Untold Arsenal is back; I’m sorry we went.

I know it must be incredibly frustrating for you when Untold goes down.  And I am sure you can imagine the horror and anxiety that attacks me each time it happens.

When I turned on my machine at work this morning and saw the number of attempted entries onto the site by hackers I feared the worst, and sometime in the morning UK time, we went down.

But I did get a morning article up – please do go back to The Season When The Media Got it All Wrong – it is a superb article, and deserves your readership.

Believe me, we are doing everything we can, and more, to stop all this, but there are limits to what I can afford to do – but I really am trying to keep this site open so that we can express our views, just as everyone else is able to express their different views.

I put up an article at lunchtime (UK time) today on the history site  and I’ll go and clear any comments in a moment (sorry – you might be cleared for comments here, but the history site runs separately).

And then hopefully a bit later, I will get another article up here.

To see what’s what if we go down again please follow us on Twitter @UntoldArsenal and on the Arsenal History Society site www.blog.woolwicharsenal.co.uk – which is fairly easy to remember.

Again apologies.  Before all this started I used to have dark hair.



10 Replies to “Untold Arsenal is back; I’m sorry we went.”

  1. Tony, I think all Gooners applaud your work and your continued effort in keeping the site going despite the antics of those who wish to prevent the pro Wenger fans expressing free speech.

    I do hope those responsible are caught and severely punished.

  2. I suppose the only thing to do is take it as vindication of the work Untold does.

    If it wasn’t poking people in places they didn’t like being poked they’d simply ignore it.

    The fact they don’t says all you need to know really.

    Sad bastards.

  3. Glad you are back. Any idea who these people are? Guess you cannot say even if you do, but take pleasure in the fact they have obviously has a bad weekend!

  4. Tony,
    Can’t agree about the hair, I’m afraid.
    The banner photo of decades ago shows early white hair is a genetic feature of all Attwoods, world-wide 🙂

  5. I suspect few Untold readers are nerds/geeks or however you want to describe people that know a lot about computers. But, if you ever get a hint of something to try or look for, I can try to help. Mostly I do numerical methods, but I have done some sysadmin and netadmin programming in the past.

  6. This explanation Tony is an open invitation for budding hackers to attack you more. They know now there must be vulnerabilities to exploit and they hone their skills on websites like Untold before hitting bigger targets.

    You need an independent client used as a firewall between the server and users.

    Being hacked is so 90’s. These days with 255bit encryption and super secure wireless connections this should not be a problem. I think the platform itself is probably old and needs something more up to date.

    Also computers of many end users are unknowingly infected with malware and trojans which bypass their software level protection – but is being picked up by your hardware level protection.

  7. I used to fret when I couldn’t log on or comment .Now I just take it that this site is hurting someone and I rejoice in it .
    Up Untold Arsenal !

  8. Infected !

    A beautiful woman walks into a doctor’s office and the doctor is bowled off by how stunningly awesome she and his professionalism goes right through the window.
    He tells her to take off her pants and starts rubbing her thigh, he asks her do you know what I’m doing? Yes she said, checking for abnormalities.
    He tell her to take off he bra and starts rubbing her boobs,he asks her do you know what I’m doing? Yes, she said checking for cancer.
    He tells her to take of her underwear and starts having sex. He tells her do you know what I’m doing?
    She said “Yes getting AIDS !

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