Listen to Pat, he knows and he is not alone

By Walter Broeckx

The phrase “Arsène knows” has been used at Untold a few times. Both by writers and readers. As most of us believe he really knows a bit about football.

But after picking the match Arsenal-Sunderland to unveil the Dennis Bergkamp statue as I was there I had the pleasure of another nice moment during the half time of the FA cup match against Everton.

As you will remember I broke the news about Pat Rice having turned the corner after my last visit. I was told so by one of the people who has worked for Arsenal as long as she can remember. But I still felt a bit hesitant to break the news. But oh boy I shouldn’t have hesitated at all.

Because when it was half time at the match the announcer announced (I couldn’t let that one go unless Tony cuts it out of course) that there was a very special guest at the Emirates. And then he came out of the tunnel under a loud cheer from the supporters: Pat Rice.

Local boy, Arsenal legend, former player, manager and every other position he has had at Arsenal came out as if he never had been sick at all. This was a man that has escaped the claws off death we all will not escape when our time has come. But the fighter in Pat Rice has defeated it for now and he looked really amazingly well.

From the streets around Highbury to the Emirates… Pat Rice has been there over the last half a century or thereabouts. And he had some nice things to say. Well things that we at Untold loved to hear.

Like when he said he might be going to a few more games this season. Starting with going over to ‘the dark side’ of London next week. These are the words that any Arsenal supporters love to hear. Certainly from one who has been next to Wenger for so long.

Of course Wenger in his official function will never use such words to describe our rivals. It’s not really gentlemanly from a manager. You don’t want to irritate the opposition too much before a match. But the fact that Rice is now out of the managerial functions at Arsenal and uses these words is showing how much the staff is aware of the rivalry between our clubs.  Can you imagine that on one of those occasions when Wenger put his head on Rice’s shoulder (WBA match and final match from Rice – remember? I do) and then Pat Rice saying to Wenger: ‘Don’t worry we will not let the dark forces beat us on this day’.

Or words to that effect.  I think my fantasy is taking me a bit too far on this but I would like it to have happened like that.

But what I really found the biggest message that Pat Rice has given us was his message about Wenger. Now I’m not giving his words literally. I just want to paint the general message Pat Rice had.

He said that we should trust Wenger. And that he was the person who would be able to make things happen.  Wenger was the right man for the job.  And he also said a few things about how Wenger in person also stood by him when fighting his disease.

It once again shows the real class that Wenger is. Just like with our assistant manager Boro Primorac, he is someone that is not lightly to break up with people he highly rates. And I think it is fair to suggest that Wenger rates Pat Rice highly. And it is also the other way round I think.

In a way it is astonishing to see that so many of our coaches have stayed loyal to the club for such a long time. You probably have that with other clubs also but a man like Pat Rice… I really doubt it that in this age and season you see such club loyalty.

And friendship amongst the people going much further than being colleagues. It felt good to my Untold heart to hear Rice singing the praise of Wenger. Something that will not have sounded so good to those who hate Wenger with every fibre in their body.

Another burst of praise for Wenger came from Guardiola this week. And then I saw a strange thing today. Journalist  John Cross from the Mirror saying this on twitter: “Great shame we didn’t have space in the paper to use them but Guardiola incredibly complimentary about Wenger and the job he’s done.”

This from someone who works for a paper that has gone full out to insult Wenger and blame him for all and everything that is wrong at Arsenal, in football in general, for the Tsunami in Japan, the flooding in England this winter, climate change …. and all the rest that goes wrong in the world.

When Mourinho starts to bad mouth Wenger there isn’t enough room on the page to show his words. But when probably the most successful coach in the last 10 years talks and is full of compliments for Wenger then there is no room in the paper to print it or even mention it.

I have said before that in most other countries that are not under the influence of the English media and press (with their private agenda) the respect and admiration for Wenger is very big. But in England you will not hear that message. Because it goes against what they want fickle Arsenal fans to believe.  The message that Wenger has lost it and is a ****** or a ***** fill in as you all know what they say but I will not repeat it.

But when you hear other people like Pat Rice say good things you can brush it aside saying he is a Wenger man. But I really don’t think that Guardiola is a Wenger man at all. He is a Guardiola man. But it is clear to see that if there is one manager he admires and has a big respect for it is Arsène Wenger.

Time that some who say the foulest things about him take notice. Or do they pretend to know better than Guardiola himself?

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17 Replies to “Listen to Pat, he knows and he is not alone”

  1. Walter, a great write up. As important as football is to all of us, some things are far more important – including health and integrity.

    It is good to note that Pat continues to improve. He was a great player, I can still remember him from his first days with Arsenal, and excelled in all his other duties. He has that personal integrity (as has Wenger) that many lack, but it is good to see that Wenger supported him when in his hour of need – just as we would expect Wenger to do.

    Get completely well soon Pat.

  2. thanks Walter, spot on as usual. As for Cross well see my post coming soon…

    On Pat Rice I remember when my mates and I used to stand on the North Bank in the late 70s and Pat was still playing. To be fair we gave him a bit of stick then (young and wet behind the ears as we were!) as he was a little slow. We used to say the only reason he played still was because he owned the only ball! Terrible bad manners we had then – I’m ashamed of myself 🙁

    But he represents a loyalty that is all too unfamiliar in modern football and I wish him a speedy and complete recovery. Ger well soon Pat!

  3. Thanks for a lovely piece Walter.

    Pat was there back when I first went. From the top of my head this is the first 11 I remember.


    Rice, simpson, storey, Nelson.

    McClintock, Kelly Graham, George.

    Armstrong, Radford.

    Or poss.

    Ure, Gould.

    Circa ’68, ’69, ’70

    All off the top of my head so could be way off.

    I’ll have to try and dig out some old programs.

    Any way all the best Pat.

  4. Lovely piece, Walter.

    There is a video of Pat talking about the “dark side” but it doesn’t include comments about Arsène. Does any one have a transcript or video, pls?

  5. @jambug

    A full colon represents both eyes open. A semi colon has one eye partly shut, a wink.

    A dash is the nose.

    A parenthesis is the lips.

    No spaces (but I have to use spaces here)

    : – ) => happy face

    ; – ) => a wink and a smile

    : – ( => a sad face

    If we are surprised, we might open our mouth.

    : – O

    Those are a few that I know.

  6. Just out of my head. There has to be more than 100 smileys (emoticons are the generic term), some are quite rude. I have seen dead tree books just filled with these things.

    If I had to go looking for a source, I would think that somewhere in NetNews there would be compilations. Rec.humor.funny perhaps? GoogleNews is where NetNews ended up, so google should index this somehow.

  7. Nice one Walter. Great to hear Pat on form. When he praises wenger, others should listen, because along with maybe Bob Wilson, he knows more about Arsenal than perhaps anyone on the planet. Get well soon Pat.
    Really interesting you mention John Cross. I have been pretty pissed off with him lately, but on twitter and away from the daily mirror,,he is an avid Arsenal fan who talks sense. I know we all have to make our living, but as an Arsenal fan, I hope his conscious is speaking to him and telling him to leave that piece of used toilet paper he works for. Not as if he would not get a good job elsewhere.mcome on John , do the right thing, don’t be a vehicle to those who would do the club you support harm, no matter how much they pay you. John, you are a living conflict of interests
    It has to be said, the aaa are partly to blame,for the press narrative, the press feed off the negative, and they get rather a lot of that from Arsenal, perhaps more than from any other club, not every team has fans facing permanent nervous breakdown.
    Great to hear the words of Guardiola…,the AAA
    and uk press claim to know better that wenger, pat and pep?

  8. Jambug

    The Wikipedia article on emoticons references another page at Wikipedia called List of Emoticons. This is a list of common “western” symbols and another list of “eastern” symbols. Probably good enough.

    Several are ambiguous, and probably are best to stay away from. I hope they help you.

  9. Speaking of John Cross, Neil Ashton, and other ignorant pundits, should Untold have a policy of never linking to their vomit, and rather mention what they say without linking? Every time there is a link to their garbage, they get rewarded.

  10. @Gord

    Thanks for that. Perfect.


    John Cross is a disgrace. Tom watts used to have him as a guest on Arsenal TV, why I’ll never know. Smug doesn’t even start to cover it.

    Years ago when I bought that shite paper every day I wrote to them to complain about his anti Arsenal rants only to find to my surprise he was a ‘big’ Arsenal fan !!

  11. Thanks Walter.
    There was very little coverage by the regular presstitutes and their hangers on of what Pat Rice and Young Pep had to say. Not strange but predictable.

    If there is going to be another statue in honour of a great then it has to be Pat Rice for me.

  12. Pat Rice and Arsene Wenger are very close friends until now. A lot of people know that. However, not much has been spoken about Boro Primorac and Arsene Wenger. I have read before the great history between these two outstanding characters on how good fate brought them together. Maybe the ‘Separatists’ would like to find out so they know who are they dealing with. Anyone?

  13. Good write up Walter…! Dark side of London will be lit up by the Gunners…come Sunday!

  14. @Asif, i believe your words though the Dark Force Angel Mike Dean Shit will be in our middle but as always class is permanent and form is temporary.

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