Hull v Arsenal 20 April 2014 – The Match Officials

Hull v Arsenal 20 April 2014 – The Match Officials

By Andrew Crawshaw


  • Referee – Jonathan Moss
  • Assistants – S Long & J Flynn
  • Fourth Official – K Friend


I don’t know; we wait all season for Kevin Friend then get him twice in a week – this time as fourth official.

It will be the third time with Jonathan Moss in charge this year, two 2 – 0 home wins so far, Cardiff on 1st January and Palace on 2nd Feb being the results of the previous games.

Mr Moss is a Yorkshireman and formally joined the elite group in 2011/12 having refereed his first Premier League game on 04 Jan 2011 (Blackpool v Birmingham City, 1-2). When not refereeing he is a headmaster of a primary school in Halifax.

On the ‘Hall of Shame’ performance graph from last year, Kevin Friend is right at the top and Jonathan Moss is immediately below him so both are (relatively speaking) Arsenal friendly. Mr Friend produced a decent refereeing performance mid week, lets hope Mr Moss continues on Sunday. Based on results with him over the past three years, we seem to get on very well with him in charge :-

2011/12 – Aston Villa 1 – Arsenal 2 including a penalty to us in the first half (but not a second one in the second half) and a Villa Player rightly sent off in the dying minutes.

2012/13 – 22/12/2012 Wigan 0 – Arsenal 1; 75% overall bias against 41/59 and no wrong Important Decisions (second yellow, red cards, penalties or goals). Another penalty in favour of Arsenal (foul on Walcott ) scored by Arteta.

2012/13 – 16/03/2013 Swansea City 0 – Arsenal 2; 92% overall, only four decisions wrong all game none of them important. Great refereeing, two bad fouls both getting yellow cards, goals by Monreal and Gervinho

2012/13 – 04/05/2013 QPR 0 – Arsenal 1; 73% overall, bias against 17/83 and no wrong Important Decisions. Theo scored in the opening minute then we defended well and QPR never really looked likely to score. Taraabt called for a penalty in Minute 77 after going over in our area but there had been shoulder to shoulder contact only, no foul so rightly no penalty. Two wrong calls against QPR, eleven against Arsenal. His poorest performance in all of the reviewed games last year.

2013/14 – 01/01/2014 Arsenal 2 – Cardiff 0 – I was there and can’t remember him making any major errors, and thought him quite adequate, Walter didn’t mention him in his write up either so I think we can take that as a positive as well. It was a somewhat frustrating game as it took a very long time to break them down but, in the end, goals fron Nick andTheo and some good work by Szcz earned us the win.

2013/14 – 02/02/2014 Arsenal 2 – Crystal Palace 0 – We should have had a penalty in the first half with “Jedinak like a bad Wenger coat wrapped all round Giroud and taking him down” (I love that phrase thanks Walter), poor decisionfrom Moss. In the second half we came to life and two goals from the Ox sealed the win plus good work from SZCZ to keep the clean sheet.

How about Hull with Mr Moss

2013/14 – 18/08/2013 Chelsea 2 – Hull 0

2013/14 – 21/12/2013 West Brom 1 – Hull 1

So broadly in line with what you would expect the results to be, if there is anyone from Hull reading this report please feel free to add in some detail via the comments.

In conclusion

Another referee unlikely to have a blatant anti-Arsenal agenda.

He has given penalties in favour of Arsenal, but not on every occasion he should have.

With Mr Friend as fourth official it is unlikely that there will be any malign influence from off the pitch.

One small word of caution Mr Moss tends to be a ‘home’ ref so we will have to rely on our excellent away supporters to counter any such tendencies.


14 Replies to “Hull v Arsenal 20 April 2014 – The Match Officials”

  1. One of the best (of a bad bunch) for us so could be a lot worse. I am not keen on Probert for the cup final though.

  2. Don’t forget how much our friend Mr Friend upset his bosses(the Media)in the week, for not giving a penalty against us they think he should have.

    The Media have done there job this week by insuring the World and his dog, and that obviously includes all Tomorrows officials, know how Arsenal ‘got away with one’ and are definitely due some ‘pay back’.

    This is how it works in the media.

    Brush a blatant Maradona type punch by a Liverpool player under the carpet as if it never happened. No payback due.

    Talk about Arsenals Penalty incident all week !! Expect some payback.

    I expect a bad day on the refereeing front.

  3. @jambug
    I am expecting the payback to come in the Cup Final, especially should we secure 4th place, hence the appointment of Probert.

  4. Mick.

    Call me a pessimist but a bit of ‘payback’ in every game up to the end of the season would not surprise me.

    I know some on here think that sort of talk is paranoia, but I’ve seen it too many times to think it’s anything other than a concerted effort to try and scupper us at every opportunity.

    We’ll see, and if I’m wrong I’ll admit it. Anyone who’s seen some of my recent posts will know I’ve rated some of our recent refs performances, even from the likes of Dean, as pretty good. Admittedly it is relative to what was expected. So I think I’m fair, and will give my honest opinion but I am dreading the run-in.

  5. Its not paranoia, Jambug. Some are disengeuous liars and peddlars are disguised barbs at the club and the manager. Others are just stupid.

    I think you guys are right. Payback is coming. Payback for being Arsenal, for existing, for threatening the establishment with ‘ethics’. “Who does that jumped up Frog with his ethics think he is?”

  6. I would have taken Moss for the final instead of here. Lee Probert getting that match is utterly ridiculous considering he is one of the worst officials in the select group alongside Taylor and Mason. Once again a case of incompetence being rewarded

  7. Anyone expecting Mourinho to call out Dean and Riley?

    > 20:01: More Mourinho- Chelsea 1-2 Sunderland

    > …

    > “Third point, I want to congratulate again. This time Mike Dean. His performance was unbelievable and when referees have unbelievable performances it’s fair to congratulate them. He came here with one objective, the objective to make a fantastic performance and he did that.

    > “Congratulations to Mike Riley, because he is the referees’ boss, and what they’re doing all season is fantastic, especially in the last few months, especially for the teams involved in the title race, and I also congratulate Mike Riley.”

  8. At last its Chelsea facing the cheats. PGMOL are being questioned by the Special one. Will the FA react or is it the usual FA done about it?

    I have not seen any PGMOL official showing competence consistently in the games I have attended. They are not fit for purpose and should be barred from officiating professional football. Riley is a cheat and the proof is there in the Arsenal v Man U match for 50 undefeated. Reyes was totally abused by the FA and its mafia.

  9. I’m with you guys on this one, we are going to get screwed every game from now till the end, starting tomorrow thanks to the media beating the jarvis non-penalty call to death.

    While I have no sympathy for Mourinho, I find it telling that these big sides who never really had any controversial decisions against them are suddenly getting them, even against the smaller sides at their own grounds, at this time of the title race. Think we’re seeing manipulation of results at its best.

  10. From reading the BBC commentary after the game was over (I will not read their commentary in real time any more), it was apparent that Ramires should have been red carded again. And the referee was apparently close to the incident. So, Mourinho was probably correct that the quality of refereeing was poor, but his time also got significant advantage as well.

    No news organization has done anything other than report on this. They haven’t had any of their _MUPPETS_ stand up and say something that has no basis in fact to support or deny there is a problem with refereeing in the EPL.

    Much of life is globalised now. People from everywhere see people with the title “journalist” fabricating stories in sports all over the world. Some of these people are in conflict zones. And then they see a journalist in their part of the world with a camera, or pen and paper, gathering information for a “story”. Zero truth in sports stories, must be zero truth in these other stories too. So the journalist gets shot, possibly killed. Just another dead liar.

    That is what dishonesty in sports news is leading to. Come on news organizations! Fire those stupid muppets and start doing your job! Officiating in the EPL is garbage. Report on it!

  11. @Gord, I like your deduction and feel for the innocent war correspondent who might get shot. It is time the media addressed the incompetence of officials.

    Did anyone notice how many players were in the box before the penalties? Only Arsenal are asked to take it again!!

  12. Menace

    April 19, 2014 at 9:21 pm

    “At last its Chelsea facing the cheats. PGMOL are being questioned by the Special one. Will the FA react or is it the usual FA done about it?”

    We shall see. One thing I will say though is that the only blatant error I saw Mike Dean make was not sending Ramires off. (Although I didn’t watch the entire 90 mins I must admit)

    “I have not seen any PGMOL official showing competence consistently in the games I have attended. They are not fit for purpose and should be barred from officiating professional football. Riley is a cheat and the proof is there in the Arsenal v Man U match for 50 undefeated. Reyes was totally abused by the FA and its mafia.”

    Agree 100%. The entire travesty that was the defeat at OT was one of the most disgraceful Refereeing performances I have ever seen.

    Not only Rayes being assaulted for an entire Match. But:

    -Rio not being sent off for fouling Freddie when through on goal.

    -RVN not even getting a Yellow card for a knee high, leg breaker on Ashley just before half time. He got a Red card on review but a fat power of good that did us.

    -The awarding of a penalty for a blatant Rooney dive.

    It was an utter disgrace and proof positive of a PGMOL agenda against us, even back then.

    But just as bad was SKY’s, and the rest of the medias complete and utter apathy towards the whole thing. Apparently:

    Freddies wasn’t a goal scoring opportunity. (Although as Arteta found out at Palace, a foul on the touch line just into the opposition half is)

    RVN was lucky to get away with it. Okay, but they certainly didn’t make much of a fuss about it at the time.

    Rayes just had to ‘man up’ apparently.

    And Rooney was ‘clever’ and ‘won’ a penalty.

    This media double standards against us continues unabated to this day: Read, the fuss over the Sagna penalty issue compared to the way they totally overlook a Liverpool player getting away with punching the ball clear. !!!!

    It was a f*****g joke then and it’s still a f*****g joke today.

  13. The foul missed on Arteta and the yellow for Mertesacker plus the missed penalty are not encouraging for Mr.Moss.
    Hard to win a league when the rules on penalties when compared to your rivals are observably different.

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