Natural order restored

By Walter Broeckx

First thing first: Happy St. Totteringhamsday to all you Gooners out there!

We will be back to comment on this fact in later articles of course. But now we will start with the match and the natural order in that.

Apart from one time in the second half when Goufran could escape once and fired at Szczesny there was no real goal threat from Newcastle in the 90 minutes.

From the start till the finish it was Arsenal that dominated the match. Not that we immediately set the world on fire. It was being patient against a team that was trying to do a Moaninho on Arsenal. All players in their own half defending their penalty area. And as a few players needed some time to get in the rhythm it took us a bit before we started really going. Ramsey had a for his standards not that good first half hour. Something that is a bit natural I think. After coming back and hitting form immediately a player can have a little dip then. The way he continued later on showed that it was just his engine getting in top gear a bit slower than usual.

The moment when Koscielny scored it was certain that we were playing Newcastle. He has scored against them before. A very vital and important goal. This time a Santi Cazorla free kick was slid in to the goal just before Krul could take the ball in his hands. To kick the ball high in the stands after that was a stupid way to collect a yellow card. Those are the things that get on my nerves. Just imagine he had to make a foul after that and would get a second yellow card. Come on Kos think a bit more and I hope Wenger lectures him about this.

Newcastle then came a bit more forward and left some room behind the defence. I think Walcott would have enjoyed that space. Sad he is out injured. As is The Ox. Poldi with a header that was brilliantly saved by Krul and a few other times we came close to adding a second goal. It came just before the half time. Giroud on  his way towards Krul who stopped his first shot, the ball came back to Giroud and again Krul stopped but the ball ran to Özil who made no mistake from close range.

I have heard some people say it was offside. to be honest to me it looked that Özil was at the same height as Krul and Krul was the second last defender. Being level is not offside. So at first sight a valid goal. I would love to see a picture of the moment when Giroud took his second shot to be absolutely sure.  2-0 at half time was a good half way score.

The second half was a bit of a needless affair. Newcastle unable to do anything and Arsenal had put the handbrake on and just passed the ball around and opened up Newcastle when they wanted. Santi Cazorla was running the show assisted by Özil and Rasmey who was back to his usual form of this season.

It was no surprise that our third goal came after a combination of Ramsey and Özil who provided a lovely cross that was headed in by Giroud from close range. 3-0 and the match was completely over. A few more yellow cards were gathered by some players. Sagna was the most stupid one. With a score line like that no need to show your frustration over a foul given by the ref.

In the end it was a rather easy win against a team that tried to park the bus but Arsenal was too strong for them to  keep it up for 90 minutes. After some 70 minutes Wenger took off Ramsey and Özil and that was a very wise move. Rosicky and Flamini came on. A bit later Sanogo came on for Giroud but then the match was already well over and I think most in the stadium were just trying to find out how to get home with the strike that had just started in London.

So I hope you get home at a decent hour and had a safe trip. Over here I will see if I can find a picture of the second goal and will make a toast to the honour of St. Totteringham! Another year has passed and another year in which the ones that now would beat us in the league table failed again. And after spending their 100M even earlier than in the years before.

Well done guys, see you on Sunday and let us celebrate 4th spot in style then.

47 Replies to “Natural order restored”

  1. If we celebrate 4th, the “media” will start having a pop at us for celebrating.

    Lets make sure, if we win the FA CUP, we should act all doomed faced and not happy – as we did not win the league.

    I HATE the MEDIA MORE than jose mourinho.

    In Wenger We Trust

  2. It was offside Walter. I was a bit annoyed with giroud for not passing the ball to Özil in the first place.

  3. A very good write up, and as I indicated on the earlier thread I will have a wee dram later tonight in honor of St Totteringhams Day.

    The team played well tonight & scored three interesting goals, the third one was areal peach.

    Walter, based on your comments above I have reviewed the second goal again, Ozil was just ahead of the keeper when Giroud took his second shot, there was a Newcastle player in advance of Ozil & almost at the touchline – I think he was the only one ahead of Ozil. Interested to see what you think.

    Maybe Ozil thought he might be offside as his goal celebration was fairly muted.

  4. I am celebrating St. Totteringham’s Day, as well as yet an improved chance at yet another consecutive year in Champion’s League.

    I think all fans everywhere should congratulate Pardew on his materful grasp of tactics. Surely of Mourinho is a genius for doing it, every other manager that does it must also be a genius. Yes? 🙂

    If Sherwood is sacked this summer, I think Koscielny should be sentenced to providing a nice beverage to Tim Sherwood seeing as this was St. Totteringham’s Day (credit to Mandy I think). Maybe that will teach him to kick the ball away in celebration. 🙂

    Best of luck to all at the game, to get home with the strike on.

  5. Steady on Pierce Holt! Nothing is as despicable as Josie Mourinho!

    Nice to see Ozil and Cazorla doing what we know they can do. Did anyone see who got the MOTM?

  6. St. Totteringham’s Day is being celebrated well across the pond, from the Blind Pig in New York to the Fox & Hound in Los Angeles. It’s a wonderful holiday, and I’ve already had the celebratory meal — lasagna, of course.

  7. It makes no difference if Ozil was onside or offside. Giroud was barged off a clear goal scoring chance and PGMOL used selective vision. Several fouls by Tiote were ignored evading a certain red card. Too many kicks on the Arsenal boys just after passing the ball. It is so obvious and Swarbrick just plays advantage to Arsenal without returning to book the ‘kicker’.

    Ramsey was booked for a tackle on Tiote. No complaints but fairs fair why was Tiote allowed a kicking spree.

    Got home ok by whatever transport was on offer.

  8. Come on, Newcastle did not try to “park the bus”, they just did not turn up.

    I am worried about a little onesidedness that is creeping into Untold here.
    Arsenal also “park the bus” when it suits us, and i call it being tactical. Any team that can defend well, which causes them not to lose the game, is brilliant as far as i am concerned.

    So, let us all be not highlighting any one’s failings only when it suits us, let us be fair and circumspect, after all this is Arsenal, and if we cannot behave like Arsenal does, then we are fooling ourselves. Reminds me of children who have no yet learned to stop “calling” others to take attention from themselves. Come on, Arsenal-up people.

    West Brom will probably be a different game, as they are not so far off the drop, even though they have a game in hand.

    Oezil’s goal was not offside, there was a Newcastle player almost on the goal line.
    Well done lads.

  9. Uncle Mike, why append lasagna with “of course”?

    Menace, glad you made it home okay.

    Para, anything from me, is based on reading commentaries. I don’t see games. If a team is always defending, it does bring up busses.

    The idea of going into a game where you willingly assume the 10 men back position, is probably park the bus. There are games, where because of circumstances the offensive team forces the defensive team to play 10 men back. That is not the defense parking the bus as much as it is the offence camping in the opposition end.

    Playing all men back at the end of a game, especially due to injury or having players dismissed, is something else. Do you have a suggestion?

    I agree WBrom has more need to put in a good game.

    Between the 2 threads considering the game, I think many situations have been looked at.

  10. A quick look on twitter has revealed that fans of other teams,not “big” teams but often lower level teams,think Arsenals football is seriously slow,dull and boring.Therefore fans smugly denouncing Chelsea should be aware that many regard Arsenals play as equally dire.

  11. Thank you Linz for providing us that vital piece of information. Now, what acronym should I invent for that?

  12. Some trivia I’ve gathered in trying to find a new source of commentary (BBC, Sports Mole, British newspapers all becoming too annoying in their anti Arsenal attitude).

    Koscielny now has 2 goals in each of 4 seasons in the EPL.

    Ozil has 5 EPL goals, all at the Emirates. 4 of his 9 assists are at the Emirates.

    Lukas Podolski, with 19 goals and 11 assists in the Premier League has the third best mins per goal involvement in the competition’s history (97 mins), behind Thierry Henry and Sergio Aguero.

    Arsenal have the most days in 1st place this season, 128.

    Giroud has 4 goals in 4 games against Newcastle.

  13. Linz….if you rely on Twitter to prove a point (whatever that is) you are desperately in need of getting a life! The newest chant is 3-0 to the Arsenal!!!

  14. WOO HOO , HOO ! Well done guys ! And Happy St.Totteringham’s Day to all believers . Came a bit earlier than usual !
    Enjoyed the game immensely without the volume ! It was at 3am after all !
    Now to wrap up part 2 with wins in the next 2 league games .
    Up the Gunners !

  15. Brickfields, it is my belief (I am trying to get other stuff done, so I havne’ verified it, it looks plausible) that all that is required is one Arsenal win OR one Everton loss, and 4th place bleongs to us.

    But yes, I am happy we won today, and I hope we continue to win. You go into every game with the idea of winning.

  16. And i just hate Chelsea as much too… Looks like Mourinho is gonna stay there forever anyway, why not celebrate a day similarly too?

  17. While reading this article , I found it ‘funny’ that it reminded me of the AAAAs . Am I just being delusional or am I right ? You decide ….

    Some Simple But Important Dog Rules…

    You may think that dog are these easy going creatures, with no rules in their happy heads, but you’d be wrong. Dogs have many rules in their lives, designed to delight them as well as, sometimes, frustrate us. Here are some of the simpler ‘rules’ our canine friends seem to have!

    Quickly figure out which guest is the one most afraid of dogs. Charge across the room while barking as loud as you can and leap playfully on this person. If the human falls down on the floor and starts weeping and crying, lick his face and gently growl to show your concern, and your teeth.

    You are a dog, and as such, you are expected to bark. So go for it and bark a lot. Your owners will be so very pleased to know you protecting their house. Try to do it late at night while they are sleeping. Nothing says sleep like knowing your dog is out there, barking the bad people away all night long.

    Dining Etiquette
    Always sit underneath the table at dinner, this goes double when there are guests, so you can beg, and bark, and make the party even better by cleaning up any food that falls to the floor. This is also a great time to get to know some new scents by sniffing all the guests.

    Humans prefer your tongue to be as wet as possible, so try to drink a LOT before licking them on the face. Be nice and get your human one of their shirts to wipe their face on. Suits and dresses make for great towels.

    Rather than digging a BIG hole in the middle of the yard and upsetting your human, dig a lot of smaller holes all over the yard so they won’t notice. If you arrange a little pile of dirt on one side of each hole, maybe they’ll think it’s gophers. There are never enough holes in the ground. Strive daily to do your part to help correct this problem.

    The area directly in front of a door is always reserved for the family dog to sleep.

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    If you lose your footing while chasing a ball or stick, aim for the flowerbed to absorb your fall, so you don’t injure yourself.

    Chasing Cats
    When chasing cats (and you will), make sure you never.quite.catch.them. It will spoil all the fun!

    Going For Walks
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    Make a contribution to the fashion industry… eat a shoe.

  18. 4:30am for us Aussie gooners, bricks. Although this game I just couldn’t get up for I was soo tired due to looking after kids all day while the mrs is ill.
    I remember waking up at 5:30 maybe, (it was ht anyway) checking score on arseblog avid then must have dropped back to sleep!
    Happy st Totts day, they must be sooo angry inside after all the ‘we know how to spend money, afc don’t’. I can also spend £100m even faster than levy, although won’t be smart spending.
    Coyg, do it next year!

  19. That was formula 1 football last night!
    It was also soooooo un Arsenal to feel comfortable all game long!
    Thank you guys, that shows Arsene had really planned to win the title this

  20. para 12.42am “I am worried about a little onesidedness that is creeping into Untold here”

    Ha,ha,ha. Really? You only just noticed.

    Easy win against a hapless team.

  21. Micheal Ram says, “And i just hate Chelsea as much too… Looks like Mourinho is gonna stay there forever anyway, why not celebrate a day similarly too?”

    You have to finish above Chelsea first or don’t you understand the concept of St.Totteringham’s Day? Or perhaps you want to celebrate finishing below them?

  22. There was a phrase used in the commentary above…

    I am worried about a little onesidedness that is creeping into Untold here.

    Come on, this is Untold. Of course we are one sided. I’ve got an Arsenal season ticket – what do you think I am?

  23. Yes but at the next minute Tony you will be claiming you have statistical prof of an anti Arsenal conspiracy but based on implicitly biased subjective views.

    Anyway one thing that AKBs and AAAS can all agree on which is a statistical fact. Pre Wenger a Post War St Totteringham’s Day was only sighted about once every two years. Wenger has made it an annual event.

  24. I don’t think they to park the bus. Unlike the hellsea fans, I admire Newcastle fans, they will slaughter their manager if they play “park the bus” football. Its our the football that killed them yesterday. Since they sold cabaye, they’ve lost their way.
    as for totteringham day and all that, i would rather focus on our football and our club, than gloat on others downfall.

  25. Rupert Cook.

    Expanding on what Tony has just said regarding the one-sidedness.

    Read the mantra at the top of the site for pity’s sake. !!!

    It’s no surprise this site often has a slightly one-eyed bias towards Arsenal NOW IS IT.

    It was set up for people with that mind set, to give us somewhere to go to wallow in, and enjoy the experience of being an Arsenal fan.

    It was set up in reaction to the constant barrage of negativity and vapid hatred of all things Arsenal that we are exposed to day after day.


    I like to think I am fair minded.

    But my basic underlying belief is that Arsenal and Wenger are basically doing things right with a sound sustainable model to take us forward.

    I might be wrong I might be right but that’s my opinion and that is the opinion of UNTOLD.


    As you don’t agree with a thing that UNTOLD stands for, the question you still refuse to answer, time and time again is:

    WHY ARE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Of course we have Graham. Based on having reviewed over 300 matches in the PL.
    By not only Arsenal supporting referees. In fact the majority were not Arsenal supporting referees.

  27. @Gord – don’t you know your history? Uncle Mike was referring to Spuds’ collapse against West Ham when they had food poisoning – “we laughed ourselves to bits, when Tottenham got the sh*ts – lasagne, oooh ooo lasagne..”

    Last night the Grove echoed to the cry of “Tottenham Hotspurs, its happened again..”

    @WAlter I will see you Sunday when hopefully we make 4th ours again

  28. Walter
    On the Ozil goal before Giroud take the second shot there was a newcastle player down behind krul who slid 2 stop the 1st shot( thinks is there left back dulmelt) nd he was ahead of ozil.
    I heard long time ago( before 2006 world cup or after) when FiFa president said the beauty of football is the act of scoring goals nd that’s what people came to see.
    Happy saint Totteringham’s Day all the way from Lagos in Nigeria.

  29. Tony
    One thing I would be interested to see Untold investigate over the Summer

    Drug taking in professional football. I don’t mean recreational drugs but performance enhacing ones. Pre Wenger there wasn’t much point in the Premiership – when players are smoking and drinking and the pre match meal is a steak, then some white fish, boiled vegetables and legal supplements revolutionised English football. But now everyone has caught up on Wenger’s innovations and strength and fitness seem to win out over skill (not least with the ways the referees interpet physical challenges) then surely use of EPO, steroids etc would give an advantage. With all the money in football my question would more be why wouldn’t some teams be using drugs than why would they.

  30. Now that the “Natural Order” has been restored, I note the BBCC could only manage two miserable unhappy YAAAPs!

  31. jambug @ 8:07 am

    Why do people go to see the Arsenal and sing songs about the Arsenal?
    Are these trolls for real?

  32. Graham

    Doping in football is another big obfuscation. Lauren came to Arsenal having been doped (EPO) against his own knowledge, not a pleasant story. Without checking that was way back before 2004. For the past two years WADA has asked FUFA to better regulate their testing regimes etc. there are other people out there who’ve commented on this problem in detail. The less we think about that judge in Spain burning all the evidence collected in the Lance Armstrong & Dr.Feelgood case, the better.

    I’m not the biggest fan of creatine which was popular at Arsenal and things like that, but to be fair to Arsenal the club supports it’s players/athletes, and does test them above and over FUFA regs (hence the Lauren story). Which other big or leading clubs have been doing this and releasing such information over the past decade?
    Just another reason to support this great institution that is Arsenal Football Club.

  33. Happy St. Totteringham’s Day to all gooners wherever you are on planet earth.

    3goals, 3points that’s the way to go gunners. Well done lads.

    @Seroti, you are spot-on about Ozil’s goal. Not offside because a newcastle player was on the floor very close to goal line just off the near post.


  34. Can’t underestimate the impact of the two early yellows from the referee in disrupting any plans Newcastle had to hack their way through the game, an observable contrast to Swarbrick last season during Everton’s visit. As usual the price for any early yellows for any lame hackery means even softer yellows for say, Koscielny.

  35. Happy St Tots day to all.
    @Damilare offside rule is two players in front of the opposing team. The goalkeeper usually acts as one, so normally people only look for one other player. As Krul was in front or inline with Ozil, people have thought him offside.

    looking back it does look slightly offside but its swings and roundabouts, not much in it.

    With the champs league almost sorted looking forward to the FA cup final.

    Anybody have any preferences for the league? normally i dont care but i cant stand the chavs and seeing Suarez lift the league will bring me to tears…. what if he came to us?

  36. Gord, 2.25 am
    That’s a very interesting stat about Podolski, where did you get it from?

  37. FInsbury – agree with you about Creatine , not one of Wenger’s greater moments, but it paled in its effect besides the diet changes, post match warm downs etc

    And I am a big cycling fan so only too aware of the other sport evidence destroyed in Operacion Puerto (tennis as well as cycling I would guess).

  38. @ bjtgooner April 29, 2014 at 10:42 am – Glad you liked that . As a fully deluded AKB , I see the AAAA in almost every joke I come across and that joke takes an entirely different meaning .
    For example , of late there have been posters who gratingly pair up and seem to compliment each other comments and generally party poop it for others . So much so I ‘d wanted to shout ,” Get a fucking room !” , but then its my policy not to ‘engage’ them .
    This following joke is right up their alley !Snigger , snigger , wink , wink !

    Norman and Barry got married in California …

    They couldn’t afford a honeymoon so they went back to Norman ‘s Mom and Dad’s house for their first married night together.

    In the morning, Little Johnny, Norman ‘s little brother, gets up and has his breakfast. As he is going out of the door to go to school, he asks his mom if Norman and Barry are up yet.

    She replies, ‘No’.

    Little Johnny asks, ‘Do you know what I think?’
    His mom replies, ‘I don’t want to hear what you think! Just go to school.’

    Little Johnny comes home for lunch and asks his mom, ‘Are Norman and Barry up yet?’
    She replies, ‘No.’

    Johnny says, ‘Do you know what I think?’
    His mom replies, ‘Never mind what you think! Eat your lunch and go back to school ‘

    After school, Little Johnny comes home and asks again, ‘Are Norman and Barry up yet?’
    His mom says, ‘No.’

    He asks, ‘Do you know what I think?’
    His mom replies, ‘OK, now tell me what you think.’

    He says: ‘Last night Norman came to my room for the Vaseline and I think… I gave him my airplane glue.’

  39. @Brickfields

    I’m hurt myself laughing at that one!!

    I have noticed the way some of the AAA seem to double up – lets hope they make the airplane glue mistake – a new twist on the mile high!

  40. I really do not mean the one sidedness regarding Arsenal, for i am that too.

    What i mean is the in-ability to see things as they are sometimes. When we falter and fail and have no one to blame but ourselves, it is a little embarrassing to read some of the comments. As i said many time before, hiding one’s head in the sand and thinking one is invisible is what children before a certain age does, and i am sure that most of us do not do this in life.

    Arsenal has values it tries to stick to, and we are proud of this, so let’s all Arsenal-up, it would make this site sooo much better than it already is.

    I am just putting my perspective down, and i try(have learned) not to attack Arsenal or anyone on this site.

    A little tip, watch Arsenal Players match review (this is the ONLY review i ever watch) which is a breath of fresh air. It does not make fun of Arsenal, but it does give 100% spot on reviews, and is not being afraid to speak the truth at all times.

    Maybe some of us should try to get non-english streams, or turn the volume off when not possible(sky, bt etc), it really does make the game more interesting, AND, it(the things that are said) cannot rile one up anymore, hence forcing the need to reply to them(the media).

    Anyway, i hope this is not seen as anti-Arsenal, but just a concerned attempt to make this site even better than it already is.

    The only other sites i frequent are some german spoken sites when i want to see the comments from across the pond, and i do not really comment much on them.

    Arsenal for ever.

  41. OT: Newmar is a Banana!

    It seems that Neymar is taking credit for the Alves Banana incident, which probably means it was a setup.

    Will it work? I don’t know.

    I can easily see people following in footsteps on this, and that is dangerous. It is entirely too easy to inject a banana with just about anything, in a way that is very hard for someone to detect during a game. Take a bite, and change your life forever.

    Please footballers, do NOT eat anything thrown at you from the stands. Don’t pretend to eat anything. And don’t drink anything.

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