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August 2021

You’ve only come to see Eboue! (Now for Day 2)

Roll up roll up for the Emirates Cup!

Day one: you’ve only come to see Eboue!


After all the transfer speculation, endless tweet wars, moans and dashed hopes it was nice to get back to the Emirates and see some football. I am taking the twins both days this time (a reward for all the hard work they have put in to their GCSEs regardless of the outcomes in a few weeks) and on Saturday I took their mother along too (her first time at the Grove).

And this is very much the theme for the Emirates Cup (can I say Ems from now on – or is that offensive?); it’s a family day out and a chance for people to see our magnificent our ground is, especially in the sunshine.

We sat in the 5th row upper east tier, overlooking the centre circle. Great seats – from which I could see everything much better than I can from my ST spot in the lower north bank. There were Porto, Napoli and Galatasary fans all around us, all enjoying the day out in a friendly atmosphere.

I chatted to two local Turks who were Arsenal fans too (GalaGooners they described themselves). In front was one small child with ‘Eboue Daddy’ on his Arsenal shirt and I wondered… Eboue was the star attraction for the first game; being cheered whenever he got the ball and loudly when he won Gala a penalty in the second half. They scored, while Porto (the better team for 60 minutes) managed to miss two. It wasn’t much of a game and the highlight (Eboue apart) was the appearance of the ‘Running man’ at ‘halftime’ – a really nice gesture Arsenal!

[As editor of this august journal may I enquire why the word “halftime” is in inverted commas here?  I mean, I know you have a doctorate Mr Blacksheep, but is this quite right? – Tony]

There was some trouble in the lower north bank west corner during the game with the stewards seemingly evicting around two dozen Gala fans, no idea why. On the opposite side a similar sized group op Porto fans did their best to keep up a constant chant. They were then replaced by Neapolitans after the change around. On to the main feature…

Yellow. Very yellow. That is the new away shirt which my Turkish friend thought was wrong (‘not at home’, he said). The ground filled up now although despite it being ‘sold out’ it was never full, and there were plenty of new shirts on view.

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This is a pre season friendly folks, but some of those around me needed very little encouragement to start criticizing the club for the lack of spending. We started well but Napoli looked a little sharper in front of goal. From where I sat we looked exposed in midfield – Jack and Rambo put in a great effort but looked more comfortable going forward.

The first Napoli goal came as they bypassed the midfield and left poor Jenks out on his own. The second came when Fabianski tried (and failed) to clear up another defensive mix up. Basically we were 2-0 down because we forgot how to defend as a team. The lack of Arteta in there was telling.

We missed a penalty too, it looked soft and perhaps Podolski lacked conviction as a consequence. There were some boos at half time.

Second half we were better at the back. Partly because we were, especially after Sagna came on, and partly because Napoli changed their team a lot. Some bloke called Higuain came on and he was rubbish. Seriously he looks a lot like Giroud and I’m not sure he would be much of an improvement, we need something different.

Giroud (or Sagna actually) pulled a goal back as we pressed the Italians back and then Kos got the equalizer with five to go (typical Arsenal!). In fact for me the Frenchman was our standout player; brilliant at the back, full of energy and deserved his goal. We need to keep him fit and I’d consider giving him the captaincy because he is a natural leader. What a contrast to that Carling Cup final.

A few final thoughts on the team today: Gnabry was good, Podolski lasted nearly all the match, Giroud looks like he did last term, Jack and Aaron are not the answer in midfield, Jenkinson is willing but not as positionally aware as Sagna.

I’d like to see us sign a keeper, a defender or two, a defensive-minded midfielder and another striker (but I’ve yet to see Sanogo) because again our first team can beat anyone but a few injuries and we will be in trouble.

It was a good day out – nice pizza at La Pasta, twins happy, Jill enjoyed it too, a decent drive home and I’m ready to do it all again today (Sunday). Obviously it’s not the same without Tony’s thoughts on the way back [look, just because you say this I’m not going to remove my criticism of your use of inverted commas, ok? – Tony] so I’m looking forward to the season proper and the Villa game. By then who knows*, we might have a few more options on the pitch too.

Now onto Day 2.


*Arsene knows J

Arsenal beat the transfer record

The books…

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82 comments to You’ve only come to see Eboue! (Now for Day 2)

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Nice, blacksheep63 – also nice comments from Eboue on Player.
    Hope we do win this with panache and style .

  • alex

    I s this a letter to Tony ?

  • Yassin

    BTW, Tottenham, the team whose going to destroy us next season and get to fourth, lost 5-2 (oh how they love that scoreline)…

    Anyway this man Eboue is hilarious, i was watching you tube of him last night, man how i miss him…

    As for the game, will as always two simple mistakes and we are 2-0 down, I hoped Napoli did get more chances but they couldn`t they were lucky that we maid those two mistakes, we were the better side in the first half, and much better side in the second, but still i agree we need something in the final third, plus a bit of numbers, we are a bit short, b ut i do trust Wenger on this one…

    And finally,come on Walter, Tony, et all.. please an android application for UA, please 🙁

  • reallycrossross

    @Alex … can’t be there are no kisses at the end!

  • Android App eh? OK we’ve got an apprentice in the company so I’ll ask her about androids. And apps. And computers.

    Meanwhile, with BT Sport having done a brilliant job at making ESPN look l OKike a serious sport station they have their chance today to recover. And what have they done so far?

    Well, they’ve highlighted that Arsenal were “booed off at half time”. We also had Michael Owen telling us that when he went to Real Mad his wife refused to drive on the right and so spent all day sitting with their child in a hotel. I’m not sure this reflects well on Real Mad or Mr O – he could have rented somewhere anywhere. Attacking one’s wife’s behaviour and difficulties on TV isn’t really a very good idea.

    Then we had Ray Stubbs saying how amazing it is to walk down the tunnel and onto the pitch at the Ems. Wowwwwww! Except, err, Walter and I did that when we played for Benelux at the Ems. Maybe they should employ us.

    Oh dear. they did suddenly stop hitting Arsenal yesterday as the criticism mounted, but now they are off again. The notion of “when in a hole stop digging” is not really part of their repertoire. We’ll see as it goes along.

  • GoonerVance

    Good news everyone!!! Arsene Wenger has assured us that we have a strong enough squad to win the title this year!!! Alright!! High five!!! I really think we’re going to do it!!!!

  • Robl

    @ Vance,he’s hardly likely to say they are pants is he. Maybe engage brain before keyboard?

  • Yassin


    And he said we are in negotiations, including Suaerz bids, but not willing to go public. So what else you want him to say, or you just like to take half the story that suits your moaning.

  • Yassin

    @ Tony,
    thanks in advance, I hope some of the Untolders who comment here might know something about it and help.

  • Steve

    Inverted comma crisis! Great to know there are still editors who care.

    As for Arsenal: COME ON YOU REDS!!! (or Yellows). Football is fun, bollocks to the booers.

  • Gaurav

    I agree that the midfield of ramsey + shere willPOWER lacks the defensive awareness. Maybe more playing together will help though??? Maybe Arsene just tried to be more attacking (it is the Emirates Cup). I like Arteta in our midfield, preferable with ramsey. Wilshire I think should play further forward behind the striker. MAYBE he should be the striker. Our Messi who runs with the ball at defenders and walcott and poldi and score through his passes… just a thought

    I just wanted to see what peopl think about Gervinho leaving. I am quite sad about it. I think he was a great squad player. Could play both sides. I know he disappointed a lot of arsenal fans but I think he was getting better. If he improved in finishing in front of goal I think he could be a real asset coming from the bench…

  • Gervinho had an excellent African Nations Cup, but once back, the booing returned to the Ems. How to destroy a good player – it was a perfect example.

  • Yassin

    me too mate, I wished he could improve with us, Gervy is a man of confidence , you give him support he does magic, you boo him he is like a kid, cant do the simplest thing.

    Yesterday, we saw how important Arteta was, so we need an under-study for him, why then did Coqulin go? Don`t know, Frimpong, Zelalem, or a new transfer to come in?

    But we were the better side, they are second in Serie A and still we were the better side, dont know about this moaning why? they were a couple of mistakes by Jenks and Fabs….They can make up for it

  • Yassin

    @ Tony,
    Exactly, and then when he is gone, they will blame Wenger for not playing him in his best position, or anything else, instead of blaming themselves of booing him and destroying him, remember Arshavin.

  • John L

    i think wilshere and ramsey can work but they need a holding midfielder behind them rather than an attacking midfielder in front. they both naturally play as ‘box-to-box’ central midfielders but that can leave the back line exposed….

    if they are the central pair in the middle i feel we need to play; 4-1-2-3 rather than 4-2-1-3

  • Just before the Arsenal game and guess what BT Sprot says. “Remember Arsenal booed off at half time yesterday”. And then they go to talk to Reina


    Wojciech Szczęsny (yep hough bout thart four spelin)

    Others in the Arsenal Team

    Jenkinson, Sagna, Mertesacker, Gibbs,

    Arteta, Ramsey, Oxlade-Chamberlain,

    Cazorla, Walcott, Sanogo


    Martinez, Miquel, Koscielny, Zelalem, Podolski, Giroud, Akpom

  • Oh now BT Sprot are talking about Santi Cazorla possibly leaving. He’s the one player that other clubs want (apparently). Now the criticism is of playing players two days in a row.

    And then its on to the invented concept of Marquee signings, and oh yes the eight years, and oh Sanogo left a second division club on a free (not quite the scenario actually since the player refused to sign a new contract as he knew AFC wanted him).

    Keown says if Arsenal don’t sign anyone they won’t finish in top four. Oh Martin…. Or is he winning a black tie because he is being told to say something silly. He suggests that something is amiss with the Suarez contract.

    Eboue starts – oh and guess what BT Sprout’s only comment is about the substitution of the substitution. “He’s always a good laugh!”

    Actually he did a nice interview.

    Now back to “we would expect to see them sign some world class players”

  • alex

    I Still like Jervinho.His finishing need work true but how can one ignore the chaos that make onto opponents defence.That is not an easy.

    Although it affect the player in question when booed by his own fans truly Jervinho was short just in the last end.
    I don’t want give any credit to those morons who boo their own player for his exit.Me and you understand well how it can affect any given player this sort of habit.
    To say the morons where the reason behind his exit is kind of giving unnecessary importance to their evil deeds.
    For them it’s kind of victory and say we deed that to Jervinho and it works and gives them ammunition to carry on to next player.

    Aresene if has decided to let him go I would rather say Jervinho didn’t help himself and show what he can do .

  • 1-0 to the Arsenal. Theo.

  • colario

    They described it as a fluke! But what if a certain manure player had scored it!

  • GoingGoingGooner

    Didier dives again!

  • GoonerVance

    Don’t worry guys. I have assurances that Arsenal will win the title!!! Rest assured guys. Rest. Assured.

  • GoingGoingGooner

    Well, the BT commentators have pretty much messed themselves in their pants over Drogba’s second. Good goal and a dive – what we expect from him. BT are quickly establishing themselves as anti-Arsenal by going on and on and on about the second goal and ARsenal’s need for a striker. Prats.

  • Yassin

    And here comes the moaners

  • Disappointing second half – I thought several players looked tired at playing two games in two days. Fortunately like the pre-season games of the past, they are quickly forgotten when the real stuff starts.

    But, no doubt, a lack of goals from one particular player would have been helpful.

    Atrocious performance once again by BT Sport with commentators laughing about not having the mathematical ability of an eight year old. Quite why the company that wants to be thought of as professional has to employ a load of mathematical dunces is beyond me.

    but hopefully things will improve. Drew will be supplying a review of the second day of the event tomorrow.

  • GoonerVance

    Drogba’s second was class. Accept it. Type of player we are lacking. Someone who can actually beat players (multiple players albeit they were Arsenal players), and get in behind. I don’t care who won the game, the penalty was a dive. I care that we weren’t creating anything apart from one long ball to Walcott.

  • Yassin

    Who is the ref by the way
    Even here in a friendly he gives them a no penalty and we are not allowed to have ours, chamberlain pen versus drogba dive?

    We need 3 to 4 world class player at least. A gk,cb ,dmf,…. A bunch if fans and a little two chickens for laying eggs so we can challenge

  • GoonerVance

    The moaners only went away because we thought Wenger was actually looking to strengthen the team, not come back to us with his dick in his hand and Sanogo.

  • Sam

    Good game. GZ impressive again; so silky when he is on the ball. Somebody needs to teach Jenks another move – how many times did he lose the ball trying to push it wide and beat Gala’s left back?? I love his energy and commitment on defense, but there must have been half a dozen attacks that ended with our right back trying to beat a man. Leave that to the attackers son. Miquel looks lost sometimes at left back, but I didn’t see anything wrong with what he did on the penalty, just a bad call in my opinion. How on earth one of Gala’s defenders was still on the pitch in the second half after that 2 footed jump/lunge at Walcott in the first half I cannot understand, but the ref seemed determined not to give anything our way (it took him almost the whole game to produce a yellow!). I’m not going to get into our attacker’s lack of clinical striking, b/c it’s still preseason and that is the whole purpose of these games, but it would have been nice to see just one of them score an intentional goal this game. Sanogo was alright I thought.

  • GoonerVance

    Apparently support for this site support means blowing smoke up people’s ass. Where I come from that is called blowing smoke up people’s ass. Honesty is love. Tell me where I stand. Not what I want to hear. You guys are dreaming.

  • Yassin

    What we lack today is what we lacked for the past 2 seasons, the maestro of the midfield, we have great players but we lack that player who can produce the best of them, utilize their abilities, i know jack and cazorla are great creative mids, but they are not fabregas, they dont have his ability to control and guide the game….

  • GoingGoingGooner

    It’s a pre-season friendly…we made some good plays, missed some plays. Unfortunately some of the AAA (GoonerVance) haven’t figured that out. Didier’s second was very good. His first deserved to be on a stage or in a swimming pool.

  • GoonerVance

    It’s really the moaners fault we haven’t signed anyone because the whole “we have a 70 million pound war chest” release was just a way to relieve pressure off of the club for the summer. If we had kkept moaning something would have been done. Anyone notice how many Galatasaray fans were in the stands today?

    Wenger loves to put this team in no win situations. Two years ago when we struggled and started panic buying at the deadline, a panic buy which included Santos. All the times we lost players. All we had to do then was buy who? A 20 million pound Mata? A 20 million pound Suarez (when he was at Ajax)? A 25 million pound Hazard? Don’t act like these aren’t player that Arsenal wasn’t looking at. For fuck’s sake Arsenal was probably the first team in England to stat looking at these players. And now where are we left because of more indecision? Overspending for a player we HAVE to get who we could have gotten for a fraction of the price 3 years ago. Not to mention the players we could have kept had we added to the squad in years past: Van Persie, Clichy, nasri etc….

    Those players were too expensive for us to get then, and they are too expensive for us to get now. We went in for a penny when we took on debt in terms of the stadium, but now we won’t go in for a pound? The whole thing reeks of fear and greed. Fear being the excuse and greed being the motivation.

  • sperez

    ‘Vance,he’s hardly likely to say they are pants is he. Maybe engage brain before keyboard?’

    Yes, but to have the cheek to say that team is strong enough to win the title is simply embarrassing.
    I agree no manager needs to be negative about his players however Wenger should choose his words more carefully because he is becoming a laughing stock with this kind of drivel.

  • GoonerVance

    There are many reasons why he would come out and say we are title contenders. His belief that we are title contenders while Chelsea, United, and City are either of equal strength or stronger than last season is evidence enough that Wenger doesn’t care about reality. Reality is, you become a title contender by signing players, you win the title by playing the games. Last season we were not in contention for the title, and we have bought literally no one. So how can he say that with a straight face?

  • GoonerVance

    And funny how no one thought about the inflated market when purchasing land to build a stadium.

  • Sammy The Snake

    If someone takes the time to go back and check AW’s talks in the past 5-6 summers, he has every year said the same thing: Our team is strong enough to win the title! And we all know how that ended up.

    I’d really appreciate it if he came out openly and said: We simply can’t outspend ManU/ManCity/Chelsea… Our aim is to barely make it to the 4th place… Any further expenditure would simply not be financially viable… Spending 50M on Suarez to get to 3rd does not make good economic sense… Please lower your expectations.

    AW is a respectable & decent man, I expect him to be more straight forward with the fans.

  • Pat

    Nice friendly atmosphere in the ground today. Sat next to some Londoners supporting Galatasaray – they support Arsenal when Galatasaray aren’t playing against them! They were dismayed when they thought Porto might win.

    I agree with Tony that some of our players looked a little tired in the second half. Maybe the after effects of our Far East tour as well. Plenty of time to recover before the season starts. Sanogo made a good start.

    I was annoyed with the ref though. You wouldn’t think it would happen before the season even started but it did. I think he denied us several free kicks and missed Drogba’s dive. Also should have given a card for the foul against Theo. Not a good performance. I didn’t recognize his name.

  • Marvin

    The man is deluded, sperez spot on with your post

  • Marvin

    Here we go again more excuses about tiredness and refs before the season has started. Get your excuses in early lads goingto need a whole lload to cover this bullshit

  • Doofus

    Goodness. Wenger has never, ever been able to put a team out that can defend drogba. No new news really. But interesting how our results much poorer when we play higher quality teams.

    This season has the reek of mediocrity about it. Shameful those who say this team could actually win anything. Shameful.

  • sperez


    Wenger he’s bought shite players from League One with inflated prices.
    The problem is not paying £40m or even £50m for one player, but having a wage bill close to £150m and when you look at the squad you can only see average players (Cazorla is the exception) is ridiculous.
    It’s a vast amount of resources being wasted on players who don’t offer the quality Arsenal need.
    Wenger can spout about being sensible when buying players but then he just piss money up the wall by rewarding fringe players £50k.
    Arsenal have many players who should be nowhere near the wages they’re earning and to think otherwise is downright silly.
    I know Wenger has an economics degree from a Communist University but it’s unacceptable to implement a stupid socialist wage model so detached from reality. Where’s the meritocracy?
    Wengerite loves to call City/Chelsea players mercenaries but then they completely ignore the likes of Djourou, Bendtner, Squillaci, Almunia and Chamakh who stayed at Arsenal because of money in total disregard for playing time.

  • GoingGoingGooner

    OK game. The result was bizarre. The referee shouldn’t have such an effect on the game. meh.

    Reading the comments of the AAA on the board has lead me to think about why I think the way I do. Basically, I am an optimist/positivist and not a cynic. Some of the AAA are angry and some are Trolls and some are just cynical. I like this site because I am not or at least am no longer cynical.

    20 years ago I was a captain in the army and I decided to leave. Essentially, I found myself becoming more and more cynical and that was depressing.(Q. Why does the army attack at dawn? A. So when the attack goes awry your whole day isn’t screwed up!) My religious/spiritual beliefs are essentially the same. Positive.

    The result today wasn’t what I wanted but I continue to want and hope for a better tomorrow. I think the best of the team. Terms such as deadwood and the continuing vitriol directed at the manager are just a big downer. I don’t need nor want that in my life. Today was pre-season game – let’s move on.

  • Andrew Crawshaw

    Only one player on show today from the other three teams who would clearly improve our squad and that was Drogba. We could do with him to show Sanogo the ropes. The second goal came immediately after a double attacking substitution made to try and win the game and we slightly lost our shape. A good pre-season game with Arsene still trying different combinations. I expect we will probably see a full first team start against City in the last friendly.

    Nothing to be down about.

  • John

    No surprises that the destructive critics are out in force. They must be delighted that Drogba scored.

    If Arsenal had won, they would have kept quiet or dismissed it as a pre-season game of no importance. However, they are now referring to it as proof that we are useless.

    A more balanced view would be disappointment that we lost, noting that it is a pre-season game and a useful preparation for the games ahead, from which lessons may be learned, as well as recognition that a draw would have been a fairer result, – not bad against opponents of this quality.

  • Doofus

    John, so you agree with Wenger that our current squad are title winners? I’m not a critic, just a realist.

    This team is average. Not world beaters. No Henry, Bergkamp in the team.

  • Marvin

    Drogba’s penalty dive was disgraceful but it was so obvious. Sanogo started the match and missed 5-6 clear cut chances which he should have scored and Walcott missed one but made up for it with a goal. This highlights a need for a striker and I think Suarez would complement Giroud well. However why not bid for Lewandowski as Dortmund probably will take 40 million as he is in the last year of him contract. None of the other positions really need positioning is I was there at both emirates cup matches but more squad depth is needed. A 4th CB may be needed (Kurt Zouma) he is young, French and one of the best young defenders in the world and maybe a DM like Fellaini. However Arsenal fans should be worried about upfront as we could have easily put 8 against Napoli and 9 against Galatasaray (literally).

  • GoonerVance

    Destructive criticism is calling the players we have shit. Well, I like the current squad. It’s good enough to get fourth place, but fourth is hardly a sure thing. Fourth place is not calling the team shit. Hence not destructive criticism. Our own players have come out and said that this team needs to buy i.e. Wilshere, Koscielny, a few more I can’t remember. This isn’t about extremes, we are not shit, but we are not title contenders either. This is about margin. Right now Arsenal are marginally a fourth place team. Been that way since Henry left (apart from one unlucky season where Eduardo got his leg snapped). In order to overcome that margin Arsenal needs great players. So great players is what we were promised at the beginning of the summer, just like every other summer except FO’ REAL DIS TIME, or so we were told. Great players have been coming and going all summer long. Llorente, Higuain, Soldado, Negredo, Navas, Jovetic, Cavani, Neymar…these players are moving, but for one reason or another their preferred destination isn’t Arsenal. Now I wonder why that is? Could it be that perception and ambition are in fact TANGIBLE. That there is value above market price that buying a top player gives your club. That there is value in winning trophies and the perception that you are a club that wants to win trophies. That there is value in overpaying, and even if the player is suspended for biting Daniel Levy (which would be well worth the 55 million pound price tag) at least players out there know you are a club willing to pay and do whatever it takes to compete for glory?

  • uk

    how many destructive critics have you seen out in force? the majority of commenters are your type here, you should be celebrating

  • Mick

    Sperez, Marvin, Doofus, GoonerVance, UK, doublegooner etc etc. I hope you all enjoy being miserable for the next few years when Arsene signs a new contract to extend his glorious tenure as Arsenal’s manager. Long may he reign and long may you lot wallow in misery and anger.

  • Sam

    Manchester United lost by a goal this preseason to a far inferior side to Gala. Are they still title contenders? Where does the continuity of that logic stop? Just outside the Emirates it seems like with some.

  • Gunz

    @mick (11:40pm)
    I second that, good post.
    There’s only 1 Arsene Wenger! 1 Arsene Wenger!

  • Brickfields Gunners

    @ Adam – Awesome !

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Bad dialogue from Scary movie 4 which may be suitable here.

    This ain’t a war, anymore than a war between men and maggots. Or, dragons and wolves. Or, men riding dragons, throwing wolves at maggots.

    This is some shit, up with which we will not put.
    [Mouthing] You and me should get it on!

    Elder Hale. We should welcome the outsiders among us.
    Jeremiah, ought not your tongue be held?
    I am sorry, Elder Hale… but sometimes my tongue wiggles beyond my ability to control it.

    This is a problem with which I have had much experience. Maybe I could help him in a room in which there are no others. Or you can all watch. I don’t give a shit.

    I fear the presence of the outsiders will attract those of whom we do not speak.
    But if you talk about those of whom we do not speak, have you not spoken of that about which we do not talk.
    Do not speak of that of about which we talk of not speaking… about.

    And shitting in the wrong place !

    And their lamentations –
    Your feelings? To hell with your feelings! Everybody with their feelings. I’m obese, my kids a brat, help me, help me! Just shut up! [Crying] Why can’t I fix anyone of them? I’m so dumb and worthless. Momma was right, momma was right!

    I guess your mama was right… maybe you’re not man enough!

    Oh, it’s okay. I’ve taken balls to the face before.

    AHA! Death to America! [he presses the trigger for the bomb, but it doesn’t go off] Oh, shit!
    CROWD :
    Kill him! Kill him!

  • Rupert Cook

    @blacksheep63, good report. Not afraid to criticize but was balanced when doing so. Hope you can review future games.

    @Tony, Gervinho was destroyed by boos, really, do you know this? Has he said so? (Maybe he just wasn’t good enough0. If so I certainly wouldn’t want a player who is weak enough to crumble when a minority boo him, and I’m sure it’s a minority as the majority of Arsenal fans still support Wenger and are respectful towards our players. Is this going to be the excuse now if players fail at Arsenal, it won’t be down to any other reason but fans booing them? Very simplistic.

    As for those moaning about Wenger saying we are strong enough to win the league, well what do you expect him to say? Personally I think he says these things to let his players know he has confidence in them and isn’t afraid to say so on record. Nothing wrong with that. I think he knows that it would be extremely unlikely that the squad would win the league without some additions and I believe we’ll get some in.

  • Bootoomee

    Finally the merchants of doom got their hearts’ desire. Their joy is there for all to see.

    Good report blacksheep63. I was there yesterday with my people. Saw Edda and had a brief chat with him. I’ll sendin my take on the day and a general outlook on our pre-season to Tony later today.

    BTW, my faith in his team persists.

  • Doofus

    Boo – I’ll ask again, as everyone dodges the tough questions on this site, do you think this squad is capable of winning anything? Did sanogo look like the forward we need?

    Simple questions.

  • Edu

    off topic, i’ve just stumbled on arsenals 2001/02 season win at old trafford when we won the league..that arsenal team was full of hard battled hardened guys..

  • Edu

    a little motivation for the upcoming season…

  • uk

    i’m miserable? really?
    well in case you dont know, not everyone remains mad @wenger, especially after 8years of shite. believe it or not he amuses some, more entertaining than a clown sometimes. the rib-cracker was “if you want to buy your neighboors house….”, i mean, where does he cook up such shite? no wonder nobody(except untold, sometimes) take him seriously.

  • Bootoomee


    Do you think it will rain tomorrow?

    Do you think Man City will win the league or anything else this season? What about Man United?

    If you can answer all the above questions, then you must have a magic ball. I may need to start consulting you for lottery purposes.

    I think Arsenal will do very well this season. We are as likely to win a trophy as any other team in the competitions. I recall some teams called Wigan and Swansea winning trophies last season. Do you think they were better than Arsenal?

    Please calm down, it’s only pre-season as people like you have been telling us all along. Why change your tune now on the importance of the matches because the result has finally gone YOUR way?

  • Mick

    Sorry, from the general tone of your comments I got the impression you was miserable as all you do is moan. That’s what miserable, negative people do isn’t it, moan and complain all the time. Your last post confirms it. Like most people on this site I am happy and positive most of the time apart from when we have to put up with your boring crap. Spare us your complaining and go to your spiritual home on Le Grove, then you can be find solace amongst all the other moaners.

  • uk

    sorry, from your posts i get the impression that you flunked english class. maybe you should get a dictionary, check what it is to moan, quote any moaning post from me. if anything, its your type on here who have been complaining about the ref,bt,analysts,drogba’s antics etc

  • Mick

    Your English isn’t so hot either. My name, being a proper noun starts with a capital letter.
    From The Free Dictionary….
    3. (usually intr) to grumble or complain (esp in the phrase moan and groan)
    That’s a pretty good description of most of your posts.

  • uk

    good. @least you got a dictionary. now can you dig up the ‘complaining post’, from me, thats b4 i regale you with complaining posts from your AKB besties

  • Doofus

    They should rename this site “Excusing Unlucky” Arsenal! As apparently the last 8years have been “unlucky” and not a pattern of failure.

    And if you mention failure you’re AAA or a moaner! It’s like living in North Korea!

  • Bootoomee


    You really think that being disagreed with on a football blog is equivalent to living under a gruelling dictatorship?


    I take back everything I have ever said to you. You are not worth having any kind of conversation with.

  • Doofus

    Boo – but I asked you a direct question, which you dodged. Can this squad, as it currently is, really win the title? Wenger says yes, most other people say no.

    Boo – yes or no? Simple question.

    And chill, don’t get your knickers in a twist about a metaphor!

  • Stuart

    I’ll answer your question.
    I haven’t seen the team play this year as of yet but going on how we finished up last season, I have believe if that were to continue then yes, we will win a twophy! I must add to this that I am not shallow enough to require Arsenal to win a trophy in order to fill some void in my own life and therefore am not fussed if we don’t win a trophy. I support Arsenal and that is the only constant.

  • Bootoomee

    To Doofus:

    “Do you think it will rain tomorrow?

    Do you think Man City will win the league or anything else this season? What about Man United?

    If you can answer all the above questions, then you must have a magic ball. I may need to start consulting you for lottery purposes.

    I think Arsenal will do very well this season. We are as likely to win a trophy as any other team in the competitions. I recall some teams called Wigan and Swansea winning trophies last season. Do you think they were better than Arsenal?

    Please calm down, it’s only pre-season as people like you have been telling us all along. Why change your tune now on the importance of the matches because the result has finally gone YOUR way?”

    Posted 11.30am today.

    In case you are only capable of understanding yes or no answers, my firm answer is YES.

    Here is a metaphor for you too: If you think that being disagreed with on a football blog is equivalent to living under a gruelling dictatorship, then you’ve got a stone for brain.

    And chill, don’t get your knickers in a twist about a metaphor!

  • Bootoomee

    Staurt (@1.04pm),

    You deluded soul 🙂

  • Doofus

    Stuart – this is the diametrically opposed view I cannot fathom. Football is a game with an outcome, win/lose/draw. It as a league table. You earn bragging rights over your local opposition by winning them. Football is a my tribe is better than your tribe thing, and goes back through our DNA.

    And AKBs like you reject all that and say “I will support the club even if it loses!”

    And the irony is we have enough money to be super competitive! Counter intuitive.

  • Stuart

    Yes Bootoomee, awfully deluded.

  • Stuart

    Well I think it probably goes back to that (lack of) void in my life that needs filling with something.

    Even looking back to 2004, we won the league at WHL and did it unbeaten also. It was a great day, week possibly even month but does it matter now? Not really! The flip side is the lack of bragging rights don’t matter either as most clubs don’t have them and those that do, have only achieved it through massive investment through someone elses money. If someone else playing football really has that much of an impact on YOUR life, you need help.

  • Doofus

    Aha – I think I get it now. You’re the guys who don’t sing, don’t chant as you’re observing the spectacle, not the result. You’re the passionless mob who care not for any results, just the club as a business. Got it!

  • Stuart

    Or by diametrically, were you referring this part of my comment?

    “going on how we finished up last season, I have believe if that were to continue then yes, we will win a twophy!”

  • Stuart

    Not at all, I stopped going to the games because of the lack of atmosphere. I nearly got thrown out once (due to my reaction) after someone asked me to stop chanting.

  • Doofus

    Nope – by diametrically I meant the dichotomy between the very essence of football, which is competition and victory and your attitude which is that it doesn’t matter.

  • Bootoomee


    You are wrong again. You see in my CV, under year 2004, there is an entry:

    “- The football team that I support won the league at the home of our fiercest rivals without losing a single game!”

    Sarcasm off.

    I saw a lot of families yesterday at the game. No one was happy because lost, naturally. But no one was losing their shit either. Even if it is the ECL final, it is still only a game. The players, on whom the results have cogent ramifications, should be committing suicide based on how these needy fans wallow in misery.

    If anyone needs the results of football games for their happiness, they must have very little else going their way in life.

  • Stuart

    I see, well in that case, it does matter – if I’m playing, if someone else is playing, it matters to them.