Who to buy? Danny anyone?

Deadline Day Live Blog

 In 2013 we had Boris Johnson, Mayor of London as our guest previewer talking through who we ought to buy.  Here’s what he predicted who we would buy.  All the names were taken from prime tips of the day.

1:  Diego Costa.

2:  Stevan Jovetic

3:  Kevin Strootman 

4:  The New Jack Wilshere

“Arsenal are lining up a summer swoop for Aston Villa starlet Danny Crowley, who has been dubbed the ‘new Jack Wilshere’.”

5:  Stevan Jovetic

6:  Younes Belhanda 

7: Henri Bedimo

8: Diego Costa

9:  Christopher Samba
10: Loic Remy

Quite how Crowley got in there no one knows since we had already signed him – but you know Boris.  A load of predictions, a load of codswallop.

And this year?

Well it looks like Danny Welbeck. as in

Tottenham favourites to sign Manchester United’sDanny 

that’s the Guardian’s take on it.   And a central defender . centre back maybe

So here’s the gibberish and mindless tripe for this year

a) Adrien Rabiot from PSG

b) Sokratis Papastathopoulos  from Dortmond

c) Not Radamel Falcao

Norwich City get Ignasi Miquel

By the way here’s one take on the current situation – from the Telegraph late last week…

Wenger denied any interest in Man­chester United’s Danny Welbeck, but was less convincing when he hesitated over whether Falcao was in Arsenal’s price range.

The point about this is that people make the stories up, and  they are printed, and then they become “real” in a strange sense, and then when they don’t happen Wenger is blamed – even though none of it was real in the first place.

Just think of Ozil – that’s how it happens in real life on deadline day.

As I write this, I don’t know if the Welbeck story is absolutely true, so it might be another Higuain situation for me, but at least I’m not going to say Welbeck has been seen at the airport.

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  1. Sky News reports Welbeck having a medical at Arsenal and he prefers the Arsenal option over the Spuds.
    I always said he was a very intelligent young man!!

  2. Sorry Dan, looks like it is a done deal at least according to what I have just heard on Sky. He is on his way to sign the forms they are reporting.

  3. Good at pressing, can tackle, and reasonable skill on the ball. I’d love to see him come and be a huge success. Soon as he puts an Arsenal shirt on he’s the man. Let’s hope he’s not another melon head…..

  4. The man who’s brokering the Welbeck deal ( not his agent ) has made it almost a certainty that we’ll get him for round £18 million. This was on BBC 5 live a few minutes ago when he was being interviewed.
    I like Welbeck, and think that with Alexis & Theo we’d have the fastest front three on earth.

  5. mick

    please please u wouldnt lie to fellow gooner, with the signing of recent it was a case of one step foward two back.

  6. Until Arsenal announce it it’s all just fantasy. That being said when Welbeck was on loan at Sunderland I thought he looked very promising. He certainly is fast.

  7. Whatever… On some blogs (one with ‘Arsenal’ and ‘just’ in its name) AAA is buzzing like a wasp’s nest. “Falcao, again another failing to buy”, “Wenger MUST go” “he is an ignorant”, “out of is mind old man”, “the season is over”, “everything is his fault”, “he his like Hitler not wanting to see the disaster” (honest! I just read it!). Happy to see that some fans have not turn mad yet here!

  8. You can rest assure Alex that the regular Untolders will not turn mad here no matter what happens or doesn’t happen today.
    We are here to support whoever we have and whoever puts on the shirt. And ignore those who wouldn’t, couldn’t, didn’t want, weren’t allowed to, …. you get the point I think

  9. Thanks Walter, I get it. And that’s why I was glad to find the Untold site some weeks ago. Like a breath of fresh air. Because even here -in France- some Arsenal “fans” can support AFC only when Arsène buy and spend more money then the other clubs! Strange football philosophy isn’t it ?
    At the moment, I promised to myself not to go again on this crazy sites. Should have keep to my word!

  10. Rumours say that Arsenal to acquire world class striker for free within a few short weeks! A lad called Walcott. Better player than anybody traded today, (Columbian mercenaries included).
    Relax folks, Le Boss is gone home for a night catching up on Corrie and Emmerdale.

  11. “Lots of conflicting views voiced about Danny Welbeck…reminds me of a certain Daniel Sturridge! 23-years-old…20 league goals in 53 starts…out of position…Hmmm.” – Jason Roberts.

  12. Erm so how does Campbell fit in? and Padolski? is he better than Sanago?! Bit of a weird one if we have signed Danny boi but hey ho! come on Danny!!!

  13. if Wenger gets Welbeck it will only be to cover OG while he’s crook. England players can be PGMOL safe.

  14. I hope we give Welbeck an UA welcome as a fan base on not an AAA one.Wenger must reckon he will fit into the team, you never know he might be great with us.Lets hope so.
    COYG!Aha and Amen!

  15. I agree with Jason Roberts though, until Sturridge went to Liverpool he was unappreciated. But who wouldn’t want him in their team right now? I’ll just say let’s wait and see how this pans out. Time will tell…

  16. @Dan,
    Hahhahaha, man you are making me laugh to death, although am with you in this, I dont want Dany. But the moment he wears the Arsenl shirt, he will become the best striker ever, and every thing will change. That is called Bias toward the club we love, all fans have it, except those non existant ones for sure.

  17. Better than fresh air I guess but disappointing that a club of our prestige, stature and financial pedigree are stooping to eleventh hour desperation rather than pursuing the world’s elite

  18. For me the minute he’s confirmed as an Arsenal player then the abuse should stop. He’ll be now one of us, and we can and should only support our players. I don’t think he’s bad anyway imo. Even if he was sure Wenger would turn him into a polished diamond, just like he did with Adebayor and many before him. If it’s true welcome to Arsenal Danny! 🙂

  19. Yassin
    Seconded 🙂 The minute he pulls that shirt on I’ll be 200% behind him. Proud to be a gunner.

  20. @People

    I love this site, I agree with many of the fans here, but not on this one. Welbeck is not the answer, PGMOL compliant or not!

    What does the signing of Welbeck signify to the likes of Podolski/Campbell?

  21. @All,
    Am sure Dan will be yhe first to welcome him, as all other players, just let him breath for now, hahaha he is making me laugh and he is doing just like brother now, every time he reads that news he goes mental.

    @Sean, then go support A more prestigous club, it will be better for you, us and Arsenal.

  22. @ Dan,

    There’s a good chance the refs will give us some penalties for a while as they adjust to him being an Arsenal man.

    Podolski isn’t as tall or fast, or as good through the middle, and Campbell is not going to get much change out of large centrebacks if playing against them holding the ball up. He’s better running at people. So as a straight replacement for Giroud I think he;ll do the hold up job, with a little more past.

  23. The world’s elite who come with demands of £300k per week wage demands…. some people. Just heard Falcao is going to cost Utd £24m in one season in loan fees and wages. £24m in 8 months! When you can go and buy a player that’ll be with you for the next 5 yrs for similar money. Talk about throwing money at your problems, they won’t go away.

  24. Am with Oldgroover here, we need a central defender, after Miguel is gone, any young player or veteran.
    Come on Wenger lets make it happen today.
    We will be the strongest team just wait and see. ( yes i know biased again, so what?)

  25. I think it’s a good signing, though I suspect this figure of £16m is probably inflated by the media. Think it’s a loan with a view to making it a permanent deal. What we needed was cover for Giroud, and I think he will provide it. He will hit the ground running. No need to get cover for Giroud by signing a player who would then have required one season to adapt to the premiership. Apart from Falcao and Cavani (who are out of the question due to their ridiculous wage demands – Falcao was on 250k tax free at Monaco, even moneybags City baulked at his wage demands) who else was there? Not many I would say.

  26. You have to admire Arsene. I sometimes wonder if he intentionally taunts his critics or does it just happen that it is his management style that they just don’t understand.

    He goes for a little paddle in the Atlantic Ocean just off Brazil. His crictics go berzerk demanding he does some work and spend ‘some money’. Arsene comes home with Alexis in his suitcase.

    We come to the last day of the window transfer and Arsene goes off to Rome to manage a team for charity. His elequent critics note that Nero fiddled while Rome burned and Arsene plays while Arsenal are going up in flames.

    Meanwhile back at the training ground the club sign a player who just happens to be there training for England.

    How is it that we have a state of the art training ground that England like to use? Because lazy, ignorant Arsene signed a player for £500 000. When that player decided he wanted out Arsene sold him for £22 million and with that money built the training ground and brought one T. Henry.

    Perhaps one day Arsene will know what he is doing!!!!!

  27. £16m for the one goal in ten man – the worst fucking signing since Silvestre and a criminal waste of the money the fans give to the club

    Absolutely disgusted – a panic buy to rival Santos and Park – just even more expensive

  28. what about our central defensive issue? That, for me, was the most pressing signing and it doesn’t look as if anything else is happening tonight.

  29. @ Mika, not sure about your maths – last season 10 from 36 for United, and 8 from 26 for England, usually playing out of position for both.

  30. Very different type of player to Giroud though. Plays high up on the defenders shoulder rather than deeper with his back to goal. No hold up play with Welbeck.That front three will be electric.

  31. @Al, Remy would have been fine and cheaper than Welbeck it seems. Don’t think this was a preferred signing, more a desperate one and at too high a price. If he turns out to be great fine but when he was at Manu I bet everyone on here thought he was average. Hypocrisy reigns.

    I thought Wenger was planning to only sign top quality hence the reason why we’re so slow in getting our targets, because such deals take time. And that’s why there maybe a last minute addition of top quality. If not, so be it. We just wait patiently for another year or two when Wenger finally has the team he requires to win the league.

  32. @robl …playing players out of positions…Haven’t we heard that somewhere? He’ll fit right in with the others. Let’s not kid ourselves, if we sign Welbeck then all it says to me is panic galore. What happens next season when we need a 25+ goal season striker, he will say we got Welbeck, Giroud etc. Wenger, why must you insist on making life hard for yourself?

  33. Great interview on bbc radio with robert peston the bbc economics editor. He’s a committed arsenal fan, understands business and economics and certainly understands how strong arsenal fc are financially. Like the rest of us and to quote him directly, he is ‘bemused’ and ‘sad’ at the ‘lack of ambition’ shown by our great club. He can’t understand why arsenal won’t spend and neither can I. Unless wenger pulls a rabbit out of the hat in the next few hours, we’ve under invested yet again. What the hell is going on?

  34. Why has Campbell not played a minute yet when he’s shown that he’s far more capable, not only in the World Cup, but last season against United in the CL? Oh- he must be “carrying a knock”- why is he on the bench then?! Why has Cazorla always been preferred to the Ox, when the former is a flat track bully, does not do any defensive duties and spends much of the time giving the ball away? The Ox is far better and a team player to boot but he “must be carrying a knock” that’s why he does not start. Wenger has criminally under-used him for years now. I don’t know how many games you watch, but remember the game against United three seasons ago when he ran them ragged, set up our equaliser and then was taken off for Arshavin? We then proceeded to lose the game when he had looked like winning it for us. Wenger then suggested a mix of fatigue, injury, illness for the substitution, which was followed by the Ox tweeting his mate that he’d been fine and that Wenger had told him he’d not last the whole game prior to the match! Now, are you going to break the habits of the past 10 years and this season, actually post anything to do with our team,tactics, players,prospects, form, purchases etc or continue to troll away daily- come on, surprise us!

  35. Im sure theres few that will agree dan!Im shocked too but not upset, Wengers sees something he can develop?Just get yr.scoring boots on Danny Welbeck!
    COYG!Aha and Amen!

  36. @Mika,
    Stop copy/pasting from Arseblog man, you will be banned for it.

    @Chapman, yes he is average and overrated now for me. When he wears that red and white shirt, everything changes, he suddenly has my total support, and become one of the best of not the best, again Bias? Yes.
    Instead of us destroying our great players ( like what is happening to Ozil). I love to support them. Am not pointing at you here am pointing at the trolls coming and trolling and setting the world on fire for evert player that comes or goes from arsenal.

  37. So not only Falcao but Utd have also just confirmed the excellent Dutch defender Dani Blink who can play C/B , left back and def midfielder, just what we needed. We are in big trouble folks and only Wenger cant see it!We desperately needed a world class C/B, Def Mid and a striker and our manager has yet again failed miserably to address these areas and its us the fans who will suffer. He will still pick up his £9 million a year for failure and will continue to make the same tactical mistakes but preach to us that he has a plan and that he has”Belief” in the squad.

  38. Carim

    On a quick estimate I’d say we’ve spent £70 million so far this transfer window.
    That’s hardly under investment and all decent players.

  39. @CentreTransfer: Falcao – £350k per week
    Rooney – £300k per week
    Di Maria – £250k per week
    Van Persie – £220k per week

    £1.12m per week for 4 players.

  40. @Carim,
    Can you please take your opinion and your friend opinion to another thread as we are not interested in engaging woth you?

    @Mika,that is because you know nothing about football and tactics man, nothing….

  41. Has anybody mentioned how Wenger could very well turn Welbeck into an Henry-style player given a couple of years? “Not to put pressure on the lad” etc.

  42. we get Wellbeck who is usless and no goal scorer while a real goal getter like Hernadez goes to Real on loan. Forgetting last season when he was all but frozen out Hernandez scored 50 goals in three seasons from 116 appearances many from the bench. Thats almost one every two games compared to Wellbeck`s one every five games. Yet agin Wenger has been had over by Man Utd who stole VP from us and now off load their dross for the same money they are paying to loan Falcao….so in essence we get a useless overrated winger to pay for them loaning one of the best strikers and goal scorers on the world and Hernandez is sent far enough away to stop him helping any of their rivals in the P/L….i just can’t believe how gullible and stupid Wenger and the board are. Surely this is Wengers last transfer window as our manager? My god a cb is more important than an a striker at the mo hour to go and linked to no one

  43. @yassin – dont use the idiot indeterminacies and blame it on others. I am not the one managing the team at leiaster…Im not the one who treats lester like Barcelona and is delighted with a draw. Keep your loser mentality to yourself.

  44. Danni Welbeck’s Wiki page states that he styled himself on his boyhood hero,Sir Thierry Henry.
    Good to know if rumour is true.

  45. @Yassin, I’ll support whoever plays for us but I can be objective too. Sanogo is just not good enough for a team like us, not because we’re going for the league this season but because we need a strong team to claim third or fourth and that requires a striker that delivers. Welbeck may well do the job, he is better than Sanogo at the present moment. I obviously want all the players to do well and would hope that Sanogo can improve but at least some pressure is now taken from him.

    What some people don’t understand is that right now Wenger is an economist first and a manager second. He’s more interested in spending wisely and building a team. I doubt such an approach can work in modern football but we shall see. If he can keep Sanchez and Ozil happy for a year or two while slowly adding top quality then it might work.

    But the sad reality is that probably only Man City and Chelsea are going to win the league for the foreseeable future as they spend heavily to do so. What Wenger aims to do every season is qualify for the CL, that’s his number one priority. He’s certainly smart enough to know that the present squad is not strong enough to win the league.

  46. His finishing is pretty terrible but playing 35-40 games, I reckon he’ll get 10-15 goals. Not 20 though, he’ll never be that good imo. Its remarkable though how everyone’s crying about him leaving without him even proving himself a great deal at United. Says it all that all rival fans including Arsenal fans are unsure about the transfer and can’t see why they’re paying £16m for a striker that can’t score (sounds familiar to Arsenal fans?) whereas United fans are crying as if Ronaldo has left the building.

    That is from a united forum

  47. Sorry typo in my 9:43 post, Falcao is on 350k per week, tax free. So just wondering how much utd are paying him pre tax to match that. Read on busby’s babe’s they’re paying his salary in full, not a penny from Monaco. Think that explains why he “chose” not to sign for any champions league club (many were rumoured to want him;City, Chelsea, Madrid, I don’t think we’d have been in the reckoning…..). I wouldn’t blame him for taking fools’ money, but I think his moves show him to be a real mercenary (first to Monaco when all expected a bigger club, and now to utd when champions league football was beckoning…). I wonder how utd fans will take it after another pasting by the likes of MK Dons with this mercenary in their side.

  48. My overriding concern is that the problems we faced twelve months ago still exist, will still exist tomorrow. Despite the perception to the contrary, signing players is not easy, I do believe that especially when the talent pool at this level is limited. It doesn’t mean it can’t be done, just that it takes hard work to make it happen. When it continues to happen late in the window, on the last day, half-a-dozen games into the season, is it that virtuous? When you get it right, yes.

  49. @ Mika, they are strong words which are easy to say, can be damaging and not possible to take back.

    What are you going to do if you are wrong that has a comparable positive effect?

  50. @Chapman,
    Thats why I replied to you in a polite way ( although am on the total opposite side of the debate between us). Its the way you write with respect to this team and the way you respond.

    he can change a game on his own? Really? And so can Sanchez, Ozil, Wilshere,Ramsey,… Oh sorry I forgot, they are wearing Arsenal shirts they cant do it….:D
    What do you have to do when you speak to idiots like me man, come on copy and paste from somewhere else man… 😉

  51. Sorry Chapman’s Ghost for not mentioning you full user name, I just depended on my memroy and didnt look as using these phones is torture to me.

  52. Hilarious…”Buy a f***ing striker” on Saturday… and now whomever AW signs will be labelled a ‘panic buy’. The proof is in the eating and the eating happens in May. Come on you lot…support our club! I agree with whoever said it…as soon as a player signs for us the moaning should stop and the supporting should begin.

  53. @yassin

    those are game changers, I cant say welbeck is. I love my club however man u would never sell to us, they know this player is no threat.

  54. oldgroover – 7 brits in our squad was the Afghan war.

    Welbeck will encourage Poldi & Campbell as they can link with him in the air. The smaller players might be used where height/power is not needed.

    Wenger is so damned smooth.

    Center backs – we have 5.

  55. Has mika even been to the toilet? He was here last night when I went to bed, and when I woke up, now I’m off to bed again and he’s still here frothing at the mouth. Get a life dude (assuming you’re a bloke)

  56. @Dan,
    Yes man I have the same thoughts you have, still if, and that is if, he wears those red and white shirts, he will get my full support from me, as I know you from around here, he will get it from you too.
    Is he world class? No, is he game changer? No way, is he what I dreamed of all summer? no, Is there others who arw better than him out there? Damn yes. Am with you totally on this one. Still he wears that shirt, I forget what he was and will start dreaming of him scorong hat-tricks and stuff,logic? No but who cares? I know one thing, Wenger is a genius (lalala Mika) and he will have this for a reason. Lets see first where this leads too.

  57. Really Mika, still do not have Wellbeck, but if we do, this is what we are getting
    A left field signing, but if it happens, and he gets game time, maybe a bit more shrewd than on first impressions, but hate to ruin your completely anti Arsenal narrative.
    But this signing depends on falcao…..and them not finding something dodgy with his knee.
    Seems odd to me, But, slightly worried about a lack do defender or dm signing.
    But we do have utility man Chambers, can play dm…..or cd. Maybe Monreal a consideration for cd if needed.
    Seems a risky strategy , we look a bit short to me but not easy getting a good fourth choice cd.

  58. @Dan,
    Btw my Brother has the same opinion as u, and he was asking God all day that Welbech fails the medical. Now he gave up and went to make this transfer on his Xbox Fifa 2014. And I ve been laughing all night at what he was doing.

  59. I think Welbeck can be good. He movement is intelligent but he doesn’t score goals because they lack players with vision in Utds midfield. If think we can supply him better. But the window is closed, right? Maybe we signed nobody. That is ok for me. I trust there was no good deals to be made. We can’t be as crazy as Man U, what they spent on Di Maria and Falcao is ridicilous. They are desperate. Let’s pray it goes tits up.

  60. IF we get Wellbeck, we need to put him through an adjustment period to deal with what will be a new relationship with the pgmol.
    But IF this happens, perhaps unfortunately, we should soon have five England players….possibly six when they stop believing the media hype on current England left backs.will the media and pgmol then leave us alone?

  61. Mandy- i believe they will never give us anything while Arsene is manager. His relationship with both has been turbulent throughout his Arsenal career. He gives the media nothing and they hate him for it; and while defending his players to the last, particularly during the Petit/ Vieira days, his relationship with the refs who now control the refs deteriorated beyond repair.

    Delighted with Welbeck if it happens, good established goal scorer in the PL with good potential, obvious hunger and seems like a good guy- never in the news for the wrong reasons. A great addition to the squad.

    Fingers crossed our defenders stay fit, a lengthy injury to Per or Kos, or the nightmare situation of both being injured, will prove costly. Hopefully Coquelin will recognise there is an opportunity for him in the middle and knuckle down.

  62. Agree totally mandy. The lack of defensive signings is most worrying. One injury away and we are down to the core. This transfer window is worse than the last one. It seems the manager has still not learnt his lesson. Oh and yasmin Falcao is game changer… Note emirates cup wally back isn’t note mk dons

  63. The linos are going to have to be on their toes now, the speed of our front three will be devastating

  64. BB, I for one would not blame him being a bit offish with the media…..after the way they treated him., and what they implied of him from day one. Much of our media are scum, I think he gives them more politeness than some of them deserve. Defending his players……never did fergie any harm with the refs did it.
    But you are right on the midfielder issue, to quote another blog, looks like wenger is holding onto his coq

  65. Wenger was in Rome visiting the Pope. So he went to the highest authority to get his signing of the day. Danny boy’s a Gunner. He will be great in defense. Odds for Arsenal to win the Premiere League will be tight now.

  66. Yes, wenger may have been up to many things in Rome, but also refereed a charity match…..wonder if he learnt any pgmol match fixing…..sorry match influencing tricks……if he did, hope he puts them to a worthy cause

  67. well done Arsene, the poker game is over…no new signing in sight not even already hated Danny Welbeck.

    Now that we didn’t sign him, we would soon hear how good he is and how AW missed out on him.

    Giroud used to be the scape goat but now that he is injured, the AAA is looking for who’s next.

    Sorry Yaya, you will have to learn how to answer your critics on the pitch like Rambo did.

    Think Mika & co would need blood transfussion now…and probably a life-support machine.

    Indeed Arsene Knows Best 🙂

  68. I fully agree after what they put him through on his arrival, but it does not negate my point that they will never give us anything while Arsene is manager because of their history. He will not play the media game and get chummy with them, giving them little scraps to feed off like others we will not name.

    Similarly, I loved the way he backed our players to the last, as I did myself. Things happened during those frantic battles and our French World Cup winners Vieira and Petit always seemed to get the wrong end of the stick while the likes of Scholes got away with assault. I think it didn’t do Fergie any harm because the refs were afraid of him. This very site did a decent article some time ago going into detail on this, and I am sure you read Polls recent comments. Where they were afraid of Fergie, they took up the battle with jonny foreigner- you know the way it is here.

  69. Well unlike some or should I say many I am very happy with 4 world cup players plus chambers who will become a full england international this week.

    Ok so up front bendtner and park have left we get sanchez and welbeck in their place. Tick in the box

    We lose fabianski and we get ospina, tick in the box

    We lose sagna, vermaelen and djourou and we get debuchy and chambers. This is probably the only disappointment in terms of replacements, but then again djourou hadnt played in almost 2 years whilst vermaelen was injured and badly off form.

    We have loaned players out and sold some other youngsters but we have also brought loan players back, promoted some u18s to replace them and likewise handed scholarships to 15 new scholars. All in all its 16 players out permanently and 20 in permanently.

  70. Agreed BB on your points about the media and Johnny Foreigner…xenophobia, the acceptable face of racism for racists who have not the courage to reveal themselves as they are.
    But not all foreign managers get such grief…..can think of a guy at Chelsea for starters.
    But agree, the refs were afraid of fergie, to the extent he could pick refs for his games thanks to the compliant mike Riley and Richard scudamore. The Italians have a word for the selective selecting of refs….calciopoli……amazed it has not been investigated here…..maybe the Italians are further ahead of dealing with corruption than we are…..and if so, that is pretty damning

  71. The disdain for ‘foreign’ in football is the REAL racism in the English game! Sky Sports News make a good point about Falcao having suffered a cruciate injury in January, had he signed for us, you can bet your bottom dollar which part of the anatomy Premier League managers and defenders would have been targeting had he come to London N5! Not to mention the stupid money in terms of loan fee and wages for him…

  72. I really love arsenal, do you really love arsenal too?
    Or arsenal with the trophy -Dennis Bergkamp –

  73. Intereting debate.. Seems like some odd members think he is smarter than AW. They cam here and give a piece of their mind. The last signing will be a game changer.

    Come on, if you are getting disillusioned with Gunner, just go and support another team. We are not short of loyal Gunner globally .

    In trust with Arsene..

  74. Incedible to read that everyone on Untold Arsenal have demonstrated their Loyalty to Arsenal F.C. ,
    Feck there were some “crying Bastards” on the site today, Welcome Danny & I hope you can Illustrate to the team what a good player you can be.

  75. Incredible to read that everyone on Untold Arsenal have demonstrated their Loyalty to Arsenal F.C. ,
    Feck there were some “crying Bastards” on the site today, Welcome Danny & I hope you can Illustrate to the team what a good player you can be.

  76. Danny Welbeck isn’t a move I cheer for but its a very reasonable signing.

    Someone already mentioned Walcott above so what we are looking at is a reserve… bench player who has some potential.

    Just because Giroud is down so the bench player might need to step into the game immediately because of Welbeck’s experience in England, he can do that within two or three games.

    Speaking of forwards the following is the packing order for centre forward:

    Giroud, Alexis Sanchez, Walcott/ Podolsiki, Sanogo, Campbel.

    It is a good line-up with reasonable bench so Arsenal should be looking at A) upgrades… superb players (25 to 30 goal type eg. the bitting machine, greedy Dutch, Cavanni) B) relatively young player who can play now and better than Sanogo/ Campbel but have potential to improve so there is a reason for him to be around when other higher ranking players are fit.

    I believing moving Poldi away is a real thing because it makes most sense. It gives a spot for non-homegrown and if Arsene could sign the superb striker, both the striker and left wing will be full(Sanchez to left front, Czorla/ Ozil reserve) so it makes sense to move him out to be replaced by the arriving up-grade.

    Then Giroud goes down and the up-grade does not seem to be available. So the first step is to call off Poldi transfer just in case no signning could be made.

    Knowing that, its pointless to sign a striker older than 25 and can only score 15 to 20 goals per season (cost should be from 15 million to 25…). Many such players got mentioned by the media but that is precisely the type to avoid. May be a season loan but definitely NO transfer.

    Danny Welbeck makes every bit of sense although its not the saftest option. The risk is bigger because he wasn’t doing well in Man U. He might mis-fire… The problem is Torres also failed. No one can garantee.

    For anyone who talks about “SUPPORTING FOOTBALL IN ENGLAND”, they should support this move. How many good strikers can England count on? Not that many… Do they rather have Arsenal sign Reus and let Welbeck rot at Man U’s bench?

    Arsenal is giving a real chance for a local talent by bearing certain level of risk!!!

  77. Welcome to Arsenal Football Club Danny Welbeck!

    Like those before you, I wish you a wonderful career at our great club. Your success will be my beloved club’s success and a great source of joy to me. My good wishes for you isn’t altruistic but firmly based on mutual interest.

    Welcome brother and good luck!

  78. Carim and a few others can’t understand why arsenal won’t spend.

    You have obviously not realised that AW does not buy players, how ever much they cost UNLESS they fit in at Arsenal.
    THEN one has to make the deal with the player and then the club or vice-versa. Then comes the med and all the paper work needed. Many of these deals are not done and we usually don’t get to hear about them until later.

    Other clubs, some are desperate and buys anything with a BIG tag, some just have enough money to do what they want. FFP seems to have curbed them a little, but not enough.

    So, i did not expect that one, Danny Welbeck but hey AW must see something in him, he probably was not first choice, but hey, now he is an Arsenal player. (UNDISCLOSED fee, i wonder why)?

  79. I’m tired after a 10h trip that kept me away from the blogs, so, from me too: Welcome to Arsenal Danny Welbeck. After all the comments above, I can only add that it will be most fun seeing him playing against his old club whose name should be rightfully now “money bleeders”. By means of players and owners alike. And may he score!

  80. So its official, welcome to the Arsenal Dany. Now lets have Arsene make us a world class striker. COYG, lets get this league going. Btw, he wasnt firing for united, neither was he a flop. So I say lets give him full support and welcome, I know hereon untold they will. Welcome Dany Welbeck to Arsenal.

  81. Welcome Danny “England international – who can take up his place in the homegrown list” Welbeck to Arsenal Football Club.

    AW did state he will replace Vermalen, gutted that it didn’t happen. We only have 6 first team defenders listed in arsenal.com , maybe he will promote hayden who knows.

    Good luck to Ryo and Miquel.

  82. Interesting interview with Meulensteen about Welbeck & Arsenal. Seems like a lot of people have “throw away” sound bite opinions on Welbeck but a quick look at Squawka Comparison indicates Welbeck is not only a Sanogo upgrade but may well be a Giroud upgrade as well. His goals scored, shooting accuracy, pass completion and take on stats are all better than Olivier per 90 mins played(no point rating him per game as it his “player score” Giroud is better in the air with a higher aerial duel success score. Add to that he is only 23, homegrown and has played a bit with Wilshere, he may be a good signing for us. Wenger improves players without a doubt and if he can do it with Danny, by the time he is 4 years into his contract he could sell him on for a tidy sum.

  83. Welcome Danny boy. Those questioning his stats how many games did he start for utd? If Wenger can turn Adebayor into a 30+ goal machine then he can turn this boy into a world class striker. Shame on you those that were wishing he didn’t join and saying bad stuff about him. Wenger was never going to win; had he signed Remy he would have been questioned why he signed a player who failed a medical at pool, Falcao it would have been about signing a player with a dodgy knee for all that money(does anyone also think utd may have taken a gamble with his fitness, why did it take so long to confirm even though that was the headline that he’d signed when we woke up yesterday?), Balotelli would have been worse than Suarez in terms of being unmanageable. He signs a powerful 23 yr old England international and he still gets slated. You can bet your last penny had he not made this signing the media would have gone into meltdown about it. Damned if he does, damned if doesn’t. Poor guy.

    As for Vermalean I thought he replaced him with Chambers? Anyway, I think Callum has already played same number of games as TV played all season and we’re only two weeks in. When did Djourou last wear an Arsenal shirt? We’re stronger this year than we were last; only three key players in defence left last season and they’ve been replaced by younger and equally good players. We have gained two quality players up front. Players like Bellerini are waiting in the wings. COYG!!

  84. Off topic.
    Anyone thinking of selling or has two extra tickets to next week’s Man City match?
    A relative of mine is coming next week and will be staying over the weekend. Crazy Gooner like me, so I thought this would be a real treat for him.
    Sorry to post it here Tony/Walter but I am desperate.
    Can’t use ticket exchange as I only only have one Red membership. They needed two to buy two tickets.
    Contact me on kycheong6@yahoo.com.
    Thank you.

  85. More of a desperate buy that a planned one. Still, I believe he we come good and will offer Arsenal another option in the attacking dept. Wenger failed to address the defensive weaknesses. Let’s hope we will not find ourselves short of numbers in defense due to injuries or cards.

    Conclusion of this window is that Wenger, the board and the scouting team did not perform to the Arsenal standard. We were obviously interested in center backs and defensive midfielders but we bought none. What changed this? Callum Chambers will deputise for 2 or 3 positions? I just don’t get it. Maybe I am dumb.

  86. Oh Danny Boy, the guns the guns are calling,
    from goal to goal and down the left-hand side,
    the summers gone and the seasons starting,
    tis you must score, and I say “what a f*cking fantastic goal by Welbeck”

    Welcome to the Arsenal Mr.Welbeck!
    COYG! Aha and Amen!

  87. Just wait till he doesn’t score in his first 5 games, the net will explode with furious anger.

  88. Funny the kind of hypocrisy going around our fans. Players of other clubs are always better than our players. Even when you buy their supposedly ‘better’ players, we still covet other clubs’ players. Our players are never too good for us.
    I for one am okay with how our transfer dealings have gone this summer. I believe Chambers was bought as a center back to replace Vermaleen. That is why Bellerin was promoted to support Debuchy. Wenger already see Mertesacker and Koscielny as his first choice pairing. I don’t see any experienced player who would come sit on the bench hoping for injuries to either of the two. That explains Chambers. So i guess, fans calling for a center back should look closely at the team structure.
    I believe Wenger was right about our attacking options. Ofcourse Giroud is the main man and he sees Sanogo as an understudy, but bringing in Welbeck makes a whole lot of sense than what most fans think. Welbeck is quite different from Sanogo. Fast, energertic, good work rate, not bad shot-to-goal ratio, and above all hungry. Plus he has a point to prove. Sanogo is taller, strong and has good hold up play. And they are both young and for the future. They can only get better.
    I sense alot of us will be surprised come end of the season. I just felt Wenger should have gotten a defensive midfielder cos Flamini and Arteta aren’t doing well there.
    Now, one question for fans. If we had bought Welbeck earlier in the window and Sanchez was our last minute deadline business, would fans still feel the same way?
    Let us just get behind this team. The window is closed for another 4 months, let’s live with what we got and make the best of it.

  89. Very happy that Welbeck has come to the gooners I always thought he was decent and should have been given more time at utd. I think he will be a hit and has shown his quality for England and in the limited chances he has had at utd. I think with his movement and our midfield we will have a very productive player! As for Campbell and Poldi they will get their chance this season I believe that we will see a lot of rotation once we are having 2 games per week and they are coming thick and fast – and this will be down to the new fitness coach and we have already seen that with wilshere and the ox – and I agree with a comment above about cazorla he needs to step up a little in my opinion and I would like to see him being rotated as much as jack Ramsey the ox and Ozil. One more thing – getting Welbeck for 16 mill is an absolute steal – he’s a full English international he has no baggage he is professional and has pace and for all the haters of course he can finish! Welcome Danny Welbz!!!!!! COYG

  90. We needed a striker. We also needed a CB for cover.

    So we got some of what we needed.

    Welbeck? He is not a player I rate but after some initial disappointment it’s best to look to the possibilities. A young man once came to Arsenal with very similar physical attributes, who had also been played out wide most of his career. This young man was not a goal scorer and was not rated amongst the best players around. He was ok, but nothing special. When he started at Arsenal his finishing was terrible and he was laughed at by the media. However, Wenger gave him confidence and turned him into Arsenals greatest ever striker, and English footballs greatest ever striker, one Thierry Henry.

    So, I will now hope that young Welbeck takes the same road.

    Good luck to the lad. One thing I do like regardless of how this turns out is that he puts in 100% effort at all times and does not seem like a problem player. That, for me, is the top criteria.

  91. Could someone enlighten me if the FA HomeGrown Squad rules were the reason for us signing Danny Welbeck? It would be interesting to know what the squad status was.

  92. But at the back we’re a sprained ankle or a flare-up of Koscielny’s Achilles away from being woefully short. Imagine going to Chelsea or Man City away with a pairing of Chambers and Monreal. How confident would you be? Exactly. Arseblog. Quite possibly the most optimistic blog around

  93. @Mihir – we were perfectly fine on the homegrown rule before the Welbeck signing as far as I know.

  94. Al, Your post at 7:50 A.M. was spot on. You brought up some great points. You are not like some of those morons who are moaning and groaning about the Arsenal signing Welbeck. I completely concur with all you are saying. Give the boy a fighting chance. Arsene Wenger just might turn him into the striker that the woeful English national team has been looking for the last dozen years or so. You once again are a voice of reason in an maelstrom of nonsense. Keep fighting the good fight.

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