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November 2021
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November 2021

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Liverpool – Arsenal 2-1, The Lukas story

By Walter Broeckx

Wow what a match. When I was watching yesterdays FA cup match between Sunderland and Southampton I wondered if the Fa cup has lost its magic.  Half empty stadium and dreadful football. But today showed that the Fa cup can be alive. Certainly when Arsenal plays at home.

A rocking stadium and some starting line up. 7 changes compared to the midweek match against Manchester United. And one real surprise, well it was for me. Yaya Sanogo got his first strat in a competitive match. After having been injured for almost the whole season a surprising start. Podolski also starting. Monreal again at left back so he could make up for his not so glorious performance last week.

Jenkinson on right back to give Sagna a rest. Flamini in the place of Rosicky. And maybe the most important decision… Lukas Fabianski in goal for Szczesny.  How would Arsenal react to the bad game only one week ago against the same opponents?

Liverpool started like they did last week. But this time they couldn’t score thanks to some good defending from Fabianski. The way he forced Sturridge to the outside was great goal keeping.  But gradually After some 10 minutes Arsenal started to develop their own game.

And when an Arsenal free kick was headed away it fell to Özil who crossed it to Sanogo. Sanogo with a nice control and a shot that was deflected off target by Gerrard but the ball came kindly for Oxlade-Chamberlain who pushed the ball confidently in goal.

The game then went up and down and both teams having better moments and then having to defend for a while. Sanogo showing that he isn’t afraid of the physical challenge.  And Fabianski looked strong on goal whenever Liverpool came to our goal. But the way the whole team dropped back when Liverpool attacked showed what he had been lacking last week:  work rate from the start.

The second half started against 100 mph. Suarez with a first chance but a great stop from Fabianski with his foot. A crucial stop with just 30 seconds on the clock of the second half. Anything they can do, we can do better must have thought the Arsenal players. Özil again with a lovely weighted ball towards The Ox who started his turbo and left the Liverpool defender for dead, one look and then a ball to the on storming Lukas Podolski. His hard and low right foot shot was passed the Liverpool keeper before he realised there even was a shot. 2-0 for the Arsenal and we looked comfortable for a while.

We even got a big chance to score the 3-0 but this time Jones could just stop the shot from Özil after he had been released by Lukas Podolski on the left flank. But then the light went out when Podolski (I thought he never tracked back?) was doing what strikers do when they are in their own penalty area: don’t use their brains enough. You know that when Suarez is in the penalty area you must make sure you don’t touch him. Lukas didn’t know that and Suarez fell on the ball and you could see Webb thinking : my god what should I do? Blow the softest of penalties or give a foul against Suarez. The first option in his head won it.

Gerrard behind the ball and Liverpool were back in the match. This effort cold not be stopped by Lukas Fabianski. Liverpool now full of energy looking for a equaliser and Arsenal defending in numbers. Gibbs and Cazorla came on for Podolski and Oxlade Chamberlain. Cazorla had the chance to make it 3-1 but he rushed his shot when he had all the time to control and pick his spot from just inside the penalty area.

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On the other side Coutinho couldn’t get the ball passed Fabianski and the save of the match came when Sturridge was one on one with the Polish stopper and the latter could push the ball out of his feet. What a save.

Liverpool claimed another penalty that Webb would have given if he wouldn’t have been so generous early on. For those saying we were lucky I will point at the penalty we didn’t get for a foul on Özil and one on Cazorla.

One moment when our breath stopped when Fabianski was beaten on a high cross from a free kick and Agger headed just wide. That was the only moment when Fabianski made the wrong decision. For the rest he was immense.

In the final minutes Giroud came on for the debutant Sanogo. He worked hard, fought a battle without getting anything from the ref when it came to calling fouls. Only the assistant came to this rescue once to signal a foul.

It was real cup football with Liverpool pressing for an equalizer and Arsenal looking for a counter.

At the end Arsenal could bring the lead over the finish line. Fabianski was my hero and how I love these moments when a player that has been so hard treated by the fans can show that he still can be a great keeper.

A vital win against the in-form team in the PL in the FA cup. We still are in 3 competitions. And in 3 weeks time we get the other team from Liverpool at our place. If we win that game we will go to the semi final without having left London. Sure rings a bell for me.

Come on you Gunners! You did us proud today. Oh, and thank you Gooners in the stadium. You looked in fine voice.


116 comments to Liverpool – Arsenal 2-1, The Lukas story

  • Jax

    I t would appear that we were the beneficiaries of some poor refereeing. Shock horror!!

  • Mick

    Agreed Jax, as BT sport have been constantly emphasising ever since the ‘second’ penalty wasn’t awarded.

  • @Jax you mean the high footed kick Carzola got from agger or the Ozil which the Tv could not bring back or the pull of Sanogo again which we would not get a replay or the one which Webb gave, did you see where he was standing when he gave it?
    @Jax which one are you talking about?

  • Andrew Crawshaw

    No, two penalties to Arsenal not given, Walter how was Gerard’s foul in the second half not a second yellow card please. My seat is towards the other end but it looked at least as bad as every other yellow that he gave.

  • Richie

    He was poor for both sides.. The fact that Gerrard was still on the pitch at the end proved that.. Still, winning always makes me smile so enjoy people!

  • AL

    The secomd foul by gerard was an even more solid yellow than the first. But as said earlier, webb is the type of ref who weighs things against earlier decisions before deciding what to do.

    “Blow the softest of penalties or give a foul against Suarez. The first option in his head won it.”
    Walter, that is how it appeared. Even Andy Gray said so. Normally when refs blow for a penalty when they are in the box they point to the spot straight away. They don’t walk towards where the action happened with the whistle in their mouth, only to point at the spot when they get to where the foul was committed. In fact I don’t think I have ever seen that behaviour from a ref. They just point at the spot right away. It looked like webb was going to card suarez then chaged his mind .

  • hooshimine

    what a win, i swear murinio doesn’t have a balls to make a 7 changes in the first team against this liverpool, up wenger.
    COYG to the final.

  • bjtgooner

    Nice write up Walter.

    As I noted on the previous thread, it was a good result and a really great team performance.

    Brenda & BT made a fuss about the “second” penalty – but as others have noted there was silence about not given penalties for Arsenal. The divers were lucky to finish with 11 players on the field. And lets remember, Suarez does collapse if someone breaks wind in the box!

  • dan

    Nice, not as taxing on our 1st team as LFC would of hoped. Rooney raping mufc for every penny, even better.

  • Florian

    I was once guilty of kicking an opponent in the 18 yards area same as the Pool defender did to Cazorla. The ref blew for the penalty. ‘Nuff said.

  • peter

    Congratulations to Arsenal and their star player Howard Webb on their lucky, undeserved ‘win’ over Liverpool, just like last week the scoreline absolutely flattered Arsenal, the best team by miles lost, Liverpool should have had you thrashed again.

  • Jax


    I mean the challenge by Oxlade-Chamberlane on Suarez (a few minutes after the first penalty), which I personally thought was fair, but others think was a foul, so I accept their judgement. The Agger/Santi high kick was a possible penalty though, but they both challenged for the ball and Santi got caught. Probably not a penalty.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Correct on sanogo, think it was agger fouling him all game, nothing given. We will not get pens unless five nil down it seems. Was also surprised Webb was so lenient on sterling after his acting up against the ref. as posted, surely Gerard should have had two yellows…..and then the skirtel studs up tackle.
    Still we won, that’s what counts today, interesting to see how the media react to the exit of an official media darling. But have to give out team credit, that was some attack they faced today.

  • John

    Gerrard was given one of at least three yellow cards.

  • Micheal Ram

    Lucky but good win. Arsenal were more clinical. Sanogo deserved the start and looked solid. Fabianski was MOM. Ox rampaging again. Gerard should be sent off and Podolski challenge was silly. The tackle by Ox to Suarez should be a penalty by law but after watching the replay where Suarez had a dink at Ox before he went for the ball shows that he set up the whole thing. Fortunately and surprisingly, Webb decided against it. More good news is that Liverpool only have EPL to play for so their results against other challengers might go along with us since we dont have to play them again. And saying that Liverpool might even nick the title themselves. Arsenal still in 3 competitions but wishing them to do well in all up to the finishing line. Hope the squad win at least title this year and build upon for next year. Anyway, this year is already terrific. Bring it Bayern! Hope they dont sneek in any tramp into Giroud’s room… Haha…

  • Gord

    I just went glancing at headlines at Google News. In general, the story is that Liverpool should have had AT LEAST two more penalties, and Arsenal deserved nothing and got nothing.

  • Tjekem

    Arsène Wenger when asked about Jose Mourinho’s comment – “I do not want to go into that – those were silly, disrespectful remarks. I never spoke about him in my press conference. I know one thing, it is more embarrassing for Chelsea than it is for me.”

  • nicky

    I had the misfortune of watching the game via the BT broadcast. They made the mistake of employing Thicko Gray, he of verbal diarrhoea, who tries to make a simple game as complicated as possible.
    Only hope this was a one-off.

  • Mick

    @Mandy Dodd
    ‘interesting to see how the media react to the exit of an official media darling’
    I can tell you that Talksport are apoplectic with indignation, Danny Kelly (Spurs fan) cannot let the second penalty incident go. An Arsenal fan came on to fight our corner but got nowhere and was basically shouted down.

  • WalterBroeckx

    For those saying that it would have been different if Webb would have given that second penalty for Liverpool I can say they are wrong. It didn’t happen in the last minute of the match 😉

  • We won! muhahaha! Liverpool you have to bounce back and beat chavski and man shitty wooo

  • dan


    Talking of media darlings, notice this xenophobic media’s tight-lip over Rooney’s staggering contract heaven forbid if should of been a money grabbing foreigner.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Lol, wish I had heard all that Mick! That station is full of Liverpool and spuds fans….and Adrian Durham, glad our boys have ruined a few days for some people.
    Think this performance personified the grit and resilience this squad has shown for much of the season. Within a point of top of the league, in cups have played Chelsea, Liverpool, Spuds, Napoli, BVB, Marseilles, and about to play Everton and Bayern, and can only guess who awaits if we get through that…….yet these boys are still standing!
    No wonder the media and critics from within our ranks, and within our neighbours ranks are so upset.

  • dan

    I’ve also notice Gerrard is now the new Shearer, well on the pitch at least, he can only score from penalties, baldy Shearer made a career scoring from the spot.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Yes Dan, quite a contract for a brilliant player, but with a few attitude…..and refuelling issues. Will become increasingly injury prone as well, will need all the protection he gets from refs.

  • we need strikers to replace sanogo and poldoski as we are short hahaha….

  • Pete

    Andrew – you have overlooked the fact that Gerrard is England captain…

  • Mick

    Mandy they are still going on about that bloody penalty on Talksport, it’s driving me mad so I’ve switched it off.
    Sanogo did OK considering he has been out practically all season, I see some promise there. I love the way he wouldn’t succumb to the Agger/Skrtel bully boy tactics and gave his fair share back.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Sometimes, you just have to do that with Talkshite. They have clear agendas, and anything pro Arsenal is not on their agenda. Had to pretty much stop listening to them around about a year ago when things were going badly, and jelly spined aaa types were queuing to phone up Adrian Durham to tell him he was right about Arsenal all along. It really was cringeworthy, Adrian Durham knows nothing about the game whatsoever. Back in the day, I tried several times to get through to defend arsenal, but was never let near , but you can guess the type of arsenal/ spurs fans that were.

  • AL

    According to rupert, awarding Arsenal penalties doesn’t really help our cause if we score the other team would then just go and score at our end. Just wonder why Liverpool didn’t do so when they fell behind twice today. They had webb to try and rescue them with a very soft penalty.

    BTW – Just read the coverage from the Telegraph; saying webb made two errors – the second penalty he should have awarded to pool, and not sending gerard off for his second foul on the ox. At least it sounds like the ref missed a key decision for each side, not unfair to either side then.

  • Gord

    From Arsene:

    > on Yaya Sanogo…
    > For a first performance he was excellent. He was always in the game, he was a handle for them. It’s his first official game basically, he played one game in the reserves for 60 minutes. Considering the intensity of the game, he was absolutely excellent.

  • Andrew Crawshaw

    He has real promise, was fouled all game with nothing at all from the ref. For a first game the boy did very well.

  • Strus

    Remaing matches at this timepoint of the season:
    Chelsea 12 EPL + up to 7 CL
    Arsenal 12 EPL + up to 7CL + up to 4 FAC
    MC 13 EPL + up to 7 CL + up to 4 FAC + 1 COC
    Liverpool 12 EPL
    Tottenham 12 EPL + up to 9 EL
    the rest is farther away

  • Bugziie

    Could only listen to the game on Talksport b’cos of work. Following their coverage, I got the impression Arsenal had two shots on goal, scored them both and that was that, no more opportunities, and that Sanogo was the worst player on the pitch. But the comments from everyone here and Arsene suggest different. Someone’s definitely messing with me…Well, Arsenal won, that’s all that counts, rubbish Sanogo or not!

  • Andrew Crawshaw

    Don’t ever rely on Talksport for anything regarding Arsenal. For text coverage I always use Arseblog. It is a biased coverage but in a positive way. As an alternative you should be able to get the sound coverage from match coverage by becoming a digital member which is free of charge.

  • Yassin


    If they didnt get their penalty back, we could have ended the game with 4 goals. They were opening their defences hell wide. Theo would have destroyed them if he played today, i know one thing, this team got balls.

  • Mandy Dodd

    The annoying things about this media meltdown over penalties
    1/ how come they jump to call Suarez a diver…..unless we are to be on the receiving end.
    2/ why do we never get media outrage with decisions that could be perceived as being not in our favour?
    3/ unfortunately, this media outrage will permeate the corridors of power and they will swiftly redress what they perceive as the balance, that means mason/ Atkinson/ dean/ probert in key games
    The media and others would love for Liverpool or the spuds to do us, then wenger would not be able to use the resources argument, music to their ears.
    When I hear all the crap against the club, and especially the manager, the words of Swift somehow seem appropriate
    “When a great genius appears in the world you may know him by this sign; that the dunces are all in confederacy against him.”

  • Thanks Walter was wondering if Carzola was injured as there was no reply. That’s just digusting!!

  • OMGArsenal

    Why are any of you wasting your time with the media or the AAA shiteheads that slither onto UA like shits in the night, then float on back to the sewer they dwell in?
    Here is what happened today:

    1)Liverpool, the flavour of the month, and recent terminators of Arsenal’s season according to the media and the AAA, LOST to a team they were supposed to spank once again.

    2)Webb failed to award Liverpool an ¨obvious¨ penalty according to every Arsenal hater BUT did award a softie, rather than have the stones to book him for diving. I know he was calculating the brownie points Riley would award him for doing the former.

    3)Arsenal played very well defensively and more than adequately attack wise….they SHOULD have succumbed to the all powerful bin-dippers like the script the AAA and the media wrote beforehand. What nerve to win and knock Liverpoor out of the FA Cup!!!

    4)Sanogo showed great drive and skill, and so becomes another pony in Wenger’s youth stable, along with Gnabry,Zalelem and countless others. Fans who said he was pure shite must have smoked their breakfasts before watching another game entirely.

    5)The AAA and the media await Wednesday with bated breath, their pens dripping with venom and eager outrage at how badly Arsenal will be shamed at the Emirates. I feel they are in for a nasty surprise, as this Arsenal have steel and staying power….It will be a close match against Bayern…and if all goes well, a nice victory or at least a tie???

  • Mandy Dodd

    Saw it first time, but quote horiffic Walter, surely that is a pen and a red?
    Just shows the double standards and hypocracy, but then again we all know all about that.
    Hope Santi is ok

  • Dana Stubblefield

    First time poster….
    Lucky Arsenal, unlucky Liverpool. Ha Ha Ha.
    I am immensely overjoyed with this victory. I H8 Liverpool FC more than anything in football ( I grew up in the 80’s ).

    I was inconsolable last week after that drubbing….Now I am at peace.

    I wonder what they are smoking down at the Emirates now, John W Henry? 😉

    In Wenger We Trust.

    PS…can somebody tell me where was Bendtner? Not even a sub.

    PSS…Brenda Rodgers is Mourinho’s lackie. They are peas from the same pod.

  • Gord

    The next round of the FA Cup is March 8/9, and the BBC is already guessing that Arsenal will play on March 8. Nothing I could see at about this. Man City is also penciled in to play Wigan that day.

    Since Man City already has the game to make up against Sunderland, I think it would be quite nice if Wigan could go to Maine Road and get a 0-0, and have to replay Man City (at home). Which would probably be before we play Man City at the end of March. Assuming we can get past Everton, which isn’t a gimme.

  • AL

    Jambug has always said it, it’s the media that IS the problem in this country. The only other time I’ve seen those in the media rounding on the refs and unanimously agree they made errors is when they are deemed to have failed to punish Arsenal. I recall one of these was when Atkinson failed to award an advantage and pulled the ball back for a free kick on two separate occasions against us. What do you think will be playing on Webb’s mind next time he does an Arsenal match? He will think it’s better to make a decision against Arsenal, than for Arsenal, to get the media off his back. He missed two other key incidents in today’s match; the skirtle foul on Santi and Gérard’s foul on The Ox. Both could and should have seen both men sent off, but all we hear is the missed penalty on Suarez. Never mind the one he gave wasn’t even a penalty, and I’ve no doubt contributed to his decision making regarding the second one. The media is putting pressure on Webb and others that next time they do our matches they’ll not want to give us anything if they want to help their careers.

    The media here is absolute rubbish. To preserve my sanity I only come here or go to for all news Arsenal. I only visit these other sites just to see whether they’re maintaining their tune. Sven Ericsson said the main thing he’d learned from being manager of the England squad was if one wants to sleep well in England then one needs not read the papers. He was absolutely right.

  • Gord

    The Metro has a write up about the game, showing that Webb is the worst possible referee LFC can have, and saying that Webb consistently throughout the game allowing Arsenal to fowl LFC players and not get called for it.

    I looked to see if the article was written by Lewis Carol, but it didn’t seem to be.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Yes the media are shite here. One of its prime exponents, and one of the aaa prime exponents , mr piers Morgan is being investigated for phone hacking. And he is the tip of the iceberg as we all know

  • Pat


    Great quote from Swift. Truly appropriate.

  • bjtgooner

    Agree about the media & AAA and whomsoever is controlling their anti-Arsenal agenda. Every time Arsenal make a forward step in e.g. a player purchase, a match result or an improved financial deal, the media & AAA seem to go out of their way to put a negative spin on the event. They are totally disgusting – unfortunately we – the fans – have to suffer them & the team has to suffer the media, ref & AAA crap and fight on all the harder to get a result.

  • Gord

    Alan Smith has a nice writeup, mostly about Sanogo, which trails off to summarizing the rest of the games at the very end.–and-offered-great-promise-for-Arsenals-future.html

    I thought the article would have been better just talking about Sanogo.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Yes Pat, Swift really sums it up.
    Wenger is a genius, a genius does not get everything right all of the time, but when they do, unique events occur.
    The likes of Jose is hard working, meticulous, obsessive, destructive, a man who finishes the work of others at times, a man who these days needs a platform in place, one who is prepared to use lower forms and practices,but he does not possess genius, he knows it, and he resents one that does, as do the media and most of the dinosaur state of British football

  • bjtgooner


    Agree about the “Conceited One”. Also, I don’t think he would have achieved much without the deep and obscure pockets of the owner to support him.

  • The font

    Gerard fouls (two yellows) 1(red) I wish ! tells me everything about fergies rent boys performance
    And did sterling push Webb and what about santi We should with proper officiating won by a margin

  • The font

    Still worried about how many times they breached our defence with 1 on 1s

  • Rupert Cook

    Only saw the highlights. Webb made some poor judgements but then that’s to be expected with so much bad officiating these days. The penalty was soft but I imagine if it happened to us we’d all be happy with the decision. Webb let Ox get away with that challenge on Suarez where most refs would have given a penalty I’m sure. And Gerard should have been sent off. But then does Gerrard ever get sent off?

  • Rupert Cook

    @The Font, yes that was worrying. With better finishing and had not Fabianski been on good form we might have been chasing the game.

  • bjtgooner

    The negative entity has returned from the underworld.

  • The font

    Do not normally agree with your thoughts but it is coming through
    Loud and clear that you say it as you see it unlike some on here

  • Mick

    Yes Rupert we would have been happy to be awarded a soft penalty but when does that ever happen. We are hardly ever given the stone wall ones let alone the marginal ones.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Yes bjt, Jose got lucky with Porto but the rest was built on money. He has his qualities and abilities without doubtbut they reach into the negative. He could never do a chapmanesque building job like wenger has done.
    Rupert, Gerard joins a distinguished line….Rooney, Alan shearers head stomp….thou shalt not touch an England captain in a World Cup year.
    The more I look at that skirtel challenge….how did he get away with that, and why do the media not discuss it.

  • The font

    There is + -negative in all forms of life if you think otherwise you end up in the ultimate losers club just ask bootoomee and va cong

  • bjtgooner

    @The font

    We will have good times and bad times, good results & bad results – lets enjoy the good results without unnecessary negative vibs detracting from the enjoyment.

  • I love the fact that Rupert Cook only ever see highlights of Arsenal matches. I can’t recall him ever seeing the team play; it’s always highlights for him. He will then come over here to argue with those who actually sat down for 2 hours to watch the entire game.

    I have seen the highlights too (on ITV) and for one, the foot-breaker from Agger on Cazorla – a clear penalty – was not deemed worthy of been included Neither were any of the several fouls on our players but they went on and on about the Ox collision with Suarez.

    Gordon Strachan, a reputed manager, said that a freekick was enough punishment for Gerrard’s foul on the Ox (rather than 2nd yellow and consequent red) because Arsenal stood a chance to score from it (the freekick) anyway. Makes you wonder why players get regularly yellow or red carded after a penalty has been awarded against them. Isn’t the fact that they are likely to concede from the penalty punishment enough (using Strachan’s logic)? Typical ‘honest’ Briton!

    Highlights serve no other purpose than to show goals and who scored them. Any other part of the game is spinned as the TV station chooses. We see this on MoTD all the time. If you want to be a part of conversations about football teams and the matches they play, the least you could do is sit through the entire 90 minutes of the games and not based your judgement on what some video editor wants you to think.

  • Mandy Dodd

    They didn’t show the skirtel tackle!!!! Imagine if flamster or kos had done that, that would be a retrospective red in the unlikely event the ref missed it if done by an arsenal player.
    No wonder English football remains in the dark ages.

  • The font,

    Mr Unconditional – you need to stop sulking. Let it go.

  • Rob

    ref had an awful game, we benefited on the Ox penalty call, but they did more so on the lack of red card for sterling for pushing him and for the greatest player ever Stevie Me not getting second yellow. Thought there was a possible penalty or edge of box call against Skertel for ahand ball. The whole debacle of last week is compounded today by seeing how bad Skertel is, but we didn’t pressure him last week . On the game today, firstly Sanogo is not a top class player or anywhere near that..BUT he gave Liverpool something to think about , which is far better than watching Super Nick amble around the pitch not caring a fuck. Think the Danes put down the wrong Giraffe last week. (is it ok to say that ?). Fabianski was outstanding , Ox was great and Oxil was better. Podolski is our only world class goalscorerer.

  • Mandy Dodd,

    That is true (about the Skrtel foul) but you only know that because you saw the entire game. Now imagine that, like Rupert Cook, you only saw that highlight? No wonder the poor guy is always out of sync with what every other watcher of the game sees and thinks.

  • Rob wrote:

    “Think the Danes put down the wrong Giraffe last week. (is it ok to say that ?). ”

    No it isn’t and you are a moronic idiot for saying it.

  • The font

    This is where you and your like fall down as there is only good times if you are a true supporter when we lost 8-2 u.t.d I took a positive the fans come together and sung relentlessly for 20 minutes and I look at the last time we took a humiliation at utd we went on to become the invincible s look back. At my posts you will see a path so I take exception To people questioning
    My faith especially part time pricks oh and I am like a pit bull when arsenal integrity is questioned. You can call my wife fat you can call my kids ugly but do not ever disrespect my commitment to Afc

  • Gord


    Funny, I don’t ever remember being instructed for being an official as to whether something was already enough punishment for something or not. I guess that goes with it only being a red card if the receiving players broken leg is actually protruding out through the skin. Which is also, not actually part of the laws of the game.

    I seldom get to see highlights. I just read about the game.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Not sure what Rupert did or did not see, but I am sure most would agree the Skirtel thing was a pen and a red, regardless on the verdict of the Ox incident. HTF did Skirtel get away with that? But even last weekend , the first goal was offside, and Sagna looked held back on the second….how do you recover from that at Anfield…..and the media mentioned nothing of either of those infringements.
    As I posted earlier, unfortunately with this media furore, means only one,thing for us, and it is not a good thing

  • bjtgooner

    The font

    If you read carefully what I wrote I did not insult you. I replied to your earlier rather unnecessary comment.

    However, in your totally unnecessary comment at 12.47am you do nothing but show yourself up as a mixed up plonker.

    Today we had an excellent performance, we are through to the next round – can you not just enjoy the moment?

  • Gord

    @Mandy Dodd

    From all I’ve read (outside of UA), the penalty we got should not have been a penalty, it should have been a yellow to Suarez (splash). When the Ox clipped Suarez (or however you want to describe it), that might have been more properly a penalty.

    I alluded to it earlier, but the third penalty many were looking for, was when Fabianski went up against Agger. I didn’t see anything, just read commentary. But it sounded like a collision ala Schumacher. And yes, it is possible for a goaltender to accidentally punch an opponent in the head while going for the ball. I suspect it isn’t always an accident.

  • Micheal Ram

    Mandy Todd,

    Jose had spent a lot of money too when he was in Porto, just that on players not very well known in England. And very lucky on him, young players from Porto youth academy were flourishing exactly at that time similar to the golden kids that Fergie had. Jose is a definitely a spoilt brat. He really kicked himself in the teeth this time.

    Anyway, what worries me more is that the media is favouring Suarez more than Arsenal. The match commentators was very poor and bias too. At least now, everyone especially the AAA got to know who is this free transfer player from France. Haha. Absolute monster of a player.


  • The font

    Mixed up plonker
    Married 35 years monogamous
    First daughter oxford university educated
    Second daughter 3 masters

  • bjtgooner


    I had a good look at the Fabianski/Agger incident – didn’t see any contact at the time, but I have the match recorded & will have another look tomorrow – too late tonight.

  • The font

    Home and away supporter since 1969

  • The font


    I can go on for hours about my achievements
    But that would be unfair on you

  • bjtgooner

    The font

    Please continue if you wish, I don’t mind – although you should really concentrate on the title subject.

  • The font,

    You forgot to mention that you were the first man to walk on the moon.

    Poor sucker. No one gives a flying fuck about your accomplishments, made up or real. Just post your comment and move on. You’ll be agreed or disagree with based on the logic in your reasoning, not on some unsolicited information that no one can verify.

  • Gord


    Martin Keown commented on it in the collected commentary for all games. Nominally there was some contact with Agger, and apparently Agger stayed down for an extended period. Maybe hurt, maybe looking for a call from instruction by the Suarez school of fair play in football. If Agger didn’t stay down for any length of time, then what Keown wrote is irrelevant.

    But it sounded like Fabianski punched Agger in the head, in going for the ball. Which is very much something that Schumacher would have done. I think he always went for high balls with one knee raised, to “protect” himself. I’ve played goal, I’m of German heritage, and I like German teams. I am not criticizing Schumacher.

  • The font

    You are not a bad man but you should grow a pair and talk about arsenal In a subjective way and not join on to a bulling cartel with limited knowledge about arsenal f.c

  • bjtgooner


    Agger did stay down for a while, but as mentioned earlier I did not see any contact. If Fabianski had punched Agger just as Agger was running in & Fab was charging out the impact would have been clear – Agger’s head would have been jerked backwards. I did not notice this at the time, but will look tomorrow – it is past bedtime. My impression at the time was that Agger dashed into the general melee and didn’t land well. I don’t think the Liverpool players appealed much at the time (for a change) – but will review this also.

  • The font

    No that would be you along with being the president of the u.s.a
    I have no problem verifying anything I say with evidence to Walter /tony
    Let’s say having dinner with Sven Nancy and the team two days before the Brazil game in the World Cup in japan
    Let’s say I can not prove conclusively to tony /Walter
    I will never frequent this site again but if I do prove to tony/ Walter you will not come on ever again come on little dick lets see what you have got

  • bjtgooner

    The font

    The people who bully on this site are those who try to undermine the club, the manager & the team with underhand twisted and untrue or half true comments.

    Such people when challenged seek solace in claiming their right of freedom of speech – or seek apologists for help – bullies are invariably cowards.

    The guys & girls with guts are those who stick up for the club – in the face of the negative overload from the media, paid punters, AAA and their apologists.

  • Ray from Norfolk, Virginia

    Other than that, Agger spent most of the time disrupting Sanogo without trying to play the ball. Proves Brendan Rogers learned a lot from the not at all special one.

  • The font,

    As I already said (and it’s sad that you need to be told or reminded of this fact), no one gives a shit about who you are. We are on an Internet forum; you’ll get judged by the quality of thoughts expressed in your comments not anything else.

    The first reason for this is that we can never verify anything you claim. Please don’t drag Walter and Tony into this, they run a football fans’ site not Disclosure & Barring Services. Second and more importantly, the unsolicited information that you keep providing make no difference even if they are true. You still get called out if your thinking is moronic. It’s all about the quality of your comments and nothing else.

    Your male genitalia insult is just juvenile and genuinely sad.


    Bootoomee, Right on brother. I like the way you think. People should and will be judged on the quality of their opinions on this site. Any one who feels the need to back up their opinions with real or false achievements of themselves is weak-minded. One can be a millionaire, Have a supermodel for a wife, Live in a fifty room mansion, And still not know what the fuck they are talking about. This Font fellow seems to be a sniveling insecure little snot of a man. If you make yourself look like a fucking asshole with your opinions, that is because you most likely you are one. I am not a well educated man, Some people may think I am a bit crude with my comments and they are probably right. But I’ve always walked the walk and talked the talk. I might or might not be a lot of things, But I am never a phony.

  • Passing

    That Skrtel challenge on Cazorla is really very bad when it is replayed. He clearly saw Cazorla already raise his leg to get the ball but he just like ‘fuck it, I’m still going to get it!’ and recklessly raise his leg with the studs up towards Cazorla’s direction. Just like Mikel’s foul on Arteta that is a red card because of the late and dangerous challenge.

  • Brickfields Gunners


  • Tom

    Good write up.
    It really was a great win and a solid performance by our players and Mr Wenger . What a difference putting in the effort makes ,although it has to be said Liverpool were guilty of being wasteful in front of goal.
    Sturridge probably should’ve done better with both of his chances in the first five minutes.

    On the balance of play Liverpool were probably better over the 90 minutes as well as they should’ve been, seeing as they are the in form club and played their strongest eleven minus the keeper , while Arsenal made seven changes and missed at least four first team players.

    I thought Webb had a good game but seems a lot of people are unhappy with him . What I find interesting is that it seems both camps are equally unhappy . Rodgers is complaining about a ‘stone cold penalty’ on Suarez that wasn’t given and some Untolders about would be sending offs for fouls given and not given.

    Mr Wenger went into his customary ‘I didn’t get a good look’ when asked about Ox’s challange on Suarez but I wish he would’ve said ;

    ‘Yea ,it looked a penalty and it’s about time we started getting some of those calls going our way . Btw ,that challenge on Suarez that you media are making so much noise about looked a lot like the challenge Fletcher made on Arshavin a couple years ago at OT and I don’t remember any of you asking this many questions then.

    The penalty that was given for Podolski’s challange on Suarez ,looked a lot like the challenge Willian made on Walcott that wasn’t given and cost us two points against Chelsea and I didn’t hear any of you complaining about it not being given then.’

    Same goes for some Untolders as well . You can’t call for a penalty against Willian on Walcott and weeks later deny Suarez a pen for virtually same play.

    I think it’s high time Wenger started mind fucking the media seeing as they have it in for us.

    As for Webb keeping his red cards in his pocket , well ,I liked it.
    Perhaps if we had a ref like him against Barca in the CL final , we would have won that game.

    And lastly , Sanogo played his first real game in Arsenal shirt and I thought he did ok. We are going to need him now more than ever seeing as our Nr one striker got caught with his pants down. And people said he wasn’t scoring enough 🙂
    Wenger might as well forget about starting Giroud at places like Stoke , Tottenham or Chelsea where the home fans are gonna have a field day with him.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    After reading the comments from some ‘fans’ ,I really wonder if they understand the aim of this blog ?
    Anyway, this is from an e-mail I just opened called Irish booze ads .As I’m not able to paste it here I’ll type it out the best as I can .
    (Walter , I’ve already sent this to you .)

    The Old Stillage

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  • Brickfields Gunners

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  • Brickfields Gunners

    Works for me !
    From truth

    Never respond to rudeness. When people are rude to you, they reveal who THEY are, not who you are. Don’t take it personally. Be silent.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Free yourself from negative people. Spend time with nice people who are smart, driven and like-minded. Relationships should help you, not hurt you. Surround yourself with people who reflect the person you want to be.
    Choose friends who you are proud to know, people you admire, who love and respect you – people who make your day a little brighter simply by being in it.
    Life is too short to spend time with people who suck the happiness out of you. When you free yourself from negative people, you free yourself to be you – and being you is the only way to truly live. ~Unknown

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  • Asif

    No matter what people have to say…we were the deserving winners. All our defeats this season have come at crucial times since whenever we have lost, we have always regrouped and turned things around.

    The defeat in the league came at a crucial time and the nature of it was such that the players must be hurting. Now COYG to the final stretch to the finish…let us show it to them!

  • ARSENAL 13

    hmmmm…A lot of talk about the Suarez no penalty. I watched and watched again. If that was awarded a penalty, I too would have been a soft one. Suarez was travelling away from the goal, yes there was a contact and it was a foul anywhere on the pitch. Remember Koscielny penalty earlier in the season (Jhonson??)…. We unanimously called it a soft penalty as Jhonson was travelling away from the goal and was looking for contact. Same with Suarez, he was looking for a contact..

    I think this penalty rule (penalty area mainly should be reduced) should be re-looked into. Players like Suarez always look to go down inside the penalty area. Did anyone see Jovetic dive??…

  • marcus

    @mandy the media don’t miss anything, they just give the opinions they are salaried to give. We all wonder what fuels the anti-arsenal agenda….

    re Rooney. Walcott Sturridge Sterling looks an excellent England front 3

  • Mick

    There is outrage this morning on Talksport regarding the non awarded 2nd penalty and the injustice for Liverpool and yet I have not heard them say once the old cliche ‘these decisions even themselves out in the end’ as would have been the case if was us on the receiving end. Probably wouldn’t even have warranted a mention then.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Have a good laugh …I did !

    A New Orleans lawyer sought an FHA loan for a client who lost his house in Hurricane Katrina and wanted to rebuild.

    He was told the loan would be granted if he could prove satisfactory title to the parcel of property being offered as collateral.

    The title to the property dated back to 1803, which took the lawyer three months to track down.

    After sending the information to the FHA, he received the following reply: (Actual letter):

    “Upon review of your letter adjoining your client’s loan application, we note that the request is supported by an Abstract of Title. While we compliment the able manner in which you have prepared and presented the application, we must point out that you have only cleared title to the proposed collateral property back to 1803. Before final approval can be accorded, it will be necessary to clear the title back to its origin.”

    Annoyed, the lawyer responded as follows: (Actual Letter)

    “Your letter regarding title in Case No. 18915620 has been received. I note that you wish to have title extended further than the 194 years covered by the present application. I was unaware that any educated person in this country, particularly those working in the property area, would not know that Louisiana was purchased by the US from France in 1803, the year of origin identified in our application.

    For the edification of uninformed FHA bureaucrats, the title to the land prior to US ownership was obtained from France, which had acquired it by Right of Conquest from Spain.

    The land came into the possession of Spain by Right of Discovery made in the year 1492 by a sea captain named Christopher Columbus, who had been granted the privilege of seeking a new route to India by the Spanish monarch, Isabella.

    The good queen, Isabella, being a pious woman and almost as careful about titles as the FHA, took the precaution of securing the blessing of the Pope before she sold her jewels to finance Columbus’ expedition.

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    He got the loan!

  • Pete

    Re Ox-Suarez – does the shoulder charge law still apply?

  • John

    Does anyone share my view that the Liverpool keeper actually punched the ball from outside the area when he came out to clear Ozil’s diagonal ball late in the game?

    No TV replays shown, no mention by commentators,……. just like the Arsenal penalty claim and numerous suspicious offside flags against our team.

  • Micko

    @ John
    “Does anyone share my view that the Liverpool keeper actually punched the ball from outside the area when he came out to clear Ozil’s diagonal ball late in the game?” – yeah I was level with the 18 yard line in the West Stand and I thought that as well.


    Thanks bro. The feeling’s mutual. I’ll take your ‘crude’ but honest comments over some posh/civilised phony baloney anyday. If I have to chose between honesty and civility, I always say: fuck civility. Always looking forward to reading your comments, they may not be always civil but they are always honest.

  • Fishpie

    Sorry if someone has already mentioned this, but the stonewall penalty that Liverpool definitely should have been given (but were not) is nothing more than long overdue payback for the stonewall penalty that should definitely have been given to Arsenal (but wasn’t) in the Champions League a few years back when Hleb was brought down by Dirk Kuyt.

    Liverpool fans may have forgotten that. If they are , understandably, feeling aggrieved, well, now they know what it feels like. You got away with it then. We got away with it now. Evens, I’d say.

  • Pete

    They did show a replay of the Jones punch (albeit once, not close up) and, best that I could see was that he punched the ball right on the line. Could have been over the line as he was travelling fast and the ball will remain in contact with his gloves for a small distance/time.

  • bjtgooner


    re: Agger penalty claim.

    I watched the footage again just now. I could not see Agger’s head being jerked by impact, Fab seemed to miss the ball, Agger having got there first, Fab’s punch went through the projected line of the ball’s flight, missing everything. Agger did not appear to appeal, the only appeal I could see came from Suarez – not surprisingly.

    Agger was down for about 20-25 secs, sitting. He was not out or lying down. A solid connection in that incident would have had Agger out cold. Agger looked upset that he had missed a chance, nothing more.

  • Mandy Dodd

    there was also the 2001 final Fishpie, the handballs final where they let a Liverpool supporting ref take charge of what would be his final game

  • Gord


    Thanks. No call there.



    The ball has to be within playing distance for a shoulder charge to be allowed. I didn’t see the game, so I don’t know if the Ox was within playing distance of the ball.

  • para

    Great game, but more importantly, our team really performed, which is what i really like to see, effort.
    I was a little concerned when we, with 3 mins left, refused to keep the ball and run the game down, attacked lost the ball and nearly paid for it, but ah, (those gods hovering over the stadium peering through from their dimension must have been Arsenal fans too), and combined with some defending helped to stop that.
    Anyway, great win, and bring on Bayern.

  • Pierce Holt

    @dana stubblefield.

    the danish car wreck was fit but not in the squad. In Arsene We Trust.

    Brenda was one of Borinho’s assistant coaches. When they played against each other recently Brenda was very guarded about what he said about Chelski. Even though, as usual, the classless one was his usual scummy best when talking about LiverFool.

    I just but a bet on 4-1 to Arsenal vs Bayern.

  • Gord


    Liverpool was whinging about the tickets when the game was announced, and they ended up being categorized as B, and they didn’t get a full allocation. Well, the news is up about the Everton FA cup game. It too is a category B game. Date is still TBA, and no mentioned of reduced ticket allocations for that game.

  • Rupert Cook

    @bootoome, I’ve seen several whole games this season but of course why would you believe that as when anyone says something you dislike you call them a liar.

    We won 2-1 and at least we know that Webb is massively overrated as a ref but we also know that he isn’t one of those refs that are plotting our downfall because if he was he’d have given Pool a second penalty.

  • Rupert Cook

    @Al re. 8.06 comment. Copied this from another thread on here.

    @Al I’m sorry but you seem to be being obtuse just for the sake of it. God I’m losing my patience. Did you not read my post explaining the myriad possibilities after a penalty? I didn’t say what you’re saying, can’t you understand English? I think you’re deliberately pretending to be thick to wind me up. My theory does not work like that at all. Read it again and if you still don’t understand ask someone brighter to explain it.

    In short though are you saying you’ve never seen a team score a goal after a penalty given against them? That’s never happened in the history of football?

    As for the Suarez thing it was an ironic observation that I can take or leave. Ribery and co. have got nothing do with anything. But let me ask you this, if Wenger had not sold RVP to Manu would they have had less chance to win the league? Yes or no. Now let me ask you this, if Wenger had bought Suarez would Liverpool have less chance of winning the league? Yes or no.

  • bjtgooner

    For the benefits of a troll with selective amnesia, the little boy inside RVP told him to go, not Mr Wenger. Also, Loserpool refused to sell the biter – end of. The rest of the troll’s twisted comment is undeserving of a reply.