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April 2021

Red Bull game on TV, signing Chambers, William Carvalho, Champs league draw…

By Tony Attwood

I know that in running this blog I’m supposed to know stuff, but sometimes I don’t.  The only thing about that I can say is that at least I sometimes come out and admit it.

And I am admitting that I don’t know if tonight’s game is on TV.  I can’t find a reference on and I’ve checked all the listings for ESPN (who have it in the States), BT Sprout, Sky etc and I can’t see it.  Even looked on Eurosport.   Probably I am blind, but do let me know if it is being shown on any channel in the UK.

Bleacher Report has a note saying that it is on Arsenal player – but then why isn’t that on the front page of

Or is it just me making a fool of myself yet again.

Meanwhile the story of the morning is that Arsenal are going to sign Southampton right-back Calum Chambers for £12m.   Different papers say different things, about medicals etc, but basically there is an agreement that he’s on his way.  At this rate Southampton won’t have any players left – a bit like Blackpool, who at last count had eight.

Actually that’s another thing I can’t understand – why have Blackpool lost all their players?  Again, please let me know.  In fact, if you fancy writing an article explaining everything I don’t know, send it to me.

Chambers is 19 and played 23 times for Southampton.  Presumably with Mathieu Debuchy already with us, Jenkinson might leave or go on loan.

I also thought that we were about to sign David Ospina but it seems we didn’t but are still “about to”.  The price has gone up from £3m to £3.2m – but that is because the UK economy is growing, although I can’t say I’ve noticed it.  Anyway, he’s the Columbian guy from Nice.

Beyond this we have the usual “linked to” stuff – William Carvalho the defensive midfielder from Porto for £35 million seems to be top of the “linked” list which probably means nothing at all.

Watch Arsenal Live Streams With

Elsewhere the teams we play in the qualifying round of the Champs league not yet known except for the facts that we can’t play  Porto, Napoli or Bayer Leverkusen.  And more curiously, Athletic Bilbao are likely to be unseeded, so we could play them, but they will be seeded if Zenit St Petersburg do not qualify for the play-off round.

I got that from but still couldn’t find TV details.

52 comments to Red Bull game on TV, signing Chambers, William Carvalho, Champs league draw…

  • Jakey

    With reference to the Red Bulls game, it would appear that main stream tv in the uk is not covering AFC player are broadcasting as live after the event, so if anyone knows any streaming sites……………..

    Ospina is done ESPN spoke to Wenger who confirmed he would challenge for the No1 jersey.

    hope this helps.


  • Sami Ud-Din Ali

    William Carvalho is not from Porto

  • Phil C

    No live coverage as far as I can see. Arsenal Player don’t have a live feed but are promising highlights available on Sunday morning.

  • minko

    The REDBULLS game is not on The Arse i player.Arse i player commentary only..What is happening at Blackpool?

  • Pete E

    the game is on Premier Sports live its on the Sky platform but you have to subscribe…£9.99 per month.

  • Peter

    It’s on premier sports channel it’s a pay channel unless u have an unlocked box!!! Like me

  • Rog B

    Fixtures states ‘ ! Match to kick off at 5pm local time. Match live on Premier Sports in the UK. No live audio on Arsenal Player’. So the game is not being shown live on Arsenal Player but on Premier Sports.

  • mitch say it’s live in the UK on ‘Premier Sports’, which is apparently available on subscription – at £9.99 a month…. Don’t bother, ESPN in the US can always be picked up on a stream without difficulty.

  • Terry Upton

    The Arsenal v NY game is on premier sports channel

  • nick m

    Premier Sports – Sky Channel 428
    @ 10pm.

  • major

    It is being shown live on an obscure channel subscription only sky channel 4??

  • oldgroover

    An alternative option (if you have good internet speed) is pirate streaming site wiziwig. They have it listed, but they also had the Boreham Wood match listed and nothing came through, but give it a try. It’s not illegal to watch matches, so don’t anticipate a knock on the door.

  • geoff

    please lets keep jenkinson swap vermalin for song and buy sneiderlin….we have arsenal game at 7 am in oz on espn

  • MoGooner

    ESPN2 is showing the game live, which can be streamed.
    Wenger seems to have confirmed Ospina.
    Chambers looks to be our new Sagna/TV, in that he can play full back and Centre Half, one for the future though. We still need an experienced cenre half, I believe.
    Carvalho……pay the money! This guy looks to be a cross between Vieira and Yaya Toure, and he is still young. He is a specialist in the DM role and the clips of him on YouTube clearly show the ease with which he carries out that role.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Don’t know enough to write an article about Blackpool but apparently a standofff between the new Belgian manager who wants to bring in players from Belgium, and the owner who wants to being in home growns. Not good.

  • oldgroover

    That’s excellent news about Chambers. It was rumoured a few weeks back, but nothing too much was reported, which is always a good sign, and hey ho we have a three in one defender. With Ospina to join within the next few days I suppose the only issues to sort is still central defenders (there are no decent ones available other than the Man U pair) & a possible (but not essential) DM.

  • GoonPat

    Arsenal v NY Bulls live on Setenta sports 1 at 10pm

  • ArsenalAgain

    Are there not some American fans using Untold who can tell you?

    Has nobody got American friends online?


  • Richardr

    Premier Sports is what’s left of Setanta in the UK, after it went bust a few years ago.

  • Robl

    Very unlikely Chambers has been bought as a right back – Debuchy would be very unhappy vying with a 16m understudy, Chambers would want games, and also Jenks And Bellerin both restricted. Possibly defensive midfield for him or Debuchy unless both Jenks and Bellerin off on loan, and/or thinking of him to replace Vermalin?

  • Mandy Dodd

    If this is true about chambers, it offers further proof that there have been changes at the club and the way it is run. Possibly even changes in the way the team will play…is this dawn of the pace power and pressing era?
    As mentioned, chambers sounds a utility player with different qualities. We will need cover at the back and cm, is he the one… well as by all accounts a pretty good RB.
    Think we also have to go back to the injury and fitness review. We all know the role the refs and tactics of certain opponents play in our horrendous injury record. But the arrival of the German fitness guru…..and if it happens, players like chambers suggest other issues were identified. By that, I mean I expect a lot more rotation than we have been used to in the past and the likes of this guy will certainly fit that bill. Would still like to see more of Jenks and bellerin though.
    But these days, looks like anyone getting near the first team will have to be exceptional with the level of competition in some areas. And competition is a good thing, and maybe something the team lacked during the lean years.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Just looking at the .com pics from New York, looks like they are having a great time, and spreading the word! Henry and Ramsey everywhere….of course huge players, but is their ominpresence significant for future roles?

  • bjtgooner

    Is there something wrong at Southampton, have they financial problems or having put a good team together have they not enough pulling power to keep their top players?

    Either way I have some sympathy for the Southampton fans – we know what it is like to have continued speculation about our star players.

    I also admire the way Southampton have developed so many very good young players, their youth system seems very effective.

  • bjtgooner


    Re Chambers – if it is a genuine transfer – we might see Jenks getting some playing time at CB – he was reported as playing CB in some of the training schedules – not sure if there was anything substantial in it – it could just have been because the main CBs had not returned post Brazil.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Yes they clearly have a good youth system….and the advantage of being able to blood youngsters without a rampant aaa on their backs lets not forget. But if we hadn’t already signed up Jonkers, would be encouraging a raid on their academy coaches. Yes, do feel a bit sorry for them. Maybe Koeman has a few gems to unearth with all the money flowing into the club. Still, they have given rise to a new team this summer….Liverhampton!

  • Mick

    If we sign Chambers and Morgan Schneiderlin imagine the fun the media will have dissing us for stealing all the Southampton players whilst letting the scousers of the hook for doing the same.

  • bjtgooner



  • H Bo

    It is impossible we would spend 16m or 12m on a right back and Wenger just last week spoke on arsenal player at debuchy signing about Jenkinson rotating with him they are roughly the same age too, so sending Jenkinson on loan would be for at least 3 years until debuchy is done and he would just be 30 then. I think it’s one of those FACTUAL reports Tony refers to on a regular basis. If it’s £9.99 for the month for premier it might be cheaper than flight, accommodation and a ticket for the game sounds like a bargain.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Yes, it would certainly,give them an angle they would delight in Mick!
    If we signed Scheiderlin, they would probably also dig up some irrelevance from his dim and distant past personal life, and if they could not find anything, just make it up…..why let the truth ruin a good agenda.
    If we signed mother Theresa, they would get something on her……though in reality, that is actually a very poor example….on a number of levels….

  • Shakabula Gooner

    About the seeming glut of prospective first team players, maybe AW has decided to try some form of rotation of players that, hopefully, will keep them all fresh, mostly available and avoid burn-outs for the very excellent ones?

  • Tim

    New York Red Bull vs. Arsenal this Saturday live and exclusive on Premier Sports. You can sign up for your first 2 months for only £9.99 this weekend using promo code: ARSENAL to catch this and lots more great sports action. Sky 428 & Virgin 551.

  • oldgroover

    What’s going on here?
    We’re making some stellar signings yet people are looking for negatives.
    Just take you AAA pills and enjoy!

  • Josif

    Gooners from ex-Yugoslavia can watch the game on Sport Klub 1 Slovenia.

    I would like to see Jenko as a back-up central defender rather than seeing him leave.

  • Thanks to everyone for the news about the sports channel.

    ~In terms of the transfers, and indeed in terms of the notion of travelling with just one centre forward to the New York game, there clearly is something going on. Arsene making a point about not like the trip to the US perhaps? Or a change in tactics…

    All very mysterious – but certainly anything that helps us overcome the injuries would be welcome indeed. Let’s go for the quadruple.

  • Incidentally the channel that has got the Arsenal match tonight hasn’t been very good at advertising the fact has it?

    They could even have sent me an email and I’d have publicised it for them.

  • Ola

    I always use the websites below to see games that are usually broadcasted live by local TV or aired on paid subscription channels where i am not subscribed.

    Both have them listed for 10pm UK time.
    and they always come up with enough links.

  • Ola

    *that are not broadcasted*

  • Wooby

    Mandy, I think you are correct – there will be a fair amount of rotation in the squad this year. Given we have a team with a high number of internationals, some of whom will travel long ways during those annoying international breaks (e.g. Sanchez, Ospina), this makes sense. I believe we will see our first team play somewhere around 25 to 28 PL games and all CL games. The second team will then up to 13 PL games and all the cup games. While a first team player’s ego may not like it, this preserves them for both club and country – and AW has enough respect among his squad that this should not be a problem.

  • Arvind

    Mick, following up on your reply to my comment on the previous thread.. Yes indeed, it’s so much more fun when someone comes through. Honestly, if we buy say 2 or 3 more players and win the league this year?…. I’ll be happy for sure – coz I suport Arsenal. But would it be an extraordinary achievement? I don’t know.

    Financially yes, certainly, for AW and the board for bringing us through these rebuilding years. But for me – if we’d won something IN that period with all those kids – many of whom the AAA were responsible for destroying confidence (atleast partially) , it’d have been brilliant.

    Now, sure if we win it – it’s nice, but it wouldn’t be some unexepcted event – AW is a genius and with funds and hopefully lesser injuries, he’s up there with the best. Just that we would have done it the usual way, buying players. Not growing them : (.

    Maybe its a balance as Nick and many others say…maybe they are right just that I’m a little sad at so many buys.

  • Arvind,

    I totally get and share your sentiment about bringing in youth players into the main team. Unfortunately, instant gratification is what most fans want nowadays so I don’t blame the board for spending, although my preference is getting players through the youth team.

    We can only hope that those saying that AW and the board didn’t want to spend (when the club was didn’t have the money to throw around) would come out and apologise for being unfair and wrong with the accusations but I won’t hold my breath.

  • Gunz

    I think the game tonight is on Arsenal Player.
    Check out:

    Its in Player schedule.

    Had the same problem with the Borehamwood game. ‘Arsenal player’ needs sorting out, is very confusing.

  • Gunz

    I think the game tonight is on ‘Arsenal Player’.
    Its in the ‘Player’ schedule list.

  • Bash

    All The Way From Nigeria,I Love Arsenal From The Bottom Of My Heart.

  • bob

    “If we signed mother Theresa, they would get something on her……though in reality, that is actually a very poor example….on a number of levels….”
    Indeed! On more than one level.

  • Gerry

    I went to the wizwig site, got as far as the Registration, but I though I would just check out what their Rules & Regs were about …

    Did anybody else go down as far as ‘ … you agree to indemnify wiziwig ..’ Should they go belly up?

  • Gerry

    Gunz @5.48 + 5.58. I am afraid you have to read it a little more closely.

    There are 4 references to the game tonight:

    1, Red Bulls v Arsenal is just a statement that that is the next match.

    2, The highlights are available Sunday a.m

    3, The bitesize ditto

    4 Red Bulls v Arsenal available Sunday p.m.

    Beneath that – No Live Commentary.

    Which means no audio either.

  • Gerry

    With reference to how the Chambers signing may affect the squad, and will that be tested out tonight?

    My hope is that Jenks is in the RB role, but Bellerin is pushed forward as the right winger, or more likely, an advanced wing back?
    He could set himself up to fill in for Walcott until he is back in September, if it went well?

    I also want to see how Hayden comes through this stiffer test, as he could be our 4th CB?

    Could Arsene experiment with 3 CB’s; Miquel, Hayden, and Jenks?

    Now I have got myself looking forward to the match, I am not sure I can wait until Sunday night ..

  • WalterBroeckx

    There will be a live comment article on this site in the live blog article that has come on line already with the line up.

    More to follow if my stream works fine that is. Tony is out dancing the night away and hopefully he will be back tomorrow morning with no too many joints disrupted from trying out some new moves on the dance floor.

    So stay with us on the dance floor…er… in the next article of course

  • Mick

    I have watched the 1st half, very experimental line up, we are 1 – 0 down to a Wright-Philips goal. Someone needs to tell the Bulls its a friendly, especially Cahill who has been his normal dirty self, eventually got himself booked for a nasty challenge on Jack who got his usual rough treatment. Looked to me like Cahill had been told to take Jack out, he fouled him several times. We played with no striker and a strange looking backline with Monreal and Hayden as centre backs. Jenks and Gibbs full backs. Arteta holding and Zelalem, Rosicky, Jack, Aaron and Santi all rotating. Some good stuff now and again. I expect big personnel changes for the 2nd half.

  • Arvind

    Its true Bootoomee. And no the AAA will not come out – they’re too petty and small for that. All they can do is whine when their new toys aren’t given. Watch now, when Sanchez has a few bad games – they’ll be out in full force talking about how AW has lost it and Sanchez is too lightweight…and Barcelone would never have let him go… wah wah… buy more in January.. wah wah wah.

    Its sad though, if we buy Chambers and then say Vidal for 40 million… I will be VERY disappointed..not happy. I guess you get what I mean.

  • oldgroover


    It looks to me like you’re putting words into peoples mouths.
    Perhaps you are an AAAAA. (Work that one out!)

  • Arvind

    oldgroover: No, I don’t know what that means – please explain. I’m not putting words into anyone’s mouths – that’s exactly what they do. Year in. Year out.