Vote for the players in Arsenal’s Golden 30, to determine who will make it next year

Over the past two weeks visitors to this august and hallowed site have been selecting and rejecting Arsenal’s Golden 30 – the players who have not yet established themselves in the first team, but might do so in the coming year or two.

You can see the whole list of them, with some of the background notes gathered by visitors to Untold Arsenal.

Now its time for the next stage in our exciting and overwhelming journey of discovery.

It is time to vote

Just do the old clickety clickety click thing and you will be transported at the speed of information to the Untold voting pavilion where in the protection of the utter secrecy of the ballot box you can, well, sort of, vote.

You get five votes – but you don’t have to use them all up.  Oh no!  There’s no pressure here!  You decide!

You can, for example, just vote for four.  Or even three.  Two will be acceptable.  As will one.  No votes is a bit of a dodo, and if that’s your intent you might as well stay at home.

Just do it will you?

(c) The Institute of Anomalous Voting Studies and Hieroglyphic Spectrographic analysis.   And sandwiches.  2010

11 Replies to “Vote for the players in Arsenal’s Golden 30, to determine who will make it next year”

  1. I have done it and I think we have some 5 players that will come in to it. It looks like Wilshere is doing really fine in Bolton and he was involved a few times when Bolton threatened to score so he is my number one.

    When can we see the results Tony ?

  2. Terry Moore wants five players to leave but can only spell the names of one of them correctly. What a sad example of a fan. (still trying to work out who or what a Verga is)

  3. i think players like Aneke and Afobe will be quality players for us, but i think they will have one more season in the reserves, then go out on loan and then come into the first team squad. I think Szczesney will go out on loan one more time, probably in the championship or even premiership, then come back and fight for the number 1 shirt at Arsenal.

    For me Eastmond, JET, Nordviet, Wilshere and Lansbury will be in with the first team next season.

  4. sorry, i know this community wants to live in a fantasy world where arsenal is the only big club winning every trophy(even la liga, scudetto,) every year and wenger is god, but i just cudn’t resist to comment on such lunacy…

    it’s frustrating enuff that arsenal are potentially out of pl and barcelona are waiting to rub salts on wounds and u guys mind numbingly writing anything but present situation in the name of being different…that just blows my head off…..

  5. shud = should
    enuf = enough
    arsenal junkies and shud be sold = arsenal are junk (or arsenal are drug addicts?) and should be sold
    cudn’t resist to comment on such lunacy = couldn’t resist commenting
    barcelona are waiting to rub salts on wounds = barcelona are waiting toi rub salt into the wounds
    that just blows my head off = blows my mind

    I’m just guessing what critic is trying to say here. But I thought I’d help him out with his spelling and syntax as he is so obviously unable to construct meaningful sentences despite trying so very hard…

  6. Critic – what drugs are you on?

    Where does anyone here indicate they think Arsenal are “winning every trophy”?

    And what does this years situation have to do with looking at the talent we have as a club coming through and forecasting which of those players will make it? These are the things that fans do. It is fun. It is great to speculate. Havent you ever speculated what players would be bought in the summer or didnt you ever speculate whether Song, Walcott, Clichy, Denilson, Diaby, and Bendtner would make it when they were 18-19 years old?

    And do you think everyone should cry and wail and go into depression because we are one of only 3 clubs in England still in with a chance of winning the League and one of only 8 clubs in Europe still in with a chance of winning the Champions League? Gee, that is indeed depressing. I dont know what to do. Arsenal are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO crap. We are a disaster. My gosh, I cannot face the current reality of things. I mean, I WISH WE WERE LIKE TOTTENHAM, OR NEWCASTLE, OR PORTSMOUTH, OR LEEDS, OR EVERTON, OR ALL THOSE OTHER GREAT CLUBS THAT GET GREAT RESULTS AND WE ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CRAP!!!!!! Not only are we a crap club in terms of results, but we are also bloody rich!!! I mean, what could be worse? Not only are we one of the top 8 clubs in THE WORLD but we are also bloody rich!!! I WANT TO KILL MYSELF!!!!!

    Grow up.

    What on earth is there to be depressed about? We had a poor result on Saturday. But now we get to watch two games against Barcelona!!!!!!!!!!!!! You dont think there are a lot of clubs that would give their right arm, or perhaps 500-600million, to be facing Barcelona in the 2010 Champions League Quarterfinals? We are, and we didnt even have to spend 500-600million of some sugar-daddies money to get there. They are the best team in the world and if we lose, oh well. But if we win??????

    If being different means not having stupid unrealistic expectations and not being financially naive and being able to ENJOY being a fan then yeah, I guess I am certainly different and I LOVE IT!!! Sorry if that blows your head off but that is the way it is.

    Smile, and enjoy being a fan. If you can only enjoy it when trophies are won then you are in for a miserable life. And our lives aren’t long enough to spend them being miserable. Have fun, be happy, love Arsenal. Believe me, it makes the unconfined joy even more when we do actually win trophies.

  7. @christianjimmy
    thanks, but it’s the language of NETizens and SMSite, may be ur too old to understand. But still, thanks for clearing my thots(thoughts) for others.

    arsenal junkies meant junks in arsenal not the whole arsenal.

    guys one thing – tomorrow never comes, when it comes it will be present.

    @Paul C.

    and my whole point of comment was that their shud(should) be some articles pointing out the shortcomings of arsenal(especially in defence) with a level head, not by saying denilson will come good not by saying alumunia is crap, but a level headed post match analysis(even after dfeat(defeat) or draw).

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