Which Golden 30 youngsters will play in the first team next season: survey results

This was quite a survey, done all proper and exact like.  None of your fiddling of results and mucking about.

We went through three stages.

Part One:the first gathering of names

I asked for suggestions of names as to who might make it from the ranks of the reserves and the youth team into the first team next season.  Assiduous readers of Untold took up the challenge and provided a detailed list which was then called the GOLDEN THIRTY for reasons that will not become clear at this time.

Part Two: Sorting the Data

All the data and information provided by said readership was dutifully collated and republished so that everyone could muse on the summary.

Players who were listed twice were deleted, players who had already managed to get themselves fairly secure places in the first team  (or at least had regular places on the bench) were excluded and we were left with 28.

Being of a perverse nature this was still called the Golden 30.

Part Three: The voting.

Everyone was entitled to vote for up to five players.  As a result the percentage figures represent the percentage of people who included that player among their five.  So we are not talking about a set of totals that add up to 100.

Here’s the list

1: Wilshere 96.1%

2:  Emmanuel Thomas 60.9%

3.  Eastmond 56.4%

4:  Merida 48.4%

5: Szczesny 42.5%

6: Wellington Silva 25.8%

7: Nordtveit 26.3%

8: Coquelin 23.5%

9. Barazite 15.1%

9. Bartley  15.1%


I am not sure there are huge surprises in there – although obviously a lot of people have seen the Wellington Silva video and been impressed.  But I have an impression he can’t leave Brazil for another nine months – although I might be wrong.   And there could be some passport issues too.

Jay Emmanuel Thomas is reported to be taking Doncaster up to the EPL, organising the defence, scoring the goals, sorting out the midfield, coaching the reserves, making the tea, selling the programmes, and driving his car without a licence.  I have no idea what has happened in his court case, but let’s hope above everything that he has learned that unless one is running a revolution to overthrow the evil dictatorship, by and large obeying the law is not a bad idea.

I have read that Notlob want our Jack back for another run next season – which given the way we collect injuries (like sadistic eight year old boys collect butterflies) I suspect is unlikely.

And the injuries are a reason why we need the Golden 30.  For the first year of our injury crisis I thought it was just one of those freak years.

For the second year of the injury crisis I thought this was bizarre.

Now well into our third year I have reached the view that this is the new norm.  Soon it will be simpler to list the players who are fit.

Thanks for voting.  Hope you found it fun.



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6 Replies to “Which Golden 30 youngsters will play in the first team next season: survey results”

  1. Pretend being Arsene Wenger and make the decisions… what more can be fun than that? In fact it is more fun for us as we don’t have the resposability he has.

    Now I think of it. Would I change with AW and his job ? For the love to The Arsenal yes… but I think I would be dead an burried by now from the pressure you have in such a job.

    But maybe it would make my wife a rich widow then… 😉

  2. Interesting to note that the top ones happen to be some of the oldest, and so the closest to the first team. Makes sense really, they get much more publicity than the Aneke/Afobe types (at the moment anyway!)

  3. Age maybe, but out of all of them, Barazite seems to me to be most ready now.

  4. Nordtveit was in todays newspaper rated as norways 18th best player for the performances in Lillestrom and Nurnberg.

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