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The real lazy people; the real laziness


By Don

Since the Bayern game there has been a deluge of shite media hypocrites and AAA morons screaming out for Mesut Ozil’s head and begging all and sundry to bench the sod, whose value, in their eyes is a big zero…..based on what concrete evidence I cannot fathom.

Their favourite definer is the term ¨lazy¨ which is known in the English language as someone being ¨ unwilling to work or display energy, or: showing a penchant for idleness, slothfulness, shiftlessness, sluggishness, lethargy and negligen ce and a lax, lackadaisical attitude.  See here for the definition.

What does lazy mean in Football terms anyway? There are many possibilities but here are a few:

1)  Incapable of furnishing any effort to succeed or even to try and succeed.

2)  Unmotivated and uninterested in participating.

3)  Unable to summon sufficient willpower or strength to perform adequately.

4 ) Unwilling to contribute to a common cause or personal improvement.

In actual fact, the word lazy is rather specious, ¨lazy¨ and simplistic attempt to explain away a person’s under-performance or under-achievements when faced with a challenge.

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The best definition is one that takes into account the  circumstances and past performances under similar situations. In Ozil’s case, they are a complex knitting of physical, emotional, attitudinal and environmental factors that determine the level of perceived effort and desire displayed in any one game or series of games.

So let’s make it crystal clear when using this term for Ozil. He is none of the above and here is why:

1) His efforts, as Walter pointed out in a previous article, are exemplary.

2) His actual statistical successes are among the best in the EPL.

3) His attitude on the pitch and off it are anything but indifferent…no Gallic shrug for Ozil.

4) Flamini’s ¨confrontation¨ with Ozil during the Bayern game was not, according to Flamini, a rant against Ozil’s ¨laziness¨ but rather a demand for Mesut to concentrate on the match again.

5) His distance covered was the 3rd best of any player during that game and ahead of any Bayern player.

6) His style is not as demonstrative as Jack or Flamini’s but he has real passion for the Arsenal.

7) He seems to be a bit ¨dazed¨ by his British experience but that happens to every new recruit.

These armchair AAA pundits and media clowns continually seek to exaggerate and use hyperbole when any situation that can demean the Arsenal, presents itself. The depths to which this sordid and mindless repetition of pseudo-truths descends is mind-boggling. Wenger is treated as a ¨specialist in failure¨, Ozil is a ¨lazy¨ German, Podolski as an ¨unsettled flop¨ and Sagna as a ¨recalcitrant want-away¨ to name a few illustrious examples of this fecal focus.

The people who use such devices to try and obtain ephemeral attention or to incite true Gooners to ¨revolt¨ against all things Arsenal are using such simplistic and unidimensional word games to actually display their utter contempt for the average Arsenal supporter and specifically to profit from the stupidity, gullibility and naivety of some so-called fans.

The real laziness (as defined above) is their absolute and eternal domain. They can’t be bothered to respect or dignify their writing with anything resembling actual facts. That is one reason why UA is recognized as being the penultimate blog for the Arsenal and will never be accused of being ¨lazy¨ in its efforts to provide a balanced view of all things Arsenal.

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44 comments to The real lazy people; the real laziness

  • Thanks Don for telling it like it is, and then some more. “fecal focus” – love the aptness and freshness of the express-ion!

  • Mick

    Great stuff Don, and where else in the football blogosphere would you find such a literary gem other than right here on Untold.

  • dO2

    I just 1da wen doz cunts of pundits and plastic fans will ever say anything +ve about us… All dey do is just hang around, luk 4 such moments 2 lunch dia ‘lazy’ attacks. Evry1 alwaz has his bad day @ office, 4 at least once in while. Wen u look at how he has played every single game since joining and how he has performed, u can easily with no doubts say ‘they’ are really LAZY with dia poor and aimless attacks. Let’s just expect says (wen we eventually lift d bpl) like “they cudnt hav won it if City, Utd & Chelsea had not changed their coaches” or “why cudnt dey do it b4 now wen Fergie & d lyks were dere?” or “dis year dey were just lucky; dey shud win it back2back b4 dey convince pple” amongst odas… dey won’t just appreciate!

  • I know this may sound bad but more than for my own joy and satisfaction, I want us to win a trophy (preferably the league) just to rub the media’s collective piggy noses in it as well as to shut the trophy junkies section of our fans up.

  • graham clarke

    Why are a team of exciting players hated by media ? Prob most are m u fans and they can sense what’s to come from arsenal

  • Paul "The Gooner"

    After the wonderful 3rd goal scored by Arsenal on Saturday, you would have throught that the media would have reported on the goal rather than Ozil.I understand the Sun newspaper asked all their football reporters for a quick comment.It was pure evil(Sunday Paper).Then Neil Ashton who writes for the Mail and chairs the Sunday Supplement programme on Sky on Sundays made some very negative comments on the same thing.This guy hates,hates AW.This time last year AW rounded on him at a press conference ahead of the Munich away match.Lets not kid ourselves here, the English media will not rest until AW goes.Most of them are total tossers.

  • WalterBroeckx


    By our own Tony Attwood! Another great mention on the

  • It’s time we.Got used to the fact that we are a very attractive team both in operation and style of play. That will always bring out the worst from the types who thrive on being average. I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it again. I’d rather watch beautiful football played the arsenal way than have a trophy for winning ugly.

  • AL

    Well said Don. I dread to think what sort of headlines we would have seen had it been AW who took that gamble on Carroll instead of Kenny D.

  • GoingGoingGooner

    Our business model is too clean to feed the parasites – too difficult to be easily copied. Our manager is too much of a straight man for the media – not a clown, nor a bully. We are too English to be loved by Europeans – too European to be loved by the English.

    We are The Arsenal. We do things OUR way.

  • Pat

    Great article, Don. I love your seven points about Mesut Ozil. Wise words.

  • Micheal Ram

    Before you know it, the media might even start using phrases like lazy like ozil in their future conducts just to look smart. Hope it doesnt enter the Oxford dictionary for good. When you tell a lie hundreds of time, enforce it thousands of time and its here to stay as a truth eventually. Should also put the blame on naive and ignorant readers who just simply yap up everything on papers. Insensitive and over the top banters and irrational braggings are major cause of all this. Dear fans, for f**ks sake, please dont bend over for such medias if you dont wanna get a sore as***le the next morning.

  • elkieno

    Great article, spot on! Also we know the ppl from for example talkshite, are fans of other clubs so hate us ‘stealing their teams limelight’. Until we get some positive fans in those places of employment it will continue unabated as long as morons listen and believe it!

    Attitudinal – learnt a new word there, a goodun too…
    Feacal Focus – love it Don, just love it!
    Finally my dad was laughing at our ex prime minister when she said the word ‘hyperbole’ to a journo. She pronounced it ‘hyper-bowl’ which everyone laughed at. I just went along as I didn’t know it either, found out it is pronounced ‘hyperberly’ in one word not two.
    Anyway how many didn’t know that, truthfully?

  • Micheal Ram

    Hey tony and walter,

    Why dont you guys try to make your Untold website accessible to the club personnel straight up? Similar like facebook or tweeter. At least Arsene and the players know there are groups of fans who actually defend them honestly with true facts. If this website has inspired a lot of us here, im sure it will do wonders for the manager, the players and the club in general. Let them learn and know about genuine love for Arsenal by proper source instead of the evil and negative clouds surrounding the club. I can help in any possible way. Go gunners!

  • Gf60

    The Milwall article needs a bit of proof reading…seems to be literals on the dates with 1985/6 appearing when it should be 1895 and 19 November 1992 when it should be 1892.

  • Armin

    There are days, when I get at office in morning, check news and get confused. Than I have to drink another coffee and with fear open to check standings. If you are not fully awake and read newspapers you easily get thought that United and Arsenal switched places.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Nice Don ,there is an agenda against Arsenalthat we may able to grasp fully at the present monent ,but the truth will come out some point in the future .
    We have to ignore them shit stirers and support the club.
    As Bootoomee stated above , I too would “luv it’ if we win something this season to put them on the defensive .
    I too noticed those errors in Tony’s article .Get back to work ,Tony ,and give your poor achy ,breaky backy (or was it your hipy?)a rest from all that jiving !

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Don , the definitions you gave for lazyness sound very much like symptoms of ED -erectile dysfunction !

    1) Incapable of furnishing any effort to succeed or even to try and succeed.

    2)Unmotivated and uninterested in participating.

    3) Unable to summon sufficient willpower or strength to perform adequately.

    4 ) Unwilling to contribute to a common cause or personal improvement.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Tony ,Walter ,I think Micheal Ram’s suggestion at 4:18 am is a good one .We here are probably one of the most positive of the Arsenal blogs .
    On my part I always wanted to be an unofficial advisor to the club like the other famous Malaysians involved in the betterment of English football .
    You know , those at QPR ,Cardiff and Blackburn….oh ! OH !
    May be I’ll think this out further and get back to you!
    In the meantime I’ll just send some funny lines and jokes to AW & co to keep the morale up.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    An oldie from…

    Sex After Death…
    A couple made a deal that whoever died first would come back and inform
    the other if there is sex after death. Their biggest fear was that there was
    no after life at all.

    After a long life together, the husband was the first to die. True to his
    word, he made the first contact: “Marion, Marion.”

    “Is that you, Bob?”

    “Yes, I’ve come back like we agreed.”

    “That’s wonderful! What’s it like?”

    “Well, I get up in the morning, I have sex. I have breakfast and then it’s
    off to the golf course. I have sex again, bathe in the warm sun and then
    have sex a couple of more times.. Then I have lunch (you’d be proud — lots
    of greens). Another romp around the golf course, then pretty much have sex
    the rest of the afternoon. After supper, it’s back to golf course again.
    Then it’s more sex until late at night. I catch some much needed sleep and
    then the next day it starts all over again”.

    “Oh, Bob! Are you in Heaven?”

    “No… I’m a rabbit somewhere in Arizona.”

  • nicky

    However good (or bad) Ozil performs this season, it’s an established formula that “foreign” players take at least one whole season in order to acclimatise to the EPL.

  • menace

    For what its worth – Ozil did not miss his penalty. It was saved by a very good keeper. The Bayern penalty was missed by a very good player.

    The whole affair with the officiating left a bad taste in my mouth. Second yellows not given and offsides ignored. The offside when Robben received the ball was crucial. Koscelny was blocked!!! I will never accept that the No9 Mandzukic was not active. The assistant official should have flagged and the referee should have given offside. Incompetence is an understatement.

  • Mick

    Unless they are Arsenal players of course where they are they are given no period of grace at all. Compare the stick Giroud got last year (and still does to an extent) as compared to Soldago this year.

  • menace

    I think it is about time our Press Office started defending from the front – refuse entry to journalists & media who are blatantly negative about Arsenal.

    I am sure our support will be available should any be needed.

  • bjtgooner


    Agree with you regarding Kos being blocked, it looked deliberate & Mandzukic moved from an offside position to do so. Following that Robben moved the ball away from the goal and had time for a piroutte before landing on the turf. There was contact with Szczesny, but Robben obviously played for it.

  • Damilare

    Good article Don. @ Micheal Ram 4:18, nice idea. It worths trying.

    Talking about 2nd yellow, can anyone explain Agger did not get any card at all for his foul that resulted in Swansea’s penalty?…strange, strange PGMOL


  • Damilare,

    I laugh at your question for why a second yellow was not issued when all the MoTD idiots whined about was the unfairness of the penalty. You know, what’s the big deal about a defender pulling down an attacker going for the ball in the penalty area?

    I fucking hate the media.

  • jambug


    Agree. And the first on the list should be Talkshite !! Under no circumstances should anyone with a modicum of love for Arsenal ever go near that station.

    Durham accused Arsenal of feigning injury for Theo and the Ox so they could withdraw said players from England Friendlies. Both players subsequently missed 2 more Arsenal games after the friendlies.

    Durham also put the ‘Footballing World on alert’ to ‘cheating Arsenals’ machinations to get Flamini a soft yellow in an attempt to get his 1 game ban out of the way to ensure his availability for tougher games to come.

    To me all three of those accusations are tantamount to slander and yet go totally unchallenged.


    The Ox has been on, as has I’m pretty sure, Theo and Jack.

    Honestly it’s a joke.

    Do these players not realise the agenda this station has against, them as individuals. and Arsenal in general.

    Do they not know this station has openly called them CHEATS, in fact Slandered them, on National Radio !!!!

    I have said on here many times that what this station says and does in relation to Arsenal FC is slanderous, but nobody ever seems to agree.

    But what chance have you got when current players seem to actively support the station.

    And I haven’t even mentioned the copious amount of ‘ex’ Gunners who whole heartedly contribute to the anti Arsenal bile this station exudes !!

    Even ‘good’ contributors to this site think it’s all ‘nothing to worry about’

    Well I’m sorry I disagree and a good start would be an Arsenal boycott of all things ‘Talkshite’.

  • Mick

    ‘I have said on here many times that what this station says and does in relation to Arsenal FC is slanderous, but nobody ever seems to agree.’
    The above statement certainly doesn’t apply to me. I have in the recent past advocated a collective complaint to Arsenal FC by the regulars on Untold to register our extreme frustration and anger at the negative press and radio/TV we as a club and fanbase receive. I emailed the club last week and asked why they appear to be so inactive in combating the bile that is aimed at the club from all and sundry after the appalling ‘Specialists in failure’ headline. I had an acknowledgement saying my comments had been passed to the Communications Department. So far I have had no reply as has been the case in the past when I have sent similar emails, which I think is a poor show. Here is a copy of my email.

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am writing to register my anger regarding the appalling headline on the back page of the Daily mirror today which reads, as I am sure you know, ‘ SPECIALISTS IN FAILURE’. As an Arsenal fan I am well used to negative media content, whether in newspapers, on radio or from television pundits, we have to put up with it every day. Maybe you can tell me why it appears everyone cannot wait to stick the knife into us. However this morning’s insulting Mirror headline plumbs new depths and I urge the club to protest in the strongest possible terms and demand an apology on behalf of all Arsenal supporters. If no apology is forthcoming the Mirror reporters should be banned from all future club press briefings as a start. It is high time the club started fighting back on some of the almost slanderous comments written and broadcast about our club and manager. I cite the radio station Talk Sport and their arch Arsenal/Wenger hater Adrian Durham with his Daily Arsenal insulting feature as a prime example. Why do you as a club allow all this anti arsenal material, a large proportion of which is inaccurate or even untrue to go unchallenged. You who work for the club may have thick skins and be able to turn a blind eye to or ignore all this but we the supporters are fed up with it and want to see the club stick up for itself. Can we have some action please.

    Kind regards, Mick Shelley, a loyal supporter

  • Gooner S

    I sometimes wonder why any topclass player would want to play for Arsenal with some of the fan base we have. The reaction by some, after the Bayern game was appalling. Ozil and also Giroud have come in for some vitriolic abuse from our own supporters. I just dont understand it. These ‘supporters’ are dishing out disgusting, personal attacks, not just on players but their families as well. They often write things that they would never say to somebody’s face. It’s cowardly, shameful, idiotic and most of all counter productive.
    I have no gripe with somebody wishing to critique the performance of the team and a player, but surely people can do this in a respectfuland constructive manner?

  • jambug


    My sincere apologies. You have indeed gone further than me with your email and I agree whole heartedly with everything you say.

    Bootoomee is another who vehemently hates the media. Again apologies for not mentioning you.

    To be fair, I know there are many others.

    I think the part that frustrates me is the LEGAL aspect.

    I have tried to explore the possibilities of legal recourse as I can’t see how some of the things that are said in the media, particularly by Talkshite, are not Slanderous or libellous.

    I mean how can it be legal to have a daily article specifically singling out one business in a negative, often misleading, often fictional way. Surly this would not be tolerated if it where any other business. For example, singling out Virgin for a daily tirade of abuse. I’m sure Dicky would have Durham/Talkshite in a dock near you before there feet touched the ground.


    As I have said on here many times, if I thought all this crap, written and said, had absolutely no impact on us as a Football Club/Team then perhaps, as scurrilous as it is, it could be ignored, but it does.

    The entire purpose of this agenda against us, because that’s what it is, is to create an atmosphere whereby we (Arsenal FC) are perceived as a team that:

    Always dive:

    Pires still the first mentioned in any diving debate despite only one booking for diving compared to numerous other players who have many bookings. Suarez dived again the other night. No booking and hardly even got a mention.

    Terrible discipline:

    Highlighting the 100 red cards we have had during Wengers tenure, even though over the period of time he’s been at the Club that isn’t that many, but more importantly they fail to mention that despite getting so many cards we in fact commit, on average, the least fouls per game of any team in PL history.

    Always Whinging:

    Despite the fact every manager whinges, to more or less the same degree, it is Wenger who is constantly cited as THE whinger. When others do it they are playing ‘mind games’ or ‘responding’.

    Can dish it out but cant take it:

    Yeah right, check how many legs we’ve broken compared to had broken.

    An with this atmosphere of contempt and hatred referees can piss all over us with impunity in the full knowledge that those who they answer to (that will be the Media, not the PGMOL by the way) will always support them when they do and deride them when they don’t.

    Unless Arsenal FC take steps to stop this it will continue unabated.

    Untold should perhaps instigate some kind of lobbying so they get off there backsides and do something about it.

  • jambug

    @Gooner S

    Well said Sir. Brilliantly, concisely put.

    I hate to say it, but I am ashamed of a far too large a section of our fans. How many other teams have sites specifically set up to abuse there own Club?

    But again, in there defence, if they have any defence for such behaviour, is a good majority of them are just carried along on the constant ridicule they are served up on a daily basis on all media platforms. No excuse really though.

  • GooneressNo1

    Jambug in my opinion if the established order are upset with you… you must be doing something right.

    It’s laughable that they would throw Pires name into the pot when it comes to diving; can anyone remember Ruud Van Nistelrooy? I remember Fergie had the bare faced gall to face the media with Nistelrooy by his side stating that he deplored the diving that had been bought into ‘our’ game… almost choked on my beverage.

    But I agree something has to be done… and by us that care.

  • Alex

    Great article as it is but its scope is minuscule. I say this in a sense that you tackle the word ” lazy “only .

    I am pretty sure the malacy of the media will not stop ther infact we do expect to come many more.

    Question is at what point is our club start taking serious action. To me all the so called AAA are nothing but a media victims.

    Fergie did it an we all heard it.
    The challenge on BBC just to mention as well.

    I know there is a legal obligations for any club to host reporters on and off the stadium.

    The thing I don’t get it is why the known offenders has not been excluded from any event.

    Are there any known action taken ?

  • Micheal Ram

    Hey guys,

    With Tony’s leadership, Walter’s wide knowledge, Bootoomee’s aggression, BFG’s flair, Jambug’s elaborations, Ghanian friend’s programming expertise, my brother’s telecommunications know-how and my gf’s constant sex, I can make this idea happen. (Of course im talking about the idea I suggested in my earlier comment). The best example I can give is a independent programme like WhatsUp! Only members allowed to post comments and that membership is controlled by a single leader only. And that leader controls and filters those comments appropriately of course. Just one thing missing. A direct link to the club to inform the players about it. Anyone?

  • Brickfields Gunners

    @ Micheal Ram – not sure how your idea works as I’m not computer nor apps savvy ,but go on and get the ball rolling .
    I’ll supply the jokes and wisecracks to keep the faithful smiling .

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Internet humour from….

    Romance – Post Internet Age

    A little boy goes to his father and asks,

    “Daddy, how was I born?”

    The father answers, “Well son, I guess

    one day you will need to find out anyway!

    Your Mom and I first got together in a chat room on Yahoo.

    Then I set up a date via e-mail with your Mom and

    we met at a cyber-cafe.

    We sneaked into a secluded room, and Googled each other.

    There your mother agreed to a download from my hard drive.

    As soon as I was ready to upload,

    we discovered that neither one

    of us had used a firewall,

    and since it was too late to hit the delete button,

    nine months later a little Pop-Up appeared that said:

    “You’ve got male!”

  • Brickfields Gunners

    No One Gets Humor Like a Senior

    A collection of funny cartoons, memes and comics about being a senior, and we know that seniors have the best sense of humor!


  • Linz

    I guess the Daily Arsenal on Talksport was negative when it had Carl Jenkinson on.Negative when it had Arteta on.Poldolski too.And Dennis Bergkamp.And Lehmann.Oh and Gilberto Silva.I guess it was negative when they were waxing lyrical about Dan Crowley.Maybe it would be better to sink into lower mid table mediocrity ala Villa or Stoke and have everyone ignoring us.Would that make you happy?I have been listening to Talksport slagging off United for the past 4 hrs.I guess they must be anti MU too,using your criteria? For gods sake,grow up what do you want the media to say about Arsenal?It is a FACT we have not won anything for 9 years.A fact fans are asked to pay ridiculously high prices.A fact that the manager does not like the transfer market,always leaving us short in certain positions.A fact that we seem to suffer from more injuries season after season and our players take longer than at other clubs to recover.A fact we lost 8.2 at OT.A fact we got totally outclassed 5.1 at Anfield by a side playing football we can only dream of at the Grove,a side that is not financially doped (the usual excuse for Arsenal failure),and a manager in only his second season at the club.You all sound like a bunch of whining kids with your “its not fair” paranoia.

  • jambug


    You don’t get it do you.

    Utd are:

    Out of the title race.

    Out of the c1c.

    Out of the FA cup

    Possibly out of Europe.

    They’ve just bought another £20 Million + player.

    They’ve just signed a deal to pay a player over £1 Million a MONTH !!

    Yes of course they are having a go at them for 4 hours. BIG DEAL.

    They have an item EVERY DAY specifically aimed at having a pop at us, and they’ve been doing that for years.

    If you cant see it that’s up to you.

    Anyway, as you are obviously an AAA why are you here stinking the place out ?

    Aren’t there other sites more suited to your anti Arsenal views?

    You don’t have to come here to listen to our ‘childish’ views, now do you?

    So why don’t you run along and spit your bile in the direction of those who’ll appreciate it ?

  • OMGArsenal

    Hey Lintz… are some FACTS for you:

    1)Its 8 year NOT 9 and there are 18 other clubs that haven’t won ANYTHING, including a CL place for more than 20 years in the EPL.

    2)Fans at other clubs are asked to pay ridiculously high ticket prices and get less than our season ticket holders get….so your FACT is FICTION!

    3)Our manager, who you claim doesn’t ¨like¨the TW has brought in a significant number of top class players since 2005 and has developed them so well that other teams poached them!
    If you think that we need a ¨striker, DM,CB, LB,RB,Kepper etc…..then you are abigger moron that even your claims indicate.

    4)there are other clubs that suffer almost as many injuries and their players take just as long as ours do to recover,and unless you are a specialist in sports medicine, your cherry-picking so-called facts is again showing you to be a true AAA.

    5)How about the fact that we are 2nd in the EPL, 1 point behind the masters of Football, and that we beat Liverpool in the FA Cup and that we have the highest points accumulated since this time last year and the fact that we have the 2nd best defensive record in the EPL and have scored more goals without our former Dutch vandal and that we are still in the CL and have achieved great things despite some awful officiating, all the serious injuries you so proudly claim, and so on?

    6)If you love Liverpool so much….go support them, as they seem to meet your jaundiced criteria perfectly! We don’t need or want AAA whiners like you among true Gooners.

  • ARSENAL 13

    hahaha….Liverpool and the football we can only dream of. Well, we played such football for the past 9 years. The very 9 years you are complaining about. Brendon is trying out the old thing……

    We have evolved our style of play to suit the needs of modern football and are trying out something very new the football world has never seen before.

  • Rupert Cook

    @OMG yes mate there are 18 other clubs in the CL, actually 19, maybe you hadn’t noticed, and at least a third of them have won something in the last 20 years, including us. Of course teams like Stoke and Fulham have won nothing but I’m not sure how you’d compare them to us as we have vast financial power compared to them. We’re about where we should be in the league, in fact this year we’re definitely higher than we should be and long may that continue.

    I don’t think many other clubs outside the big five pay as much for tickets. I’m sure someone can list the exact prices of all the other EPL tickets at other clubs. AFC tickets are going up by 3% next year btw.

    Our manager has indeed bought some very good players since 2005 and being a smart business we sold them to make a tidy profit. He has also bought some very average players which we struggled to offload. But that happens at most clubs.

    Regarding injuries I’d refer you to a piece on this very site entitled “Fighting Adversity………”

    As to still being in the CL, well I guess technically we are though it’ll be unlikely we’ll be in it past March.

    @Linz, I wouldn’t bother making any valid points because they’ll only be ignored by the high majority of fanatics, freaks and cranks that populate this site.

  • OMGArsenal

    Rupert…..I would imagine many Gooners would rank you as the top freak,crank and whining fanatic on this site because of your occasionally obnoxious and dissident refrains. However Linz hasn’t made an effort to validate his points but rather, like so many before him, simply repeated the half-truths and myths the media, the Arsenal-haters and other freaks,cranks and whiners regurgitate incessantly.
    Regardless, the proof will be in the pudding. Come May we can all heave a sigh of relief once Arsenal’s fate for 2013-14 is determined.