Monaco are in the same boat incidentally, and they have just ignored FFP totally.  So both Monaco and Liverpool will supply their accounts in October.  They won’t suddenly be thrown out for overspending, but Uefa can withhold the payments clubs get from Champions League appearances, and they have done this before.  Liverpool really do have to make a massive profit this season to get through next summer’s test ok, and if Rodgers buys, they ain’t gonna do it.

Worse they have to do it all again by the next season, and we have to remember that by 2015/16 there is no exclusion of players signed before June 2010, and the deficit is reduced to 30m euros over three (not two) seasons.  Here again that Rodgers approach just won’t cut it.

Which is why Liverpool are so desperate for Man City to get away with their approach of ignoring FFP.  If Man City get away with it, the Rodgers system is safe.  If not, then “whooops” might be an appropriate word to use.

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