Alexis Sánchez IS A GUNNER!

By Walter Broeckx

It’s official

Great news just when I got home from work.

Will update later after having had a copious meal with that will taste even better now.

More on this later on but I think after having signed Özil last summer this is another player from a giant La Liga team that has chosen Arsenal to continue his career.

I will probably be kicking in some already open doors with a few facts but as long as it hasn’t been on Untold it isn’t official one could say.

Alexis Sánchez (press alt+0225 to get the á) was born in Chile some 25 years ago. So he is in the prime of his career. And that is just as with Özil last summer. We buy top players in their prime!

His nickname is El Niño Maravilla (the wonderboy) and that is nice nickname to have. He started his career in Chile not surprisingly at  Cobreloa and then went on to Colo-Colo and then on to River Plate before coming to Italy.

In Udinese he made some name for himself. In 95 matches he scored some 20 goals but was also rather good in assisting I have been told. And in 2011 he was wanted by all the big clubs. And …he was linked to Arsenal at the time. But he went to Barcelona. But in the end they all come to Mr. Wenger back where they belong.

In Barcelona he had a few seasons and played in total some 88 matches and scoring 39 goals. In his last season he scored 21 goals and had 15 assists. This is really wet your pants stuff if you ask me.

So it is clear that he not is just a finisher but also a player who has an eye for a team mate. The kind of players that Wenger likes in his teams. And a player that is great for having in your team.

He is not that big in fact he is smaller than I am even with his 1m69cm. But as I have said before you don’t need a big lump. You need speed and movement and smart runs. And that is what we get with Sánchez.

In hid Barcelona career he made 141 appearances, scored 47 goals and had 34 assists. I like the guy already I must say.

My boss will be sad with his departure. He is a Barcelona supporter and goes over to see them a few times each season. And he said this week that Sánchez is, was now his favourite player. A player that always works and is helping the team. He was full of praise for him. But my boss is a politician so not sure if you can trust them completely of course.  😉 Jokes aside I think I can trust him.

He is also used to winning things. He won titles in Chili, in Argentina and in Spain so if it comes down to that he will know what to do.

He also played 71 matches for Chile and scored 24 goals in those matches.  I only hope he doesn’t have to fly to Chile too much as I think it is one of the furthest places to travel to from Europe. But well he doesn’t have to play in the Africa cup in January.

At first he seemed to be destined to end up at Liverpool in some kind of exchange with Suarez deal but he said : no, no no. I’m not going there. And apparently Wenger has spoken to him in Brazil while sitting on the beach and that was the last bit to persuade him to snub Liverpool and come to Arsenal. Another fine deal from Wenger. Just as he did with Ramsey, Özil and well…almost every player we have for the moment.

Welcome Alexis Sánchez to Arsenal. Untold will welcome you and send you our love. You can be sure of that.

And let us not forget : Well done Arsène, Well done Ivan, and well done Dick.

Bring it on, bring them on!


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  1. Brilliant news. NOW I can get excited & will certainly have a wee dram (or two) of single malt!!!

    I am pleased for the whole club & fan base – but most of all for AW – who has achieved so much with so little and been criticized unfairly by far too many!

  2. Great to hear. Now I can head off to Sud Tirol with a lighter step to climb mountains…OK to climb up to the Almen and have a drink.

  3. Absolutely buzzing at the moment and echo your sentiments bjtgooner: so happy for all gooners, and esp. Monsieur Wenger, he has achieved so much with so little while being unduly slated. Defiantly looking forward to this new era. Great things are to come!

  4. Great news of course. The question now is: What dirt is the anti Arsene and Arsenal brigade going to throw now?

  5. This is another transfer masterstroke.
    Last year Arsenal got Ozil, Spurs lost Bale
    This year Arsenal got Sánchez, and LFC will lose Suarez…

    I’m soo happy in this silly season!

  6. Absolutely fucking brilliant news!

    bjtgooner and jambug,

    This is what we have been telling the whiners. We all want quality players to join Arsenal. We just don’t want the club to be harassed into spending itself into debt to make it happen.

    We have eaten our vegetables by being prudent when our resources were lean; we can now enjoy our sumptuous dessert without any fear of bloating up with debt.

    Thanks to Arsene Wenger, for his steadfast and selfless leadership and sacrifice during the difficult period. Thanks to us patient Gooners (a.k.a. AKBs) too.

  7. Great news, and what a player. He will light up the league, if the refs let him. This year marks a new era, and remember, he chose us over some big teams. So Liverpool lose their best player and we get the player they wanted as his replacement.
    well done arsene ,Ivan, dick law and anyone else involved, this is a major major statement.
    Arsenal are now coming to fruition. We have had some scary moments, but our amazing manager, those who back him up along with moments such as Gibbs tackle, the same players off the line clearance, the vital and timely goals over the years of Kos, per, and TV, Ramsey, santis magic, giroud tireless work, Theo’s pace…..and oh….too many to mention, but all these things have helped put us where we now stand. Beating others to another superstar signing. Yet some still call us a selling club.
    Debuchy next…..and perhaps a German MF after that?
    Now we see why we did not sign the likes of berbatov last winter on a long term deal

  8. London to Santiago Flight Time
    below is an approximate flight time for a direct flight

    Flight Time: 14 hours, 12 minutes
    Flight Distance: 7,249 miles / 11,666 km

    Time difference 5 hours – British Summer Time

    Flight Time: 13 hours, 35 minutes
    Flight Distance: 6,931 miles / 11,154 km

    Time difference 6 hours.

    I guess he is used to it so we will have to get used to it. I would think that he would need to be rested after playing in South America and will not play in the first game after the international break.

    Nevertheless a great signing. Something to sing about and crow about

  9. Sorry I missed a line. The second flight time is for Barcelona to Santiago.

  10. colario

    I doubt he’s slumming it in ‘cattle’ class like us mere mortals.

    That probably takes less out of him than my 4 hour return trip round the M25 to my Mums will take out of me tomorrow.

  11. well done arsene and your team on this .
    every arsenal fan is proud of you today .please give us some more to love you for today .

  12. welcome to arsenal alexis sanches you will love being at arsenal and we will love you being here .
    well done arsene and arsenal .

  13. fantastic first signing of the season .stick that up yer arse brendon rodgers .

  14. our own little red hot chile pepper .go set the premier league on fire alexis .go arsene go .and dont it feel good to splash the cash .

  15. Great move by Wenger and the Board! This is going to be a great season! Rotation in the midfield and in attack, PL defenses are going to go dizzy chasing our players!

  16. Sack Wenger. Spending all his time out in the beach in Brazil. Why doesn’t he come back here where he’s needed and sign some bloody players the waster.


  17. whats that i hear . its the gunners opening salvo over liverpools head . run and hide in yer hovel brendan rodgers and take your worthless vampire with you .
    up arsene up sanches up the arsenal . hear our thunder …

  18. well done arsene . welcome sanches . we officialy love you both .strenth in numbers ,strenth in quality .

  19. well done Wenger and the Arsenal team. This will start the odds of us winning the league tumble. Looking forward to seeing how our team plays now that we have added quality.

    Come on you Gunners!!

  20. 1 0 to the arsenal ..well done alexis sanches welcome to the arsenal you will love our football.

  21. I don’t usually post on comments sections these days but I fancy speaking up this evening.
    Like many fans, I sat for years while my club had to deal with the financial restraints brought about for reasons people on this site (thankfully) fully understood. I hoped we would have some success with the team built almost entirely from the youth system, I watched as we sold players to our rivals still hoping we could hold everything together until the purse strings could finally be loosened. It’s never easy to watch rival teams winning trophies, specially with my own team’s ex players in their ranks but I held my chin up and I had faith that we were doing the right thing for our long term future.
    Like people on this site, I had to listen to the “pundits” and “experts” every season talking about how we wouldn’t be top 4 all the way through every season (as if top 4 is a trophy). Then when we are pleased to prove them wrong it’s us that’s somehow in the wrong and we’re told “you don’t get a trophy for finishing 4th”.
    Even now we are 5th favourites with the bookies to win the league next season despite leading most of last season and looking like making some strong signings to strengthen the squad.
    Anyway I’m sure there are plenty of readers and contributers of this site who right now feel a growing sense of vindication at sticking by their club through the lean years, who always looked further ahead than “deadline day” on Sky Sports News and maybe now are thinking “I told you so” towards the more negative Wenger-blaming side of our support.
    Having finally turned the corner and with Wenger again proving his abilities to attract world class talent to the club we should take a deep breath, breathe a sigh of relief and hold out our hand to the Wenger out brigade, lift our middle fingers high and say proudly,”10 years I’ve been listening to your shit about the greatest manager this club ever had, you’re not fit to wipe his arse. Now why don’t you all go back to the box you crawled out of and fuck yourselves. We’re the Arsenal and we do things the right way”.

  22. Great news.

    The credit of this transfer deal goes to the AAA. They told AW and whoever cares to listen at Arsenal to ‘spend some fcuking money’, and you see, they just did.

    Please warn AW not to deviate from the long list of sumer signings as instructed by the AAA. If not Wenger out!

    I just love to mock the non existing part of our fans know.

    Welcome to the Arsenal Alexis ‘wonderboy’ Sanchez.


  23. This is a BRILLIANT signing – a truly world class player. With the signing of Ozil (who is being targeted by the press by the way despite being officially the most productive and creative player at the World Cup and also Arsenals most creative player last year, as well as the premier leagues most creative) and the FA Cup win, this has been a very good 12 months for Arsenal indeed. It has restored a lot of faith in the club.

    I don’t fall into the camp of believing that we were constrained by finances, but it really doesn’t matter now. We are finally competing. The mood at Arsenal is most certainly changing.

  24. I understand the Debuchy announcement is imminent, so that leaves just a keeper and a mid?

  25. It’s significant that Sanchez insisted all through this that his preferred team was Arsenal, and if the stories are to be believed some every big teams were interested, but he turned them down for us. Perhaps he had some inside info on us from the likes of Cesc & Song.

  26. Welcome Mr Sanchez after it was tactically announced as I called it I time for shirt unveiling. I feel a treble coming on

  27. There are strong rumours that Khadira is taking the same tack as Sanchez – insisting in Arsenal…. Hope the rumours are true…

  28. jayramfootball
    Yeah, that’s going around some reliable sources a bit, so there might be some truth in it. I heard £40 million, which would be about right, and he’s a very close friend to Ozil. But why would RM weaken their side so much again?

  29. Robi
    He was here first thing yesterday with a very funny comment about Brazil defenders.

  30. Welcome to Arsenal Alexis! Well done Arsene…this season already looks promising…where are the naysayers gone?

    Walter/Tony – Thank you guys for keeping the flame burning…you all have been marvelous in leading the line at times when the world was a much gloomier place! Time to celebrate…the beer is on me!

  31. I hear talksprot dedicated a whole session to our disgruntled fans to express their disappointment [read anger] that Wenger was spending time playing beach football instead of coming home to attend to some serious player acquisition business. Well,it’s been confirmed he met with Sanchez over in Rio to discuss the transfer. Just goes to show how much these “experts” know…

  32. Have a strong feeling that if the club get their way, your request will be answered this summer old groover, such a midfielder from the lands of Germany may appear…..
    Still, living in the moment, what a statement in this summers transfer window! We now operate in areas where very few can exist .
    Next season, our team will compete with, and indeed scare the very best

  33. Great news!

    With more pace upfront I doubt we have to suffer anymore big defeats away from home. It will be much harder bully us now when there is the threat of an lightning quick counter attack. I think we will also see Özil blossom in the coming season when we can now make better use of his vision and passing. We just didn’t have enough players making runs last season when me lost Rambo and Theo.

    I now hope to see some of the stuff we saw in our glory days when we tore defenses to shreds. A bit like Liverpool could do last season with Suarez, Sturridge and Sterling.

  34. I know full well that the vast, vast majority of media rumours are absolute bullshit but some are true and I question how happy Javi Martinez is with bayern – he isn’t a first choice player and has been used at centre back a lot and that don’t please him, so is it possible that a proper bid from a club like ours could unsettle him to the point of asking to move ? Schweinstiger has been with bayern a long time and might like to sample life in a different country so again, if we made a genuine approach would he look to leave (especially to a club that has 3 international team-mates) for a fresh challenge ? I’m not expecting us to go out and prise ineista from barca or anything like that, but there are genuine talented players at big clubs that are obtainable for whatever reason, and we just need to go and push the issue. Lets be honest, what’s the worst that can happen ? We get turned down by the player and we move onto our next target so no harm done. Publicly we would be seen to be after genuine quality players (showing ambition) which will encourage our players and fans, plus the player we target can only be pleased with our approach so even if we fail now, we might reap the rewards if he becomes available in the future

  35. Well, here’s the first paragraph from The Guardian’s article on this transfer, supposedly one of the better papers:

    “Arsenal have confirmed the signing of Alexis Sánchez from Barcelona for a fee of around £30m in a move manager Arsène Wenger will hope gives them a real opportunity of capturing a first Premier League title for more than a decade.”

    Well, we signed Özil and now Sánchez, but some tired old journalistic phrases will never die! Well, let them stew in their own hatred, we don’t care, we signed Sánchez!

  36. What a signing. What a bloody fantastic signing. Welcome to the Arsenal Alexis.
    “The stronger the foundations, the deeper the fortress”. Never have these words greeting you when entering the Emirates(not that i have been there) been so relevant as they are now. The plan was set out, the foundations laid and the work had started on building and securing a strong future for Arsenal FC in form of £400m 60,000 seater stadium. A plan was there all along and now we are seeing the fruits of that plan.
    I just wish instead of ridicule,the club and especially Mr Wenger got all the support they needed during all the hard times that followed.

    Arsene Wenger, a man whose vision got us our wonderful stadium. Arsene Wenger, a man who gave us doubles and the invincibles. Arsene Wenger, a man who loves Arsenal so much that he sacrifised personal glory to ensure club remains stable and is secure long after he is gone. Arsene Wenger who to this day remains our top draw. Players dont come to Arsenal because we pay more but rather wanting to play for him. What that man has done and still doing for this club is nothing short of spectacular. He has steered us out of the difficult waters filled with sharks with waves hitting from both sides to a land filled with endless possibilities. I dont think i have enough words to describe how how i respect Mr Wenger. Its going to be a sad day the day he retires. Forget bronze he deserves a golden statue.

    Our patience, understanding, ability to see the bigger picture and support is reaping rewards. We can finally compete for big players now that the shackles and chains are off. A lot of credit goes to Ivan Gazids who is proving himself a great CEO and making the idiots look just like that….. braindead idiots. What does he do? He has got us Ozil and Sanchez for less that what Pool paid for their English contigent and got us the highest paying kit contract i PL history.
    Victoria Concordia Crescit..Ohh to be a gooner

  37. Seeing as how everyone is begging for Rupert to come and drown our parade with his stormy negativism, I am pleased to substitute for him in this match,in his absence here are 10 points he’d love to make:

    1)Wenger should not be credited for signing Sanchez as the work was all done in London well before the WC, while he was playing beach soccer with some curvaceous Brazilians…the luck sod.

    2)Sanchez is small and short, and will get demolished by the powerful hard-tackling midfielders and defenders in the EPL who are so much tougher than him.

    3)Therefore he will soon get injured and be out for the customary 2-66 weeks most AFC players incur.

    4)Wenger will regret letting Bendtner and our other backups go because Giroud won’t last another season and Walcott, Podolski, Cazorla and their ilk can’t replace Bendtner.

    5)He can’t be a star since he only cost (________ add whatever amount you want)and Barcelona never sell a player that is a star.

    6)He should have brought Cesc back instead of this midget Chilean because Cesc has DNA and Sanchez has only Arsenal RNA.

    7)He can’t play as a right fullback or in any defensive role so once we lose Vermaelen, we’ll be top heavy on the field and fall over all the time.

    8)The referees will not enjoy his nutmegging every second opponent and so will allow them to nutcracker him with impunity because he’s a greasy foreigner of a French team.

    9)He won’t fit in with the Arsenal style since he is clearly a LaLiga multiple trophy winner and we are just a bunch of 1 trophy-1 trick ponies….who haven’t won anything important in 700000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 years or so.

    10)He’ll soon freeze his cojones off in our Artic winters and want to be back on the beach in Barcelona….mark my words.

    There we are kiddies, why AFC have made a mistake according to Rupert and the AAA. I hope nobody takes this seriously!

  38. Super super quality signing.

    This guy is the real deal at the prime age.

    Looks like Arsenal mean buisness this season.

  39. Sanchez and Walcott in the same squad? Chamberlain who can play anywhere and Gnabry too. Campbell? With Özil, Cazorla the master and apprentice (Rosicky and Wilshere rotating in to the tennish role and elswhere, I guess?) pinging the passes through and with Giroud and Sanogo there to lump it up at ’em (Hull didn’t like it) as required?


  40. sorry had the words reversed. Its the deeper the foundations the stronger the fortress

  41. Great to get players. When do we get a new set of officials? PGMOL aka PG Monkeys On Line are past their sell by date.

  42. I wonder what Ozil, Podolski and Per are thinking right now. Or the rest of the German team is thinking right now. “Right, win the World Cup, celebrate in Germany and give Arsene Wenger a call!”

  43. Been a bit quiet lately, but this one deserves a real shout. YEAAAAAH! Arsene f***ing did it! That’s what the cash on Vela was for. And there’s still plenty of money and time left for more bombs like this.

  44. Cead mile failte Alexis Sanchez
    A good luck greeting in Irish that means “Alexis Sanchez One Hundred Thousand Welcomes”
    Great work from the club management especially Mr Wenger.

  45. What a signing..

    to answer some stiker’s tweet on why ozil joined us, reproducing ozil’s comments on Alexis’s signing

    “welcome to @Arsenal #AlexisSanchez – you definitely have chosen the right club! 😉

  46. WOO HOO , HOO !
    GO JOEL !
    GO AAAA !

  47. Alexis Sanchez, Yeah, yeah, yeah, let see who’s next.

    @ Bo
    Second that treble.

  48. hmmmmm……

    Lets see what people have got to moan about this season.

    Go Gunners.

  49. just logged after a good nights sleep to see people have been raving on all night and will continue to do so throughout today I expect. Great stuff, but I wonder why there has to be one snidey, sarcastic prick to spoil the positive atmosphere.
    Really, it’s so juvenile.

  50. ……….but on a more positive note it’s good to see that Guardian Gooner Amy Lawrence is really up for this one. It’s always good to get the Lawrence seal of approval.

  51. Just seen you post spareknacker, well said, I would certainly apply that at least to the more extreme elements of the AAA, though I think there is a spectrum and some of the more moderate elements may be well capable of just getting behind the team these days.
    Wonder what their blogs will do now? Some will be delighted like the rest of us, but one of the most rabid anti wenger blog I know of , and no, not le grove, seems to have shut up shop on arsenal since may, having announced wenger over the years that would never again win a trophy……only to start bigging up Chelsea, Jose, and athletico at every opportunity!
    Guess Stewart Robson will just have to sign on the dole or find a new trade.
    It’s the day after, but feels even better, what a signing!

  52. OG,
    Personally I find Lawrence just like all the rest of the press. She has followed the standard media line and really has shown very little ability to see the bigger picture. I think she trades on coming from N1 as opposed to having anything of any real note to say.

  53. Just pity those sad sacks that seem have ‘that time of the month ‘ every day ! Not really !
    I tend to have the ‘gift’ of spotting bitching and sniveling bastards very easily .Despite what they say or post .
    Hope its hurting !
    Really !

  54. One of AW’s many strong points is his ability to think and plan strategically (as well as tactically). What we are seeing now is the continued development of a very good team into what could be a very very dominant one.

    We are also seeing our self sustaining model, based on the Emirates move, producing the income to allow AW to buy quality, even when to do so requires him to buy big.

  55. The latest gossip is that the Loic Remy deal has gone tits up due to his wage demands (which is a shame) and we’re looking to bring in an italian right back on loan, which might mean we’ll keep Jenks rather than sell him to Newcastle, and Sami Khedira could even be Gooner soon. Sanchez & Khedira in one transfer window would be so overwhelming.

    Debuchy to be signed later today?

  56. He’s now got the chance. Sanchez might be better than the vampire in two or three years time.

    He does not have discipline problems.
    He is not wasteful.
    He is both a finisher and passer (that’s why he’s not wasteful, you pass the ball if you can’t score)
    He is strong and not prone to injuries.
    He has the skill, speed, vision and work rate.

    One more better element.

    Sanchez has been to the “very top” team. There’s no “bigger team coming to get me” or “little boy in me” issue anymore. Except for money or he can’t get along with other players, he has no reason to leave.

    He is only 25. He has 5 great years of prime time ahead of him. Klose proves that if you are smart, you can play at the front even after you are 30.

    So he will be part of the core player for a lone time to come.

  57. Great signing for you Gooners. Sanchez is a wonderful player. It’s going to make for an interesting season – I’ve no idea how it’s going to pan out but it could be even more competitive at the top than it was last season, especially as United appear to be getting their act together now. On paper as things stand, I can see Liverpool being the weakest of the top 5.

  58. M18CTID
    Thanks for that M18CTID
    That’s just the first of a probable four class players coming in.
    I think the top 3 will be Arsenal, City & Chelsea in that order, but I would say that wouldn’t I?

  59. oldgroover,

    Just make sure you don’t celebrate winning the league 2 months before the end of the season like many Liverpool fans were last season!

    To be honest, I think the bookies are under-estimating what Arsenal can do – surprisingly, you can still get odds of 8-1 for you to win the league which is very generous indeed.

    On the face of it, I don’t think you were that far off winning it last season. The gap between 1st and 4th was only 8 points.

  60. “Wait to see how good he is on a wet windy winter night at Stoke.”
    The warm hearts and righteous passion of the Renewed Shire will surely bring down the cold-blooded agro-orcs that are produced the Saurons of Stoke.

  61. ClockEndRider, I would agree with you. The main difference between the sports writers at The Guardian and elsewhere seems to be mainly the style of writing. The Daily Fail is sensationalist, The Guardian thinks it’s stylish, etc. Not much difference in substance as far as I can tell.

    Here’s a decent article about Arsenal:

  62. Thanks for the link to that article, Quincy!

    Great to read all the happy Untolders – the faithful ones rewarded!

    Best laugh – Clock End Rider at 9.30 pm yesterday!

  63. @OMG, if you’re going to do satire, or absurdity, it might be funnier if you based it on facts. None of your ten points have any relevance to points I’ve ever made. You obviously don’t read my posts.

    Sanchez is a fabulous player and a great signing.

    All of you doubters have finally woken up. It is quite obvious to those who know how to run a football club that you have to have stocks of 150 million in the bank before you buy any other player than getting in loanees like Kallstrom or frees like Chamakh. If you don’t do this you’ll definitely turn into Leeds or Portsmouth or Leedsmouth as they’re known in the sporting world.

  64. Rupert Cook, I’m interested to hear more when you say
    “It is quite obvious to those who know how to run a football club that you have to have stocks of 150 million in the bank before you buy any other player than getting in loanees like Kallstrom or frees like Chamakh. If you don’t do this you’ll definitely turn into Leeds or Portsmouth or Leedsmouth as they’re known in the sporting world.”

    Please explain.

  65. @Quincy, because obviously you need vast cash reserves before spending any money. Let’s forget that Wenger said he could spend 40 million on a player if he wanted to as far back as 2011. And Sanchez is less than that. One wonders who we could have bought back then.

    So Wenger is finally flexing Arsenal’s financial muscle. Isn’t it great? I guess he knows he can’t win the CL without spending handsomely and I suspect he realizes his time is running out to do so. The imminent end of one’s career often sharpens one’s vision. Wenger has three years, maybe six, if he gets another three years after these initial three, to win the CL, which isn’t an awful lot of time when you consider he’s had fifteen years to do so and failed. It’s an assumption but I suspect he wants to win the CL more than anything else.

    Unfortunately for those on here expecting me to criticize the signing of Sanchez I’m not sorry to disappoint you. Sanchez is an excellent addition to the squad. Buying a player of his quality should cease any talk from the odd disaffected player who feels the club is stagnant. It shows to everybody, fans and players alike, that the club has every intention of moving forward and that it has reignited its ambition.

    Debuchy, if we get him, should be a decent signing too. He knows the EPL and is a useful replacement for Sagna.

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