The Thomson Sport #GetMeToBrazil World Cup Draw Live Blog

The 2014 FIFA World Cup draw takes place this Friday in Brazil but you can follow all the action with our Thomson Sport #GetMeToBrazil Live Blog, bringing you all the news, updates and samba dancing you can handle in one afternoon.

The live draw will start at 4pm (UK Time) but you can join us from 2.45pm on the Thomson Sport blog below for some pre-draw shenanigans, before the likes of Sir Geoff Hurst, Zinedine Zidane, Cafu and Fabio Cannavaro take to the stage in Brazil to announce the draw.

The 32 teams who have qualified for the finals will be drawn into eight groups of four with the top two in each group progressing to the knockout stages. There can be no more than two European team in any one group and only one from South America.

The seeded teams are Brazil, Spain, Germany, Argentina, Colombia, Belgium, Uruguay and Switzerland, who are all in Pot 1. The other 24 teams are divided into pots by geographical region.

England have been placed in Pot 4 with the other unseeded European qualifiers. However they could yet be moved into Pot 2. There’s potential that England could definitely face a South American team, and European opposition from Pot 4. In short it’s complicated. But, don’t fear, our live blog will clear that all up for you.

Thomson Sport are the official sponsors of the World Cup draw live blog hosted on and are the FA’s official Travel Partner, so if you want to join England in Brazil next year then head HERE:

31 Replies to “The Thomson Sport #GetMeToBrazil World Cup Draw Live Blog”

  1. Blatter has tried to put his eyeballs out of his eyes but failed. Oh, well then why not give a minute silence for Mandela.

  2. An older women dressed in red curtains is signing a song. Oh a young Brazilian rapper joins her.
    Sorry not my cup of tea. Terrible.
    My fingers start to itch to look at the teletubbies

  3. The show is 20 minutes on and still no balls to be seen. Lots of talking and some old images. This is really getting boring

  4. Half an hour gone and we now know that there will be countries next year to play the world cup. What a revelation. The women presenter does have a nice …hair cut. (just in time but hey even I have to look at something that looks likes ball after a while)

  5. 40 minutes gone and we have seen Pele, Ronaldo (the fat one), Bebe I think (was just dozing off a bit) and blimey we have seen a real ball. A football.

  6. It seems that there was another song but that was when I really fell asleep I think.

  7. 50 minutes gone and finally we seem to be getting near the pots with balls.
    Why did it have to take soooooo long?
    Some old and less old persons now on stage to pick the balls now.
    The tension is rising now (er…not really) This is what we Untold people do to bring you up to date coverage of the world cup draw

  8. After some 10 minutes of explaining how they will pick the balls still no balls picked so far. Maybe the guy is looking too deep at the b… to his right.

  9. And Brazil is first out of the pots but it was a different coloured ball oh well.
    Spain is out next
    Then colombia

    hey gives give me a break this is going tooooooo fast now

    Urugay now

    Blimey this is just the seeded teams….
    Switzerland is next (the easy group)
    Argentina out next
    Germany then
    And then Belgium

  10. In order to make sure we get no real group of death they will now draw it so there will be no big teams lost.

    So very fair…real Fifa like

  11. Dinner is ready shouts my wife. Sorry for the rest of the draw guys, but you have to read it in the serious media

  12. THEY HAVE DROPPED A BALL!!!!! The funniest thing, lucky I had to type my previous message. I would have missed that

  13. Didn’t take Alan Smith long to show his colours. In his summery of Germany he praises there midfield and yet fails to even mention Ozil. Then, when analyseing the back four he says “with Mertesaker and a.n.other they could have a problem there, but they are well protected by the midfield” (not by Ozil though obviously)

    So clearly Ozils not even worth a mentioning and Merts been playing like a drain for both his Club and Country.

    Smith, what a prick !

  14. jambug
    Yeah, strange for Smith not to mention Ozil, yet he would be the first name on that team sheet for their midfielders. They really are taking this singing for their supper thing to a new low.

  15. I also think England are in a reasonable group. Group B(Spain, Holland, Chile) and G (Germany, Portugal, USA) are looking like the groups of death.

  16. Italy will probably advance…and Uruguay is stronger in South America than in Europe. It’s a very tricky group. Let’s see what England can do.
    Germany will top their group comfortably…
    Poor Chile…
    Argentina…hermanos got lucky once again. What an easy peasy group.
    After what happended in 2010, France should be in a tough group but it didn’t happen.
    Mexico…in recent times they have caused a lot of trouble to Brazil.

  17. I think England’s in tough. On the bright side, some of our guys should get a rest this summer. Unfortunately, our Germans and Spaniards will have long summers, methink.

  18. I fancy the Super Eagles of Nigeria to at least get to the semi finals. We fear no team but respect all. Others may ignore us to their own peril.

    This is the world cup and no group is easy. Let no team think they would win their matches by just making an appearance or because of past glories.

    By the way, a thought for Madiba. RIP Mandela.

  19. Damilare,

    Curb your enthusiasm my brother. No one is even talking about quarter finals right now. All teams are worrying about qualifying from their groups. Let’s see if the Eagles can get out of their group first. I think they should and hope they would but till then, I wouldn’t be talking about semi-finals if I were you.

  20. Looking at Google News, there seems to many proposed “Group of Death”. It seems a constant, is if the USA is in the World Cup, whatever group it is in is a group of death.

    A – Brazil, …
    B – Spain, …
    D – England, …
    G – Germany, …

    I suppose time will tell which is the group of death.

  21. @Brickfields

    I’m a Canuck. At least many of the people in Untold have teams in the World Cup. We only really have a Ladies program, I think the Men’s team is hopeless due to internal politics.

    But, I read through all 8 of Lineker’s previews to the groups, and he hardly even gives England a chance.

    As far as Group G being the Group of Death, I think the USA needs to grow up. If all the press in the USA always feels that their group is the group of death, it is pointless for them to even compete to enter. I am going to guess that the weighting factors for CONCACAF are too large, the USA should not have the number of points it does have in the ranking system.

  22. @ Gord – As one who stopped watching WC games a long time ago,
    every group is a group of death (by boredom )for me !
    I may watch an England match or two (if the timing is right), but would be switching channels as often the mind wanders !
    I will watch the goals as they are most definitely not painful!
    I suppose it will be better than no football in the close season – but mind you ,only just !

  23. Thanks Brickfields.

    I’m surprised at Merson in the early addition of Daily Star, but no appropriate thread to talk in. What the heck would George Graham do, beat them up?

    I’m hoping for Newcastle, Cardiff, West Ham, Southampton, Stoke, and Sunderland wins tomorrow. 🙂

    Time to go to sleep. It’s -37C outside at the moment. Updated forecast suggest we might see -39. Near record cold for early December. For sky watchers, A couple of days ago is when Venus was at its brightest for this year. Evening sky to the SW. Stay safe, and if appropriate, warm.

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