The Untold Live blog NYRB-Arsenal

By Walter Broeckx

Good evening dear readers welcome to our live blog where we will bring you in an Untold way some live thoughts about the match between NYRB against Arsenal.

The Arsenal starting line up will be : Szczesny, Jenkinson, Hayden, Monreal, Gibbs, Ramsey, Arteta, Wilshere, Zelalem, Rosicky, Cazorla

And on the beach as Billy The Dog is usually saying we have: Martinez, Miquel, Bellerin, Coquelin, Diaby, Flamini, Olsson, Toral, Akpom.

So a novelty with Monreal probably covering the left centre back position today. More thoughts when the match will start. For now I will fill my glass one more time before the match starts. I suppose you could do the same.

As someone mentioned no striker in the starting line up. Are we going to defend like mad or will we play the false number 9 game whatever that may be. Apparently it will be Rosicky who will be the false guy out there.

Do the Americans have difficulties in reading the clock? More than 11 minutes past the official starting hour and still the match hasn’t started. Or is my stream that slow?

So finally we are on our way and Red Bull trying to put pressure on Arsenal high on the pitch. Arsenal with some play going forward but it needed an excellent save from Szczesny to stop a Henry counter from going in. Szczesny knew what Henry was going to do there I think.

A strike from Cazorla at the other end just going wide of the post.  An attempt of Wright Philips on the other side. The game is well open in the opening minutes. For the second time Tim Cahill is trying to cut down an Arsenal player. FFS this is a friendly game Mr. Cahil.

Game a bit more even now after some 15 minutes. A chance for Ramsey but his shot goes wide. Zelalem is playing on the right wing a bit but he seems to be a bit impressed by the whole event and is looking a bit lost for the moment. Haydn after a bit of hesitating in the opening minutes seems to have found his feet.  A lovely move after 25 minutes from Arsenal  but Ramsey is well offside and the chance is gone. On the other side Gibbs had to turn away a dangerous cross.

OK terrible problems on my side of the internet. My laptop got too hot to handle and turned itself down. Had to run upstairs to the other computer and when it finally was back working I saw the replay of a NYRB goal. A corner to the second post was headed back in front of goal and a for my unknow player bundled it over the line completely unmarked in the six yard box.

Then I saw some Arsenal pressure but then that other computer switched itself off. Can’t have been the heat but it is also an old one. Starting it and then another minute of Arsenal pressure to be seen and then it turned itself off again. Getting very frustrated by now as you can understand. After a third attempt and again stopping running by itself I gave it up and got back down to my laptop that has cooled down by now and hopefully it will work for the next hour or so.

Half time score 1-0 for NYRB but don’t ask me about the last 15 minutes. Laptop back working, lets keep our fingers crossed.

A new line up as could be expected in the second half with most of the Arsenal players who sat on the beach coming on. I saw Bellerin, Miquel, meaning Monreal now playing at right centre back. Diaby was on and also Akpom who had a first chance but the ref saw a handball not visible on my stream. Diaby and Flamini also on the field I see now.

After 52 minutes Thierry Henry is leaving the field to a standing ovation of all in the arena. I think I have seen Martinez in goal but it only shows that he hasn’t had anything to do up to now after some 10 minutes in the second half. An Arsenal goal is then disallowed for offside by Diaby who scored. Come on linesman keep that flag down and give Abou a break. He deserved this more than any other. Good attack by the way and nice through ball from Akpom but it seemed offside.

Just noticed Coquelin sneaked on to the field also. Arsenal much more on the ball in the second half but not really making a lot of open chances. And when they do are close to one they are flagged back. Cannot check it to be honest. Ref awards a ghost corner to NYRB but Arsenal can clear the danger.

After 70 minutes Toral and Olsson come on for Cazorla and Rosicky. Finally they show an Arsenal substitution. Waving with all I got in between to keep my laptop as cool as possible.

Akpom released on the left hand side by Miquel after an excellent interception but the NYRB keeper can stop his shot on goal.  That was a big chance to equalise. The NYRB keeper is then taken off and they show a few saves he made that I couldn’t see because of my computer problems. We should have been level based on those chances and saves.

An attempt in extra time after a free kick was put over the bar by Olsson.

We had a few chances to equalise and in a game with a few players really playing in unfamiliar positions for them we had a good run out but not the best result. But results don’t matter yet. That will matter when we start the PL.

Final score NYRB – Arsenal 1-0.



49 Replies to “The Untold Live blog NYRB-Arsenal”

  1. Interesting lineup. We took one centre forward and he is on the subs beach.

  2. Yes Andrew I think Wenger will try to play with the false number 9 as the tactical experts are calling it. I always wonder how a false number 9 plays? with the number 10 on his back?

  3. dan

    What pisses me off is that even though we are, apparently, ‘official partners’ of BT, they literally take the piss with these pre season ads.

    Not only that, but they seem to be showing just about everyone else but us, including Spurs.

    What the hell is wrong with Arsenal?

    What are they doing ‘partnering’ an organisation that so openly hates us?

  4. Oh don’t forget to update this blog from time to time of course just use refresh to see more of it

  5. The text stream I have said the delay was due to a Police incident causing traffic chaos and preventing a lot of fans making kickoff

  6. Just seen consecutive BT sport adverts, 1 we were tanked by the Scousers, the other by Chelsea. Just gone on the PC and moved to EE instead. Sod them, not getting my cash.

  7. It’s about time Arsenal resurrected its own TV Station. If Liverpool, Chelsea and Manure can do it, Arsenal can afford to. As long as Robson is kept away from the studio.

  8. please mt wenger try to think why you have no striker theres with you .
    no hes not been left in the coach . no hes not been left in the hotel . he wasnt on the plain .you forgot to pick him.
    o dear in fact it seems somehow in the midst of it all that someone forgot TO BLOODY WELL SIGN ONE . good luck boys .

  9. Robles saved from Wilshere in min 39. Goal was by Bradley Wright-Phillips and Cahill got booked in min 45+1 but I have no idea why.

  10. Tim Cahill with only one yellow when he should have gotten four; the guy is a crazy out-of control maniac.
    This would have meant a red, then him coming in as a sub, under a disguise, getting two more cards, adding up to a second red.

  11. Tim Cahill gets his brown paper bag on the way out for thuggery. It’s double pay if he injures someone. Maybe that’s why AW didn’t risk whoever is a striker.

  12. I understand why the Boss does not like visiting the United States.
    The players look like they are just jogging and trying to get fit IMHO.

  13. Finally over; dozed off several times.
    No more of this. Austria only from now on in preseason.

  14. Good run out for the few first team members we have. Think we done well considering Cahill the monster. The bt adverts are hurting my face with rio smiling in them all I can’t take them. No to bt the buggering t**ts!

  15. Good job this wasn’t on BT sport.What a pointless shambles.First PL club to ever lose to a MLS side. Don’t care that there were players missing,there was no shape to the team,it looked like everyone was doing their own thing.The way 37 yr old Henry sauntered past Arteta…..Thierry was the best player on the pitch.Arsene has lots of hard work to do in the next three weeks to make sure we are ready for the CL qualifier as losing that would be a disaster.

  16. Come on guys, a competitive match is definitely too much after less than two weeks of pre- season training after holidays. The first four weeks of pre-season training is very tiring. Usually our body only gets adjusted after six weeks. And such training are to last the EPL season, not a friendly game before the season. As I always thought, this game is for joy, American holiday and measure current fitness. The timing is perfect before the real workout in Austria. The temptation to with Henry in America is a good experience for young boys and prepare them mentally. The final score is irrelevant. Good game for both teams and good enough spectacle for NYRB fans. I honestly can’t wait for the season to begin as I have great faith in this Arsenal family. By the way, Mr Cahill, what were you thinking?

  17. I can’t understand anyone getting upset about this result. The players are in shape but not playing shape and Mr. Wenger is trying to to see where all the pieces fit together. It is not about winning. In fact, it is not even about the shape of the team right now, especially with so many starters out and so many young players to look at. This was a commercial trip. Every successive week is more important than all the others that have preceded it until the season starts. And, arguably, for a month after the start of the season. Forward the Arsenal!

  18. I was there, and while the result is unfavorable the players did quite well given the circumstances. Jack had a goal-of-the-season opportunity, Ramsey had his moments of wizardry, and showed good pace at times, and Miguel was almost perfect. It’s also obvious that there is a difference between Zelalem, Bellerin, Miquel and the rest of the academy youngsters.

    The greatest thing about the match though was that the stadium was red and yellow – by my reckoning more than 20000 out of the 25000 spectators were wearing Arsenal colors. There were people from all over North America – the Arsenal America fan club had its own section, but there were a lot more that had come on their own, myself included. The atmosphere was great, everybody was cheering – that means no AAA voices could be heard. The result was the only thing that went a bit backwards, but that’s irrelevant for such a match, and while nobody can deny that it’s only for commercial reasons, I’d like to think Arsenal will come back.

  19. Thiery Henry not only a playing legend but also a commercial legend for Arsenal too. A great ambasodar for Arsenal FC in America. His class, attitude and humility is a excellent example and draw for American audience. And everybody knows how much he is Arsenal.

  20. Linz,
    Relax! The match was a marketing and PR thingy for the purpose of selling shirts and promoting the Arsenal brand in USA and Canada. A bit like an Harlem Globetrotters’ tour. For fun and hot dogs.

  21. Florian its really nice that you were there and to read your first hand report.

    The result was a bit disappointing, but with so many key players missing should not be an issue, or be made into an issue.

    The reception the team received and the good publicity were very encouraging and the work out for all the players was important.

    It would be good to return to NY sometime in the near future with something closer to a full team …. that would be an interesting match.

  22. The match has been largely ignored by the Sundays (unless some late copy comes in), which is about right.

  23. …..but one of the few that could be bothered (Mail on Sunday) gave a reasonable report, but didn’t credit Szczęsny with the excellent save from Henry, instead saying Theirry shot wide.

  24. oldgroover

    I hate it whenever arsenal lose, but anyone who puts anything other than ZERO relevance on last nights game must either be a complete fool or an AAAA type.

    The one thing I would say, and I hope I am wrong about this, it does seem we are at least a week behind some other squads.

    I know it is notoriously hard to make accurate assessments of a squad and it’s quality or preparedness from pre season games so I am certainly not panicking, it’s just a feeling.

    Having said that, Arsenes’ been through enough pre seasons to know what it’s all about and we usually (last years debacle excepted) come flying out of the traps.

    Fingers crossed my fears are misplaced.

  25. Sorry, slightly off topic, re that odious cretin Piers Morgan.

    Following last weeks mouthing off that Wenger should of been sacked following the sale of ‘Judas’ to Utd (His third such recommendation to my knowledge)this is a the Mail today quoting quoted in his ‘ask Piers’ section.

    He’s asked:

    “If you could choose only one-Arsenal winning the Champions League or sleeping with Cindy Crawford?”

    He replies:

    “Judging by the signing of Sanchez and Cindy’s increasingly flirty tweets, I think both might be possible this week”

    So last week Wenger should be sacked.

    This week apparently Wenger has a built a team that is capable of winning the Champions League.

    I know it’s trivial nonsense but I just wanted to point out what an ignorant, hypocritical, nasty little man he is.

  26. Also, I know it’s a stretch but in reality, if they wanted, the mail could of picked up on that tweet and made a headline thus:


    I mean, it’s the sort of tit bit they pick up on, and blow up out of all proportion, if it’s having a pop, or in any way negative, so why not when it’s positive? I wonder !!

  27. Piers morgan should just stick to being the official mouthpiece of a certain South African born cricketer, that’s all he is fit for

  28. Mandy Dodd

    I know what you mean.

    he seems to have 3 fixations.

    1) Wenger

    2) KP

    3) Piers Morgan

  29. jambug

    Yes, and being a bit behind on preparedness is going to make the CL qualifying games a bit scary. Arsène seems to take all in his stride though doesn’t he? He made some references to having to play these games so quickly after the WC, but didn’t make a big issue out of it.

  30. Tony, I would be honored to, the thing is, I came to NY to see this match, as I live in Seattle. But I’ll travel and be the Untold ambassador whenever/wherever Arsenal comes to USA

  31. bjt,

    Thanks, I waited 19 years to go to an Arsenal match, and 20 years for them to remotely come to me;) But I couldn’t have let this one pass me by.

  32. Linz….seriously? A pre-season friendly and you are already dissing the Club! Get a life man or at least grow up and join the adult world. This was a practice session to see who could do what with our youngsters….and that was it. the players and Wenger couldn’t give a damn about being the first EPL team to lose to an MLS team (which by the way was in the middle of their season). The entire point of this trip was to expose the AFC to the American market and it succeeded. there was some good Football from both sides and everyone went home happy so mission accomplished.

  33. Was i seeing things? Was there an altercation with no love lost between Henry and Jack?
    Any way this gave the youth a run out and a chance to cement their place. I noticed they played out of position, which one has to be to be an Arsenal player today. This is AW’s vision i think of having 7 attacking players.
    Anyway, the lads got some more taste of facing tough opponents, and the experienced players were holding back most of the time and more or less overseeing to let the youth play.
    Impressed with what i see from the youth about to break into the 1st squad.
    Arsenal’s future is getting better day by day.
    Let’s crack this coming season.

  34. The culture of results don’t matter really does affect this club negatively.So when we lose in the Emirates cup it will be “only a friendly”.When we lose to Palace,who will be prepared you can guaranteeit,it will be early in the season,doesn’t matter.Well pray we don’t get Bilbao in the CL because THAT does matter and Bilbao are a GOOD side.

  35. @Ray from Norfolk, Virginia
    I think Linz is already taking it. One of the side effects of Zoloft is diarrhea which is exactly what comes out of Linz’s mouth on a regular basis.

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