Arsenal sign Ospina (again)

According to the BBC (which is not always accurate but is more accurate than any other news organisation I know) Arsenal have now signed Colombia goalkeeper David Ospina.

And that is not according to “sources” and not a “we understand” but according to the BBC it is according to Nice coach Claude Puel.

Which is a bit embarrassing for me as I said we had done that on July 23.  On the other hand maybe I should say, “As Untold predicted…”

Anyway the review of Ospina and what he is all about is here.

The BBC adds this…

Puel said of the move: “It’s confirmed, yes. It’s a good affair for Arsenal because he’s a very good player.”

Speaking after the Red Bull affair, Mr Wenger said that Ospina had proved his worth at Nice by replacing France keeper Hugo Lloris, now at Tottenham.

“I’ve known him for a long time because he played for Nice – he went there a few years ago and slowly became a very important player for them.

“Hugo Lloris played for Nice before he moved to Lyon. After he moved, they played Ospina. He had a big impact straight away and Lloris was not an easy player to replace.

“It’s a good affair for Arsenal because he’s a very good player. You will see next season the quality of this player.”

Elsewhere Santi Cazorla has “turned down” a move to Spain – but since it seems he was never going there in the first place, that seems a bit obvious.

But of course MIU Soccer won’t have anything to do with it.  They say

“Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger is set to upset Barcelona once more, as the Gunners are reportedly in talks with Barcelona goalkeeper Andrey Onana.”

But that’s a “set to” and a “reportedly” all in one sentence so it doesn’t count.

Elsewhere its the Calum Chambers stuff, and Jenkinson doing a year long loan in Hull.

And the Blackpool affair gives some more jolly viewing as the fans threw tennis balls and tangerines on the pitch, and the manager threw them at the crowd and had a row with one of his subs.

Blackpool is a bugger of a long way from where I live (I went there last season, but to watch Bob Dylan not a football match) but as and when they play in the Midlands and Arsenal are not at home I might take a shifty.

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  1. “Dylan plays Blackpool”. Doesn’t have the resonance of Budokan and….er….Blackbushe

  2. When the word went out (including here) that Arsenal had signed Ospina, I checked the Arsenal website. No news of it there and the BBC seemed to be the only other source that did not have news of the transfer.

    I wondered why the BBC did not have it and I now wonder why the BBC today is reporting the transfer with not so much as a hint of it on the Arsenal website.

    If the deal is done and it is possible particularly as Nice were in London this past week then I suspect there has not been the usual presentation on the website because no one has been at home to do it and we will see it in the next few days.

    On the other hand the transfer could turn out to be one of those ‘invisble’ ones we read of.

  3. I’m not in any way a prophet of doom and gloom, but…….if Ospina is that good, I can foresee some difficulty in holding on to him AND Szczesny at the end of next season. Neither will enjoy sitting on the beach.
    Of course I hope I’m wrong…. 😉

  4. For the AFC website to ‘announce’ someone there has to be a picture of the player(s) wearing the new kit. Puma would demand it. If two players are about to sign complications ensue regarding getting them both in London, maybe at the same time, with all the circus surrounding it. It also needs to happen on a relatively slow news day so that traffic to the site can be boosted. Monday or Tuesday could be such days.

  5. bjtgooner

    yep, official now.

    Just watched last nights highlights on ‘player’

    Hard to judge from such a limited amount but the one full strength unit we had out, the midfield, showed some great touches and movement. All that was missing was a goal.

  6. Lost to the red bulls…wenger out!
    See the usual suspects on the usual forums using it to big up Utd, chelski, City…..and wait for it…………Spurs!!!!

  7. Think we will be seeing a lot more rotation all round Nicky, Ospina will get his chance….as Szcz clearly thrives on good competition

  8. @ bjtgooner

    I would think that the club are not yet ready (Arsene having been on his travels)to present Ospina in the ‘shirt’.

    In view of the rumours and ‘Ospina is an Arsenal player’ in his Wiki profile, Arsenal decided to clear the air and confirm the claim.

    Welcome Ospina, welcome to Arsenal.

    On an Arsene loves economics: How much did Lori cost spuds? Was it 4 – 5 times more than Ospina! I forget, would someone please remind me.

  9. @jambub

    I watched the match live on a reasonable stream. We had some nice moves but in the first half, without a target man up front I thought we were unbalanced. The defense was a bit of a hotchpotch and the goal resulted from disorganization and poor marking – but I would not be too worried at this stage given the large number of absentees.

    Sanogo missed the trip with a thigh injury.

    Second half we looked more balanced and organized, but unfortunately could not force a goal.


    You could well be correct about the announcement timing.

    According to Wikipedia Loris cost E10m with E5m variable – not sure what that means!

  10. Rantetta
    July 27, 2014 at 12:18 pm

    Basically I don’t want to go but this is important for me and my family.

    When he is presented with the photo the woman says its a picture of him when he was a baby. I would think the meaning here is ‘on your arrivial at the club’.

    From the video it would seem he was well liked by the club and the club seem gracious about his leaving.

    Augurs well for Arsenal.

    So now we know. While Arsene was splashing the ocean in front of his critics, behind their backs he was splashing ‘the cash’ and with his usual nose for a bargin, at that!

    Don’t you just love this man.

  11. This surely proves that this year Spurs will take our place in the ECL and replace us as the top team in North London.

  12. colario

    Thanks so much.
    Whilst I presumed it was something along the lines you’ve written, I wanted to know for sure.

    And yeah, that Wenger geezer with his lob-headers an stuff… What did he ever do for I us?

    I actually believe that even during a whistle stop tour of NY, he’d have made some connections for Arsenal, apart from the whole Puma thing.

    That man is dedicated – and loved. Rightly so.

  13. Rantetta…..basically the video is about the farewells Ospina offered to his teammates, his goodbye speechs, which included a thank you to his friends and colleagues (along with a few tears) and his reaction to the presentation of a photo collage representing his evolution during his 6 year stay at Nice. He was very emotional throughout and seems a very nice chap indeed.
    Wenger has once again proven his critics wrong and shown that he is the master of the timely, well thought out and carefully planned transfer, while also getting a bargain or two.

  14. omgarsenal

    Thanks very much.

    The video/David is particularly poignant, as is your last sentence.

  15. Great news on Ospina. So far, no headlines to the effect of Arsenal in import scandal of Colombias finest!

  16. @Florian

    There are two stories regarding the Remy deal being called off – of course Liverpool would always tell the truth…….

  17. Remy….heard it may have been a medical issue, but whatever the truth , expect from the media…..amazing club, not for them to sign crocks like those penny pinching softies down south! Liverpool,They do their homework on transfers. No wengeresque dithering. Stevie G…..amazing, player of the year……Couthnho, would have won the WC for Brazil single handed if they picked him……Brenton Rogers…..tactical genius…..Henderson, the greatest MF ever……Henry, the greatest owner and least lying man that ever lived, Suarez, none of it was ever his fault, Kennys t shirts said so…….or something like that

  18. The second story about Remy is that the sale of Borini to Sunderland is off/delayed & consequently the dippers have pulled out of the Remy deal – using a failed medical as an excuse.

    Remy allegedly has a minor heart anomaly – but allegedly this fact was known pre negotiations – are the dippers using the medical results as a smokescreen?

  19. Not convinced on Callum Chambers quality – especially if the ludicrous transfer fee is correct. I would be disappointed to see Jenkinson go out on loan.
    As for Ospina, well it will make for a GK battle and put some pressure on Szczesny – I hope that is the right call…

  20. Haven’t really seen enough of Chambers to really comment, but looks like he is a utility option and one for the future as well. Know many rate him highly. Guess Jenks will go out on,loan to get proper experience, Bellerin will challenge Debuchy and Callum will provide competition in more,than one position. Would like to see Jenks make it with us, but maybe a year on loan, as first choice might be good for his career. Perhaps with a team that places emphasis on defence. He has a great engine and a lot of potential. Could Steve bruce, or poyet do a good job with him? Think west ham are too unstable and may resent a confirmed Gooner in their ranks.
    That’s of course IF we do,sign Chambers

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  23. There’s 3 jokes in all in the above post , if you didn’t know.
    Just being helpful and all!
    After all , they live among us !

  24. I see David James is saying we have signed the wrong keeper. Why do all these cretins constantly question Wenger?

  25. If you go on the Saints fans forums, they believe Chambers is the best of all of them.AW will get some stick over this signing.Someone must have done some serious scouting on this lad.I am fine with it.A little concerned with our preparation.Why is it, all the other teams who had players on W.C. duty are coming back earlier than ours.I know they reached the final.

  26. Paul ‘The Gooner”

    I think you answered it in your final sentence. FIFA rules say players returning from tournaments must have four weeks holiday immediately after their participation in the event. So ours (and other teams) are slowly filtering back. Sanchez & the French lads some time this week I suppose & the German trio last of all. It looks likely that we’ll be a bit short for the CL qualifiers.

  27. Jenkinson to Hull makes a lot of sense as Arsene has a good relations of such deals and purpose with Steve Bruce for a long time. But probably a loan stint at a EPL club is better for Carl.

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