Welbeck and Henry on the same starting line at Arsenal.

So now we know the 2014 results:


  • Calum Chambers
  • Mathieu Debuchy
  • David Ospina
  • Alexis Sanchez
  • Danny Welbeck


  • Benik Afobe on loan
  • Nic Bendtner
  • Johann Djourou
  • Thomas Eisfeld
  • Lukasz Fabianski
  • Carl Jenkinson on loan
  • Chu-Young Park
  • Bacary Sagna
  • Wellington on loan
  • Jon Toral on loan
  • Thomas Vermaelen
  • Ryo to FC Twente on loan
  • Ignasi Miquel to Norwich

Back from long term injury:

  • Theo

Lost to injury

  • Giroud

We also brought in the usual array of youngsters.  I don’t have all the details, but previously Untold has highlighted, Ben Sheaf from West Ham United, Mourgos Savvas, and Elias Hatzitheodoridis.

Watching it last night I was surprised to find myself thinking that BT Sport actually did a much better last hour than Sky who are hypnotised by having lots of strange people surround the commentator and shout swear words down the mic.  The commentator then apologises in case it has caused any offence, and then they go off somewhere else and do it again, and apologise again.

They try to make it look as if they are so much at the heart of things that “anything can happen in the next half hour.”  The problem is that phrase came from Thunderbirds – which you may recall was a programme populated by a load of puppets.

Sky also had on a lady who had a suntan so extreme that I feared for her well-being, but maybe it was just caused by the studio lights.

They also managed to surround themselves with people outside the Ems who said they were unimpressed with Welbeck.  At all the other clubs there was great excitement, but at the Ems, well, nothing.  And actually I don’t think Welbeck was at the Emirates at that time, so it all seemed a bit odd, but what do I know?

BT Sport, at least for the last hour of the transfer window, which is when I watched them, did the old fashioned panel thing.  And they included Darragh MacAnthony who I am sure everyone else knew, but I didn’t.  Obviously not keeping up with the times here.

Anyway, he’s owner of Peterborough, and for that particular show I thought he was very good.  I had got to the stage where bashing myself over the head at the mindboggling sameness of Sky’s self-congratulatory presentation wasn’t having any impact any more, so I changed channels and found quite a decent show – as far as it is to put on a decent show at that time of day.

MacAnthony certainly managed to calm people down without saying Kalm Down (what with him being Irish and not Scouse) when BT Sport’s chair for the programme got excited because the FA gave Arsenal an extension over the signing of Welbeck.  He just said words to the effect, “this is not unusual – we [meaning Peterborough] have done it – everyone does it.”

Although perhaps the one image that will stay in my mind is that of the chap on Sky standing on his own in the pitch black outside of Tottenham’s training ground with no one else around, mournfully saying that he didn’t think there would be any more business.

So, what of Welbeck?  He scored 20 goals in 92 league games for Man U, according to his Wiki page entry.  Now that is interesting (if correct, for one never quite knows with Wiki) because when Thierry Henry came to Arsenal he had scored 20 goals also – in 105 games with Monaco.   At Juventus he scored 3 in 16 – virtually the same percentage.

We all know that Mr Wenger took Henry and turned him around from a man who scored in 19% of games to a man who scored in 66% of games.

Of course they are utterly different players, but the notion that Welbeck at 23 is done and dusted and what we have now is what he will be in the years to come, is not how it goes.  Henry was 22 when he came to Arsenal – again similar.

And of course, once more, I don’t have a clue if Welbeck can deliver for us, but as a fan, I hope so.  And of course I shall go on supporting – not least because of those earlier transfers.  If, before the window had creaked open I’d have been told that we would buy

  • Calum Chambers
  • Mathieu Debuchy
  • David Ospina
  • Alexis Sanchez
  • Danny Welbeck

I’d have said – “great – I’ll take that”.  So that’s how I feel now.

But I wonder if we shouldn’t end with a reminder of all those people that Arsenal were absolutely definitely going to sign according to the blogs and the press. Mario Balotelli, Morgan Schneiderlin, Mario Balotelli-Balotelli, Sami Khedira and Lars Bender, Lakaku, Mario Balotelli

Plus the ones that happened but that we were told would not, as with “Barca Puts Hold On Alexis Sanchez’s Transfer To Arsenal” and “De Ja Vu – Arsenal Could Miss Out On Alexis Sanchez Due To Neymar’s Injury”.

And then the incomings went on and on with Karim Benzema, Mario Balotelli, Jackson Martinez, Mario Balotelli, Angel di Maria, Carlos Vela, Mano Mandzukic, Keylor Navas, Mario Balotelli, 

I also quite enjoyed, “Arsenal try to hijack Liverpool’s Sanchez move”

In one of my slightly more lucid moments I said on 2 July, as the window was flung wide open, and the transfer room inside the window was bathed in sunshine…

“Based on the longevity of the story we are going to sign

  • Loic Remy
  • Morgan Schneiderlin
  • Alexis Sánchez 
  • Mathieu Debuchy”

Two out of four ain’t bad.  And we did have the Welbeck deal at 6.10pm last night, which isn’t as good as having it last week, but even so…

The books
The complete Arsenal Anniversary series is to be found on the Arsenal History Society site.



137 Replies to “Welbeck and Henry on the same starting line at Arsenal.”

  1. The programme of the media to belittle everything that Arsenal do is easy with this one. I’ve already read the Guardian article on our transfer window which claims all Arsenal supporters will be disappointed with….

    With regard to Welbeck the take is an ‘easy’ for the media. ‘He is not a first class striker and he has poor ratio game to goal.’

    This of course ignores the fact that for the last two seasons the main strikers at manure have been Saint Roony and well I’ll keep my post clean.

    Welbeck will have good chance to feed off our midfield which is the best in the premier league.

    A good move for Welbeck and a good move for us.

    Welcome To Arsenal Danny boy.

  2. The point of writing rubbish is that people read it and comment on it. It is clear that Wenger cannot wait for Sanogo to develop into the class striker he believes he will become. Welbeck is good business..injury free he will become our no 1 striker

  3. Another bit of rubbish

    Wenger was in Rome to participate in the‘Match for Peace’, a charity event organised by Pope Francis. He had attracted criticism from Arsenal fans for being out of the country on transfer deadline day, although was in constant contact with Arsenal officials throughout the day.

    what fans criticized?

  4. Initially I was underwhelmed with Welbeck (remember slagging him off during the World Cup!) but, on reflection he does fit the system well.

    He has strength and height and so can do a much better job than the likes of Remy or Defoe as a target man – as well as being much quicker than Giroud.

    He doesn’t seem particularly prolific (albeit noting the Henry comparison) but then we have plenty of players in the team who can/will score so that is not quite as critical as in days gone by.

    I also have faith in Wenger’s ability to develop players. I think Welbeck is young enough to benefit significantly from this “super super” coaching.

    Again, it was Henry I was thinking of last night. Clearly Welbeck will never be that good – but then who would? Much rather that than 20mm for a one year loan for a guy with a dodgy knee who will be 29 soon. I can also see rather a large number of egos up front for MU – might get messy. And if you think we needed a centre back as a spare, MU would be desperate for a Kos or Mert…!

    However, I do think we are a little thin at centre back. I would suggest using Dubuchey as an emergency 4th choice centre back, with Bellerin coming in on the right.

    Regarding the DM position I think we were looking but am comfortable with Flamini, Arteta and possibly Chambers in that role for the time being.

    Still very excited about the season. Let’s hope our full panapoly of attacking and creative players start to gel soon – preferably against MC!

  5. Tin tin tin…..
    Dinner’s served!burp!!
    Wenger has chosen well baked donkey over foul cow for main course . Slup slup… not bad !
    O.K. 2 weeks to gel and may toss in Ballerina into the dance,there we go…we’ve 7 at the backyard,
    and you may find some new DeerMeat at the Chamber column.
    Enough Qx,Ram,Zilbra,Wild goat,Stranger in the middle of the field,
    Not forgetting Danny boy to lead the herds!

    Don’t worry! Be happy guy! We are gonna be fine 😉

  6. I made the Henry comparison on another thread, but unlike you I think they are very similar types of players (at least comparing the Henry who JOINED Arsenal to Welbeck now.

    We’ll see what Wenger can do with DW.

  7. Good morning all! welcome Danny!

    It amazes me that people even bought into the criticism of AW for being away in Italy! I didn’t know that Italy was in another Galaxy.

    In todays communications technologies; even if one wanted to be unreachable it IS VERY DIFFICULT…let alone AW who for sure was on some screen at some point and online video conferencing to complete what ever needed to be completed!!!


  8. Tony, serious question are you paid by wenger to write these? Can you explain why we didn’t bring in a backup defender when we have only two recognised center backs?

  9. so reshing to read an article from someone so well versed with Arsenal Matters. very original, authentic article. i will be looking out for more.

  10. @ Sean,

    Serious answer to an allegedly serious question: no, Wenger does not pay Tony to write these articles. The site is supportive of Wenger, as am I and many others. That doesn’t mean that we need to explain his every move or non-move.

  11. Below the belt is what we are doing, going into the season with the defence that we have, my friend.

  12. Nice to find a site with some positive comments. Some of the things I have read in the past 12 hours have baffled me and alarmed me. I can only assume that the comments I have read are from people masquerading as gooners. People calling for wengers head? Wtf?! We finally got some silverware, signed some good players and are undefeated thus far. Some ‘fans’ need to get a grip, stop acting hysterically, or better still, find a new team to support (one of the oily ones will satisfy your unrealistic plastic demands).

  13. Kris Olsson also left on loan?

    I am pleased with the signing of Welbeck, he can play with his back to the goal & his link up play is good – so he could play the same type of role normally played by Giroud. Also, under Wenger’s tutelage I can see Welbeck developing into a very major player.

    Sanogo needs games, I can see him going out on loan either now or after Giroud returns.

    Podolski and Campbell also need games so hopefully we will see some rotation.

  14. One thing I picked up, which maybe I’m misreading, but how I read the order of events is that when Arsenal were said to be interested, Wellbeck suddenly insisted on a permanent transfer. If true, it definitely puts him in credit with me.

  15. bograt – exactly.

    The level of expectation of some just defies belief. It would be better for everyone if they take their custom elsewhere. Arsenal do NOT have limitless resources. They always look for value and won’t overpay. As Christian Purslow (ex Liverpool MD) said on 5 Live on Friday evening, it is very easy to buy a player if you are happy to pay over the odds. We are not and that is the right thing to do.

    People can not complain about ticket prices and lack of transfer profligacy in the same sentence (although many do).

    As ever, the silent majority know best. Tickets for Man C went within minutes of going on sale to red members yesterday (I know because I have already had disappointed folk approach me for tickets).

  16. Sean: asking if I am paid by Arsenal to write Untold is just plain daft, and suggests that you don’t read Untold very much.

    But to say it clearly, no, I am not paid by Arsenal to write Untold and nor is anyone who writes Untold. Yes, when I wrote my column in the programme (which I am not doing this season) I was paid the normal journalist rate for that. And yes, my company has a commercial deal with Arsenal to sell “Making the Arsenal” and “Woolwich Arsenal the club that changed football” in their shops.

    And yes, I was the person who met with Ivan Gazidis and proposed the idea of a series of statues starting with Chapman, at the Emirates.

    And I’m a committee member of Arsenal Independent Supporters Assn and Chair of the AISA Arsenal History Society.

    It’s all been said before.

    As to why we didn’t buy, oh come on, we’ve done that to death too. We’ve got cover, we’ve got a youth policy, we’ve got flexible approaches, and maybe Wenger has the right person in mind, but he’s just not available at the moment.

  17. I like the fact, he is big and quick. I am ure if Wenger can make Adybarndoor a top striker, he can do it will Wellbeck.

  18. I wonder, should we start asking if the writers of certain other blogs are paid by the Spuds?

  19. ok all you so called football [I wont call you pundits and insult the word] knowledgeable people, please can you explain this disparate deal by manure. u sell an English interl and purchase Falcao, on loan mind u, and pay him 300k a week? why? in the hope that u get 4th spot? ok, so let me get this straight…..u sell a centre forward aged 23, a full international, with many yrs left to play & a re-sale value. Purchase a centre forward aged 28, with a maximum of 1 yr to play @ full potential, on loan, pay the holding club 8 mil for the loan deal, pay the player 300k a week and there will be bonus added somewhere in the deal that if they get the 4th spot. so don’t know who’s laughing here, Arsenal, who have a English inter to complete their English players quota, with a re-sale value, can play centre forward, right or left wing, is a back up for Oliver Giroud, or Manure, who have an extremely expensive player on loan, who is likely to go back weather 4th spot or not. RVP[jelly feet] aged 32 on 200 k week sal and 3 yrs on his contract, looney toon aged 30 on 250k & on a 3 yrs contract, with no permanent replacement coming through there ranks, academy in shambles. what happens if you don’t get 4th spot?

  20. The funny thing is… Arsenal fans (some vocal ones) say “he’s not good enough”.

    Man U fans keep saying, “we are unhappy with the deal.” Even though they got Falcao.

    I really believe Wenger has another striker ( a clear up-grade) in his mind that the player isn’t available. If he got that player, he would have let Poldi go.

    Welbeck is just an up-grade to Sanogo who clearly need to train harder with his touch and understand Arsenal positioning before he plays again.

    With EPL experience, Welbeck will be the stop gap for a few weeks. Sanchez will bed in and move to the middle. Walcott will take over the right flank.

    If Welbeck become really good in a few weeks that he not only score descent number of goals but can bring other players in…. Sanchez will go to left side with Walcott on the right.

    Arsenal don’t need Welbeck to be a 20 goal player now or next year. 15 goals (respective to play time) would be OK provided that he help others score.

  21. @Tony Attwood

    Another great article, what I don’t get with the AAA is that they do not answer why the support arsenal when asked?

    Moan about Wengers transfer policy. Yet he did sign Ramsey, kolscieny mertasacker yet no complaints or praise that they came good.

    Worse of all they, yes Sean you. Read he’s article which Tony has taken he’s time to break down to be constructive and insightful ready for logical eventful discussion. Stop reading the heading only and froth from the mouth support they team. Negativity brings more negativity. Appreciative what you have and work on your limits.

  22. @Va cong – I support Arsenal through and through, what I do not support is one man’s stubborn behaviour to strengthen in the glaring positions that have been warranting decent players. we need a striker who scores goals ??? so we sign wellbeck ???? do you even bother to check his goal tally ??? its awful come on lads are you really trying to justify this signing?

    We needed a good striker, defensive midfielder and another central defender and he blows £16m on this non- entity. I hear that Wenger will weave his supposed magic and transform this 1 goal in 5 games misfit into an Henry or even a Sturridge- dream on. Henry showed his class in the 98 World Cup, Sturridge always had an eye for goal but it was his head that needed sorting out. Welbeck is rubbish and LVG has mugged us. Welbeck is part of that overvalued, untalented, prematurely promoted bunch of internationals at United that include Smalling, Cleverley and Young. Jones is the only decent one of that bunch. Wenger could have exercised the option on a proper striker like Bony for another £3m, a loan on Negredo or even Remy for half that price. But no, he goes for someone with a worse record than Giroud, who’s also sub-standard. But wait, I can hear Wenger now justify his stupidity- “he has pace, quality and can play across the front line!” Brilliant transfer- he’ll now play him at all costs as he cost so much, like he does with Cazorla when fit, or like Arteta as he’s our skipper for some unfathomable reason. I ask all you clueless Wengerites, who’re clapping away at this mindless decision. He’ll play Welbeck in all the big games and CL and probably away from home,and possibly Giroud when he’s back. What will this do for one of our few real stars- the Ox, who’s already a bit-part player? Wenger out- you’re washed up.

  23. It still beats logic to see Wenger wait till almost impossible hours to do what he had 3 months to do! Is it not possible for him to conduct his business earlier enough in the summer instead of waiting for someone to be rejected before making an offer. He thought Remy would still be club-less by the deadline day in which case, he would sign him on the cheap as usual, then everyone will see as a genius.

    When everyone sees we need a striker, he bought for the sake of buying. Welbeck is good no doubt, but we need someone stronger to challenge Giroud. To protect Giroud, he made sure none of our present strikers (Welbeck, Sanogo, Campbell, Poldoski) can challenge his position.

    With the current 4-1-4-1 formation, we may end up wishing we qualify for Europa league.

  24. @Miks – sorry dude got to disagree with ya today. A lot of what you said makes sense but all this doom and gloom surrounding Welbeck’s signing? Let’s forget for a second that we need defensive reinforcements and remember that Welback is a fast, strong runner – someone who will cut through the heart of a defense. In that vein, he is very unlike Giroud, which means that when Giroud returns, they will not be competing for the same position. I wonder how the Boss thinks they can both co-exist, but whatever – that’s his problem to solve. Furthermore, he knows the premiere league and so no adjustment period required, and he has a point to prove. I think all of this together will make for a pretty exciting season.

    I’m as pisssed about the absence of a defensive signing as anyone, but the bottom line is that Welbeck is a quality signing. I don’t see this as regression in the slightest.

  25. First of all I am joining all the others in welcoming Danny in our club and wishing him the best.
    It never ceases to amaze me how much can the media distort the truth and misinform, which can so clearly be seen from this latest transfer window.
    If you had taken any “reasonable” Arsenal fan and told him in May that arsenal will be the 4th largest spender in the EPL this year, that they will buy 4-5 international players amongst them one recognised world class player they would have been at least happy if not content. Was that the case?
    Let’s see. After a few selected articles and a few opinions from our all-knowing TV media pundits suddenly Arsenal [which btw last year run top of the league for most of the time (but of course were never gonna win it, as we heard so many many many times)] suddenly absolutely need a world class striker. Did they stop there? no they went on to convince everybody that it was possible to sign either Falcao or Cavani. From what I read Falcao cost UTD £5-6m loan fee + £18m wages (£350k/week), so basically its gonna cost them £23-24m to have him on loan for a year (if of course he doesn’t get injured). Cavani currently earns £10m/year at PSG plus whatever the transfer fee which was reported to be around £55-65m.
    Now like I said before a “reasonable” gooner would have thought “wait, is it really possible that Wenger would do this?” I mean we do know we have a uniform salary structure in our club it’s not a secret, would Wenger bring anyone in and pay him so much money?? what about the others? What would happen to all the work done all these years to create a family club environment that makes the players feel part of a fair healthy team that works as a group for the benefit of our club?
    Well the answer to whether a lot of our supporters thought about all these, can be seen from most of the comments we will read today, that have no relation to what our club stands for and always worked to achieve.
    I will close here and let you draw your own conclusions for the rest of the rumours about what Wenger should or should not have done, amongst them going to Italy for a charitable reason …….

  26. @Carim, Topman: Only 6 recognised defenders, NO holding midfielder, NO recognised striker capable of getting 15 goals a season in the league with Giroud out…What does Wenger do? Goes to Italy. Why couldn’t he have bought another CB, there were countless available, and why hasn’t he filled the defensive midfielder role that’s been vacant for 9 years. We may have spent massive amounts on Ozil and Sanchez but lets be honest, Ozil HAS flopped since he arrived, I understand that he hasn’t played in the number 10 hole very much which in his own words ‘he is one of the best in the World’, but still, he has flopped at 42.5 million. Sanchez looks a player and will improve I’m sure, but I challenge ONE sole genuine Arsenal fan to honestly say that deep down they don’t worry about the likes of Chelsea, Man.City and even Liverpool without Saurez cutting us up into little pieces and spitting us back out to make a mosaic picture of Wenger covered in excretia. Every manager in the land and abroad when it comes to the CL knows exactly what Wenger’s formation will be, 4 at the back with either Arteta or Flamini just in front playing sideways passes when in possession and going missing when We ain’t, a combination of Cazorla, Ramsey, Wilshere or Ox Cam in the centre with Sanchez and Ozil alternating out wide of Sanogoal, start the game trying to walk the ball into the net after numerous corners and free kicks that don’t even beat the first defender, desperate for a breakthrough the genius takes off one of the numerous ineffective midfielders and someone else who looks a bit knackered or is due another injury and throws on another 2 attacking players which normally won’t be Campbell. Happy days not.

  27. I have a good feeling about this signing. We needed cover for Giroud, and this is one signing who doesn’t need any bedding in and will be ready to line up against City next weekend. Having bought someone from abroad would have meant they’d need to go through the first year adjusting to the league. That he’s 23 makes this sound like a very good deal. I’d have taken Welbeck over Balotelli any day. Remy we will never know about his mysterious medical at pool, Falcao is and was obviously never going to be a possibility (guilleme ballague confirmed Arsenal were not interested in him, and the player wanted Madrid).

    As hardworking as he is, him and Sanchez together will mean many defences will be working overtime. Welcome Danny.

  28. Mika,

    You call for Wenger out. Which manager, available at the moment, would you want to see replace him?

    David Moyes perhaps?

  29. Nica article Tony.

    And a warm welcome to Danny.

    By the way,

    “anything can happen in the next half hour.”

    Is from STINGRAY, not Thunderbirds.

  30. Mika,

    Are you always following fantasy football or fm ? Or are you listening commentary and not watching live games.

    Your argument is absurd . Come on.. If Arsenal is giving you so much pain. please quit arsenal . Get a life .

  31. Toppmann

    You said:

    “It still beats logic to see Wenger wait till almost impossible hours to do what he had 3 months to do!”

    And of course it had nothing to do with the fact the completion of the deal was depending on United tying up there Falcao business at all.

  32. I’m really hopeful abt Danny becoming d new Henry at Arsenal, Danny is not new to the style of play in the EPL, He is very energetic and fast and most importantly very young. So he gonna do well and probably become d best striker in England. Gud lock Danny.

  33. Those misguided souls who criticised Arsene Wenger for leaving the country on the last day of the Window, should be reminded of the old saying “You don’t buy a dog and bark yourself.”
    Arsene and his tactical staff decide on the signing(s) they want and then leave it to the Club’s negotiators to do the rest.
    The nitpickers are already at work, calculating why Welbeck is not a good buy, totally disregarding the nurturing Arsene will do on a 23year old international who, IMO, could turn out to be another Henry.
    For those fickle supporters of our great Club, take heart. Any time now the media will commence speculation on the January Transfer Window and who Wenger needs to buy and sell and if he should be sacked next Summer. 😉

  34. When Arsene goes window shopping he plays a record for the benefit of whoever will listen to him, it goes like this:

    “We are not in the market for players”
    In other words no new player this window.

    “We are looking” (or words to that effect.)

    Means: ‘Negotations are under way but nothing certain yet’.

    “I have a surprise” (or words to that effect).

    Means: A deal has been done and Arsenal supporters are in for a nice surprise.

    If you didn’t know any better you would think Arsene was English so laid back does he conduct himself.

    The internet Guardian on the day of the Community Shield game run a report with this headline. “Only three English players in the Arsenal line up. Way down in the small print we learnt that there were ‘no’ English players in the mancs line up.

    Walcott, the Ox, Gibbs, Wilshire,Chambers and now Welbeck and just across the boarder Ramsey.

    Seems the Gurardian not only can’t spell but can’t count!

  35. esxste


    If you want to question and debate the signings, fine.

    But to me, ridiculous comments like that just undermine any further valid points you may make

  36. Yes,I knew the boss knew he has a good defensive cover for his LB position in the player of Bellerin. The boss shouldn’t be buying always whenever a player leaves Arsenal. An available good player within his squad should be allowed space and time to pot-in. Thus resulting in saving some money for the club. Welbeck, you are welcome on board. I wish you a successful career at Arsenal. The boss could not get that defensive enforcer from Portugal-Cavalho. Well, no use crying over spilt milk. I hope Jack Wilshere, Arteta, Flamini and Diabi will measure up to the reguired grade when playing Man C, Man U, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham, Dortmound and others in the CL. They will have to measure up, because the boss won’t be able to do anything about it until January window.

  37. Welcome Danny boy. Looking forward to seeing you with Jack and Ox. you will be amazed at Oxil & Cazorla. Alexis is dinamite. Let’s get the party started.

  38. Welbeck?????

    There is no doubt that Arsene knows what he is doing, he certainly knows how to improve players.

  39. I am a fan of Welbeck even from his Man Utd days. He’s a good player to have around provided you have a Costa, Aguero, Rvp, Balotelli etc as first choice. To me we have only added numbers not the required depth. Imagine a scenario where all players in rival team including us stay fit. Do we compare well? With this 4-1-4-1 Mou and co. will be looking forward to trashing us again. All because he refuse to play players in their natural positions where they florish. Can’t we just do the right thing for once?

    Being a Gunner in Nigeria is one of the hardest things to do, seeing Barca, Man Utd, Chelsea even City fans celebrating success on regular basis

    Wenger has regularly been penny wise, pound foolish. Instead of buying quality DM/CB/Striker (thru reasonable bidding) he was making derogatory bids for players he really needs badly until the clubs got better buyers. Then he starts analyzing facts that would not change anything – telling us 4th place is a trophy.

    It will be a shame that Wenger did not win EPL in a decade! Thus allowing Mou to say he is a specialist in failure

  40. Did Mr Wenger say he’ll give you a good english squad sometime back?????….Well then people shouldnot be surprised by the signing. With Chuba Akpom firing in goals for fun in the reservers, soon we’ll be having a fight from within the club for the striker spot.

    Yes we are short in numbers as far as defense is concerned, but then there are players like Hayden who have had some impressive outings which might have changed the managers mind (Who earlier said he’ll sign a defender if Vermaelen walks out).

  41. @ Jambug
    @ esxste

    Wenger is an habitual late mover in any transfer window. Remember, he signed about 4 player few years ago on transfer deadline because Utd beat us 8-2 despite knowing there are visible cracks in the team. I like him but he is not showing serious ambitions with his attitudes, perhaps because his job is safe.

    I am never a fan of paying abnormal transfer fees but he surely makes ridiculous bids thus annoying the selling club, attracting other suitors to make better bids, and the player eventually moving elsewhere. Remember, Mata, Hazard, and co. These are players he scouted when nobody knew they existed!

    If he can buy Chambers and Welbeck at 16M each, I dont see why he could not sign Scheneidrin @ 22M(whatever his name), even Song will still play better in our midfield and probably defence at less than 10M. Imagine having a Negredo upfront even on loan. We will surely spend less and have confidence going into the season.

  42. @Toppmann
    You are obviously a top manager who knows more than the stupid Wenger. May I ask what team in Nigeria you manage and how many trophies you have won?

  43. Repeating something I posted a few weeks back.

    When buying players the variables are quality/price/timing. You can have two of these but not three.

    If you want quality then you either pay over the odds or you take a risk (“play poker”) by going to the wire. Sometimes it comes off some times it doesn’t. Clubs tend to sell because they need the money. Of course they will ask for a lot to start with, but, as the clock ticks down, the price will come down.

    Carvalho is a good example. Sporting wanted a lot of money, both MU and Arsenal were allegedly interested. One year left on contract. Clock wound down, price fell – but not far enough for either AFC or MU. Result: Arsenal a little disappointed but Sporting Lisbon staring into the abyss. A £30mm player (or not) leaving for free next summer. I bet he is on the market at a deep discount in January – but he will then be CL cup-tied as well.

    The other point is that Arsenal spent net around £40mm. This is the MOST EVER and reflective of new financial power. But I don’t think the resources were there to go hugely beyond this (without taking financial risks with ring-fenced money). I’m speculating, but I doubt there was more than £20mm remaining in the budgeted pot at the most.

    But the Spend, Spend, Spend brigade do not get it.

    Arsenal is a responsibly-run self-financing football club. If you don’t like it then support someone else because it ain’t going to change.

  44. Mika, can you stop about the 1 goal in 5 routine? For the record, Welbeck last season had a 0.55 goal per 90′ ratio – playing for an average team 🙂

  45. @ Toppmann

    “I dont see why he could not sign Scheneidrin @ 22M(whatever his name)…”

    Because firstly Southampton were determined not to sell Schneiderlin, and secondly he preferred – if able to leave – to link up with his old manager at Tottenham. Still, why let considerations like that that get in the way of your anti-Wenger narrative, eh?

  46. I would not even be surprised if AW realised Manu were in for Falcao and thought well, D Wellbeck will be surplus so i will wait and enquire about him. Lo and behold, he was right, manu were willing to talk. AW does not want just any striker, especially the high costing, high wages ones, the ones who are “bigger than the club”.

    I hope Danny comes good under AW, in the “role” he wants him to play, for i am sure AW sees things we probably do not in Danny. Still, if Giroud was not injured, i wonder if AW would still have pursued Danny. I think so.

  47. Toppman,

    You ignore facts that are inconvenient to your narrative. Ozil and Sanchez alone are all the indication of ambition I need.

  48. @ PETE,

    TO add, these people talk crap with the confidence of a close associate.

    What is Wenger doing in Rome. What is he doing in a beach. Why dont you buy a new zipper….As if Mr Wenger does all the negotiations for all the 3 parties involved.

    Its time we changed the meaning of the word ‘SUPPORT’ in the english dictionary. People call themselves supporters, but support the team they dont.

  49. Hey @Mika, you sound soooo angry and ….pissed. I can identify with you because I feel o sometimes. Bit please know that Wenger is anything but washed up. He makes judgement calls that exasperates at times. But he’s anything but washed up. To even survive in the top 4 for this long takes more than ingenuity, considering the doom and gloom people prophesy every time. Which brand of crystal ball are you using, that told you that Welbeck is untalented and cannot become another Henry? At 23 he’s already written off? An international player that has served under so many England national team coaches? So all of those coaches are wrong and as washed up as Wenger? I think You need to agree that Wenger is not obliged to see things your way everytime. If he has the courage to do the things he does, he deserves to be respected. Plus, the EPL is not a sprint, it is a marathon. Who knows what this team will deliver? You may think they can’t win the title but then, the strongest, most endowed don’t always win you know.

  50. @colario

    Looks like AW now has the 6 English players he is going to “build” the England team around.

    He actually said, the next England team will have 6 Arsenal players, when referring to Barca having 6 in WC win, Bayern having 6 in WC win, so that is when he said 6 players from Arsenal would be in the next England team.

  51. @ Mick
    You are definitely wengersque. You dont need to be a genius to know many wenger’s decisions are flawed.
    Imagine selling Viera/Edu/Giberto etc and replacing them with denilson and co
    Imagine selling senderous and replacing them with Silvestre/Squillaci?
    Imagine selling adebayor/RvP/eduardo (they wanted to go anyway) and replacing them with Giroud/Sanogo/chamakh
    With his experience with he departure of RvP, Adebayor and his french connections – Clichy, Nasri etc, I dont see why Diaby is still in that squad.
    Can you imagine allowing poldoski, AOC, Gnarby, Joel Campbell etc chance and adding a Negredo, Remy and maybe Giroud upfront. Instead of spending 32M to convert sanchez into a striker.
    With the emergence of arab money football is strictly business. No more no less.
    I have supported Arsenal since West Ham game in 2002/2003 season and have remained a fan since even when there was no trophy forthcoming. We knew the new stadium took lots of funds and that we are gradually becoming better. But the gap is still wide.

    Time will tell who is right!

  52. Well come Wellbeck !!!!
    I was not expecting to sign a striker specially as Mr Wenger said we had enough strikers.

    I guess many of us where looking forward to see CDM and defender.Strange.

    On the other hand 150 million splashed by ManU.
    Where is what they call it FFP rules on this.

    We are not far either if we spent around 80 million.

  53. Para

    You said:

    “I would not even be surprised if AW realised Manu were in for Falcao and thought well, D Wellbeck will be surplus so i will wait and enquire about him”

    Exactly what I thought.

    I surmised that on first enquiry Wenger got enough encouragement to withdraw interest in anyone else he may of been musing over, and put all his eggs in the one basket, a gamble I’m sure, but one that he must of felt confident would come to fruition, if a bit last minute for some, isn’t that so Toppmann.

  54. @Toppmann
    ‘I have supported Arsenal since West Ham game in 2002/2003 season and have remained a fan since even when there was no trophy forthcoming.’
    How very noble of you. What a stupid comment.

  55. With our injury history after each international break, does anyone see crisis after each England’s match…

    Welbeck, Walcott, AOC, Wilshere, Chambers, Gibbs…

    Just my thought anyway, but hope it does not happen

  56. @ Mick

    That shows your level of intelligence!

    September 2, 2014 at 12:22 pm

    ‘I have supported Arsenal since West Ham game in 2002/2003 season and have remained a fan since even when there was no trophy forthcoming.’
    How very noble of you. What a stupid comment.

  57. I for one quite enjoyed the fact that Arsene Wenger went to Rome yesterday. There is somebody who is confident in his own judgement and in his team around him. It didn’t alarm me at all.

    I must confess surprise at the Welbeck transfer. His was not a name circulated much in recent weeks. Initially, the announcement of Welbeck joining didn’t stir me with the same wow factor as did those of Ozil or Sanchez but then two thoughts struck me. Firstly, he is now an Arsenal player so I will support him in his endeavours. Secondly, put him though the middle with Sanchez and Walcott on either side. Wow! there is some serious pace there and I hope goals. With Ozil behind and Ramsey + Arteta (or Wilshere) that isn’t a bad front 6. I’m sure there are very good reasons why we didn’t buy another CB or CDM. I suspect the players we wanted were either to expensive for our valuation or they just weren’t avaialble just yet. It didn’t happen so onwards and upwards.

  58. Toppmann,

    You chat as if Wenger planned everyone of those sales… rather than took advantage of other clubs overpaying for the talent or players forcing their way out like treacherous little parasites. Every sale brought us that much closer to the financial reality we have now.

  59. Gooner S

    Chambers, Debuchy, Giroud didn’t have a ‘WoW’ factor when we purchased them, but having seen them play………..WoW.

    To me Welbeck seems a ‘solid’ signing that has the potential to be, as Kate Bush might say: Wow wow wow…unbelievable !!!!

    Lets hope so anyway.

  60. @Toppman

    Wenger bought Chambers and Welbeck at their respective prices becuase it fitted with what he wanted to pay for their services and the priorities of the team as he sees them. Also, both players wanted to come and their respective clubs wanted to sell.
    Wenger may also have piroritised recruitment for other positions but couldn’t get those deals done becuase the player he wanted was either not avaialble for transfer, didn’t want to come to Arsenal or was too expensive for our budget.

    Overall we have bought some excellent players. No?

  61. @jambug

    Exactly my point. Sometimes you can get caught up in things.

    I like the Kate Bush analogy 🙂

  62. @Toppmann
    Its not just signing on Fee that one considers, its all the rest which come into the EXCESSIVE COSTS of the players you mention and the spin-off agents fees based on those high figures:

    Aguero: 200,000 a week
    *Balotelli: 120,000 a week
    Diego Costa: 250,000 a week
    RVP: 250,000 a week + 10mil Loyalty if he stays the length of contract

    Arsenal does NOT and SHOULD never PAY such STUPID numbers!!

    *whilst Balotelli’s weekly income is not that high, The risk factor of a time bomb like him in the dressing room needs no further analyzing!

  63. apo Armani

    As you suggest, a player like Balotelli at Arsenal would be manor from heaven for our beloved media, as it would of been had we acquired Suarez.

    Disgrace, cheat, animal………………LIFETIME BAN !!! I can just see it now.

    Poor old Jacks had a couple of fags and they wont leave him alone, yet Granny loving, street fouling, fag smoking, foulmouthed Rooney is made England Captain.

    Go figure !!

  64. Jamburg

    Exactly!!! But thats to be expected by outsiders to the club and I include the Media who instead of being impartial are in for the Club!! What is not expected is for continuous negativity and verbal attack/abuse our squad and manager have to endure each and every season – as if these people have no idea about football or are just in plain denial of football reality!

  65. Meanwhile, why did Chelsea sign Remy? He failed the medical at Liverpool. Shameless stockpiling of players.

    Now with Welbeck signing, ARSENAL again made an opportunistic move. Playing the waiting game and not forcing the issue. We have hit hard on ManUtds future. In a years time they’ll have to spend another huge amount to fill the strikers berth. ARSENE doesnt do tactics??…He does. He does.

  66. Oh, the usual bullshit. So fun.

    Anyhow, as I said in some other post, I thought that we needed a new striker when Giroud got knocked, and I’m very happy we got one. Is Danny Welbeck the striker I dreamed of? No. ManU players don’t appear in my dreams. Is he a good signing in retrospect? Definetly.

    He is tall (1.85) and quite built (80 kg) – compared to Sanogo (1.92/77) which means that he is better suited to play as a “pivot” striker (which our new system requires). He is VERY committed and 100% a team player – which is also very important for us. AND let’s all remember he played in the left wing for the past 2 seasons – and hated it – while for us, he will play in the center.

    Yes, maybe Falcao or Cavani would have been signings that would have improved our squad but nobody can know that. Arshavin was Euro 2008 best player and we all remember how WELL that worked for us …

    I think that we have enough CBs (Kos, BFG and Chambers) – and don’t think that any quality CB would have signed just to warm the bench. Maybe I’ll speak differently if we get unlucky with injuries again but for now we are sorted.

    Best advice is to be a bit more patient and let’s see how things unfold…

  67. I’m happy with Welbeck, he has talent but hasn’t been utilised as well as he may have been at United. I’m sure he’ll improve with us if he has a regular start as the central striker, not to mention he’ll have far better players feeding him and giving him chances. Too often at United he was shunted around to accomodate RvP and Rooney. I’d go as far as to say if he settles in well then OG may have a harder time getting his place back than he might be expecting.

  68. Somebody sent this in an e-mail today ,and it seems apt to put it here as so many arseholes are twitching about !
    Thanks , Steve .
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  69. I may have posted this earlier ,but its probably funnier that the clowns on here . You decide …and maybe even put the posters name next to the statement that most describes him or reminds you of !
    Number 30 is a newcomer here and is flinging it all over!


    1) She has no rigors or shaking chills, but her husband states she was hot in bed last night.

    2) Patient has chest pain if she lies on her left side for over a year.

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    29) Patient was seen in consultation by Dr Blank, who felt we should sit on the abdomen and I agree.

    30) Large brown stool ambulating in the hall.

    31) Patient has two teenage children, but no other abnormalities.

  70. 32.) She complained of itchiness between her two big toes .

    And 23. just demonstrates that doctors too are not able to keep their eyes off ….err up !

  71. @ Apo Armani,
    As a gunner expecting Wenger to buy any of these = daydreaming! However, he should buy whatever he needs/wants to BUY ON TIME. There are plenty of (quality players by Wenger’s standard) who are available – Negredo, Remy, Mbia (he played for Sevilla last season). If he moved for Schneiderin around the time he bought Sanchez and co. he would have gotten him. Instead of Soton thinking they lost enough players already. We can offer him what Spurs cannot – UCL.

    My point is TIME IS KEY in any transfer

    apo Armani
    September 2, 2014 at 12:46 pm

    Its not just signing on Fee that one considers, its all the rest which come into the EXCESSIVE COSTS of the players you mention and the spin-off agents fees based on those high figures:

    Aguero: 200,000 a week
    *Balotelli: 120,000 a week
    Diego Costa: 250,000 a week
    RVP: 250,000 a week + 10mil Loyalty if he stays the length of contract

    Arsenal does NOT and SHOULD never PAY such STUPID numbers!!

    *whilst Balotelli’s weekly income is not that high, The risk factor of a time bomb like him in the dressing room needs no further analyzing!

  72. I am not entirely unhappy about Welbeck- though he does strike me as the sort of player Everton would buy- the level just below the top 4. Nevertheless, he’s English- and with the quotas we now have to meet this is an important factor-a centre forward, pretty mobile and not too expensive. Arsene Wenger could improve him- and might work for Podolski as well.
    What I am concerned about is after selling our central defensive cover- Arsene Wenger bought no replacements. No central midfielder. Looks a huge mistake on the surface. He’ll be playing Aaron Ramsey as back-up centre back next.
    Incidentally-“anything can happen in the next half hour”- is from Stingray not Thunderbirds. Anyway its a good analogy.

  73. @Toppmann
    ‘There are plenty of (quality players by Wenger’s standard) who are available – Negredo, Remy, Mbia (he played for Sevilla last season).’
    Just because these players are suitable and acceptable to you does not mean they are for Wenger. There are all sorts of criteria that potential targets have to satisfy regarding playing styles and abilities in order for Wenger to make a bid, not to mention the questions of transfer fees, will they fit the clubs playing style, whether the target wants to come to the club, wages etc etc. The fact that he did not make a move for any of those you mention suggests that his strict criteria was not met. It is all too easy for the ill informed to tell the well informed what they should or should not do.

  74. “They try to make it look as if they are so much at the heart of things that “anything can happen in the next half hour.” The problem is that phrase came from Thunderbirds – which you may recall was a programme populated by a load of puppets.” – Tony Attwood, Sept 2nd 2014.

    That quotation is the finest response I’ve heard to the transfer window frenzy and hype around deadline day. Thanks for that one Tony. Really should be sent on a plaque to the Sky Sports News office. The general tone of responses to those with negative views of Arsenal or Wenger’s policy is also refreshing to see on this site. Most of us appreciate your work and I know its difficult but the next time someone challenges your integrity remember not to feed the trolls. There were many comments on here prior to that one and it is disappointing that you feel you should have to respond to only the most small-minded of commentators.

    Welbeck has an interesting career trajectory, great physical qualities, and hunger. Let’s be positive and support him and the team in a traditionally difficult post-World Cup season. Appreciate your points about our lack of midfield and defensive cover – clearly seems insane from the club but there must be mitigating factors considering our net transfer outlay. We were certainly not against spending!

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  76. Brickfields you cracked me up today, youre a braver man than me!!Hope Walter’s laughing too!;):)
    COYG! Aha and Amen!

  77. @Va Cong,
    Why would you do that mate? Why would you make fun of middle eastern people? Here at untold there are a lot of middle eastern people (including me). We are not what you always think about going around like stupid people running after goats, you have to come to these places to see how we live, you will be surprised of how much the media lies. By the way, I am sure yoy did not notice and you dont mean it, the name Ahmad is another name of prophet Mohammad, which this joke is trying to make fun of, I know its not what you intended.

    I would appreciate it of you could ask Tony/Walter to delete you comment above, you will gain a lot of my respect.

  78. Yassin
    Have to agree with you, very bad.
    This is what happens when you allow silly jokes on a football blog.

  79. In the cold light of day I’ve come to like the idea of Wellbeck playing for us. Ignoring the obvious fact that anyone in the Red and White gets my support, having had my: ‘anti-United; England are crap’ goggles dragged off, and can see he could become something special with Wenger’s help.

    I’m torn as whether or not it was a reaction to Giroud’s injury, or simply he’s a player Wenger has been tracking and grabbed him once he became available. In any event we got a long-term solution to the short-term problem of Giroud’s absence, and so will be net stronger in attack ing the new year.

    That said, I’m terrified at going through the next four months with our defense in its current state. It has nothing to do with quality, as each and every one of the defenders we have I’d trust to start. We simply do not have enough of them.

    We have 6 recognized first team players to fill 4 positions on the pitch. If all are fit, I’d match Debuchy, Per, Kos and Gibbs against anyone.

    Chambers looks a real player and will offer cover at either right back or right-sided CB. — it was noticeable that like Bac last year, when Chambers played on Sunday Per moved into the left hand slot, rather than stay in his natural position. It suggests the limits for Chambers now in covering CB.

    Bellerin looks like another wonderful player (and a right back, unlike mentioned in a comment above), so we have another piece of depth there, but he has never started a first team game. — I don’t think I’d be worried about starting him alongside Per, but a couple of injuries or suspensions and our right side could be 2 inexperienced 19 year olds.

    For me, the Left side of defense is worse off. Full-backs we are sorted, but Monreal (as far as I can tell) has never regularly played at center back. It seems like he can do a job there, but clearly as 4th choice at best, and as with Chambers on one (the left) side.

    Another thing about Sunday was when we adjusted to the loss of Kos, it wasn’t to put Monreal there, but to move Mertesacker over instead. Not because of Monreal’s quality, but because Monreal was already covering for Gibbs.

    The next step on the Left, might be to move Flamini to full back, but then he is already covering for an injured Arteta in midfield right now.

    In the end, with 50+ games to play I’m terrified how an injury/suspension or 2 could leave us horribly exposed. Any idea of blame seems to come from the thought of how we got to this point, and why we did not deal with it. 7 defenders would be risky, and effectively what we had last season, but we approach the next few months weaker both in numbers and experience.

    I just pray it works out for us

  80. Kaius

    “They try to make it look as if they are so much at the heart of things that “anything can happen in the next half hour.” The problem is that phrase came from Thunderbirds – which you may recall was a programme populated by a load of puppets.” – Tony Attwood, Sept 2nd 2014.

    That quotation is the finest response I’ve heard to the transfer window frenzy and hype around deadline day. Thanks for that one Tony.

    Very true, but as I said earlier, that phrase is from ‘STINGRAY’ and not Thunderbirds.

  81. @ Kenneth Widmerpool -September 2, 2014 at 2:54 pm -I thought you might like it on here ! Cheers !


    Go to u-tube ‘Stingray tv intro (1963)’ to hear it in it’s full glory.

    Arrrrh, memories.

  83. @ Mika

    I know this is a bit late but have YOU checked his goal scoring record?
    Last season on a per 90 basis-penalties in the league:

    Welbeck: .55
    van Persie: .57
    Rooney: .52
    Giroud: .44

    A lot of his minutes came from the wing and/or as a sub. I think thats a nice return and if he gets a run of games through the middle with our midfield I think his scoring will be just fine.

    As for the CB issue we had Vermaelen leave because he didn’t get enough games and we now have Chambers to play that role. What decent player would come to a team under those circumstances? Mostly old washed up or very young players. We have very young players and the numbers are the same as last year, 7 defenders this year 7 defenders last year. Obviously the management have a lot of faith in Bellarin and Chambers. If disaster really strikes we promote from within which will probably be on par with whom we could have brought in as a 4th choice anyway. That being said I always had a soft spot for Djouru and wish we could have kept him as 3rd/4th choice with Chambers getting his education at RB/CB/CDM throughout the season.

  84. @ Mika

    What do you like about this club? At 10:36 you basically say you don’t like any of the players or the way they play and we all know you don’t like the manager. So what exactly is it that drives you to “support” this club?

  85. Kenneth Widmerpool

    So true.

    One of the first 45’s I ever loved was the theme from FIREBALL XL5

    ‘Fireball, der der dat der, Fireball, der der dat der, you can be my Venus and My Mars, Der der etc. etc.’

    Then there was Stingray, Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Joe 90, Space 1999 and of course ‘The Terrahawwwwks’ With Zelda and her cretinous son.

    Great memories.

  86. Jambug, I loved the Thunderbirds outro, it was slightly different I recall form the intro music. Joe 90 was great too. Captain Scarlet was quite odd ball(the series not the music).Who were the Angels? that flew some planes, with names like Harmony and symphony? Perhaps Im getting things mixed up!

  87. Florentino Perez alleged to have said:

    “If we had done the Falcao deal we would have had to make his agent president”

    I can’t recall Arsenal Football Club ever having signed a player signed up to Special Agent Mendes. I could be wrong, but I don’t think they’ve even signed a player with third party ownership. Whereas ManIOU and the specialist in signing players signed to Mendes have plenty of history there.

    So, who in their right mind thought Arsenal would sign a Mendes player? Fair question. As silly a consideration as, say, Arsenal signing Bernard last year (3rd party ownership!). I don’t need to host a podcast or write a blog in order to be aware of this information, so why do the Groaning AAA try their hardest to ignore the policies of the club that they say they support? That is a very reasonable question, I think.

    It’s not as if these policies or values were not referred to in the recent multimillion pound advertising campaign conducted by Puma. Not exactly a state secret then, though it is true that the 24/7 football hacks are strangely reluctant to ever mention any agents…

  88. to say I’m underwhelmed would be an understatement, usually a new signing would have me eager with anticipation, but, I just can’t get over the fact we”ve payed way over the odds for such an ordinary player. Alarms bells a ringing.

  89. Kenneth

    A lot of talking and scene setting in the Captain Scarlet (and the mystertons) theme but great once it gets going. Sooooooooooooooo 60’s, as was Joe 90 and space 1999

    Cant beat the first 3 though.

    Sorry to everyone else, gone a bit of ‘topic’.

    I do love these trips down memory lane though 🙂

  90. Our Back 4 with backup plan’s

    rb 1st Debuchy- 2nd Bellerin
    lb 1st Gibbs – 2nd Monreal
    cb 1st Kos – BFG 2nd Chambers 3rd Monreal

    Arsene let both Vermaelen and Miguel go this window, Vermaelen because he is too good to be on the bench and Miguel just didnt develop as we all hoped and had to leave.

    Now, who would u want us to buy ? Are there a good centreback who is willing to be 4th choice ? Because if there were 1 single cb out the who are good enough to be a starter for us, there are 2-3 clubs (Man Utd and Barca) who would be even more desperate to sign him!

  91. So far all the utd fans I’ve spoken with are not happy with this deal. One pointed out he couldn’t understand Young staying and Welbeck going. Another was not happy about so much money being spent on Falcao while we’re getting Welbeck a player that’s five years younger for a fraction of the price, not to mention Falcao will be for a season only while Welbeck will be with us for for five years. In fact he was seething. Even the Telegraph has as article saying united have shifted from nurturing young English talent to adopting the galactico philosophy while Arsenal now has the core of the England team. I was happy with the Welbeck deal as things were, but that just made me feel even happier 🙂

    Maybe I don’t know that many people I have to be honest and say I’ve not met anyone who thinks utd got the better deal. Everyone seems to think we got the best out of this deal, with the exception of a few tw*ts here.

  92. My reference to a few tw*ts on here doesn’t include you, dan. I respect most of your posts and I can understand where your coming from, but I can tell you you’ll be glad we made this signing in the long term.

  93. I was surprised that more people werent calling for Alex Song to come back,seems odd that hes now down the road with the Irons. I wonder if Song will end up wishing he’d stayed like Hleb?
    AL -enjoyed reading the bits and pieces that you wrote re what the Manure fans were saying about the Welbeck transfer, interesting to know that some aren’t too happy.
    COYG! aha and Amen!

  94. Dan

    In this day and age I cant see how we paid ‘over the odds’

    I would suggest:

    £50 Million for Torez

    £30 Million for Carol

    £40 Million for luiz

    Is ‘over the odds’ wouldn’t you?

    £16 Million for an established England centre forward in his early 20’s with PL experience is a fair price to pay.

    The bottom line is it COULD end up an absolute bargain. On the other hand, if it doesn’t work out as we all hope it’s not a disaster as we would almost certainly get a massive percentage of that fee back if he did move on.

    Okay, no it’s not a ‘Galactico’ or ‘Marquee’ signing but it looks like damn good business to me.

  95. Jambug, thank you! I did read your comment re: Stingray and it has been noted – I’m sure the author has read it as well.

    I’m sure you’d agree that it doesn’t fundamentally detract from the POINT of the author’s phrase, in that the Sky circus is compared to “a programme populated by a load of puppets.”

    Btw, Stingray over Thunderbirds for me, and Captain Scarlett and the Mysterons over the lot!

  96. Al

    Im praying come end of the season the joke is on me, gladly!

    Everybody seems to have positive attitude towards this signing but, welbecks goals /ability is inflated. One thing that keeps bugging me is the Fergus factor, his influence was at least 12-15 points. players under him knew they are untouchable, and DW was one of them. We Arsenal fight for every point, we’ve never had the luxury if a Webb or riley, we need talented players, because we know we will be shafted and Welbeck doesn’t off that

  97. @Blaisehayest at 4:51pm … your last paragraph re CB issue and our internal cover.


    We and Wenger may want someone like Manolas to come and be our #3 CB but at 23 years of age, and established as a starter on the Greek national team, why would he commit to being a backup when he can go to Roma, a club in the CL, and be a starter?

    This is why a youth system is important. We may be able to buy starters if we spend the proverbial f***ing money, however, this does not necessarily hold when it comes to backups as players who can command significant transfer fees (and wages) typically want to start, not sit on the bench.

    My only concern with the signing of Welbeck is whether it will have any negative effect on the development of Akpom. I am keen to see what he can do but now he will be behind three players for both club and country (Theo, Welbeck and Ox). Hope this does not somehow stall Akpom’s development.

    On a sidebar, what will Wenger’s critics say when, in a couple of years, he potentially sends out a team with 9 British starters? I count Jenko, Chambers and Gibbs in the back; Rambo and Jack in the middle; Ox and Akpom on the wings with Theo and Welbeck up front.

  98. Thuderbirds is THE one for me as far as shows.

    But the Stingray and Thunderbirds theme tunes are both awesome.

    Thunderbirds builds up brilliantly but Stingray is simply a masterful 2 minutes of adrenalin pumping magnificence.

  99. Stop with this united galactico rubbish

    they already had Rooney and RVP, neither has won World or European player of the year

    They have signed DiMaria and Falcao( onloan) neither have won the world cup

    When Real Madrid signed Zidane, he was already a WC winner and World player of the year figo was European player o the year at tht time, Roberto carlos WC winner, that was a galactico team not united.

    Im not mentioning Herrera and Rojo and Shaw because none of them are even BIG names or have won any meaningful individual or collective awards.

    They are not galacticos. full stop.

  100. excited because welbeck can also play on the left. on the left is where arsenal lack a little bit of pace with neither poldi nor cazorla having that pace to go behind the defence. so guess pretty happy with welbeck

  101. Dan
    Incidentally the people that were unhappy were pointing out at Welbeck’s workrate as something they were very happy he brought to the team. Anyway, we shall see.

    I tell you after the way some of our own fans reacted to the news initially, it can kind of put some doubts in one’s mind. But after hearing the opinions of the manures any doubts that may have been lingering at the back of my mind evaporated completely!

  102. r.iris

    You make a good point.

    I think it’s just the media squirming there way round the uncomfortable fact that United seem to of unceremoniously dumped there once lauded youth policy in favour of the much less laudable policy of spending a small Nations annual budget trying to buy there way out of the shit, the very shit the magnificent Fergie left them in.

  103. jambug/r.iris
    Actually, the article I read was actually deriding the adoption of the galactico philosophy, while our acquiring and nurturing young English talent was described in a complimentary tone. So I actually think it was a dig at utd, hence it made me happy. For once an article about Arsenal in the Telegraph didn’t leave me feeling like wanting to kick someone. It just wasnt the Telegraph though, a few of the papers have run stories about ex utd players and employees such as Beckham and Phelan hitting out at utd ditching their youth policy in favour of mercenaries.

    Overall, I think the general feeling is utd are throwing massive amounts of money at trying to find a quick fix to their problems when a long term fix is what they should really be looking at. It’s interesting though to note that this trend was probably started by Ferguson himself when he offered van pursey that ridiculous contract in pursuit of the 20th title.

  104. AL

    Thanks for the insight. Not read a single paper today. Hardly seen a thing on TV.

    Well fair dues if that’s the medias take on it.

    Makes our odious AAA lot look even more ridiculous.

  105. Finsbury,you will find that Arsenal have paid plenty to agents those summer,its just we don’t deal with Mendes and he won’t deal with us . Thats why we were never going to sign William Carvalho There are historical reasons for this going back to when we were supposed to be signing Cristiano Ronaldo and went to United instead. Mendes has had a lucrative window having secured moves for Costa,James Rodriguez, diMaria ,Rojo ,Falcao ,plus most of Benfica and Porto Now Dan ,i am sorry but to say that Welbeck is ordinary
    and you can’t believe Arsenal have signed him is 7laughable when we have players like Sanogo ,Coquelin ,Monreal ,Flamini,Miyachi and Poldolski at the club.I eagerly await a Sanogo goal against Real Madrid if he is better than Welbeck.I guess its part of that Untold snobbery that English players are rubbish which may have to be revised as Arsenal now provide so many players for the England squad .I quite like Welbeck and he could be just what we need, however he cost the same as Ballotelli and double Remy,both players we turned down so the pressure is on Wenger to make it work.

  106. what wenger has done is realy very good just see when arsenal face big teams ,they are out run in the pitch lack of pace by the likes of giruud and when you add welbeck just have in mind the guy is amachine running all the time that means he could actually score cauple of goals cos of his pace with assistance from oxil,sanchez,ramsey,chamderline,walcott,carzola,theses are all fast dudes so he will fit well and i do not see arsenal bully again or you wanted some one who is ever injured’falcao and keidira these would be hell of life remember kim kullstrum in hardly played any ball when we needed him the most

  107. bjtgooner
    You recently accused me of hitting a new low. I’d say you’re not adverse to a little bit of that yourself.

  108. From …..

    “The secret of freedom lies in educating people, whereas the secret of tyranny is in keeping them ignorant.”

    “A sensibility that wails almost exclusively over the enemies of liberty seems suspect to me. Stop shaking the tyrant’s bloody robe in my face, ………”

    “To defend the oppressed against their oppressors, to plead the cause of the weak against the strong who exploit and crush them, this is the duty of all hearts that have not been spoiled by egoism and corruption…

  109. oldgroover

    The issue between Yassin and Va Cong is an extremely deep and hurtful one, the rest of us, unless we can offer a solution, are best keeping out of it.

    Only a sicko like you would try to twist the situation to suit your own viewpoint; not only that, you obviously don’t give a toss if you inflame the situation in you clumsy attempt to support your own humorless views.

    Typical twisted troll behavior.

  110. Welbeck I don’t know…

    As I said, many Arsenal fans (AAA?) jump to trash the deal while also many Man U fans are angry too that Arsenal got their kid…

    Since I see Arsenal player rushing to greet Welbeck ( many played with in in national team, some against…) I am a bit more convinced. If he is just a nice guy but no good with the ball, no player would give him all the cheers.

    I think Arsene building an English team is both financially driven and “politically” driven. He knows that people are against him and even the media jump on Arsenal. Having a team of loacal player can help PR, sales and hopefully win Arsenal some support from FA and press.

    Strangely, this “Englishness” have not won over any of them yet while the English national team turn out yet another poor campaign during the World Cup.

    Having one or two very strong club supplying players to the national team seems help Spain and Germany in recent years. Would this be something England can look into?

    As for the team. The back is a bit thin both for mid-field defensive cover and back four. Strangely Arsene still allow Ignasi Miquel to leave on loan unlike Campbel which he keeps until he got Welbeck…
    Execting Chambers to cover for two spots (even two and a half) would be too much. I suspect the boss really got something behind the door. Is there anyone who can take Arteta’s job?

  111. bjtgooner
    Yassin didn’t appear concerned by my support, and who’s inflaming the situation by telling him I have an agenda. Did that need to be said? Follow your own advice.
    Also by calling me a humourless sicko you appear to be supporting Va Cong’s silly joke. That really is the actions of a sick freak.

  112. Yassin
    If you return to this thread I’m very sorry that the idiotic bjtgooner has decided to capitalise on his dislike of me in such a sick way.

  113. oldgroover

    You are the one who jumped into the Yassin – Va Cong discussion, not me.

    You also used their exchange, an exchange on a potentially inflammatory subject, to try to highlight your dislike of jokes. It was more important to you to make a point, to try and look good, rather than consider what hurt or damage you might cause.

    Don’t try to blame anyone else but yourself.

    I consider Yassin & Va Cong as good guys – and if I could I would try to help them resolve any difference – but I would be concerned about making things worse, so I don’t directly comment – additionally I suggest you butt out and keep your cranky comments for a different subject.

  114. bjtgooner
    So that’s what it’s all about.
    Yes it’s true I don’t like silly jokes on football blogs as they only encourage others to put their silly jokes up ( like the Va Cong one ), and cause possible offence.
    And that’s all there was to it. Of course that’s not good enough for you, there has to be a motive. Actually it’s not even that, because you wait until I make a comment somewhere and see if you can make an issue out of it.
    Do you realise what a sanctimonious twat you come across as?
    You’ve made a complete fool of yourself over this, so leave it alone before you look a complete c***t.
    So “cool it” & “chill out” as you’re always advising others, and stay off my case in the way I stay off yours.

  115. oldgroover

    You are the disingenuous bounder who likes to troll others – and then when you make an idiot of yourself (or you are rumbled), you try to restore the feel good factor up by attempting to divert blame to others.

    Wise up, chill out or troll off!

  116. @Oldgroover, BTJGooner,

    Please people calm down, I didnt want to start a fight here, so please calm it.
    All I care about is to just make a point and I made it,and am sure Va Cong did t read my comment yet, or else he would have replied nicely as he usually is.
    As for the issue of Oldgroover comment, I would say anything on what you both debated, I dont want to take any side on this, you both have my total respect since I ve been on this blog. So please just calm down, and leave this as it is. Thank you both.

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