both have featured in less than 5games in the last 2 seasons at least

  • Dec

    He’s only bitten another player twice in his career so far?
    You seem to think that in some universe that’s acceptable.
    Once in a lifetime is too much for anybody, especially somebody planning to wear an Arsenal shirt.
    Rather than just the biting ( now you have me at it, “just” the biting), the way Suarez plays the game is abhorrent to those of us who value honesty as a trait worth having. Nobody dives more( even Bale). His constant whinging, moaning, cheating at every opportunity disgusts me (and many others).
    Football fans across the globe have given this guy stick for years over his antics and rightly so. I suspect that privately, many Liverpool fans would gladly grab 40 million or even less and be rid of him. I’ll never cheer him in an Arsenal shirt for sure.;
    Suppose it’s a matter of standards, some people are prepared to sell their soul for a tin pot, others demand a bit more.

  • Rupert Cook

    @Shard, nothing wrong with having a moral outlook. In the world of football it’s hard to maintain one but all credit to any club attempting to do so.

    There’s not much in it between RVP and Suarez. Probably the best two strikers in the league but I don’t know why we’re suddenly about to throw money at one player when wouldn’t it have made more economical sense to keep RVP? Then we would have a striker already and could concentrate on other areas of the team. I’m sure RVP would have been impressed with our financial muscle if he’d stayed that one year on his contract. Anyway as we don’t know the true facts regarding RVP’s and Wenger’s conversations it’s hard to make any conclusions regarding that scenario.

  • WalterBroeckx

    if we buy Suarez I will blame RVP 😉

  • Mohamed

    If Suarez has played professional football for 8 years and has had these ugly incidents for just three times, it tells me that he is not an abnormal person. His behavior is within the gamut of average human behavior. He is not worse than Adebayor who stamped his studs on RVP’s face in a moment of rage. most humans are capable of some outrageous actions in moments of madness. The madness that made Zidane head butt Materazzi at a world cup final could have caused him to bite if he was inclined to biting. Mind you, Zidane did it at the tail end of his career, will into his 30s. Many people like to pontificate when our own capabilities for vices have not been exposed.
    What Suarez did were just ugly reactions in a feat of rage. Many people have been known to kill in such instances. If we imagine the immense pressures that footballers face on the pitch, we will know that Suarez is just an average human being with an exceptional football talent.
    He is among the few players who have scored more goals than the number of appearances in a season like Walters reported above. If he plays in a real football playing team like Arsenal where chances are created in abundance, he has a good chance of stepping into the class of Messi and Ronaldo in goal scoring. Let us look at the footballing possibilities rather that being moral judges because most of us are not better than him. We just haven’t been in similar situations before.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Trouble with Hig – seems like Real agreed £23m, then upped it to £35m with add ons when Napoli came in. And maybe they need funds for a player even more expensive than Suarez.
    Just cannot see Suarez happening for a lot of very good reasons, looks like Hig is now a lost cause to cash rich Napoli. Michu anyone?
    Strikers aside, I am more concerned with the more defensive side of the game. We could start the season with TV, Kos and Monreal injured – surely we have to strengthen at the back? Also, we have no real cover in the event of injuries to Arteta / Ramsey. Their system works for us, but we need backup. More action to come in the next few weeks.

  • joe

    Why are we talking about higuain? He has signed for napoli

  • Shakabula Gooner

    Get it folks. With money, Arsenal’s priorities have changed. We want Suarez as priority because he brings a different dimension to the club’s goal scoring fire power: a dimension that tremendously enhances Arsenal’s chances of winning clutch matches and that compliments Arsenal’s playing pattern and strengths.
    Arsenal is not looking to build a genteel team that competes for fair play trophies but one that win league and championship trophies. In which case, the so evident Suarez weaknesses become proof of his passion and will to win. In view of his historic discipline, the risk of his going overboard again in now actually less: he is intelligent to learn from the experiences; he is older and an incentive to behave himself can be written into his contract in the form of heavy wage deductions for prolonged match bans. And, of course, there is the Wenger mentoring process to calm him down.
    As for the chances of the £40m bid succeeding, I think that Arsenal’s lawyers must have seen the Liverpool contract through his agent and must strongly believe that Liverpool’s interpretation cannot hold. In short, it may require a speedy arbitration process to clear up.

  • Dec

    @ Mohamed
    You sound like a 10 year old with such rubbish.
    However, on the chance your a real adult who thinks it’s ok to bite or even kill (once it’s only a couple of times every few years).
    Speak for yourself. that’s nowhere near average human behaviour where I come from. Killing in a fit of rage might be acceptable wherever you are and might explain a lot about why the world is as it is.
    Here, we’re talking about football (it’s a sport!!!) even professional football is only a profession. Nobody dies because of it (at least in my view of the world). It’s a game played by super pampered, mega-rich millionaires. Pressure is when you can’t feed your kids. Or you’re trying to save lives.
    Grow up and get some perspective.

  • Rejoice

    @LG. It is disrespectful and arrogant to term another person’s opinion as shite because you don’t agree with it. Gentlemen don’t do that.
    Read my post again. I never advocated for the signing of Suarez. Whoever the management of Arsenal signs is none of my business. It would be my business to decide who to sign for Arsenal if am saddled with the responsibility of signing players for the club. So, whether Suarez is signed or not means nothing to me. I am only a fan, sorry, a supporter who would give my full support to any player the management of Arsenal deem fit to wear the red and white jersey.
    There are good and bad sides to everyone of us. But it seems that most self-righteous Arsenal fans are busy focusing only on the bad side of Suarez like they don’t have bad sides. They are been judgmental of Suarez.
    Some want Rooney, but not Suarez. What’s the difference between the two? If I want to sound as moral as some fans are sounding, then I want none of them cause they birds of the same feathers. But if Arsenal buys Suarez and Rooney, I may not like their behaviors, but I will support to come good on and off the pitch.
    Would anything be wrong if we become a club where bad players turn out good/
    I believe that no matter how bad a person might be, that person can be corrected. At least we know that Wenger has done that with a couple of players in the past. Why not Suarez if eventually comes to Arsenal?
    Besides, we have some of the best behaved players around and yet what have they won for the club. These same who are condemning Suarez boo these well behaved players, calling them deadwoods, insulting Wenger for buying them.
    If we start rejecting every despicable person, would we be good enough to be accepted.

  • WalterBroeckx

    I remember a few weeks ago on an Arsenal blog someone writing an article about the fact that with all the money we have worked for, with all the money we are getting from the new deals out club policy could and would change.

    I think Rooney is one of the most hated players in Gooner land for his dive to end our 49 unbeaten run. But that dive cost his then rivals (us) the league. He will do anything to win a game.
    Suarez is also a player who will do all he can do to win a game.

    Is it a coincidence that those players are named/whispered to become Arsenal players? Because with the new deals the club has to make sure that it competes and with the new deals we have the money to compete finally (not really Chelsea/MC way because our resources are not endless) and thus we could see us going for players who are not that nice as the ones we have been seeing before but who will win games at any cost.

  • WalterBroeckx

    In short: better get used to it?

  • Shard

    I just thought that maybe we are prioritising Suarez because we have agreed a deal for Bernard. Strange as that sounds, I think Bernard on the left wing, frees up Podolski to play centrally. (although there will be rotation) Podolski (and Walcott) both offer good finishing, like Higuain. But neither offer the dribbling of Suarez, to go with the (skillful) battering ram of Giroud. Adds more variety to our attack I guess.

    Hmmmm. Suarez still seems like such a strange Arsenal buy, but perhaps that is the intention.

    Ok.. I’m going to stop thinking about this now. It makes no sense, especially because we have no idea what is true or not. It seems Higuain is in Napoli for a medical, but then he was supposed to have had his medical with us too, so you never know.

  • Bootoomee

    Dec (@ 10.49am)

    “Suppose it’s a matter of standards, some people are prepared to sell their soul for a tin pot, others demand a bit more.”

    Excellent point which sums up my sentiment on this Suarez Untold thread perfectly. The only reason why folks like Mohamed and others are so eager to forgive and ignore TWO cases of televised biting is because they hope Suarez will come and win them their much deprived TROPHY (or tin pot as you call it)!

    We wouldn’t be having this discussion over Joey Barton for sure as he is not good enough to win us trophies. It is sad how the desperation for silverwares is skewing the perspectives of ordinarily intelligent and moral people (including you, Walter unfortunately). And what exactly has Suarez won?

    About Arsene setting him straight: REALLY??? I didn’t know he is a psychiatrist. Maybe he will be able to cure the 26 year old gifted nutcase.

    Great Article Tony!

  • Giddy

    This hypocrisy of Arsenal fans must stop. Wenger should go a head and buy Suarez. The guy is class and dare u people mention his bad behaviour since most talented footballers have issues off field including your angel Giggs. If he can play for us in say 25 or so premiership matches, say with few additions, its fine by me since we shall be able to win those matches. Who knows, he might as well quit the old habits and behave sanely as he approaches maturity.
    Besides which is better? to pay Chamark/ Park/ Bendtner/ Denilson for those many years without any return or to gamble with Suarez who may get suspension but can still make up for it when he plays?

  • Rejoice

    @Mohammed. Ride on. We are on the same plane.

  • Shard


    A pragmatic view to take. But is it? What is Arsenal’s identity? Why do you identify with the club? The answer is different for everyone. It’s a unique and personal relationship. Little wonder that there are various different reactions.

    Suarez carries with him a certain image. That image reflects on Arsenal. In purely pragmatic terms the calculation will be whether the trade off in achievement is worth the potential loss of image (and with it, money) I suppose Arsenal are doing that.

    In supporter’s terms, they then have to ask themselves if they can identify with the club. We had a similar issue on Untold with an imaginary fascist manager that Tony wrote about. I was one who said I don’t care about all of that, mainly because politics are complicated, and no person is entirely one thing anyway. Besides, fascism isn’t easy to define, but is only a derogatory term. In any case, in terms of football, Di Canio did nothing to persecute anyone.

    Suarez’s case is different. I have less of a problem with him having been punished for a racist comment than I have with the way he plays the game. The constant diving. The pretending to be injured. And then there’s the handball incident in the World Cup. Not a real problem for me, but his celebration was. But then he’s had a few handballs playing for Liverpool, which has cost them. Take the case of the Chelsea match in which he bit Ivanovic. He gave away a penalty. The biting was also not a one off, and he seems to tend to do it in big games, indicating either that he can’t handle pressure, or that he does it intentionally to get caught and force a move. Both of which work out terribly for his club. As does his lack of self awareness. (Blaming the media, celebrating the missed penalty by Ghana) Plenty of players have the same will to win without being destructive.

    The club need to work out how they think they can manage this, and whether he’s worth it. If he’ll sign, I’ll need to evaluate what it means for me. I’d rather not be in that position.

  • Shard


    As I said, Suarez’s problems aren’t just limited to his off field antics. They are all his on field antics, which directly impact his contribution to the cause. Huge difference.

  • Dec

    Hope it’s a long haul flight!!!!!

  • Shard

    The diving, the biting, the racist comment, the handball. All took place on the field. Will Arsenal get a penalty ever with Suarez playing for us? Who knows, maybe we’ll get more. What about his 6 game ban. How many games does he miss the next time he commits a transgression? And he will, because he refuses to accept responsibility for anything. And what if in a year, he decides he fancies Barcelona after all. Maybe he’ll bite someone while playing in an Arsenal shirt to try and force through a move?

    After my instinctive reaction of outright denial of this being a possibiity or a desired outcome, I was coming round to the idea of Suarez the player. But the more I think about it, the more I feel he not only reflects badly on our club, he is an absolute liability. Like carrying a ticking time bomb.

  • Rupert Cook

    This whole business baffles me. We bid a vast sum for a player who will miss six games and may possibly miss more due to his childish temperament. We expect Pool to accept our sum despite the fact that selling Suarez to us weakens them and strengthens us ( well maybe, dependent on his on field antics). Do we think that because we’d take what now seems a meagre sum for RVP that Pool will bend for us like we did for Manu?

    To me this smacks of desperation on our part because we know we made a big mistake selling RVP and now we have to rectify that by buying the second best striker in the league. What we should have done is try to buy Cavani or Falcao for however many millions a few years ago. Then we wouldn’t be contemplating throwing our money at one dubious signing.

  • WalterBroeckx

    just to be at your service but you asked what did Suarez actually won (apart from bans):


    Nacional : Primera División (1): 2005–06

    Ajax: Eredivisie (1): 2010–11 AND KNVB Cup (1): 2009–10

    Liverpool: League Cup (1): 2011–12


    Uruguay :Copa América (1): 2011


  • Doublegooner

    Well well Mr Attwood.

    I actually agree with you ! ( No I won’t be travelling up to Corby though)

    This Suarez just seems so ‘un Arsenal’.

    No doubt he has the talent but without repeating his baggage, I also suspect if he had another likely ‘Louis’ moment he’d be another Tevez engineering another move after 18 months.

    Higuain is the man. A class act who’ll score goals in our league. Lets pay upto £30/32m and get him.

  • WalterBroeckx

    And to be honest about Suarez: I am a long time admirer of his football skills. (apart from his diving) I have seen him do things in Holland that makes any football lover go straight to the stadium to buy tickets for the next game.

    So yes he has sinned. But he has been punished for his sins. I think then the story should end.

    We could turn this in to a social debate but for me a criminal that has served his sentence is an ex-criminal (till he does it again and then he is another criminal till he served his sentence again)… and so on.

    I think this has been my moral way of looking at this as long as I can remember. Is this right? Don’t know but do we give ex-criminals a new chance or do we sentence them for live even with only given them a one year sentence? then for me after that year it is over and done.

    I think sentencing a person for live for something that only rewards a one year sentence is more wrong.

    So forgive me for being a forgiving person. 😉

    I think I even have shown that on many occasions over here on this blog. People have called me names and insulted me. I then can strike back at them. But after the dust has settled I find it no problem to engage in a normal conversation with them again.

    An example: a certain person that I shall not name once threatened to hit me on the head with a baseball bat. Even then I let him stay on board and just pointed at such thing as being wrong. He got banned in the end as it got even more lunatic in the end.

    But believe me when he would reappear I could have a civilised conversation with him without any problem. From my part, don’t know from his part as he seemed to be a bit obsessed with me 🙂

    But forgive me for not joining any which hunt. I forgive you also for blaming me not to join in. 😉

  • Stuart

    If this Suarez thing was a real transfer, it would have been null and void now because LFC have gone to the press, Arsenal would move on as always. The fact LFC are still talking about it makes me think it is either
    i) a spoof tactical bid by us to put pressure on other clubs and get the player we want.
    ii) it’s a bid by us to see how much Liverpool want from Madrid for Suarez and therefore Madrid need from us for Higuain in order to pay for Suarez.
    iii) it’s to make Madrid adjust their price more in line with our valuation or risk losing out on the sale.

  • Bootoomee

    Wow Walter! What a CV! Let’s pay £70million for the vampire and hope that Wenger can cure him because he won the league cup with Liverpool.

    BTW, my question was about what he has won lately (meaning with Liverpool but I apologise for not being clear) to warrant your willingness to sacrifice your moralty for him. I loathe Wayne Rooney with a passion but I’d rather have him than the racist biter!

    I have always loved and admired Arsene Wenger but I’ll lose all respect for him if he signs the unrepentant racist. Where do we draw the line about bad behaviour from gifted people, where? I insist that the only reason why you and every other Suarez defender are so willing to overlook his craziness is because you think he is good enough to single handedly change our fortune. If Messi has Suarez’s baggage, I wouldn’t want him near Arsenal.

  • ARSENAL 13

    Suarez @ age 20 and 4 million pounds is not a problem with the baggage. And Mr Wenger can work his magic there. But Suarez now and that too at 40 million and one pounds is a big no no.

    This looks like a GOD of all the vapours to me.

  • Personally , the only thing I have against Suarez is his alleged racist remarks. However, if players like Raheem Sterling and Sturridge are willing to be his team mates — forgiving him or rubbishing the allegations as just allegations –anyone else should cut the lad some slack. But if the black Liverpool players are uneasy with Suarez, Arsenal should keep off him. When it comes to biting Ivanovic, even if it is obviously disgusting, it was a reflex action by Suarez to poor refereeing. It is interesting that he bit a Chelsea player. In the just concluded confederations cup, another Chelsea man playing for Brazil. Luiz, gave a penalty against Uruguay for tugging the shirt of a striker in a corner situation. The Suarez situation reveals how complicit officiating heightens violence in a game.

    As a fatal incident between a ref and a player recently played out in Brazil, it is clear that the South American approach to football is more passionate than the European one. This maybe explains why many players from Latin America are very skillful — they play with their hearts until they get carried away. But there is a kind of reckless playing which defenders are coached into — tugging an opponent’s shirt. Defenders are given too much licence to bully strikers and this creates a myth of ‘the invincible backline’. This problem is so rife that sometimes a ref stops a game just to arrest the vice; yet the official should let the defender commit the foul, call the foul — and give a penalty.

    Luiz probably should have cost Chelsea many penalties, but English refs just allowed him to play rugby. If enough penalties were given against shirt pulling, the vice will end. This will mean more goals will be scored in corner situations — leading to more open games, whereby even 6-3 7-5 scorelines would be the norm. There is nothing beautiful about 1-0 or 2-0 scorelines or one sided thrashings. If refs stamp out nasty tugging around the penalty box, the penalty shoot out — which a workman-like Chelsea unfairly won the Champions league with — could even be a thing of the past.

  • Bootoomee


    “Personally , the only thing I have against Suarez is his alleged racist remarks. However, if players like Raheem Sterling and Sturridge are willing to be his team mates — forgiving him or rubbishing the allegations as just allegations –anyone else should cut the lad some slack.”

    That is a pretty low bar, don’t you think? That’s just the old “some of my best friends are black” racists’ excuse.


    I am not suggesting that Suarez be crucified. I agree with you that he has been duly punished for his offences and should not be villified further. I disagree with you on bringing him over to the Emirates in the name of forgiveness and/or because he is so gifted he’ll win us things. He is just a despicable human being who requested a move from a club that has embarrassingly stood by him through his various shenanigans.

    God, I cannot believe that we are even having this conversation!

  • Dec

    Cesc to ManU or Louis the Rat to les Emirates???
    The lesser of 2 evils?????
    I think I could live with Cesc at the evil empire (just about, and with great difficulty), but could never stomach the sight of Suarez with a canon on his shirt.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Bootoomee, then imagine both of them at Arsenal next season…

    And I really never thought that I was that much of a high moral person. I have my principles but never really considered myself as a higher moral person tbh. So I don’t even feel I am giving anything up.

    I would have loved him to come to Arsenal when he went to Liverpool that is something I cannot deny. So from a football point of view he could be a good signing.

    I just said it on the Benelux facebook group and just translate it:

    Whatever we think of it will have no influence on those who make the calls.
    If he comes I will support Arsenal as I have always done, and if he doesn’t come I will support the Arsenal as I have always done.

    I will not buy his shirt. Let that be clear.

  • Shard


    Let Suarez come to Arsenal, and Fabregas go to ManU to team up with RVP, and that will just be the perfect embodiment of what the game has become.

    By the way, I’m not sure how I’ll feel about Arsenal and Wenger if Suarez signs for us, but I certainly wouldn’t lose ALL respect for Wenger. He’s earned more respect over the years than can be thrown away by an expensive gamble. As I said, if Suarez signs, I can only think of it as Wenger putting aside his personal feelings to finally get past all the rubbish Arsenal have had to deal with. I accept that’s a morally grey area, and to be honest, I’d rather we didn’t go there, but I won’t condemn it.

    As to what Walter means, I think is that if Suarez signs for us, but doesn’t dive all the time (I don’t think Wenger will allow it), doesn’t bite anyone, doesn’t indulge in racist remarks, but plays well, and works hard for the team. Then how would you feel about him? I still maintain the likelihood of that is less than the risk of him doing something crazy or selfish, but Walter is only wanting to see the best in someone. Their potential for good. Nothing wrong with that.

  • Shard


    Here is where we differ I think. Ever since Suarez bit his opponent while at Ajax, even though I thought he was talented, I was happy we didn’t go for him. In fact, I was fairly certain he would be trouble for Liverpool. None of his public statements show a sense of responsibility. It is not a case of a witch-hunt. It is simply a case that he doesn’t inspire confidence of his sincerity in learning from his wrong actions. Making it not just a moral stance, but even a pragmatic stance.

    Of course, we don’t know what prompted the switch to Suarez from Higuain. Or indeed what other targets we might have. SO maybe Suarez is the only viable option. Making it a little more pragmatic to bid for him.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Ever get pissed off by someone who thinks they know it all .
    Well they do learn of their folly in the end.

  • Shard


    Also, you are obviously right in terms of us having no influence over who to buy, and that the support remains for Arsenal regardless. But the level, and manner, of support might be affected. I’ve said before, I think what I want from Arsenal most is to feel proud of being associated with them. This can take the form of trophies, unbeaten seasons, our class and traditions, a victory against Barcelona or Milan, even if they were ultimately not enough etc etc. Could I be proud of Arsenal while Suarez is up to his shenanigans? I’m not sure I could. I’ll be happy if he helps us win the title, not least to put an end to some nonsensical comments about trophies. But pride might be a little tough to feel in such a scenario.

  • Adam

    @Brickfields Gunners,

    House; is exactly my sense of humour.

  • Bootoomee


    I understand your point. When Liverpool put on the Suarez is a victim T-shirts after his racism accusation, I said well, he is their player and they should defend him. Look up at Tony’s confession about his defence of Vieira. It’s what loyal fans do. You support your players!

    On the other hand, if we already know of a person’s persistent, assorted and often non-football oriented bad behaviour like racism and biting, I consider it burying our heads in the sand to say: oh, he’ll be different with us because Wenger will cure him!

    As a regular victim of racism, who is not even allowed to complain about it, I will be most disappointed in Arsenal if they sign Suarez. If you’ve seen one or two of my previous posts you’ll know how loyal I am to the club but as I have always maintained: I support Arsenal not for trophies but for the club’s values. Signing Suarez is a big no no for me as it is a violation of the values for which I am supporting the club. If we had signed Suarez only to realise his problems, I will understand and my support for the club will not waiver, although, I will loathe the player himself.

  • Adam

    Cannot see Suarez turning in at the Ems. seems a bit too far fetched. Hopefully a merry go round with Arsenal, Real and Liverpool.

  • Bootoomee

    Shard (@2.28pm),

    Your comment comment perfectly summarises all that I have been trying to say on this topic. Sometimes, I get so worked up on issues that I feel strongly about that I end up expressing myself poorly.

    I have nothing to add to that comment. It is perfect!

  • Stroller

    It is indeed ironic that our potential ‘marquee’ signing after years of frugality is the subject of so much unease among supporters – and understandably so.

    However it would not be any surprise if this is a case of smoke and mirrors as Tony’s article suggests. Are we really willing to pay as much as it takes to get Suarez? Or is this all part of a game to force the price up for a more likely move out of the country to Real Madrid? If so are we willing players in the game on basis that it gets us Higuain? But then there is Napoli to put a spanner in the works, or is this a different game?

    This summer transfer window is far too long. No time for games like this in the Winter.

  • Bootoomee

    My apologies to Tony/Walter for copying and pasting the quote below from TeamTalk:

    “suarezhand (Liverpool fan): Let me speak my thoughts on this one. How many Liverpool fans are nervous about what Suarez will pull out of his bag next? Why do I feel that 40m is just about it. That we should grab the money and move on. Roll back…just after the biting incident, be honest and tell me what you thought he would fetch the club were he to be sold? I was in the regions of 25m. Has Suarez shown anything to indicate his change of behaviour/Personality? The answer is no. His most remarkable character indicator of late is his desire to escape to London to hide from the British media/public. Is he likely to repeat similar incidents? We don’t know but my gut feeling tells me he will. Will he enjoy the unequivocal support from both club and fans in the midst of similar indiscretions? I highly doubt. Should he be let go go 40m? My answer is yes, but without any loyalty bonus and then we sign a striker and an attacking midfielder with the money.”

    This is typical of those Liverpool fans who want him gone. I picked this one because it states (like I believe) that the biting incident should have brought his value to a lower region. It makes sense to me and that is why I don’t think we’ll sign him for anything close to £30million not to mention 40m, if we ever sign him at all.

  • Masotja Vilakati

    Bring on S, he can score us the goals that are lacking at Arsenal. We can not expect Walcott (a winger) to continuosly be top goalscorer, and Higuain does not seem to want to join us. Let him go to Napoli and get us Suarez, a tried and tested scorer in the EPL than to fight for Higuain that we do not know can withstand the EPL.

  • Rupert Cook

    It seems that Higuain is about to sign for Napoli as he is apparently heading there for a medical.

  • Edu

    i foresee a situation where suarez forces lfc to sell him only for lfc to ask for more cash,and madrid come swooping with a mega offer..

  • AL

    A really difficult one. I know the guy doesn’t represent at all what Arsenal stands for. Nor is he the sort of person I would look forward to cheering on from the bottom of my heart. But we have had a few players we thought had our DNA in them go to our bitterest rivals and seems they have been well accepted there, so these things happen in football. Our players have helped these club win things, so a reversal of roles wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

    I think apart from Suarez & Rooney there isn’t any other world class striker available (if the latest reports linking Higuain with Napoli are to be believed). So for those hoping we sign a world class striker these are your two options left. I personally don’t like either of them, but would accept if we signed either. I wouldn’t want us to pay that much though, sounds a ridiculous amount. But then again nothing seems real in the footy world anymore. My main concern is with the way refs find it easy to punish our players for the smallest of mistakes,;Suarez will be targeted from day one. In view of that Rooney might actually be a better signing as he tends to get away with murder quite often and refs in England let him be. So he might actually make the refs go a little easy on us, whereas with Suarez, the situation will just get worse.

    Right, I have confused you all enough with my ramblings, so back to what I really would like. Higuain is gone, my preferred choice so happy to carry on with the team as is, or if we bring another less known striker I wouldn’t mind. However, should we do get Rooney or Suarez I will accept it and hope for the best, not going to change the way I view my team or lose sleep over it. Just be mature about it and hope for a great season.

  • iniez

    Ya seems higuain is off to Napoli. But look, if arsene is willing to go all out for suarez then he certainly see’s something in him. I don’t need to repeat the baggage issues because it’s been discussed extensively (and rightly so). But this guy is, footballistically speaking, the perfect signing for us. He’s fast, clever, creative, good at linking up, and can finish. Arsene had the chance to go slightly cheaper and pick up higuain but felt suarez is worth the extra cash + baggage. I’m going to try and hope for the best. I believe in second chances, but it won’t mean he doesn’t have to prove himself to me before I cheer him on. My hope is that he’ll be too busy playing brilliant attacking football and banging in the goals, with one of the greatest managers of all time, to have to bother with his antics. He may be a rabid, cannibalistic, nutty squirrel. But he is an amazing footballer. Now let’s just see if this even goes through. If I was to play devils advocate, madrid are now 30m richer and eyeing up either him or bale. Liverpool would surely prefer to sell outside england, and suarez would probably choose madrid over most clubs. And so our watch begins

  • Doublegooner

    Higuain Gone.

    Suarez will probably end up at RM.

    Arsenal will end up this summer as spectators.

    The ‘Untold Few’ seem non too fussed because they think our squad is still good enough to pip the spuds by a point or goal difference, even more so some even think to compete for the title.

    Of course if you dare offer an alternative view here the 6th formers shrill ‘ you’re a AAA & we don’t want scum like you & go & support the mob down the road’.

    To you all. 2/10 – Must do better next term.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Edu, think if anything, Liverpool would sell him to Real on the cheap to stop us getting him, but quite a lot of rumours that Real have a Premiership target other than Suarez

  • Stroller


    Ia also wonder if the views expressed by that Liverpool fan are reflected inside the club, despite their claims about not wanting to sell. Another transgression would surely be even more damaging, and probably force them to sell at a much lower fee than the numbers being thrown around now (regardless of get-out clauses). The fact is that he is already damaged goods and banned for a proportion of next season, so any fee needs to reflect that.

  • Edu

    me thinks that after the debacle with mourinho in spain and real in particular..they might just have second thoughts about signing another controversial charachter..ibrahimovich can be an option for them maybe

  • Stroller

    Not at least surprised about Higuain as it seemed dead in the water some time ago, despite media attempts to keep it running. I also expect that Arsenal knew this too, as I’m sure they don’t track events by Newsnow. Not that he wouldn’t have been a good signing, but overpriced now at £32 million.

    I also expect the Suarez link to go the same way, but rather than start grizzling in my beer about club/Wenger failings fully expect another deal to come to fruition at some point. The fact that the media aren’t yet on the trail doesn’t mean that nothing is happening.

  • Woolwich Peripatetic

    If I were the new chief executive of a fairly large club in the north west, with a player I’d like to offload but not to someone the fans will consider a direct rival, and there was such a club and they were willing to pay £40,000,001 for a man with a few personal issues, I might be on the phone to my counterpart (who may or may not be in Japan) with a suggestion.
    “We want player X, who you have first option on. We owe you money for player V. Would you take player W in exchange for dropping your option on X, write off our debts over V and pay us a fairly considerable sum so that the papers think we’ve both done well out of the deal?”

  • Adam

    I stick to my original comment, Double-goner (if i ever get my hands on him), is a W*NK*R.

  • Doublegooner


    You can try pal. I meet at the roundabout outside the Armoury every home game you can try & meet up at 70% of away games.

  • Adam

    How about the peel center Hendon, any Tuesday or Thursday. Safe environment, and I’m not your pal, I’m not your mate. I’m someone you have pissed off.

    The offers there for a sort out. Old bill will turn a blind eye.

  • Ray from Norfolk, Virginia

    In my very humble opinion, there was a verbal agreement between Real Madrid and Arsenal for Higuain, an agreement that gave Real Madrid the opportunity to ask for a higher fee for the transfer once things got more serious.
    The fact that Napoli is filthy rich because of the Cavani transfer fee may well help land them Higuain. As a result, it is fair to bid over 50 million for Suarez, an amount of money that Real Madrid will match for the player. As a result:
    -Paris Saint-Gerbain (typo intended, you have to know colloquial Levantine Arabic to understand) is a LOSER for paying crazy money for Cavani
    -Real Madrid is a LOSER as they will only gain marginally on Higuain, but pay a huge inflated fee for Suarez, who has been their target all along
    -Napoli is a WINNER for the net financial gain as they paid much less for Higuain than they received for Cavani
    -Arsenal loses on what appeared to be a good transfer target in Higuain, but this crazy money game is just not justified, FFP or no FFP

    To see Suarez in an Arsenal shirt next season would be a huge shock and very un-Arsenal like.

  • Stevie E

    Do you think that’s it acceptable that an offer was accepted for Higuain by RM who then increased the price by 50%? Is that good business? Is he worth £32m? I understand the desire for new players, but not to the extent that clubs will bend us over. Have a bit of self respect.

  • Doublegooner


    I ain’t wasting my time seeing you in Hendon. If I piss you off you can take issue if you want when the season starts.

    Looks like you’re be kept busy this season defending Wenger & Gazidas against the masses. If the season pans out the same as last without any improvement They’ll only be a handful of you backing both of them.

  • Tyrone

    Well it looks like the Higuain to Napoli deal is pretty much done. I am disappointed that we are going to miss out on him, but the whole deal was blown way out of proportion as soon as Napoli got a tonne of money from Cavani’s sale and RM tried to extort a stupid amount from anyone who was interested. Apparently the deal is worth 40 million euros, which is about 10 million more than he’s worth in my opinion. Having said all that, I’m not overly happy that it was left so late and I’m not overly happy about the whole Suarez situation either. It was stupid to think that Liverpool would give him up for any less than 50 million after he just signed a new contract, and yet they have pretty much put all of their eggs in one basket, not just in terms of strikers, but just signings in general. It has been a very poorly managed window so far and with each day that passes it becomes more and more difficult to sign the right players

  • Shard

    Aah yes. doublegooner. ‘The MASSES’. Sheesh. Stop trying to say you are on the side of the masses. Firstly, there is no real judge of that, and if anything, all evidence points to the fact that the majority of Arsenal fans still support Arsene Wenger, even if they have concerns and questions about certain issues.
    Secondly, what does being on the side of a mob prove other than that you hide behind sheer weight of numbers, rather than the strength of your beliefs and the basis of those beliefs? Face it. You are on a mission to ‘convert’ everyone who doesn’t agree with you, but you lack the intellect and charm to ever pull that off. You are obstinately pig headed though. I’ll give you that.

  • Doublegooner


    If we had an verbal / loose agreement with RM for supposedly £23/25 then the fact the deal was not completed allowed RM to hawk him around for any higher price. You also ask why wasn’t the deal finalised there & then.

    From our perspective, you could say we only valued him around the price we offered – or knowingly undervalued him hoping to get a deal.

    You could also suggest he was undervalued when you see fees paid for players with half his talent.

    Perhaps his market value was nearer £30 & had we wanted him enough that was the figure we’d have landed him for before Napoli came in.

    However, every deal has a cut off figure but as I’ve said one party’s value & need for that player may be more or less than next.

  • Shard


    That presumes that any of us really know who the ‘right’ players are. Mismanaged or well managed, doesn’t matter either way. What does matter is the end result in terms of the squad we end up with. I think we need 4 or 5 players in various positions. 3 quality players, and one promotee from the youths might be good enough. 2 top players and one good player plus promotee(s) might be too. It all depends on who we can get, and what positions we are prioritising.

  • sperez

    Suarez is a better player than Higuaín (to be fair Higuaín’s finishing is better). Suarez is like a magician, very creative, good pace, can dribble, can dive, can bite…you buy the whole package not only the good part.
    Anyway, I really don’t know what happen between Evra and Suarez but I read that Evra used the word ‘sudaca’. If this is true, why didn’t anyone label him a racist too? You know this word is very pejorative. It’s racist.
    Spaniards love to use this word to humiliate South American people, ignoring the fact they are known to be part of the ‘North Africa’. You know the famous ‘Africa empieza en los Pirineos’.
    No, I don’t think it’s shameful to be considered Africa. It’s not an insult. That’s not the point. It’s just to illustrate that many people who indulge in racism are victims of the same stupid practice.
    Anyway, The British media has already decided who was the ‘victim’ and the ‘perpetrator’.
    Higuaín lacks the Argentinian guts that many Argies have but he would improve Arsenal. No doubt.
    The Spanish and Italian media are reporting the Higuaín is already a Napoli player. They have the money. It’s all down to personal terms with Napoli.
    This whole saga Higuaín-Suarez puzzles me. The Argie is way more a Wenger type of player. The French manager doesn’t know how to deal with big egos. Wenger is an egotistical and when two big egos clash…
    As i said it’s possible this whole Suarez saga is just to give the impression that Wenger changed his policy. It’s just to confuse, deceive, mislead the fans and then the transfer window closes. Back to reality…you were fooled again.
    I hope I’m wrong.

  • bjtgooner

    @Halfgooner (who tries to pretend he is twice the gooner anyone else might be).

    Le Groan must be really boring at the minute for you to join the exodus as the latest scum merchant from there to pollute this site.

    Please, please meet Adam at Hendon, we will visit you at A&E!

  • Shard

    I’m sure Adams, Dixon, Keown, Bould, Vieira, Henry, Pires, Ljungberg were all meek little children with no egos at all. Come on sperez. Why do you have to resort to stupid nonsensical cliches to pull down the manager? (And why add ‘French’ there? It serves no purpose) You can criticise him. But it is this need to prove him bad/wrong/stupid, regardless of any evidence to the contrary, that really annoys me.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Mark Twain wades in with his musings .Seems apt to me !

    CIVILITY – I thoroughly disapprove of duels .If a man should challenge me , I would take him kindly and forgivingly by the hand and lead him to a quiet place and kill him .

    VERBALIZATION – Under certain circumstances profanity provides
    a relief denied even to prayer .

    ALIGNMENT – Whenever you find that you are on the side of the majority it is time to reform.

    ATTRIBUTES – All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence ; then success is sure .

    TERMINOLOGY INEXACTITUDE – I am not one of those who in expressing opinions confine themselves to fact .

  • Stevie E

    I seem to recall RM wanting to wait to complete the deal until they had a new manager installed, not exactly much the negotiating team can do about that. I understand an increase in valuation, but to increase by that much is taking the piss. I’m glad we haven’t allowed ourselves to be pushed around like that.

  • Stroller


    Egos? None larger than Thierry Henry I would suggest, and he and Wenger got on fine, and still do. Ego is only a problem when there isn’t talent and attitude to match.

    Machiavelli would be hard pushed to come up with some of your theories on the lengths Wenger goes to deceive.

  • Bootoomee

    Some people (who claim to support Arsenal) have WDS – Wenger Deranged Syndrome!

    If they can’t get it up to please their women, their complaint will go thus:

    “It is Wenger’s fault. If he’d only buy players to assure me of trophies next season, then I’ll be happy and my limp manhood will rise to please you. I blame the French tightwad”

    Mockery is all I have for the fools!

  • blacksheep63

    now now children no fighting please, everyone is overtired and should go to bed. Make sure you clean your teeth and mention Arsenal in your prayers, goodness knows we need them!

  • sperez

    As soon as a player becomes good enouth to want trophies, questioning Wenger’s methods (the youth socialist wage bill policy bollocks), he sells them. Wenger only wants unproven young players or the likes of Djourou, Diaby and Almunia who are only interested in collect their inflated wages.
    Henry left years ago to win the UCL because he knew he would never polish his UCL medal under Wenger.

  • Shard


    Maybe if Henry hadn’t missed that chance to put us 2-0 up in the final he’d already have had a medal. I’m sure Henry blames Wenger for that. It was just the right time for Henry to leave, for all parties concerned. Although it hurt like hell when he left.

    I have time and again explained to you how the ‘socialist’ wage bill is less of a problem than you think. I have asked you to come up with an alternate plan for distributing wages (and any transfer fees you might want to add) that would’ve allowed Arsenal to compete better for players the past 6 years or so. I’m sure if you could do that successfully, Arsenal would be very happy to know and perhaps to hire you for your expertise. I’m not kidding. If you have a worthwhile plan, send it to Arsenal. But even armed with hindsight, I bet you can’t find a viable alternate wage distribution plan.

  • AL

    From what we have read, a fee was agreed with Madrid, and the player agreed personal terms with Arsenal. However, Madrid put the transfer on hold pending the appointment of their new manager. Meanwhile Napoli sold Cavani for more than twice his worth, and Napoli entered the fray. Madrid behaved like the prostitutes they are and offered the player to the highest bidder who happened to be Napoli(who incidentally paid more than 50% the price that had been agreed with Arsenal). Now how is any of that Arsenal’s fault? Oh, I see, Arsenal should have appointed a manager on Madrid’s behalf. That way the deal would have been done sooner before Napoli got their windfall from the Qatari idiots. Quit blaming just for the sake of blaming…..

  • Stuart

    @ halfwitgooner

    “If we had an verbal / loose agreement with RM for supposedly £23/25 then the fact the deal was not completed allowed RM to hawk him around for any higher price. You also ask why wasn’t the deal finalised there & then.”

    So go on, enlighten us as to why the deal wasn’t completed. Who decided not to complete on the deal? and back up what you say please.

  • Adam

    The offer is always there “double bottle job”. As I said, safe environment, bring your gloves and an overnight bag, nearest hospital is Edgware in case you want visitors.

  • bob

    “Madrid behaved like the prostitutes they are”
    They’re businessmen 🙂

  • sperez

    And Almunia let in those goals. A top keeper would have saved. Anyway, that was not the problem though. Wenger persisting with Almunia as first choice for years, when the whole world could see he was not top material, was the real problem.
    Every top club pays their top player what the market says. Why do Arsenal have to embrace a wage parity policy to reward their fringe players? Many of them not even play, not even warm the bench.
    It’s so easy. Pay Fabrègas and RVP top wages and don’t overpay shite players like Djourou, Squillaci, Santos, Denilson, Bendtner, Diaby, Almunia, Chamakh. THIS IS CALLED MERITOCRACY.
    Why do top player who have a major contributing factor to the club have to be punished financially so the fringe players can get their inflated wages?
    A so called top club cannot implement a wage structure so disconnected from reality. In Wenger’s world it’ll be ok to pay Messi and Milito the same. It’ll be fair to reward Arbeloa or Albiol with the same wages that Ronaldo earns.
    But of course, Wenger demands to be the highest paid person in the club (excluding himself from his own policy). Hypocrite!

  • Goona Gal

    The only Suarez, I want us to think about signing is Matías Suárez.

    Bayern’s team this year is stock piled with talent and they should be looking at winning everything domestically as well as the CL again. Shame that they have weakened Dortmund as their ‘El Classico’ would of been a must see. I wonder how Pep is going to keep all those players happy though.

  • Shard


    And what defines a top player? When Fabregas was 17, was he deserving of top wages? No, and he wasn’t on them. So, when he develops into a top player, you need to increase his wages to pay him top prices. Correct? Where does the extra fund come from when you’ve already tied in other players to their contracts? It can only come by either selling players, in which case they need to be replaced. Now if you replace them with inferior quality is the only time you can reduce the wage bill enough to fund ‘top player wages’. Which leads to the same problem you came you’re trying to avoid in terms of losing players.

    And see. This is despite me not pointing out that you wouldn’t recognise how a player will develop until he actually grows into a great player. But if you wait too long to offer him a decent contract, he would already have been tempted away. If you are saying Wenger should get it right 100% of the time with all th players, that is just ridiculous.

    Arsenal paid on potential because that was the only way to ensure stability of sorts. They paid top 4 wages to their squad players, even though they couldn’t pay top top wages to their star players. Because the star players would always be tempted away by clubs with bottomless funds, regardless of what Arsenal paid them. While if they paid peanuts to squad players, the top players (even if they stayed) would have no supporting cast, and Arsenal would have to rebuild even more.

    You are basically complaining about Arsenal paying market rates in the bracket that they could afford to. Arsenal paid market rates to the likes of Diaby etc. It’s just that they didn’t develop as could be hoped, but don’t tell me squad players at Chelsea didn’t earn as much as them, because they do, and even more.

  • weedonald

    This entire discussion is all idle speculation and mostly founded on baseless rumour-mongering in the press. Wenger and Gazidis play their cards very,very close to their vests and rarely if ever ¨leak¨anything to anyone,especially the press.
    The past few weeks have been an exercise in futile card house building….we can ONLY knoiw anything for certain when it appears on

  • Notoverthehill

    Tony, Walter, very few will have read the full report on the Evra-Suaréz incident!

    Section 232 of the FA Independent Regulatory Commission on the Evra incident, states “I don’t think that he (Suaréz) is a racist”.

    Section 388 states that “that Suaréz said the 3 things that Evra, and Evra alone asserted. No witnesses.”

    The 3 things said were:

    1. “Porque tu eres, negro”.
    2. “No hablo con negroes”.
    3. Dale, negro, negro, negro”.

    The phrase “Dale” originates in Colombia and South America and is an idiom. So I am informed. “Dale” literally means “hit me”. The play on the words “why should I hit you?”.

    No.3 is what Suaréz finally agreed, that he actually said to Evra!

    “Dale” can also mean “go ahead”, or, “alright”, or “yeah”.

    Take your pick.

  • Doublegooner


    You show yourself to be the small one here.

    Because you despise any criticism of the club or manager you, like a couple of others resort to mouthing off & getting personal.

  • Tyrone

    Official, Higuain signs for Napoli. Well done wenger. You dithering joker. Mow madrid will go in for Suarez and we will have the mighty sangogogogofoof

  • marcus

    Amazing that one Daily Mail article can stoke so much passion. As Tony says its probably a “vapour transfer”.

    Arsene is very scrupulous about the background of players, so it’s unlikely he’d bring in a guy like Suarez who has some wild tendencies. However, I personally think as a footballer, Suarez is right up there – outstanding.

    It’s an interesting question though, at what point would an individual player’s ‘sins’ cause you to stop supporting a club?

  • Adam

    @Double bottle job

    Not at all fella, I just despise You, don’t make the mistake of thinking otherwise or including anyone else in this.

    I’m fed up with you, it’s the same bullshit all the time, so you get called out and bottle it. What you will find with me, is, I will not come looking to change opinions on Le grove or any other website, I’m happy to read and converse on this site with like minded people, with the occasional misdirected or misinformed visitor.

    But you are a different animal with a clear negative mindset and differing opinion (which is fine)and agenda (which is not on).

    Don’t go acting like the injured party here, you are not a victim.

  • The Ruler 777

    I will be disgusted if we sign him won’t be able to support Arsenal anymore, it would break my heart. I deeply love Arsenal so it would be truly devestating to me. I’m hoping vehemently it doesn’t happen.

  • The Ruler 777

    I would feel betrayed if we signed him.

  • Adam

    I would prefer a concerted effort to bring Bernard in from Atletico mineiro, with Gilberto becoming our main scout in Brazil.

  • The Ruler 777

    I’ve always been proud to support Arsenal. Yes we couldn’t be called class anymore in my opinion if we signed him. The whole thing is vulgar, I don’t even think as a footballer he’s worth that. Is there not anything the people who feel the same can do to let the club know are strong feelings?

  • The Ruler 777

    I don’t like some of the hyocrisy I’m reading Integrity is the most important thing, not someone being a good player, that’s minor in the grand scheme of things, I’d rather support Arsenal in The Championship than an Arsenal with Suraez.

  • Mandy Dodd

    A lot of chatter Bernard is heading somewhere on these shores Adam with us being a major possibility. as we have all heard, the spuds are also interested. But if Gervinho is leaving, maybe something in it. Do not know too much about Bernard , take it you think he could be a good acquisition from your post, have heard he can play either side. Wenger previously stated he would work on Podolski to help out as a central striker when needed, in this event, maybe such a player or Gibbs could play out wide. Wenger flatly denied any attempt to bring in Bernard, who currently is involved in a couple of important games for his club, but wenger also flatly denied any interest in arteta the weekend before we signed him.

  • Adam


    If Gervinho is leaving for Roma I hope we go for a swap deal + cash for Lamela. Plus bring in Bernard. Would really free up Walcott & Podolski.

    Oh the joy’s of a guessing game?

  • Adam

    The good thing with Bernard, is, we have Gilberto playing for the same side, so a word in his ear about us is inevitable.

    Lamela is also a very productive wide player, goals and assists.

    But who knows???????

  • gouresh

    we all know AW and there is no way we will spend 40mil on one player. we know that Huigain has choosen Napoli over us and I believe that UNReal is just waiting for that transfer money to be credited into their account. once thats done, they will come with a 45mil bid and blow us off. then we have no one and AW might tell us he tried either this or this is a big smoke screen for some1 we haven’t heard of like a Santi. as a fan of Arsenal and football, i would love to have Suarez in our squad. but i don’t believe that this will happen.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Bootomee @ 6.39 pm- Your comments on those impotents who blame AW for not able to ‘get it up’ ,piqued my interest.
    My ‘research ‘ on erectile dysfunction has shown it to be multifactorial .
    1) Parentage –

    2) Alchol –

    3) Spousal influence

    4)Manliness (macho )

    5) Brains –

    6) Desire /oppertunity –

    7)Failures in life –

    8)Preexisting medical conditions –

    Treatment choices –
    1) Older mechanical aids –

    2) Newer mechanical aids –

    3)Oral medication –

    This research was brought to the faithful by the medical section of UA .Thanks also to fakeposters for use of their visual library.It should be noted that Cuba Gooding Jr. was not harmed in anyway !

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Ooops – errata –
    3) Oral medication should be …..

  • Rupert Cook

    One gooner offering to hospitalize another. Wow! Arsenal may have class but some fans don’t. Has Suarez possible purchase turned some of us into animals like him? If that’s his effect I hope he stays where he is.

    When people start promoting violence as an answer to criticism they ought to take a step back and reclaim the common sense they have abruptly expunged.

    This is a blog, that’s all, where opinions of every colour should be welcomed, whether they be pro Wenger or otherwise. All this hatred just because people have differing opinions is unpleasant and nihilistic.

  • Rupert Cook

    @Adam, let me ask you if you met up with DG and battered him to within an his inch of his life will you have won the argument? Is your opinion now more valid because you’ve beaten someone up?

    If you have children and you were the one who ended up hospitalized what would you say to your child? That you bravely went to defend the honour of a football club. That you condone violence as form of retribution on people you don’t like. Is that a role model you want he or she to aspire to?

    A few weeks back I tried to initiate debates about books and films to broaden the one dimensional characters we all become on a one issue blog. I was hoping we could transcend our petty differences and discover common interests beyond the limited debates about AFC. There’s more to most of us than Wenger and co. It would be nice to see exactly what else we are.

    Anyway there’s enough senseless violence in the world without you adding to it.

  • Shard


    On the few occasions I’ve watched Lamela play, I’ve been impressed. But I think he’s very similar to the Ox, and with other young wingers like Gnabry and Ryo coming through, I’m not sure we need him. Especially in addition to Bernard.

    Martin Keown reckons Arsene Wenger will calm Suarez down and rid him of his demons. I remain sad about this, but it seems like this is happening. Still, if we get him, I hope Keown is right and Suarez behaves in a manner befitting a club of our class. Sigh.. This transfer window sucks

  • marcus

    “rid him of his demons”

    You mean lay hands on him and exorcise him? Let’s hope so. A born again Suarez might be unbelievably good

  • bob

    “I don’t like some of the hyocrisy I’m reading Integrity is the most important thing, not someone being a good player, that’s minor in the grand scheme of things, I’d rather support Arsenal in The Championship than an Arsenal with Suarez.”
    The Ruler 777,
    I’m not sure on Suarez, as I don’t trust Evra either and feel there may or may be not to what provoked the biting. I want to learn more about it and someone here posted a transcript excerpt here yesterday which showed Evra in a very bad and goading light. So, for me, I want to look into the incident more before finally making up my mind on Suarez.
    The second world class temptation on the new radar has been Wayne Rooney. He’s another guilty pleasure in that just as Manure got RVP off us, we’d take Rooney off them and exact our revenge. Karmic revenge, it seems. I like the revenge factor. However, on the integrity scale, how would you/do we feel about bringing on board perhaps the major perpetrator (after Mike Riley and the Exalted Former Leader) of the Old Trafford pitch-criminality that derailed our unbeaten run. Two morally wrenching decisions, potentially. Or perhaps, to follow gouresh, either move would be gazumped by Bigger Money and bigger sides.
    Hopefully there’s more high quality talent out there – difference making talent – than either Suarez or Rooney. Both would be great additions to the high-powered title-challenger that we’d instantly be. But perhaps the once highly-touted world-class scouting network can produce another 2-3 pearls from the over-fished oyster bed that – with more than 70M to fuel our dreams, given recent and imminent sales to come – would fit, and synergize, and actually put us into actual contention (which are now short of).

  • Adam

    Rupert, Go buy a filter to place in-between your brain and your mouth, you need one.

    Research; I gave DG enough information in my posts for him to know he will be in a safe environment (the PEEL center), the peel center is a training center for the Metropolitan Police, where some of my friends train the old bill in different disciplines, do you really think they would allow me to “batter someone to within an inch of their life”, He would be welcome to spar, but accidents can happen.

    You forget he offered to meet me in a public place where we could face prosecution, I offer an alternative.

    As for your statement, their is enough violence in the World, Yes, usually when diplomatic relations breaks down due to pig headed people like you and DG.

    Don’t mouth off at me Rupert it doesn’t suit you.

  • Adam

    @Shard, Cannot argue with his goals to games ratio though, I think he would settle in quite well. Lamela that is.

    Suarez is a problem for me. But, he has been punished, who are we to berate him further.

  • bob

    sorry, meant “there may or may not be something to what provoked the biting.”

  • bob

    On your possible to-do list of juicy articles, please consider: “Two guilty pleasures: Suarez and Rooney.” (Subtitle:) “The relative moralities of such signings; or, what to do with more than 70M in hand in the search of 3 difference makers.”

  • bjtgooner

    @rupert (depressive AAA sewer rat with schoolteacher ambitions)

    Not unusually, you chose to twist the exchange between Adam and the double talking halfgooner. But don’t worry, no one would contemplate taking you to the A&E – that would be inappropriate; however the vet could be a possibility.

  • Shard


    The biting wasn’t a one off. He’s done it before. He did it in a big game (Ajax-PSV), and that turned out to be his last game for them. He did it in a big game again for Liverpool (Liverpool-Chelsea) and it might yet turn out to be his last game for them. My guess is he does it to engineer a move away by making himself persona non grata. But perhaps that is allocating him too much credit fr rationality and foresight. The only other interpretation is that he loses his head. I don’t see anything that could spark a reaction of biting someone. Not for any reasonable person. It is simply not a rational reaction, even in a fit of rage.

    As for Rooney. For me, with him the moral issues are less (although he has more off field issues than Suarez), but I do not like the player. I don’t think his footballing skills are anything great. He’ll probably score goals wherever he goes (although he tends to have one good season every couple of years) but I think there are better players out there.

    I don’t know if there are any other striker options we can pursue. Lewandowski is a bit too similar to Giroud, and besides is probably going to Bayern. Who else?

    If we get Suarez, I can only hope the combination of Wenger, his teammates, and the fact that he’s apparently just become a family man, will help curb his nastier tendencies. I would be ashamed to have a player at Arsenal behave the way he has at Liverpool (and Ajax)

  • Shard

    And what is this with the 40m clause that requires Liverpool to inform the player? Does that make any sense? It’s useless. The metro’s interpretation seems to make sense to me. They say that the clause states that if Liverpool are not in the CL and a CL club makes a bid above 40m, they must accept. Apparently Liverpool hold on to the interpretation that this doesn’t apply to Arsenal because we haven’t reached past the qualifying round, and hence they can ask for more money.

  • Rupert Cook

    @Adam, I think people are allowed their opinions without threats of violence. I haven’t used violence to bolster any argument I’ve had since I was about 11.

    Yes you can spar all you like but as you say accidents can happen and what if one of you got seriously injured, how would you feel?

    All for the sake of an argument over a football club.

    And what’s with the insults?

    And you’re not pigheaded? You’re exactly the same as DG. I didn’t see him asking for a fight, only you did. He called you a small person for suggesting violence as a solution to your disagreement. I agree he’s negative Adam, but I think he’s got a point about you.

    That notwithstanding I think you’re a reasonable person most of the time but on this issue you seem to have strayed away from moderation.

    But if violence is your way of winning arguments then fine, go ahead and split someone’s lip. As long as it makes you feel better. It’s not the way I do things but I’m sure that’s no recommendation to you.

  • Adam

    Rupert, Doublegooner has been doing this same thing for years, I’m not alone in this, he tries to undermine this site and the club. Which is baffling as he attends so many matches.

    It’s negativity on a whole new order, but you are right and I will refrain from such behavior.

    Will that be alright by you?

  • Bootoomee

    I have a very simple way of knowing AAAs (although they will fight to the death that they are not what they are). It goes thus: Whenever there is an argument between pro-Arsenal and anti Arsenal commenters, the suppose “non” AAA will ALWAYS rationalise the position of the anti-Arsenal posters or just plain take their side!

    These cowards (yes, you are a coward if you can’t own up to who you are) would pretend to be reasonable to garner the support or sympathy of those new to the site or the discussion at hand. Some people call them rats, I think they are worse: they are pussies. BTW, this is not sexist; I know women with bigger cojones than these asshats.

  • Adam

    Oh and I do have a boy who will attend JU Jitsu & Wing Chun when he is older.

  • bjtgooner


    I fully agree with your take on Suarez – well summed up. I think many of us have mixed feelings on our bid for him, if he joins he could make a real difference to our season, but he also could be a disruptive influence in what appears to be a happy dressing room and that would be a disaster.

    I am totally against any form of racism and would hate to see Arsenal dragged into a racist dispute – although Arsenal may handle such a situation a lot better than Liverpool.

    The diving, appealing and biting is a complete no no – if Suarez arrives (and I am yet to be convinced on this), AW would need to ensure that such behaviour is stamped out.

    Thanks for the explanation for the 40m clause – very interesting.

  • Rupert Cook

    @Adam, I know what DG does but please don’t rise to it. I know it gets to you but that’s what he’s trying to do. Rise above it.

    Understanding why people do what they do is more rewarding than arranging fights. DG may well love the club as much as you do but he sees Wenger/ Kronke/ Gazidis, whoever as a malignant influence. Now I’m not agreeing with him or even suggesting he’s right but that’s his opinion and he thinks the club would benefit if one or two or maybe all three were gone. I doubt that would solve anything but as misguided as you think he is he believes what he believes. If you believe otherwise then that’s fine, keep arguing with courage and conviction and he may one day accept even an iota of what you’re saying.

    Now that’s a real triumph and doesn’t involve bruises and blood.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Marcus I could go back to the fortune teller and ask if she also does exorcising? 😉

  • Bootoomee


    I have done it again: Apologies for a copy and paste from a Liverpool fan on TeamTalk below:

    “redstarr (Liverpool – fan): Saurez body language during the friendly in Aussie was disrespectful to his teammates and the supporters of LFC. In front of 95,000 he strutted around as if the club had the last bite of his biscuit…C’mon Luis…leave with some class, if not, then at least some style!”

    This is the player that we are paying almost triple the club record fee for. Pathetic! He is not just an unapologetic racist and multiple biter (my 2 year olds don’t even bite anymore!), he is an ingrate with zero class to boot. How can any gooner want this guy near Arsenal?

    I still believe that this is not going to happen. For the sake of the club that I love, I hope I’m right.

  • Shard


    I read that yesterday and it is complete nonsense. It’s just looking for another way to attack Wenger for doing something they all attacked him for not doing.

    Wenger has never claimed to be a saint. He’s always claimed to do what he feels is best for the club. He seems to think that buying Luis Suarez is something that will be good for us. I disagree, but it remains to be seen how that works out. If Suarez can be taught to behave, (and not be a ball hog) he can be a positive influence on Arsenal. If he continues with his despicable ways, he would be harmful to Arsenal. However, as a one off buy, I don’t think Suarez destroys Arsenal’s ‘class’. Our club’s culture is not THAT fragile. And I said this even as I opposed the purchase.

    But the biggest crap in that article is that somehow Wenger has given up claims of being financially prudent. He, and Arsenal have worked for our money. To get to this stage. If we spend that money, it is not irresponsible.

    I must reiterate, I have serious doubts about Suarez, and even the way he’s treating Liverpool. But I must also admit, I am enjoying the boot being on the other foot for once. It would be easier to have sympathy for Liverpool and their fans if they didn’t buy into their greatness and STILL talk about how Arsenal haven’t won anything for years etc. And if their owner, MD, and manager weren’t all acting like pricks in the media. For all our ills, Arsenal do well to not comment on transfers in public. Liverpool are turning this into even more of a freak show, and they deserve all the pain they get.

  • WalterBroeckx

    I think you can read such like comments about every Arsenal player leaving the last years.

    I think you will have found Gooners last year who suddenly came up with the rape accusations of RVP from his early days at Arsenal and I think our fans did even sing the rape-song.

    It might be that one month ago the same person said that Suarez is not a racist at all. But when we lose a player we like/love we might turn against him. And even more so the more you loved him and the harder you defended him in the past.

    It’s a thin line between love and hate…

  • Stuart

    I only worry that if we signed Rooney, would Nickys Gran be safe at work?

  • Brickfields Gunners

    I f anyone is reading my post above ,sorry another error-
    Treatment choices –
    1) Older mechanical aids .- should be this –

  • Bootoomee


    You are comparing apples and oranges with respect to RvP against Suarez. Even at its worst, RvP was still head and shoulder more dignified than Suarez. I also don’t see how you can match rape claim that has only one witness to biting that has been seen by probably a billion people.

    Besides, all that the comments from Liverpool fans that I have brought here have in common is that they show that we are being sold a damaged good. How can you be enchanted with a player whose current fan will happily sell for a decent fee? Do you recall our feelings about Adebayor before he left us? Have Arsenal fans been proven right or wrong? Adebayor did not even have a quarter of Suarez’s baggage! Liverpool fans mostly want the club to get as much as they can for him but not many are hoping he stays.

    I don’t know why you want us to take Liverpool’s reject. I don’t care if he is Messi and Ronaldo combined. He is not worth it. And I suspect that if he is making a move to our other rivals, you’ll be singing a different tune.

  • bob

    In this moment, I agree with those who suspect that Real Mad will next (very soon) go in biggest for Suarez, now that they’ve got their manager and completed their sale of Higuain. And, this way, Liverpool will have both driven the price outside of our limit, placed him outside the EPL, and will reap the bounty that Real Mad will come in with. All this, of course, unless Suarez files for a transfer and signs with us – a very mixed blessing. But why would he prefer us to Real Mad? I would, but not him, unless, being a new father, he and the wife don’t want to relocate. Then again, Madrid vs. Liverpool for a spanish speaking couple. Seems like that’s the Suarez end-game, imo. The question is how we’ll use the next 4-5 weeks to bring in 2-3 quality pieces that raise the level and provide quality bench for the aspirations of a genuine contender. Surely there’s quality talent to be had outside the Rooney-Suarez duopoly…

  • bob

    sorry, my being illogical there. Should be this: One part of the Suarez equation would be the re-location to Blighty vs Madrid for a spanish speaking couple.

  • bob

    “However, as a one off buy, I don’t think Suarez destroys Arsenal’s ‘class’. Our club’s culture is not THAT fragile.”
    I hope you’re right – that it’s a one-off buy, if it happens. Then again, it’s our record-shattering one-off buy, if it happens. I’m glad for its magnitude if it’s a genuine sign of aspiration; even as Suarez seems trouble, unless fatherhood calms him down (without dampening his positive football passions).

  • Shard


    It all depends on how Wenger wants to shape the team. Add a left winger, and you could move Podolski into being a striker. Or add a Right winger and move Theo there, or move Ox infield. Add a DM to that, and perhaps you take care of the creativity by liberating Wilshere, Ramsey and Arteta.

    We may not specifically need a striker. But a striker and a left winger would really give our attack a fear factor. As for Real Madrid. Or any other club. It is what it is. There’s nothin Arsenal can do about it, except stick to their budgets. Beyond that, que sera sera. It’s not like I’ll be shedding tears about not getting Suarez.

  • bob

    right, que sera and without tears.
    but getting back a fear factor, that would be golden.

  • bob

    At the end of the offending article – which I first (mistakenly) took as part of the article – is this daunting list of Suarez’s offenses. (The author of the list, called Cannibal’s crimes, is given at the end; so it’s another article, in effect.) Behold:

    Cannibal’s crimes: Suarez scandals

    Feb 2007 Sent off on his Uruguay debut against Colombia after receiving a second booking.

    Nov 2007 Suspended following dressing-room altercation with team-mate while at Ajax.

    July 2010 Dismissed for handball against Ghana in World Cup quarter-final (right) before celebrating Asamoah Gyan’s subsequent miss from penalty spot.

    Nov 2010 Handed seven-game ban after biting PSV’s Otman Bakkal on the shoulder.

    Oct 2011 Racially abuses Manchester United’s Patrice Evra during league match at Anfield. Fined £40,000 and banned for eight games in December by the Football Association.

    Dec 2011 Makes offensive gesture towards Fulham supporters, resulting in a one-match ban.

    Feb 2012 Refuses to shake Evra’s hand in return match at Old Trafford.

    Oct 2012 Celebrates goal at Everton with diving motion in front of home dugout. Admits exaggerating dive in match with Stoke.

    Jan 2013 Handles ball in act of scoring during Cup tie at Mansfield.

    Mar 2013 Strikes Chile defender Gonzalo Jara in World Cup qualifier.

    Apr 2013 Suspended for 10 matches by the Football Association after biting Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic at Anfield.

    Grace Mennem

  • Shard


    Speaking of Ajax. Were Vermaelen and Suarez teammates there?

  • Edu

    @bob imho arsenal doesn’t need a saint we’re in desperate need of a lethal striker,and if he comes in the shape and form of i must admit a serial racial-biter we’ll have to make do!

  • bob

    Agree, Edu, no Saint need apply. I wouldn’t oppose any lethal striker. I also don’t think the lethality list will be exhausted if/when Suarez signs for bigger bucks with Real Mad. On the need for clinicality, I also think it’s been dire. I totally agree on that score and have advocated for it hereabouts ever since we didn’t fight hard enough (imo) to hold on to RVP (at least for much more money, just as Rodgers is trying with Suarez). If we don’t sign Suarez, which I don’t expect, I won’t shed tears as Shard puts it. But I think we three all want the return of a genuine fear factor in the scoring department. And I do think we do not have it now (however much the stand patters might delude themselves) and hope that our new-found largesse (growing with each sale – Gervinho supposedly off for a price of 7M, for example) will fork lightning and bring us 3 brilliant pieces, including your scorer.

  • bob

    Yes, having checked it out via Wikipedia dates, Vermaelen and Suarez were teammates at Ajax, definitely overlapping. What’s your thought? Does it offer a potential for greater stability? Will Vermaelen himself (isn’t he a Darren Damian Dein boy?) right his ship and stay?

  • Shard

    No thinking as such bob. Just curiosity. I suppose it means that Suarez is , personally, not an entirely unknown quantity to the players (albeit indirectly) In the past few days, we’ve had Giroud, Podolski and Rosicky welcome Suarez’s potential signing. Surely they know his history, but I think they’d view his signing as a positive. With a spanish contingent at Arsenal now, maybe he could settle down well (I know he’s Uruguayan) I don’t know.As I said, not thinking of anything specific.

  • bob

    It would also be relevant, for more information sake, to learn anything about what sort of teammate he’s been at Liverpool. Do his mates see him as only about himself; or more of a team player, supportive, whatever. I don’t relish anything I’ve heard about his pitch performance, but it would be at least instructive to know more about how they’ve regarded him to date. I mean, if he were a total prick, would they have stood behind him vs. evra, or were they coerced to unite around him as their talisman goal scorer? Quien sabe?

  • bob

    One more thing: as jack, theo and arteta had several times called the prospect of Higuain exciting, and effectively were lobbying for such a signing, it will interesting to watch for whether any of them chime in on a potential suarez signing. I think those 3 are indicative of the degree of internal acceptability among the players to any major signing. so, trying to read some tea leaves (even as I suspect that Real Mad is readying it’s swoop to make all this moot).

  • iniez

    I think if Arsene was to allow him into the team he is fairly confident in his ability to gel with them and perform well. Especially considering he would be breaking the bank for him. As you mentioned talking with Edu, he brings a massive fear factor. who wouldn’t want that on their team? I’m still very 50/50 about whether or not we would sign him though. Could all be a smokescreen as Tony says. Maybe Arsene has a few names that no one has considered yet and is just keeping them from prying eyes. It is unsual that arsenal’s transfer dealings over suarez have become so public but, if I’m right, only pool have been making public statements about it. Maybe to let the world know that if someone doesn’t act quick they could miss out? Someone on twitter pointed out that Marca have reported that madrid wouldn’t take suarez “even if he begged”. Now I take Marca with a trough of salt so I wouldn’t be so ready to believe madrid aren’t interested. It could all be posturing and bargaining games but, if so, atleast it shows they aren’t too willing to overspend on him? Still, if there is interest, pool would undoubtedly rather not sell to an english team. So funny that we’re finally in for a world class striker and most aren’t sure if they really want him. I’d consider myself in that boat but if pressed for an answer I’d take him..if he can improve on his character a bit, wow what a player

    Couldn’t find the marca article but The Independent picked up on it:–but-real-madrid-wont-sign-the-liverpool-striker-even-if-he-begged-8731992.html

  • iniez

    But I have to say that I really dislike this habit of his of forcing a way out of a club..

  • bob

    Aren’t marca RealMad’s mouthpiece?, i seem to recall. If so, why might RealMad be posturing do you think? Such a high-stakes chess-game this one is. Trying to (in their view) call (what they perceive as) Arsenal’s bluff? That is, to hope that Arsenal will panic and back off and then allow them to come in with a 40,000,002 bid and win the day? No way to know, of course. But there are surely wheels within wheels at this level of machination and I’m glad that Arsenal has at least weighed in as a player; if only for the message it might be sending (at minimum) to other potential signings that we have a top-top ambition so throw in with us and you will be on a winning side. I think that perception (and I don’t mean manipulating the fan base) needs to be re-planted among players worldwide to help our prospects, short-term, medium-term and long-term. Well, 5 more weeks…

  • Shard


    There are conflicting evidences as to how Suarez is regarded by his teammates. On the one hand they all wore t-shirts to support him (although that must have been a club initiative) and well, they seem to get along fine with him. But on the other hand, we had that incident where Suarez ran to the corner flag to celebrate a goal, and no one followed him, and instead ran to congratulate another player. (Either one who gave assist or who had actually scored)

    So it’s hard to say. But I agree with iniez. I think Wenger would know what he’s letting himself in for, and he’s decided it’s worth the (huge) risk. I also think that our players would generally be happy to see a player of Suarez’s quality join, and I think we have enough quality and personality among the players that they will try not to let him get out of line. If he does, I don’t think they’ll accept it, nor will Wenger. He was THE star at Liverpool. Like what Henry was to Arsenal in his heyday. I don’t think he’ll enjoy that status at Arsenal.

    But the risk still remains, as well as the distaste that the memory of Suarez’s actions brings out. Dammit. Why does it have to be him? In any case, we’re jumping the gun a bit.

  • iniez

    I believe so. Well if it is as it appears, then only arsenal and madrid are interested in suarez. Now I’m just spitballing, but maybe Madrid think they already have a bargaining advantage, in that either pool sell to them for relatively cheap or have him go to a rival. In a way giving them an ultimatum. If I remember right, they valued him at about 25-30 million earlier in the transfer window, so this could just be more silly season talk to say pool is more desperate than they are. Ofcourse I could be completely off and madrid really have no interest in him. But keeping in mind the limited amount of known world class strikers on the market, and that they are one striker down, I’d be surprised if they didn’t want to strengthen on that front. It is known that they’re interested in bale however, so maybe they’re saving up for him. I do think we are genuinely in for suarez though, so it’ll be interesting how this transpires over the next weeks with word of suarez potentially putting in a transfer request

  • Shard

    We’ve had quite a clearout in the squad. Gervinho is about to be sold too, it would appear. Shame really. He had all the raw attributes to be tremendously successful. Just didn’t have the temperament for it I think. The 2 years consecutive ACN tournaments didn’t help either.

    However, surely this means we’re going to be buying a few players. With Vermaelen’s injury, I think we will get a CB. Ashley Williams, and Rami have been linked.

    The Fabregas to ManU story is being kept alive by Moyes (why are all our rivals so chatty about their transfer business all of a sudden?), and meanwhile Coquelin has been sent on loan. Do we plan on buying a midfielder or giving the likes of Aneke and Eisfeld a chance?

    A winger would be a very good signing I think, and if Gervinho goes, I think we’ll get one.

    There’s plenty to be excited about Arsenal’s summer transfer plans (potentially) There is no such thing as a Suarez. It’s a myth. Like Bigfoot, or the Abominable snowman. And Slash.

  • iniez

    I remember that game when he celebrated on his own. As funny as it looked, I remember it being a late-ish equalizing goal and maybe his teammates would have preferred a quick start than wasting time celebrating. Not defending him just giving my two cents on what I thought that day. Personally, if my team had scored a late goal in a match we weren’t winning I’d want the scorer to pick the ball out of the net and take it to the halfway line

  • Stroller

    Latest reports are claiming that Real Madrid ‘want no part of’ Suarez. The source being that bastion of truth the Spanish paper Marca. Now like most other transfer tales this probably bears little relation to reality, but who knows ?

    As i’ve said before this big-transfer sagas are more like games (poker perhaps) being played by the respective clubs and the various agents and intermediaries involved, plus the media of course. But I feel that we on the outside are not right on the button as far as the real situation is concerned. We believe or half-believe what we read, which is mostly distorted or plain fabrication.

    It’s all to easy to feel as though the club is being tossed around, driven by events, and always reacting. I’d like to hope that’s not the case and like any well run organisation of it’s size is ahead of the game, fully aware of all the risks and possibilities, with contingencies in place. Of course that’s not the way the media like to present it because 1. they don’t know the plan, and 2. it makes bigger headlines to dramatize every twist and turn in the game.

    Only time will tell of course.

  • iniez

    Agreed about Gervinho. Very good player, but one with little confidence. Would’ve liked to give him another chance but oh well. Bernard’s name has been tossed around, and (having just won the Libertadoras Cup final) he’s said he is leaving to europe but he doesn’t know where he’s going. We’ve been linked very strongly with him, with suggestions that we’ve pretty much signed him. Though as always, I’d wait til it’s on the .com

    Who else have manu been in for? They’ve failed at most of their bids and don’t seem to be making any head way at all. Just trying to look like they can still pull the best eh?

    As young as eisfeld is I’d love to see our littler mozart given a shot. I haven’t been so excited about our up n comers since jackie and ramsey :D. Though a good and experienced player might be needed until they are ready. Let them take their time to develop I say

  • Shard


    Do you think Eisfeld fits in the Am slot or out wide?

    I think players like Eisfeld and Aneke deserve a shot, especially because they can do it with less pressure. With Cazorla, Rosicky, Wilshere, and even Arteta, the burden of creativity won’t be felt by them too much. However, I think in the more defensive minded position, we should look to get someone. Arteta isn’t getting any younger, and I am fairly certain he’ll be missed when he gets a few injuries this season.

    I think depending on performances, I’d also keep Ryo in the squad, so as to give Podolski AND Cazorla more freedom to play centrally. (I mean in addition to Bernard or any other winger we sign) Gnabry should go on loan in my opinion.

  • bob

    Shard, Iniez,
    Where do you see Zelalem going at this stage, or is it too early? Jack stated he valued his vision now and his blossoming future. So where’s his next venue at 16, at this stage of seeming development?

  • iniez

    Personally, I’d like to see him down the middle. Seems like he can do a job out wide but can be more clinical down the middle. I think arsene may be doing his usual ‘play them wide to learn to manage space’, but I think this kid is rosicky mk2 and will thrive either way. Gnabry..god I don’t even know. I want him in the team but he does need more time. Such a fantastic player that looks like he’s already capable of handling the top flight. It probably would be prudent to send him on loan and see how that goes, but my god..he looks a star. To be honest I haven’t seen much of ryo. But on the off chance that I have (when the poor kid wasn’t injured) he does seem to do well. Would certainly be good for squad depth and rotation

    For me there’s a lot of potential in the kids, but my worry is throwing them into the mix too soon and risking recurring niggles, though I certainly am tempted to start playing them. Arteta’s presence would be sorely missed, and a backup would be important. He has that mixture of good technical ability and excellent reading of the game, and I think it’s this balance that we need more than a purely defensive figure. Not a hardman, but someone who knows how to read the game and break up play, then contribute to the attack. Easier said than done ofcourse, but yes we definitely need a player to rotate with arteta or take his place in some games

    Very exciting times, though I hope we strengthen a bit

  • iniez

    I’ll try to keep this short as I’ve been rambling on lol. Didn’t cesc make his debut at 16? Like I said in my previous post I worry about them picking up an injury and carrying it for the rest of their lives, and zelalem is one hell of a find to risk such a thing. Plus older players in the PL may not take kindly to such a young player making them look like fools. He also needs some bulking up, though (from what I’ve seen) he plays like a pro and can handle pressure. Him, eisfeld, and gnabry really play like they’re ready for the top flight. I love how they’re always looking to get on the ball and don’t shy away from a challenge. I’d say let him develop a bit more in the u21’s next year then we’ll see. I wouldn’t waste his time on loan, the kid was born to play football

  • Shard

    I think Zelalem, and maybe even Akpom might get a few games in the League Cup if we get drawn against lowly opposition. Zelalem has looked exceptional. And in my opinion because he doesn’t try to do too much. He keeps it simple, and with his vision, he has the ability to play the killer pass. Still, I’d give him one or two years before playing him in the league.

    There’s going to be so much competition for midfield places among the youth at our club, and then of course with any players that might be brought in from outside.

    There’s still Coquelin, who I like a lot. Then Yennaris who is not quite as brilliant but can be a very good squad player in my view. Zelalem has outshone players like Aneke and Olsson, both of whom also look very good. There’s Eisfeld (who does look like Rosicky’s successor) Gnabry. Ryo (though he is near last chance saloon I think). Look further beyond and there’s Jon Toral and Jack Jebb.

    Add in Sanogo, Akpom, Campbell (and perhaps even Afobe) to our striker options, and it all bodes well for the club, even though only a few will make it to be regular first team players.

  • iniez

    We also get to see wellington silva this year, finally. Exciting times ahead 😀

  • Shard

    Wellington Silva is a myth. Like slash, Suarez, bigfoot 😀

  • robl

    @ Shard, sure thing – Pedro Botelho, Samuel Galindo & Wellington Silva are all one and the same! Our South American scout keeps resigning him for his pension fund!

  • iniez

    I am Wellington

  • Shard


    Are they Bernard in disguise?

  • robl

    No, he’s a 20 year old midget that is OK to pay £20m for.

    But it’s not OK to use The Ox (20 in 3 weeks), Joel Campbell (21), Ryo (20) or Sanogo (also 20, but rubbish as he was free) instead.

    Can’t we just play one of the above and give me the £20M?

  • Bootoomee

    robl (@10.05pm),

    Fantastic point. The player can’t be good if he did not cost an arm and a leg!

  • The Ruler 777

    Like Tony said, if the report is read it’s clear what Surazez did.

  • sylar

    If Wenger wants to buy Suarez, he should have bought from Ajax in the first place. His skills are of no doubt in his Ajax days. The only down point was his unpredictability. Now that he is in Liverpool, we are prepared to pay 34 mill when we could have got him for 25 mill at Ajax? He was one of those player whose value would sure go up even if there is no inflation because he was special and there is no doubt. You do not have to be a special person to know that Suarez was a special player. Hack, you dun even have to see him play. Why Wenger never bidded for him at that time I would’t know. That 25 mill was what I would say risk free even from an investment point of view. Now you have to pay a high transfer fee plus a higher salary. Why can’t Wenger just pay the correct price?

  • robl

    @ Bootoomee, it’s amazing – if Wenger signs him he will be congratulated for splashing the money, totally ignoring that he has no premier league experience, will need a long break as he only stopped playing Wednesday, and will take time to adjust. Doesn’t matter that we have options in house that would probably cobtribute more for the coming season.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Do what you have to do .Firing blanks ?
    What a Coincidence!

    A chicken farmer went to the local bar.

    He sat next to a woman and ordered champagne.
    The woman said: “How strange, I also just ordered a glass of champagne.”
    “What a coincidence,” said the farmer, who added, ” It is a special day for me. I am celebrating.”
    “It is a special day for me too, I am also celebrating!” said the woman.
    “What a coincidence.” said the farmer.
    While they toasted, the farmer asked, “What are you celebrating?”
    “My husband and I have been trying to have a child for years, and today, my gynecologist told me that I was pregnant.”
    “What a coincidence,” said the man. “I am a chicken farmer and for years all my hens were infertile, but now they are all set to lay fertilized eggs.”
    “This is incredible,” said the woman. “What did you do for your chickens to become fertile?”
    “I used a different rooster,” he said.
    The woman smiled and said, “What a coincidence.”

  • sylar

    Why would buying him now when you can buy him at a cheaper price just 2 years ago be a better thing?

  • Robl

    @ Sylar, because at the time RVP was still professing how much he loved the club, and that he wanted to pay Arsenal back for all the injury plagued years they had stood by him.

  • sylar

    Liverpool seems to be getting bargains that are so obvious. Torres and Suarez are very very safe investment that has very little chance of going wrong. It’s amazing why none of those top teams actually pick them up. Just hate the fact that Liverpool is able to profit from a no brainer deal and that we have to pay a high price if we are to get Suarez.

  • sylar

    Just hate it when a team who does not have a ounce of financial management can be so lucky in picking highly profitable deals like Torres and Suarez. If they did not pick up those 2 players, they would have been goners much earlier.

  • sylar

    Why should Liverpool always profits from no brainer deals like this.

  • sylar

    The worst thing is that Liverpool are now blaming Suarez for being a traitor and taking credit for his development when the fact was that he could have just gone to any other club and be as successful. They should have been very thankful for him as if not for him, Liverpool would be much lower. They are a nothing club to be honest.

  • sylar

    I really hope that Arsenal does not sign him. Let Suarez destabalise that club and let him go at a much lower price next season

  • Tigerz67

    I don’t think Wenger would sign him , if he did not think he could channel his competitiveness into something more positive. Veira, RVP had issues too. Ultra rich Multi-billionaires are changing the football world (for the worse). First Chelsea, Man C, PSG, and maybe soon Liverpool.