Arsenal -Crystal Palace 2-0

By Walter Broeckx

Ah this is what it is all about: the green pitch and two teams of 11 players who try to win the match. Forget all the transfer boring moments on who we should buy, surely should not buy and who has lost it, who is too stubborn, who doesn’t want to spend.  Football is about the things happening on the pitch.

We knew we were in for a massive game before kick off. Some results going a bit our way yesterday and today. Liverpool dropping points at WBA thanks to Kolo Touré gave already a good feeling. A win would put them 8 points behind before us visiting them next weekend. If we would be able to win there we would have opened a massive gap to the 4th placed team then. But first we had to win today and then we will see for next weekend.

A win would also mean that we would be 15 points in front of Manchester United. Has this ever happened before in the PL era? Come on historians check your data.

We might have been laughing all the week about Sam Allardyce and his parking the bus against Chelsea on Wednesday but I feared that given Crystal Palace is managed by Pulis we would see the same today. And so it did. They had two attackers on the pitch but Jerome wasn’t seen near Szczesny at all and the other striker Chamakh had a rather decent game I must say. Very lively during the whole match and working his socks off. Not that it brought a lot for Crystal Palace but some nice touches and even one time when Szczesny had to make a good block.

The two biggest chances came to Arsenal. A beautiful pass to Monreal but the Palace keeper was lucky that Monreal his attempt hit his leg and went in to a corner. On that corner you could see a very blatant foul on Giroud. Jedinak was like a bad Wenger coat wrapped all around Giroud and taking him down. Mr. Moss I have seen you do better decisions. I thought you didn’t like Giroud by the way. I know…he’s French…isn’t he?

But the tempo Arsenal played in the first half was too slow to cause much problems for the packed defense of Crystal Palace. A few attempts to go through the middle just failed and a free kick that was almost headed in backwards by Koscielny could just be saved by the Palace keeper.  Not enough pace and not enough penetration was the verdict of the first half.

But we have seen this before. And somehow I felt confident that we would turn up our speed in the second half. Like we did against Fulham, Cardiff, Southampton,… In a way this team can produce sudden bursts of speed.

And so we did just that at the start of the second half. Cazorla driving the ball forward, the team moving to the right and the Palace defenders moving up that side only to leave a gap on our left flank and Oxlade-Chamberlain saw the gap, Cazorla saw the movement and delivered an inch perfect pass. A good control from The Ox and then a simple lob over the keeper to make it 1-0 after hardly two minutes of play in the second half.

We then needed a good Szczesny to save a point blank header from Jerome. A bit of passive defending from Arsenal at that moment. Not really what we are used to in most games. Arsenal was very well in control and Palace was just trying to keep the score as low as could at that moment. No real drive forward at first.

Arsenal just passed the ball around and tried not to waste too much energy. I must confess that I thought that the first player Wenger would take off would be The Ox. A good display for a player that has been out for so long and who gave us a few changes in rhythm during the game. But what do I know. Podolski came off after showing that he also doesn’t shy away from doing the defensive job minutes before.

So The Ox remained on the field and that was a good thing. Rosicky recovering the ball and playing it to the Ox who dragged it along himself around the Palace player in his neck to Giroud and then released himself and Giroud playing the ball in to his path. The Ox running towards goal and one movement getting a clear view of goal and his low shot went in. 2-0 and game over.

What followed was casual playing the time off the clock. A bit too casual at times. So Szczesny could feel a bit useful at times.

It was a vital win when we were under pressure and without even playing our best football we took another 3 points on board.

Back top of the league. The PL league table and the injury league table. And the good thing is that we don’t rely on one player to deliver the points. When Özil is marked too tight Cazorla steps up. When they both are marked too tightly another player can use the open space. This time it was Oxlade-Chamberlain to use it and to give us the 3 points.

And as this was the first start of the Ox since the opening day of the season…I could say that The Ox is like a new signing. Welcome (back) Oxlade-Chamberlain.

Unwards and upwards, let us hope for a good result for Arsenal in the Monday evening match between the money clubs.  A draw would do me nicely to be honest.


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  1. One of those data people here.

    Mandy said TOTL, and you repeat it here.

    This winning “streak” started 1 year ago, didn’t it? Feb 2, 2013.

    In that time we have played 51 competitive games, winning 37, tie 6 and lose 8. We scored 94 goals and gave up 42. We had 26 shutouts in that time.

    What a difference a year can make. In getting the data, I also seen the 2012/13 PFA team of the year:

    de Gea
    Zableta Vertonghen Ferdinand Baines
    Bale Mata Hazard
    Van Persie Suarez

    How many make that team this year?


  2. Walter
    You forgot to mention that our goalkeeper is the best in the world, and Arteta was brilliant, and no matter what they say about Giroud, every goal he has a hand in it (or a foot is better said).
    You also forgot to say Rosicky is brilliant and he could be the winning man of this title, I dont know but am I seeing a brilliant run of this man ( if injury stay away).

    God god god, please let us win the league with a gol from Giroud assisted by Kim, so I can have a great laugh at some out here, they deserve to be laughed at…. 😀

  3. A great result without getting out of second gear for lots of the game.
    We see a lot of pulling and holding in the penalty area from set pieces but the bear hug by Jedinak on Giroud was so blatant that to not get a penalty for it was scandalous.

  4. Tomas & Ox had a face on face collision which completely laid Ox out. What were the chances of that happening? And Tomas hardly flinched, his nose didn’t even bleed.

  5. @Yassin et al:
    Arteta was not brilliant; and if u think that Kalsrom will be competing for a palce in our 1st team then we are in big trouble.

    we laboured against a poor side. bigger tests to come with you back plan when giroud comes up a crocker. unless u think that danish car wreck is the answer?

    i’d rather play with a reserve or youth player.


  6. @Gord

    de Gea
    Zableta Vertonghen Ferdinand Baines
    Bale Mata Hazard
    Van Persie Suarez




  7. @Mick

    Yes a definite penalty. I usually criticise people here who lament the number of awards we get (just the one where Per was puled down I think), but that was unreal. How was it missed?

  8. Great point on team of the year gord, a few of our own certainly should be in there this season, especially our keeper and defenders. With the bias against us, not sure it will happen though. They will probably go for terry and kompany ahead of our finest, but amazed if anyone can beat Szcz, certainly not hart, de gea and not really the Chelsea keeper. They will probably give it to Lloris, despite their negative GD!
    Will also take a draw tomorrow, but tempted to put my house on a city win, possibly in dubious circumstances.

  9. yeah that Morgan Schinderlin is the type of player Wenger needs to zone in on in the summer. Maybe get Luke shaw in and move on either Gibbs or Monreal.

  10. Thanks for the update Jax. The BBC didn’t say why Ox was hurt. Sounds like Rosicky is back to normal then. Hell of a way to test himself though. I hope Ox is okay.

    Credit to you Mandy. If you hadn’t have put TOTL on that one post, I wouldn’t have gone to look this up to support why we should be TOTL.

  11. when I read the ref preview I was hoping for a fair treatment form J.Moss but his displays today betrays the raised expectations I had for him. Pls, why do some fans just like to abuse Giroud despite ALL he does on the pitch?
    Ronnie, so you think C.Palace is a poor side? we only made them look poor. just watch them against other teams. I bet you will regard Stoke City a small club too. Pal, let’s enjoy our victory today and hope for the best for tomorrow and weekend.
    still on top of the league!

  12. Soglorious
    Yes agree Moss was not good at all today, I was surprised too, couldnt get how Per took that yellow? It was a foul but a yellow?
    Something is wrong in the EPL, why would he change suddenly?

  13. And now, let’s hope Jose plays 19th century football 99% of the time tomorrow, and counterattacks the rest of 1%;)

  14. What interested me was that Poldi Giroud and the Özil looked naffed at coming off…always a good sign. Well done the Ox!Well done all the lads..thanks for the report Walter.
    COYG! Aha and Amen.

  15. Ronnie.

    I most admit to my shame that some Trolls that come here talking shit wind me up. I know it shouldn’t but there you go.

    You on the other hand just make me shake my head in disbelief at how anyone can be quit so sad.

  16. @Ronnie
    You are absolutely right. You are the only person to see the light! Arsenal are doomed, will surely get relegated before end of Feb. Hell is freezing over too. ManC is a wonderful team and they do everything right.
    Now take your lazy glory hunting ass over to Manchester and support City or even better United. Just go… I don’t mind where, as long as you go!
    TOTL! Yehhhhhh…

  17. The Mertesacker yellow was exactly the sort of cheap shot I was expecting, nothing outrageous just getting our players nearer a one game ban for the Oilers or Chelsea.

    I’ve given up expecting penalty decisions, if we get one, great otherwise just another example so sub-clause 8b, which is written in invisible ink of the copies of the laws that all referees get – “Unless an Arsenal player is involved”.

  18. calm down fellas. Just seems that any salient point I make is ambushed by vitriol.
    Truth is the truth. exmaple….is Ozil a waste of money? YES
    Is he lazy? Yes
    Has a terrible attitude? Yes? (remember when teh SACK master had to reprimand him in front of everyone. and did he thank us? no. he went into teh changing room.

    43 million? u r having a laugh.

  19. Ronnie Lott

    Yes you are right, the truth is the truth.

    Then of course there’s the comments you make.

    Suffice to say the two things are certainly not the same.

  20. Why on earth would we buy Luke Shaw and move Gibbs and Monreal out? They are both better than him.

    As for Schinderlin……….. ?????

    We’ve heard this sort of nonsense before; buy Schwarzer, Scott Parker, Joey Barton, Hangerlaand, Berbatov, Jones, Samba, some bloke from Swansea, Benteke, half of the Bolton team, and any centre back or centre forward who is taller than Bendtner……..

    Surprising that so many people believe whatever garbage the press put out.

  21. I’ve seen a few trolls in my time as an Arsenal fan. Ronnie Lott seems to be one too despite denying it. It’s far too obvious as well. I wonder why people troll at all, to be frank. What benefit do they get by doing so?

  22. I feel we still play two many passes in the final 1/3rd, when attempting to overcome massed defences. If only a final pass was made AWAY from goal giving the receiver the chance of shooting. When you think that Chamberlain’s two strikes were really the only ones we made.

  23. Andrew, these days, laying arsenal getting a pen on Betfair between 1.1 and 1.2, suggesting we should be getting pens every 5 to 10 games..which we certainly are not…even at such low odds, there must be some value in there! Not that I am encouraging irresponsible risk taking of course.

  24. Just got back from the match; Walter thanks for the review as always, Arvind there’s an article by Dr Billy the Dog about people who are afraid of being happy.

    In the ground there was calm confidence from us, and lots of bouncing up and down from Palace.

    Personally, sitting in the north bank I thought Ozil was superb with the passes he put through. The opposition never know which way he is going, and he just knows where everyone is. Bloody glad he is in our team not the opposition.

    For once we drove back from London without the windscreen wipers on.

  25. How could the ref NOT give us a penalty for the hands all over Giroud?
    If Kos did something like that…, well you know the ref would blow straight away.
    Something is wrong.

  26. Nicky,
    True, but maybe still Ozil and Cazorla cant get together, the team ned time to gel, and every time we start, boom new injury, just look when Rosicky came in, how everything changed, they know each other. Time we need, just wait till next season, still we can manage this season to get the title, that is if the refs allow us to.

  27. Tony,
    One of the reasons we can win those matches, when we dont play our beautiful football, is the team knowing the crowd is behind them.
    This year, every game, the crowd voices are really buzzing through the speakers of the TV.
    One great moment was when the camera man showing the Crystal Palace fans jumping and singing (Respect to them) and all you can hear is “Oh Santi Cazorla” you start thinking are they singing it, or are our fans that loud?

  28. @Ronnie Lott,20.47
    Whilst i agree all professional footballers should thank fans, i am not sure that is factored into the price but wait, i wonder if Pulis and Mark Hughes pay a premium for utter c**ts? (they both bought diuofy)

  29. What I find strange is that some plastics (they only want to win at the end and not enjoy anything in between till that has happened) fans, is that they is that seem to be afraid to enjoy anything in life.
    As if that if you don’t win it in the end you cannot enjoy each step in between.

    Sometimes I wonder if they feel bad about life because we all know that at the end we will die. While for most of us Untolders this is a signal to enjoy each possible thing along the way as much as we can, for them it is such a bad thing hanging over their head that they cannot enjoy one hour, minute or even second of happiness. Their life must be sad and miserable I think. I feel for the people they have to share their lives with.

  30. Gord, unfortunately the mainstream media, of which this journalist is the personification, go with the flow…..and the flow is now the lighter shade of blue, as the refs are reminding us, game after game. Let’s see what happens tomorrow, could be interesting.
    FFP is the rules of the game, which Platini, when not doing his utmost for the French national team should be concentrating on enforcing. Do agree with the reports stance on Chelsea’s hypocacy though.

  31. @Ronnie Lott,
    I notice you are a fan of the apocryphal as am i, please stick this one in the pipe

    Loved moment today when Özil batted ball out of Gunnersauras' paws to play passes with the Junior Gunners mascot & Podolski before kick-off.— Michael ⚽ Gooner (@MickTheGooner) February 2, 2014

  32. The Ox and Arteta formed a very good pairing.
    Giroud was a thorn in Crystal Palace’s pubis / pulis.
    Ozil is showing mastery of space and time.
    Some oh his passes come at exactly the correct nanosecond.
    This allows the rest of the team to far better positioning.
    Jedinak and Giroud would be considered married in some counties.
    Yet, the referee did not give the penalty and the YC to Jedinak.
    Mugmashers ahoy!

  33. The Ox and Arteta formed a very good pairing.
    Giroud was a thorn in Crystal Palace’s pubis / pulis.
    Ozil is showing mastery of space and time.
    Some of his passes come at exactly the correct nanosecond.
    This allows the rest of the team to achieve far better positioning.
    Jedinak and Giroud would be considered married in some counties.
    Yet, the referee did not give the penalty and the YC to Jedinak.
    Mugmashers ahoy!

  34. @Ray

    I think having the master of the pass (Ozil) at Arsenal, is just going to pay so many dividends at the end of the day. I have no doubt that the Ox has been learning in training. And everyone else.

    The good part of feed back: What I learn helps how I can help the team.

    A bad part: I already know everything and I refuse to learn more.

    Going back to the now closed transfer window.

    Berbatov is a good player. A long time ago, Berbatov announced that he was now perfect and wouldn’t learn any more. Sure, Arsenal could feed Berbatov (in games) and get goals. Ozil is probably still the best a the killer pass, but the other players are learning. Berbatov doesn’t play defence, and so the game result can hinge on how much defence was needed.

    But because Berbatov has closed himself to learning, he will bounce from team to team to team, trying to find a team that has a philosophy he fits in to. I wish him the best in his latest move to a “money” team. I suspect, that if he doesn’t fit in there, he will retire. He may try more transfers, I suspect they all will fail.

    Arteta is important. Is he changing (learning) from having Ozil at Arsenal? I don’t know. Probably as important, is Ozil learning from having Arteta at Arsenal?

    Iterate that across the team and hope for convergence.

    Ignoring Bentner, Arsenal seems to be an ego-less team. I have no way of estimating whether all the players at Arsenal have a B to learn. Having a need to learn has some correlation with age, it isn’t perfect. I have run across people in their 20’s who don’t want to learn any more. I’m almost 54, and I still want to learn.

    Bendtner had an ego. And falling out of Arsenal first team, and failing at many attempts of finding a loan for the “best striker in the world”; it may be that he has recognized he has things to learn. And it seems this is likely, as there was noise that Bendtner refused transfers. Bendtner is different from Giroud (and probably Sanogo, if we ever get a chance to figure out what he is like :-))

    Having options for a striker is useful to AW.

    It would be nice to think at some time soon, that AW had the option of choosing between Giroud, Bentdner and Sanogo.

    At the present time (or not too far into the future), we should see the three on the available list.

    Oh Tony, your link as to what HTML tags are allowed needs to be fixed.

  35. Walter
    Your last comment, I couldn’t agree more with but I find posters like Ronnie Lott very entertaining in a weird sort of way . Kind a like watching a train wreck.

    If someone posts on here multiple times after Arsenal win that puts them back at the top of the league , and has nothing positive to say in either one of their posts is very telling.

  36. hahhahahahahhahahahah…

    Gibbs out????… I wonder if Gibbs was playing for some other team people would have said pay the fucking maney and get him to the ems.

    I thought we played a slow tempo game to get Crystal palace out and on to us so that we can hit them on counter. I find no other reason why we played such a slow paced game in the first half…..

    The curious case of Chamak. Good luck for him. It dint work out here.

    @Tony, Have you watched Mr Wengers interviews/pressers??? Setting aside his usual briefings there is a hint of “yes we can win”. Mr Wenger believes that this team can win it. And that belief will(already has) rub on to the players. ‘Decoding Mr Wengers pressers’. Will make a good read….

  37. Good win. Let’s not forget that this was a London derby, against a team that gave city a difficult time on their own patch not so long ago.

    On another note, can’t help but feel Brent Jones and Ronnie Lott are the same person. Why? I don’t know, but think I picked up the tendency to readily agree with each other so quickly(schnerlin and shaw), the way they both spell the word the(spelt teh), and the eagerness to blast the team after a not so bad performance. And also their posts usually come one after the other. Shame on you(both, if you’re two different people).

  38. Fantastic Game and Result
    I don’t know if it’s just me, or any of you guys also noticed that Ox is not doing his defensive duties alright?
    He scored 2 goals, Fantastic positioning, Pace, vision and finninshing, but I could see that for a long period of time, Arteta was alone in the middle against Palace pressing while Ox was not available aroiund him to receive the ball or fight them back back
    and it made us vulnerable until General Rosicky came in
    Ox will be a great great midfielder if he pay more attention to this, Just like the game of 3-0 Ac Milan at Emirates 🙂

  39. Mesut was Marked soooooooooo tight, anywhere on the pitch, even when he came back to our field!! That makes any player frustrated and nervous, but that back pass!! wow, I was shocked!
    I think this is a kinf of culture shock as if you play for Real Madrid in La Liga you never expect the lowest tams of the table fight this hard and press against you all the game long
    it’s what Jack said last year about new guys, when we played reading I think
    he will be fine,he is our Star player, I like him soooo much!

  40. Coming on here today and reading all this doom and gloom , you could forgive me if I felt that I’ve woken up unto a parallel unverse where Arsenal lost last night !
    The commentators were singing the praises of Palace and were very ,very grudgingly saying anything positive about Arsenal .
    The exception to the rule was the very refreshing George Boateng who was enthusiatic about our EPL chances this season.
    I feel that the concensus is that if we do win it (please !Please !) they will atribute it to the failure ( or implosion )of the other clubs
    and not due to our steadfastness !

  41. Seams to me we handled Crystal Palace better than City few weeks ago. But as City is clearly “the best team in universe & wider”, it must be they had bad day than and Palace had one yesterday. I don’t see any other explanation how such bad team with such lazy and waste of money players could beat them.

  42. Thats ironic Brickfields, I was thinking the same this morning, that if we win the league it will be that other clubs messed up.I cant help thinking that Wenger will really get the lads motivated for these next games…
    COYG! Aha and Amen.

  43. Amusingly, some of the media over here suggesting an RVP return this summer. Think some of them smoking too much Dutch skunk.

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  45. I can’t help myself thinking, that one of these days, we are going to see a performance so big from Ozil, that he will blow Liverpool away with his movement and invention. Come on Saturday Morning.

  46. Looking back at the first goal from the Ox it reminded me of the quick feet of…DB10. Quick and amazing close control and then simple second touch to finish it of.

  47. Good win. It can be a struggle to beat teams like Palace who are fighting for league survival and only had to look at Wham’s performance against Chelsea to be inspired coupled with the fact that Pulis is their manager and is hardly a champion of attacking football.

    Good to see that Ox knows how to score too. With Walcott out Ox looks odds on to replicate that dynamism that Walcott injects into the team.

  48. Dear Ronnie Lott, do you go to games or do you watch on a live stream? There is a difference you know. If you go you will see the contribution Ozil makes and the way opposition teams react to him. This is not vitriol, just an observation from someone who has only missed one home game this season. As for Monreal and Gibbs, they are quality left backs. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses. I saw Shaw at St mary’s last week and was impressed but I’d need to see more of him to judge. Bendtner? Why is everyone on his back? He started against Hull and scored. He came on against Cardiff when we needed a goal and scored. He’s not perfect or ideal but he’s an Arsenal player – so we support him. Next time you are at the Ems say hello and we can have a pint on it

  49. @blacksheep63

    For me watching on TV is hard to judge , but when you have whole field in front of you is easier so, do you also think Super Nick work-rate improved? Maybe its wishful thinking, but I see totally different Nick now, he is trying, he maybe don’t do as good as Olivier, but he is working, trying to take part in actions, not just being stunt in box waiting ball to try to score.
    Last time we sow him, few years ago, he was even unable to express happiness when team mate score. Now I see Nick who is running to celebrate with others. I really think boy has grown up, and there are still chances he can be valuable team player.

  50. Het brickfields I did mention that earlier the season if we win it was handed to us. Then all the transition crap malarkey! Then it will be will we be title contenders repeat verbal diarrhea…

  51. @blacksheep63, agree on Ozil. It’s not always glaringly obvious how important he is but his presence alone intimidates some players. He’s been a vital component of the team’s progress this season. Some clot on here suggested that we had exactly the same performance without him in some 17 games last season as we did the with him in the same 17 games this season. The obvious stupidity of that remark seems to have escaped said genius.

    Monreal I’m not convinced by but Gibbs is one of our best players.

  52. Another routine 2-0 victory. Is it Me or has a pattern appeared where by Arsenal just look to contain the game in the first half before exerting more energy in the second once our opponents level has dropped off.

    Great to see The Ox back in the team, I’d forgotten how good a player he was. Playing in the centre like he did he’s like a “new signing”.

    Arsenal remain the outsiders in what has become a three horse race for the title but they’re giving themselves every chance of lasting the course as I feel this team still has so much more to offer.

  53. blacksheep63
    Well said about Ozil.
    I can only add, that some people judge Ozil’s performances from a completely wrong angle . Thay say ,for the amount of money Ozil cost , he should track back more often or score more goals or be more phisical.

    Ozil is easily the best in the world at what he does and that’s finding an open man in the final third ,period . While looking silky smooth in the process. His movement is second to none and so is his vision and the concept of team play.
    For any offensive minded player, having Ozil playing next to them is a dream come true.

    People who criticize him for not doing all those other things are a bit like people who say, for amount of money Ferrari cost , it should have more room in the back , bigger booth and softer ride.

    Ozil will never be an all around player like Stevie G or a prolific scorer like Van Persie , who’s movement is a lot like Ozil’s . Hardly ever a wasted motion.

  54. I hardly get to watch Arsenal ever (living in a remote area with slow internet and no TV), but sitting out here in the African bush I always wonder at how many so called “supporters” can rubbish our fantastic team. Do they forget that we have 17 points more than we did at this point last season and are keeping pace with the financial dopers? I can only watch a clip here and there, but everything I see says we should be over the moon at what a great team we have and the great coach who has put it all together.

  55. @ Walter – re : your comments at 8.50 am , when the goal went in , for a minute I thought it was Walcott ! It reminded me so much of him.It was also the wine !
    In fact when we were passing it to death all around the Palace half , I was just wishing that Walcott was on the pitch to make those darting runs around their defence , and lo and behold – the Ox just did that and scored with aplomb !

  56. Gord,
    By the way, would you trade:
    Giroud + Bendtner + Sanogo + Podolski
    Etoo + Torres + Ba + on-loan for this season Lukaku
    Knowing that Lukaku will be sold off this summer as Jose does not want him.
    I am almost 56, and I have seen managers lose the plot.
    Somehow and somewhere, Maureen has lost the plot.
    I trace to our loss at home in the League Cup; Ozil passed a jersey to Jose; Jose has yet t recover. No kidding…

  57. And did you notice the amount of ground covered with pace by TR , who stared the move for the 2nd goal at the halfway line and runs on into the box ahead of the OX , looking for the return pass ! Thank god the OX scored or else there would have been hell to pay for !

  58. Al, Good pick-up on that Brent Jones and Ronnie Lott being the same person. Being from the States, I recognized those names instantly. Those are the same names of players on the San Francisco 49ers team in the N.F.L. circa 1980-1990. Lott played safety and is enshrined in the N.F.L. Hall Of Fame Jones played tight end and had a decent career. Too much coincidence if you ask me.

  59. @bill from manhattan,
    Something was said yesterday that made me google one of these sods, it returned a dead american footballer, no twitter account, so i let it lie. woot woot! Troll outted.

  60. Bill From Manhattan
    Really! 🙂 Just glad all those hours spent watching CSI are finally paying off 🙂

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