Arsenal’s buying campaign starts. According to reports

By Tony Attwood.  At home with his Puma kit.

Each transfer season has its own phrase.  This summer it is “according to reports”.   The phrase is everywhere – and since each report quotes the other reports it is exponential in its growth.  I say that Arsenal are going to sign the right back Hardly Anyone from Aristo Rangers of Harrow, and the next thing you know, a hundred blogs are saying “According to reports….”

Anyway, as my feet are still aching too much from four hours solid on the dance floor last night (a passion Mr Wenger and I share although we have different preferences when it comes to dance forms) I don’t fancy putting my shoes on and going for a walk, so here’s the buys that Arsenal are making, according to reports.

1.  Mathieu Debuchy

According to reports (told you so), Arsenal have “sealed a deal for Newcastle United right back Mathieu Debuchy and the medical is set to happen this week. Arsenal will officially announce the deal once the medical gets done.”

2.  Alexis Sanchez.

According to the latest rumors (which is much the same as according to reports), Arsenal have agreed personal terms with Barcelona star Alexis Sanchez.  But Juventus want him, and have guaranteed that he will win league championships with them.  Whatever can they mean?

3. Iker Casillas

Reports, according to, Arsene Wenger has convinced Iker Casillas (the Real Mad and Spain keeper) to join him at Arsenal.  Actually I don’t believe a word of that.

4.  Mikel Arteta

To reports, according, the agent of Arsenal midfielder Mikel Arteta has dismissed Athletic Bilbao rumours.  Apparently this will make “all Arsenal fans sigh with relief after another summer of inactivity”.

If it weren’t for the fact that my computer cost a lot of dosh I could throw something at it when I read stuff like that.  As if I need someone else to tell me what to feel.  I am an emotional man and anyone who says otherwise will feel the end of my fist.  Or not, as the case may be.

5.  Hugo Keto

16 year old keeper Hugo Keto has signed from Helsinki.  Actually I think that is a real deal and not a reports, according to.

6.  Jackson Martinez.

Reports report that it is reported that reportedly he is 27.

And he “wants to push the switch through, speaking of his desire to join Arsene Wenger’s men.”

He’s a Columbian striker and plays for Porto, don’cha’know.

7.  Bojan Krkić

Of course the Daily Star never say “according to reports” because the reports start with them.  So they say “according to news reports” Bojan plays forward or wing, and plays for Spain and Catalonia.   This story is on Talk Sprout too.

8.  David Henen.

“The north London side are closing in on their first summer signing after opening talks with Anderlecht for their wonderkid David Henen.”

Does anyone actually speak like that?  Presumably they do in Lower Thames Street.

“News reports today claim the north London side have opened negotiations for the 18-year-old and are hoping to beat Premier League rivals Manchester United to the talented Belgian youngster.  Henen has been touted as a star of the future for the les Diables Rouges and United have been keeping tabs on his development.”

Oh Thor, God of Thunder, save me from the mindless drivel.

9.  Sami Khedira 

“Arsenal have made a massive bid to sign up Sami Khedira from Real Madrid.”  He’s the defensive midfielder (just thought I would say in case your mind has blown up by now).   Mesut Ozil is acting as a go-between.

10.  We won’t sign no one.

According to reports we ain’t signing no one, because other clubs are going to beat us to it each time, because Arsenal have the slowest group of transfer dealers in the universe, and anyway they are all stupid.

Here’s a perfect version of this near-death vision… “There is a supposed frenzy amongst fans of Arsenal…”   Really?  Then to use the Liverpudlian expression, “Kalm down, Kalm down, Kalm down.”  We ain’t frenzied in Great Oakley, home of the might Untold, I can assure you of that!

And the same article, clearly written by a great expert in psychological what-nots goes on, “It is easy for Arsenal fans to get carried away and forget that the club have been in this position before, only for it to unravell and end in disappointment as the club dithers in every deal.”

Which is of course always the trick.  In one sentence join together two concepts for which there is never any proof of linkage.   I am told my office syndicate has won the lottery, and I get carried away with excitement, only to discover that we didn’t but we could have done if only we had been smart enough to buy the right numbers four days ago.  Yes, probably.

Just take a look at this, “In the summer of 2012, when Juan Mata boarded it plane to London, reports where that he was headed to London Colney for his medical, and eventual signing.”

OK, don’t worry about the typo – it should be “reports were” and we all make those mistakes.  But the important point is that it it was “reports were”.  Made up by those guys having fun at the Daily Star, and repeated endlessly and seriously by the blogs that unlike Untold don’t do any research themselves, don’t go and meet anyone senior in the club, and in fact just read the Star, and then say, Arsenal have screwed up.

It is the ultimate fantasy trip.  “Reports suggest Arsenal will sign everyone.” (which is pretty much true).  But they are only “reports”.

Thus, the article continues, “There were reports that the club had a bid submitted, and have agreed personal terms with the player, and all that was needed was to trash out the remaining deal with Valencia. [I think they mean “thrash out”]  Yet at the last minutes, the deal was gazumped by Chelsea, and a deal that those at Highbury House could not tie down in months was wrapped up in days by another.”

It is clever – moving from the fantasy zone of “reports suggest” through to the “gazumped by Chelsea”.   As you know I am no apologist for Chelsea, but I simply see no evidence that they wait for Arsenal to get a deal together, and for the player to turn up at Heathrow Airport, and then push the Arsenal negotiators out of the way and whisk the guy off in a luggage carrier and escort him to the home of Mr Abramovich.

Of course the real give away is the final bit of the tirade.  “And, there is the Gonzalo Higuian episode from last summer. It was an episode that provided several sub plots, with counter reports of bids submitted, personal terms agreed, player was to travel to London to have a medical and all sorts of things that goes with a transfer speculation. The club was at it for months in a summer that had no Major tournament apart from the Confederations Cup that had only eight countries as participant. Yet, Napoli who had to sell Edinson Cavani before they could buy a replacement, ended up buying Gonzalo Higuian in a matter of weeks after Arsenal had laboured with it for months.”

That is a classic paragraph in that it moves from the “counter reports” of the second sentence, into the “club was at it for months” (at what isn’t clear, but the suggestion is “trying to buy Higuain”) and then suddenly he’s off to Napoli.

If you read Untold last summer you might remember I had enough egg on my face to provide British breakfasts in every motorway service area in the UK for the next six years over Higuain.   But I did at least take the trouble to unravel the story – although it took a lot of time.  The need for cash for Bale was at the centre – the need for Napoli to solve their own crisis, and ultimately the desire for Real Mad to get Bale without conceding to the demand of Tottenham that they (Real Mad) didn’t sell Ozil to Arsenal.

The reality of transfers is complex, and can’t be reduced to “reports suggest” or paragraphs which move from what appears to be a statement of fact into the simplistic conclusion that Arsenal has screwed up.

Perhaps the best advice around is never to take notice of web sites that tell you how to feel.  Untold doesn’t do that – except when it tells you not to take notice of web sites that tell you how to feel.

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54 Replies to “Arsenal’s buying campaign starts. According to reports”

  1. The latest of the latest rumours on Sanchez copied from the headline of the trusty Daily Star, never known to be wrong on these matters…..
    ‘Man City join Arsenal, Liverpool & Man Utd in the race to sign Barcelona’s Alexis Sanchez.’
    They are allegedly going to gazump us and blow us out of the water with a bid of £40 million.

  2. Mick

    The way I look at it, if we get gazumped by the FFP dodgers fine…fuck ’em.

  3. Whatever happens with Sanchez, think it will be very soon, as I would imagine the fate of Suarez is fairly imminent.
    If we really are interested in Sanchez, sadly, think city gazumping us is a very real threat if they sell negredo…..not that they have to with their FFP slap on the wrist.

  4. The thing which I keep noticing a lot is the phrases “Arsenal now have to compete with Manchester United for the signing …”. I have seen the same thing with Liverpool. Do people really believe Manchester United and Liverpool can compete with us in the transfer market knowing how in debt those clubs are. We can match any bid they make without “selling a player” and match any wage offer they make. Yes, those clubs can buy players without selling but it increases their debts and this can only be done so much, I think. Arsenal are virtually debt free now.

    What is this “Arsenal are competing with Manchester United and Liverpool”?

  5. Now i have enough for the rumor arsenal transfer.. Getting sick when read needs that rival clubs has started to buy some new players and build their team to face and challenge for the title… Win the FA this year is good.. But good isnt good enough.. I dont Know wheter we as fans demand too much or Arsene felt that he has enough to face the next season challange.. Hopefully he knows the best or the fans better to expect nothing next year.. But arsenal needs to arrieve 2 or 3 new faces with one sensational transfer deal between them, in my opinion.. Hopefully..

  6. There’s far too much doom and gloom about, this early in the opening of the Window. Two months of excitement over our new signings to look forward to, then the photos in the Puma shirts and then…..on the first of September, only 16 weeks to go and the January Window will open!!!
    On now to the bright side. Bendtner is no longer a drain on the pay list. Our French chums (those free of injury) are now on their hols. And BFG and his mates seem to be getting rested from the national team, in order to be fit for the Emirates Cup next month.
    Jack and the OX have been seen playing beach football (in the new shirts)already fed up with too long a holiday.
    Gibbsy is at Colney for the whole of July with a boot only on his right foot. He would like to be on the beach.
    And to make the day for all true supporters of our great Club, Manchester United’s first team have been spotted playing footer on la plage in Calais so that they can claim to have played in Europe this new season.
    And if all that hasn’t cheered you up just a little bit, aren’t you glad we didn’t buy Suarez last season…. The AAA must be hopping mad. 😉

  7. Wondering if Walter has a take on the dismal appalling standard of refereeing at this World Cup….

  8. Sports Mole is nominally saying that Arsenal doesn’t want Joel Campbell any more. They are actually saying he is to be loaned out to a Premier League team, but if he goes out on yet another loan, doesn’t that more or less leave him a free agent? Or that leaves him with only a single year left?

    Seems like a dumb article anyway.

    Oh, Sports Mole apparently didn’t make this up themselves, they read it at Daily Mail.

  9. @Gord
    The Daily Mail is about as unreliable a source as you can get. The arch Wenger hater AAAdrian Durham cretin writes for them.

  10. @Mandy
    Fuckwit is being kind to Andy Dumn, to give him a more appropriate name. And the Mirror is supposedly one of the few Arsenal friendly papers!

  11. I have long ago stopped wasting money on the Daily Wail and indeed all the other papers. If they cannot report accurately there is no point supporting them.

    They deliberately play on the desire of each and every fan to see his/her team improve – but they don’t let the facts spoil a good headline.

    So my view is to chill out over transfers & let those who are responsible for same get on with it.

    But, when new player(s) arrive – then the cork will come out of the bottle!

  12. Well, it looks like we get another data point. Is it better to switch goaltenders before going into penalties. Tim Krul is in for the Netherlands.

  13. Is any of the idiots on BBC aware that the Dutch might have been practicing penalty shoot outs in training and that Krul be much better at it than Cillessen?

    Why can’t these guys just shut up once in a while?

    If the Dutch end up winning due to Krul’s saves, be ready for LvG is a genius talking point.

  14. Now be ready for “van Gaal” is a tactical genius bullshit.

    Some BBC idiot just called it a gamble. What a retarded imbecile!

    Tim went the right way for all the kicks and saved 2 out of 5. Maybe the idiots would own up and confess that they don’t know jackshit about football that they are paid heavily for.

    As a layman, I was pretty certain that Kruul MUST have been outstanding in training on penalties. It is a shame the buffoons at the studio couldn’t see that.

  15. Agreed mick, in the same paper same edition, that managerial genius Ian holloway is now slagging off wilshere for his attitude in the game against Costa Rica
    There are many things wrong with the England set up to focus on …such as a current England captain that was instrumental in removing the current England manager from his previous post at Liverpool for starters, but to in anyway blame a guy underplayed in Brazil is sub moronic…..but that’s Ian holloway to a tee…..and that’s the daily mirror policy towards arsenal…john cross, time to stand up to this, as I keep telling you on here

  16. By the way, LvG’s tactical decision to remove Indi almost cost them as for the first time in the whole game, the Costa Ricans had the upper hand.

    The decision to bring in Krul just showed to me that LvG is a meticulous manager who does his homework and unlike the BBC morons, isn’t prone to making emotional decisions.

    Those fucking idiots really pissed me off tonight.

  17. The LvG sucking is unbearable. Would he get this same praise if he was not becoming United manager? Probably not which once again showshow biased the English media is to their milking cow

  18. Unfortunately the pgmol will buy into the van Gaal thing……in the way they did with a prev Utd manager, Rogers got one off pgmol support last year, but blew it,
    Scudamore said clearly a strong Utd was needed for the EPL brand. We know what’s coming

  19. Seems to be an anti LvG thing going on here. It’s well known that Tim Krull is a very good penalty stopper, so to hold him back until the very last (literally) minute, thus preventing an outfield player coming on earlier, was a calculated risk. But it was obvious (after watching them against Greece) that Costa Rica’s game plan must have included the likelihood (hope) of penalties, so it wasn’t genius but good sensible tactics.
    The TV guys must have seen that interview where he told the reporter not to ask such stupid questions, so are buttering him up a little. I think I would too, as he looks a bit like an ex boxer and quite intimidating.

  20. So Debuchy is heading our way, well if Instagram thing is true. This can only mean one thing, more involvement for Jenko…..

  21. oldgroover, Krul has only saved 2 out of 20 penalties he’s faced in the Premier League, so he’s hardly a penalty specialist.

    ARSENAL 13, Debuchy said on his Facebook account that that Instagram account is fake.

    Arsenal have held talks and are set to sack wayward Frenchman Arsène Wenger, as he leaves everything too late in the transfer market and doesnt tell everyone,not even his family what hes doing,and has only won the measly FAC once in in the last nine years and lost to non league Bradford and non league U10s Blackburn side in one season.In his place AFC are due to hold talks with the ‘British Media’.
    “We’re going spend spend spend like Viv Nicholson”, said the Media, and lists Messi, Neymar Ronaldo the Bodidharma and their mate Dave Weasel from Le Grove on their managerial shopping list, although Bodidharma denies this.
    “as Ive said on Talksport a million times, that French Wenger bloke knows nothing, and we’re going to prove it by wining the Emirates cup” apparently the Media said…”and enough of that foreign food, what we need is a good ol’British fry up,more steak and kidney pie and my Mums chips just before the game and a month in Magaluf to warm up for the season,it worked in the past and it can work again and theres going to be some other changes too, Boulds out and in comes Piers Morgan,hes well connected through his media years and knows a thing or two about football as his Twitter account shows,and will tell you no lies like that French Wenger bloke, you can always trust the British press”.
    “Going to be an exciting season,expect us to back,sorry slag you all the way”said the Media,”after all its what we do best isnt it?”
    Talks continue…

    COYG!Aha and Amen

  23. oldgroover,

    What “anti LvG thing” are you talking about? My issue is with the idiots being paid with my TV licence money talking utter bullshit on air.

    Around 23 minutes into the extra time, Tim Krul started warming up and right there and then, I thought to myself the only logical reason: the Dutch must have realised while practicing shoot-outs in training that Krul is much better at it than Cillissen. It is the only logical reason for me and has nothing to do with the number of penalties that Krul saved last season or in his entire career. If the manager is bringing him in in the very last minute of the game, I never saw it as lack of confidence in Cillissen but rather an unemotional decision to stick to what LvG saw in training. This was in no way a gamble as the BBC morons whined earlier only to then started calling LvG a tactical genius later when his decision turned out to be right.

    If you look at my comments from the beginning, you’ll see that I predicted how the whole thing would go precisely. So rather than hailing LvG as some sort of genius over his decision to bring in Krul for the shoot-out, they should own up as idiots for not seeing what I, a mere fan could see and an outcome that I predicted perfectly. LvG might indeed be a genius but that decision was not ingenious, it just showed LvG to be meticulous and unemotional.

    There is no “anti-LvG thing” going on here. There is anti-idiots spouting bullshit and talking utter crap on TV going on.

  24. An alternative view is that van Gaal was just playing mind games. Bringing on a keeper just for the penalties is extremely unusual. The Costa Ricans must have suspected something was going on. And then Krul got up to some antics, parading up and down like Big Bird on meth. I’m not saying that’s why van Gaal did it, it’s just a different explanation. Judging by his record, it’s hard to say Krul is a *specialist*, although he may or may not be better than Cillesen.

  25. Typical media reaction, van gal makes a gamble that pays off and he’s hailed as if he walked on water. Penalties are nothing but just a lottery, and yesterday it went for the Dutch.

    Liverpool blew their chance last season, won’t get as many positive reviews again while all the journos queue up to kiss the new kid in town’s ass.

  26. “Scudamore said clearly a strong Utd was needed for the EPL brand. We know what’s coming”
    Any chance you’d have a link to this (form of, how does one say it, marching orders? tampering? ROI?) Cheers.

  27. Quincy,

    It’s all about what the Dutch team had done in training. I find it preposterous that LvG was playing mind games (maybe because I have always found the concept of mind games in football ridiculous). The Dutch took 4 excellent penalties and Krul went the right way for all the 5 that the Costa Ricans took, saving 2. That is not a gamble or coincidence. That is meticulous planning and training.

    In my book, a manager would only change keepers for penalty shoot-outs because the new keeper has demonstrated in training that he is better than the one playing the full game. It’s a bit far fetched to change goalies just to mess with the minds of your opponents. Anyway, I don’t buy it.

  28. Attention: Time you place your bets on how $oon before Divemaster Rooney first shows his di$gruntlement under LVG’s new appointment Kapitan Van Pur$e$tring$? Heaven cannot abide two suns, the Chinese say. Hehe – one can only hope for their co-captaincy and the ensuing implosion.

  29. One report from the BBC last night, suggested the biggest reason to switch goalkeepers for penalties, is that Krul is noticeably bigger than the other keeper. It’s a reason, I would lean more towards the Dutch having been practicising penalties, and Krul was showing that he was better.

    I disagree with any comment about mind games between shooter and goalkeeper. The shooter should have decided where the ball is going to go long before approaching the ball, and played the shot over and over in their head. A well struck ball just inside the posts should be unstoppable, unless the goalkeeper is set up on the side where the shot is to be played (not in the center), or if the goalkeeper is cheating.

  30. OT: Hair styles

    Giroud often had comments about his hair during the season. The CBC has an article about the hair styles of the World Cup.

    Neymar, Brazil

    Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal

    Rodrigo Palacio, Argentina

    Marouane Fellaini, Belgium

    Asamoah Gyan, Ghana

    Cristiano Ronaldo (Again)

    Michael Bradley, USA

    Apparently if you have javashit turned on, you can vote for one of those 7 hair styles. I seldom surf with it turned on.

  31. BTM

    Re: the idiots on TV.
    Equally hilarious was the asseratation by the petty plundits panel that Germany dropped their best defender, Mertesacker. They could be right, maybe. My genius does not allow me the telepathic ability to see into the German manager’s mind, but I do note that Per is still out of training today with a viral infection…

  32. corr.: assertion > asseratation
    A poor craftsman blames his tools, or the auto-correct!

  33. marcus

    I think Walter wrote that he didn’t really watch the FUFA tournament, and give the predictable, blatant and obvious tilting a few of Brazil’s games so far who could argue against such logic! Not a rational or reasonable mind that’s for sure.
    It’s the same with old video/tech argument, where there is no rational or reason behind the lack of these aids given what we know of in other sports* only a blinkered buffoon could defend FUFA destruction of the beautiful game.

    *only need to refer to cricket in the UK this past week? Murdoch’s influential media clearly seen to be setting the parameters for any public debate around the team, their commentators having more influence then the ECB itself! Not to mention the match fixing…and this in a sport where thanks to the use of tech. As in all other sports we can at the least trust the officials, a shame that the much wealthier game of football doesn’t have such obvious and required safeguards.

  34. Finsbury

    Don’t think I’ve heard the pundits have a good word to say about any of our lads.

    The one that pisses me off most is the constant shit aimed at Ozil.

    It seems just playing well is never enough.

    We also have Per, who hasn’t put a foot wrong as far as I have seen, constantly being derided on the pretext of how his lack of pace MIGHT be his undoing.

    Also, as pointed out elsewhere, Jack being singled out for criticism after the Costa Rica game. I mean WTF.

    It seems the Arsenal hate fest continues unabated, even in the close season.

  35. Marcus I will write about the referees and the world cup. Don’t worry 😉
    Even without seeing the matches I know enough from the bits and parts I have seen

  36. Jambug, I’ve noticed the anti-Ozil crap, and Holloway berating Wilshere. All I can do is not read the article.

    The only human language I understand is English. But, it is possible to get Google News to produce News headlines in other languages. Searching in the last hour, Sanchez gets 9 hits to Casillas, Debuchy and Bentalab.

    Fußball live: Arsenal mit Sanchez und Barca einig

    Arsenal oferă 40 de milioane de euro și îl va lua pe Alexis Sanchez …

    City-United, derby per Pogba. Sanchez a un passo dall’Arsenal

    El Arsenal, muy cerca de cerrar el fichaje de Alexis Sánchez

    Alexis Sánchez Jadi Buruan Utama Wenger

    Aleksis Sančez stiže na “Emirejts”!

    Wenger dovodi Casillasa u Arsenal?

    Arsenal : Debuchy dément !

    Nabil Bentaleb courtisé par Wenger

    I see in the news as well, that Frimpong is in Austria, hoping to find regular play at Sturm Graz. I wish him all the best.

  37. Finsbury

    Football is so far behind other sports with regards to the use of technology it is embarrassing.

    Not only that but they are so naïve, backward or just plain ‘bent’ in there thinking it is laughable.

    I have long been saying that PL football is refereed in accordance to the wishes and bias of the media.

    In this respect I have said all referees should:

    -Come from Europe.

    -Be flown in the night before the match.

    -Referee the match and then immediately fly home.

    I believe this would, at least to some extent, shield them from the media agenda.

    I don’t believe the PGMOL would ever consider these measures under any circumstances as they either, don’t believe the media has any influence, or, more likely, they actually want there referees to ‘follow’ the media agenda.

    It seems other sporting bodies are a tad more enlightened and plainly do see the dangers in how the media can have an influence on officials.

    This is how the serious the LTA takes this issue.

    -Umpires only find out which match they are to officiate, ON THE DAY.

    The reason:

    “To help ensure the Umpires are not influenced by public opinion or media reaction”

    How enlightened.

  38. I have also noticed the anti Ozil and to a lesser extent BFG and Podolski headlines – I have not bothered with the blogs – the headlines were enough.

    The rubbish written by Holloway about Wilshere is a disgrace, but when combined with the BBC punters having orgasms about LvG – one has to ask – are we seeing the start of a new anti Arsenal campaign – or a new phase of the previous one?

  39. The WC ref have been exceedingly poor, but the one innovation I do like is the spray used for marking wall and ball positions for free kicks – conditional on the refs being able to count up to 10!

  40. Indeed, Krul’s penalty-saving record is not actually that great, keeping out just two of the 20 he has faced since joining Newcastle five years ago, but perhaps Van Gaal’s decision was rooted in something other than simple statistics.

    “I psyched them out,” Krul said after the game. “You try to do everything you can without being too aggressive. I tried to get in their minds. I watched them [Costa Rica] against Greece and studied them and I told the players that I knew where they were going to shoot to make them a bit nervous. Maybe it worked”

  41. A few things to think about

    1) squad head count…
    2) Wenger does not like too many new players in first team. (so all those Santi Cazorla and Arteta rumor… u can throw them away) Even fot the captain. Who might be really thinking about else where to get first team play, Arsene might just let the contract run down. Afterall, its about 10 million which Arsenal can afford and his deal is on relatively lower wage which will certainly go up if Wenger sign someone of his calibre.
    3) If Arsenal buy 50% of the excellent player rumored to be talking to Arsenal, the team will broke even with the financial strength of Arsenal.

    Regarding the Campbell issue, he will be with Arsenal. The only reason he won’t is that Wenger signing more than one player at the front (wing or centre, regardless). But that would mean spending something lik 50 to 60 million just for the front and the total transfer would jump to 80 to 100 million. That level of spending won’t happen. Therefore, Campbell will stay. Sanago might get a loan though especilly in January if Walcott is fit by that time.

  42. @bjtgooner
    Agree with you about the spray but the way they do it puzzles me and I would love someone to explain the logic behind it. They pace the 10 meters out and then try to get the players into the desired position by which time the original distance has reduced to about 9 meters, then they spray the line in front of the still inching forward wall of players. Resulting wall is I would estimate between 8 and 9 meters. Why on earth doesn’t the ref just pace out the 10 meters, spray the line and then get the players to stand behind it, surely a much simpler, quicker and more accurate way of achieving the desired result.

  43. Mick
    Agree about pacing out the 10 meters first, but if the ref had to spray the line on first then it would be broken up by the players shuffling back and also he wouldn’t know how long to make it as he could not estimate the number of defenders that were going to be in the wall. I didn’t notice any of the “stealing ground” you usually get at free kicks. Thought it worked Ok, but wondered if the foam had any effect on the ball after it was struck, could it make it slippery for the keeper to hold or save.

  44. Some good signs there Brickfields. But, there are errors in translation or just errors in signs written in English all over the world. And English isn’t the only language so affected.

    I do wonder what one would get to eat, if you ordered “Whatever” on that one menu?

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