Arsenal here we come again

By Walter Broeckx

At the end of one of the most hectic weeks of my life with one of my sons leaving the house to start a new life with his girlfriend, a wedding on Saturday I will visit Arsenal.

So this means another early out of bed time for me on Sunday. Well before 6.00 am. And that after having visited a wedding. Lucky I don’t drink as I will come over by car.

So when I leave home we might have secured 4th place without even playing ourselves. If Manchester City wins at Everton we are out of reach. If it would be a draw at Goodison park I don’t really know if Everton can still overtake us if we lost our last two matches? A bit far fetched because I come over to the Emirates and you all know what that means.

I know 4th place finish would mean that we will have to play qualifiers and that might be against strong teams from Italy or Germany. And with lots of our players having been on world cup duty it sure isn’t something to look forward to. In a way I do of course as it will mean two more matches I can enjoy watching Arsenal play.

Some might worry as it is an early kick off. But don’t worry. Our FA cup match against Everton was also an early kick off and I was there. And we know the result. So far this season I have been able to beat the early kick off voodoo.

Depending on the result at Everton it might be a match without real importance for Arsenal. WBA might need another 2 points but after the match against Arsenal they still have two other matches to get the win that would get them over the line completely.  Who knows with some other results going their way they might be safe already.  So it might be a match between two teams who have done the most important thing for both of them. Arsenal securing 4th place and WBA securing another year in the PL.

As this is the last home match of the season I do however hope that Arsenal will give us a good match to wave us goodbye in good spirits before the FA cup final. And no better way to go to a cup final in the winning mood.  And to round it of we might send Norwich down to the 1ste division next weekend. Unless Norwich does a Sunderland at Chelsea.  In that case even a third place suddenly would be a possibility. But I don’t see Chelsea slipping up completely in their last two matches to be honest. But it would be fun.

One of the pleasant things about coming to Arsenal is not only that I go with people from Belgium and this time I will be joined by a person who if very much in the Untold line of things. Understanding the difficulties we had over the last decade with building the Emirates and the immense job Wenger has done for us to keep us that close to the top. So that will be a nice bonus during the hours of driving.

And then meeting with other people from Untold. This is what I like so much about supporting Arsenal. And about writing for Untold.  To meet other people and talk with them from person to person. Leaving the keyboards behind and seeing each other. I have many good memories about meeting people from Untold. Maybe because we are all such nice persons. And isn’t it always much nicer to meet optimistic people than people that only moan? Well I know what I prefer.  So looking forward to meeting Andrew this time for the first time. And Drew again.

With one match to go I would take this opportunity to thank Andrew for his referee previews. As he is not a ref but more a number man he has a different view on things. Even though I think he has learned a few extra things about refereeing during the years of first reading the referee reviews and crunching the numbers. I thank you Andrew for the previews and hope that we can continue next season and maybe I will be able to really add something to reviewing the referees. We are not going to let them off the hook that easily. Aren’t we?

The final home match, but not my last visit to London this season. I will be in London or even in the Emirates on cup final day. Bringing along my good vibes.

For now I will enjoy the last home match of the season in the Emirates myself. But as I will be driving around England, France and Belgium for a while after the match I will not be able to post something shortly after the match. And as Tony is somewhere in Farganistan for the moment he also will not be able to write something. So sorry about that but I will publish something as soon as I get home of course.

For those who will be in the stadium I ask to send the players off with a good and warm feeling towards the FA cup final. Lets cheer them one for this match and let them know we are behind them. The place where you can always find Untold: behind the players to support them. As it should be.

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  1. So pleased that we are “safe”.

    Come on football, be as unpredictable as always and let Norwich beat Chelsea, would love a 3rd place to not have to play those qualifiers.

    Can enjoy the game today without nerves now, but still want to see a convincing performance though, nothing bugs me more than when Arsenal do not play to their full potential.

    Will probably see some of the young up and coming players today.

  2. Is Walter coming over to the Ems? Let me dash to the bookies, put a fiver on Arsenal to win 4-1 🙂

  3. Ramsey rested today.

    I’m expecting goals. The handbrake is well and truly off now Arsenal have qualified once again for the CL and West Brom are virtually certain to remain in the League.

    BTW No team has scored more Premier League goals in the merry month of May than Arsenal.


  4. Have a great time Walter, Untolds lucky charm for the lunchtime games!
    COYG! Aha And Amen

  5. Wish the boss gave Fab a place in the starting line up today, for a chance to say farewell to the fans in his last match at the Ems.

    Good to see Diaby on the bench 🙂

  6. Does anyone else think Flamini is a headcase, I do 🙂 He was shouting and gesticulating already before a ball was kicked, I love this guy 🙂

  7. Yea AL, he does seem a little TOO much a head case at times. Flamini i think needs to calm just 1% and he will be OK, sometimes he over does it and it affects his game.

    Hope we do not give WestBrom a lifeline, sometimes we are TOO good hearted.

  8. Giroud worked his socks off today. So did Podolski. Back line was solid.

  9. 1 – 0 to the Arsenal, a bit like old times!

    Nice to finish the last home match with a win. Not our most fluent performance, but a good win nonetheless.

    Well done the team.

  10. Well done team. 3 points more than last season’s total, with a game to spare and in the FA cup final.

  11. A comment from my 7 yr old son as we were watching the game. Referring to a previous game with no prompting on my part “I’m only worried that they gave a penalty against Arsenal for no reason” Interesting, in so far as I have never mentioned the phantom calls that go against Arsenal with him.

  12. Not bad at all Bootoomee, especially if we consider that one of the billionaire clubs will end the season empty handed.

  13. Well done lads.

    1/4 pace and still could of been a couple more.

    News on Arteta?

  14. Going,
    You have a very perceptive son, encourage him to trust what he sees, rather than what he is told to see.

  15. dear GoingGoingGooner….

    “Giroud worked his socks off day.”

    Really? Not from the lower tier of the West stand.

  16. Between the early game, and the fact I have company staying over, I got to see the last 3/4 of the game. It was nice to see Arsenal play, and not just read about it. I have read a few commentaries on the game, and caught the early news at Google News about the game. Some comments to nobody in particular after catching up with all that.

    It would have been nice to see Podolski and Ozil score, good chances. Ref seemed to let too much go throughout the game.

    Diaby on the bench. Arsenal players aren’t injury prone. Arsenal players are referee prone (a prone referee can’t see dangerous play developing). There can be only one team in frist place at the end of the season. If Arsenal was not trying, they wouldn’t have led the league for ANY length of time, let alone as long as they did. That they still managed to finish 4th (with 2 games to spare, and a chance at a trophy) when again the referees LET teams injure player isnt a sign of complacency.

    There was a protest? The BBC comment suggests it was anti-Wenger. I had read something about a ticket price protest being possible.

    Commentators and muppets still can’t believe that Wenger said he would sign a contract. They still talk like it is possible he is leaving.

    > Olivier Giroud has played more games than any other Arsenal player since joining last season (96 games, 39 goals).

    >> Talking point – Newcastle’s Loic Remy, still officially a QPR player, was spotted in the stands at the Emirates, fuelling speculation the France international is one of Arsene Wenger’s primary summer transfer targets.

    Or, maybe he just enjoys watching a good football match? Now, if someone has pictures of Loic Remy joining in with the singing at Emirates, there might be a story there.

    Why do journalists insist West Brom needs to wait for the Chelsea game to rest easy? A Norwich win with a goal difference of more than +19 will put them above West Brom. Do any of you think that Norwich is going to score more than 19 goals more than Chelsea today?

    Ferdinand to Arsenal for next season? Sure, and Sol Campbell is coming back too. Or is it Tony Adams that is coming back?

    Is Chelsea parking the bus against Norwich?


  17. Giroud.

    MOTM as voted by Nial Quin.

    yep, Worked his socks off AND scored.

  18. A nice stroll in the park in the sun. Giroud …..he has had a good season by any standards. A very important player for us.
    Can anyone solve the mystery of Gnabry? Was hoping to see him…with theo and Ox out today. is he injured? Or has he got too big for his boots and learning a lesson? being bought on slowly, is it tactical….or is he just not deemed good enough yet?

  19. Opinions are like arseholes….everybody got one. But in your case, you have two. So stop being so rude jambug. Have some dignity.

  20. > Miyachi is down with his hamstring, Serge Gnabry is also down with a injured knee. …

    Courtesy IndianFootballNetwork

  21. Jim,
    Get a ticket or get eye glasses.
    You can accuse Giroud of anything but his work rate.

  22. Jim Harbaugh,

    I watched at home which while not as grand as being in the stadium meant I got more angles and benefit of replays. You are wrong about Giroud. He is the unanimous Man of the Match unlike in the last game when some thought Cazorla was our best player but Ozil got the award.

    Could possibly be that the view from where you sat prevented you from seeing everything that Giroud did but from the various camera angles and replays shown on TV, he was immense today and deserves his award.

  23. Didn’t think anyone really stood out today. Podolski looked lively but without end product. Ozil still lacking some sharpness.

    Would probably give MoM to Sagna. Flawless, as usual.

  24. Jim

    I just asked if you had a little ‘moan up’

    You called me an ‘Arsehole’.

    I might be right about you.

    you might be right about me.

    We might both be right.

    No matter what, I know who’s rude and lacks dignity.

  25. At

    > on Loic Remy being at the game…
    >> Honestly I have just been informed that Loic Remy was here, I didn’t know. So don’t see any sign of us signing Loic Remy in that. I hope he has paid for his ticket! No [I didn’t invite him], that’s why i tell you I have not invited him.

    Some members of the press appear to be getting on Wenger’s nerves.
    > on his own future…
    >> No, don’t be impatient. My last time will come! You will get rid of me one day, don’t worry.

    and it continues from there. Please Arsene, tell the members of the press that are always negative to stay away. Half of Arsene’s interview devoted to trying to get rid of Wenger. Nonsense!

  26. Chelsea 0-0 Norwich

    That means if we win at Norwich by 17 goals and Chelsea lose at Cardiff that’s 3rd spot secured.

    I said ‘if’ !

  27. Just back from family duties. Giroud was excellent today & managed to score despite being wrestled by a defender. Apart from that he put in a great shift all match. I can’t understand anyone thinking anything else – he deserved the Man of the Match award.

  28. jambug:
    OK OK we are reaching here a little too much me thinks.

    Love AW when talking to reporters, he has really learnt the English way of doing that, hope it does not corrupt him TOO much.

    The one where he was asked about 4th place, if i was AW i would have thrown my hands up and screamed yeaaaaa.

  29. Jose

    On CL qualification.

    “…..yes we have that, but it is not a Trophy for us”

    No it isn’t Jose’

    Nor is the C1C

    Nor is the FA Cup

    Nor is the PL

    Nor is the CL

    Nor where any of those last year.

    Sarcastic nasty little prick.

  30. jambug…

    jose’s blues beat our gunners 6 nil

    it was le boss’s 1000th game, embarrassing. give the little prick his due.

  31. Jim Harbaugh
    Is that the family section in Lower West? Reason I ask is because my season ticket was for there & I didn’t think the view was all that great. Couldn’t see all of the pitch without standing up & leaning forward
    Your lad seems like a seasoned Untolder.

  32. What looked like being a barnstorming last day of the season could end up being a bit of a damp squib.

    At the bottom:

    Cardiff and Fulham already gone.

    If Sunderland get a point at home to West Brom on Wednesday, that’s Norwich filling the final relegation spot.

    At the top:

    Everton must finish 5th and have secured Europa League football.

    Arsenal must finish 4th and have secured CL football

    So all that’s left is the title and depending on how Liverpool do at Palace Tomorrow and how City do at home to villa on Wednesday that might even be all over.

    All a bit of a let down really as a week or so ago it was all bubbling up nicely.

    I bet SKY are gutted !!

  33. Spending billions and ending the season empty handed is a monumental failure whatever spin the media, the clueless one or anyone else for that matter,wants to put on it.

  34. I wish referees would be instructed to penalise the appalling wrestling that goes on in goalmouths whenever corners and close-in free kicks are taken. Or maybe the instruction is there but they haven’t the bottle.
    I daresay Arsenal’s as guilty as all the other teams, by the way.
    All it would take is a number of penalties and this crazy fouling would cease.

  35. Back from a few days trip, and it feels great to see Arsenal getting 4th place without the least kick of the ball. Sometimes you just have to know who to cheer for;)

    Seriously now, some people can’t do without a YAAAP. Hint hint Jim H. Sometimes it’s fun for us, but, really, don’t you have better things to do?

    Oh, and I think I see a recipe for our early kickoff curse: Get Walter to travel to all those matches. That will guarantee Arsenal wins;)

  36. I didn’t get to see the game and have only read the report on the BBC sports blog, but am surprised at the strength of the team selected. I was saying to Nicky earlier that there would be massive rotation but this was full strength of the fit squad members. Massive rotation next week then!

  37. Nicky

    I think the only way to stop that, in terms of penalization, is that the referee know exactly who already has cards out of the players who look to be wrestling as the kick is being prepared for. Then as soon as the ball has moved 12 inches on being kicked, whistle the play, and give a pair of players (one from each time, who were wrestling with each other, a yellow card. It does not take much time until it becomes difficult to pick out a dance pair where neither has a yellow. At that point, the referee calls the two captains over, and asks if they had noticed all the yellow cards that had been issued. Yes, they had, thank you. The next time I see jostling in the box, it is very likely that one of the players who will be carded, already has a yellow, and will be ejected. Get your players under control, or you will be playing short handed.

    That might work. I am sure Mike Riley 😈 could find a way to abuse it.

  38. Thanks Gord, did not realise Gnabry was yet another casualty. He is a player I look forward to seeing more of

  39. Yes Bootoomee, unless something unexpected happens and Chelsea win the league….which they won’t, would love to be a fly on the wall when Jose delivers his end of season report to RA. Not that he has done spectacularly badly, he hasn’t….but his owner is one of the most ruthless going, he may question some of the tactics of the tactical genius of the people, and if he did, it would not be the first time.
    Of course we never really know what goes on behind the scenes, and Jose may make great signings over the summer and sweep all before him entertaining all….but is just have this sneaking suspicion Jose resents….and is going out of his way to dismantle the team RA built in prep for Jose’s arch rival….who went to Bayern instead. If true, will be interesting to see how this plays out. Jose vs the oligarch, only one winner, can see Brendan Rogers getting a call from a Russian gentleman in the reasonable near future if Jose doesn’t pick things up to his clubs owners satisfaction

  40. Off topic, but saw John Barnes said if Liverpool win the title it would be the greatest win. That got me doing a bit of reading, and while I always knew we had reeled united in on our way to the double in 1998, it had never really occurred to me by what margin(couldn’t remember). We trailed by 12 points to be exact, and by late February early March. But if you bring up any discussion on greatest premiership comebacks I bet most people would remember united overtaking Newcastle in 95(I remembered that one alright, but not ours!). But Newcastle were 12 points ahead in late Jan to early Feb, meaning ours was even more remarkable as it took a shorter time to overhaul the leaders. More proof the media has always belittled Arsenal’s achievements?

  41. To be fair to Barnes, that’s not his argument.

    “If they win the title it will be the biggest Premier League victory in history because Liverpool finished seventh last year and now they have the same players.They bought Iago Aspas and Mamadou Sakho (also goalkeeper Simon Mignolet and Luis Alberto) but they aren’t the reason why they are where they are and that shows how good a job Brendan Rodgers has done and how much the players have come on. So yes, if they win the title it will be the greatest in history. If they finished 2nd or 3rd it will be a big improvement.”

  42. Quincy
    My point was that was the catalyst that got me thinking what could actually be viewed as the greatest win. Our unbeaten run would obviously be the best imo, but I just thought let me do a bit of searching to see what others thought and 1998 came up.

  43. Three good things at the Ems today- Giroud was immense; The fans sang we ant you to stay to Sagna; the players kids were amazing with the ball!!

    The sad thing was the Balti Chicken pies are rubbish. There’s been a change of supplier. The previous ones were to Gordon Ramsy spec. These are just rubbish.

    PGMOL were visible in the actions today. Kicks to the ankles and the occassional assist to help you fall badly not punished.

  44. Mandy

    Let me spare you the suspense . Mourinho will blame the players he inherited , especially ‘useless ‘ strikers, the referees , the fixture congestion, the opposing managers for playing 19th Century football or ‘strange tactics’ , like he did after the West Ham and Norridge today and probably the fly on the wall too.

    He’s probably gonna tell Roman that if he wants him to deliver the league next year , he will need a £100M and he’s gonna get it.
    Poor Jose!

  45. I am happy with the win, but it could have been easily 3-0 if Ozil had scored when Giroud headed the ball to him, and if Podolski’s blooper shot to the post had bounced in rather than out. Ollie was fabulous, harassing the WBA defense all game. I also loved the Verminator’s long pass along the left line to Podolski.
    Poor Moanrinho, he has to get rid of 2 of 3 attackers who do not defend (Hazard, Oscar, and Schurrle) of 3 of 4 strikers that are not up to his standards (Torres, Etoo, and Ba) and of a couple of midfielders and defenders (Cashley, David Luiz, and Mikel). If he needs to rebuild, that is 7 or 8 players coming in, including Diego Costa and Courtois. If he believes he can deliver the Premiership to RA with that, spending over 100 million along the way, then all the power to him. Apparently, the boss was not very interested in Diego Costa after the turn of the year scouting report, but he was rather looking at Draxler or Griezmann, two players who he believes will fit better with our playing system.
    One point that must be made is that all top 4 teams had some bad days: us away against the others at the top, Man City away early in the season, Chelsea away in general, and at home to Sunderland, and Liverpool early on in the season, including the home loss to Southampton. We could be already across the line as bad officiating cost us about 11 points (home ties with Chelsea and Man City, away ties at WBA and Southampton, and the loss to Anthony Taylor on opening day at home).
    Going back to opening day, I cannot but feel that, after the easy start, the PGMOL, and Mike the cnut Riley called Anthony Taylor on his headphone and told to immediately stop the Gunners in their tracks, hence the farcical developments on that day.
    Anyway, we got robbed 11 points versus 2 or 3 max (or possibly -2 or -3) for Liverpool, Man City, and Chelsea. So, I am at peace with myself, as we are the rightful winners. Next season, we need to take care of the PGMOL; so many choices to do that, other than the usual “we should shame them” so I am awaiting for a call to action. I am French educated, so here is my version of part of the Marseillaise:

    Allons enfants de la patrie (gooners)!
    Le jour de gloire est arrive!
    Contre nous de la tyrannie (of Mike Riley and the PGMOL) l’etendard sanglant est leve!
    L’etendard sanglant est leve.
    Entendez-vous dans les campagnes
    Mugir ces feroces soldats (the anti-Arsenal media)
    Ils viennent jusque dans vos bras
    Egorger vos fils vos compagnes (Gunners and their fans)
    Aux armes, citoyens!
    Formez vos bataillons!
    Marchons, marchons
    Qu’un sang impur (Riley and the PGMOL)
    Abreuve nos sillons!

    Time to take action. The least that could be done? Well, look at Man City and their lawyers taking the blood out of FFP.

  46. “Taking the blood out of FFP” is a blood banking joke.
    An involuntary one; I spotted it after posting.
    In Blood Banking, FFP stands for Fresh Frozen Plasma, blood without white cells, red cells, or platelets.

  47. Sorry Ray, I started thinking food (blutwurst), and then realized you took red blood cells out. But, I see in:

    That dried plasma is used as binder for meat products (sausage, …).

    So, maybe ManCity is going to end up in the suasage business?

    This was an unusual game for me, I seen 3/4 of it. I too think both missed opportunities should have been goals.

    An aside, if you work quasi-medical. FFP is still a problem for that juvenile diarhea in pigs that is getting to be a serious problem worldwide (apparently only Europe not effected)?

  48. Gord,
    I like it. Man City in the (halal) sausage business.
    By the way, since electronic membership with Arsenal Player (via Arsenal’s website) is free, you can watch the game a day or so later, in its entirety. I have done it several times, mostly because I am superstitious, and I do not record/tape live games on my DVR system. The nice thing about any TV with the usual HDMI hookup is that you can use your own laptop as a source and watch the game anytime; the other advantage is that the maximal volume level from Arsenal Player is usually low for a noisy household (like mine) and using the TV allows me to turn the volume up and adjust to cover for the background noise in my household.

  49. Ray
    You rightly point out the points we were robbed, which can be anything between 9 and 15 points. On the other hand, our rivals were all gifted a minimum of 6 points each. So like you, I’m at peace with myself too in the knowledge we are the rightful winners. They can say all they like about us having a poor season but it won’t resonate with me.

  50. Tom

    100% right on about Jose and what his excuses will be. Fine, self preservation an all.

    But you know what’s worse?

    The Media will lap up every word.

  51. On a totally unrelated note, I am tired of the “Chelsea has no strikers” myth perpetrated by Mourinho which has been all too easily lapped up by the media without due professional scrutiny?

    Compare Chelsea’s situation to Arsenal who played the whole season with only one proven striker (Giroud) who I believe is roughly the same caliber as Torres/Demba Ba. Many a times Arsenal had to field the young unproven Yaya Sanogo to lead the line including a Champions League game vs Bayern Munich. Despite this, Arsenal currently sit only 3 points behind Chelsea. You never hear Wenger rubbishing his strikers in public.

    In contrast, Demba Ba lead the line so effectively in Newcastle and Eto’o is a proven world class striker with plenty still left in his tank. So Mourinho is wrong to deflect attention from his failures by claiming he has no strikers. Even surprising is that the media has just been repeating the myth after him. How many of you actually feel that Chelsea has no world class strikers?

  52. Tom.

    Typo alert!

    ‘Right on’ What’s that all about?

    It’s’ Right on MAN’

    I mean, if you’re going to go all hippy you may as well do it right. Peace. 🙂

  53. The truth ?

    The closer you get to excellence in your life, the more friends you’ll lose. People love you when you’re average because it makes them comfortable.
    But when you pursue greatness it makes people uncomfortable.
    Be prepared to lose some people on your journey.

    Tony A. Gaskins .Jr.

  54. And as I wrestled myself from the claws of sleep I managed to publish a fresh article. OMG I feel tired 😉 The things we do for Arsenal…

  55. Sam
    True. Torres alone is a world class striker, and when you throw in Eto and Ba you’ve got a formidable strike force at the Bridge. The real issue is the type of football they play over there doesn’t suit any of their strikers, or rather, suits very few strikers in the world. Unless they change the style, even if they signed Costa, Falcao, etc tomorrow the issues will stay the same. The only person to thrive there was Drogba who is a target man for long balls punted upfield and would hustle defenders off the ball. If they sign Chris Samba he will do a better job for them than their current strikers. The type of footy they play suits a bully of a striker, that’s why Torres thrived at Liverpool but struggles there, why sturridge is now thriving at Liverpool but struggled there, or why other strikers with proven records struggled there like Shevchenko, Eto, etc. It’s all hogwash, designed to deflect attention away; he can 20 strikers of the highest calibre but if their style doesn’t change they’ll all flop. Perhaps that’s why they want Drogba back at 36 🙂

  56. Chelsea have NO strikers!The media accept this.Arsenal have only Giroud, this is AW fault for not buying in the transfer market.Wages for Eto,Demba and Torres, say 450,000 per week.Giroud 85,000 per week.I rest my case.

  57. Giroud is just a goal from catching up with the world class Rooney and ahead of many others who are deemed better than him. thanks to Wenger

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