Laurent Koscielny, he wanted to stay

By Walter Broeckx

A few days ago you could read on that Laurent Koscielny signed a new long term contract with Arsenal. In a way I feel sorry for the people who have to come up with the silly transfer rumours in the next weeks. As Koscielny leaving Arsenal for…. Barcelona/Real Madrid/PSG/Who Ever United/ Any Where FC can scrap him of their list.

There will be no Koscielny leaving rumour for the first year. Or even years. But you never know with those transfer rumour inventors of course. They might put him on the list once again next summer.

Now I must say that I don’t usually fall for the transfer rumours but I could understand that a few clubs have been considering Koscielny to fill up any gap in their defence for next season. Barcelona having to replace Puyol was one of the favourite rumours. But the can forget that for now.

I think most Arsenal supporters will have been very happy with the news that he signed a new contract. And I am amongst them. When we drove home last week after the match against WBA we talked about our defence when leaving London. And about the situation with our compatriot Thomas Vermaelen. You know the man next to me in my avatar picture. So you can imagine I do like Vermaelen. In fact I like him a lot.

But despite him being born even in the region where I and my travelling companion Marcel are from we could only admit that the partnership that has been build between Per Mertesacker and Koscielny is just the best we have. And Vermaelen is third choice for the moment. So I have no hesitation in admitting that if I had to choose between Koscielny and Vermaelen I would pich the Frenchman.

Yet again this is another example on how people should not turn on players after a poor match, or even a few poor performances over different weeks. We all have our ups and downs and it is when players have their downs that we should support them most.

With the FA cup final only a week away from us it is perhaps fitting to remember that low from Koscielny in that match. Not that he played bad. Not at all. But he was one of the players involved in the complete mix-up that cost us the Carling cup that year. His misunderstanding with Szczesny is something that still hurts.

And after that Koscielny was in the fire line of the moaners. Terms like : ‘he should never be allowed again to play for Arsenal’ or ‘he should be given for free to anyone that wants him’ or even worse could be heard and read.

Of course we at Untold didn’t jump on that bandwagon. At the time we stuck up for Koscielny. As we will do for any Arsenal player that has a bad moment. Because we believe that supporting our players is more helping them than abusing them.

I then wrote at the time that this moment would be a make or break moment for Koscielny. I wrote that this could make him stronger or would be the start of the end of his Arsenal career. I said that it would be down to him to decide which direction it would go from there. And how Wenger would react of course.

Wenger gave him a breather in the next match but then he started him again and gave him full confidence once again.  And from then on it was down to the character from Koscielny to show how he would cope with that painful moment.

History has shown what a great character Laurent has had. Not only his defending was outstanding apart from a few moments of being too rash at times. But name me any defender who hasn’t had those moments. In general one can say that he has been excellent for most of the time.

Developing a partnership with Per Mertesacker that has lead to 15 clean sheets so far this season.  He is the player that has played most of the matches since his arrival of all the Arsenal players over the same period.

I think he has shown his exceptional defensive qualities and now also is a regular starter for the French national team since coming to Arsenal a few years ago. But like I said he has shown to be a person who can come back from adversity and that is also very important in being a player of Arsenal.

The way Laurent Koscielny has developed since joining Arsenal is another example on how Arsenal does know best when it comes to signing a new and unknown player. After the usual sceptical reaction from the same old moaners Kosielny has shown why Wenger wanted him. And Wenger has shown that he knew that Koscielny could improve himself over the years.

Another example that it is better to support a player than to bury him under unfair or stupid criticism. But I don’t think they will have learned their lesson.

Anyway great to know that Laurent will be there at Arsenal for many years to come and let us hope that he know will make up for that dreadful moment next week. Laurent scoring the winner  in the final game for Arsenal is after all not a rare sight.  Now wouldn’t that be sweet justice for him to score a goal in next weeks cup final?

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  1. And very glad he is staying, any number of top clubs would jump at the chance to sign him. Kos really is the quintessential modern defender, his work with Per is outstanding.
    I feel sorry for TV, not even on the bench yesterday. If he really is going, hope he gets to say goodbye playing some part next week, he deserves nothing less.
    Wenger organically grows and improve teams….in a way that takes a bit of time and patience as they learn to be free spirits, with free minds uncluttered by automon like control methods instilled into them, free minds, to make their own and collective decisions on the pitch. This process can be disrupted by key players leaving…..or getting injured. The fact we have signed on so many of our best bodes very well for next season. Mark my words , we will get better, huge signings or not as the players already here get better. Jack next year might well blossom in the way Rambo has this year…..then there is Ozil….Not that we don’t need signings of course, but just making a point.

  2. Kos was picked from relative obscurity and has become one of the best defenders in the EPL.
    Lets give credit to Wenger for making the selection.

    Kos staying is excellent news, we need to retain the core of this very good team and add a small number of quality players over the summer.

    I hope Vermaelen stays, unfortunately his recent career has been interrupted by injury. My understanding was that AW initially intended to rotate his three center backs, but injuries disrupted this plan. Since then the Kos & BFG partnership has really developed.

  3. The story of Kos as Arsenal was run by the press without even a thought – they have done it so often.

    1. Arsenal buy an unknown. (Cue AAA – we don’t need another unknown, we need world class. Wenger out).

    2. Kos takes a year to settle in. (Rubbish player, not fit to wear the shirt).

    3. Kos comes good (ignored by press).

    4. Other clubs want to buy him. (Arsenal in danger of losing yet another top player because of Wenger’s ineptitude at handling contracts).

    It’s as easy as 1-2-3 (and 4)

  4. Yet another absolutely brilliant signing.

    Well done to Arsene, Arsenal and Kos.

  5. Yes, this is without doubt his best season, uninterrupted by injuries, suspensions & occasional lapses in form. I think he’s been our most consistently on form performer.

  6. Did not actually vote for Kos as player of the year, my vote went to his German colleague, but like Ramsey, would have been very very easy to vote for him

  7. Mystery as to Vermaelen’s omission, maybe injury precaution?

    Could stay, could go. He doesn’t seem to play well with Per for some reason

  8. Kosciely is among the new breed of defenders. Very quick, good last ditch tackles, good on the ball…… My worry is Per. What will we do when Per hangs his boots. I see Per as the last of the old school defenders. Good positional play and an impressive ability to read the game. His reading of the game is so accurate that he hardly has to do a last ditch effort. We can find another Kos. But Per. Can we find another Per.

  9. if not for Ramsey, My player of the season vote would have gone to BFG, closely followed by Kos, Szczesny and Sagna. Worthy mention Gibbs and Giroud.

  10. Ah Mandy, big minds think alike 😉 I also voted for Per as our player of the season. I love our BFG very much and I am over the moon to see how he proved all his critics wrong. Just as I expected he would do when he signed for us.

  11. Mandy Dodd,

    This Player of the Season vote is the most difficult one that I have cast in years. There are just too many heroes and it felt like betrayal on my part not voting for all of them. In the end though, I voted for the guy who is, in my opinion, our most complete contributor on the field.

    He helps the defence, especially with set-pieces, even though he is not a defender.

    He supports the midfield, even though he is not a midfielder.

    He gives assists to his team mates even though he would be easily forgiven for being selfish as the main striker.

    He scores his fair share of goals and is our highest scorer this season with 22 goals.

    Yes, I voted for OLIVIER GIROUD because I think he was very good this season but my vote was more a giant middle finger to all of his detractors. I know he is unlikely to win but with the grace with which has taken the amount of unwarranted and undeserved abuse thrown at him this season, he is the player of the season for me.

  12. Sure do Walter. Per has been amazing this season, virtually ever present, a leader, mentor, calming influence, loved by the fans, maybe even one day, statue material….and he did score what could hopefully end up as a very very important goal if we get things right this weekend. If Ramsey had been fit all season, guess he would be hot favourite get the accolade…he might yet.
    But as pointed out, more than a few of them deserve mentions in dispatches, there is a real team ethic about this bunch, the group is more important than the individual…as typified by the likes of Giroud. Which is a good thing…in the fairly recent past, some individuals have seemed to put themselves above the team…although some of them were rather excellent it has to be said…

  13. I dont see it as misunderstanding the cock up
    On the carling cup.Kozza was defending and it is the keeper that get involved,Had Schezny stayed a bit calm Kozza would have dealt with Obafemy.
    Glad that he signed for us.

  14. just seen your post Bootoomee, agree a hard choice this year, but you put a very compelling case for a true unsung hero, one Wenger clearly recognises.
    Girouds goals this year put him amongst some very expensive high profile players, but the media seem to ignore that.
    Giroud certainly did have a bit of a dip in form, maybe and understandably, fatigue, or maybe because he lost key players to injury that formed his supply line, and he had to adjust to others bought in. But he seems back on form, a sublime assist yesterday, if certain other teams had scored that, we would never hear the last of it.
    Think OG, if he and his supply line stay fit, could very easily get 30 goals next season, worth considering in the clamour of some for big name strikers

  15. Gibbs not included in the England squad!
    Wow. I take it they weren’t watching his minutes against say, Bayern Munich. Baines must’ve really impressed when the Southampton RB just ran past him the other week.

    Perhaps Hodgson got confused after he picked Chamberlain? Just don’t mention the monkey!

    As an Arsenal fan I’m not complaining.

  16. I think Marinner made the choice for left back and picked The Ox 🙂 Or did he made a mistake? Surely not? 😉

  17. finsbury,

    Other than for our players who love the honour of playing for their countries, I would hope none ever make it. I really, really, really wish they all are free this summer and return for pre-season well rested and injury free. Gibbs not making it may be bad for Gibbs but I love it. I am overjoyed about Santi too.

  18. I had to vote for Ramsey; my conscience would not allow me letting a prolonged time on the sidelines due to injury dictate a vote for anybody but Arsenal’s ubiquitous Welshman.

  19. Can’t find any confirmation not he Spain squad?
    I’d prefer for Carzola to have the Summer off, but give the minutes he’s had for Spain over the last twelve to eighteen months that would be a surprising decision from the Marquis.

  20. There should be a defensive POS and an offensive POS, that way we can honour the defense as they seem to lose out to the attackers.
    Glad Kos is staying, he is so much a player, that he could probably play midfield too, have you seen him going forward with the ball?
    Sagna, i hope he stays, and when we win FA, i think(hope) he will. If he goes we are losing 2 players there, which is why i think he should have got at least a firm 3yr contract, or a little more money for a 2 yr contract.

  21. I have to agree, player of the season a real toughie this year.

    Reason: If he had played 95% of the season instead of 65% I think we would of won the league, or at least took it to the wire.

    He was so awesome when he did play I had to ignore his time out.

    Also there might be a bit of guilt in there as well, because to my shame, I did lose faith.

    I never gave him stick. I just felt sorry for him, and cursed that w****r Shawcross.

    I just didn’t think he was going to come back.

    Just shows you that even a genius like me can be wrong sometimes 🙂

  22. Player of the season is going to be tight between Ramsey and Mertesacker but I genuinely think that it should be Ramsey. My vote for Giroud is a protest vote. My big FUCK YOU to those who bad mouth the guy.

  23. Fair play Boo.

    Giroud has been brilliant.

    His work ethic is faultless, a superb team player. As are a good many of this particular team to be fair.

  24. Joel Campbell probably also on world cup with Costa Rica this summer. Wonder if he will join Arsenal after the world cup?

  25. I was watching the Godfather when i read this post

    Per – Mafia boss
    Arteta – Under boss
    Kos – Henchman
    Flamini – Henchman’s Henchman
    Ramsey – Impressive New Kid
    Giroud – Womanising Assassin
    Ozil & Cazorla – Spies
    Walcott, Gibbs & Ox – Trio with An Attitude
    Sanogo – Savvy Pimp
    Sezny – Undercover
    Sagna – Retiring Legend
    Diaby – The Forgotten Hero
    Rocisky – The Honest Accountant

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